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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 1

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 6, 1892
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2. HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, MONDAY, JUNE 6,1892. In many of these bonnes the people were confined, They could not escape for fire. Within sight of thousands who heard their screams they burned to death or leaped into the river and there perished by both Hood and fire. Such (i combined scene of destruction by two terrible elements was seldom witnessed upon thin earth. It is marvelous that from the valley of deatli any were saved alive. It is strange that out of this commingling of fire nnd flood any houses were spared. Harry MeVengh, who with Wade Unlinks. Win. Couch and Albert Smith saved a dozen lives in a skiff after the fire had all died off the creelc's surface, says that at the foot bridge at the head of Seneca street they found cloven persons clinging. "Their condition was horrible," Mild McVeiigh. "Their clothing was burned off their bodies; their hair was singed and the eyes even in some of them were burned out. "They clung pitiously to us as we took them from the bridge in our boat and the cries they sent np were heartrending." One of the heroes who gave his life for others was Wm. L. Stewart of 811- verlyville, a small village about a mile up Oil creek. When the disaster occurred, Stewart ran to his home in Sil- verlyville and dragged a boat to the water's edge. He braved the death that moved on the waters, and was one of those who helped drag people out of houses on the. banks of Oil creek and bore them to his boat in safety. A great wave of naphtha appeared over Stewart's head, a house cracked, and in an instant be was engulfed in a mass of mortar and flames, Helow, the riv. er stretched out a hundred tongues from above came a shower of timbers nnd plaster. He leaves a wife and two children. John S. Klein, superintendent of the National Transit company's shops, was instrumental in saving many lives by timely warning. He was near the tunnel on the Lake Shore roud when the pungent odor of the benzine borne on the breeze attracted his attention. Knowing that some accident must have happened up stream, or that a volume of oil was floating down the creek, he recognized at once the fear ful result that would ensue if it should catch lire. "Put out your lire and run for your lives, - ' he shouted running with all the speed he could mustei from house to house. Many took warning and fled to the shelter of the hills. At 0 o'clock this morning the (ire had burned itself out, and the burning oil bad passed away. The creek and river arc, however, rising, and much of this place will still further be flooded. Hut there is little left along the creek which the flood can damage. The fire has left nothing on which the waters may prey. The rising waters, however, intcrferred with the rescue of bodies of the victims. In Oil City proper, the fiery flood destroyed one milu of property along the creek on the west side Across the creek from the main portion of the city not a house Is standing; between 1 the creek and the hill not a vestige of life can be seen, except many searching for dead. Along the east side from the mouth of Oil Creek, for three-quarters of a mile, every building has been destroyed. On the east side the greatest damage is along the street. The searching for the dead was stop- THE CONVENTION CITY. Minneapolis Redeems Her Promise to Provide Ampin Accommodation*. M INNEAPOLIS , June 0. —For the tenth time in the history of the United States the representatives of the great element of the American people that labor topics over the non de plume of fitted to survive the ordeal of competi- "One from the Plow." presided over the tion. In all this, however, the suffer- gathering. At the outset of tho pro- ing Is confined to one restricted class, cccdings the following letter was while all others are indirectly bene- rcad, which had been received in fitted. The cheapness of iron is ereat- reply to an invitation to Prince Oeorge Ing an unequalled consumption of that of Wales, eldest surviving son of the staple, and the railroads are benefited Prince of Wales, and heir to tho, throne, through being able to make liberal im- The latter was dated from Marlbor- proveinents at much below the usual is known as the Republican party are ough House, London, and signed by rate of cost. assembling for the purpose 01 placing Major General F. I). Winton, comp- Taking the situation and the pr,os- n the field their representatives for trollerof theprlnce'shousehold: "With pects as a whole, we construe them as the nresidencv and vlcn-nri «ldi>m>v reference to your letter of May fairly favorable to securities; but at the prtsiaxncy and vu.o-prcsidi.ncj. his roya niighiiess, Prince George of .Ahe moment there are certain unde- It was in 185(1 in the Quaker City that Wales, 1am desired in reply to your vcloped factors which tend to hold the first body of Republicans came to- invitation to speak at your meeting of conservative operators in check; and gother for this purpose. Primaries >'"ue (!th, to say that the position he we therefore, for the present, counsel were oracticallv unknown in those occupies prevents him from taking any buying on drops and realizing upon were pracucauy unknown in those part ^ n ttnj . me etings which are of a moderate profits. HENRY CI.F.WH. lays, and consequently the gathering political nature, or which have refer- that named its standard bearers Frc- eneo to the. proceedings of the lcgisla- mont nnd Uayton was little more than turc of the country. His royal highness I feels sure that you will understand ' PICTURESQUE B. & 0. a mass meeting. Chicago was the and Johnson, which - nominated lljfthop Porry'K Impressions of Ills Trip to New York via Washington. • A lengthy article from the pen of Among other things he traveling eastward from this, and that he" has always taken u scene of the convention of IStiO, and deep Interest in the working classes which sent out to the country the and their welfare, and will continue to n. ev . William Stevens Perry, bishop of magic names of Lincoln and Hamlin; f^^^^^^^i Iowa, was recently published in the then came the Baltimore convention y Dur invitation with pleasure, but my Iowa Churchman descriptive of his of '(14 which named Lincoln speeches as well as my letters in the journey from Chicago to New York via that in Chicago newspapers are already too frequent, Washington. an( j and I am reluctant to add to them by avs . ,in n e r, ^ i , i , • • ut touching a subject which has been the "** ' , ., . ... Colfax, that of Philadelphia in ',2 with su i,-j 0C t o f several of my most recent Chicago, via the picturesque Baltimore Grant and Wilson, the Cincinnati gath- speeches in the house of commons, and Ohio railroad, finds rest and corn- Resolutions were passed demanding a fort in the vestibuled Pullman lim revision of tho land laws, tho repeal of itcd trains on which travel ii the game laws, and declaring that no longer irksome, but luxurious, every farm laborer in England should There are two of these trains daily be a member of the Agricultural La- from Chieogo, one leaving at 10:10 a. borers' Union. m. and the other at 2:55 p. m. It was on the morning train that we began WALL STREET. | our pleasant journey across the plains and over the Alleghanies. We had the Tim Financial und Commercial Situations I enjoyable anticipation of going via Reviewed by Henry Clews. | Washington, for the Baltimore and Ohio alone, of all the many routes between the seaboard andaithe lakes, cring of '70 which sent llajes and Wheeler to the White House, the memorable convention in Chicago when after a fight of unprecedented bitter ness, Garfield and Arthur were made the nominees of the party, once more more in Chicago in 1884 when the magnetic man from Maine with that gal hint warrior, John A. Logan, were named only to go down in defeat, and finally again in Chicngo in '88 when the present incumbent was chosen the great northwest, DotmH " look* a,i the ought—the weak, nervous and ailing woman. As long as she suffers from the nclics, pains, and derangements peculiar to hor sex. alio can't expect to. But there's only . herself to blame. With Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription, she's a different woman. And It's a change that can be seen as well as felt Tho system is invigorated, tho blood enriched, digestion improved, melancholy and nervousness <lis|>cUcd. With tho " Favorite Prescription," all tho proper functions are restored to healthy action. Periodical pains, weak back, bearing-down sensations, nervous prostration, all " fomnlo complaints" are cured by it It's the only medicine for woman's weaknesses and ailments that's guaranteed to do what is claimed for it If it doesa't give satisfaction, in every case for which it's recommended, the money Is returned. Can something olso offered by the dealer, though it may pay Mm bettor, bo " just or 1 goaT'f THREE CENT COLUMN, Advertisements Inserted In this depart ment will he charged for at the rate of one^ half cent per word; they must be Inserted for a cleilnlte number of times and paid for when Insertion commences. This rule will be strictly observed in all cases. w ANTED- press room WANTED Good, clean rags at the NEWS W ANTED—Agents to sell the Iluld for cleaning clothes. Apply 1127 First Ave west PROFESSIONAL CARDS! PHYSICIANS'. g H, S1DL1NOEB, Physician nnd Surgeon. Ofllcc over Sldllnger's drug store, telephone, 10; residence, 60. -offl D KS. STEWART, DR. J. E. STEWART. Practice limited to Surgery and Diseases of Women. 327 North Main. DR. R. A. STEWART, Eye, Ear, Throat and Nose. GlasSea properly adjusted. J. W MAQUIRE, M. D., Treats Eye, Mar, Nose and Throat Diseases Carefully. Office, No. 110 North Main. Residence, 00S North Main. J.° MALCOLM, Pliyslctlnii and Burgeon Homeopathic) Ofllcc 112 1st avenue east. B. T. WETHEHUY. rityftlchui und Surgeon. Diseases of women a specialty. Office in Montana block, First AYe.cntrance. J. L. CONN, Parlors corner of Main and First avenue, over Reddersen'.s store. J NO. W. Rooms: ATTOltNEVH. KOBERTsT Attorney ut T.H\V. it and 4, Mo. .'1 South Main. W ANTED— To sell one ot the best sections of land In Reno county. • •- - ' L ESLIE ft CRAWFORD. Attorneys at Law. Successors to Swigart ft Crawford. Penney Building, oppositeCourt House. Inquire at this onice. A bargain tf NEW YonK, June 4.—[Special.]—During the past week, the "bears" seemed I directly"to* Wd"Thrmigh "the we crossed the To-day the great northwest, repre- to take a new lease of power and for a Capitol city."'' seated by one of its leading cities, a .. . . , . , _ , . '.," ,„„ „,,,„_ nit, ».i,;,.i, nlthmifrh TO,™ is nl- time maintained ascendency. Early in "It was night when Sy ^i fofr ?eS ??ndu^, the week, London became a free seller ^W^W w^ch on this market, as some suppose partly are t he twin resorts. Deer Park and W ANTED—At once, good girl for general housework. Small family. Mrs. Elmer May, 404 Third Avenue cast. -pMJWARD A. HARRIMAN, Attorney at Law. Ottlce in Hutchinson National Bank bui energy and the hospitality of its citizens, welcomes with open arms and joyous hearts the delegates to the tenth convention of the Republican party. -yyANTED-Bjr aispe w lady wno needs and wants work, plain sewing, sunbonnets alspecialty. At 422 Fifth avenue east. tf ANTED—Two or three good men to sell ] nursery stock. Can make easily $100 M. WHITELAW, on "short" account, and principally on I Oakland. TheTasTnainedV a pretty ^iffiS'^IU^fff fii,id,n * *tt* Louisville and Nashville, about whose village, shut in by towering moun- '— — 1 - • "~ -A good, smart business man financial condition foreign holders arc tains. A pwtty ehurch tjl \° 7 {!j £ Btr 2', e W ^ith So 'far at least as present indications I sported to have received advanced in- Z^fftZ iXtho ennnJrv The Sl5T«V. f .f moun- ED- .. _. S200 or S300 capital, to take •-.i. i.i • x n * mv. i <wsou. an office for an old established gion with them into the country. I he firm. Best of references given and re This opened a new weak | handsome cottages grouped about the | quired. Address "D. R." NEWS office- tf walks and drives in A tpmnnrarv iniiinctinn is-1 cr y direction, the salubrity of the air, I \J Denver. Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago | A temporary injunction is | ^ tho coolness _ h , ch is obtained | and Cincinnati. Railroad tickets bought, 1 are concerned—and a large majority f orma ti 0 n. the 'ffround^n^lour City,°w it 1? the spot, to which the "bears" gave prompt hotel, the fine walks ami drives in ev- nuTUATES _, r „ Pueblo.Colorado Springs tne ground tut i lour wiy, wiwi luo r tBmnnr . -„ i„i„ n otinn is- cry direction, the salubrity of the air, {J Denver. Kansas City, St. l.outs, Chicago assistance of her twin sister, St. Paul, attention. A temporary injunction is- J coolness which is obtained aim Cincinnati. Railroad tickets bought, and ef the numerous summer resorts sue d in New Jersy against Heading when a ii the world below this elevation "P'k .'i 1 * kc .^ in her immediate vicinity, has fully a]sQ caused 6Qme se]U of U]at stock ig f(jel . the opprcssiveness o{ the ticket broker, opposite Midland hotel, -tit redeemed the promise to provide am- however was found to be well heated term make this an ideal spot "fjiVERY one In need of iniormatlon on the pie accommodations for one and all. which, however, was louna w uc weii Bnmmprin „. At , tho. base of the .subject..of advertlsln Everybodv who has so far come in has supported. " , " , , , —-:n i.„ _ .1 „4!11 . > Attorney nt I,uw, Odlcq over First National Bank. Entrance c - a Sherman street. •yjyiHTESlDE & GLEASON Attorneys »t LRVT, Offlcc, 1, 2, a, 4, over No. 24 South Main St. rjTAYLOR & TAYLOR^ ~ Attorneys at T^iiv, Office, up-stalrs, Masonic Temple. RAILROAD TIMETABLES. Hock Island. beenhoused and will be fed, and still | there is room for plenty more. At the West hotel are quartered the delegations from Arkansas, Connecticut, Idaho, Indiana, a portion of Iowa, Maine, Mussachusetts,NewHaraphire,a The professional traders I Ior summering. At the base oi tne S £ aln "£ J - c *o , py' „?'"DVok'Tor ^dTCrtTs 'era* 55! p .un.»»iuiiu.i 1 ,1 UU ^' N I mountains wo entered tile Potomac aus pages, price,one dollar. Mailed postage _ _ ig< S :lcc. Contains a careful e American Newspaper I paid some special attention also to vn i] eyi which was debatable ground paid", oFreceipt of Rock Island and Burlington and during the civil war. The streams and D 3 ,™^^™^ Quinev probably to offset the fields we cross, the ravines we thread, journals; gives the circulation rating of 7 j. ".i. n * i i • i _ i as we speed on to Washington, have every one, aud a good deal of Information fact of both stocks being very largely ^ ? . nKsociations bwith that about rates and otEer matters .pertaining to KASTWAllD. No. 22, Mail and Express No. 24, Night Express *No. 04,FrelghtAccommodatlon DKPAIITS. 8:50 a. m 0:50 p. m 11:45 p. m WESTWARU. No. 21, Night Express •No. Oil, Freight Accommodation. DEPARTS. 6:20 a. m 6:55 p. ia\ 2:00p. nt, oversold. These, however, were inci- int ernecine strife that pitted theJUue ^J^^SeSitl "Zin 's^c e st. • . . ii. .1 „ ~' > —' uiivcruftiuu nuui; nuvu IJI uivu UH V _J.JUIV ell 8 / portion of New ^ ork, including all the dents of n0 „ rea f mt rinsic importance, against the Gray. Across the moun- York dc-lcgatos-at-large from that state North Dakota, a portion of Ohio, Kbode Island, Wisconsin and California. The Nicollet hotel is entertaining a majority of the delegations from Colorado, Ohio und South Dukota, us well as the delegations from Delaware, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Vermont. In ample quarters at the Holmes hotel are the bal- the business of advertising. Address Row- • " "' New tf and the matter of chief interest in con- tains and down the Potomac we were nection with them was that the "bulls" S rectefl b y a constant succession of cii,r„,lri i,„™ «„„™u*„,i i« i most magnifleetit views which have should have permitted them to have g fti „ e d for the Baltimore and Ohio the I T OST the effect they had upon the tone of sobriquet of 'Picturesque B. and 0.' 1 JJ ml the market. On Thursday, however, "Our.route from Washington to New a change came over the spirit of the York "as via the Royal Blue Line of ,i.„„_ „, M „. ,,-„ „ rni, , i the Baltimore and Ohio which is coin- dream of the "bears." The leading p05ed ot the stalmcUest aml flnest it the Holmes notoi are ine Dai- seller seemed to have concluded that coaches, parlor and sleeping cars ever anee of the Iowa and New York dele- the "short" interest was growing quite built by the Pullman company, vesti- gations, as well as those dangerously large, and hence there ouled from en<11 ° e i'l, and protected . -. from Alabama, Georgia, Montana, ,„„„„ „„»„„„i v.. • i * by Pullman's improved anti-telescoping pel at midnight, but was resumed at Vermont, Utah, Washington and Wy- Wa8a ? eneral buy,n «f movement to dcvice . A „ th ^ ears are heatedy b J daylight. They are lying in the city oml The Louisiana delegation Is eover those C01ltl - a0 ^. News of a fa- - J hall and at the morgue cm the south divided between the Victoria and the vorable change in the weather through side. The scene is almost too much for st. James, while the latter house also out the great crop belt was accented endurance. Burned out of house and entertains tho second half of the gnui* crop oeit was accepted home and bearing no semblance to hu- ^'^Uns, anTthe Victoria gives aS a war f M « °^ inst bein ^ ca ^ ht inanity and in positions showing the s i le i ter to tne Colorado, Kentucky, short ' and that hem S the one condi- ternblo agony-before death came area North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee tion necessary to give courage to the few of the victims. and Texas contingents. Atthe Bruns- "bulls" the market stiffened at once LOST. A black Gordon setter flog, 8 XJ months old; has silt In right ear. A liberal reward for its return to the Missouri | raclilc depot. tf No. 21 runs to Pratt only. No. 2.'1 runs through to Dodge City anil Liberal. I •No. 04 daily except Sunday. " •No. 63 daily except Sunday. Missouri Puelllc. EASTWARD. Local Freight (dally) leaves St. Louis NIail (daily) leaves W. &C. Acc. (daily) mixed leaves. I-OK SALE. F OR SALE-About 50 tons of Ice. 117 N. Main street. J. Pickett. Enquire Ot WESTWARD. I Local Freight (dally) leaves I W.&C. Acc.(daily)mlxcd arrives Denver Express (dally) leaves.. I 0:00 a. mf \ 0:30 a.m. ',4 4:10 p. ml 0:45 a. 0:45 a 7:22 p. m' 1 I steam and lighted by Piutsch gas. I They are the fastest trains in the world, placing New York and Washington within five hours' reach. X7K )R S JJ mat STATE OF OHIO, CITY OF TOLEDO, I LUCAS COUNTY, ) FRANK J. CirENEY makes oath that he is the senior partner of the firm of F. IKY & Co., doing business in the | Toledo, county and state afore- F OR SALE—Old papers in packages of 100 for sale at the NEWS office. SALE—Large steam Singer Sewing machine. Enquire at this office. tf OR SALE OR TRADE—The" Zane "house and furniture, near Rock Island Depot. Wm. Mangold, proprietor. Ot F Watch new avenue. Cars run through to St. change Chair Cars to Denver free of charge is the short line to all points west. P. J. LBIMBACH, Agent H. 0. TOWNBEND, Gen. Pas. Agent. tt Louis without This Hutchinson & Southern. IOR TRADE—Lady's watch for good, gen tie horse, suitable for ladv to drive cost $40. 315 East Fourth *No. 2, Mail and Express tNo, 0, Freight and Acc'n..; AIUirVES. 6:25 p. m ll::i0a.m •No. 1, Mall and Express +No. 5, Freight and Acc'n DEPARTS 7:20 a. m, 2::i0 p. m. From various estimates it is safe to wickTre the MissTssippi, West Virginia n Z~{ tnn ^". ... BI ' ,, 15 ™« wnior say the loss in this city alone will an d South Carolina ^legations. The and took an "Pward turn. hhould J. CUKNEY & reach 200. Many have been swept pioridans are at the Windom The t,le weather reports continue to be of city of Tolec away and will never be found. When - - - - - • ,-1 ,-,!,_.,„ t _ snid. n,nd tin the Hood subsides it will reveal scores of bodies. At one point alone ten are known to have given into t^e burning delegates are concerned. The sturdy * nri n* tho iw „f ti,„ t, „ • Hood. None of them havo been founiL men6of Michigan have cone over to the d "" n S; " LE JFIRJS , T HALF ? F THE , WEEK CATAIUIH Curat The financial loss to this place is gf^ ™ ^^ul while the delega^ •twnffjh™"* ^ t f «»-eign exchange FRANK J. CHENEY, hard to estimate at present, but it will tion from A i aska Xrizonla, Maryland, ttnd that source of demand Sworn to before me and subscribed be over 31 ,000,000. Most of the houses Minnesota, Nevada andVirg ^nfa are ^"".Xfor thA,?™ Jni.^ 1 ^ P^senee, this 0th day of De- destroyed were owned by the occu- quartered about in private lwuses and g « lre ments for the June settlements of cember, A. D. I860, pants and were worth from W.OOO to Gildings. The Baltimore club has balaQCe , s - , The , se faote ha ^ to «ie A. W. GLEASON, 850,000. There were between 2,500 and pre-empted the Lalto Park hotel, Five ^ewl of moderate exporto of gold; [skal] Notary Public. 3,000 houses destroyed besides the va- vi8lt0 rs from Iowa have qua? ^ J ^ne excnanTes 0 hat 'Zlrea^Seen Catarrh Cure is taken interni now hotels, works and manufacto- ters on Tenth street, and an unusually ^^^i^l^^t}^^^}^ ly and acts directly on the blood and i large delegation from Cincinnati with ^jufof ^500,000 p «ou8 surfaces of the system Send F OR SALE—Two job printing presses at a figure that Is away down uelow actual _ _ _ value. Inquire at once at the NEWS office, he VYinaom. llie •• •- -—•--^--~ t r like i to sai"d, and that' said firm will pay the or write for description. tf^ four delegates from the District the same tenor, the market is likely to . HUNDRED DOLLAltS for T^QO SALE At W H Underwood's hog ,., o4 _ nv „|°, f , Columbia have the Beaufort respond in the form of better prices. cach and e ease o{ CcTAIlml that F ranth, two miles east of the packinl At one point alone ten are I a u t o themselves so far as Sales of stock for London^ account cannot be cured by the use of HAU.'B house^thorough-hred Poland CJ ^^plgs. OR feALE—Or will trade for clear property in or near Hutchinson, small, nicely Improved farm In Woodson county. Title clear. Address, Farm, 114 East Sherman street, Hutchinson, Kan. 6t F OR SALE—1,000 bottles of the lamous Elush of Roses for the complexion. It sellB like hot cakes [with maple syrup] In the winter and like soda water In the summer: J. M. Deam, proprietor Midland Pharmacy. •Dally. tDally except Sunday. Close connections made atHutchinson and Kingman with diverging lines. Atclilson, Topeka SB Santa Fe. In effect on and after May 22,189-2. WESTBOUND. % Leave Arrive Leave Trains. p Kansas Hutch­ Hutchf City. inson. inson, Denver_& UtatrVSx 5 10:45 a.m. 0:40p.m. S:40p.m California 0:40p.m. S:40p.m &Mex.)lm. 3 10:&5 a.m. 0:10p.m. l):10g.m. Colorado 0:10p.m. l):10g.m. night Ex.. 7 0:20 p.m. 7:45a.m. 8:05a.m. Freights... 30 .1:30 p.m. 3:43p.m. Freight 43 .1:30 p.m. 6:40p.m. 7':05p.m. KA8TBOUND. ries, George Stevens, a prominent mer- their bands chant here, says the iire was caused by N ew York Life building. Some | yeal . ag0i t he export of a few millions I a spark from a passing train on the fifteen hundred people have magnifl- of go ^ can Deama tter of littles^import- have rooms in the o{ banl ^ rcserveSl aga inst 87 ,500,000 a for testimonials, free. F...I. CHENEY, Toledo, O. Sold by Druggists, 75c. came in contact. pied by the various elubs. Some 500 j eut can on ly be favorable in reviving Mechanic street was known us a res- Q f the newspaper correspondents are t he f oreien demand for our securities, The Doctors are Guilty. Grave mistakes are made, by physicians in treating Heart Disease. The rate of sudden deaths is daily inereas- ine-., Hundreds become victims of the ,e loreign cieraano. ior our « U """.™J S OPttne e ol physicians in the treat- The supreme condition affecting the 1 » n ° ra 3'f, ?„ f, ' , 0ne in iour De r- F FOR BENT. IOR RENT—Furnished and unfurnished | rooms in the Woodard block. 153 F URNISHED ROOMS—101 Second avenue | east, third house east of Brunswick hotel. It idence street for the poorer classes | quartered in the New York Life build and was * * ' 1 "* Not a standing _ , ... loss of life occured. The fire and are quartered around at the various ho- flame was so swift in its destruction tels. The number of strangers in town the wheat crop are improving, bnt are i----- . „..„ si, ml i r i P - Arm that whole families were swept away cann ot be estimated, although people stiu B trictlv moderate. At the ness in the Side, (shoulder or Arm, before they realized that there was the accustomed to f^.^P^ff^^K 8 moment, it seems probable that in | JX^^ra^e PeD r.' " m I u TB" Ne^v F OR RENT—Section 6-20-5, well watered Good grai fenced. See A. M. tt it was a week ago. i?vr»o,.tntlnn R Irregular Pulse, Choking Sensation, Expectations as to ABt ^ matio Breathing, Pain or Tender- Attention, Ladies. , , . , . - , - -.- ' ~° momem, n seems prooaoie IUM IU r . OBrt riiseaHe Dr MileB' New If vou want neat Morning Wrappers Kfl^to^lhnffiSon^Tnd »°»?f ^«ons the crop may be poor g^X-^^onl^lSreiJSoy Sty/sh TailoJ 'S G™wn! or if &eet ly-five to one hundred thousand^ And while ra mosht may^rove to, an^to Thousands testify to its wonderful Dress, Handsome Tea Gowns. Elegant | cures. Books Free. Sold by A. & A. Drug Company. yet Minneapolis, with its long avenues a f ew really good; still, these proba- and wide roadways and spacious side- unties may easily change within a walks, does not appear to be over- f ew aavs f or better or for worse. The crowded in the strict application of tne j un0 Report of the department of term. Everything iB in readiness for a g r j cu iture will be forthcoming in a the opening of the convention. The low < j a y B) wn i cn w m afford more de- Mayor Hunt's Telegram, PITTSBURG, Pa., June 0.—The following was received at noon: On. CITV, Pa., June 0.—W. C. Connelly, Jr., Lleutenant-Colonelland Aide, , » JI—- — — Pittsburg: You can report to the | work of *f"O^t? 0 ^,^ "f, 6 " 0 „ om X,'L „, | finite data than anything yet forth- Sprlns Medicine. Dr. Gunn's Improved Liver Pills, on account of their mild action ore espe Evening Costumes, call on Miss E. A. CHURCH, | 324 H North Main, College Building, Boom No. Trains. f Arrive Hutchinson. Leave Hutchinson. Arrive Kansas City. New York Limited Ex. Chicago Vestibule Ex'ss Cannon ball Missouri river night Ex. Freights Freight i 0 ' a 30 44 7:50 a m 11:17am 8:15 pm 4:00 pm 8:35 a m 8:10 am 11:17am 10:01pm 1:20 p m 0:30 a m l:40,p m 0:40 p m 7:00 a xo.' Ohlcag-o, Kansas & Western Railroad. Hutchinson Extension. Trains. f Leave Hutch- InHon. Arrive Kinsley San Franc'co & Teaas Ex Ac 'd tion : 341 11:25 pm 8.20 am 12:50am 1:20 pm Leave Kinsley Arrive Hutchson. Arrrlve Kansas Ciqf.. New York Limited Ex Accom'd'tion 4 3i'. 5:00 a in 2:25pra 7:50 a m 8:10 pm 4:40 ma No. 3 carries through Pullman and tou Bleeping cars to San Diego, LOB Angeles Francisco and City of Mexico, thn > Pueblo, Coloradao Spr and Denver, making connections at Puebli No. 5 carries through Pullman alecpe: and chair cars to Pueblo, Coloradao Sjprini were seen adrift in the river and with story sky-scrapers to the little wooden Jarf^ wntii "thoBe ~crop8 have reached They act promptly on the liver and I wa "' the subsiding of the flood mauy more shanty Btores acroBS the river, from tn e earlier stages of development imT "' rifiA '' f '" m 1 bottl will undoubtedly bo found. Over one the mansions of the milling million- J}ut acce ptlng the most moderate cur hundred families are homeless. The aires, to the humble one and two Btory rcn t expectations as to the wheat crop, pecuniory loss is estimated at from homes of the working people all diB- the ncavv 8urD i UB i e f t f rom laBt vear $»00,000 to 81,200,000. The utmost play flags and bunting, in the aggre- ma y be expected to bring up the ex- good order prevails. At my request gate to such an enormous extent that no-tahle sunnlv tn aknnt avprao-i- di. |ol H «li .,gs P ordered out c /mpaSy D It seems as though all the available ^^^^t^^^^^Sd of _ J? Comm .ttea Su.o.Ue Sixteenth regiment, last night to pre- decorating material had beon called tne eorn cro „ and tn ^ ig tne { act Mrs. F. C. Boc, at Watkins, left this into use for the occasion. To-night w hieh weighs most heavily on the tetter: ''My husband—Forgive mo if I the great amphitheatre of the exposi- s tock market cauBe you trouble, but I suffer so. You tion building will bo formally dedi- n-i,., „„ n „,„'i ^ «,« n/mntro do not know what those long, wakeful, andColorado Springs with through sleeger Lake. for San Francisco and Portland, via. Salt 1 kidneys'drive out all impurities from both as to fit ahd finish. I most re- _ thebiood and malaria from'the sys- spectfully solicit the patronage of all | Dodge City and through coaches to Fuebh tem. Only one pill for a dose. Try who need my services, them this spring. Sold at 25 cents a I tox by C. B. Winslow, druggist. 5-31 , Hie Celebrated French Cure. serve order in case of need. W. G. HUNT, Mayor. Jlmtuwn Wiped Out, JIMTOWN, Col., June 0.- of coal oil started a fire out thiB town. The loss is million dollars-, insurance $250,000. One hundred deputy sheriffs have been sworn in and will protect tho town cated for tl,5 purposes of .the conven-1 ^g ^h^ttoif l"nd''^iT- f^^^X^?^ 0 ° " on _?y.?,?i'"^" 8 !^. , ^. tt i„:r 1,l „ C „ h *o?nla%ay be regarded as reasonably t^^t^^^to tokeT/ow5 McKmley. Agricultural luibor In Kuglund. LONDON, June 0.—One of the largest against attempts of thelving by per- -» sons who on occasions of this kind take | demonstrations of agricultural labor- advantage of the general distress. Whit Monday In UIIKIUUU. LONDON, June 0.—Whit Monday being observed on the usual elaborate „.,..i„ llnslness is pretty well suspend- prodiicts moved exceeds all precedent. _ our w l fe '... " ThiB is but one of thou- 1, though conducted with J^Stothat gives up, instead of using conservatism and perhaps generally on Miles' Restorative Nervine, and be- moderato profits, is yet active. Iu cer- "„ ,„„ „„'"-i „* ,i,„i_ v »i .<.*^i,«,i tain trades, there is an undoubted L"?. 8 ^ 1 !? ^f^K^r^f^t APHRODITINE" Is B OLD ON A -Anexplosion EI be=ria^e" n^icai ^sperouY Tl ^nerTase of raiiroTd ™«?- 1 " which wiped ercises. together with an oration by l ara i a g B shows that the volume of i^'i^L^Tn^ml I Le vou^' s about one Gov. McKlnley. nroducts moved exceeds all precedent. G ^^™\K b^t ole of than- at gives up, instead of using s' Restorative Nervine, and be- dlly cured of their wretched- „„.._„„„,„„„„ mnmluu otoA. & A. Drug Co and get Seminal Weakness, Hysteria, Nervous P TOB- .nt book and trial bottle free, a POSITIVE GUARANTEE to cure any form et nervous disease or any disorder of tho generative organs^ ot either aex/A whether arising 4 from the cioes- Blveusoof Stlmnlantt, Tobacco or Opium, or through youthful Indiscretion, over Indulgence, Ao,, snoh aa L*ss of Brain Power, Wakefulness, BeartD ^down Pains In the baok, !s ,, , . , , . „ , , over-supply of products, notably so iu neBa ; 0° ers that havo taken place in England t he iron trade, woolen manufactures, an ele ^ a, .,-__-_„,.^„„ „„„ wa lm . for many years was held to-day at Ilam and cotton goods In the. two former, Bright people are the quickest to f^ , ^^SSS^y M IS^A , & Hill under the auspices of the Soraer- the trouble is perhaps principally duo recognize a good thing and buy it. We t^intotT.^ ^b/j^ZzZi^t set and Western England Farm La- t0 tho , tiriff having drawn out in- soU f ol8 of bright pfoplo the Little » rt .°* . , bo - e ., 8 Union Over "5 000 airrieul- JJ -e^'l "»«»tinant in mills; but to Early Risers, rcIf you Sre not bright scale. Business is pretty well suspend- bore « Union. Over .0,000 agilcul t,ie public at large there is an these pills will make you so. Beam's od throughout tho oountiy, the banks turul laborers were present. George indirect benefit in cheap goods, Midland Pharmacy und other public institutions are closed Mitchell, fifty years ago himself an and to mcrchunts the advantage 11 aocordaueo with the law. and in tt „ ru .„it m ._i laborer, aud who for f "ceased sal"*, whilst the manufuc- _ e ggs' little giants -• • • •- * *•>••'""•••••''- 8 , turers—tho partii>-. ^sponsible for the ~ many years has beeu known as a pro- ov er-doing—-• "lit to the Jnevlt- floful festivities. llUc and able writer 011 financial nnd able pro<- Vut those least | A. J. Baumhardt, Beam's the most Safe, sure A WRITTEN GCABANTEE Is given for every 18 .00 order received, to refund the money If a l>uruianeut cure la not elJeoted. Wo have thousands of teatlmonlalB from old and young ot both sexes, who have been permanently owed by tho use ot Apurodltlno. Circulars tree. Mention paper. AddrcaB THE APHRO MEDICINE CO. 5? Wuhlngton St, 0B10AQO, IT-Ti, For sale by A. <fc A. Drug Co. No. 7 carries through Pullman sleeper ti edge City and through coaches to pu-" and Denver. No. 4 carries through Pullman and tourist! sleepers, also chair cars to Kansas City an*-" Chicago, also Pullman Bleeper to St Louis. No. a carrleB through Pullman Bleepen and chair cars to Kansas City and Chlcagol No. 8 carries Pullman sleepers and chalrl CA J5.J? Kansas City and St. Joseph, Mo. * GEO. T. NICHOLSON, Q. T. & P. A., Topeka, Kan. J. W. T KDFOBD, Agent Santa Pe Route. H-itchlneon. B OARDERS W ANTE] At the old reliable barn of J. H. M'CLURG, Corner of Second and Walnut, ad-' joining Brunswick hotel. This barn is neat and clean, having all boon overhauled and white washed, and is well ventilated, conveniently located and the safest barn from fire in the city. The proof of this is that Insurance companies give tho lowest rate of insurance on it than any. livery barn in the city. It is nlBo furnished with cliicti-ic light, telephone and water. UorsVwle- livered and sont for. Satisfaction's guaranteed to all our patrons. We also keep a few first-class rigs, safe single j and double drivers. Rigs and harness new. J, 11. M'CLURG, Prop.

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