Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 15, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 15, 1912
Page 6
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6 -1 THE lOEA DAILY REGISTER. FRIDAY EVENING. NOVEMBER 15,1912. YOUNG LADIES WRITE DR. HARTMAN .1 •\ S.B.^artmaB,ir.». iti til y a II- swors to cor- r « spondonts— • ''.>»hpJ re- o n e I .voung" • 10 had I me In •o pim- black hich . • iling !/lex- .rder- to Rive till youn." :;id.v so: .'; a d v' I c e co'cealiD.' lior iia.iie as »nat- • of C01'.-'\ dvicc on • i a sbow.-: .f =. 1 ha- i young 1 '.n .siiltc (•, • for iiim: The publication oi subject lias brought. • 'letters from young idea there were so i •afflicted in this •» ,the' advertised rei.. and lauded jirepar:'' clear skin and spl • : spite of all this it < large number of youu^, ^'s who an* - haggardly anxious abi .ii«ir coni- jplexlons. I thought perhaus a short .~\^lk from me on this subject might •be a good thing. - Of course I win bp s-jspecled of airlstalhg only to medicine, and " to QBcommend Penma for such cases, in spite of this, h •wpvcr, I am going to recommend P<>r na for pimples and - Uackbeads. Let iif tell you why. ".The bowels vi a thoy are healthy - contain no poi^ ^. material. Long before the pui^ can generate the contents of the ) - -Is are discharged, .jirovlded they an /: ordinary activity. But constlpai viU dam up the contents, of the els and retain tiiem so long that tho decompose and fJiimish poisonous ^ and fluids. I "llhese poisons are a' ..orbed by the I blood vessels In the bowels and taken - iSito the system. The .-e.sult is pim- cica and blackheads i \nd other disfigurements of the c . plexion. Young ladies especially arvi - ibject to con- -stlpatlon. I think : hould not be f- wide of the truth If I should say thai one-half of the .voung ladies of thte couatry suffer .{con^ constipation. . Now i wish to say that I}eruna' wilJ regulate the bowels. It .will, simulate the excretory organs- Peruna will clear the complexion simply because It take.s away the oHending.poIsonout materials which cause pimples and blotches, siAits on the skin roughness of tlie .sliin, warts, moles and the like I mako > .ipology and bave^no hesl- tatiopi II' .- lying to the public tha: Peruna vu«' n according, to directions on t!lie bottle r.iU do more toward: beautifying the complexions of ou; young ladies than, all the application: that can be made to the skin. All tht facial massage and treatments thai have ever been invented never will di these cases so much good as Peruna except some other medicine which 1. made on similar lines. I do not claim that Peruna Is flu only medicine that will prevent ab .•sorption of poisons from the bowels . . Hut I do claim that it is one of th< to produio medicines that will do this—a relia •ipIi>xion. in : ble one—an old and trusted one—on< li<>re arc a j that has stood the test of years—om that is lauded by thousands of peo pie who have tried It. So then, young ladies, if you wan clear skins free from pimples, taki Peruna. This is tlie advice of an old experienced physician who admire young ladies In a fatherly way, who i: acquainted with scores of them. Wha I am telling you In this article I liav< told my own family, my own childrei and grandchildren-.many times. an» the numerous acquaintances wit; whom 1 daily associate. Peruna, Mamilin and l>actipla man iifacture<l by tlic I'oryna (.'onipanx t'olumbus Ohio. Sold at' all druj storos. SrKn.VI. >OTirK:-Mnny person, •liilrefor The (^Id-time Peruim. The, ...lUt the Peruna that their Father and Mothers used to take. The oli Peruna is now called Katarno. If you dealer does not keep It for sale writ- the Katarno Company, Columbus Ohio, and they will tell you all about it NEOSHO YALLEY. ' (C. L. Arnold) "Xovember 14.—Air. Wetzel was out front town several days recently doing ' some work on his larm which is oc- ciipied by A -J. McCarley. The girls are eyeing that new bugey otWayne Bliss's rather wlstfM^iv. iOsis Flossy Miller prcachcu xo a 1)Ig crowtl at Salem. Chapel Sunday evening. Many came because it was thij last time she was to appear before the pnhlic before leaving for Africa. O^ers^ who have been co-workers with . hes* in the .Pentecostal £a|th were there from real heartfelt interest, while cur- iosSty prompted the attendance of a Enjall portion of t :> crowd. The MoC*^ bro lers have finished th^lr road contract tor the township, "but are engaged for a day or two re- •pafting the count}- rond running west frrAn the|river bridge They may remain here until a weel ' « next Friday to bid on the half extension to the rock road they i • ust finished- The pie supper at l;ui<' ^t Fri- .da^ evening was well a: -d, and th^ Income was quite sal ^ry as thfeiriund for carrjing on • . h .<;er- Tlces was augmented to ' - .lount of twenty dollarF. Miss Rose Packet t cnuv • . from <ova and spent SaturU.ny nnd Sunday at ft. V. Bales. John Dickey put.^ In vu„ of hi time trapping now and the To: d emr ;hat tlllf.tbe air alo'u' sireHu— of hiB.«portlng field. • iues hli» o- coss. Mr. Cook, of Ottawa, is exi>ected down today to take part as an interested party in the settlement of the business connected with the buildinj: of the piece "of new rock road just completed.' Frank Bliss or others of the family are at the! home of his parents just west o ftown, a greater portion of the time of late, where his aged mother is I .T r- verj- low with heart trouble • . :• leahom and Elzie Mickey arc ;. .ii .toy Hankins top ' affir com •; - "11 Crook has not been feel.' .'. fir the past week or two. Will. Hiiks ha da half dozen team* hauling Iiiay to town for him part ol the time this week. The friends of Clark Jacoby arr glad to note the high rank he occupies among the civil engineers of Missouri It may be remarked that he Is giving some time to the study o]f law. ' Fred Shultz and \V. A.MDawson have their new houses about oomplotcd so will soon.enjoy the comforts of nice new homes. Mrs. W. B. r.ay's sisters, of Gas. spent two or three days with her last week. fiOLDEX V .4LLEY. (Mrs. Hattle GuUett) November 14.—Although there wa: a good r.nin it did not make enoug! stock water. (•li!>rl .\v Pennington, of l.aHariH wa.s • the Valley buying stool Protracieo uuetings will start in th< Valley on Wednesday evening. All an Invited. Come, and come |)raying tha' Ood will save you, and not only yoi; but your friends. .Mr. and Mr*. (Jullett were thi gueKtH of Mr. and Mrs. Ilnrry Boekei- for dinner after Sunday «<iuml. Sam Caino, Artie Boyer, Grace An- ilruss, Annabeire Aodruss and Uzzie Duggan were home from school over Stinday. Miss Helen Jackton was the guest of Artie Boyer on Saturday and at- ended Ben Smith's party. Miss Lizzie Duggan returned to her Mhool work on Sunday. Bessie Williams waa the guest of '.ella Strunk Saturday night Mr. and Mrs. Williams and family Acre the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Sam laker Sunday after Sunday school. A house divided cannot stand, and* It s the same politically, as you see. ^rniled we stand, but divided we fall. .Mrs. Tip Williams entertained a few 'riends on Thursday at a rag tacking. Those present were: Mrs. W. C. WTalk- •r, Arleen and Cecil: Mrs. W. Wagner. Mrs. Gullett. Mrs. Page and children, •fourteen pounds of rags \vere .sewed. I pleasant day was spent and a fine linner wag served at noon. Mrs. Wagner i-s quilting for Mrs. lames Andruss. Charley and Ray Wagner attended •he Smith party. We are sorry io bear, over the •phone, that Mr. O. W. Smith is going '.way. He is one of the best school oachers In .Allen county. Mrs. nayton and da>ighter have re- •urned to their home in Lallarpe. Miss Rosa will take up her school work igaln. Miss Norma Gardner is teaching Mrs. Geo. /^ndni.e*' class of hoyj--. 5lis«; Trace .\ndruss taught the young la- lies class during Mrs. Venable's ah- •enre. and in Mr. Darnell's absence Mrs. J. .Andruss taught Bible class number one. Mrs. Tony Stewarc was in lola last ••'riday. George Walker entertained his "riend. Mr. Stratton, of Kincaid over Sunday. Mr. and .Mrs. Ren .<?mlth and chiui- en and Mr. Herbert Wright and his istor were at the Hall for Sunday ohool last Sunday. Mr. Pearson's sister, the Indepen- 'ence teacher, was at the Hall on Sun- lay. Ilattie Mill was the guest of .Mrs. Mtnich Saturday evening and attended he Smith party. S. S. Is oneof the oldest of medicines; it was prepared and nsed by ths . Indian Medicine Man hundreds of years ago in the treatment of all blood | disorders. Of course itdidnotthen bearitspresent name, butthefonnnlafor ; componnding it was just wliat it is today, and its results then as now, en- } tirely satisfactory to those who nsed it. S. S. S. is made entirely of roots, j herbs and barks without the addition of a particle of mineral. It is the; widest known and the best acting blood purifier before the public today. ; This jfrcat remedy cures Rbecaiatism, Catarrh, Sores and Ulcers, Skin ' Diseases;'Scrofula, Specific Blood Poijson and any and all blood infections and impurities. Ko one need fear to use S. S. S. It is perfectly safe for , any sj-stoh, and its fine vegetable tonic effects especially recommend it to j all weak, debilitated persons vrhomaybeinneedofablood purifier. S.S.S. goes into the circulation and removes every particle of impurity, hjimoror poison from! the blood.' S. S. S. acts most pleasantly and ' beneficially on tliestomach, assists in toning up the digestive members.and contributes in every way to the blessing of .strong robust health. Write for free book on the blood and any mtdical advice you wish. S..,S. S. is sold at drugstores. THE SWIFT SPEOnC CO, ATLANTA, GA. nell's near Liberty gathering pecans, [get here last WiMine.^day with'their Mr. anil .Mr^ Unrkover attended the : wa.iron on aectiunt of the l>ad weather, birthday dinner ai Mr. Shf(>ards at: .Mrs. Albert Stout visiied Mrs. Tom Petrolia. ' .lackson Tuesday. Ella I 'lr .in! ami daughter. Zola, .'-pent, ^ '•— Tuesday wiiJ her sister, Mrs. Frank : (IMON rilEEK. Booe. ; (F. C. Bills) Law.'oti Koi-ki''. IT. Z<Ia Cloud ai:d i .V-veinin-r 11.—Word was rerfivefl Pougla.-: r.r. nt', il Uleiary at Conierifroni California that Mrs. .1. II. Ross (JroNC 'iVednr-ilay evening. .is hardly expected to live. Tlioy in- <TOM.VrH tJONE B.IB SiOVK, G.ISSY. rPSETf •Piipe's niaitepsln" furm Indice-^tion. tJas, lirartbum or Byspepsb In Five .Vinntes. Time it: In five minutes all stom- .ch distress will go. No ijtdisetlon. '.eartbum. sourness or belching of ga.-s cid," or eructations of undigested food, •o dizizness, bloating, foul breath or eadache. Pape's Diapepsin is noted for its peed in regulating upset stomachs. It •5 the surest, quickest and most cer- ain remedy in the whole world and lesldes it Is harmless. Millions of men and women now ea; heir favorite foods without fear—they :now now it is needless to have a tomach. .sn,vi;ij 1.E.VK. .\'o\-enilier H.—We are having some fine fall wcatlier now. : (!eorj:e Reiushcrg and Kugene Evans > are helpinp: .lol:n .lai'k?>'n ln-ad kalfir' Corn this week. Harry IhUidain iliraslied tor .Mr. .\n<lers<m this week. ; .Mrs. .\da How man. of Carnett, has; hern visltina at .Mr. Kastw , IMI'S. ; Mr. Willie Klini- and laiiiily a>-e visiting a; the IClini- a::il Harvey hoiiies j ' tenih-d to start for Kansas last "Tues- ilay. t'.-.e iL'th. but siie got. =<v had Ibey , iiiiild not start. ; Cliarley Koni started for liis home iv King Ferry. .New York. week ' lie has been in an dnround IIu !iil>nI<It .for nearly two ycMrs ami naturally wanted to visit i:is parents. ; Mr McKown had the niisfortime to ; uet ais ankle enishej* by a feed mill , on it He l -.p .d just bought tie riiil! ami 'va- unloading it Harrie i'>ro\vn raiiie liotiie frrrii Kii,- w/* I poria where he is attendiii:,' s.-hool in Miss Oiial Hoke spent .Saturday and | ii,ne to vote and spent s .veial dav.- .'^nnilny at .Mr WrayV i i,,^ parents and f/iemls The va- and family sptnl ration was caused by'the slate i-arii- i !s as.<o>i:ition at. Topeka. .Mr l-:;irl .Monfort Sunday at Mr. Keiusber»;' .MIS . Te.i.uue and .Mr-? Ileinsb.i»; ani! Mr:». Brown was eallins; .i! .Mr. Wray's» Wednesday afternoon Hoy Perkins returntnl from Colorado ; Tuesday. .Mr.s. George Keiusberg and I 'hildren J went ilown to .Mr Weill: s Wedne.-^day and got some apples sold well at .Mr Klines sale , The box sdpper at Silver l>Mf was' quite a success They took in $14.1.">. 1 There will be Sunday s.-ehool at i Silver Leaf Sunday after noon at two tV.irty :,nd everyliody is ro.'-dially invited to eimie. KOCK CKKKK. iGe«rge Marksl .Vovt-iiilicr —MIs« West returnei! '.louie from a brief visit in Illinois .Mrs C M Smith spent Sa:urdav afternion witls Mrs. Du.'ca .Mel!-.>,-;e. Frank Marks and '^r-^i Ke. c chasi-<i «-orn at the Wa.rlen .>-.»Ie Mrs .las .\danis and •.'aii.;hi.'»r. l,il!!;in. of Chaniite. .=;><Pt a f-w day-" i.i.-t week with tlie t;. G Phafer fanii'.y. We are glad to learn that l..'e.!.v ".i!son's broken arm is improv:ii-.r r;; BEEIt IKEEK. I Mrs. M<Kinn.yi -Nov. u—Mr. .\lli.soii is delivering eorn to .Mr. Sutherland at pr'-si nt. .Mr. Culver, of IMH. >vho ha.- hc.-n buskini; eorn for .Mr. Holliiigsliead. jj^j j returned to his home thi.^ liioniins;. n,.uav;... Faeliler is delivering i<.rn to Please, for your sake, get a large fif- I-oagsiiore. y-cent case of Pape's Diapeju-in fr* m . ''"'''. -Maiidi Fapc's niapejis-in ny drug store and put your stomach ight. Don't keep on being miserable -life is too short—you arc not here ong. so make your stay .a»rrceable. •lat what you like and digest it; en- oy it. without dread of rebellion in the tomach. Diapepsin belongs in your home an.v vay. It should l>e kept handy, should Mi-Kinnev -^iient Saturday ufteriioo:i wi'iii the <'iiltraii«- girls. -Mrs. Harvey Longshore i.-> still vi iy sick, but was some better, today. Grandiiiotiier Hollingshead of Ca:- |uett spent the latter )>ar: of last we.'V. jwiih her sun .Arthur and faiiiily Since tUe roads have if.ii >roVed l<o!) Brainard delivers tiiail on his ir.oio:- me of the family eat something which j''>•'•'<'• . !oesn't agree with tiiem or in i -aj-e of -^Ib'ii Knsininf;er made a 1. isin. ss ill.v Mrs K. M WiJ'.'aii.s and son. M^r!. . Of .Melrose, and Tlionias F -'T .iatri. k. of Erie, visited our .sehoo! Friday a:- teinoon .Mrs. .Mliert Chiik is still on 0..f si- V list I .Mr Wil.-on and .Mr .lei .fertes ,i'!e,-..!- ei! r!;.' Ui:-h sale Mrs. .Mark.^ called on .Mrs. Chirk on. ilay last week. .Most everybody is suffe -.viils a bad riild. Wednesday afternoon about tv. ri o "r!.-.ok a train set fire to the n -la)! ;i -a!rie tl lo<ked for a while u.s if i! vvoiiid burn the wiiole cor.rtry .li!.i.-on Wisner. Edward Kltiier. Ce • Marks. Kaiherina i:'inir "Jtn.; I.ei;-; .Marks visit'-u with Glen ("-.x-r Sunday n attack of indigestion, dyspepsia, -astritis or stomach derangement at laytime or during the ni;;lit it is there o Si^e tJie quickest, surest relief mown. ' • IF:Y 0 U EAT YiJlJ NEFI) DIGESTIT— THE RELIEF FOR INDIGESTION 1^ hatt been >f ' i more llinn eighty million p<. , • the Unlled Siatea arc victims i' : • form of indigestion. The Amci pi-ople do not take titne enough t^> cat. The re- %ultj» (tomach uUtrc»«. g!is, belching, - indUoBtlon and dynpepsla. D%estlt is the now relief—It has bee4 found a certain, qultk and penn- •ancBt remedy. Thousands of people ,ha\-e'found relief from Its use. Their own' statements a file In our office tire prooL You —n try it for yourself wlfhoui any risk—If It failt" to glv< yo\i ab«ohHe satiKfaclion your m<me.v will be returned. Brown'H Digestif Is a little tablet easy to swallow and absolutely harmless. It relieves indigestion almost instantly, stops food fermentation, prevents distress after eat Ing and cures dyspepsia. You need i: even though you are not sick.—it abl.- digestion-and give-'i you all the noiir- ishment from your food—50c. Bur rell's Drug Store. }i.iK.V(».\Y. (.Mrs. C. Cloud.i .Voveniher 13.—.-\ number of Har- uony people attended church and the laptislng at Cottage Grove Sunday. .Most of the farmers have their kaf- ir corn cut and have begun husking corn. .\npther good oil well was brought n on the .Commonwealth lease this week. .Mrs. Sadie Davis. Klla Moerntler. a trip to lola Moi'.iay ipf llits w.-el;. -Mr. and .Mrs. .lisn .MeKinney and I sou went to l.<jiie Elm on business J Saturday, reunning home Snnday. ; .Mrs. Kennedy and son t'larenee vis-j iled \Ve<lnesday afternoon at ih.- .Me-, Kinney home. Mr. and .Mrs. iiollingshead vvetii to Colony Wednesday on business .Mr. and .Mrs. Byrd .lones went to ' lola Friday of last week. Mr. Coltrane hail a very valualib'' gi>r down in the barn ami bruised itself quite badly. It i animal is not periiiiiiieiitly iujiireil Itlley MeKinney ami Geiu -U"- .lories attended eliiircli at tie- Valley Sunday night. !pe,l ill-A Mrs. N. .lohnson. .Mr. and .Mrs. Win , ".eld llussell, Ella Cloud and Zola III.MM. M All. Cloud called rm Fern Russell Wednox (Elsie Hardy) lay afternmm. She l» some better at .\'<i \enilier 11.--III11 Iirii':non 'hiV writing. lol'.n Wynn. Tiiesiliiy. btilMi.i: Mr Bright, of Chnnute. Is making a siieii for Hi.- ear well for Wiley Davis. ehased la«« week. Lutle Evans visited the school this (;iareni-e Isnai- went to .Mose .Vevlit's •ifterntKin. W<-iines(lay afternoon for a load of ap- Mrs. Swank is visiting irltnds at pies lialesbur'g. I .Mr .^•hlimiiii'r is helping .Mr. Kim• Mr and Mn«. Tom Adams was shop -.'.ey on tl'.eir new kitchen. • dug and visiting relative in Chaniite I .Messrs Hobe Wri^lll. Sam Coen. Tuesday. I'harley Sprlngston and ilieir fHinllies The Bockover and Hainlltim voung .^|penr Sundav at A. .1. Sprlngston'•= oiks spent Sunday ev^lng at Pctro-1 Miss Vera Olnistead attende.l' the ;;i Topeka la. Orvil ST«>Y POINT. (I.ela MeFarlandi. -Nov U.—Tuesday th»' Odd F<Hows and nei'ghbors and friends of .Mrs Wallace Hall went to her home anil shucked her eorn and the vvoinen brought well filled baskets of goo.i ihinus to eat Those in the . partv were; Roy .Voble, Cary Marvin. Oliver -Nolan, Bennie and Jlmmie I.;iiiry. .lolin Harelerode. EuKene Urown. .lake Ritler. Iliimn>r .McLaughlin. All>ert Iturris. Lloyd Orhlson. Bob hoped III,, t Brown. .lohn Peak. .Melvin Itraiiibii- btirK. Tom Shoaf, Ross Hall. Emery Watson. Sam Pitts. Ira P.eamaii. Ivl iteainaii. Win. And'-rson. .Mr. Hunn. Ro.Hrt Kiizmlller, .lohn llnriows. Will ilroucliion, llarrv ilooih. Henry Voll- tiier. Will .MeFarland. .lohn and Pi-rey MrouKliion. Clunine I'.rougliton. Tom Ireland. Eild Sbro |fKlili -e. .bdiii Anil- n ws, .v. .MeCabe, Mesdames Loiib' llroughton, Ella Mrougliloii. Viola lli'ouglitoii. .Volaii, lloolh. Itiirrows, G. .MeUiughlin. T. II. .Mcl-iughlin. Win Ir»-liind. Lloyd Osborn. Wm. - Farlati'l. Ross Kil/.miller. Ed Shropshire. Haiiimel. Ross Hall, .lohn Har­ elerode. .Misses Hessie Shropsliin , 11a iiroughlon and I.ela .MeFarland. Dr. H. MeLanchlin started Sunday for Stillwater. Okla , Ip his in-w auto. Cambel Berrie. Asa Gi>i)i and .Miss .-!a!e t.'.-iihers' a.-soeiatii-n and Hildred Hamilton. Ethel {last :nd lessc Bockover attended the party .M!ss Emma Daiishertv spent Satur- .t .Mr. .Morris' near Oden.-'e \Vedi;e»-1 day and Sundav at home lay evening. , ' _ • i Mr. and Mr.s Perry Zentz of U- ay at Daiiniiertys. Dan Cornell and mother spent'Sat- i llarpe. visiied Sundii jrday and Sunday at.George Coi.- ilr. and .Mrs. Franklin Smith did not The undersigned nfll sell .n I Public .Sole ml the J. X. Sapp farm, 4 miles i boatJiea»;t of .Monin '••' 3 miles wes< .^f Kron >ion, the i't»ll«wlng property: ; Tuesday, November 19, 1912 UOK.SES '.NB .Ml'LES Con^stlng of S he,:' of extra good N coming 3-year-old mu-<: of them mare inules; 1 coming '>ar-old marc . mule, good; 1 4-ycar-old horse luule. - weight, 1300; 1 pair 4-year-old horse mules;'^ J coming 4-year-old gelding, weight;about .1400; 1 bUick horse. 3 years'old past, weight 900; 1 bay fll- ley,'3 years old past, weight about 'JOO well trokc. All this stuff fat and sound. I itt UE.ID OF HOGS. Ranging from brood sows to pigs and shoats weighing 40 to l'.;5. 1 extra good milk cow. fresh In December. 1 Sandwich Feed tJrinder. used only a very short time and is as good : as new. ; • i TERMS OF SALE—All sums of 910 .P0 ar . i :nder, cash In hand. All sumi! over IlioO. a credit of 12 months will b< .i;i,.r.. purchaser givin.: note with' -approved security, bearing C',« interest ui-i- "ute if paid when due. If nqj | .pal^wh^n due to draw 10% fi date o' .' . ,jer cent discount for cash on i credit £«les. No propertr to be removed until settled tor. - j - J COL. H .f D . SXOrK. Anctionecr sr. w, r^iTTEBgoy, ciwk. RAY SMOCK Indoor Occupations of every kind prevent the freedom of sunlight exercise which nature intended, and vital body-forces are slowly reduced, Scott's Emulsion is the concentrated pure food-medicine to check this decline. It refreshes the body by making healj:hy blood and* is nature's greatest aid to fortify the lungs and prevent tuberculosis. dinn> Sunday at Wm. Berrie took Brouphtons. . Mrs. Jolm Brouphton and. dauvbt- r Naomi spent the day Thursday with Mrs.. Broughton's mother. Mrs. Brandenburg. Mrs. Tom .Tohn- soii and Mrs. Mark .lohnson vi.-:ited at Wm. MeF.trlands Monday. .Mrs. Wallace Hall will hold a public sale November 'JZ. Mrs. Wm. MeFarland received a iihone messac" Monday niRhl stating that her cousin. .Mrs. Kaf Duval of Sedalia, Mo., was dead. Mrs. Duval will be remembered here as Mrs. K ;i <e Starkey, having spent a part of her school days at OM Elsmore. . Miss B<-!<sie Shropshire spent Wednesday nieht with her aunt, .Mrs. Wal ! iace Hall. I Mr. Camp. dauaht «T and mother visited at Wm. .McFarland's Saturdav Miss Camp returned from tlie teiah j "rs mi'eiing at Topeka Saturday morn | ing. Carl H"'ibl.- is building a new barn on his farm. Scott's Emtdsion makes energy, hiialdt and strength.* aeott & Bownc'ttiiiiifield. it. J. \l-9S a W. .Apple picked up an old t>sta- j nient the other day—one so oJd thai it ' was carried by him wlien he fouuhl :n j (he Mexican war—and be found that , years later, thouch early in the his- i tor> of lola, he had placid a ballot' from an lola city elettioa In it. Tte ; ballot was about three Inches long. I and contained four names. .Mr. New- j berry was 'candidate for mayor, and 'Mr. Bancroft and Mr Apide and one other nmn were candidates for conn- , cllmen The ballot handed him at; the recent election were quite an advance over that earlier one. High Grade Suits and Overcoats At Popular Prices We never were in het- Icr siiape to show you tiiie Sr-iis and Overcoats at prices you 'vvill appreciate. • Ivlen's. Younjj ^Men's, Boys' aii.'l Cnildren'.s Overcoats in ilio new styles;'. Men's, Youn^ Men's, Boys' and Chiklren's Suit?, all styles and a!! grades. Men's Cood Ovcrcoa! $7.50 to .'sl^O Barclay-Shields Clo. Co- "The House of Quality" Acorn and Hooslcr Smoke Hurninir Steel Kansjes, Cooks No others like them. Let us Stoves. and Hcalinp: shtiw vou. TurkeysWanied nrin-r in your eivi;-, in ^avy l>h'd.<, !)ut 'i :ecp nil liglu weiiihi and inferior ones foi- Cii;'i<nna.-^. A larue i)er cent of the Turkeys ihai arc (Hily Kiiinlier Twos now will make .irood Turkey.- <'ii;:i irraiie Xiim- hjv One a month later. Watch market report in this IK'.\K-V on'Turkeys. 1' {Ji 'ices Coghill Commission Co. PHONE 376 The first the tale-^ If we sold every man o/2ce, we couldn't e.xist. in thi.s town Ofjce, we couldn't exist. It's the repeat sales that build busine,s.s. And rij^lit there is the big reason why we're /iurii//ing zt\d recommeniJiiig Every first sale of Peerless tells a tale of quality and tatiifactton that sends a man and his friends hurrj 'injj back for more. Peerless nevtr di-iap;>ointi. Its quality is as uniform as salt water. It catinot be ixcti'ud and is seldom equalUd. Tried aiid true formulasr-men who know how— modern machinery —be«t materials; all comtjint- :<> put iC the I'c-jrlts-; Rooti;!-.; pac'n- age a material that i .s theA-afjf kind of econosiy in buiidia.ij tovcriig. Come in and fmd out how big a dividend v'>u c.';n dr.iw from an iuvcitmeut in a I'ecrios rooi. Wa'Il Jeminsirau. PAUL KLEIX—lola. Kansas —Get the WAN'T AO Habit * T O Canatsey and W I. w !>iit-ini-.-.> visiters In ('.'loiiv ih;. i.i. ing. J. R. Bcrryman and wiXe of Scale.^ Mound. III. ar- v;~ii;ii< t the honi,- of J. Jackson

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