Covina Argus from Covina, California on January 9, 1909 · Page 3
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 3

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 9, 1909
Page 3
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P- ....... .__ local Events, The Rev, W. E. Crabtree of San Diego was the guest last Monday of his sister, Mrs. W. Q. Cunley. Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Reid of Los Angeles were guests last Sunday of Mr, and Mrs. H. M. Houser. Messrs. Steeln and Rowland Jiave returned from u business trip in the oil fields near Bakersfleld. Miss Amanda Flora of Los Angeles was the guest of Mrs. G. W. Hepner, the past week. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. A. Price attended the Tournament of Roses at Pasadena on New Years day, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Beatli were guests last Saturday nud Sunday of Mr. and Jlre. Wilson of Los Angeles. Go for your home made bread, p'.es and cake to the Ladies' Exchange at Hull's furniture store on Saturday, January 16, 1909. It Mrs. A. A. Cilley of Cincinnati, Ohio, who is wintering in Pasadena, is visiting at the homo of Mrs. E. P. Warner and other friends in Covina. Mr. and Mrs. N. D. Mussey returned last Friday from a ten days' visit with their children and friends in Los Angeles. Dinner guests last Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. N. D. Mussey were Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Watts and Mr. and Mrs. Ben F. Thorpe. One of the best thots to dwell on after the day's work is that Premier blend coffee will always be as good as it is today. W.W. & Co. Win. Light Griffiths, Sr., uncle of Mr. Will GritDlhs, with bis wife and children, were dinner guests of the latter on Thursday last. Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Preston were guests last Tuesday evening of Mr. and Mrs. Gco, Dillon oE Pomona. Mr. Preston became acquainted with their son while in Mexico. There is a peculiar, inexpressible something about good coffee that brands it to the partaker. Inferior coffees never have it. Premier blend has. Try it. W.W. & Co. The dishriot deputy, Mrs, Elledge and grand marshal, Mrs. C. E. Crawford, of the Rebekahs, went to Pasadena on Tuesday evening to install officers of the lodge- there. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Mason and daughter May, of Masonville, Colo., are guests of their niece, Mrs. Oscar Miller. The young lady expects to spend a year iii California. Mrs. Matt Chilton spent a pleasant day last Saturday in El Monte visiting Miss Addie Meyae, the postmistress, and her sister, Mrs. Fannie Lewis. Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Cushmau entertained at dinner on New Years day Mrs. A. W. Cushmau and son Earl, Ruth and Imogene Arthur and Mrs. Annette Crawford. Mr. John Smith of Salt Lake City, manager of the Tampico Fruit Company, of which G. F. Preston has charge of the nitrus department, will arrive on Monday to visit Mr. and Mrs. Preston. Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Leo entertained at a family dinner on New Years day Mr. and Mrs. Robert Baldridge of Los Angeles and Mr. and Mrs. John Baldridge and little eon of Coviua. Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Phelps and daughter, Miss Margaret, of Rialto, cousins of Mr. T. E. Finch, were dinner guests on last Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Finoh at their hospitable home on W. College street. The Misses Beatrice arid Winifred Wilkius, who have been spending the holidays with their aunt, Mrs. A. R. Evans, left last week for their home in Highland, taking their cousin, Phyllis Bruujes, to spent a mouth. A good attendance was fin-sent at the monthly meeting of the C. W.W. M. of the Christian Chuicb on Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. R. J. Pollard. Mrs. C. E. New Ian was leader ft r the afternoon, which was devoted to a diHcus-sion of the different branches of the society. For the past two weeks Mr. and Mrs. T. K. Finch of W. (.'...liege street have la-en entertaining the former's cmibin, Miss KJizuhelh Young, ami her two daughters, the Miscca Margaret «md Ida, touriit.s from M<jrrj.*ilowij, Tt-nii., who are .^pending tbe winter in California and ou the I'arilir c.->n-A. Tlii'ii \isit i» proving ho i,learnt that. Mi-n Mar^an-t exi-ecli to nidke tLi-> sta'«- her future home. Th.-v are no.v V..iitiug v. iih friends in hi.ilto. W. W. & Co. 's pastry tastes better than it looks. New cook stoves at Hull's second land store. They are peaches. Good pastry tastes good and doesn't joit you. That's why we are so particular with W.W. & Co.'s pastry. Bert Orr of Kiugman, Arizona, was a midweek guest of his uncle, I. M. Hartley, last week. The Woman's Guild of Holy Trinity Church met on Thursday afternoon with Mrs. I. I. Cook. The young ladles' needle club met ou Thursday afternoon at the home of Miss Augusta Sanders. Mr. Johu Lough has arrived from Berkeley and is visiting relatives, Mr. and Airs. A. R. Evatis. Miss Maggie Earley of Los Angeles was n guest of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Brandt the first of the week. Mr. and Mrs. j. A. Ennis spent two or three days this week with friends in Red lands. Mrs. Stell King and daughter of Los Angeles were guests on Wednesday of the former's aunt and cousin, Mines. Spencer arid Coltrin. Mrs. C. H. Beaty and children have returned from Santa Barbara, where they have been spending the holidays with relatives. Rev. and Mrs. D. L. Miller of Mt. Morris, 111., were entertained at the borne of Mrs. Minerva Hepner on last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Finch of Fullerton were guests of the former's sister, Mrs. G. F. Chemberlen, on last Sunday. Mrs. S. J. Schwarzwalder and son Malcolm of Chicago, 111., aie the guests of Mrs. Ada Rcckard and daughter of West Center street. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Overholtzei and children of Lordsburg were visiting relatives in Coviua on last Sunday. The Epworth League will hold a Ladies' Exchange at Hull's furniture store, Citrus avenue, cm Saturday, January 1U, 1909. It Many of the little annoyances of the day might be overcome without a tbot of worry if Premier blend coffee is a requisite of your bill of fare. W.W. & Co. Two young ladies who hove been delighted with new pianos for Christmas are the Misses Myra Burpee and Lilian Douglass. Miss Burpee's is a Kurtzmau and Miss Douglass's a Kiugsbro with player attachment. Mr.' and Mrs. Otto Suyder and baby Donald, who came to spend the holidays with Mrs. Suydei's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wru. Overholt/er, left Monday for their home at Coachella. Fill up your cup, mnke it a bowl; even then you will leave the table with regret, if Premier blend coffee ia the beverage in question. W. W. A; Co. G. W. Wilson of Fredania, Kansas, arrived in Covirm last Saturday and is staying with F. W. Carter in South Irwindale. Ho will locate here. Horace Bernis, who was a New Years guest of his brother, C. E. Bomis, left last Monday on an excursion of the Mexican International Laud Company, to look at land in Southern Mexico with a view to possible purchase. Mrs. Pauline McCay and Miss Ida Reppert of Iowa City, Iowa, are tho guests of their old frienriH, Mr. and Mrs. Job Trout. Miss Reppert and Miss Mattio Trout enjoyed n pleasant ride over the balloon route on Wednesday. The two story eight-room house, tho residence of the late Geo. Smith, purchased at the auction wale at tho high school on Monday by J. L. Matthews and J. fJ. Reed, ban been moved to a lot owned by them on East Center street, near Citrus avenue. Mr. J. Hickford of LOH Angeles has rented the five-room cottage on Kant Center street belonging to W. Q. Custer and will move into it at onoe. Mr, iJiukfnrd is well known to a large number of our citixens and he and his family will receive a cordial welcome. During the month of Januarv, the meetings of the Primary Teachers' Union will be held at the Methodist Church each Tuesday at 3 :1 0 o'clock. The teachers of the next three lemons are Mrs. Jennings. Minn Douglass and .Miss ("tier. Those inter.-stfc'l are welcome. II. J). Madison has sold out. his | ice cream |.arlo,s and caud.v stoic to '('. J;. (.'mi,ruins of Los .\iiKei'--. Mi. ; (.'uriifiiiin and family have, -inin-d I in (,,'c.ui.a and taken f,(.hei'. L .sii.n ot | the t.ii-ii;'-^. Hi- i-, an .- •.j,.-i jei.ccd hand and i-, det«-i ::,n:. .--d \,i u.aintain i the high n-|ntali-.n which hi- {/•• I dec'.-ss-.-is l.a'.e • 7tahii.-h<-d. OUR AW: Warner, Whitsel & (o. Home's Grocery Pomona Sanitary Laundry Mr. Jack Fletcher returned on Thursday to Berkeley. Mr. J. R. Butler and sister, Susie, of Los Angeles, were guests on Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Pence. The Mieses Pomeroy and Malrs were house guests of Mrs, W. H. Collins part of this week. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Whitn of Chari- ion, Iowa, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Willoughby laat week. Why worry and fret, and run the risk of being disappointed by cooking your own pastry when you can have W. W. it Co, 's honie-mado pastry? Mr. and Mrs. Ben Coons of Los Angeles and two sous cnKel ou Mr. and Mrs, John Coolman last Sunday in their Winton touring car. Dr. Tborno and Mr. and Mrs. Wullor of Los Angeles were guests >f Mr. and Mrs. F. II. Fnbrick on Sunday last. Tho Rev. and Mrs. Harry W. White were guests two days this week of Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. MoLaohiin of Minneapolis, cousins of Mr. White who are wintering in Pasadena. Tho Woman's Homo Missionary Society of the M. E. Church, met ou Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. J. D. Reed. To the surprise and delight of the ladies, delicious refreshments were served. Members of the Methodist Church mot yesterday afternoon to clean up the church premises. In tbe evening tbe workers wero entertained with a dinner given bv the ladiew. The wedding occurred last Tuesday evening in Pasadena at tho hoaio of the bride of Miss Grace Metcnlf nnd Mr. Edwin White, brother of the Rev. Harry W. White, Tho ceremony was performed by the Rov. J. A. White, lather of tho groom. Mrs. Jas. A. Peters and family and Miss H. L. Davis, tho daughters of Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Davis, liavo been visiting theif 1 parents over the holidays. Miss Davis will leave for the north the first of the week. Tho Womans Missionary Society of the Presbyterian Church will hold its meeting Thursday, Jan. 14th at 2:30 p.m. Dr. A. W. 'Halaey, secretary of Presbyterian boatd of foreign missions, from New York, will address the society. Ho will also address a popular meeting at 7: Thursday evening. Subject, "Foreign Missions." Misa Alioo Wynne, piano instructor, of Pasadena, who has been coming to Covina two clays each week this fall and winter, is now a resident of Covina and may bo found at tho home of Mrs. J. L. Matthews on Fridays, whore she has her studio. Miss Wynne is a pianiate of conaider able nole, being a nnpll of Calvin B. Cady of tho Chicago Conservatory of Music. JEROME REYNOLDS REAL ESTATE ! Orange Groves, City Property i ! Walnut and Alfalfa Ranches CAI.I, ANP UST YOtJK I'KOl'KKtY Office with A. M. Pence, Reed lilk. COVINA, CAL. IRWINDALE. Mrs. Duke and won Harry of LOH Angeles are guc.Hts of Mrs. Allc< Sloano of Cypress avenue. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Perkins o Indianapolis, who have been visiting the Hostetller family, left last Wednesday for LOH Angeles. ICd O'Toole of LOH Angeles was here this week looking after his property interests. The Misses Sears of Santa Barbara are guests of Mrs. and Mins McKih ben. K. C. Casad and family and L. M. Swallow and family were guests at a Now Years dinner at the home of their uncle, H. Cauud, of Sierra Madre. Mr. and Mrs. John Hasty of Well. ingtoti, Kuns,. are guests of the Int. 'tor's brother, J. M. (Jrane and family. ; Norman Anderson left last Tuesday 1 for Coos Hay, Washington, to visit his mother and daughter. I Mr. and Mrs. Win. Jiiddick wen- 'New Years day guests of Mr. and Mis. Daniel Meud. Mrs. Clara and child s|.ent New Years day v, ith relatives in Pasadena. Mr. and .M/s. Craig M.:< ,'nll<,ni;h of Denver, who hav- t.ei-n \\-itlinf, fri«-;;-l« here, have lehiined to ihi.-ir home in th<- ')').'•! .Mooie of J'a-.adena v,i re •Atitk end quests at the Wai.e/hoij-.e c or Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous. Implements at oily prices. C. K. Morris, Tel. A/.usa A. tf For Snlo--Good driving horse. Phono 157. For Rent Furnished room, Third ind Cottage Drive. 1 IGp Wagons and buggies. C. H. Moris. Tel. Azusa 4. tf Fresh oysters, 20o. a do/ou at n renshaw's Grocery. Furnished room to Rent—Enquire at l'2i West College street, Covina. Cow Melons For Sale—82.00 n ton. No better feed for your stock. F. M, Chapman, phono 01. tf Now sowing mnohino to trade for horse or for other furniture. Hull's second hand store. Wanted—-An night room, furnished or unfurnished, closo in. It Mrs. D. E. Huff, Oiango street For Sale—Pickled olivcn in bulk. Address C. II. Coffuian. Phono 101. l-10p Furnished rooms for rent. Apply to Mrs. Martha Hibyuh, Cottage Drive. tf For Rent—3 rooms, singly or en- suite. Furnished or unfurnished. Dr. Bates. OYSTERS--From this time on we will carry fresh oysters in bulk at 20o a do/en. Crenshaw's Grocery. Rooms to rent for light housekeeping— Apply to'Mrs. Allison, West Dexter St. t f Place your spare cash in tho Covina Valley Savings Bunk, a safe investment at 4 per cent. Good B Hut cornet for sale. Address GUH Rcidrriillur, A'/uaa, Cul. 1 Op STRAYED OR STOLMN Bork- shiro sow. Suitable reward for return or location, Riggins Farm and Ranch, Covina, On I. For Sain-—Orange wood. 811.00 a cord on ground and 812.fjO delivered. R. Anderson. Azuna phone 42117. The Southwestern Brokerage Company will buy your oranges for cash. R. 0. Simpson, agent. Ofllce with California Citrus Union. If For Sale — • A fine thoroughbred coll, 9 months old. A bargain if laken before .Inn. 11. H. J. Hem niiigs, W. Hadillo street, opposite Kpisoopal Church. lip Wood For Sale Good, dry, Hen • Honed eucalyptus wood, 111 per cord. Wood piled on Lark I'M Ion ranch, San Bernardino road. Ben F. Thorpe. Telephone 40I!7. 1 !) The best test of character JHII trial. There lire other good coffees with names and reputations, but are they as Knod JIB Premier blend? A tesl will tell. W.W. A Co. j Eggs for Settings- -Thoroughbred j White Leghorn, White Minorca arid lilank Minorca, 7 So and 81.00 per i setting. Mrs. J. Wheeler, Cypress j avenue. Phone l(l!)8. I) lp Wanted \ find clnss 20 orange grove in hearing. Some Valcncias. Description and lowest, cash price to J. H. MatthewH, Co- vii.a. j WANTED List your orange, loin : on and walnut groves with me, at once, giving full description, terms, j/ricB., etc. I have buyers continually for good groves. i'l'.KDO. SMITH. ;'i.'iT Chamber of Commerce Bldg., i'asadeim, C'al, I lp l-'(.il! HALK One hay horse, weight llOli Jhff, fi year.'i old coming hprlng. , Perfectly gentle, absolutely true, lo pull and very hacdfcomc, Will sell reaiouahle or hoy a n.ale. O. O. ' Kincaid. Home Phoi.e ',1. 1 ] *i Kit/.'ieiald '•• Hni i V of Pasadena loan moin-y on innchen and imj.iov e.rl ;eal i-slati; at lov.i--it. <'Niri-nt ntli-n. Write i.i telephone them at Pasadena or call up J. V.'. Picntiss, C'ovin.j phone '1 1'! 1, and a.-k h< huv a repro .sentativi; • 1 the HJIJ, ri,l I MI you. It There are Shoes and Shoes Hut OUK SHOES art.'shoes tli.-H wear. Our fa nous NAI'-ATAN shoe for working' men, lihick or Ian, plain toes, cap toes, blutchers or bals, are g'tiiinintocd waterproof. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money h;icl<, f.l.Oi). f;!..SO and $4.00 per pair. Covina Peoples Store (iNCOKl'OHATltn) Medicated Mud by any Name is Medicated Mud There arc several medicated muds as good as Anti- phlogistiue, made in the same way, from the same mud. But Antiphlogisline came first, is a registered name, you know it best. Do you know that it costs most? Do you know that Kaoplasm is One of the several others, not a substitute, but the same thing, made the same, from the same kind of mud, but costing less because the selling price does not include the premium on its name. When you need a mud application, try Kaoplasm. SEASON KOR DECIDUOUS TREE PLANTING (let your trees now of Armstrong (ovina nurseries Peach, Apricot, Plum, Apple, Walnut Half a million Eucalyptus Trees ready for planting. All kinds of berry vines. We can supply anything you wish in the ornamental line. CAM, US HY IMIONE OR COME IN AND SEE US Home Phone 125 222 East College St. AN OPPORTUNE TIME The beginning of a New Year is a good time to start your business on a systematic basis. We would suggest that yon deposit your money with this bank subject to check. By paying all your bills arid obligations by check you will be enabled to keep an absolute record of all transactions. Kills paid by cin-ck stay paid. The Covina National Bank Capital '*>.vi,>/'"'' (IAS Safo arid ibJe Ki lei

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