The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on March 14, 1977 · Page 4
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 4

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 14, 1977
Page 4
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PAGE 4—NAUGATUCK NEWS (CONN.), TUESDAY, JULY 2, 1918 Published Evory Evening (Except Sunday) by ' THK NAUGATUCK NEWS CORPORATION NAUGATUCK, CONN. RUDOLPH M. HENNICK, President and l>uDllsher Telephoned 2228 laid 2229—All Dopiirtmontu ttnturod as second cla»« rnnttor at too pout office In Nnugatuck, 'Conn. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Payable in Advnnce I month Jl.OO 1 Year $12.00 Utmbor: The American Nowopapor Publishers A»s'n Tho N. E. Dally Newspaper Pub. Aas'n The Conn. Nowapapor Publshcra AaB'n TUESDAY, JULY Z, JO-18 Test Of The Atom Bomb As the world's best .scientists collect and study tin; secrets hidden in the •wreckage caused by the dropping of tin atomic bomb over Bikini lagoon, the people of the world, now informed ol' the havoc; wrought by that deadly missile on its target, are soberly reflecting on •\vhat the discovery of tliu destructive weapon means to eivili'/ation. Those who listened to the radio accounts of the bombing wore- thrilled and .hold spell-bound following the announcement of "bombs away." They waited in nerve-racking .silence until word was flashed that, the explosion was over and the had boon successfully made without loss of life or injury to any of the 42,000 men involved in the historical o.v- jjoriTriont. Although atomic power was known to have put the finish on Japan's ambition to become a world power of the highest rmijtnitndo, Sunday's tost served to i-m- phasi'/o the fact that the future safety of the world depends upon whether its people shall have peace or.war. Let us pray that the power of the atom shall never be used to destroy eivili'/utirm, but that on the contrary it wjll be used for the benefit of nations in a permanently peaceful world. Do You Remember? From the Files, of the Naugatuck Newi TH£ PARIS-ITE 20 Years Ago Cnptaln J. William Johnson, of Cliff street, returned from Camp Holabird, Maryland, where ho attended the United States army's motor 'transport school. o—O—o Mrs. Thomas Talbot, and Miss Catherine Talbot of Church street returned from visiting relatives In Bridgeport, o—O—o 30 Years Ago Ocil Cowan of Ward street left to spend the summer In Catskill, New York, o—O—o Mrs. Frederic Spring of Hillside avenue loll to visit Weekapaug, R. I., for a, month, Around The Clock BY THE MAN WHO SETS THE ALARM Let Us Beware Of Inflation 'Because' Congress failed to tlio OPA with at lunst some restrictions •\vhich most pcjoplc it.tfrci.'d were m-tJi's- smy, after Pfe.sii.len I, Truman had vetoed the rniK'li-c'litfciiNsi'il compromise -price coiilrol hill, millions of Americans today arc worried, apprehensive and uncertain as to their Future. They IVar that, rising prices of the necessities ol.' life, and living costs in general, may brin^ on dreaded inl'lalion and result in a serious financial situation i'or the nation. It in hoped their forebodings arc £Toim<llosN«'HM<:l tliat runaway prices and unstable Financial conditions will not wreck the national economy. Many believe some, restrictions are absolutely necensary if inflation is to be averted. There are others who take an entirely opposite view and assort that a satisfactory price level will be reached in time as u result of competition in the business and industrial world, and that an era of prosperity is coming 1 . Jwl^inj* • from the way commodity prices are £ohi!< upward and rents, especially, arc soaring at a lime when the housing situation is in an acute stage, the present outlook is far from encouraging*. However, because public opinion is strongly against inflation and the dangers that, would accompany it, the inflationary % tondencies may be suppressed. It most certainly is to be hoped that, the warning of storm clouds on the national hori'/on will he heeded. NI<;\V TRUCKS! . . . Jim Mooro with a Ford Clayt Davis .1 Chevrolet. J-Icimio Cans an Intcnialional A new novelty about a .car is to secure a set of tliose plastic bands which are placed on the wheels . . , they only cost about $G.OO a pair. Time 4 p. m. Saturday . . . this camera caught the following , . . Emil Uhle dressed in beautiful summer wear talking- on lower Church street Emmett Monahan of Lewis street looking over his new trailer Fenton Morton talking over matters with a buddie on his porch on Rubber avenue. .... Miss Rita Joyce of Rubber avenue doing- the family chores Mary Owens of Cliff street drying her hair Ellen Duffy and her little niece of Fairview avenue waiting for o, bus Fred Ashmore, Jr., and family out for a spin Frank Wylong of Carroll street looking over the family wash Pat Keating and Billy Sullivan chinning with Ray Melbourne, Daniel Oemcke painting his house. Harold Perry and Jake Lovejoy mowing their lawns Sally and Chappie out shopping- on Church street Cecil Matson loaded down with bundles leaving .Naugatuck Drug Co Mrs, Charles Fink telling Miss Jennie Stratton of 'Church street news of the day. . , . Sonia Moran of Meadow street telling us that a Miss Audry Smith of Brooklyn, N, Y., is visiting her Mrs. Thelma Andersen, her daughter and Mrs. E. A. Andersen, under the shade of their Elm tree Attorney T, Carmody and family leaving on vacation Attorney and Mrs. Lawrence Matzkin of Pleasant View eager to get to Woodmont Beach, Dr, and Mrs. Hans Griesbach have a beach all to themselves . . . they have purchased the pond adjoining their property from John Vanasse I'll be up for a swim some night Doc Dad Chiswell tells me they had a great time at his daughter's wedding . '. . while down New Haven road Alice Schildgen had a beautiful day for her wedding which was held on the lawn of her Dad's residence. Local Sailor Suffers Burn Fighting S.I. Ferry Fire 8 Harry Arendholz Aboard Navy Tug Conchise; Re- J s ' Rush furnishing the pitching * position for the Middk-bury an£ The Naug.ituck visit Middlehury l-o play the ported Recovering" i Pomperaug Valley team at 6°D 0 l 8 i , . at the Lake Quassnpaug dlnr™' .? Harry A r e n d h o 1 7., stationed | Owens' will probalily C aboard the U. S. Navy tug, Con- i mound for the local? chise at Pier Six, Staten Island, is recovering from burns which he suffered while fighting the fire at the St. George ferry terminal, Slaton Island, Tuesday, June 25. Mr. Arondholz lived in the Beacon Valley section of Naugatuck prior to his entrance into the Navy. When the conflagration began at St. George's Ferry tei'mlnal, all of the naval vessels and men in the area were marshalled to fight the blaze. The tug Conchise, aboard n'Jiich Mr. Arendholz was serving, took active pan in fighting the fire which completely destroyed the terminal. Word received from Mrs. Dora Arendholz, of Beac-on Valley, Jay stated that the local sailor is rapidly recovering from the burns .vhich he Buffered fighting the HOLDS CANADIAN- TITL? Montreal, Quebec, July 2—<Q —An obscure Ix>s Angeles „,,, , George Fazio—holds the Canadi ' Open ch.-mipion.Hhip today boon, / he was consistent while his m ^.l rival, Dick Metz, was brillKm I «rraloc over the Beacon^ course. WALTER WINCHELL Coast—To—Coast (Copyright, 1946, by The Hearat Corporation) "What happened?" somebody asked. "Did the State Department have he: 1 sent back?" "I guess so," flipped a scribe, "they probably couldn't stand the competition." Oh, Oh, Omar! A pale blue sky, a deep blue sea, j A strip of cool white beach. • I All glamored o'er with flecks of | As far as eye can reach. You, slim-limbed, vivid, lying here Beside me in the sand ... Cven without the bread and jug T think it's simply grand. —Tom Weatherly Tho Bilhigols and other .question- This is why a well known psychiatrist is visiting mental doctors One of' hig rich patients Ca crank about mental telepathy) insisted the doc treat him by "thought messages" to Miami where he went to vacation. So- every night at eight is 'promised, the doctor tongue-in- 'cheeked a telepathic message treatment. And! the following day a. check for' $50.00 arrived' from the gullible socialite .with letters of pmise. , One. .night about 8 the doctor mark Americans reminded,. Jack J.-imbibed too much nnd boasted to Pearl of this one . , , One of those j,a group of' colleagues about his 100 per cent Yankee Doodlers was I 1 silly Miami' • patient. He added: popping o?f . . . "I'm against all foreigners!" he thundered. "None of them i'.rc any good!" "I hope he drops dead," Reading the papers the next morning he learned his patient had dropped What about you?" he was heck-' dead around eight that night! The led 1 . 'From what country didn't doc is now a nei-vous wreck, your ancestors come?" "Go oil," he barked. "My family wore all great Americans. My great-grandfather fought in the Revolutionary War; my grandfather fought in the Civil War; ray I ter Lord, managing editor of the father fought in the Spanish-Amcr- jj_ Y. Sun, who was chairman. Alex Years back at a newspapermen's dinner, Laurette Taylor (now star Morton Thompson's new book, "How to Be a Civilian," revives the one about the GI in his first Automat. He kept putting nickels in slots and carrying the food back to 1 a table, repeating the trick for 15 i minutes. The food was a foot high ' all 'over the table. j "Haven't you enough food? You'll! A fascinated civilian asked him: j never eat all thr.t. Why don't you i quit?" . . j "What!" exclaimed the GI. 'Quit j when I'm winning?" DINNY PAILS ELIMINATED Wnnbledon, England, July 2 — (UP) -Top-seeded Dinny Pails, the young Australian star has been eliminated from the men's singles of the All-England lonni* cham pionsliip. Tom Brown of San Francisco, the lone United States survivor, has advanced to the semi.'Inal- round: Pails lost his quarter-final match to Yvon Petra, the French ace, in a bitter four set battle, 7-5, 7-0, G-8 and C-l. It was one of the biggest upsets of Uje toui-ney. QUASSY BEACH J.Itkl 1 QlIIlKMIjmiK Ui Hritrh CJMMmKN 20 Included BASKKT CHECKING 20c uK(^H Kim l>Ircot to lintcli SOc Tux SANDYBEACH I.AKE QUASSAPACG DICK F1NIJBY. Mfrr, Open 20 A. M. to 10 P. M. Boating 9 Bathing 9 Picnics State Reports Disease Decline For the fifth successive week, there were no roponable communicable diseases in tlie borough, according to tin? Weekly Morbidity R.cport of the State Department of Health, In the state, measles, although showing a decrease of over 200 cases, still was the most, prevalent of the' "Glass Menagerie") was i disease, wMh 2GS cases reported PLAY POOL On First Class Tables R & M ALLEYS 155 MAPLE STREET Now Available EMERSON RADIO S21.60 Also Av;ii|al>)(> in Ivorv. •HS No. Main £<•„ Tel. G-191 Union Cltrf WATCH FOR OUR NEWLY I RENOVATED STORE'S ; GRAND OPENING: ; guest of honor, sitting next to Ches- Last week's report listed -IS-l cases. Mumps, chickenpox, scarlet fever and Gorman mensles were oih- ican War and I fought in World War 1!" "Hell," was the squelcher, "your family can't get along with anybody!" "My wife is a perfect lamb," says Buddy Lester-., "Every time I suggest anything she says: 'Baa!' " Stamps And Events It's an exciting time to k> n stamp collector. N'nw that Italy is a republic, there Avill 1)0 new Italia Kopubliea stamps out soon. Kin^ 1 Urubcrto If wasn't on the throno loii£ enough to have a stamp printed bonoring 1 him, but his departure from .kingship puts new value on those stamps issued back in !!).'!() commemorating his marriago with Maria, sister of Belgium's Leopold. Sweden, which hasn't any war events to celebrate, is to issue n stamp honoring its most famous poet, one Tegner who died u century ago, after writing the Frithjoi's Si^ca, which has been translated widely. Sweden also is to commend its farmers for their post-war food raising with a stamp this harvest time. And this sounds like sense. The farmer, like the weather, everybody discusses and does nothing abont. JUXE 2GTH A CJRTCAT ANNIVERSARY DAY . . . ns Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Bo wen (the former Helen Tynan) celebrated their first wudding anniversary. Others being . . . Alice and Leo Evans of Lewis street extension C'liarlie and Oasscy Follows their third. Parents of Jack Lynch (Anto Body AVoldcr) also celebrated Audry and Tom Dowlin.g- of Bradley stroet to celebrate their eighth and shortly they will lojivc with Betty and John Lark in for a little trip to Bath, Maine. Taylor." A vet hunting u Navy Dep't job in Washington tried to crash the J.'ickie Kelk witnessed n. woman ! long line of job seekers. A recep trying to navigate in a traffic jam. i tlonlst said he'd have to get on the She rammed the car in front of j line, which stretched as far as the hi;r, then tried to back up and knocked down a pedestrian. Then she tried to move over to the curb and smacked into a hydrant. A gendarme rushed up. "O. K,, iady," he demanded, Woolcott (then a Sun staffer), was i c . r diseases whose incidence also a speaker and couldn't resist tfce j aropped sharply tlm past week, opening. j C'Ladios and Gentlemen," said , Alec, nodding to the chairman and then the guest of honor, "Lord and FATALLY INJURED Southir.gton, July 2—(U CORNER CANTEEN 392 No- Main Street "]>oni'* Tcllcrlr«. 1'rop. KVN SI1NO Chim'M'-Amrrtonn KKST.U'KANT Ml KAST MAIN STRKKT CIIl»\V MKIN And OtlUT Clllli Fond T« lliikp lliftlK'. Open dully 11 :i. hi. to ] u, Saturday to 2 n. in, Slincliiy 1'4 Noim (n 1 H. m. VETflSTIAN BLINDS M STonki Three Unjr Orllvi-rv, LEBON'S m.'i.vr) c<>. T<1 No. Muln St. TCI. .i-r«i — WlitiTlmr.v eye could .reach. "How far back does it go?" mut tered the vet. "All the way to Missouri?" "let's see your license." silly," she, grunted, | contest. "Don't "Who'd give ME a license?" • A group of Mississippi newspaper men were discussing the Senatorial A producer shows critic (whose last three Bob Coleman had The rock-bottom infamy at this time of year is to scatter glass on bathing- beaches. LEAVE FOR WILLIAMSPORT . . . Clyde and Jeanette Schlek Mr. and Mrs. John Marshall of May street Mrs. Mabel Boyd, popular waitress at Dick's Dinette spending a week with her sister in Greenwich. . . . Rich and Emma Trestrail of New Haven road at Wildemere * Beach, Milford Kenneth O'Brien and his cute son, former residents, spending a week with Ken's mother, Mrs, John Broaderick of High street Sure is good! to see Officer Harris Burke hack on €hurch street after his recent operation Dr. William Burke, son of Officer Burke sure is going places in New York I bet Art Friend is out to get that Turtle which gave him plenty of trouble last year. . . , Spec Shea tells me that out there in the Pacific League they already know Naugatuck^is a great little town Daniel Casey of Rockwell avenue out for his daily stroll followed by his faithful "Dashhound." . rapped) had too many cocktails bo fore bumping into Bob. He sur voycd the critic's drooping suit. "Whnt tlo you do?" he sneered "sleep in your clothes?" "Only," drawled Bob, "at you shows " Jay Burton, 1st Vice of the Gag \vrltcrs Protective Ass'n, woul have you believe that he met Ben nett Ccrf and discussed- C'eif inultiplu activities in publishin books, business, colyuming and gag col!cctlon3. "You must be," said Jay, "a very busy feller" 'Oh," poof'd Ccrf, "it's all rou tine." "Really?" asked Burton. "Whose? Judy C'anova knows the lazlcs television performer in the coun try: "A comedian who just holds up his joke book before the camera. Henry Gladstone, the announcer, tells of, thu kid who got a reprimand 1 from his teacher. "Your ex- imination is word-for-word > na Johnny's," she scolded. "What will your father say when he. flnds out you're a copy-cat?" "Nuthin'," was the answer, "My pop ia a gag-writer,'." Gladwih Hill adds another journalistic folk tale: A group of foreign correspondents were en route . by automobile to a troubled Balkan country. Just before they reached the border one of the writers com- •plained of car-sickness and' got out. When he re-embarked he asfecd the. places with him. The real reason man In the front seat to change behind his action when his newspaper featured" a story that began: "I was the first correspondent in war-fraught Ruritunia "Comdr, Levings deserves the job," said a reporter, "because of what he did for the last War." "And," added a colleague, "because of what Bilbo's doing for the next one." Larry Finley - Is a 32-year-o;d West Coast millonaire impresario, according- to his publicist. Although Flnley.'s. manipulations are grandiose, he is unimpressed by big •talk. In, the Simplon, Tom Rcddy .of the 'radio was telling Finley of •an actor's success. "A few years ago," he said, "he couldn't get a job. Today he makes $5,000 a week." 'He's a nice boy," ho-hum'd Fin- Icy. ."I'm glad to hear he's working-, .:A minor'actress famed for her many flop shows was married for the steenth- time last week. "Poor thing:," observed 'one of her severest critics, "the only place she ever gets an encore Is at the altar." One of the suburban paragraph- ers was arguing- with a night'club press agent at IvfcAvoy's last night. The press agent said: "I'll betcha a cigar -against ap lug in your column that I'm right!" . "G-wan," 'interrupted a listener, "don't give him such odds!" During 1 a gathering 'of Washington newsmen last week somebody asked .about Argentina's pinup girl who came here to create good-will "or Dictator -'Peron. ceived while swimming. The South inpton boy dove 25 feet from a trt> into n pond. After the dive, he swam ashore, sat down, and the; toppled over dead. Medicul exam ination revealed he had a broken neck. HOPE.SHAMS-PROFft with OUR customers . ' . wh$ wear ,. • iFALSE TEETH ^- • ra, you cct a $1.00 sixc HOPE DHNTURB POWDER witho etafpc, Duy, at our store, a 91.00 size »t the special price of 79c each, After you have bought three packages of the $1.00 size mail the profit sharing panels on packnpci to WOPfl. Inc. <addf«s on»£r> who will send you n $1,00 jizc wjihoui charpc, This'js » real k»vin^—four pnckatc* for the price of three. HOPE DENTURE POWDER t* acclaimed by thouwndt. It Is so pten^ant 10 use.. This carcwmR/y soft powder sprinkled on plate holds false teeth much lighter. Amar•Og comfort./or flcfvous people* Bowel CIeaning*Power Of Erb-Help Medicine One man recently took ER HELP three days and said afterward that he never would have believed his body contained so much filthy substance. He says his stomach, intestines, bowels and whole, system were'so thoroughly, cleansed that his constant headaches came td an end, several pimply skin eruptions on his face dried up overnight, and even the rheumatic pains in his knee disappeared. At present he Is an altogether different man, feeling fine in every way. ERB-HELP -contains 12 Great Herbs; they cleanse bowels, clear gas from stomach, act on sluggish liver and kidneys. Miserable people -soon feel different all over. So don't go on suffering! Get ERB- HELP! Sold by all drug: stores here in Naugatuck. R&P METAL WORKS 09 ISO. MAIN STREET (Rear) Expert Welding of AH Typea Forging, Sheet Metal and Ornamental Steel Work TuJtuihone 0377 PHILCQ CAR RADIOS ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY STORE SO SOUTH MATN ST. TEL. 6162 Xaugatuck, Conn. Our Complete •'. Services Glvp You Carefree Vacation Driving 1 ! ! POUST'S SERVICE STATION 144 Rubber Ave. Tel. 4935 Cars Culled For and Delivered NAUGATUCK SPOET 1} & AUTO SUPPLY |j "RUSS" WEAVING, 1'rop. Wlnslow Court Tel. SSMf AUTO PARTS SPORTS GOODS } BASKBALL BATS NEW TERM STARTED TODAY DAY and KVBNIXG THE PERRY SCHOOL ••••Il(.il i f 1946 G. E. RADIOS (Immediate Delivery) WEISS' Ben Franklin Store 15S CHURCH STREET STORE HOURS THIS WEEK 9 a. m. to 5 p. m. Today :uid Wednesday AMERICAN SAW & MFG. Uncle Saw BlaJ Store Closed for Alterations Thursday, Friday, Saturday CITY BAKERY B. P. 8TOVPAJH, I'BOP. Mnple tit. To!. S07K Murphy EXTERIOR & INTERIOR All Grades SAVE CASH & CARRY If You Bring Your Own Laundry CALL WAT. 4-4106 A MERICA j i / \ 11 if i ^^ A I / \ lilt ) ror-A&l PL See Our I^irsre Stock of LAWN and GARDEN SEEDS also All Kinds of Fertilizers . TOOES FOR GARDEN and LAWN SHOVELS (ions: and short handles) GARDEN' RAKES HOES — SPADES > PRUNING SHEARS GRASS SHEARS CANS, Inc. Maple St. Tel. 3507

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