Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on September 17, 1944 · Page 6
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 6

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 17, 1944
Page 6
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SIX SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., SUNDAY, Stil'TUftlUbK n, l»« Carles Scrapbook Family Doctor Aguin I Fear During Epidemic* Hancock Had iS'otfii Four John Hay* Haimmmd Dr. l[. MrComi^'CarfiJT H. C. MrKiiihVs Work -————-By FltANK LEE CAHL- ' experiences and often, with limited him to go hence. The end came a;and rock that came iiorn the tunnel akin to appendicitis and In which'THOMAS H. MORGAN j who practiced at GraiUsviU*, be facilities and under clrc-iimstances few clll vs after that. . wns hauled down toward Meyersdaie at times we used a iiglu form of WRITES OF OLD DOCTOltS;f ore going to Cumberland, bui \'' ei n'</oi*v > n t r-nnt niAiir * - ... •*» *i most iidv«T.-!i'. He emerged from sit- ivilOTE MY ING PATIKNT'S VVU.Liantl used to make fills across the i!»iions with .success thai uimost WHICH STOOD COURT CONTEST: hollows. H seemed tfcat the bordered on the miraculous. Dr." • »crnis came from'this dirt and "M" H t n Twisg's home w«a the old Flint- In his story of his life he said;a short time there was a terrible!*°^° n1 ' to * P^*^ r> "" that stone hotel, which has remained in- he went to cal! on a. man once, and [epidemic o f fever. !occasions i auenaeo. cases insi ,_... ,, _ .._ .,.„..., ».i_ i_._ ._ ., ^ surgery in treatment. ••*- ihnsp rinv<; ft rinctor was suo- Thomas H. Morgan, one Of Prost-jJ those days a doctm was Mip -^^ oWest flnd most act!ve ciu . was , n Barton for will check up. you will find hr . Thnc .-e?m to w a real Hough! a wide window in the old zens, who has always been interested In matters historical, writes as follows: "I have been reading Carl's Scrup- •Riid have derived a pleasure from much published. In your September 10, before locating in Cumberland. "I trust you will give us mo ,,. history of Allegany county, v we came to Barton in 1812, i six years of age, Dr. J. \V. Piper u-j'.j the resldentn physician and L>. M Gibson Porter was the dotui' at Lonacoiilng. Both of them treat- for mo, in my youtlidil <Jay?, I)r. Viruinlu.s W. Oayle home, now . UK. A. II. HAWKINS' TRIBUTE TO DR. HKNRV W. MrCOMAK in Irxik uixjii our lainliy doctor a.s I he liorno <">l Dr. Homer E. Tablcr. Hit KIV:»T «-,-• t mmi In ll«: wurlci. In-nliPr? Ihe lovers hnii stood lookini! Dr H,-. nrv \y McCorims died April Kunriii', .••olirxil I was taught the out Into the mooniiuht. He would | 0 _ 1939 a i the'u^e of 74 honored fXi.sU'iHP of :i hell with phv.-k-.u! .-••em .to he overcnnw by omoiion lormsiT. and for ct«rnily. We •••ill- <•" these vlM';-. what the man had to say and! t lme the only medical practitioners' .then went to his office and wrote! in thc valley, We had to meet some- the will. I was a witness to the. times and discuss our problems to- dictation of the will. The patient . A. R. P. Carr, ed me for an Injured haud In 1813 •• i 11 i »i -n he could sign the will. u ethe r. Sometimes it became necessary to perform small surgical , «»« :i\'II. WAR VETKRANS iti.itiij.-3 linn nc ,icr* v cu uo juajrui ui ^ninti ,& .;ii At this time Hancock had lour Oakland. In his profession his repu- L > o ^ of ^ doctors. Dr. Gayle. jusi mentioned, tiiion was state-wide and his pop- n inii.-i-ieti Ella, daughter of the hue »Unty was commensurate. At, the W Henderson He later " me of llis death, Dr. Arthur H. .„ in KIUIS.I.S "cit'v. meetini; Hawkins, a distinguished surgeon, .••re rim wicked? An.^t-r. i-'i-w: «,tti much .success in his practice".'i»« "tV- l v '" d wno lie, .-teal, curse, swear, nrofiine H:." h":!v :•;;-.".•• h-".::;'c hi: "'if? ::', lr ' t " 1 ' f * rr '" *'"'•*' fimi-nrfni-o^- rhf S:ii>bi.fii Dr»y arm tiUobey their St •nidmaT"Episcopal churchyard* "Dr. Henry W. McComas saved piumus. • Ra.sf-r sins, .such us ninr- H niicock. ' many lives. Many were the times f!<r. coieiousness and idolatry, wcro M .,,,,.^,,., ,-„„. A~.,^,... Hl Ihul Ur. MeComus rode 75 miles to see j i\nd >.h<>re -.vas no mlnrinu tit word*, of shr c.itfvimm which, we . flu 1 crux mic.itlonri and ; iollow: Who lire tho:-« who mt to hell at ("ii'/rip" • ip, nil 1 .' A MS we r. I he WK-ked. Who, i,, r n'pii bv his profession. He was'for manyi S< ? me °! .j he '\ eirs contested the [operations and this was always years one of Oakland's leading clti-'* 1 ". And . !L W f h '" C wh( F e i difficult. /.ens. Always busy as a practitioner. Ji.^'iVl.r.f.f ,i "rfl, unrt f r , e , clTr "l "We did not have the use of he found time to participate in civic cun^tances the win must sU"" affairs and he .served as mayor of ^J.^rms^ this is called a first people in ; leyersdale number of people In one of the not. liii.-indM in th« answer i. Whai khui of a place \r. hell? Aii--;wer. hi'll I.N -i p]:ice r<i cndle.w lormciu with a lake burning wlfli lire and brimstone Whilp riiir particularly more sinful thnii i ho averaae boy. whase .••In.': ;uc l.irRely bes;at by!iiev- *iu.--ues.s. 1 \\ :*.?. led to l^'liovi' thuf. I tJi.Ti, I wn.s unceijeiH'falc mu,i find "the way of ^.il- ;vnii iwht." TliLs wiu« rather for a Mii^U Vwv 10 ?.'hile illletl with fear h .stalkt<1 in the community rliikiren. NJeasle.-^. scarlet membriim'ous croup and modern operating rooms and out means and knowledge of anesthesia ,- th ^was far from the present state of . I perfection. I perfonned some minor iniri ' i*n\iiutaUons and had one or two rather serious cases. Appendicitis that I course they n »«d been oorn in those days. them treateSj them for M1 » ethl »g clse k vm £ i TbJs' We occasionally had cases of ab- IJi|ncock . s .^ ^^ ^ ih;u Or . McComufi roc mes o see. e whls^peru'? ^ 1ha7 1 ciominal inflammation that were lime were all oi distinguished mien ;i patient. If he couldnt go by W ;is not the riyht kind of man to — ~~^^_ — — - TZHZIZIZZI Or T.ilcot Eltason over .MX feot horse and wason m the earner davs. 1 Doctor the Dutch, finally one dav nil! Krny benrt! ruddy complcvjoii ; - e would rido horseback. There whijc ca ]] mg uu a !)a( ieiit. in a l-..«l not' lona br:fii out of the Con- wcre Limos fairing the winter. Dutch family some one asked me army m which he wiw a '"an 1 " 5 ll£> traveled over fields by-jn Dutch if I could talk Dutch. I A iirar neighbor, he lo^ slel«h when the snow was child ' -uriieon. a lluk- piled, replied to him in his own language by death Boyish '"S" " ver tno f pncc - s and that settled my standing among m« to watch for "Dr. Mf-Comas was a pioneer in • the Dutch, It soon became known le'ftmoriil party to leave •lie home, surgery. He -saved many lives by:Dr. MeKinley could talk the ver- All at once Dr. Eiia.soii. <mp of operations on kitchen tables when'nacular anti they were all my :he nuxKi impw.sive-IookliiK men I'very moment tounted. He perform- friends. I've known, emerged from the hou.-,iv<?(i nil kinds of operations c.irrylnt; a little tapering walnut_umi5»ial circumstance?." coffin In his arms a.s a mother would a babe. He entered his busKV and drove 10 the cemetery. I had not long i^eii in Cumber- Tt was said of Dr. Henry IUH! at time.s it would ^eem ihere. la1Kl wlien Dr. Eliason came liere MeKinley, of Meyersdale. Pn. .that TVI'UOin EPIDEMIC AT would bp no curb. Fenriul of boins? in a conn cnse removexl from Hn- he was "a fine type of the faiihtul, SAND PATCH TUNNED mi» tif vict-lnis and whrnce I S«rstown. He had a ii(iini>er ol kind 5.vmpathettc country doc- wrmld b<- bound. I was always look- hours between trains and he i-nmo :or life was devoted to alle- "One of the worst epidemics in? upon our <!rx tor n.s the one who "> J he old Daily Xew.s oflloe. where viating human suffering rather than cvcl ' helped doctor was when could re«'u? me. Aiming our fen he spent the greater part ol thc I'hnsins; the Almighty Dollar and to Uinnql was being '••:iu.".v nntl I \-\;i(in heavy niTioni fovrr. COI.OUKUI. C.VREEn OF »K. II. CI^\Y McKINLF.Y • lipiuh<-ri» then h:<d many victims under "H probably is no credit to a doctor to say he started a cemetery but I must admit that the first • person to be buried In the Meyevs- ' dale Union Cemetery was a patient , of mine. Siie was Miss Tina Deist." Clav ^ I the ^ was being dug at Sand children (litre ?- as much ilckiws • nisht witli me before boardint; nn whom thn community owes an ever- Patch. Pa. There were three gangs four pa^slmf at parlv aiH>« one- from' 1 parl - v momini; train for Hancock.'lasting debt of gratitude and re- working on thai project. One at His engaRins manner never more spect." Mc!l end anci the thlrd 8 an g llild tha". or. that night Ri«h! ; , n r Mt-Kinlev was born at Flint - SUIlk a sha ^ *" the middle ancl arrival at his ^ home in ^toiie Md October's 1-140 He died froni this shaft they worked in toth Hancock, still in the early monm- V., 18 i, al ' the ag «. o f 91 . when he |f' rrecl !.""?, nte> ," cr " '^ ?™*, s l Jl" he died of a heart attack. Tt. .seem- was two and one-half vears old, his ' Prfef C ™ S ««,,f?^i ?h l^J'ri ed that I wn.s to liave been the Barents went to SilLsburv Pi !laft gnng wo " ld tilg e groulld ' ' " the rock loose, haul it to the shaft and place it in a son of bucket that would be pulled to the surface by horsepower. There were many accidents in the shaft job as well as in the tunneling. Thc ground ROMANTICS OF DH. nitOniCKKK AMI .IOI1X HAYS HAMMOND Our farnih Rrrxlerick. nt doctor. Dr. James P. I Hancock, and John! Hay:> Hammond, mlnlne enslnoerj •.last person on earth to enjoy his.•north of ..,,„ nliv ,^ ,„,, , u , , : companionship. Dr. Hiason wiu-;. father. Arthur who Kilned world fame by his ex-: for a m , m bpr of vears lav reader saddle- plolu in South Africa, married - — ..- . • J.KUUHI. ,-l.stei'i. I nt tended the wrridlnR of Hammond and Niualio Harris in >at St. Thomas Church, Hancock. Dr. William Henry Perkins . to reside. Hi.s MeKinley. was a son of Henry MeKinley who emigrated from Ireland in 1854. was : This same pioneer was the tjranri- PEOPLES HARDWARE Cor. S. George St. at Union Phone 2223 Kt-n rma* Ep «coml a«, T h Hal, ' a C " Untry clOCt ° r whnse mtmOry ^ lalhcr ° f ^ !alC P"* 1 "" 11 Wim « n .->l. llll.inas tpl.=COp.Tl Oilmen. Hail- . \,^.. f , n ,i ,.„„.„ ,„ i,,,^,,, n j^ „,- \n-K-frilnv Ar I'i li<> WDS rhnrn hnv cock. Jantuiry 1, laso. Hammond was 2.1, d;i|>per and of hrlcht. Judge Nattianlcl Harris, of Natchez. Miss., with di with his two daughters Natalie. nf ours, whOj. . nko had n plnw in the country. •'.V",-. now tho home of J. Andrew Cohlll. ,\ W ,, orr-lKirdlst. Ur Parkins I local I nni' incident e.-pcc!ally of tl:e WMidinjj day. With rope he ptircha^d nt. tho store of Bridges <v: Henderson, adjoining the Dela])!an« home, I can see Hammond ^rcurini? the bridal trunks fasainst t hr> then-called "baitgnRc-smasher"). piled on the pavement in front of lh» Delftplnne home, awaiting re- mnval to the railway Bt.atlon. Hammond, in a.n autobiography, which appeared not so loni; before ills death several years ago. face< lutislv referred to events of bctJi handed down in hundreds of.MeKinley. Ar 15 he was chore boy families in the Hancock Mrrftory.'for Dr. Stewart, practicing at Saiis- " c He served in the Union army and'bury. Later at Frostbur?, where Dr. as a member of thc Maryland Gen-.Stewart started a drugstore, young ernl Assembly. His hobby was pol- MeKinley was clerk and when Lin- Uics and he proved a power in the. coln appointed Stewart postmaster Republican party in Western Mary- at Frostburg. MeKinley became as- land. sistant post master. At 87. Dr. Mc- Dr. Perkins at one time conduct- Kinley. who served in the union CH! 11 drugstore at Hancock with the army, \vns appointed a doorkeeper Dr. Philip Elwood Stigers as of the House of Representatives. Dr. MeKinley dictated his me- pvacticetl suryery,, nioirs during the last four or five ooiiiltlerhit; the limitations of thotr years nf hii life After finishing dic- fUiys, with much success. But he luting, he seemed to think his work was a physician first. Our homi 1 wa.s done and that it was lime for was nhnufit, opposite his on .Main :— • ~ street. At midnight you would be aroused by the clatter of a horse's hoof.i on the cobblestones, followed, by a pounding on the door at the doctor's home. A young man's voice, would ring out as a head appeared at tho upstairs window: "Doctor, will you come al once?" A few mimite.s later with snodle- the horde's shoe/the cobble- start perhaps into ihe nighl. . w.-dding dav. especially be 1 n g' s lrrlng s P nrk - <i f rom th !;. cobbl ,l,aved in the morning by a colored ! stones '. >' ou . WOud nc ^ him sta " c ' e *** ™ tc " or nft bc .\|_,yi> T p T\VtGG AT FIJNTSTONE barber, whose rame hcould rncdll, but who happened to Ed. Proctor, a town character owned a race horse. "Dandy," and 35 YEARS whose associates on bibulous occa- f-lon.=. were almost Invariably leiuiini; Tills article will be recsiled with white ciiizen.s of sporting proclivi- sketches of outstanding country ilrs. Not. long before he died Ham- doctors of this territory. Dr. Alvin mond was a guest of Henry P. P. Twigs, who died nt his home at Bruiues. at the Woodmont Rod ct Flintstone nt the age of 84. on Ciiin Club. He promised to mnko Mnrch 27 Ittst, had the enviable .] longer x'lsit to the ciiib nl a later record of having practiced medicine date, but death intervened. .for fifty-five j-ears, having spent his Dr. Broderick married the widow '• entire life in (hat section. In his flrtuphter or JudRe Harris. Tnll.'lonft career. Dr. T^'igg had rich h;n;<1sonie. vittoroiL^r he hnd been ' - - ----------- •- — 1____ irH)i;od upon ns Hancock's mast \.;\--:...--, .••.• • ;.:•• •; ;,,. ; ;,..-. .. ,• rhfiiblc bnrhtelor who paid conn, to .•r-veral local be;iutie.s. He cnpltu- lAtp<i when the blonde Southern • widow c:\mt' to town. Dr. Broderlck Inter moved to Jamaica Plain. Boston, Mass.. where fir practiced until his death, llr. ••vn.5 a .son of Put rick Brodfrick, incrriiant and farmer, ixnd hnd a broihor. Dr. Tiuimas Broclerlck, who .-tufiir-d for the priesthood in Rome. Ur Rro<!rrirk kept :i drugstore nt Jliincwk b<.-si(!M iiraclii'lnv; nirdi- t tn'\ I-'ollowinu tho (!e;ith of Mrs. Brodi v iir>:, Mimf years afior ho had inovd to Uoston. he reiurned to Hancock, principiilly to linKor ;U !il.~ i Diir'.-ihlp tr\viina pliirp.".. He There Is No Substitute FOR NATIONAL LOAN GO'S, Friendly Service AUTO LOANS IN 5 MINUTES Household Furniture Loans NATIONAL' Loan Ccmapany 201 S. George St. at Harrison I'honc 2017 Cumberland I.ester Millcnson, Mgr. For That Boy Over There Help Kidneys if Back Aches Do yon suffer Irnm O^ittntr Up Nisht», hirtd'rter Vi ( >fakrie.''-3- PsVntu) rnsr.aqps, or f*r( nld s>nd nm-dnwn, ilun tr> non-nrjcxnlc *i:rt non-aT-'rtTnin Kitln«y and R]iul<!rr trouble" v If so here 1^ (ftyxl n*"»s: Th« very n.M i!o."- 'f Cyttex 'n physician's prf«rlptlotn usually (root riRhi to *orfc help>n>i tr.p KlQTicjn ;Vi-h out rxre*^ iKld.i and 'Jpftntc^ which msy H*T^ rswrct jr.-vjr trou'oTr. Ko tat? 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And III l.ilirrly Trust Bill?. 710 rnmbrrlaiirf, Mr!. — O70 LOANS NO ENDORSERS QUICK- PRIVATE SERVICE P AUL'S FLOWER SHOP AUTO FINANCING Sa'cs between JntliviJuaF* or pur- chatct from d"!:;i You'll (rnrf OIK rharqr i muatty lower—nur Fidelity Finance " "105 Llberty'Ttiut DWjf, • Dear Friends and Kind Customers: 52 years ago, last Thursday, ! stepped into 60 North Centre Street to apply for a job . . . and here I've beon ever since, and believe it or not, I am working hnrdor now lhan I did then. But I still love the work. In 1903, I took p partner . . . Mrs. Paul, and we arc '.till partners after 41 years. I am at this writing. Delivery Boy, Bookkeeper, Buyer, Salesman and Payer. I feel at this time that I am still goad for a few years to come, so again lei me thank you all for all your kindness ond wonderful patronage through oil these years. Mr. nnd Mm. John Paul PAUL S FLOWER SHOP Don'f be caught Napping. INSULATE NOW for Economical Heating! 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(This deduction It the approximate difference IB UXPM. Gorrctt (Bounty Residents Arc Invited to Consult Us .... By Mail or Phone VVa Also tnyite Application! from — Kcyscr, Romney, Moorefield, Petersburg, Franklin, Martinsburg, Berkeley Springs SERVICE MEN MAY ACQUIRE HOMES UNDER "G, I," BILL OF RIGHTS PEOPLES Cumberland'! Pott War Planned BanV Member ol Federal Depojit Insurance Cvporotion

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