The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 6, 1892 · Page 3
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 3

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 6, 1892
Page 3
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That Wellington iind Harper, Kansas, were torn to picccx by a anil several hundred killed unci injured. persona The Papers Say That We" Kansas, \v Tornado and Hove; Killed nnc A Tornado Policy will protect your property. An Accident Policy <or SLOW) will pay ¥1,000 in event of death: $1,000 for loss of two feet: (1,000 for loss of two hands; $1,000 for loss of one hand and one foot: S333.33 for loss of one foot: 1333.33 for loss of one hand; S!i per per week for disabling injury fS per annum per thousand dollars is all it eosts for persons in preferred occupations. Without weekly indemnity, 83 per annum We write them both, If you are. a farmer and the rrtorm is accompanied by hall, your growing crops might be de rtroyed. We Insure Them, Also. Hotter sec us about it. Winne & Winne, TiKPHONE DO. 28. CORNER AVENUE It AN0 Mil Hutchinson, Kan. THE GATES. LARGE CROWD WITNESSES THE CLOSING CER­ EMONIES. Our Cemetery, In consideration of the fact that the street ears run to the cemetery every Sunday afternoon, and that many per »mis take advantage of the time and go and spend an hour in the city of the dead, the reporter took occasion to visit the plnee yesterday. Those who are not in the habit of visiting the cemetery regularly cannot form much of an idea of the beauties of the place. The neat, well kept walks and driveways, the grassy plats, the snowy white monuments, the evergreens and flowers, all combine to make it attractive rather than repul isive. Since it is to be the final resting place of us all it stands us in hand to see that it is kept in a manner beeom ing our great love for the memories of thobe who now lie there, us well as those who are yet to follow. The Sexton, Mr. Downing, deserves m uch credit for the. care lie has taken and the work which he has performed to get the whole grounds nicely seeded to bine grass. The growth which is now on the ground, and which will soon ripen, ivill be cut and allowed to fall on the ground and thus the more thoroughly seed the same. We understand that tile small sum of 8'2.50 per lot is charged by the sexton for earing for them for u year, and that many persons neglect to pay this insignificant sum to the man who carefully guards the resting place of our loved ones. If this be true, there is something radically wrong with the hearts of persons who are so thoughtless. The manner in which those grounds arc kept, and the mere pittance received by the sexton for his labors should sound loud enough in the ears of lot owners to cause them to remember the dead in a tender manner by remembering the man who looks after their last resting place. We. owe our respects to the living as well ns to the dead, and in failing to show our respects to the sexton we in suit the memories of the dead. There's u patent medicine which is not a patent medicine—paradoxical as that may sound. It is a discovery the golden discovery of medical science! It's the medicine for you—tired, run-down, exhausted, nerve-wasted men and women; for you sufferers from disease of skin or scalp, liver or lungs—its chance is with everyone, ite season always, because it aims to purify the fonntain of life—the blood— upon which all such diseases depend. The mcdiuiue is Or. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. The makers of it have enough confidence in it to sell it on trial. That is—you can get it from your druggist, and if it doesn't do what it's claimed to do you can get your money back, every cent of it. That's what the makers call taking the risk ol their words. The I'ruRrninnin I'libllnltatl lit 8»turil»y'» News Wu» 'tendered—The Tallinn"* Very InternntlllfS—The Kecelpt* of tt«« Throe KvnnlilRK Very Satisfactory—The Aflhlr Will Clime With it Clrmid Hull To-night, The Litillen In CoKtume. The crowd at The Gates on Saturday night was not so large as on Friday night, occasioned by the threatening weather, but still it was very satisfactory to the ladles. It was very early when the grand march occurred, occasioned by the fact that with such a crowd as waB present on Friday night made it very difficult to engage in the march. The music was furnished by Professor Rca's orchestra, which discoursed some of its sweetest muBic during the evening. Mrs. O. K. Hunter had charge of the tableaux, and each one present will bear witness that they were the best ever seen in the city under any circumstance or upon any occasion. Mrs. Hunter's arrangement of the scenes WOK first class. Below we give the programme of tableaux as they occurred, and we will add that Mrs. Hunter deserves much credit for the production of all of them, but two tableaux deserve special mention, and in doing so we desire to say that they were each- and every one of them produced in a very suitable manner. The two in question were: the .Scene from Virginius,'' and "The Mermaids." PARTS 1 AND II. The Surprise. Gypsy Scene. The Ghost Story. The Departure. Japanese Toilet. Scene from Virginius: The Trial—The Death or Virginia—lcilius and Vlrglan. Grand March of Peasantry, PART HI. The Mermaids. French (lower girls. The Spanish. The Moorish. The love letter. The storv teller. Venice. "The Gates." Those who were not permitted to see the tableaunx may be assured that they missed one of the best things of the entire three days production. Too much praise can not be spoken in favor of the ladies and officers of the Columbian club, for the wonderful work done by them, and the attending success of The (lutes. That The Gates have been a success is attested by all who were present at the rendition, and a stronger proof of the financial success of the affair the fact that the treasury of the club is many dollars better off than formerly. Their labors to prepare for the oe- cassion. as well as at the rendition were of a character calculated to attract admiration and applause from every one in sympathy with the move. As general manager in preparing and presenting the entertainment Mrs. W, IJ. Moore showed rurc skill and executive ability, and won the admiration of all who assisted. For six weeks she has worked incessantly on the project, and her only hope of reward was that The Gates might be a success in the eyes of the public. In this she hoi not been disappointed. While her skillful management was of great importance, The Gates could not have been the great success they were without the scores of ladies who so ably assisted, and so lavishly contributed their time and money in preparing their respective gates. It was remarkable in the fact that all worked together willing ly and harmoniously for the attainment of success, and it is indeed gratifying that in this respect none were disappointed. This occasion will long be remem hercd by our citizens, and in future julceless steak, and soggy bread half baked; lie awake at midnight and ache as 1 have ached. Go gnaw with all your might on lough pieces of doughnuts or pies, and stop between each breath to pick out the hair and flies. Go do what 1 have done—make yourself a fool by winning as I have won, a girl from a cooking school." Ueporlit Continued. After a drive of several miles through the country yestorday. quest of confirmation of the reports concerning crops, the reporter finds himself in possession of the following facts: Wheat will be ready to cut in about two weeks, and the crop was never better in the history of the county, ex cept in localities where hailstorms paid a visit, and these localities are few and far between; but the destruction was none the less complete wherever they did occur. Oats are in good condition, promise a first class crop, and the acreage is very heavy. Kyo is in as good condition as it could be, while grasses of all kinds could not look better. Corn is not what it should be for this season of the year. The stand seems to be good, and farmers are not at all discouraged over the prospect, although it is so small that it will take the most favorable weather imaginable to make a first class crop. There are quite a number of pieces of alfalfa to be seen through the coun try, and did the farmers all know the value of this grass there would be much more of it sown than has been The cattle are in fine condition, fat and sleek, while even the work horses whose labors arc never ended have an air of contentment and corpulency which adds to the beauty of the scone as a whole. Farmers say that the peach crop is the only one in the fruit line that will fall short of last years crop, while apples will be more plentiful. Uerries of all kinds are looking fine, and the bushes are full. But no sight looks more delightful to the eye of the unaccustomed, as he drives by the many farm houses, than the many neat, well-kept vineyards with their burdens of blossoms nodding in the breeze and giving promise of an immense, crop s>f this rrxmi luscious fruit. The condition of the fruit crop at the present writing demonstrates the truthfulness of the oft-time assertion by this paper, that Keno county is as well calculated for the growing of fruits as any region on earth, and that the wise man of to-day is getting out fruit trees, vineyards, berry patches, etc., just as speedily as he can. We should surely feel happy over our prospects. i W. C. T. U. Notice. The regular business of the organization occurs Tuesday afternoon (tomorrow), beginning promptly at 3 o'clock. It will be held in the lecture room of the M. E. church and a full attendance is desired, some decided action will be taken in regard to selecting headquarters for the Union as well as other matters of importance and it is necessary each member have some voice in these questions. All come. SECRKTAHV. Tiny, little, sugar-coated grauales, are. what Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets are. The best Liver Pill ever Invented; active, yet mild in operation; cure sick and billions headaches. One a dose. The I .llHt .Month 1 will he in business in Hutchinson is the month of June. Iam bound to «close out my stock and will furnish punts for the actual cost of the goods und 81 to pay tot cutting and making. A bargain. GAHAN'S PANTS PARLOR. GET YOUR STRAWBERRIES AT FURMAN'S. aa Nortii Main St. it will be pointed to to disprove the statement that any undertaking is too great for the ladies of Hutchinson. It will be pointed to as the crowning act of the many 'successes attending the labors of Hutchinson ladies. To-night will witness the closing performance, which, will be a grand ball, the ladies in costume, and the gentlemen wearing a smile imported for this particular occasion. The See- ond Regiment band will furniBh the music, and if the grand inarch upon the occasions of Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights were a grand sight, when the ladies only wore in line, how much grander must it appear to-night with the gentlemen ut their sides, shedding a halo of glory and sweetness (?) over all. In the meantime w bid The Gates good bye, and >vait the order: "Partners for the Grand March." l>UcouragmBto Cooking CIUDM. We : are in receipt cof a letter from some gentleman who forgot to sign his name to the article, containing the following poetical burst. We are not in the habit of publishing anonymous communications, but we will except this one from the refused list: "(1 stand where I have stood, go feel what I have felt, eat clam my half cooked food, and fish and eggs that smelt. Go take what I have took, go boar what I have bore, throw teacups at the cook, and swear as I have swore. Go live on Star Clothier' Semi-Annual .-'i> S Cut-Price Sale Try King of Kansas Flour, SI.25 a sack. Price List of THE CASH GROCERS. 21 South Main. SUGAR. 20 lbs Granulated 81.00 21 lbs Light Brown 1.00 22 lbs New Orleans 1.00 COFFEE, Arbuckle 8 .20 Midland 20 Santos 20 Mocha and Java 33X CANNED GOODS. 3 lb can TomatoeB .. .$ .10 3 lb can Pumpkin 10 2 lb can Corn -10 lb can String Beans • .10 2 lb can Lima Beans 08 K 2 lb can Succotash 08 X 2 lb can Peas 08M 2 lb can Blackberries '10 2 lb can Raspberries 10 2 lb can Gooseberries 10 2 lb can Strawberries 10 3 lb can Peaches l. r > 2K lb can California Peaches... .20 •Z\i lb can California Apricots..: .20 2J-j lb can California Green Gage -20 2% lb can California Egg Plums .20 'Z% lb can California Pears 2fl 2% lb can California Quinces 20 2>£ lb can California Cherries... .20 Gallon can California Peaches.. .40 Gallon can California Currants.. .40 Gallon can California Gooseber's .40 Gallon can Apples 25 1 lb can Mackerel: 10 1 lb can Salmon 15 1 lb can Oysters 10 2 lb can Oysters 17K SUNDRIES. 5 lbs Beans 8 .25 3 lbs Rice. 25 0 lbs Oat Meal 25 5 lbs Bulk Starch 25 Sour Pickles, per gallon ; 25 Hams 11 Breakfast Bacon , .11 Lard :. -10 COMMENCES Watch this space tomorrow for some CUiT PRICES. We will an. nouncegenuine bargains daily. U. A. ft. Sermon. Quite a number of the members of the G. A. R., headed by Post Commander Mitchell, by special invitation of the officers of the church, attended divine services at the Baptist church yesterday. The pastor, Rev. Mizc, had prepared a sermon especially for the occasion. It was an eloquent effort and was listened to with marked attention. All present pronounced it one of the best 6ermons they had listened to for a long time. Congratulutlont* In Order. From the Dubuque (la.) Daily Telegraph we clip the following concerning a former business manager of the NEWS: "Mr. Will Kegel, the Telegraph's advertising manager this week secured a new ad. which he thinks he will bo able to keep every day for about eighteen years, and whioh is to take the place of "Cries for Castoria." It is a girl." A Ills UuslueSB. Winne & Winne have enlarged their office to twice its former size. They now claim to have the largest inBur anee office in the state. They are doing an immense business in their line and the enlarged office is due to the fact that business necessitates a larger force of hands. They represent twen ty-eight companies with assetsamount- ing to 8130,755,137.71. They are doing a big hail storm business just now. itane Hall. Don't forget the game of ball tomorrow afternoon between the two lady nines—Chicago vs. Denver. Mr. Smith, the manager of the two nines has sent word to the NKWS that they will he here and give an interesting game. Ho further states that he car ries twenty-two people, two complete nines and substitutes in case of sick nojss or accident. Game called at 2:30, lIutehlnaonTj-poirrauhlcnl Union. Hutchinson Typographical Union No. 343, meets this evening at 8 o'clock A full attendance is doBired. Business of IraportaiKiC to transact. GEO . T. MKTZQKR , President. W. B. SHAWHAN , Secretary. THE Hutchinson: COMPANY. PRICE^ IN CLOTHING, MENS FURNISHINGS &O HATS SIOO IN CASH TO BE GIVEN AWAY. To the party or parties guessing the time or nearest the time it will take our candle to burn. The candle is 12 inches in diameter, about 33>i inches in circumference and 8 feet 5 Inches in height. Come and get guess tickets. Candle will be Ut July 4, 1802. WHERRELL CURE. DKAI.KIIS IN D'I ianos and Organs. LARGEST STOCK West of the Missouri River. Only first class goods handled. All thoroughly guaranteed. A full stock of sheet music and musical merchandise. Several brancheB.treat audcURB the LIQUOR, MORI-HINE and TOBACCO habits. These institutes ore the only ones authorized to use the original and gen- TEB.MS, ?6o for tbe Core, ox $is a week. HUTCHINSON, KANSAS, no N. Main St. Piano tuning department in charge of J. A. Mc GAUGHAY. Write for terms and prices, Hutchinson, - - - J. EC. IP. PLATE, The Grocer and Baker, Keeps constantly on hand a fine line of Teas, and a f ulfe line of Groceries. NO. 113 NORTH&MAIN STREET, HUTCHINSON, KAN8AS. Low Shoes for Hot Weather. All the New Styles in Ladies' Fine Bootees, Prince Alberts, Oxford Ties, Southern Ties and Opera Slippers. Gentlemen's Oxford and Southern Ties, at YOUNG BROS. No. 12 North Main. uine Bi-Chloride of Gold Remedies. All remedies used are absolutely safe and sure in action. rOBACCO CURE. L. G. DUPLER, TI uEADING OF HUTCHINSON. 22 SOUTH MAIN. He has just received a large invoice of BLANK BROS.' FAMOUS CANDIES, THE BEST MADE, Every MAN who would know the GRAND TRDTII8. the Plain Old Seoreuand the Now DlaoororlM of Medical Boionco an wr£i*~U Married Lite, should write tor our wonderful Utile bo^ti. aatl£! "A TRBATI8B FOR MKN ONLY." to any earnoat minii weTwHlir- 25 ^ VOfT KatU-eljr JVee, In plain sealed cover. "A rofuiio from the a THE BRIE MEDICAL CO., BUFFALO, N. V.

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