The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on March 14, 1977 · Page 2
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 2

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 14, 1977
Page 2
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PACKS—NAUGATilCK NEWS (CONN.). TUESDAY, JULY 2, 1048 I'll . ,III.LI-.ILJLA-*.IUU-LJ-ILJ.JL..J L 1 B-gfj DREW Pf ARSON ON WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Journeymen Won't Get Lost; V J- Drew Pearson Says: Bilbo's Race-Hatred Appeal May Save Him; Ross Collins, Bilbo's Opponent, Helped Build U. S. Army; Trumans In-Laws Cause Head- ' Strike in Hartford Ends ,..,,!„ . Wn.fhlngton—Shut your eyes for n moment as you listen . sweating, gyrating, fulminating: figure shouting before you. You would. ) v.-.orc money! ~~ * " "~' ' "•--" • - Hartford, July 2—(UP)—One of tdo shortest strikes on record — which caused least inconvenience tc the public—Is ended. Journeymen barbers—who wont on Btrlkc yesterday morning: '— nn agreement late last A compromise was affected j 01 tween the Journeymen's union loiid tlo Master Barbers associate the i tj.jn which gives the Journeymen almost swear that It was tho Into Klngfish of Louisiana. Instead it is K!ngfl«h of Ml.isls.ilppl. Theocloro Ellbo, and he Is fighting for his lite. Whether in the United Stntca Senate or in the Delta Country of- Mlislsulppl, Bilbo in tho some. The voice la rnspinf? and tired. Ho looks I oltler, nna in older. But tho vigor of gesture Is still so great that the light jrrcy suit turns dark with perspiration. First live arms, then the- back, then the belt lino. The public wasn't affected by ?.he ii'ilk-out since union shops are •closed Monday anyway. "Srntl mo back to tho Sonnto," he ,'ihoutu, "and I'll uoo to it that Southern womanhood la safe. I'll protect our hornon from tho Invn- Hlon of Northern Communistsi and nlf,'frer,«i. I'll. .." Tho voice. rasp« on, ThlR l.i thi> third time In twelve yearn Bilbo nun atumped tho Stato tif MIs.Ml.talppI, pulllnKou-l'thn uumo MtopM on hla hmui-Qi'Knn voice, anc today will docldo whothor tho 'jl torntn of MlHSlHslppl will bullovo him once ngaln, Tho boyn In tho hackwootlM coun try nro not n» gullible as they ustocl to ho, and Bilbo l» having u hard- fir -tlmo (>[ It >hnn over boforo. The "pcoker-wootln" hn talked nbout no Hcornfully nrn giving him moro tcmblc thnn ho ovnr oxpyctod. But ono big bronk camo hlH wtiy, Th« Supreme Court declwlon tJiftt run votn In Democratic H, wnn duck-soup for Bll- ho. Dollboivitoly tincl «klllfully ho culled upon "rod-blnodod" whltn.'i to ncourgn Nogrocn from tho pollH. A thrcut of vlolonco, ho know, COUPLE KILLED Kooksett, N. H., July 2—(UP) — A JackBon, Mich., couple have been totally injured in a .collision in could not be Ignored In Washing- .Hooksett. Victims of the crasl ton. The Justice Department would I •.. ore Mrs. Gladys and hct have to take aomo action, which i S^isband Albert. The fatal acci- wou.'d play directly Into his hands, j ,-Umt occurred when the couple's give him a chance to harangue the I motorcycle was in collision with multitudes about tho "Yankee-nig- ) >,r; automobile driven by a Sun- In 5KICMMI ,vr— PIERPOHT'S flfini Siil'lr 100 HANK .MT A-inrrlrMii Funerals ilohn will bo hold to- iii'in-nv uftorno^n nt 2 o'clock foi I tin lutn .fotm Humphrlnii, svho cllntl jriviti'i-rluy nun-nln;; lit thd hotim of hlii utin, Hnn-y Humphi-lcsi, M Du vf.'i Mti't'ot, Is'ow Huvcn, SiirvlnoM will hn link! at tho Al- flrninn Ktin'trril f-tonm, 201 Moficl- avt fltrtiot, ivlt.h Rnv, Wlnlrud I-;. .LunKhoi-at, St. Michael's rucior, of- fl< Intlng. t-iuclal will bu In Grove i:rmetnry. Krlonil.1 mny cull «t thu funornl IIIIMIO thin nftornoon from 3 to 0 uncl tonight from 7 to 0 o'clock, Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 p cr" invasion. Bilbo may squeak through in to- day'ft primaries, and If ho docs this will be what saved him. Mlx«l«.«il|>i>l Merry-Go-Koiind Ablest Bilbo opponent Is ox-Con- gresHmun Ross Collins, >tho man who did most to build up tho Army in peacetime.... Collins, a member o' the War Department Appi'Opi'ltuionn Sub - Committee, j c.cuk woman. i 'Jraho, a conservative Democrat, T.?.ylor spent ten days before the ejection stumping- the state with a i?'.vjnd truck to defeat Gossctt..., 'Hie Kiwanls Club of New Smyrna, 3."u., which passed a resolution condemning Florida's Senator Claude Pepper for opposing the , , , forced tl«i Army to take on Us first .' < "' ff ' C ' Bl11 and the.Pr.ealdent's labor- flyln,-,' fo.-tross by putting flying- | '•• aft bi " ' ha3 Pulled in Its horns, fort! money In the Appropria- ' Railroad employes of the town told tlon Hill, Thon th- Army had to sjjond It... .Collins also Induced .the Army lo v ,.iy tho Christie tank bnck till thinking about horses....When Mississippi medal of honor winner, back from Italy, was feted by Mldflsaippl CongiT-=Hmon, he paid ,1'lbutu tn the fighting qualities of Is'ogrn tio-bpg In 'Italy. Hearing hl'i, Blbo cave, n harangue on his ifolong friendship for 'the Negro. ...Blllho pot his first taste of Washington as a. $6,000-a-year cllp- per-of-nowspapera In the Department of AKi-lcuKure. With 'it went two soci't-liirics and a, do hixot office. Ho .^;,ont most of bin time clipping poetry...The late Senator Pat Harrison got Bilbo the clipping Job. Later 'they became bitter cnomlnji nnd Bilbo cast the deckling v-:tn agnlnst Harrison when [ he wanf;fi! , to ' become Majority Leader or the Senate, ' Trunum'H In-Laws ] Not ulrr.ou tho Jays of Herbert ' Hoover ivtvo people around the .White House been worried about photograph."!. Herbert Hoover was nxtromoiy camorn-shy. raised caln when ph.-..t'>Rraphi5r» tried to get cln,'ie-ur"i. Mrs. Hoover oven Insisted up^a censot'lng photographs boron? th;:y wore published. Trie Ri'.oHovelt family were just tho opposiU'. So Is President Truman. Nut HO, however, members of tho Trtmmn farclly, Most sensitive phofoflrnphle cen.Mors In the Trumnn i.ntoui-agc aro his !n-!n"'n. Lust tlnin tho President visited Jiick.fin Bounty, .Mo., a newsman I who r, KM'; tho 1'rnman party nt the I ulrpoi 1 ! a,:iproncho'.l the Prosldent'n i brnthui'-lri-lnw, George Wallace, | and n.-MMiil. "Win i'. :ic nil rlg;ht to take one plRtlll'i) (>f tho gCCIUp?" "Thisro'li bo no pictures," snapped Walltico. IXelutar.t to ni-giio the point, tho reporter <intcrccl tho field .Admln- Istrution BMildlng '.o awnft the ar- rlviil of -.ho Kaci'oii. cow. Wallace r-ntorer.1 H.iortly thnironftor, "Wo de.i't Appreciate bulng fol- , lowed ni'C'Uncl," he snaflod at tho lews man. "f'm this r.n Instructions^" the nnwsrnnn rcturtind. "It's un fi;i- Nlgnmont, You'd do tha same K lwaninna that they . form an in! X)rttlnt P art °.f Now Smyrna, and Pepper was acting In the in In thn clny.i when the Army was { 'tcrost of tho town's working: people. resolution was withdrawn. (Copyright, 1946, by The .'Syndicate, Inc.) Ball Juttt In disc any of the fellows you know arc., -having a touj-ji time Jfeepinjr traok of their j^lrl Suznnno Rldgewny.' She's wear- friends, you mifflit supffest that they take a tip from film starlet Inp; a matching set of.. oarrin({» and necklace made up of tiny gold bells that thililc merrily us sho wuUiH. (International) WATERBUKY Charles Vcrcaaki, 31 of Golden Wl road app'cared in Waterbu!-y ?ity court yesterday on charges of 'ccklcss driving and violation oE .he rules of the ro<xd. His case was cpr.tlnuod until SaturcMy, July 6, .Jobf) dnaperi, ..24, .of. 14 Ncaglo street, charged with viojation of he rules of the road wsia also given T. continuance until July 6. Stanley ** New Scoutmaster Of Troop Seven At a recent meeting of tho Troop Committee, Stanley E. Dibble Jr., was selected to servo as Scout- muster of Troop 7, replacing Bob MacFarland who resigned the Troop's Leadership to enter Professional Scouting, ., . . ti .,' ; Stanley is the son '.of Mr.', and street. He is a grad'uatb of'Niiuga- i t.uck High school and has'12 years Mrs. Stanley E. Dibble, 13 Ward •of. Scouting Service to his cr.e/lit with local unif;]. His Scouting Scr- \ ce is a/j/'fbllows: ^cpiit^fn Troop 3 Cor : four years; 'Sea Scout for ono year; Junior Assistant and Assistant Scoutmaster in Troop 2 for sey.en years, . • v In 1037, Stanley 'atlcnd'ed the National Jafnbore* -at Washington, D. C, This jambprpe Syas held in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Scouting in America. During V/orld War II, Stan wns a Corporal in the 9th Armored Division and was in action in the European . theater. His Army service totaled over throe years. At the present time, Mr. Dibble is a laboratory assistant with U, .S, Time in Waterbury." , .. .. In addition to Scouting,'.Stan.has taken an active interest In church and civic affairs of the community. pcricnco both as. a.. Scou^ ah4 as a Because Stanley, hag. much cx- Scoutor, and has a wide knowledge of camping and! out-of-door life, he is well qualified to serve as Troop 7 Scoutmaster, . BAPJJtKB 1JIES Portland, Zilaine, July 2—(UP)—A retired Portland Investment banker is dead at his home after n. long Illness. Edgar R. Poyson was 89- ycnrs-old. For many years, ho was active in the civic and religious af- faixs of his native : city oX .Portland. HAS FLUFFY, FLOUNCY, FRESH HOMEMAKER Fitzgerald Funeral Home >• »i r r 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 G. H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 FLOWERS For All Occasions MELBOURNE'S FLOWER SHOP iso RUBBER AVKNUE T«lnpliono (5323 "What were you cloin,-!; o-Jt on tho "[ wns looking ncoun'/." "Well," concluded the President's hrothcr-ln-lmv, "tht, Secret Snrvico will run you off when they cot hero." Tho Secret Service d/'J. not iako the iiiimn view. When Wallace coi- noi'od ono of tho agents., the latter .'ihook hi;i head. Now amen am photographers, he Indicated, )r\d r right to ^'.K.y, The "(.ii'iitlonxim From ATI;. rf ._ • Them'.-) never a dull momcn;. In tho life of "Tho Man" Bil!x> ...Ho onco nnrvcil a Jail for c:nn tfmpt of court when Judge Edvln R, f-to;.rno:< ordered !iiir< to to.',t;fy In the case involving hh; old political o:Torny, Governor Russell Bilbo -vns shot a: by n ;;ea)ous t-nd Irate lady when Governor of Mississippi, The mark .of tJic bullcl is still In tho mnntolpice ".f,.tho G&v, ornor's mansion, Jun't behind, !ho Governor's Uosk, Some say, it was Mrs. Bilbo; others that It., was, n Jilted socrotary fttrs. Bilbo long ago dcciricd she couldn;t Uike It. Joe Tumulty, former secretary to Wood row Wilson, finally persuaded hoi- to avoid an unpleasant divorce and accept a sel.tlomont of ?30,000 .. . Bilbo kissed vtt a prosc- cutlo:: jigulnst him foi .embezzlement sornm years ago as follows: "fhc pro^ucutor uald I was guilty. »ome of tho, wltncs.'ics ankl I was guilty; bu; the jury ,boys and Hal<l I was Innocent.".This.alibi during hid first campaign-.for Son.'ito In 193-1. Ho was elected . i When BiHfeo,first came (•) Washing ton ho Ijoastod that ho had! used, the Civilian Conservation Cc,rps to. luy out n gol! courso.on his farm. "Mighty convoniont, I c^in 'toll you," he br«j;god to friends, Capital Chaff, ','>• '...'' Gcnot-oJ, ;i£dm.ur.d. Gi-cgory htis added jio.cncvny ox-Army officers to tho brdsjibats already in the War ttcally every top official- of WAA. has a mllltaiy title. So it wasn't surprising week when a good many Wc.r Assets employes foil for the ga<: linrtt Senator M-eMahon of Connciitlc-ut u-as preparing a now hill providing for civilian control of '\mwlsi .Administration. • • •Tdo nit f.f Senator Gilcn Tayl.or, •Idaho's former singing ccvwboy hus gono miy up since tho pHmary cle- foat c£ Senator Ed Gossott of .PRACTICAL Up to j;ow, '.here hasn't been mut'i'seersucker, but we're ouite proud of t.his new arrival beer,;tsc it's tji'o same quality we've always sold — just as spl't and fine''as anyGrajid- mother hail. W.,> can't think of a cooler cn:;emlilc i'or Summer than these — with dainty florals on a white background w^th extra full rui't'los. SINGLE ,BSD3PREAD •FULL BEDSPREAD V, DRAPERIES ..... : ' '. '• ./ •• ' ,.;'. .'• ' VANITY SIC:RT : .. •.. ' •" ' ' «C QC tDO.t/O 111 BANK STREET, WATERBURY Fred Baker, Jr. Makes Big Catch Fred Baker, Jr., the youngest member of the group of 25 members of the Naugaluck F/sh ond Game club. Inc., was a^irdcd first prize at the unit's annual fishing party, field yesterday at Cornwn 11 Bridge on the Housatonic river. He was awarded the prize for catching 1 an 18-inch brown trout, the biggest catch of the day. Harry Brozalt also distinguished himself by hooking 1 the heaviest fish of tho. day,'a small mouth bass, which jweljfhed four and one half pqujids. The smallest, fish,''4, seven inch broo'lc trout,', ,'brpug'h.t, ,'the booby prize to Josoph Valljiches. After the fishing contest, a hot-dog roast was held. Walter Gcaaeck was in charge of arrangements. "SHiNT TO'' Thompsorivllle, 'July 2—(U P)— James J. Hoar of Springfield, Mass., has begun a 60-day jail sentence after pleading guilty'' to; robbing a church poor box. The arrest was madx5.,by a.jpjiiti'plmp.n .-w.hp Up»<l himself in.'.St. ; Marjfai-jet's. ch.u'i-ch after rceejving- ( ,c6m.pjaj;ptj; 'from 'the pastor. Hoar is said, to'have admitted three raids on the poor box. The Extended •, ,,.... A, Weather Forecast For New England The extended New England weather forecast: Tho temper.itnre during: the next four days, Wednesday through next Saturday, will average the seasonal normal. Mod- crate temperature with low humidity Wednesday followed by somewhat warmer weather Thursday .in:) Friday. Cooler again on Saturday. Some normals for the period are: Boston and New Haven, Connecticut, 72 degrees;, Rhode Island, 72; Nantucket, Massachusetts, 66, Concord, New Hamp- shflre and Portland, Maine, 67; Burlington, Vermont, "0; JSastport, Maine, 53, and Greenville and Pres- quc Isle, Maine, 64. Rainfall will average about 2-3 of an inch occurring as showers by late Friday. ACCEPTS CAL.I. Cromwell, July 2—(U P)—The Rev. Edwin R, Carter hn.s accepted the. call of the First Congregational church of Cromwell. .Rev. Carter—a former army'chaplain—will preach his flrit sermon as its pastor next Sunday. STARTS Chicago'.July 2^ (UP)— field of 1G7 contestants uti today «n the national clay „: tennis championship* nt CM r "* Davis Cup players from ® the Philippine Islands and —as well os American rc lives—arc entered. Franklc or, the Vega brothers of nnd other Davis cuppers will to_ the Chicago tourney thrir American Zone Cup rt at South Orange, New Jersey MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE) OF BACKACHES ( ThU Old Tr«itm«nt Oft«« 1 Bring* Happy R.Ii.f 1 M»ny MlffM-em relieve ti««in quickly, once lhe»dli<x>vei- that Ui of th*lr trouble nay he tired kldncn The kidneyi arc ti»ture - n fhlet fi elpmoftptoplebuiftboutf BM po!«o may . nio PKlns. leu pnin», lorn oZpcp mid «i«tr tin« up nishm. ••wcllinir.-puffincN, , •canty pMingci wllh Bn«rtin« ud ftomcumcB showc tber« li fn wlUi your kidney, or bladder. Don't w»itl A»k roor drumrfit for Pill:, » nttmuln.nt diuretic, tncd by mllliona for ov« 40 ye«n. hitppy Belief •nd'KrfH'htJp tfc« kidney tube« ft uRh out pn;«on your Wood, Get Do«n f »Pflte. THAT KNOWS NO SEASON "Ashcraft" By Hey\vood-Wakeficld Fine designs, gay fabrics .improved construction ideas feature this new porch and patio furniture (bat's readily adaptable to year round use in recreation rooms, breakfast nooks and many other spots where ''expensive" furniture is ont of step. You'll like its "stocking - saver" construction , . . solid hardwood frames with rounded, smooth-as- tfl.-iss finish . . . that eliminates hazards to .slocking-.s and clothing in g'cn^rtil. It's so cool and light in looks and feel that it's hard to he-. Jiftvc it is- made from sturdy, durable ash. • S PC. Set . . . Sofa $ f and 2 chairs ...... » 2 Tc. Sot ... Sofa and Chair °° '92° S0£5 0 Chaise Ixmngc ..... *-*\f Squnfe Lump Tnblo Round r.amp Tnblo 2 Decker Coffee TuWo SO-IOT ^J? 13 25 S 14°° Step End Table ____ Cocktail Table ..... End Table ......... $0000 Shop From i>.:00 A. 'M, •to 5:30 P .M., Dolly ifi.-ft : INCORPORATED 91-99 WEST MAIN STREET WATBRBUBV

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