Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 15, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 15, 1912
Page 5
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, FRIDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 15,1«12. 1^ As Unexpected as a Bllxxard This New York Store Sale of GoatSi Suits, Dreises, Skirts and Millinery now oler for sale. We must dispose of them auickly. Don't delay. Come at once. You buy at less than wholesale. ItHt n.'w iii.l.l.y riUNTim .LA iiiul F.\N«'Y N<»\ KI.TY «'<».\TS, ••(ildon lnmvns :iiul •:n\vs; n'^iihir $Kt .r >(i vulvu's; CIA fifi in Uiis sale, mily , viUiUU l.'iit li:ni<ls(inii> N(»\i:i/rV CChM^S,,("liiiirliillii. lii;-!! ^ii-inic nor- i'My ilotlis in lic.iiitiriil .vli.idrs »»f (;iiis. hrowiis .•imJ ;;i('ys; 01 C Afl vniin's lip to in this s:ilc iP iUiUU 10(1 I.inlics* ;iiul Miss.-s" m.ACK <'(1ATS: ."?I0 viiini'; flfl in (liis sak-. - ipUiUU Ladirs- anil .Misses' lU.ACK CAHAdl. COATS; QQ ?10 values: in this .sale, only vUidO 7.-) SKALKTTK I'LrsiI COATS, sliawl roll collar, Cfl deep niffs. SHI .."iO valne.*!, in fijis sale iPl ^iUU !Ml (IKXriNK SKAI. PLl'SH COATS, satin lined; .'iliawl roll (iillars. (» iueli cnffs, value, in this salt' o^lOi •J.-.0 SKIUTS. all new I'.MJ Mn>ilels. I.lark and navy, DO t'.\tra .size.s in thi.« lot: ?l».."»0 value; in ihis s;ik' yHiwO KMI .<KIKTS. siririly tailored, lii.uh ;;raile'''Ki'ene|i QQ Ser^'i'. also new noveliy niixiui-es. all sizes: .>T..1M value; at. .^UiUO VIT, SKIHTS. all wool FiTn<-li Serjces. raiianias and dJO {10 Dia.uoiials. Idaek anil navy, values n|i to .?r,.no; .hoiee iPAiJU r,tl STKMTLV T.\lh()l{i:i> SIITS in navy and bhuk Fi-en«h or Storm Serjje.vatin lined rtials. .'?1."'..IHI values: flJO Qf* in (his .sale, only iPOiUd .MAN TAII.OKKD SI ITS. iH -aulifnl styles, in f.incy mixtures. Cheviots :ind Scij^es. alf new l.'MJ models; some 010 QC e.xtni si«es in this lot; ?1S .(I(I values; in this sali- ^)l£idU IS HI<:H <:KAI>r: TAn/il{KI» SIITS. <titaway e«>ats or strietiv man tailored <;uaianteeil linin;;: regular .^L'."i.iM» 01 C vaiue.s'; in this sale, only iPlUiUJ. I'.- I'AUTY IHJKSSKS, n>pdar $-_MMH) values; 01C Rfl now »>n .s;ile, only ....yluiuU r- S l!eantifnl NKT DHKSSKS; values np to .?-JitjM»: sjinrples. your «hoi<e, eaeli II' hisxh siade SKIJtjHlTKICSSF .S in n.ivy and Mark; 07 QO ?I."..(Ml values, now ^Mf ^SfiTe, only.. idO HI iH -anliful SKUOK mCFSSKS in Ida-k and navy; fl»C Qn .?lll.O<l values, now only ^JiuO Fur Scarfs, Shawls, Collars and Muffs Af IMIMAKKAl'.lA" LOW riJH :KS. Sr;MTs spei'ially prieed as low .is J)S0 d as I. .Muffs [. <-olhirs as h.w as Shawls now juieed as low as J>3.50 .J?6.50 Contii^uation of Our Annual Thanksgiving Linen Sale ^ We are noted for our Linens and in this sale we again demonstrate our supremacy. Word from Belfast, Ireland, Germany and Austria indicates sharp advances in price, but we maintain our own prices. In fact, in many offerings we are quoting the lowest prices we have ever been able to make. The record of this store calls for the Best Qualities that Satisfy—Right Price—Up-to-Datc Merchandise—Plain Figures—Full Values! Now Is the Time to Buy! Note Prices: t><> inch IJarnsley ISIeaelieil I'a- mask, ."iiic t |ualiiy, QQp hjM 'iial. (ler yard ,..Ouu tiS iinh Itleaehed O'luask. new 1!M*J patterns. s."e (juality, CC A speeial. JMM- yard. UUw 72 inch Itleaelied .Mercerized Damask. I' I'oppy. Fleiir «le las jiatterns. 7."e iiuality. Rpceial, \\vv yard uUu Slamjted C.uest Towels with \jtiir own perm.ineiit mon- QC|» o<;ran». each &Uu Stamped Onest Towels, of Ix'st ;jrade Linen Muck Towels. OPn each wUu ;!(t.\:{<» liiion Linen Sipiaies— hemstitih and <lrawn work. Ifl-, (juality. each I Jb SATIN DAMASK. .$1'..'{5 «|iiality lioulde Satin i>a- iiiiisk, the heaviest and most |K>r- feet woven fla.\ thread; newest of patterns; Ti«;er Lilly Ixuder with Siilin Stripe. Dot center; Vitdel. itok Knot. Tulip. IMiielNdls; S>{K>- ciallv jiriced. per 01 QQ .vard ^iidO Napkins to matil^; size jHT dozen $5.!>K Size down !M.50 7l! inch IfLllS donhlo satin Damask, every threadpurc linen.Rood heavy (|uality. a w«'ar ix>sistin{j Damask. Infantiful patterns: Fern ]{ib]>on Itow Kno^, Ti;rer Lilly or Kose; special j»ri<e, 01 VSi j»er yard I lUU Napkins to match, size Tl\'l'l. per dozen ...., $4.50 Size 27.VJ7. per dozen $5.!)K .?I.."it( «piulity Satin Damask— heavy .^elected fine fla.v — fully bleiiclied. 7ll inc-hes wide, elefrant a.ssortmpiit of |iaftorns; napkins to match; sjK'cial prii-e, 01 QT {»cr yarjK. •• «P liZu Sheets and Pillow Cases. 43c Sl.x'.tll Seamed Sheets, woilii ."illc. «'ach ' 7'Jx!ltl S-amless Tiuii Shi'<'ts worth sric each, on sale .vix'.HI ••IiidepeiKh-nt" Torn and Hemmed Sheets. %ui sale. ea<'h Slx!H( "I'n'mium" Tttrn and Hemmed Shivls. on sale, QD^ each 03b . SIxHis ••Salem" extfii size Torn and netnmed Shei'ts, on sale, each , ••.M" i;rade Pillow Cas«'s. on sale y •Itica" I'.ranil. JJ.\:!i;, (Ui sail', each ••Camlirid<:e'" Itrand, iL'x:!. oach Stam|M-d I'ilhiw, ."tic ijualiiy. jM'r pair New Stamped Pillow Cases, sjH'cial. pair .6Sc n and 75c $1.00 10c 25c 15c 39c 50c Towels and Toweling. L *li \l2 plain hcmslitclieil or seal loped pure linen liuck ORf* Towels, each fancy linen lluck r\^^ (tiiest Towels, each Zilu •1»\V1 l.inen IInek Tow- CIl- els. scalloped, each.. uUu :^L'xi.~) Impurted Satin Damask Linen Towels with emhroidery f>r drawn work, on sale, eacli 98c IJIeachi'd Crjislt. with IKU*- C„ der. sp<'cial. yard UU Stevens' Crash, extra Iflp ;;ood iinality, yard lUu Hartisley (:le:i>-lied or rnldeacli- ed < 'rash, special. I»er .»:ird IS inch Linen Ihnk Tow^^lin;!. fancy jiatterns, O^P per yard Lvu 22 inch Linen Hnck Towelin;;. fancy patterns. RH** \icr yard UUU 15c SALK OF NAPKINS. l '<i \i.'u lie;n X .Mercerized Nap kins. .>5|. ipialiiy. QRp per dozen UUU <iermaii Silver Itleacheil Linen $1.75 Damask Napkins, very new. jM -r dozi'ii ...... •Jl'x'Jl' heavy .<atin Damask Napkins -a most exfjuisite assortment of patterns. §t ipiality, OO ^fi per dozen iPUiUU Pattern Table Cloths. S LxS I Kose. Pansy. P.luehell or < 'liry.santhemum pat terns, special Vf%3i\ 8-1x10 4. patterns similar to the above, extra heavy Ipiality. price ;{llx:{0 Fancv S«piares. on sale, each... 35«^, 50<J Our $1.2.5 Table Uncns, Special $1.00 Yard. This win lie of inii'iest to all lh>u.>;ekef |M 'rs. We an- jr^'in,;; to sell the Iwst ?l.ll0 per yard Linen to W had. 7:: inih };rass Ideached Pure Lirirn Daniasic—^inaranleed absolutely pure linen; six swell patterns; ask for them. Pin Strijie \li>^; Fleiir de Li.s. JJuW Knot. Tulip, t'hrysantheninm. Plain Satin Damask Napkin.s to match. ISxl.S kound P.attenl»erg Doilies. L'.V fpiality. lAo sale jiri'-e, each I»lu Fancv Dn'sser ami Table Scarfs eaih..." 25f, 50<^ I. 2b% Reduction on all Millinery. 'Nuff Said. NEW YORK STORE Take note of our Prices in South Window. THE MABKETS REIVIiyNSO SO i COU.V—.Market, old steady, new 2c ' onda 27c. 'lower. Xo. 2 mixed, old i>2V^. new 4 (i; i HAY—.Marltcl, KIOW . Clioirc tinioth.v iNn. ;{, old .".1@.">2, new 46; .No. 2 white,,?lX..".or?i 14.00; clioico imiirie |12.r>ii^/ Old o4M:. new .'lO; .No. :!. old r .3f?.'i4, i 13 00. nilKAT K.\SKS OFF CK\T Oil TWO i IM)KK FJtKK SKI.I.IM; OKItKK.S. ! Ciittlr Striki' 11 Oiils ii Found in ('id<-uir». Hul HoKs Off a Few Folnts to lialiiurr. now 4S. Close-Uec. 43% ; .May 4r.%; ./Illy '-ft. 0.\TS—Market undianKcd. No. 2 white. 32J4ft';4; -No. 2 mixed. 'iW-'ij IlYK—•iult GTc i)er bushel. Iteceipts of wheat, 143 cars. nK00 .M CORN—$00 to $100 per t.>n. Lrud and SpHtrr. St. Ix)uis. Nov. 15.—Lead, market is dull at $4.."i'/ ;.siie!ter, Jiiarkct steady at $7.30. 1 Hy 111" Ass<"i.iti'<l t'ns.s) ^ <"!iicap". .Nov. — .MIIIOOKII Ifs.'; faMJiahIc wcailiiT in .\iBeritina and lin'iM'tionB of MnaUrr «(>rl^'.s sliiii-1 lurnt.': ltnui;;iii ut ^trenjith in wheat It turned ca>y under conimis-. Sinn hous-c scllin;:. Tlio openlnR wa.« ai ^liade off to - JKC HJ ). December started * ai S7'~ to -"(i, l-lijt!i <!ovin to '.8H )Vi ui>, and fell to %. ('birutro ("lose. WHK.XT—Dee. S7.May '.t3'.,; .lu-l IvXIti.j. 4VT^: May 48Vi; .luly i Ktim^iis City I.ivrstork. j City, .Nov. !.'>.—CATTI.K, re- 1 (el|its l .'iOO. Market stronR. .Native' •iteer..* $i! .".0?l 7.7.'.; cows and heifer.s $3 •'O'fiS.t'O; blockers and le«?dcrs $4.r.o 'H7.."iO: bulU $4.00?:i8..".O; calves $:..r,o ^ lo.oo. nous— I{efel |(t .s jI.oiiK. .Market Is I .steady. Ilea\,v'$T.i.'.^r 7.>>.".; imckers ' and I'unhers i '.CO 'ii '.S<>; light $«.no; ij 6.73. Local MarketM. Prodiielr quotations furnished daily by CoKhill Co'niniission Conijiany: miTTEIt—'.Jlc per poun<l. KOnS—24c per dozen. POtri.TUV-llen.s, 9H-c: corks. 4c; sprin^.s, S'-.-c; ducks, iir; geese, '.c; turkeys. No. 1, 14c; .No. 2. lOc; old tonis I3e; guinea!-, 2Uc eacli. DROOM CORN-$B0 to $100 ).er ton. HORSE lIIDES--$2.00 to $2.73. BEEP HIDES—10c. . Chinifro LhPNiork. Clii'.ago. .Nov. 13 —(•.\T7«^K. re- • (•eipis 3,rii'0. Market steady. Reeves i $.'..;j.',fi If/l.i.iT; .^tookpr.--: and feeders i ,$4.100 7.23; CO-.VS and heifers $2.73'5 , o')?),; M;iy 32^^; July 4.30. ( ilOCS—Ro<-cfpls 20,'M)<». .Market fg ; $is.fi3: May $18 30. -slow. 3 and lOo lower. Light $7.:'.0!^ ! LARD—Jan. $10.62»i; -May $10.32>i:.! 7.90; mixed $7.40^8 00; heavy $7.30: "S^M,!; pigs $3.00@6.90. COR.N—Dec. 4r>r. OATS—Dec RORK—Jan. "Tlie Judirnirnl." The.subject of Pastor Aliens sermon tonight at the Christian church. Siiecial songrs in keeidne with the theme. Every night lias shown decided incTPase in attendance and Interest. 11 last rations of son '.;.S; and Scripture are thrown on' the screen each evening. Invitation to all to attend. WRENHURT ON THE SLIDES CareleMs IVc of the .\PW i'laycronDd E <iuipnieD( I{p.«al(s in Same Ser. ious and I'ninfiil Injiirir <i. Kun!«us City Gndn. Kansas City, .Nov. 1.^.—Casli UTieat. market unhcanged to Ic lower. \o. 2 hard, S2@S6Vs: -No. 3. SuVi; -No. 2 red, 98^1.00; No. 3. 94@97c. Close—Dec. 79%@80; May S6%; July SJJSf k'tiniMU) Vltr Produce. Kansas City, Nov. 15.—BUTTER— Creamerj- 31c; firsts 28; seconds 26; packing stock 23Vi @23 %c. EGGS—Extra* 29c; firsts iS;. sec- Mrs. Dan Murpliy. of Toi>eka, who has been here visiting friends, returned bome tills afternoon. H. D. Olson, of Pittsburg, WSLS a business visitor {h^re this nunnlng. When tlie school lioard ordered thej janitors of the grade schools to erect ] i-eitain slides and play things for tlie of the scliolars. tlicy had no iliought of the plaything.-: injuring any if the iiupil.-'. rp until tlie first of !his week no acciclents have- occurred. !iut during thi.-^ week two boys have so injured themselves tliat one may carry his injiir.v ihruiigh life. One little :ellow fell from the toi» of a .<l!de. I lighting on his knee. The agree ] ti-at If the injury i.s nor readily healed. ;he knee maybe stiff forever. Still another little boy broke his ariii. while there arc brui.-es, sprains, etc, wliich occur every day. TUe arrangement of the slides are •a that the children must climb up a ladder to the rear, take hold of the slide.-, threw tJieir feet from under iliem. and—they slide. At the top of the ladder i.s wiiere mo=t of the accidents occur, although a number of children have been injured in sliding, by cutlng their fingers^ bruising theii wrists, etc. Some of the pupils have been so daring as to slide down the slides, backwards and on their backs. When accldonts occur as a result of this .vort of action, tlic children alone FflCK F.ITNESS i»ITII A KMFE. are to blame. If only the younger children of the .-econd and third grades • iisf d the i slides, the matter would be far different Rut all the grades use the .same slide, oftlme-s it is the larger and mora; i!aring, who are injured. The question now confronting the parents »>f j the injured are. shall the boys and i girls be restrained from the use of the _ slide,-; shall they be torn .down, or; shall teachers su|iervise the '•sliding'"? When these and other minor fiue<tioiy5 ! are settled, no more broken arms cr' knee caps will I.e heard of. F.ViKnill.n T.\LKKI> OF THRIFT.; "Manner* Rerominir a (^entlpman," • Snl«.ii'r| at .V <.M «mldy Titdny. It was good sized audirnte whirh greeted Dr. Milldh Fairchild at the I high school last night. The .subi''! : of ttie illustrated tslk was "Thrift." a \ery apnroprlate and well handUdj subje<t. Tills morning at the high ; sehml a?semblv Dr. Fairrhild savf i his lecture of "Manners Becoming a fJentleman.'" The si!bie<:t was exceed-j ingly well handled and the many apt! illustration^ were pleasing to all.. This evening the last lecture of th*-' fierles will be given. Th^ teachers of the city and surrounding country achools .ire especially requested to, be present, although no one will hc^' excluded. Surgeons Hit I'lifln a Ligical Treat, mrat for Embonpoint. New York. Nov. 13.—American sur- Z'-yns have entered the field of the beuuty doctors. They have found a •vay cf removing fat. The method is plain. They cjt the fat out. The oi>- eraiicn was demonstrated yesterday 'o the clinical congre.Kij of surgeons nl Xorth America by Dr. Ivcroy Brown an dDr. R. M. Kawlo at the Woman's Hospital. It was not-called "reduction of fat" in the m.-eting. Insteail they called .•t "lepto '0 "'y for rcdutidant abdominal fat." .More than fifty siirg<N|ins. most of them women saw the operation. If is i«ry simple. .AH you have to do is to cci a knife and cut a crescent shaped of fat from the atwlomen. It eoald be done at home, were it not for 'he prniiabili'y of the patient bl'ed- ing to death. riie fat is cut away the wound is sewed together and after the wound ha.-i healed th.e patient ha.s regained her stately shape. All physicians who perform this operation guarantee •lie fat will never return. While the inventor of the operation undoubtedly had only women in mind when he conceived the plan, it will be a great boon to bankers, multi-millionaires and bartenders —Get the WANT AD Hal>if r . Word has been received iiore that the city of Arcadia, Florida, to which .Mr. and ' Mrs. H dates recently tnoved, is troubled with the yelloTiv fever plague. -Mrrf. Arthur Co.'e. cf fhaniite, who . has iieen lierc visitinar friends ,returned home this afternoon. ! Mrs. J. Christy wh |i has been vkit- , ing in Kansas City returned home this morning. Is There Any Good =Rcason—= why you should not start that set of D I N N E R W A R E today? When you .see our patternsand prices we believe you will decide that there are Mighty Good Reasons why you should buy ^

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