Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 15, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 15, 1912
Page 4
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J . THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, FRIDAY EVENING, NOV EMBER 15,1912. The lola Daibr Register llM loU Dally Record and tha leU Dally THE BEGISTEB PUBLISHIKG CO. CHA8. F. SCOTT. Pres. and Editor F. W. BREWSTER Manaccr Kntered at the Ida Post iff ice aa Second- Class Matter. AdTertlsInc Rates Made Known on Application. Official Paper City of lola. Official Paper City of Bassett. Official Papefof Allen County. I In a wcrd II was a man, not a I principle- tbi.t split the Republican I party.—sM aa great' party erer was jor ever will'be bulU up around a shouldn't they when they felt that) every Progresaive n^aa on the ticket under false colors, with no more real right to be there tfian a Socialist or Democrat would have bad? ^ The men who bolted th^Repubil- ^ ThPre Is another circumstance al-! can nominees for President and Viceso in connection with the late elec-' ?''^**<***°t little Hcense to call ' men to account for bolting the nominees for Governor and Congressman. I man. j tlon that must b-2 taken into account^ iAnd that is the fact that in every J State thousandB of ncpublicans votrU : for Wilson who arc just as good Kc- publlcans now as they over were. They that take the sword must not whimper if tncy perish by the sword. •UB8CRIPTION RATES. ^ On w fc was giv«i out after the election oSrMonth \\":.::.::;:::.;:.':::.\'4"cJIlS!''''*''y^ Roosevelt had 2.000,000 tpon* One Tear tt.oo^ cause they thought It was the only j votes tlian TaffL The latest retams One Tear, Insld? ounty.." »100 i sure way to defeat Roosevelt, and' show that his margin was in fact One Tear, ouUlde county t3.00!,ht.y regarded his drfcat .ns tlip para-•'i41.«2. Tnko away from that the TELEPHONES: i mount issue in the campaign. It was j ''^''•^ 300.000 men and f ^SS^n ^r-:::::::::::::::::::::: 12;'^-se votes for \vii«on by men whoi,, Job and Bindery Dc|it.^ Hi I felt there' was no show for Taft and i men and women who would have voted for Taft in and In South Dakota if ralRht possibly * ^"'^ electoral that a vote for him ......... elect Roosevelt, that put Taft in the th «"*""»8 ot ! second place.-and th.-.t is vastlv dif-' «cP"»'»«-ans In every State who voted jferent from having him put in ,he 1 surest and most di- CIRCi'MSTA^CES ALTER r.\SE.S. i S'-cond place by the votes of men who Mr. Scott wrote and^ printed in'''»d Penn.incntly left the Republican lola'paper: "If Roosevelt should have a greater There Is still another phase of the popular vote' or more votes in the! siH'atlon that must be taken Into «c- elcctoral college than Taft. in" all hu--And that is the general man probability the Republican party . ""sn'n^nt «f Political parties, in, would never hold another convention „ » P'"''nor place another National ticket In f-nse of popular government there the field." ,"!ire two great parties, and the funda- The Gazette is curious to lujow if ! ,„ental line of demarkation between. ^',:on"^rattiTaU'hl^ft;s f^^^ is.haf separates the rad-i party.—l^awrenco Gazette. • i™' trom the conservative. The Under ordinary conditions the slate . Democratic party since ISOti has ment made in the paragraph above ' been the radical parly In this coiin- rect way to defeat Roosevelt, and it i will bo seen just how much the Ke- publican parly lacks of being the third party. quoted would be true. Ordinarily it is a difference of opinion ujKjn some fundamental and vital principle that divides a party. When this is the case and when on a square tost with try. In the very nature of democratic institutions another party which merely tries to outdo its ridiralism can never beconle a great party except through the destruction of the The chances are that j;hc Bulgarians and Servians and Montenegrins are about as undesirable citizens as the Turks. But when a situation can't possibly be any worse there Is always a chance that a change may be. for the better. So here's hoping that Turkey in Kurope will be carvet! out of •'existence and divided up amoni; the nations that at least hai'e shown that they can bide their time and thi-ii fight when the time has come. He will be too discreet to say It again but It Is dollars to doughnuts the issue clearly presented, the se- Democratic party. The radicals can i/'"^ President-elect will wish ceding wing of the party shows great- i nnd In the Democratic party under j be knocked into a er strength Uian the wing that re- its present leadership, the reprcsenta- 1""""^ """^^ ^^"'"-^ mains, the original partv go^s out of : tion which [they seek. Why should „^h'^" Bryan consigned existence. That is the rule. I they go into another radical party? j 3ut the conditions just laid down ! Tho conservatives, on the other hand, • do not apply to the present I situation • the men who cannot subscribe to the hi mis o\er. So far as the Democnitic party is name Is concerned "Trouble." Hryan's other In the first place the split in the Republican party was not due fundamentally to a difference of opinion radicalism of the Democratic party, j certainly will not find themselves all home In a party still more radical.! upon principles. If it had been, the I They will of neccssltj-, therefore,: And this, from a I'tii^ersily Professor and in a I'niverslty paper: • I Professor Bushong says: "In order i not to be left behind, 1 left before it Got to the depot before which came in before the , . , , , , , train which whs behind which shouhl majority of the convention were de-. made for the principles of constitu-: ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^'^ couldn't be- termlned that under no circumstances I Honal, representative government. It I „„..._ .;.„ „. u.. scrap would have come in the Chi- j turn to the Republican party for It is cago convention over the platform, j 'he only party In the I'nitod States But the trouble arose over men. A loday through which tlie fight can be should Roosevelt be nominated. A! is the Democratic party, therefore,; minority under' the domination ofl^^h'ch the Progressive party must, Roosevelt himself, said it should be i erowd off the stage before it can find | Roosevelt or nobody. Everybody ' « permanent: place there, and not the knows that If Roosevelt had not been j Republican party, a candidate before the Republican ' Circumstances alter cases. The fore convention there would have been no going are some of tho circumstances bolt The difference over the plat- 'hat alter the general proposition laid form would have been compromised 'iown In tho paragraph under discus- In the usual way, somebody would ; sion., i cause the train before wag behind before it.' have been nominated who was reasonably satisfactory to both sides and the party would have gone Into the campaign with its usual solid front. It was the determination of Theodore Roosevelt to be the nominee of the When President-elect Taft went to Washington a few weeks before he was to be inaugurated Roosevelt was very much displeased abo^t it because It diverted the limelight from j him for a moment. President-elect I Wilson Is to be in Washington dur- i ing the Christmas holidays, audi President Taft will invite him to be •ills guest. That is the difference jDst come in tius store and compare the clothes we have here for yoa with what you have seen elsewhere. Compare the. styles and the values. Don 't hesitate to dd.this.; Yon'U not be imposing on us. You will he especially pleased with our line of ' Suits and Overcoats wc arc showing this fall, made by Hart, Schaffner & Marx Stein-Block and Society Brand ^ They Have Everything Else Beaten a Mile! They have more snap and go in them than have ever been put into Men's Clothing before. Don't fail to see the new models and colorings. Thej^'re all right, and you'll .'^urely be pleased. You'll get extra value without extra cost. Special values in all wool Suits and Overcoats in the n'ew novelties, all wool woi-steds and serges, the best values to be had in lola for '. $15 BOYS' OVERCOATS Fit him in one of our smart new Overcoats. All wool tans, gray diagonals, plain fabrics, collar buttons close up or lavs back. Ages 2'/, to 17. PricesS3.00 and up New shipment of nobby Imperial Hats and Caps—the. latest yet. NcAv [.location Building. We Pay Your Car Fare according Xo the usual rules. WHO BEGAN THE WAR! The Progressives kept the faith. the Standpatters did not. The Pro-; - - - . - - • - gressives voted the ticket, the Stand- ; Henderson Martin is not helping patters did their dirtiest to defeat ov-; jj^ Hodges' case any by talking about ery^ Progressive on the ticket. Can. ... , , . .J I the Republicans having "juggled th< -MRS. JV.M. AKCHEK. T .MOKE .MO>EY FOR RED fRO.S.S. P.urroll. Druggist. lola, Kas. : ing hotels in America," he ssaitl. "WV _ [ P. S. For ehildren'.s Kczenia, Snx" i iill must make the charge jind it i.; Tells .Mothers Wliiil lo Do for Itellcatc j .Salve Hs guaranteed truly wonderful, i I>eiter to be honest with our patrons | Fiie Thousand Dollant Sent for far* Children. SLAYER OK l'A>ALEJ.VS OEAII. 1 as tho caterers of "New York and Chi- ; ••.My fourteen year old ilaughter war- •' \';ry thin aiil delicate. Slie liail a nartv or to wrpeir u that was roannn- , th^r* t>o union again under such co:i- I '^.^ . * . .? „ ^ y ' ditlons.-J. I,. Brady in I^wrence ! returns." Wc don't juggle election !-o-"'at 1 l .e .^ame very mui. i Spanish Premier's A<]>sin .Made Statement Altout the Murder. I capo are and add five cents here and i j a dime there to make up the dencit." I Wa.^hington, >« ! O. M. Wilhite of p:mporia. said that I .$.'..1100 for the of Wonnded. So'v. sible for the bolt. Roosevelt himself; J^ilrtial. throughout his entire campaign, made With all good humor we rise to in- ! 1 ,35 on,, more vote than Mr. Capp'r no attack upon the platform of the quire who :t was that began the war? „n the final count he will be Govtr- Republican party, and everybody' Did the Progressives "keep th.- j nor. knows that if. he had been the nomi-, tv.ith" when they repudiated the plai-| nee of the convention he would have j form adopted at the .National conven-I Alice Roosevelt I»ngworih thougii' made the race on the platform that > lion and bolted the candidate nomi-|tiic Bull Moose was a glorious l>east was adopted and would have demand-; nated at th.-it convention? Did the I as long as it was carrying her father ed the support of "ail honest men" on : Progressives "vote the tick-.l" wh< r. : in the direction of victory; but It 13. —.\ second - r- - . i - . Balkan war wounded o make such a change in the coun- and sick—Sl.OOO for the Turkish Red , 'try hotels would be as ridiculous as ; Crescent and a like amount for thf, returns in Kansas.- If Mr. Hodg»'s "bout her health. S'.ie v.ns 1 Madrid. Xcv. 13.— The Jjodv of thi- charging an entrance fp« to the din-' Reil Cross soeietfes in .each of the f.^rx-u.>^^ and did not t-Icp well, had 1 Spani.=h premier. .lose Canaleja.=. was very little appetite and ilfxtors did n.; entombed in the Spanish Panthecn to- the ground that the Republican party , they openly opposed and .-.vowediy j would victory; but be interesting to know what was the only party that could be vot'-d against the head of the tiek'-i? she thinks of him now. since hf lias trusted to administer the affairs of; Who set the example of bolting" 'dumped her Congressman husbtuid the Nation in the interest of .the peo-i It is true that the standpatters ' into the discard, plo. Everybody knows also that if, "did their dirtiest,"—only tliat word ; . Roosevelt had died the day after In- does not apply to a campaign whic!i was nominated the "Progressive" ii:ir- was as clean and on as high aplane as ty would have gone to pieces lik'' .1 any ever made in Kansas,—to dcfe.Tt bouse of cards. every Progressive on the ticket. AVliy Clogged-up Bowels Menace To Health Conxtiliallun ut Itollnni of .Most Ser-' iouM Jllne>ses—Ainideil hy u Siiu |>le Uemedy. • ' Trace the origin of tJ»f coininoner ills of life and almost Invariably you will find that constipation was the cause. It Is not to be expected that a mat's of ferinented food ucn retimin In the system beyond its time without vitiating the blood and affecting the [ nerves and muscles. It congests the', entire body. The results arc colds, fevers piles j headaches and nervousness wits its accompanying Indigestion and sleep-1 lessness. There Is »only one thing to I do. and that is to remove the trouble: j and as nature seemed unable to do It. outside aid is necessary. - Vou will; find the best of all outside aids a remedy that many thousands are now using for this verj- purpose, cailea < Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin. Many hundreds of letters are lieceived by Dr. Caldwell'telling of the good results obtained, and among the letters have been very enthusiastic ones from Mr. D. W. Baker 204 W. 5th St. North Platte Neb., and Mr. James Bennett. 1042 Macadam St. Portland. Ore., who rely entirely on Syrup Pepsin in these emergencies. It has untold advantages over pills. Balt« and the various coarse cathartics and purgatives for while these do but temporary good. Syrup Pepsin cures permanently. The effect of its action is to train the stomach and bowel muscles to do their work nat- lually again and in a short time all " forms of luedicine can. be dispense I How does if hap|ien that piopl*- ! who do not know whlit they arc abort ; when suddenly aroused from sleip alwa.vs. have a revolver handy? Also what is the sense in anybody lugging a revolver to bed with them In a Pullman sleciM-r? IP her. Having heard so abOat " ^^'^ highest national honors Vinol, Idecidcd to give it a trial. P I The en ire nation is in mourning and lias helped her wonderfully. She can | ^" '.'^!'."ff,""? '"'.f'";:''-'^ ^."^ .-ic-!. an night now without cougaiu-; I l"'»d<-d m .Xfadrid until atter t..n tere- on<e. in fact lier cough is cone. H"ri "'V"-' • . , :;,.petiln is greativ improved and 1 „ ^.•^'f'"^ , "''"'t^'l ^d l.> h :s gained in weluht. VInol i.. a wr.n- i n""'" '^^ H;.".rh"n-.^iHles and rful merlicine and I will alwavs keep I I'Hnce Ferdinand pU .avaria. Infante, i: in tho hou>e. I wi.^i, even- m<.lher ;f •'l'-'';"- '•^'l'"/,' r ^""T hiiew w:,at Vinol will 00 for delic.-.l.-«o th- r.iUlren.- Mr.-. Wm. Archer, l>m-; • v, million persons i'rinr'i \ I istooil with uncovered hea<ls in tribute • T::is'delicate c..,l liver and iron j ''.'•"''Vr"""'" T!>" ""'""^'-s of ;.re,.aratIori without oil is a wonderful '"idomaHe corp.. and an officia. !. -!y I.nll.ier and Mrength creat.r f .r f'^'". 'T' , 7?, 71 / ;.o,!> yo.i-^^ and old. We promise to ""•"'^ attrnded the funeral uive back xour monev in evcrv sue', ' •^'a"""' »'ard<nas. the ass:.<.-„,. d .c.l. ;.H .e where Vino! A^s n t benefit, fccording to the ,K .lice. without piak-, •; •^ls shows <...r faith In Vinol. S. 11 f ^ The cxa~t motive. 'f r the deed, therefore, remain a in\.<- tery. i ing .room. , "ther cotintrie.=, Bulgaria, Servia, S. O. Humphreys, of Wichiia. stat-[ Creec" and Montenegro—wa.<: cal)Ied ed that th». comiM 'titir-n of railrond , liy the state Department twlay from eating houses for trade ol local pat- tiie American Red Cross. rons was unfair. •\Vr don't miurt ir.sir servin:; the Chaniite Tril.une: - E. H. Bussing, of traveling public but their Iwal com- riii.- city, traffic manager for the Cha- I^etition is unfair. Thry c.-.n buy sap- n-ife RefininK cf»rapany. is sitting in l)lip<i at r>0 per cent less th.iii hotej.^ , t;f.=.[eral granr! jiir>- at Fort Scott: can." . i 'iiis week The cnncfnsus of oRicUl DemocrHi-i ie opinion sereins to be that Presiden' I I Wilson should call a special session! I of Congress right away after thV i Fourth of .March to revise the tariff. ; If he does, that will be his Hrsf mis- C ; take. i Of course If the Governor docsn t ! fool like It the people will not Insist I on his issuing a Thanksgiving proc-{ lamation. The turkey will be just as j good and we can all be just as thank- j ful for our many mercies. MK. D. W. BAKER. If you bet that Roosevelt would not carry five Stales you have lost. It Is conceded now that he carried Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, South Dakota and Washington, and the i chances are he carried California, al- with. It can be bought without incon-, ,L„„_., ,L„, ,„ J„,.K. venlence at any nearby drug store for! '''""Sh that is still in doubt, fifty cents and one dollar a bottle, the > • •— • - —. latter size being regularly bought by; Of the twenty-seven States thus far those who already know its value. 1 reported In which Governors were Syrup Pepsin Is so mild and free | elected last week, eleven of thefn from any form of narcotic that It is given to tiny infants, and yet it will elected Republicans. Not very many. be found effective In the most stub- ^ sure; and yet eleven morr than born case of constipation: which has' v.ere elected by the Third Termers. resisted all other remedies. I If no member of your family has j Syrup Peiisin and Wtlh iM exception of Hadley, who ever used Syrup Peiisin and' you | wasn't up for anything, all the "Sev- would like to make a personal trial of! en little governors" who wrote the Jfrd7ug^"ff ^eSU%^Sr "aaYss'!!^|;*"^ re,uest.-went postal will do—to Dr. W. B. Caldwell,! **'r "P °e*P" 415 Washington St.. MonUcello. III., and a free sample bottle.will be mailed you. Results are always giiaran- toiHl or luoncy will IK) jffunded. —Xewen's entertainmente please everyone. Don't fail to bear blm. At Presbyterian church November IR. Admipaioa 33 fikl ^ .centa. BUCK'S Hot Blast Heaters will save you money, as they (Consume less coal and give you more heat. We have on our floor a complete line of Buck's Hot Blast Heaters and Buck's Round Oak Heaters Buy a Buck's—then you are sure to have the best. .MthES PIMPI.ES (;o. Kemarkiihle Hon /rnin Clears the Knre »f Pimples mid All Other Itlemishrs. Witli tlie finger U|>s aiiidy a lilile Zemo to Use skin, then see the piiii- l>Ies and I'lavkheads van'-h. Zen;! Is .1 Hqiiid. not a siiiear. leave* 110 Iritce. just simply sinks in and does the work Y011 will be astonished to find >o*- quickly eczema, rash, dandruff, i'c'i. liver simts. salt rheum and all rlher skin diseases arc cureil. ^ • Zeino is |iu; up hy the K. W. Ho .'-e j .Medicine Co.. St. l.ouis. .Mo., and i.~ | regularly sold by all drucrglsts at $1 < : for t?ie iaree bottles, but you can get i : :i liltenil sixe trial lioltle for only j ' renttt. And this trial, bottle is guar- I anteed. You surely w^ill find Zemo a : wonder. Grt a botfle now from How' ard & .Morris's drug store i « BREAD A>D BITTEK FREE. 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