Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on October 13, 1949 · Page 63
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 63

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1949
Page 63
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. 2 Oct. 12, 1949 !&>•• City GIob«.G*i«U«, Mason Cliy, la. Moch Agrees to Form New Cabinet Paris, (JP)— Socialist Jules Moch, a strong anti-communist, Tuesday shouldered the task of trying to form a new French government Moch accepted President Vincent Auriol's offer of the premiership. The coalition tinder Premier Henri Queuille resigned last week. To succeed, Moch must get promises of support from 311 members of the national assembly. Moch was interior minister in Queuille's cabinet. Coulter OK's $20,000 Bonds for Light Plant Coulter—Voters at a special election here Tuesday favored a $20,000-bond issue for a new muncipal light plant or a distribution system. Eighty votes were cast of which 64 were in favor of the bonds, 15 opposed. The Central States Electric company now supplies the town with current. DILLONS OCTOBER SPECIALS to moke YOUR dollars buy more . . . Thursday, Friday and Saturday Men's Heavy Ribbed UNION SUITS Long legs and sleeves. Just what you'll need for cold weather. Dillons REGULAR PRICE $2.45 ... $« .89 for 3 days ..,.,.,.».......,...,.,.,.=..-.-. * Buy a White Shirt GET TIE FREE Pick out a Wilson Bros, or Shapely white dress shirt, priced regular at $2.95 to $3.95. With the shirt you buy, DILLONS will give you any $1.50 Tie in the store, FREE! Special Purchase of BOYS' JACKETS Fall loafer coats and two-tone sport jackets in the lot. Sizes 6 to 18. REGULAR $8.95 TO $11.95 $.88 VALUES ... your choice M NATIONAL BUSINESS WOMEN'S WEEK October 9 to 15 "Boost your town, It boosts you" THE DILLON CO. 2nd Door East of 1st National Bank "OUR FIRST AIM IS TO PLEASE .YOU" : rameup Charged >y Churchill in Night Club Case Charles City—In a paid adver- isement in the Charles City Press Tuesday appeared the following tatement by Gordon E. Churchill, light club operator against whom i $75,000 suit was filed by 2 men vho claim he set fire to a night pot they were building 2 years go: "I am an American of the old chool. I will continue to resist 11 efforts of any individual, syndicate, group or groups to pur- hase the Castle club, or to be put nit of business by slanderous talk or actions created by such. "There are many kinds oi rames, like door frames, window rames and, just plain frames." Churchill stated to friends here hat several times in the past month someone in a car had at- empted to force his car off the lighway into the ditch near Chales City. The action against Churchill vas brought by Donald L. Robert of Cedar Falls and Wesley A. lobert of Charles City. The latter las a night club at the south edge of Charles City. $50,000 Loss in Wisconsin Blaze Prairie Du Chien, Wls., (&)— A ialf block business building went up in flames early Wednesday vith loss estimated by one of the owners at least $500,000. The blaze was discovered short- y after midnight in a 2-story struc- ure housing the 'Metro theater, a avern, a candy shop and a lodge hall. Within 20 minutes, it raged out of control, threatening the entire downtown district of this southwestern Wisconsin community of 5,000 population. At 2 a. m. Tire Chief Claire Mellinger said the flames were confined to the destroyed building and other Duildings were saved from all but smoke and water damage. StJoseph Nationalists in Retreat to Southwest Canton, China, W.R)—National- ist troops throughout the Canton- Swatow area reportedly began a huge retreat Wednesday toward southwest China for a final stand on the Asiatic continent. Nationalist governmental functions disintegrated in Canton to the roaring accompaniment of airplanes flying officials to safer havens on the island fortress of Formosa. Military commanders scraped together the last of their defense forces to brace a line 30 miles north of Canton in desperate efforts to hold open a funnel for the retreat westward. The new nationalist line was based on Yuntan, a station on the railroad 30 miles north of Canton. Rail authorities said trains were running no farther north than Yuntan. The withdrawal' corridor apparently was being held open for troops from Swatow, big port some 200 miles eastward which the nationalists appeared to be abandoning without a fight. Private reports indicated the communists have anticipated the nationalist withdrawal into southwest China and were preparing to strike there before the nationalists can dig in. A mobile column of 2,000 communists last reported by-passing nationalist forces on the rail line north of Canton was understood to have swung westward to slice across the nationalist line of retreat from Canton. Mistrial Is Declared in Tucker Case Chicago, '(/P) —Federal Judge Valter J. LaBuy Tuesday de- lared a mistrial in the multimillion dollar Preston Tucker mail raud case. Then he ordered a new rial to start Monday. He granted a defense request hat the week-old trial be called ff because a government witness •ei'erred Monday to the 15 year iriminai record of one of the de- endants. Defense lawyers said the estimony was improper and that t prejudiced the jury. Prosecutors promptly asked for a new trail and the judge agreed. CAUGHT IN WASHINGTON Des Moines, (/P)—The arrest in Everett, Wash., of an escaped inmate of the Eldora state training school for boys v/as reported Wednesday by the state board of control. The youth is Robert Olson 18, of Jewell, Iowa, who walked away from the institution Oct. 2 The original forest area of the United States is estimated at 820 million acres—nearly half of the country's land area. FALL DECORATING EASY with O'BRIEN SATIN FINISH \ FOR WALLS WOODWORK An eggshell enamel that combines the full rich quality o£ enamel with the smooth, glare-free beauty of flat paint. Ideal for walls and wood work, too. Easy to apply. It's highly washable. In fresh, modern tints. SHEPHERD'S FAINT & WALLPAPER 27-29 First'St. S. E. Phone 1362 PA Iowa's Com Crop Outlook Is Reduced DCS Monies, (!P) — On the basis of Oct. 1 conditions, Iowa's 1949 corn production estimate was reduced to 53 bushels an acre for a total yield of 585,067,000 bushels. The forecast was, of course, made by the government prior to Monday's damaging winds which are expected to materially reduce the 1949 Iowa corn harvest as a result of dropped ears and lodged stalks. The Oct. 1 estimate is down Gl Prisoner Tries Escape by Parachute Nashville, Ark., (fi>) —A daring young soldier named Pvt. Howard A. Shinneman may own the dubious distinction of being the first military prisoner to parachute 'rom a plane. Records on this sort of thing virtually are nil. \ The 23-year-old Clinton, 111., war veteran dived out of a C-82— commonly known as a "flying boxcar"—at about 3,000 feet over southwestern Arkansas Tuesday afternoon. The plane was carrying a crew and 10 military prisoners from Forbes air force base at Topeka, Kans., to Clarksdale air force base, Shreveport, La. The spectacular break was engineered, Shinneman said, to win a $5 bet he doesn't expect to collect—and for a thrill. He said he didn't intend to escape; but had planned to report to Clarksdale on his own. It also (1) earned Shinneman brief freedom—5 hours of trudging 5 miles over unfamiliar and muddy country a hunted man, and (2) created quite a commotion in these parts. Sheriff Arthur E. Hicks of Howard county and a "courthouse friend," as he was identified, captured the young fugitive by following rumors of a man in uniform cutting across fields and roads. The catch was made in Buck Range community, 5J miles southeast of here. Shinneman was brought to the county jail here to await military authorities. ' sharply from a month ago when Iowa's estimated 1949 corn harvest was placed at 56 bushels an acre for a total yield of 618,184,000. Back in July, before corn borer damage and lack of moisture brought declining yield prospects, Iowa's 1949 corn crop had been estimated at 60 bushels an acre for a total production of 662,340,000 bushels. Iowa's Oct. 1 soybean estimate Is for an average of 21 bushels an acre and a total yield of 27,405,000 bushels. This is a slight increase over the September 1 estimate of a 26,752, 000-bushel production. "Effects of nearly. 3 months of moisture deficiency in many areas are now shown by the relatively high percentage of small ears and shallow kernels, both of which measure only low yields," the Iowa Crop and Livestock Reporting Service said. "Corn borer damage and loss has been the most serious by a wide margin to be experienced in Iowa." 2ND LARGEST CORN CROP SEEN Washington, (£*) — The agriculture department Tuesday estimated this year's corn crop at 3,476,980,000 bushels, the 2nd largest of record. This estimate is 48,755,000 bushels less than the 3,525,741,000 forecast a month ago. It compares with last year's record of 3,650,548,000 bushels and with the 10-year (1938-47) average of 2,787,628,000 bushels. The indicated production of other crops compared with a month ago, last year and the 10- year average, respectively, included: Oats 1,321,075,000 bushels for October; 1,314,258,000 a month ago; 1,491,752,000 last year and 1,234,082,000 for the 10-year average. Order Mental Tests for Mason Cityan Danville, 111., (^P)—Judge Walter C. Lindley ordered a mental examination Tuesday for Cleo Trowbridge,- 24, Mason -City, Iowa, charged with driving a stolen car across a state line. The order was issued in district court at the request of Ray Foreman, U. S. district attorney. Trowbridge is awaiting trial on a Dyer Act charge that he stole an a u t o m o bile Thanksgiving day, Nov. 26, 1948, at Concordia, Kans., and drove it to Tuscola, 111. Foreman said Trowbridge insists he is insane. He and Joseph Ferguson of Concordia, Kans., were convicted in Champaign county circuit court last December of robbing Mr. and Mrs. Ray Craig of Ogden, 111., and sentenced to jail. Boone County Fugitive Sought in Adel Area Adel, (U.R)—The search for Kenneth Hulett, 24, Omaha, turned to this afea Wednesday after a man believed to be the Boone county jail escapee fled from Dallas county Sheriff Evan A. Burger. Hulett, awaiting trial on a charge of possessing burglary tools, sawed his way out oi his Boone jail ceii Monday night. Burger picked up a hitch-hiker here Tuesday on the tip of a traveling man who said he became suspicious after giving the man a ride from Des Moines. The sheriff said the man ran away from him as they reached the county courthouse door. Burger fired 3 warning shots, but the man failed to stop. Soybeans for beans 211,198,000 bushels; 204,207,000; 220,201,000 and 148,381,000. Sugar beets 9,882,000 tons; 9,865,000; 9,422,000 and 10,145,000. The production of milk in September was reported at 9,390,000,- 29 lowans Indorse World Government Iowa City, (#•)— Headquarters of United World Federalists of Iowa announced here Wednesday that 29 prominent lowans have sent congress a message indorsing world government. The message was sent to Rep. Kee (D-W. Va.), chairman of the house foreign affairs committee which began hearings Wednesday on a resolution for world federation. The message sent by the lowans said formation of "a federal world government with power to prevent war is now the most urgent task facing America and the world.'' The message described a limited federal world government with power to enforce world laws necessary to maintain peace as "the only logical solution" for preventing World war III. Signers of the message included: Robert C. Armstrong Ce,dar •Rapids; A. E. Augustine, Oskaloosa; Robert Buckmaster, Waterloo; Kingsley Clarke, Adel; A. A. Couch, Des Moines; David Dentan, Waterloo; T. E. Diamond, Sheldon; Ken E v e r h a r t, Des Moines. Bishop Elwood Haines, Des Moines; W. Earl Hall, Mason City; Byron S. Hollinshead, Cedar Rapids; Mrs. Hiram C. Houghton, Red Oak; Don Hutchings, Des Moines; Paul McCarville, Fort Dodge. Harlan Miller, Des Moines; Frank Nye, Cedar Rapids; J. C. Pryor, Burlington; George Olmsted, Des Moines; Gust Olson, Waterloo; Mrs. Dorothy Schramm, Burlington; Fred Schwengel, Dav- Too Early to Assess Com Crop Da mage Des Moines, (U.R) — The weekly weather and crop bulletin said Tuesday it was too early to assess crop damage caused by Monday's high winds. But even before the storm, the bulletin said, there was "plenty of reason" for farmers to get their corn cribbed as soon as possible. It said ear drop and stalk breakage were widespread last week and lodged stalks were numerous enough in many fields to slow down picker operations. Seven per cent of Iowa's corn acreage had been picked by last Saturday, the bulletin said, compared to 4 per cent on fye same date last year and 3 per cent in 1947. Warm, windy weather continued to reduce the corn's moisture content and "much of the corn is dry enough to store safely," the bulletin said. It said some corn has now been cribbed in all sections of the state. < Soybean combining was reported two-thirds completed by the end of last week. . . 000 pounds compared with 10,546,000,000 in August. Production in September last year was 9,124,000,000 pounds and 9,102,000,000 for the 10-year September average. Production of eggs,in.September was reported at 3,576;0'00,600 •com-' pared with 3,853,000,000 in August. This compared with 3,516,000,000 ^ ,« in September last year and 3.004.- IC//Z t/i<? enport; Forrest Seymour, Des Moines. C. M. Stanley, Muscatine; Woodrow Stingley, Cedar Rapids; Mrs. C. M. Strawman, Anamosa; Devere Watson, Rabbi Irving Moines; Judge Matthew Westrate, Miiscatine. Council Bluffs; J. Weingart, Des 000,000 for the 10 year September average. OLDSMOBILES NlTT ew has Everybody uturamic Talking Everybody's talking it—everybody's frying it! The Oldsmobile "Rocket" i« the most enthusiastically received engine in motoring history! More than a million people have driven a "Rocket" Oldsuiobile in the past year—and each of them is telling his friends all about it! "Rocket" power! "Rocket" smoothness! "Rocket" quietness! "Rocket" economy! "Rocket" teamwork with Oldsmobile's Hydra-Malic Drive! There's a Fnturamic combination of everything you've always wanted in your car's power plant—a driver's dream come tmiel But don't take our word—take the wheel and find out for yourself! Make a demonstration date with the Oldsmobile "88"—lowest-priced "Rocket" Engine car. Soon you'll be talking that way, too— "ROCKET!" ''ROCKETF "ROCKET™ Nehru Starts on 4-Week Tour of U. S. Washington, (U.R)—Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru of India started out Wednesday on what he calls a 4 week ''discovery of America" tour. The Asiatic leader made George Washington's home at nearby Mount Vernon his first stop. He also planned to lay a wreath on the tomb of the unknown soldier at Arlington National cemetery- Wednesday night he will be guest of honor at a state dinner given fay Secretary of State and Mrs. Dean Acheson. After 4 days in Washington, the prime minister will leave for New York on the first leg of a trip that will take him to Boston, Chicago, White Sulphur Springs, W. Va., Knoxville, Tenn., and San Francisco. He will make 2 brief side trips to Ottawa and Vancouver, Canada. Nehru, spiritual and political heir of the late Mahatma Gandhi, arrived in Washington late Tuesday aboard President Truman's special plane, the Independence. He was feted at dinner Tuesday night by the president and other high ranking American officials. GETS CHURCH POST Sterling, III.—The Rev. Harold Dorrance, Iowa Falls, was elected superintendent of the young people's department of the central division, ' Open Bible Standard churches, at the annual meeting of the denomination here. Radio Beam WEDNESDAY NIGHT NETWORK HIGHLIGHTS ABC—8:80 tone Ranrer; 7:00 Amaslnr Mr. Malon*; 7:30 Sherlock Holmes; 8:00 Barlt Karloff; 8:30 The Croupier; 10:00 Lawrence Welk; 10:30 On Trial. . ' CBS—«:M Clnb l«r «:45 Edward R. Murrow; 7:00 Mr. Chameleon; 7:30 Dr. Chrlitian; 8:00 Grouoho Marx; 8i30 BInf Crosby; 9:00 Burns 'and Allen: 9:30 Capitol Cloak Koom. MBS—7:00 Can YOB Top Jhls?; 7:30 In- ternationa] Airport; 8:00 Scatter- irood Balnes; 8:30 Family Theater; !):00 Mutual News Reel; 9:30 Dance Music. NBC—7:00 This I* Your Life; 7:39 The Great Gildersleeve; 8:00 Break the Bank; 8:30 District Attorney; 9:00 The Bl( Story; 4:30 Cnrtaln Time. PHONE YOUR NEAREST OLDSMOBILE DEALER Phone 5500 ZENOR MOTOR CO., or visit 25—2nd St. S. E. KSAAN 1000 WATTS 1010 DIAL Your First Choice In Daytime Listening Pleasure From 6:15a.m. to 5:30p.m. 4:00 P. M. Requestfully Yours Presented By MARCON BALLROOM Wednesday P.M. 4:00 Baseball Scores and News 4:10 Your Tome Town , 4:30 1490 Club 4:45 Columbus Day Skit 5:00 B Bar B Ranch 5:30 Tom Mix 6:(H) Fulton Lewis,. Jr., New* 6:15 News 6:30 B, A B. Temperature Quiz 6:35 Gems of Melody 8:45 Sports HI-Llte* 7:90 Reflection] in Melody 7:30 Gabriel Heatter 7:45 Melody Time?:l>3 Bill Henry, News 8:00 Scatterrood lialnes 8:30 Family Theater !):00 Cecil Brown, News 9:15 Mutual Newsrerl 9:30 Palnls Royple Orchestra 10:01) News 10:15 1430 CHib 10:30 Vet's Club 10:55 News 11:00 1490 Club 11:55 News 12:00 Sign Off Thursday A.M. 6:00 Jerry Smith Show 6:30 Fnrm Frolic Time 6:40 News 6:45 B'arm Frolic Time 7:00 News 7:15 Reveille Rhythms 8:00 News 8:15 Tell Your Neighbor 8:30 Your H«me Town 0:30 B and B Temperature Quiz 9:35 Mid Morning Melodies 9:45 Do You Hemembcr 10:00 Boyer's Billboard 10:15 Your Marriage 10:30 Against the Storm 11:00 Kati Smith Speaks 11:15 Church Notes of the Air 11:30 Waltz Time 11:45 Gabriel Heatter Thursday P.M. 13:00 News 1Z:15 Luncheon Lyrics 12:30 Radio Farm Journal 1:00 Queen For a Day 1:M Listen Ladle* 1:45 Musical Moods J:J5 Grain Reporter 2:22 News 2:30 Bob Poole Show 3:00 Tea Time Tunes 3:15 Marvin Miller 3:30 Hoe Down Party 4:00 SporU New* 4:l« Y«ir Home T«w» 4:30 "1490" Club Rope Ladder Clue ... (7 p.m.) A hidden rope ladder provides a strange clue for "Mr. Chameleon" in the death of a beautiful woman. Dr. Christian . . . (7:30 p. rn.y.A little girl with a broken leg helps Dr. Christian mend a couple of broken hearts in "Angel With a Black Eye." Bet Your Life . . » (8 p.m.) The fast ad lib- bing of Groucho Marx keeps tha contestants off balance in this crazy-quiz show. Bing Crosby ... (8:30 p.m.) Songstress Peggy Lee joins Bing in old and new hit tunes and the Rhythm- aires and John Scott Trotter join in on the music fest. Red Letter Day ... (9 p.m.) All is confusion when a circled date on a calendar starts both George and Gracie planning surprise parties on the Burns and Allen show. Columbus Day . . . (9:30 p.m.) The Mason City Council of the Knights of Columbus present "I Saw Royal Standards" a drama of the death, of Columbus. Daily Schedule For KGLO + KGLO-FM Wednesday P.M. 5:00 Accents on Music 5:15 Clear Lake on the Air, Clear Lakt> Merchants 5:30 Cart Mass*y and Martha, Tillon. Miles Laboratories, CBS 5:45 Time Was 6:04) News, P. G. * E. (Minahall) G:15 Sports Camera (Suter) 6:30 Club 15, Campbell Soups, CBS ' G:45 News, Edward R. Morrow, Campbell Soupi, CBS 7:00 Mr. Chameleon, Bayer Aiplrin, CBS 7:30 Dr. Christian, Vaseline, CBS 8:00 Groucho Marx, Elgin American 8:30 Binr Sinus, Liffett A Meyers. CBS 0:00 Burns & Allen, Cecil & Presby, Inc., CBS 9:30 I Sow Royal Standards 10:00 News, Vance Music Co. <M!nshal!> 10:15 Something Old—Something New 10:30 Great Moments in Music 11:00 News, CBS 11:05 Noro Morales, Orchestra, CBS 11:30 Larry Fotlne's Orchestra. CBS 12:00 News, CBS Thursday A.M. 6:00 Sing On, News 6:05 Morning Rouser U:SO Farm Reporter, State Brand Creameries, Inc. (Randolph) G:45News, Mid-Continent Petroleum Corp. (Mlnshall) 7:00 Rhythm Roundup. Carlson Cora Cribs 7:15 On the Farm, Allis Chalmers C*. 7:30 News (Hilton) 7:85 F«n at Breakfast, Sweetheart Bread 7:45 Sports Scoreboard' 7:45 Top of the .Morning 8:00 Keep Time With Damons 8:15 Holsum Headlines, Ilolsim Bread (Hilton) 8:30 Yesterday'* Music Cool Spring Canning Co. 3:45 Bine Slnjrs, Mason City Globe-Ga- ictte 0:00 Todny in Osare, Osafc Merchant* !»:!«! Bible Broadcast. Radio Chapel !»:45 Kitchen Club. Perfex 10:00 News Direst, Jacob K. Decker * Sons (Kew) 10:15 "Tater" Quiz, Hiland Petato Chip* 10:30 Grand Slam, Wonder Bread, CBS 10:45 Bob Clausen Show 11:00 Wendy Warren, General Foods, CBS 11:15 Betsy Rots Serenade, PfaH Baklnf Company 11:80 Helen Treat, American llome Products, CBS 11:15 Our Gal Sunday, American Horn* Products, CBS Thursday P.M. :00 Today's Market* :OS The Man on the Street, PHtthard Motor Co. :U The Old Timers, North Iowa C«Ops. :30 News, International Harvoctcr C*. Dealers (Hilton)' :45 Farm and Home To»l« TIM, ti. Pad Livestock Market :0fl The Second Mrs. BirUm, General Foods, CBS :15 Home Town New* (Palen) :.HO This Is Nora Drake, The T*«l C*. CBS :4S Mystery Melody Gam« :«« Arthur Godfrey Time, CfewUrfUM Clfarets, CBS ! « £!! nl Jenn y. L«»«r Bro... CM :45 Hilltop Henie, Miles LaboraUlit*. CHS :»« News, Holsum Bread :05 The Old Philosopher :15 The Bob Clausen Show :9% Arthur Godfrey Tlm«, Glass 4:15 Tlm«, t;S« Arthur Godfrey Time, 4:45 Rent Review -'jr.

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