Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 2, 1954 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, February 2, 1954
Page 3
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Tuesday, February 2, 1954 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Calendar Tuesday February 2 Poplar Grove 190 of the WOW Circle will hold a monthly business meeting in the Woodman Hall on Tuesday, February 2, at 7:30 p. m. i The Ladies Auxiliary to the VFW rwlll meet Tuesday, February 2, at 7:30 p. m. at the hut on Highway 07 'Membership contest closes and all members are urged to be present. Hostesses will be Mrs. Odell Collier and Mrs. Lois Collier. Garland Brownie Troop 3 will meet Tuesday, February 2, at the Little House at Fair Park. Mary Gail Mc'liac will be hostess. A Wednesday February 3 "'• The Woman's Auxiliary of St. Mark's Episcopal Church will meet Wednesday, February 3, at 7:30 p. m. in the home of Mrs. Frank Horn. On Wednesday, February 3, the Gardenia Garden Club will meet at 2:30 p. in. in the- home of Mrs. Gus Haynes with Mrs. L. F. Higgason and Mrs. Howard Byers as co- hoslosscs. There will be a valen- r£inc exchange. Thursday February 4 The UDC will meet in the homo of Mrs. A. E. Slusser at 2:30 on Thursday, Fcbuary 4. Mrs. S. L. Reed .and Mrs. J. F. Gorin will be co-hoslcsscs. Hope Chapter 328 ot the OES will meet Thursday, February 4. at 7:30 p. m. All members are urged to at- On Thursday, 7:30 p. m.. the February 4. at Nandina Garden Club will meet at the home of Mrs. • Today Only ® Features at: 3:39 - 5:35 - 7:31 9:27 HOWARD MARJORIE KEEL-BERGEN-IAIN Nina FOCri-Robe,, BURTON A WETHO.GOLOWYN-MAVER PICTURE • Donald Duck Cartoon • AH-Sfar Comedy • Novelty, "Transatlantic Hop" • WED. & THURS. • AND co-llgrrinn BORIS KAP.LOFF Bill Groves.Mrs.Cecil O'Steen will be co-hostess. Each member is urged to be present as important business will be discussed. The Blevins P. T. A. will observe Founders' Day and plans will be completed for their Valentine Festival to be held February 11, when they meet Thursday night, February 4, at 7:30. Friday, February 5 On Friday, February 5, the ROSR Garden Club will meet at 3 p. m. in the home of Mrs. Harry Shiver. Mrs. Garrett Story will be co-hostess. Circle 1 Meets In Nunn Home Jo Stafford to Make TV Debut By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD (^P) Jo Stafford, the eas,y-going songlird from Coal inga, Calif., finally makes her iel evision debut with a new series tonight and she isn't sorry she waitsd. Virtually all of the other record ing st.-irs rushed into the new medium cither on a regular or guest basis. Not red haired Jo. "Sure, I had a lot of offers to do guest shots." she admitted he tweeri rehearsals for the CBS show, which premie) es tonight. "I passed up' a lot of money because I didn't think that kind of TV would be good for me. "I hf.ve a different kind of voice from most singers. I can't go out and knock them dead with one I number or two. You have to get Mrs C. V. Nunn, Sr.. assisted by uscd .<, my sty]e . Mrs. J. W. Turner, was hostess to members of Circle 1 of the W. S.- C. S. of the First Methodist Church on Monday afternoon, February 1. Mrs. P. H. Webb conducted a business meeting, at which time the financial report was read by Mrs. Ralph Smith. Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. Mrs. J. W. Perkins led the , "TV is something of a monster. You -ire being seen by. a fantastic number of people. If you don't click just right you can ruin your self. In two weeks, you can wine out what you have been bilding up for 15 years." And so Jo just bided her time while her compctitoir warbled on first session of the Prophet Jeremiah. all channels. She didn't exactly need {.lie money. She had a regular Refreshments were served to 18 jradio show, and her records con members and one guest Mrs. H. L. tlnued Watkins. Circle 3 Has Meeting On Monday, February 1, Circle 3 of the W. S. C. S. home of Mrs. Annie met in the Erwin with Mrs. Hamilton as assistant hostess. In the absence of the leader, Mrs. Jolly Byers, Mrs. Edwin Ward presided. The meeting was opened to sell not only like hot cakes, but like records as well. She had four big hits in 1953, and her current "Make Love to Me" is jiving the juke boxes. "BjsUles, I'm lazy," she admit ted. She'd just as soon stay home and tnke care of her year-old Timmy. But cue day her agent came to her with the CSS deal. It was straight three-Vear contract with options thereafter. It was too good with prayer followed by the read-'to pass up. ing of the minutes of the January The present plan calls for a 15- mocting and their approval. Mrs. j mimuj show "along the Perry Word told of the Mission School to'como Dinah Shore lines" every be held February 14, 15 and 16, and Tuesday. It may be expanded lo urged the members of the circle .to attend. She also urged them to attend church services. The first three chapters of Jeremiah were discussed. One new member lo the circle was announced. The next circle meeting wiJl bo held the first Monday in March. The hostesses served apple pie, nuts and coffee to 18 members and 1 visitor. The busiest housewife can find the time to safeguard her skin against the drying effects of water and winter weather. With a little planning-, a skin beauty ritual can be fitted right into her daily routine. This housewife (left) took a few seconds to cover her'face with a lanolin-rich lotion before starting; her cleaning. The lotion will prevent dust from getting into the pores and will soften the skin as well. While working in kitchen (center), she takes another couple of seconds to apply a hand lotion. And, after taking her bath (right), she uses a lanolin body lotion that spreads on easily and dries quickly. Mrs. Anthony , Hostess To Circle 4 Circle 4 of the W. S. C. S. met on Monday at 3 p. m. at the home of Mrs. Graydon Anthony. A worship center of an open Bible, a tall white taper burning in a silver candlestick and a silver bowl of camellias added reverence) to the occasion. Mrs. R. D, Franklin, leader opened the meeting with prayer, Minutes were read and approved, and a short business held after which Mrs. Franklin presented Mrs. Children don't "flBht" it — they like pure orange flavor. Easy to give. .p ASPIBIM FOR CHILDREN, World's largest Selling Aspirin For Children AfCMSI CAttl MADE JUST FOR NfW! SAft! YOUR CHILD ST. JOSEPH NOSE DROPS FOR CHILDREH • LAST DAY • At! 7:34 - 9:19 The DESERT RATS >mes MASQN' ; 'R«iiHi NEWTON • met Jin BURTON • WED. - THURS. • • SPENCER.•' •('•,• '' JE^N - ' ' ' "EfESA <-;y ItfcACY-V.-SiMMdHS -WRIGHT, THE ACTRESS • Cartoon, "King Midas, Jr." • Novelty, "King of the Sky" twice weekly since Jo feels her voice wears better with folks if they're expoed to it more, often Her husband Paul Weston who is also a Columbia Records execu tive, will be in charge of the music, and she's happy to have it in such good hands. "Ono of the things I want to concentrate on with our show is the audio," she rerm.rked. "There is not enough good music in TV The thinking goer> back to the etu ly day.- when the public wouic look at anything, evtn a test pat tern. The sound part of the show was. unimportant, and the nuisic was sluffed 'off. "Tney're'j still -doing :. it in-. TV and 1 think the public .resents it They want and expect good mi sic with a show. Or else why would they buy so nrany records' Public Hearing on Price of Coffee WASHINGON Iff) A Senate Banking subcommittee voted tod;\y to star, public hearings next Mon day in an effort to find out why coffee prices have soared above the dollar day pound mark. At the same time Chairman Edward F. How.py of the Federal rade Commission ZFTC) an nounced a crew of the. agency's best investigators already is trying to find out whether somebody has managed to corner the .coff-ae The White House told FTC last week to make a full scale investi Ralph Routon, study chairman. Mrs. Routon is directing the study of Jeremiah for Circle 4. She ex- plained'the study plan and gave a resume of the Book oi Jeremiah, telling the importance of it. She then presented Mrs. George Newborn, Mrs. H. 0. Kyler, Sr., and Mrs. T. S. McDavitt, who gave chapters from the study book. After collection of dues, Mrs. Anthony served a dessert with coffee to 16 members, assisted by her daughter, Rebecca Anthony. . CiAL SALE Reconditioned Treadles & Console models. GER 1C MACHINES Priced to sell. Prices range from to $89.50 WARRANTED FOR A FUIL YEAR We also have other makes that are practicaljy new. s' FREE Sewing Course with Each Machine Sold. Call pr Write SINGER SEWING CENTER $, Elm Street , Ark, "Phone Births Sgt. and Mrs. George D. Faris of Eta Jima, Japan, announce the arrival of a daughter, Hose Mary, on January 18. Mrs. Faris is the former Reva Morris, daughter of Mr .and Mrs. Jess Morris of Hopp Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Chamberlain are the parents of a son, Ray C Chamberlain, born Friday, January 29, at the Julia Chester Hospital. Coming and Going Mr., and Mrs. Jess Morris and son, David, were the guests of Misses Corrine and Pauline Morris in Benton on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence McDowell of Fort Worth, spent the weekend with their parents and sister Mrs. Audrey Collier Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Matney of Kettle Falls or .Roosevelt Lake, Washington, are the guests of Mr. Matney's uncle, John O'Dell and Mrs. O'Dell. Mrs. Cannon May and children returned home Friday after a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. plyde Quillen in Grand Texas. Mrs. Qdis Sims and David Moris returned home Saturday after spending a week in Fort Woith, as the guests of Mrs. Sims' daughter Mrs. W ,D. Humphries and Mr. Humphries. They were aecompan,- ied home by' Mr. and Mr$. Humphries who spent the week end in ' Here's a preview of the shoes you will be wearing next summer for fun in the sun. They're , going along on winter vacations right now, are lightweight and easy to pack. Natural colored •.raffia (upper left) has red band .across 1 the vamp', comes with flexible cork-and-crepe sole that •cushions the foot. Washable braid in multi-color (upper right) makes sandal that has straps I over the instep'to give it firm fit.. Denim, important in other fashions for resort wear, makes its 'appearance here, top,..,Slip-on (lo^er left) is charcoal denim with soft cushion insole and lightweight, thick "corrugated rubbcr-and-cork sole. New: indoor-outdoor style (lower right) comes in a number of colors, each with white awning stripe vamp. This washable shoe has natural crepe .sole.—By Gaile Dugas, NBA Woman's Editor. . -s••.•• . : • . DOROTHY DIX Thoughtless Friends. Dear Miss Dix: Why is it that when a wife is trying to get her husband to stop gambling, his friends and relatives insist on his going with them to gambling places? They ignore . the wife's feelings and pleadings. Some people seem to get a kick out of destroying a happy marriage. Are they jealous, or just plain bad? My heart is being broken, all my dreams of love and a happy marriage are being destroyed, and a once-devoted husband is turning from his family. My husband vows to stop gambling then someone comes along and entices him out. How can I stop it? H. L. M. Man Has Will of Own Answer: First of all .don't put all the blaine on the friends who coax, your man to gamble. He has a will of his own, and even if it is weak, he certainly isn't so spineless that he can't say "No." Believe me, if he ' wanted to stay home with his family, he couldn't be lured so easily. What are you doing to combat the attraction of gambling? Does your home provide the things a man wants — oomfort, peace and contentment? Have you stopped to consider that he might be running away from instead of to a diver- bit happy. My husband goes to school. I work . As far as I can see there will be six more years of the same thing. I'd like to separate now while I still have my youth. B'etty M. Answer: The success of a marriage doesn't depend on time, but on the two people concerned Few marriages, especially those of young people, go according to their premarital dreams. Men and women 'know that while the realities of life are not the stuff of which dreams are made, they are .more substantial, and will become more desirable! Throwing up one's hands after 18 months is the weak way out. Dear Miss Dix: After we had dated for a few months, John went overseas recently. His brother then asked me out and, while I went with him, I realized it was John who really had a claim to my love. How can I tell the brother that it's John I love and that I no longer wish to date anyone else? Betsy Answer: A straightforward explanation is best, tell the young man you've enjoyed his company, but since you love somebody else, Texans Make New Cotton Machine WASHINGTON I/PI — Two men from Texas are arranging final details toward patenting a machine designed to gather, clean and bale cotton. .-..;. F. M. Wagno'n of Childress Tex., former southwest-Oklahoma .rancher-farmer, and A. C. Imhoff, Childress implement and machine shop proprietor, are seeking the patents, Rep. \Viekersham (DWiOlda) said in a statement.''.-..'. : Wagnon, he added, has worked on the machine; since 1939 and has tried i: out in Texan, Arizona anc Oklahoma. Imhof' helped build the machine. . The machine which the inventor contendj would save an estimated $75 a sob-pound' bale in picking cleaning, ; baggin, ties, hauling, comp.-ei'.sing and-othev costs, woulc be used following defoliation, Chinese Reds Certdin to Try Blackmail WARHINTON (UP) Commu- sion? Surely there must be one friend or relative who might help you in your efforts Urkeep hubby at home. Let that person join you in a concentrated effort to make the nonco- ops keep "hands off" your husband. It's difficult to believe that your husband is surrounded by people who aim to break up his liome. He'll appreciate your honesty. TUeleased by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) Qourf Sets Aside Service of Summons LITTLE ROCK (/P) — The Arkansas Supreme Court today dismissed nist C'iina may try to blackmail its wvy into a confei ence with the Big your foreign ministers by offering to free three Americans seized on a yacht, .^ast March diplomats ;aicl U. S. officials sakl there are Try to look at your problem a bit Crittendon Chancclor W. .Loon I llussians; indications the .neds will try to use thj fate of the Americans as n lover to force the United States to agree to the Big Five meeting, long sought by the Chinese and more objectively to see just where the fault lies. Blaming "friends and relatives" won't accomplish much. You can't cope with a large group of people, but it you narrow he culprit down to two or three you could probably convince them the harm they're doing. But first look to your own house! Dear Miss Dix: Do you think 18 Smith as ^principal inan appeal from his court involving the .so-call ed'"iron curtain" rule on lawyers practicing in the court. StaU> Department officials seo the possibility of such a strategy in recnn< statements by Soviet Foreign Minister V. M. Molotov r. /"i J i ' 1 *frl" iYl.MH^H-1 v. ifA. 1YJUJUVUV tllltl Supreme Court set aside a ch f . j , communist China's service, of summons wh.ch had |f , ' mlnl ; ter- been issued against Smith m the case. Court attaches said thattlia appealing lawyers haci insisted on the service against the Chancellor Critteridon Chancery Court hr.s.t) , . • , , , *-•* 4H.^.All4»7* 1 l^lltlHVx\-. tj" V- V H-* V il'-.-T. W months is long enough to prove ]an ' gl d , , tuatnon-.rcside.nt whether or not a marriage will bo', * ,. .• '° .,„ .,,,.,,„„-, ! successful? m age I'm 21, and am not a ;at.ion of .the recent coffee price •ise. Chairman Baall (R-Md) of tho Senate subcommittee said the group yoted a; a closed meeting o conduct hearings in Washington, New York and "anywhere else necessary to learn the reason for his swift. rise in coffee to more ,'han a dollar a pound." BealJ told newsmen the first wit lesses will include officials, of thejhej therefore was qualified as an 'few Voik Coffee Exchange, coffee brokers and representatives of a,)>ge fonsurnefs svch as chaw and Tho trio seized by tne Chinese f re Richard Avplegate, National Broadcasting Co, correspondent and former Un'.tod Press reporter; Donald Dixon, Internationa^ News lawyers must assodle themselves j Service correspondent, and Ben with, an Arkansas lawyer to fjle a Krasner, a merchant sea cap suit inthe court. tain. 'i'hsy were captured by a Rpd gui t bor.t while cruising off The. rule was attacked by attorneys f, Roberts and Marvin B. | i; of Memphis in a damage'!Hong Kong la.st March and have 'not been heard from since. Ther.- are also almost 100 other Ampi leans, mostly businessmen and missionaries, being held by tho Chinese RedS. Officials s^id at least one American has been permuted to, iea,ye Bed China every seven w week?. The latt one was M. JCe^n, suit which they attempted to fila in Smith's court. They appealed iiom the chancejl- Ion's refusal to set ssiclt- the rula Lat^r, hjwever, othei lawyers said Norfleat hudreturued lo said former home in Fonest City, and the chancellor saicj that lawyyv, appeal on validity, of the i , X w,ho ^ wived in H,nng Kong" Jan Hard to Find Number of Communists By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON UP) — How many Communist 1 ! -"has the Kisenhower administration found in the gov ernment since it took over from the Truman administration one year igc Ne\vspapermen have been unable to get the answer. Thov have tried individually and collectively at news conferences with President Eisenhower and Atty. Gen. Brownell, This much is known: On Oct. 23 the White House an nouneed, 1,450 persr-ns had been separate .from the government "for security reasons," It said 803 of -.them were fired and 593 resigned. Within- 2 '/ 2 montho the adminis tration increased it; total by al most 50 per cent. In 1'is State of tho Union message Jan, 7, Eisenhower said, "Un der the standards established for the new, employe security pro grain, more Irian 2,200 were actually subversive — that is, C<?rn munists or fellow travelers — and how rn'iny wore fired for other reasons. ' Whsn he -took over last year, Eisenhower told the Justice De partment to draw Up a program whic.i would replace former President Truman's. Under Truman E program a dis tinction was made between "loy alty" and ''security." An employe could be. fired if there was doubl of his loyalty. Or he could be fired if his habits or associations made him a "security risk" in a seni- tive job. •In the six years of its existance 557 ocrsbns about whose loyalty there was doubt, were fired pr denied jobs. On April 27,' 1952, Eisenhower announced a new program pro parej by Brownell. It eliminated the oil distinction between loyalty and security, flow a person can be fired if his employment is "not clearly consistent with the interest Court Docket , Cfis JT0| Municipal Court of Hotter, Atfc sras, February I, 1954. City Dockett Earl Tefteller, assault and" M tery. Forfeited $10 cash bondi j\ Virginia Reliford;, JoseJrtifiSti MS Pherson, disturbing peftee, J*lf guilty, fined $10. Jetie Brown Tefteller. disturb! . peace. Forfeited SlO cash- botftL -• Martin Gutherie. drunk^nHilsg Plea guilty, fined $10, fine su*f ed during good behavior*,, ,, McElvene Cooper, Bill Slid drunkenness. Forfeited" I'fO bond. O. T. Momon, speeding, feited $5 cash bond. Walter A. Parks, Cecil 'Mil] passing in a restricted zone, feited $5 cash bond. "^ Enice Rice, possessing 1 " 1 intoxicating liquor. Plea gUilti fined $50." Anderson Carter, transportliifli taxed intoxicating liqudf: l '*!pl guilty, fined $30. State Docket: W. A. Rateliff, passing,la passing zone, Foifoited, ,$5 bond. " * W. B. Hadley, drunkenness. \ feited $10 cash bond. i . Edwaid Dobe, overload, 'Jpo ed $25 rash bond. * '"' W. B. Hadley, il!egal> l par Forfeited $5 cash bondi -I> J. A. Boyer, im proper 'par Forfeited $5 cash bond. A 1 "' Carl A. Dean, E. B. i,W« „ speeding. fin foiled $5 caste,'bo« Martin Wilson, driving lovicated. Forfeited Sf>0 and lj in jail. B. F. Evans, driving ,.„—,,..,„ icated. Plea guilty, fined,'$250,'^ days in jail a;nd driver's,'lice 1 * suspended for one year, r"* Jim McFaddin, p6s"s j essiri& ,,._. icating liquor for sale inV«i county. Plea guilty,Pined'$Jfi5o. 1 Ontee Douglnfs, ppsscs,sirig taxed Intoxicating liquor, ed $50 cash bond.' f , • •: Jim McFaddin. possessing taxed intoxicating guilty, fined $50, Civil Docket: >..' » . , , Y ^ r Jerry's Grocery" & p 'Sta^i&pj^j Vance Rollins 'action da.acqffliMit $146.21. Judgment by $146.21 interest and coSts,.,^' *", The Toggery Shop vs. Phil«I sey Jr. Action on account $38.50. Judgment by defaults plaintiff for $38.50. "•'•'" Young, head of, the Cfr Comrnisripn. , ' But Young> referred " back lo the White Hosi again Eisenhower said' not bo feasible ever to; breakdown. tfM We Say "FREE"| We;l$ ..... u v u * (V i-t-y, F of .national secuiity." This includes uot only Comnnv nists...- and fellow travelers but drunk, homosexuals, liars, blabbermouths and mental cases. Since no bn» in the administra tion has provided an answer, it is possible that tha 2,200 people Jet out for security reasons were near ly all Communists, It is equally posible that none or only a hand- fix wetre Communists and the rest drunks', and liars. Rep. Francis Walter (DPa) says only seven of the 2,200 were dis^ charged on loyalty grounds. But Eon, McCarthy on Nov. g4 —one month after the White House said i.458 wera let out an4 before the 2,200 figure waa given, said the government had "gotten rid of 1,456, all of whom were s ecurity risks i'nd practically all of whom were removed because of Comrnu nist connections and activities or perversion." Eisenhower 'ihoself has said not all of those turned out under the security program could be described as "subversive" or "disloyal." It would be wrong, he said, to assume' a man dismissed as a se.eurU.Y risk is diMoyal. And he said some of those involved prob ably resigned to take other jobs Without knowing they were being investigated. When newsmen sought a breakdown Jiom Eisenhower, he re ferred them to Brownell. Brown j ell declined to give it, but refpjr red his questioners to Philip $1.00 Tube Pile Oil Noted Clinic Makes Most Unusui Offer lo Any Afflicted Person: No Coupon - No Charge' ' There are"no fi "stj-ings"; mean free, "with"'something? mean jusfcltliisi In order to$ duce it.'to anyone who-ia "affl with Pi}es (Hemorrhoids)"or similar" rectaj condition/the Thoi: ton Minor Clinic -will send-'fre^' request, a full-Size $1.00 tflbe'Xii a mere sample) pf Thornton. ]"' or Pile Ointment—freo i age paid. Send only youi; j. age and address. A post.card,w£ do. However, this offer is.Urt ' , and may be withdrawn at a,ny 1, ; so we'suggest you wvite^at o? I Address Thornton Minqr_ l Clii , , 911-B Linwood filvd,,,Kari3as <M i 9. Mo, This offer is exapttyr- | stated above—no charge-r-no^ol jgatjon—no bill now or later,'^ . f <''>/! NOW! the 4ji Washer on Wheels! move It anywhereJ/^'J no plumbing neediest ' y" ji ' /*. J Lehman Auto Siipl 215 S. (Main, Hope, Pncne ?^! Perry Henley 'for bornsT. cials baid it will be virtually certain confirmation that the Communists ere trying to yse them ^s pawns In thei,? Wd fo? a ^ig Fiye confei ence. This is §i> 1403 the West already has rejected «jt the B!;j Four foreign, meetin/. in Berlin. The State Department* while, if studying a J^eihn \hat ' ' fimft ''If- &.,&

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