Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on September 17, 1944 · Page 9
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 9

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 17, 1944
Page 9
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I Local •:- Society News •:-' Garden Page Member Associated Prcw Tri-State -t- Theatres •:- Financial SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 1944 Second Section—Page 9 is always a pleasant surprise 'find some person or institution thk section "written up" in pa-> >rs far from the local scene. Ir| 'iking over some ' mid-western .^-papers yesterday we were sud- nlj* confronted with such familiar " as i" and "State in the Tulsa dated-September, 12. by a Tribune report Governor Will Consider Coal Drilling Here Meeting Set for Annapolis; TJndergarmeiit Firm Interested in Local ..-'•Site .The Industrial CommlUe^ of the Chamber of Commerce is arranging a meeting with Gov. Herbert R. , September o - Uie coal SCBras of discuss ex and Gar- n Matteson fc describedinl^tt counties and has assigned " " ir "" A - " rrln to. negotiate with '3 col. headline article) ss "big, scad-shouldered and gray-haired." t gave a recital of American folk pegs in Tulsa • that night, and in City Thursday night. 'The •ate Teachers' College music head in Tulsa attending the Na- 1 Federation of Music Clubs jr.Jere.nce. He is national chairman f folk music research, and exiend- an invitation to oldtimers to ring him any old sonks they might r .o»- of Indian territory or early days. Mr. Malteson car- led Ills dulcimer to the midwest, fed explained to the Tulsa 'Tribune [•porter that he collects his songs running around the country n? on the dulcimer." o I Gov. Thomas B. Dewey's concern kfr the excess supply of wool in It TJ. S., as featured yesterday on £• front page of the Cumberland v.;. is somewhat "off the beam." L much- as there is, the supply 1 far too little for what the Hoov- (r-sponsored candidate needs to the wool over the eyes of the wp'e of this country! -o |i Cumberland 'man was reading national magazine the other night «a all at once he burst out laugh\. His wife asked him what was e joke. "This ad here," he replied, After looking at the beautiful :or?d advertisement she also start;o giggle. The ad showed several gorgeously [ored ties being advertised by a iional firm. One tie. was labeled negotiate with the Monterey Undergarment Co., Inc., New York, relative to locating here. The Maryland Board of Natural Resources has estimated the cast of drilling at §100,000 and the TJ. S. Department of Mines has already had representatives of Its Pittsburgh office in the area maktng'-prelimi- nary studies of the coal seams. Committee Is Named Robert L. Siallings, Roy W. Eves, William Olaus, William Jenkins and Harold W. Smith have been named to meet with the Governor, and John T. Jones, president of District 16. United Mine Workers of Two Local Men In Two Local Nurses Go to Baltimore to Veteran Regiment j Pvls. George Kriglein and Harry Moore with 133rd in Italy Two local soldiers, PvU. George P. Kriglein, Jr.. 313 Dorn avenue, and Harry R. Moore, of Cresaptown, are fighting along tho Arno river Jii Italy with the 133rd. Infantry Regiment that has been a nightmare to battered German troops throughout the Fifth Army's Italian campaign. Overseas nearly three years, the 133rd Regiment of the 34th Red Bull Division has piled up more hours in actual combat than many American divisions can count in actual time overseas, according to a news dispatch from Italy. The veteran Fifth Army regiment first blazed its guns at a cocky enemy In the boney mountain ranges of Tunisia and defeated the Krauts j in the famous battle for Hill 609. Backed from Tunisia to the Arno, the defeat-written faces of retreating: German troops are still haunted by the Red Bulls who have gored the enemy at Cassino, Anzio and in crushing drives above Rome. With a record of having taken j every objective assigned to it, the 133rd lias become one of the most decorated units in the Mediterran- Aid Infantile Paralysis Victims America, will be asked to accom-| e ? u Beater. Scattered among the . , * f icrlli trier ir* f on t-»-i«T*^f*%^ *-*f +1» ** n**** pany the group. Dr. Jospph T. Singewald, direc-' tor of the department of Geology, Board of Natural Resources, and Dr. J. J. Rutledge, chief engineer of the State Bureau of Mines, will also be present. Joseph c. Whltesel. chairman of the chamber . industrial committee, explained the purpose of the drilling is to determine exactly how much coal is available in an attempt to perpetuate the coal industry in the area. Since 1910 mining activity has fallen off 66 per cent as the better seams have been worked out. The two-county reserve is estimated at 287.064,239 torts but details are lacking. The three main sources ai-e the Freeport seam, 32.652.568 tons the Kitanning, 96,098,639 and Big Vein, 53,510,472. May Find Metals Whitesel also said that metals, i fighting infantrymen of the unit are two Congressional Medals of Honor, 19 Distinguished Service Crosses, 117 Silver Stars for gallantry in action and more than 1,500 Purple Heart awards. First elements of the 133rd sailed for Ireland in January 1942. under Brig. Gen. Hartle, a native of Washington county, one of the first infantry units to go overseas in this war. Another Cumberland veteran of the 34ch Red Bull Division, Cpl, Zola Teter, returned home on fur- |lough September 4 after campaigning in its ranks for 29 months. He is the husband of Mrs. Marcella Teter, 25 Lament street. uniber Children In School Down fmeiitnry Enrollment in Cninberland While Up 89;. Highs Off nro.Ument in Cumberland's pub- f'.ementary and high schools Is T\ 26 from last year., Arthur G. ~ey, supervisor of pupil person- raid yesterday in reviewing tile "ds at the close of the first full of the term, nrollment in the white high ols IK down 97 nnd in the grades i 89. Carver School (colored) s a drop of 20, from the 207 of year at the same time, Ul enrollment in the city, was Friday as compared to 6,903 year and 6,746 last week. The mtary figures are 3,597 for Fri- 3,508 a year ago, and 3,528 Jast Allegany High tlia totals are for Friday, 1,478 last year and last week. The Fort Hill totals 1,645 for Friday, 1,712 for last :*id l,62,i last week." another "sand tan" but usable clay oil an<A pernaps olher 'j c lo HjiTlnirT r\f rtMn **T3r* fy\ *vl *, rt rtl»,rt ' I ill ,,. raw materials may be discovered. The Monterey concern hns been nterested in locating in Cumber- ancl for sometime and a number of months ago appeared willing to purchase the plant of the General Textile Mills, Inc., but the latter was withdrawn -from sale. The company still wants to come :o Cumberland,-according'to chamber officials,, and if, interested in securing about 40,000 square feet of .pace in the Footer building..It will employ an estimated 400 persons. Meeting Friday, the industrial committee also discussed the current water problem nnd commended :he Upper Potomac River Commission for its work in promoting the Savage river dam and its efforts to have the work completed as soon as war conditions permit. •'""•' The group also emphasized the importance of pressing for a second water line from Lake Gordon to the city. It urged that plans be prepared KO that construction may start when labor and materials can be secured. labelling of one "Potomac blue 1 is what really "got"- the local "Boy, ' I'd like to see that ad .;er's face (and nose) if he could standing on the banks of the :ue" Potomac right now," the hus- sd chortled; o Keeping pumpkins from one sea- 3 to another so that they are well in every respect is no for Mr. and Mrs. Harold a, 516 Ridgewood avenue, ac- cir.g to specimens brought to the aes office by the indefatigable iney D. Phillips whose interest garden vegetables, flowers, trees i 'andscaping does riot diminish h the years. . Pumpkins raised Isst year's Victory Garden by Mr. j -Mrs. Browji.mlght well pass for f- current year's product. ivliile the fighting in Normandy s raging a Cumberland man re- rsci a letter from his brother who i member of the American Third n-.y. Gen. Patton's outfit, asking •i the local man buy and mail lira certain campaign ribbons he s entitled to wear because of his ?r=cas service. He couldn't buy ES in France. mt a few days after the .Allied exploded out of Normandy - raced across France the Cum- hnder received another letter the brother. Ji:st forget about those ribbons", wrote, "we're way beyond Paris IT and I wanted them to wear 3 the French capitol." ":;e ribbons were mailed anyway :he local man who said to a He can wear them ir* Berlin a Pattou's Army marches down Unter den Linden." Major Biliby Cites Yank for Brav Baltiiuoi-e G.L Joe Saved Little French Girl from Strafing Plane A Cumberland air corps officer, Major G. William Bibby, who is in command of an ordnance supply nnd maintenance company of the Ninth Air Force Service Group in France, recently had occasion to commend a G.I. Joe from Baltimore for an unusual feat of heroism. Pvt. Paul F. Smith is the soldier's name. A press dispatch from abroad relates that ho won Major Bibby's commendation during an air attack on the advanced land- Ing strip where they are stationed. As a German plane swept IOTW over the field, the dispatch says, arm the anti-aircraft guns opened flre, a little French girl from a nearby farmhouse, confused by the noise of the guns, ran erratically around the field without seeming to know what to do. Pvt. Smith, along with the other soldiers in the area, had taken cover when the attack began. Realizing that the child was in grave danger, Pvt, Smith left his slit trench and, exposing himself to the possibility of being hit either by falling flak or the machine guns of the enemy plane, ran over to her, put his helmet—on her head and carried her back to the protection cf Hie slit trench. Pvt. Smith was commended for courage, presence of mind and good judgment. Celanese Hearing Set for Tuesday Twenty Union Representatives Scheduled to Leave Tomorrow for Pliila. Cpl. Robt. I, Rice |pl an to Wo«nde£m Action B]uc Tokcng T A 1 IS AlillOllllCCCl Brother of Fort Hill High School Tcucbcr Reported Missing A Cumberland soldier, Cpl. bcrt L. Rice, 35. son of Mrs. Matilda Rice, 112 Decatur street, was reported wounded In notion in France on yesterday's release oi war zone casualties. Only one other soldier of the I Cumberland tri-state area vas in- kluded on the He is Staff Spl I Donald D. Sturdlvum, Rowl<v=l«us, j\V. Va., who is reported nmsina in ; action over Germany. i Before going into llu' urmecl i forces in Apvll, 1943, Cpl. Rice was ! employed in the -spinning drpart- - Most J'rwrsst'd Foods Co Off Halion List Today iis Local OPA Office" Htnrals Prltiils \Viih i he jwiu I value of processed KX'd.-> Ilia! remain on the ration IM to lx> fluuivrl in multiples c/' 10. :"i nhni lor the iPiireiiK'n; of blue Kiheiis hiis lieen prt'piiivd In the OPA. iiccorclini! l<> Kinl H:ul- cliflr, rhii't rlfrk of the War Puce ami KAI inning Bo:irri. .U'ille?-., jinn.', nio.-t !iuit juices KIK! nil vecf- |meat at the Celur.esc plant H.-.;. ( ,., t . s fx u lom . lUn , s g( , on nrti VMI i-l-nH frtr" /M'ltl-k.O'S C il 1 11 1' 1 <1 i.T .. '. ° lembnrked for rseas duty la;,t i March as a member of iu\ tuiti- |iiircraft bnttery. j Cpl. Rice Ls the husband o! Mi>. Madeline Rice, 3C Howard street. |His wounds are reported to be of a slight nature. [ SlnJI Sgl. Sturdivam i.s the son !of Dr. and Mrs. B. B. Sluidivunt. ; of Rowlesburs. and the h»M>n»ci jof Mrs. Beverly Gould Whitman :Sturdlvant. Downey. C;i!. Hi.s .sister iMiss Dorothy S'.urdivnn'.. is a mcm- jbcr of the Fon Hill VilRh s.vhool faculty. A War Department me?.saure to his family reported tlint Stnfl Kgt. ]StvwdJvant failed to return from :v j bombing mission over Gennany • August 26. He served as a rndio- •man on ;i B-17 Flying Fortress. li.'.i to(i:iy. U*ui£ mullipir.s of ten will :il!r- Muli 1 the IK o'.sMiy tuc the conhn- ueti i::ir Ol Ijluo tokt'li.s lor "i'hanKC 'liisKiiii;" Atuon^ the rfquiivmrius lor the I'Ron.-umers an- I he lollowinc: niher cuiisutin'rs lor the purixix 1 n! Miakiiii; up mtiliiplcs o! In. lieuvfi-n •.I'-c ihe.>( toJ:en.< to oltlniji (ii tve.v-nl . who:i\-..\ler.s inchuiiHl the lu'.iowuii- "Tnov i annul ncfjuire blur tol:ei;> liom ixi:il:> fi!i !);• jilli'-r Si'ine:nbi r 17 C':in:ioi H.-e io!:t'n.s to bi:\ pro- ci'S'-fsi liM)<:> nn Ol ;i]U.'i' O\'lober 10 ';nHi,! tit POMI u>ken«: m ;itv. them in: .-i:iiu;x L . IT:'! i'ii'nti's. r:itioi: coupons u: 1 r.i'iun i'iie< ks on n: a!- tei Ofldbcr 1C ; A local, Virginia R. Will- Hiliy^Mu.r^^VV'lni^i'is in^ti'^iVu'it'.t-s ! inghnm. dauRhter of Mr. and Mrs. Ol j,,.,,, ,,,.,,, .,.,„ j,,,.^,^,,, C )rior>o:- l .Charles Wlltlnyh«m. of 1!31 fledford :UKj ,, „, ,,.„ |0( ,., r . lM ,, M h(V , rc , alllj •:strret. hns been promoted to first ,- cr , Mv( , fT1 ,,;,,.„„,., or ' rnUon ,. oli . 'lieutenant with the Army Nurse | V)MS j n ,,xr!Ki!;i:r During iho s-ime Cor P- , period liicv miiv df-piv-i! l>!ia> tnkcns Lie.ul. Willmthnm. sumoncrl at h , ., ] . atl()!l buli; ;l , rou ,, t lf lhe ,.,.. the 262nd General Uospiuil, Pan- asllo ,. ..,,. ( ,. 1(il ,,„_, Mtl , h ,,„ .,«.,.„,.,,, ama Canal Zone enlisted in tho jn :il| .. u , ll , li n! lrs , Ul . ln 2M) ul . Corps a year and a half RO. and wa]( , tl ,.,„.„,„,„..,. Ol , „„, fa ,. r (>I jhas been out- of the country for , hr p|]Vf , !f) ,,, p rirpOM . riI jthp past 11 montlv;. She is n grnd- ; r - ,., tl . Loral l\ur?r rromolod Vi'ith AIV'C 111 tuale of Allcgnny hiph school nnd jof the Memorial Hospital School (Commit, d on n)11> . 20, Col. > , Twenty representatives of Local 1874, Textile Workers Union of America, are scheduled to leave here tomorrow for Philadelphia where they will present the unum> demand for a general 18-cent an hour wage increase at the plant of the Celanese Corporation of America, to a panel of the regional War . T ;Cibor Board. The party will be headed by James A. Dundon, national TWUA representative; Richard E. Boyden, local president: John G. Thomas, business manager, and A. A. Albright, negotiator at large. Others, shop chairmen, are: Man- Grady, Elizabeth Widdows, Pearl Miller," Jean Poole, Janet Castle. Lillian Schoenadel, Michael Broderick, Playford Aldridge, Louis Hartman, Ralph Johnson. LeRoy Lehman, Gilbert Lewis, Dennis McCulley, Victor Robinette, Walter Walters, and Gerald Sheetz, substituting for Earl Snyder. The company will be represented by Fred T. Small, plant manager, Edward R. Allan, personnel director, and New York officials. The hearing is scheduled for 10 a. m. Tuesday. Answering a call for volunteers! Allegany County Chapter, Amen- '• pita! by Fort Cumberland Post No. j," 81 ?^" entered the service Sept. '1 ll«>r«* S<-llt llirl'. 1 if to assist in the care of infantile j can Re d Cross, the recruiting body 113, American Legion, a couple of f 1 ^ f"' ™ ^^^\ f .^^ ^vcr Plllilish.-d naralvsis \-ir-tlmK at Svdenhnm Hos- . ... . . ; vpnrs-aan. A* ™lio natients from !P OIU ."^. . Ho Is ttle husUaiul of ^IF paralysis victims at Sydenham Hos ..Baltimore, two pital nurses left last week to remain j P°Ho victims of Maryland, has the; nw\T!d to Sydenhnm Hospital for| during, the period of emergency.(names of other volunteers if further treatment, personnel and facilities; They are Misses Virginia Drumm i calls are made for help. and "I/lielma Cartell, both graduates I Several weeks ago Superintendent j most good. Tile "iro.n hmg' 1 will : of the Memorial Hospital Training B. W. Wright sent to Baltimore the'be retunied here aflcr the emer-! School for Nurses. Local Man Directs j Touriiis: TJ. S. Band i Named To Post On Gettysburg Staff "<M I schools with major gains are j Dr. Myron L. Simpson Rc-i wylvanlB Avenue 19, Virginia . ', n nnlrt¥ . nio al ,i,« Fire Razes House In Rawluigs Area Fire of undetermined origin early- last night destroyed the house occupied by William Davis and family about one-half mile west of Rawlings. All of the furnishings were lost in the conflagration which could be seen for miles across the countryside. None of the Davis family members were at home when the flre started. The Cresaptown Volunteer Fire Department was called to the scene but the flames had made too much head way to cope with by the time of their arrival. Origin of the flre could not be established last night. The house, a two-storied log-built stnicture, a pioneer home of that section, belonged to Herbert Collins. Mr. Davis Is an employe of the Pimo Ordnance plant. Moose Initiation Will Be Held 3 :30 p.m. Today Cumberland Lodge, No. 271. Loyal Order of Moose, will hold its first initiation of the "Appreciation Campaign," at 3:30 p. m. today at the home, corner of Beall pnd Smallwoort streets. A corn and wiener roast will be held on the lawn following the Initiation. Deputy .Supreme Governor Frank J. Davis will address the candidates. •, nue 21, .lohn Humblrd 17, East 1 12,-and Gephart 10. '•all High, Frostburg, (grade.s is up to S39 from last year's Bruce, Westeraport, (7-12) is ceived Doctorate a I the Johns Hopkins Univ. Dr. Myron L. Simpson, son of Mr. nnd Mrs. Charles J. Simpson, 1112 »_ .-„„ I1HV4 IVAto, V^Jjml^-A W. UIIUIAMJLJ, Atl^ =0 to 582; Cresaptown (1-9) Is Bedford road, lias been appointed "• - Picture Of Paul Owens Wins Contest Pri/e or Nursinu Forl Hi 11 Soliool Mr. nnd Mrs. Wilhnjuiiun received word that their son. John F. iwwii|->w I T • I II (1 114 \l\lc WilHngham, hns been promoted- .ISJMIl. .*< I I it IIII I MM rtv from seaman .second 10 first class : I.efl to rijfht ore Misses Virginia Drumm and Thelma Cartell as they were bade Godspeed by Supl. jwith the U. S. Navy. On duly In - j r . .- . , i> 11 ,i Ml'" B. W. Wriehl at Memorial Hospital, while Miss Anna M. Quay, superintendent of nurses, looks on. jthe Caribbean aren.'scaman Will-.',.* t! ' nl:lli y >>OOKU I. Ill I-irst Hos .!he re for this emergency sen-ice^;^ S £ ^ £^~ jpearl WiHin^han, are concentrated there to do the: Obituary "iron lung" given to Memorial Hos- : gency. Sgl. Jack Plan's Official! Special Service Band ! with War Show | Sgt. Jack Platt's band, organized nt Camp Lee, Va., and heard here at the opening of the Fifth War; Loan drive, has been designated; the official Special Service Band of! the TJ. S. Army, and Ls now on n | 2000 mile tour. I Transferred from Lee to Camp Slbert, Ala., in July, the band left I there Labor Day and will conclude [ its present tour October 1. The! band is working with a war show j and has played to audiences, of a.s many as 18,000 people. Sgt. Platt, who went from the faculty of Allegany High School to the army, will lead the bnnd in 12 cities of North and Som-h Carolina. Gas Shortage Proves Bother To City Heads Visions of a partial shutdown in city work were experienced by city fathers yesterday when they went scouting around for ga.soline for the 500-gnllon tnnl: at, the Street Department warehouse. After six tries a distributor with some on hand was located. He made one delivery yesterday and promised to finish the job tomorrow. Various city trucks and other equipment- are fueled by warehoiiFe-stored gasoline. Retail service stations continue short of 6 a -"> and at various times many of them are out entirely. Stale President To Talk Al Picnic! Former Resident Dio-s ! Mrs. Fannie Bnrd, 41, McVes'own jPa.. a former resident. <iiert at her Through ihr efforts of tlir K:i;. : - ont Council ol r\iri Hill !Iii:h School. I'm 1 lirsi luindlxK'k u> ii>' publLshrd in (he history «f ti.< uMiool. "HI There. Si-ntiiH'l" usis i^- '-ued Thursday nllrMioon. Thr* .S!'i- (Icnt Council will .••ol! ihr bookie'. 1 »s their firs! project of the vcar Srrvims ns :in informally c. !h" handbook will help the cludcnt;; '•" become better ><rqi;:unU'd wi: school routine. Hc-elnnini; with t:-.r history of the n-hool. ilie Over 500 Volunteer Fire- Airs. William Eyler, Woodlawn, Lu- jVale. . ' Mrs. Bard, a native of McVes-' . , . wn. moved here with her husbaiiri •'.'"" « lvi ' r - 4 Jul< ' s ;llld ,- - rr i . .over two years aco and resided on' < -" l "'' ! • v ni«MI i-,\-pCClP(l lOlidVUt | Liberty .sircct. they returned to DetllOll.sLralirm |Mr,Vegto\vn lust April. 1 Mr. and Mrs. Eylcr will attend Phil Rj-i ".tucly. direr? niicl KIIIH-. .Tl'.cdulp.s. and various ncini- tiiroughout iho .vrhool. In nen- _ \ t r Rninipr n'P«ripnt :jiervlce - s tomorrow at 2 p. m. ru , ni .:> .\li . rCvtiiiicr. p* t.suiPiii. . , . ,. . . , , ._ . i land Volunteer Fire-i Methodist church In the Pcnnsyl- ' I ' of the Marvlnnd Volunteer Fire . imen'K A.ssodktion, will be the chiefi valuil lowl! 1 Venion E. fnimlnir with a \N nr.r onni^'M i : 1> - ' ll ' a °l'l'"-"- thr i(ic:il« nl ih •speaker at the Allegnny and Gnr- rett County Firemen's v( m riin Vernou E. Port moss. .50, husband i^V^i 0 :', 1 ,!?." .."!.!'"?. ipicnic today 1:30 p. m. nt Smouse'sjf 'beach. W : Hill company. ceremonies at the celebration which will get under wny at. 10 a. m. The, body rerunIn.s at the .nddress o{ welcome will be given byi' !0r:l1 home. ; William A. Wilson, president of the! Besides his wi.'e. Mr. Portmtvs -is j" ! Allegan.v-Garrett- association. | survived by lour .son.s. Vrrnor;. Jr.,, 1 ' V FirClllCll'l '\5 < 'OClilttOtl i nun u. r\Ji LIIH-.'VI, ,t\f, n L(-i(AU in • ' 1 y 1:30 p. m. nt Smotise'sj 0 ^ -^^ M ^ ( , hn ^ cLs( ^ t , t> ^^1 \ ley; ^bu.-inew mnnagrr. Wanda L-r ,'. Ru??ler, of the Chnpcl' t"dsy at. Aliegany Hwpitni, wh f rc >'^'.'fn'-!^ 1 ,' ,'/<vf o."^^'^',, !"•— mv will Ix- nn^ler of lUr nnc ' !)OC)1 n patient, two days. He : *•'"" • "" "•'• •"•' '•"' • • -* iLV ~ AKI - >- 1 ' ' .m>, wui oe ii.t.iti ui u'nrUl \VT- winnn Tin- '• Hnmitnii; reiinncrs. i.ois Rlirsvr;-, ni. he eelebratirm ivhieh'"•'•'' a \\OIKI u nr u.'.eran. l lie . , . • . , WoUord tu-: iSiu:"ti>. Manlll.i I.ocj-.nvt:. Roiinlil Ai •iiil)n;:-:> -r. ;uid ll!i;- : t.i- tions \vi-n- bv Kupenr Fill.'; nnci 1-J.i- A ball game has been .scheduled for 10:30 a. m. ; Fire chiefs of local industrial | plants will demonstrate the use ot I fire extinguishers in fiiUUiny dif- Cpl. Philip, X T . S. Army, Oregon; Rolwrt und Joseph, at home; six daughters, the;. Virginin, Mary. ChnrmKin, Remi nnci Sandra, nl! at home, JUKI ;ui- T!ie offirrr,* of 'his veai 's Siudr::; .1 :ue Ho*>e; I Hc.ivcui-r. p:r- • sklen'; Her'.y MIM vicc-prt^!i.i'':i!: Phylli-, Huilr-y. .secret ar>: lyu.-i M;i- •fOii. trrn^uri'r: Kflwmxl Bell, fn-ir- Claim City Misses Chance To Help Solve Water Problem ferent types of fire.s at 3:30 p. m. I other dRvij;hicr in N«w Jruey; ihree/^ 1 -' 1 The first of the demonstrations sosters, Mrs. Henry Basc.ubers:. fll.i • Cl> ' 1 will be on fog nowlcs for A fires by Fire Chief A. C. Howard ! and assLstams of the Kclly-Spring- : field Tire Company fire department.. Tho Carbon Dioxide 13 fire !demon.stratlons will te by Flre Chief City View torrnce; Mrs. Be.-itriro, ici;il n:[;i::>; Lnc-iilr fn'i-- •tarv of indusjry; Rei:ir,:i "Vretary <if tr.iffir. niui Duvall. Bultimore. nnd' Mr..'. Joy '«""»•} Cr.le. pulilir rcinlion, o! Portmess. SO Bedford brother. Donald Portnir.^s, Koon Arivisrrs nro • Lillinn Mr r \ev.^. Mi.>.< Morri 1 - Alvovdn Critics Point Out No Application Has Been Made for E , D Er « c<! assistants oE Dsm, Pa., nnd a gr:\tidchii<i. Armonrt r. Mrs. Hiiton and Mrs H-.IS.-I , fire department. vrrr.r> > .ro i-rrr •».•¥-* • i . Wrli Approval for Second Water Mai it Despite j The use of Pyrcnc Class B fires will be given Chief H. A. Lasher and Cine] Armonn K. ArnLstniiiR : f >E the! Services for Annond E. Arm- |>|IS 1 !1,S1)O(*| I ( )'H j.stroiiR. 54, former resident who fiicci . ' I Friday in Baltimore, will Ix- con-; Sl'II'lS l^llIII'^f I *1V ducted tomorrow nt St PeKr's Catli-' olic church. Bnltime/Te. !S T ee<I As Health and Safely Measure; Department j 1 ^! 1 "™ 0 " Officials Deny Charges of Great Leakage. With both critics and defenders i In bonds for this purpose and water of the .current city water policyjbonds do not increase the tax rate -£-„ ^^v'^s ^mo"Ac«;on''| ^ ^"Tl^Tt'^ - • aweemr that, a second water line as they are paid off by wator rev- lj hl ', ^ K]tm .\ hf improper u,c! Br uaswlTfc wim w,s wi'nd r-I^'' = eniln HnrnmL^nlnnpr Frln.-orfl<; t;nv^ - . ru LIIL*>\\ ILK, MHO ^H.-I Klj.'u j . n,,» agreeing that, a second water line from Lake Gordon to the city limits is of paramount importance, the question was raised yesterday on what is being done by city officials to bring about early construction of the main. Wnter Commissioner William J. Edwards said the city hns not. applied for a War Production Board permit for the work and that, his department looks upon the line ap a postwar project. The commissioner wild that even If permission 1s granted, It, is doubtful If enough labor ts available for the job. Others wondering at the city's recently displayed interest in the of the Allegany Ballisticsi w -ill be in Cathedral Cemetery. Hi.- Sl-il<> OfficriU to <"iio< Laboratory firemen. I widow, Mrs. Mary cWclcheri Arm-.' ' ''/•<•• ' A feature of the day will bo ajstrong survive- : (-oiulition of School ••- •"•« Bungleville Chemical nnd" ,. PslCT n . Pa v lw ' \ ( .|,irl,.s ill 2-D.1V Yi-it enue. Commissioner Edwards says O f C n ,ipi eiit it is his hone thnt the Mayor and 4?" 'i 1 ' Council will see fit to set up the $54.214.25 net income for the Water Department for Ing March 31 when the truck he was dmini: Tiir f;.ll in.-pecti.m <>f M-lionl b;i.-r.. crashed into n culver; on '.hi- m-t l!l . ^'''''""••IV f'Hiniv will h.? cnuc.ur.1. (', >r the fl^nl year P," be ^m««tr«.«l by Chiefs Howard.! ^e,V to Br i«r rk ' [n % MCCHI Umd for' BrU(X1 ' Uuiller a " d ' 1 ""' '"« stnnls - ShanhoHx Rlt« 111 *\ fiput. lilt 11I11U 1UI TSVsllrkM-it^rr Mm/Htcttlnvc Tnllltltf r>r ... _ . ! rullOV. Hip lilt Ul-SMlllJ >-, \ tUUUi* ' l "Pnnr'ril ccrvi/rn: tvrr*» lir'lrl T.xt^r nifnipf \t\Tt T n cf VPI T -' » • • • jiii]<riii.sii\Ktv»"ii"Jiii'i \t..s i* i $5630-'^ w^ tran"' Rr0 " p - s " l th ° plc "' C WlU B ,' Vr S ' m '" **y nflornmin :.t the Wilev Ponl e Sinking Fund •l-!'^™',* 1 " 1110 ' 1 - ^^jCliun-h of Ihe Brethren for Cnlvin . . ... 'COUinment. I r, c^i,,,,^i. n li. r on TT,..,..'-?/,.-, r,..^,l the net. of ferrcd to the Sinking Fund al Savage' river dam, point out the dam Point out that Industrial consump- The use. of Phomaire and fog __ _ ^ nozzles on Clnss A nnd B fires will ,-j^ O j'Martini niouut'un hn^ Ix'r-n' T!'.i::. i .d.i% tnid Fniiny. iicrordin^ ' • - • - • •' " - • ' Anhtiv ('.. Hairrv. f.ii|vervi'.or of Tiv ehcck will b<> (-or.iluctrii bv l?ov O )!<irn «f Dir S:ife(v Di-part • niM-.l :incl other |f 1 |irr. i '.fjitntivr.< of Ihr itliicp r.l Ihr Conmil.'-sinurr n! o!hi"' iiVf'-"tl'.'i! wl!I be roiii!ii'-li-<: 1 eveN W Va i "''m.- to lie checked Include c"l"r. 'pal'lbMi-i'rs were Billy Nlcld, Oer- sh;ns - »'-W--. '"•''•--• em<-r«<-!K v aid r.inUx-1-t. Jamp.^ Cn\ n.iul Hobby <1<M!f - llll '"pei>. miriiii.-. Kl;iss wnul- Spoller. Flower gioJs were n-irothy i- 0 "''' 1 " »'i[icr.«,, lions (iefr.isler, hesi- , Glorisi Ann Poweii. nn-: flr ' '>"•' c^iiiiiMii.-iier, marl flnr«-s, R. Shnnlioltz. 2f>. Fninkfori. R'ind wlio died Tliursdny though some advocated nt that V.xlliarv firemen havo been in- time that it be placed in a post-- vited , 0 ', hc picnic wlltrh ls ex-, showiH.M- war fl " Ki - .Prctr-fl to draw' from 500 to 600' " p ^ «" ^ w « U<f '. Some critics of the city water firemen. loirmnt m system say 3.000.COO p?.!>ons of Wiitcri a day are unaccounted for. Water: Dailirl F. department, officials contend stichj Ls nowhere near the fact. Thsvi nioruini;. Tlv I'eLs cenietiTV.! A picture of Seaman Paul E. needed for a second water already has the "go ohrfld" Blgnal| tlon ls «1> « n tl »"«<• dompKtic cnn- a.s soon as the war with German} | sumption for the past three end.s. Likewise they i»ay I he dam i^™ tlle "Ifihest a* flvulenccd will require 10 times ns much man- | Mz ° , of Cl ' r . ro , n , t power and equipment, and matcdai as criticnl, if not more so, than that Ilinrrarv for Demorratic ] Owens, son of Mr. Mrs. Clar-f " • \ jel inns' 1 an''-! n?, (1-12) Is up five from last s 613; Barton (1-12) with 421 r> from 410; Mt. Savage (1-9) ••wn to 381 from 386. riV-* ~ ~°" ~ <?IS: ^o" 11 '' Lona-iro the faculty of Gettvsbnrg collncn I avenue, Is shown in the window of "••••.nsr n-i-» ^ „„ «,,= fro m ioe t Gcttvsburg p a . wner ' c nc wl!] tca ^ h Harvey's Jewelry Store. The picture roe Yonlhs Paroled Alter Attack on Boy iree youths, two of them ne- s i received siispended sentences ^ days in Jail and were paroled one year yesterday in Juvenile r ' on a chsrga of attacking ^as Honaycamp, 13, oi 3t3 Cc- ; street, Friday night after the Hill-Keyset High School foot- 1r > Honeycamp boy WM out bad- ''wut the left forearm with n • or niher sharp instniment •"<1 by one of the neRvncs, he nulicn. Pnrenl.s of the three ''•s were ordered to pay tho hos- ana dtxStor bill*. bacteriology, comparative anatomy and embryology, nnd assist with the Instruction in general biology. Dr. Simpson received his doctorate from the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, In July. Since 1942 he had been assistant in para- sltology nt the Hopkins, and for the two years previous he was holder of a foundation scholarship nt the University. Dr. Simpson is a graduate nf Allcgnny high school and of the Mnssanuttcn Military Academy, Woodstock, Va., nnd the American Unlvarslty, Washington, D. C. He also studied at the University of Cincinnati. Cincinnati, Ohio, and at the Medical College of Virginia, in Richmond. Dr. Simpson hns .spent the past .••even weeks nt Ihe home of Ills piironts hern, nnd will rpport 10 Gettysburg for the opening ol the < College on September IS. won third prize in a recent Cumberland Camera Club contest. Seaman Owens, who entered the Navy in \lay, is stationed at Gulfport, Jilss. He has four brothers In service. Birth Announcement Mr. and Mrs. William f. Spooler, 1008 Kent avenue, announce the birth of a daughter yesterday in Memorial Hospital Mr. and Mr*. D. M. Mosteller, Julmitown, Pa., announce the birth of a zon Jn Memorial Hospital there last Thursday. Mrs. MosteVIer, the former Eva Kay Conway, Is a daughter of Mr*. Eva Mne Walters, 29 New Hampshire nvcnur. inn . r '"" a meeting for next Wedr.of the City Hall to discuss nctiori to-j the dclc K nte.s from the Maryland, _ , ,; 0 _;,, p '.-js'".."nvlve r>( ! J'H:li. 1.30 p. m. ward getting the Savage river ^Pcpanment.^^ ^ ^ ^ Mont .|cS"!, n d.^;cd' suriaen!?' ol °nj. Fnf.r.> : Fort Hill Hiph, C,.,nb«r- " " rtin-i, 7\icKfT5pO: t,, Pn..' 1 y moniinc. the Boart "..™*?\ completed. ;tceii- O f j\ncRany County Commissioners.jgomery county Thur.MJny for --9P^i[i lt . upj^'i" FOirimilc rxiVci' CoiiimLi- Ci IHI ii.y Tun Dwv .^jjon.soreri oy bettor than that for the dam, mas-; sJon and , h(? Upp er Potomac River 1 Bethpsda-Chrvy Cim~r I.lon:; Club much ss the latter was stopped by !Bo ,, rri nave hcpn | nvit( , t )_ ;, llt therclat the Brooke Johns fpirm. The- the WPB because It was rule.d it: L , doubti thl)l M , rh a mcctlnp wil , following dny he, will attend thei Mr :, nlld Mr ^ nn«-y ^'n. 1 , fr .^^n nl the Iri'c did not aid the tfar effort nnd was not essential to health or «afcty. A second water Mne ii a health and «afcty measure, it is claimed, as a minimum of 50,000 persons depend on city water nnd a major break In the line from Lake Gordon might tnke days to repair. The two add any information to that al-IHngerslown Fair, rpmslnlnjf there ready known. |for a Democratic rally the reservoirs do not begin to store fllrnlsh sufficient water ' to help enough water for such a length of The action resullod after several [night, nnd will return to Cumber- hundred were furloughfd nt the land next (Saturday, plant of the Celanese Corporation of America when It was clulmcd river water could not be U5Ed for production and the city could not Cerebral Palsy CHnie To Examine 7;> time nnd industry would be paralyzed nnd the rily would be at the mercy of firp. It Is claimed the city officials hav« nn opportunity to partially solve the current waiur problem und r hnve not. tried, but instead have ('expressed ft bclaled Interest In rice- make up for the loss. Wlven completed the dam will be used lo store water for rolensn Into lh« Potomrtc. in dry periods no that the river will not become as low or so polluted as nt T> . rri -»r . i OrU 10 JMCPI resided on Bedford si: ret ypnrs URO His father was a former city pollrr- man. Mr. Socthr are his wl- t.t:! A- »r • «i Soethr, who .MlJtrcOoiir-.Mnpa7.inr' dow, Mrs. Elizabeth tKatroe) Roc- thc; two dautjhters. Misses Mary Proirrl JIIFJ.II Chnplrr, nailFhtprx jf tVi« American Revolution, hiu JnauRiir. nted n "fhnrf-ymir-maga7,lnr' : prr>- nnd Helen Soethe, both nl homr:jJ f> cl with thp Curnberlnnd Fre^ Pub- two sons. Frederick. Jr., nnd Jospph.lHf Library. of MrKee.-;port; three sisters. Miv= I Cinrenl perirxllrnis msy . . Tile cerebral pnlsy clinic to be: Anna Worrner, 544 Fnlrvipw nvpimr-. tirouwht to the for free held nt the hwidmrnrteri; of tlie,Miy; Mrs. John Freeze, Bnltlmor Alleganj- County l>-a({ue for Crippled Children next Thursday, Fildny nnd Saturday will have 75 pntienU for e.tnmrrmUon. Dr. Winthrop Phr-lps, Bnlllmore, will cxnmiiKi the children. nr Qcorpp E. Bpnnott. nnllimoro, 'Rrnndchilflrrn ion. They \\iil \n- mni'kni "free' ifi rlLslhimiisli them from those l>r,lfni{;|jn; in (he library COTI- tril)utii)n.s of niflR.i7.liu-n will \x •v.-ri- comed. Copir/; of fli" followinir perlixlfrnlt here, died nevcrnl months nso. KixihRve jilmi<ij Iwrn biou^ht to th« Mrs ThomM Hnl!. Ne.w York City, and Mis* Sophia fX*Uie, Washington, D. C.; a brother, Charles Soethe. Willlanui road, clly. Another brother. ixiiiLs Soetl 1 '!, who Mr. and TVIrs. Gilbert Brown. 225Mnp[ the Hnvftttc river dam completed.' Fulton Mycr.s Post No. 153. Amer- will hold IIM oithopecilc rlinic nl Fayettc s'.reet. Announce thp birth j A second wntrr lino will cost mi Iran Legion, will meet Tuesdnv at iertgue of a son last night In AJlegany estimated $1,000.000. The city «], |ready ha» *uthorHy ta iutMi Oci«ln-r 20 'Ilierp will be » requiem Cntholir chinrli nt llbnny mui nre i)i,nl:'il nnti rciulv to t." nlveji HMiv : AnifrlPii) 9:1.% a. m, nt. the home, Norih[21, ttccgrdlni; to Mrs. Hume Ople Tucsdpy at 10 a, in. Burial will beiLife. Pai-ent.i, jvnders Dicr.'d. 8a(- ' ^ KOUi/t thaw, jurday Evening Post and Time.

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