Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 15, 1912 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 15, 1912
Page 7
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"The Next Time I Engineer a Possnm Hunt I'm Going to Do It by Wireless Telegraph," Says Felix to Fink- Professional Directoiy. I •:• *• •:• •> V •:• • * •>• • • • • DK. M- RCS8 l»enU»( Kitrattiiin w.iJiou!. pain by Ui« u>K -y. MtKiu .s OiiUe GM Room >u. I .Nurtlirnp Bldg. WANTS—ALL KINDS j WANTS—ALL KINDS FOR SALE—FOR SALE FOR SALE—FOR SALE^ FOR EXCHANGE GIRL WANTS STEADY PLACE! WANTED—WOMoX AND GIRLS for general house work. Phone ' at Wheeler & Motter S^.irt and Overall 9S4-F-1-3. ; Factor}-. Steady work. NEW $4"."0 BIFFET FOR Oi- fail at Wi.'hard Hardwar*-. FOR SALE-TWO FRESH COWS ^TO J^^^^^^J^^ ^I^J | " ness. A. W. Beck. 15 E. MadisoD Ave. i !»hone 0 WANTED—GIRL FOR GENERAL! WANTED—A GOOD FARM HAND house -wTOTk. Mrs. J. D. Mundis, 422 S. to work at the Sanitoriu'.ii. Inquire of Washington. ; Or. SurcHffe, Kress Building, from 1" I to 11 a. m. or 2 to 0 p m. FOR SALE-GOOD. MODERN, — • • ''''Ti:^^^"vo^r'll!^^^. FOR RENT-FOR RENT J WANTED—NURSING AND HOUSE keeping-; 512 N'< Buckeye. WANTED—DINING ROOM GIRL retumemamandy shrd cmf shr cmfw at Ridge cafe. Call Friday afternoon. : - H. Ridge, manager. WANTED—GIRL FOR GENERAL house work; no washing; 315 N. Cottonwood. FOR SALE—WALNI.'TS AND PE- e -.m.-. A. L. Townsend Phone 9^2-i2. poR RENT-MODERN FURNISHED , KOR PALF-PAIR OF MARES roon:.= f-.r light house keepins; 24 W | FOR SALE--60 HEAD HIGH GRADE .Rith f. a', by thoroughbred sire ami .Iack.«ou Ave - * " • " • — good Graeme. Paone t'54. Mrs. W. R Shropshire breeding ewes; 40 lambs;, „,Hid driving horRe. Also two good 1 purebred Shropshire buck. Farm l^ptj of work harness. Inquire .1. M mile east and »i mile south of Car- Kilev. Hardware s-ore. No. 1 N. Je^- WANTED—D I S H once. Krause Cafe. WASHER WANTED—TWO NEAT APPEAR- j jyie. Kas. Phone SS4-4. W. F. Weber., -erson ling young fellows. If you are Tin- j ^ ; making $2«- a week come over and see -?0R SALE—10, SO, 160 OR 200 FOR KENT — U\RGE. MODERN home close In. ^uitabl-? for boarders; W K. Stark.- WANTED AT ONCE—TWO Experienced carpenters; 20c per hour and board W. R. McHill (contractor) Phone 106, Moran, Kans. -^Tjt:;e bunch. From 13 to 1 or c> toiS.jjcres nice meadow land; 5 miles from! [t 'ithfr at Y. M. C. A. or Krause Cafe.'joia; $35 per acre. Want no trade j (See owner, .S. W. Lust. .LaHarpe. Kas., LOST AND FOUIST). Ask for McKitrick. FOR SALE—FOR SALE LOST-SATURDAY AFTERXOON. ' FOR RENT—TWO FRONT ROOMS; ' furni.'hpd frr iiz'-.t ho'i-ek<»e?ing. with' ua<: 1- E. Ciuhoun FOR RENT-SF.VEN ROOM AND .\ ; r ..t!r r.T m moiVrn hou-e "T wiii i WANTED—PARTLY FUUNISHKD FOR SALE—AT A BARGAIN. OUR rooms f'^r light housekeeping by cou- modern residence. Call at SOS E. pie n. Bagby. j^hono 70S. i Madison W. T. Watson. FOR S\LF.—APPLES. 15. 2- AND ;-f^r.ln;.- s-lver n-^ pendant coin- per bushel. S. H. Weith, l.-illarpe. ; ;.,.s.c; .,: three r.inethysts. Please e. ,„i„^,..„„ ' ,,, F. f Nicholson. Sit. Eust . „„ payments. R. .M. (.unnmgham. ;'.i-.n ;ind rrf.-ive reward. — POTATOES! Two cars of fancy Northern Potatoes just in today. 65c Per Bushel in five bushel lots deh'v- ered to any part of the city. Bigus Fruit Store ^ast Side Square PHONE 293 •> <• • •> •:• i> •> ^ •••• • > « .nOXKY TO LOXM « will lend on household goodt, -4 pianos, organ.", sewing ni*- » chines, dinniond.-- and jewelry, 4 J. Vf. tOFFET • Office, >o. 110 >ortfc 8tre«{ • •> > * •:• FHULIP HEI6ELB • •» • -> H1BXE§S AXD S.4DDLXBT «•> Centnl Bepalrlng > « 110^ Sooth Str««t—lola, Ku, • • • • • F. L. B. LEATELL, TL D. Specialties: Diseases of the Cheat Diseases of Childxeii X-RAY Phones—Ofiice UT: Refl. HI lola State Bank Bldff. ,. Kansas T.O.CANATSEY Expert Piano lliniiit and Repairing* with Roberta^ Uusic Ca FRWXM 411 WANTED—.\T ONCE. EXPERIEX- , FOR SALE—A FINK ni..\CK MARK ced men in every department of briok old; wilt weigh abovit hU'x^ manufacture, such as shale pit men. dry pan feeders. t.->s.<ers. .setters, and burned brick'wheelers. Good wages, steady emplmment the year n'uad. and cheap rent .Address. Continental Brick Coa:pany. Aledo, 111 " WANTED—TINNER AND PLUMR- er Must know soaiething abof.; hardware .A H Hine.--. LaHarpe. IF THE PAPER BOY PAILS TO deliver your pap.-r. call 1* .^nd we will send you a paper by a spocial carrier the saiue erening. •.v ,i :k any where: Just north Conoreto junct: -n. O. T. Prather •OH P.KNT—FURNISHED ROOMS: N .'efferj^on. FOR SALE -ONE WOVEN RUG | — ———" vvl... ?. n^kers. chairs. 1 ir..-n led. i.,)ST r .OLn \VAT(;H ii:;:-!rc-s mil springs; 4"^ S Wii'.uut Jri.rr r^'ad P.iono 1 p;;.^n.>'-'.r.' ' FOR SALE-i'NF ON WEST;.-.;- 1, ,,. steam tra.tion engine ; ~;>roul PliO !i>^ 14. Gas. »s of moral instruction will b-^ dis- i FOR S.M.E— 1.' nUSHEL GOOD -lies. I'l i<) •"."c !'er bil-at .\'e\!T •.i:':'.i."'; ir.i'e ••as', anil 1 :;'.ii>' -vnitii of !'.u>a:il •N ••v.n-ir<..u. I J.J.,,, .\i.K_i)UROr .lERSKY MALE ,.-.>K^SM.KI-ONE:-.. H Ho,LKR .i:-^ ^!:^^i ;:!;iif 'Sr'^:"^: r::;!^ tit -.v : Iciuiro Ottf> Hit;/.- . , - ^. .^^.f. '^j r:ir:y{e. Viwi^- l-t-l FOR SALE— 12 YE.\]!LING STKEP.S in.! ! vr :ir;in!r iicifvr-. S E. M<.r.:ani>. i«il!.:7;.o. Kan^. i Re(rl*ter Want AiL Will (Jet It- W K v.", I.":FOR TR\w:- ;;oon ROOM <OT- T.iko and barn for fjnn .--.-k aiv! Ad 'lr .'-s •T." care Ro^-i.-'iT. 7 0>< T--LM )Y -S GOLD WATCH' " ;^ .-,1 >-Vna CHne engraved in LErTUHK AT IIICII SCHOOL. :.i^..^:;r ^^n5 v w^hStT'o;,„dr isi„;i.;Tioti.einaYn.ied ;;;:.,n. 2 Reward. ; l.ert«rr by Or. KairchilJ T.-njeht. nwirhbormg s. MINNEAPOLIS . c):.:es^-.- ^^^^^^^^ „. ^ ^ • .octe.! to bo present because the • fi .l- ! » low up" work to be done in the schools , •> ~' to make porman.r.t tlo- im:lre^.Hions •> 'rom the \isual le^s.>ns given the • * school pupils will outlin.-d andi<. •- i At the hiv'h school this evnins at N ..i.T .iwV^'oV'dr.-n Ot'-.-s & wn'$.-. 'ills. in---K-;..n f..r In.-;i;«'o a:.-. mv-it-T __ ,.,,ST-ON NORTH's brown .;;':"x'"l "ff-.nstn,c-,on. OalUmoro^ Mary • AUCTIONEERI • A. D. ColUns • . General Farm Sales; Livestock • be vis:;ing teachers from I • a specialty. Satisfaction guar-. • n»'ighb.>r :ng schools. The cNrgy of • anteed. Addrtss, Carlyle. Kaa. • •lie <ci:y aro <-sp..v-i.!!Iy invited ar .«l « 4 .^>-.,w,' .'ii :!(ir.-n Oth'TS . !an -i. ..n '.M ra! IMr.. ;i:^-n ,!n A :i>er;-. Pa!.!:.' S< h.-n^:- " E \:ra'"s from S Gamett Review; Hollis Samuol r Sarcent was ti.o r.ird .-.n of a fa ;:..v , ,,ST IM..\.-K MALE HO.:. WE^fJH Ih^^.; i ;;:j ;^.:i ;;;i :o..on;'onti';.Hl -Th.. of Wbt ^'V?'"".''"o.-iM,hv '%'.:-.P — Tj,,. • ,-,,r,.!ii. ' H .i -.»nin" in a <;on;I.-- of Calais. ><->"-^ _ V Lost Ad in the RrcMer nnd> IRA B. FRANTZ THE oPToMrrnirr UUMRPE NEWS FOR TODAY ::iKrs/sr,-v;:,s :v- THE DATS D0IH6S JTGASGITYi — ~'i7."!:.12. beii;^ i-lia-st v !:;hty-t:;r .M-^ ._, .w> A -T- rS * V V V « =5 5 w * 5 I >.-ars of azc Cxeluaiva •laar' Finin« incialii* At Hanna'a [ JewaliT 'BU>r« .L R. SMITH PKKPARING TO RE- X. MOVE HIS RISINESS TO PARSONS The Prompt Work of Xeichbors Save^ y the Home of HM- nayton-. Kron " PesfriM'tion l>y Kin-. FOr .MAlN PENS No more inky fineer* wiien Toii n*e a eood fountain pen. We cirry the be>it. WVTERS & DANFORTH Druttv and .lenrlry Si i oral merchandiso -toro. !.!:t i> :r.;ik •r' inc-expensive prei)arations for a bisr ^ .n. ^\-. t, too;.^n lis n « t r- HE KiKI.E SHOWN PLE\SVXT.> •TiWih ir 'u-i -a:y'. r.'-.v Hf - , <,rRTESY BY RELIEF ( ORI'S. <• •^;wi'' no- .••irrv -:<'o .-.r>s in :^*oa-! i •. v r.:.iv :. idory LAHARPE. NOV l.".-T;.- Lirrra-: and Phi!<.niatl<-an .-«., :<.r;..i v . hich school will r-a.-h sive ;ir .-.;r ;!ni- this eveninr in th'- hiph s'-h'>of buit'i- inc Had it r.o? hi^fn i'T th'- jnonipt wilrk of Bert Shaul and oth^r neichitors. -.!•.- .,.,„;,,! Dayton hc'ino in L/ar.yonii:i'> rniifijt !•- ''. .-^ ;. in ash<>s today Mrs. Dayton .%nil j " daughter. Ros.^, t\hn aro aU>no tins i weok. retired loa%inir a coal oi! liiiit ' ^.^T,^ burninp .\bout two o"clo<k it is >Ji>-, ' IKisod the Hpht exploded and set fir'- to 'he house. The ^fiflins: smok" f:n- al!y awakened .Miss F'ayton who oa".-.! to the ne!ph!>ors They respor-.i!, a proir.fJt'.y and th-' blaze wa-s t-\tlr.- gtii:-:-f-d with hut a!'our 11." i:.T::ia.i:P The .\!!-S:ar !ja--c b.iH toain lef' day for Cuba Owin^ to Messrs Fo-.! and Doin. of xb .t- i*hi !:-.d .-ii »hia < '.lili. r— fusinc r .;<-ni:an ;i po.r::;;t. \,\ uli; to stav ;: J thv ^o,wl uld rni ;..'l StH;i^ this fan .Miss A!:;-. I!:irk. r, wl.o iia> ' .•• n .r- •r, 'V'.;. s;.'- \.\]'7.'- in 'l-.y v-v-->". , li .•- ;ini! -*• ;:ion'- ut.rkir;: j;.;.,u -• Mr S;>;;t:. ! >a:d to a r.-i.or;.-r y.-,-ii-r.:;iy. 'i t;or <-; >.r.:r.z I.- U^irj..- u;t;. ...'i. il! :'•--iir--' -:• • Th- l nv.. u.:,r<-<i s;.:.-r.d: V.y ~r riril ! w..-!:d n'; I-avc i: : dji! r .i • .-:n• :<• think' ;• :t i:.ii<h ho-'or n.'-.'...v .-N .r ! iT.iiv !:.- i !>-i . .-i) ' '-'i-I ; . •- .11.1 *.;o >; \vr';r M»-l«rioii* I>is.npnejiranre of an Aiito- niobile from Palace (ianiue H:ir< Not Vet »«en Kvi>laiiied. TRY ONE OF THOSE ( OFFEE BARfiAlNS at r -.Rl. HUNTERS TW«» POINDS t.".r. , Frank Ooyette. banker of Elsaiore, —Dr n. L. Hendricks. Old, fonrt^ was a liusiness viiitor here this after- House.' Calls answered day or nl*ht .+nc>on. • t'u" itif-tln; of li;" Ei.;- wi'l. .Misv \ -ns":!. •••'rnson ::'o;..:<-I •ii-- <".i"u' .•It p..-,.r;h.' furoral '^r r!y ;. 't.- .-••n a Mi.-s Crri" .! .Mortm I a-' • r.-v;v\l ii :.--ir-- • 'v at thf. .M'M!:'. Mr- I Wo. •! ^•-r --d ( (•to I h 'lr.-'' K.^rvoni- iii- P •I..' tendic*: :':e \\'i -<-»r mary .ii \Vu . i.i. :i .;tKni.i! hi ri. lerday for a \\::]\ h« Mrs .Anna P.:i!ker Mi .vs luirkor ishoil th" roiir-.- In a !l !t;.' r\,.i two uM 'tiihs and ono of tio ;«.>!ity of a ciiiKi! of f:t;y that s -.ii ••• ^-:aI !a pasin;: 'he St.i't- i.harit.a. v .-v uii'tia- tlon .tut iic« sin- she will do. — Watch for '-arsains (>\^ry daj .T A Browns Mrs .larr .os Ho!' vii^-ii -':iy ^ f r Jefmore. Kas. to Mr Ho:t Ur. ! make thiir ho;ti»> M:.--s Lida .Mlo;- acf-^trpan:*^ ht -r for .in :r.d<.'f:h::>- stay Mrs. Guy Po'-s. of lola. wa.- wer jes s at 7::;f> »o a':'Dd Mr :ir. ; Mrs? Taotiias n : vo-t.-r-.i.-.y \\v'\ I '-.r 'lT son. (•• T'-.*, : H K '.-in -n.-; Tj-y ".Mstii 'a;. -.v'-.v-rf h.^ -.v ::r.'-r:;o .•r .--;>-V '!i f.^r :t(.|-.-n .i . St.---.<'n>oii <-ni--:-;ain.-'! •{.. V K-; i.roil. ry .-: li M 's'.-r.;n\ ;i''-.-no.'n :it h. r :..>!i-.. ti"r!: - f -ovin V-. \v : r -.-'-.M. \\ ^^' • : • r •; .-> fitr.ornl .\!'- ii.i:*- ^• •. (• wi.<K->-n.! ivl'!; :• \!:T;.I l":irk. r M: •: ' M. - W. ..!.>•..•;' i.-' Il„iit-; •, :--f !"r a -.i-:' with Mr ,r..' <• '.V !.,rt.- vu;: t 'o Kai;-a= C:'> -'s'.--. M-s Ian;..- In (•>M:> "n at -> -* AN INVITATION. -r 4r Come and brinir your frie:;ds * 3^ to a demonstration of the sood- ^ •w nes^ of the In -er-Seal- Trade ^ .Vark Pnrkaee Goods of the ^ National Bisroft Companj-. to 4- be held in our store Saturday; v Not. 16th. There will be an -r opportunity for sampling many -j. new varieties a ::d also Interest- * ing suggestions for serving attractively. PARKHIKST. ^•! lit. r- .in i;. • n <•••. • ) . n F Kv-an.s • CahHMi:''$1 r. per hiinu:. ,1 poLno ; . Mr ati >i .Mrs .( .\ r ^rown'-s \Ir> Wli'iam Riric, of inl .T. w.-i^ m'.'. .^n I .r -!iar-.o tri*'n'l« W.-ino-.i-v t-:.iy \\ -Afirr a four months' s '-iv vih. }• •.;r;ir..i;.a:.'ir- a.".-! o'h'-- r-la- :• K: h-. lll'no;-;. r.r -;rn-; ii^r- V. sfv-ro;iv . t::.- .-- N;r-- : - h- ••;n^ i ('h:;> h :,. i: 1- -v.- •: r;..r- M;-- . i-:-. ..... i;. v..:,. niAMtiVD. I .Mrs C \V .I.irk .-or:. Nov I! As Mrs. ii W S-ti.''. . former tor.-, spond. nt is I '.-o.nii: i ..r T. XiiB r. "^id. I V, i;! aSjCrp ..otid-nl ;ii:il ".viil !i<> s:!ud to !:;r.. •i;iy ir- ::!s rf iu 'i -r- ^" i hon'"! ni'- M- RMs-- w-i.- . -ir- .| 7.. I. ..I T-:--- .lav luor'iitii: ot; ro-<,(.iinf < ; •!,.- ^• r- lou,.; illU'-ss of in<.'h. r Mr .Al\:!i S::.i>t .f. u-i-.] •!;•• svo" •• .oliors ;.>(-!.-•• jon it To;.-k.-i ' ii tho 7;h .-ind ^'!; .lul -.p'-n' S:ifurd.>»> in l-.i'.vr. : .-. i! W S::!!'!.'- s.ii.- - A ,!? w.ll .tt. ml. 1 .Mr iiul raiiit'-. w lio iv |-uri il Ihj. W W Siir.ii; :. i>i 1 i-.i. nin.d onto it W- Ill to our ooti>r-i|. It\ l-;rr. H-'ltf.s ) .IS r .-tit.-.l t!,. S.i,''. I'.ir m(or .n.-uit^c y. ,r .? R ll..rrv;.Mii .ind .1 .Iio k>...ii f- 'un.'d M'.nd.iy (riim a «- t • •hro '!:;h 'hi> ».><»»rii p.irt of r'n- s'..'.Friday •.v.^nina th.. many fiUnds IV,--.. II <;\S fITY. .Vi >V l-' - Ti!" !;-..l':-s •{ - R. i 'or.«~ L 'a\'. Mr- I'i i!.p i;. ..- .|.il:i. ;i i.'f'.-i.-tint !-ir-!iiIay ^.;•-.r; • i-i iiiL*-' Mr- !.'•';•• Kin- Mi '.V .\ Vri.m n. .M, - .l .-hn •r at.-! Mrs W;lli i:i: Li-lr^ - n • .-r-- -ii-'-tiii" ! 1! .\w!.r>.v. nft'-r .i :.!'"• i.-ir.t : • .. .hs si--.-r. M'^ W o i. k. >'rs V. :-: W.-ii^ht • • n tor U':'"cr--f.n U.'y. .M'-, via St .' "o v'-ir a br-'i-..»r .-.r'! rh lii: CarC'-"'. nisri't •o .r;..; tii:it Mi-^- Mnri Hnnt.-r. r.'i w-i- ^utrlit ;o ha-..- "h."^ 'r;.'.,'-.-- ria. '"-1- :'f--rin;t fir.!!: -••\.r.» of -/.rfili'ls H.-'n!'.. Ti... r.:i...\. :i; --1 (1 -on o:' .\;.ar.? .\!r» i! \ Rv: n. t.-'.; fr<-!!i a « hair -.':.v „r ; ,- It :i-Jong, d'^'*;- t.-.-li in 111.:..' -1 oir i .'i -ioik. .Iffhri Hoke. .11 • ii • •:!. -...If 1 n- : l ;'.i ' tiish* th: -- ;.. .-. - n 'I, II ;ij J>aHarp-^ V.hion !:e p ,- r-;:.!y h*? iri-.i'"-.! tt;.- y./.ir-^: ::. ;i th-- pariLg.^ •••> -^lii \n ih.- car. L .t ; .-;.'Mt';.:y r.:f;:s.-d ati-i pr.-f.-f. 1 .• -• :-.!n in dark tir-i! Mr HI.'K-: ri : .. > ^ •. it. ..I a- . ^!r. iiok.- :ti:<l ;.. • • - •.-••X. : c t^:- . . : . ---.v • f-r t..;,r o i.-iotl on ti;'- ri-tiirn-l trf I :!K \rr iiiil <'f fl'e hltrrniitlonul Il«r Nterl, I'Miiisiiliiii, I'lflrnu'o, N«i«eiii. l.iT ao to ii<r|.|iil )|.r ;, I91S 1 ."^ r':". I".- s"»>;.s e.\cur >p.n ti. kt-v- Vo-. . .r i>-..>nibcr ' ar>i[ 2, t« I-,- .i;;-.! r';-i;n for $22 S". !';!i!'.>.! • •r : until !ii..-ftiib ..r 1'., It 'll W E RAI.STON. .\Kt->Ul For roinpltte Hne ot nnr^ery stock r; w Smith 2:;th-:—i .-f '!,,.ir hnnw :ind s;. to th. "^'-n':..; ill ( i'MinK fl.^ ru f.-if-w. :i Suiiday .No\. I", Wiliard I'.il. •:• : '.!:s,s Ix)!.! Sini'li v -n^ u;.!:.--! la tn .i- ri .ifc" by R'-v tJordoti at .'! ; .<; .M E. ( iiun 1 Til. bride a daucl-.t •• of Mr. an.l Mr-!. C, W Snuth a:.d I^ H -lp and Mer-.y <<-uimll-.-p , no of our tt-ost acromplii-htd yoiitii: in W.^r '.!i .>s.;.-iy nij-.r s Va- WilHam .N".»r:ar. s naii;<» r: I A ^d ..r • ;• M --ho-iist li- •;; t:.. • T-iir--h;y ur ! -•.••r.- a !...!•> •i '"..rnoin qtiilTir." 1. H'ar.*-r. .•: Kacsai i'fy. was. a •sin .'TS v :-'*.jr in 'ot<-n ye-.t^'-day Mrs. np '.vi>i=f «> entertained (ii'i-ttnz !..-•> yiisii^rday at !.^>r horr'' in ' -in>'-n-. T':;" -jui^t ••••-::! ^o to .M'r T'r -o--:.. v^'-.-y i.-- 'n -."ry p .i .ir h.-a!th. ladles. -A' pr»-s.:nt sh«- is t.-arhit;k- rhf- Bayiird s<-hool. Th- itroom is ,,ro<'^'"-o'.s youns: farm*-r iivine •. of Mildred. Their many :ri- rids • t. n.l tongra'uiatioii.^ N.'M : Grfham. who iearn*-^ hon .•^t i.-iurnsi'isr.; -n l.:-!a still in- witii a sists on spndta.c t" i> Rei::?'.-r tl;<- s;.- -iai •-l:'!' n.^ .--hii-;. rli.- Tul^a Wor'd --i>-s -v.-ry ot: -r •»-(•.h. i .-tmi: •' .T i; >'ji;. r^t (iiv The iast is ii..- Oi! aiid ^ Mtss E-thpr Ruble has U^^n a;i ;K 'ti: G;i- K'^tior. It i.- a rummer of a y . i iiic;-. sch.-o! oorresj.oc-lont frr th*> | ;ja;.. r. full of pdvertising. and exp!o:(s ^ I 'niversity Itaily Kan^an j Tulsa to r!i<i lini;' One mt.rht smile a: ^ .1. R Smith, who has been In busi-.the ex ;irf -ssion The Tul&a lOrt.m ne.=s h'=-re for over nin*. years. Wednes | Club." did one not note on another i Garage, came through here thi.s morn-| * .'ay c'.osfM up a least* for a building on j pag- a picturo of a iiietro|»<»litan eight j ing about six o'clock in search of an i V---.'. r.!;iv nr. his hor.h.a.l, ' • h . ;• .M(i-';a! I H Fo.;f.->r in I.'h.i '.•.,'.. \'--•---i.O n '..;-in»..-s '• '. •-' .. ".' i; A K >:..r. •<...:ay f.." u.>'.:i!i .,!;;.• ti. M .-'V It' •" ' '•• ' th.r. Mr>. Ryai' will foih.-.v la '.T ']":•• I".'a :!ntl I '.ii^ City Pinniiiii: <".'ib .; \.. ;iT>..'' ..; .i.;n iast ••\.-n!ni: in tht- .V ..,i . 1-! Mr- Mitrh.'U. o'. Ilrors'iij. Is r.iir.;^ t •• wi '.'k-rn.l «l'h .Mr and ,\'rs i«.i.n- <h,rl M-^ (• M 11. ?:-;.:.I t' st»T.diri: '!io i.--..r.t -.vltli Mr.- .1.1 n WhiltoR. , ..' l..xHari'- M-': T.>m H.-irk.-ft • . „ , •, u. n ,..M'-s Myrtle Dennis i:a^ rotiirn'-d to -ii--L Jtirksnn. Plionc Il5«». Fi.r' S'-o't. aftor a p!<>asanT \Nit -Aith .Mr ru!.! .Mrs Rocers • .M^M^^^^M^^^^^M T .M;!\^^>-:! and f-iii:l!y ar*" niovi-g 'r .;i th'- «.-st tido to .Vi .rth Taylor str^.r v.: !(.-.-v!<y will niov.» from < fa ui ti.jtt:; ,,f r(,.\r. to I.airarpe for th.- wln- t'-r Cnarli*' Kl.ld Is conremplatlcg movinz 'o the farm .Mr-. E E Wright '-nter'ained a f-w f-i'-iid- at d!nt!«'r yf4t..rday in 1. n'r • f hr.r brother. H R. A^hrpy. of .1. f- :»-r-r;n •"ity. Mo. nuriiber from hf-r af-r.d»d "h»- -a!- vr .t."rday at the F G Mower hoii wc -t of town. .Mr-_ K W Frev^rt r<^tiirn«^1 v^^s'er- •'?.y :;f'^r an .-ttinyabl* vv -u «irh r *T •la :,:-rf'r. Mrs. Barbt-r. of Kansas City W .M Is shipping f.vo <-irt of hai to th.; f-jstern marke's y O Rii5-s»-II transat ted : •j-iiiies;- in l-.tlarpfi yesterday, r T Barber, owner ..f the F'ilace . Mr It : ! • .:.- \ -...u. ' • '•' < V , -Aas r Ui; .>r K \:V.> li ll[' Rar'.-r .•;i-.! 'to:.. I > irr..-.'.iih;i'i; . uii- u'.oriiJn-.; s i!! t'"- ..;'i: .- iii!--:r.- ar 3- ^ 5 V 3t 5t tjr ^ 5 ^ 3^ V V %• • yi^itt Ktreet in Pan><ina, Kas , where af- j :tory hotel. 1 automobile that left his garage last ^ Clothes! Suits Made to Your Measure. Suit*; Cleaned and Pressed. We have moved from 113 W ^st Madison to' 109 West Street. GUS KRANNICH 109 West St. Tailor will open to you the door of opportunity- taking you through the very heart of Oklahoma and Texas; through nearly every important point and section. LOW FARES to enable you to pet ttarted Southwo.-»ton the First andThird Tutadayt of each month. The bountcou.-? crop.i han-e-sted in Oklahoma and TO.KUS this year i.s your as.surance of the productiveness of that section. Far /ar#v or aAjr p^rticvtarM o^uC (Ac country, taritw — W. S. St. George, ^ Ceneiml Put«ag«r Agent M.T. Rr. SL LOUU. MO.

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