Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 2, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 2, 1954
Page 2
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Tuesday, February % 1954 m tern Page. !fi iS$ alt iftakds lift iefid us not to , -__ jfeftti at cur judgment throw across the. table at- cfjfrtthftl intent." ftltdoinv had "ac- ol being the peace greatest danger to world I Guiles Sidd, "lies In the ifi.Surne cases a vast MARKETS ^ d8tfltoh%hHiet)t cart bo attack by the decision of tlation. sometimes by the rbi a siftgJe man. That is ,„„ tha» is Understandably B*- 1 ' h ' rto doiibl that he was the monolithic Soviet dROVER west's faint free Germany on the rocks of im- Sdviet Opposition today, ere djifcji tbfn prospects Big £ojjr fpr,qitgn minji,- could rescue any- _ ... . peace treaty st rejected two years i hlMvrf-dilhnfsd V. M- itjjljt styretjded'to rib/ •jt£$ttiri|» prppQsa] thaj; [ tybrjd Wkr ijt'foe be (U'ttukfivt oji the pattern IfZ?r %s - with free 5 "pres,s ar\d. free OJOICK powers, lajd, <Jpwn 'the qJiUgyitum —M)&t e un,ijed on Ru$- !t at all. ajnjy So ftpssijjili- pcjrclary of Stale i^OReign Secretary 'Foreign Minister .oe to/§ny Part of ....^..^'^jr th,re'e Western jj i 4$reedJji i e 'latent Berlin j, had op the issue of a ettfemgijt, jjcj, BfjJqjiJl tripd vajnly lence's first ie of Berlin, ce gtf& ST. LOUIS LIVESO6K NATIONAL .STOCKYARDS, 111. OR _ }i ( .gs 8,500: fairly active; 180 Ib up 15-25 lower; lighter weights and sjws steady; 180-230 Ib 26.0050 few loads rhoice 220 Ib down 26.60; 240-270 Ib 24.75-26.00; heavier Wfights scarce; 150-170 !b 25.50 26 50, iows 400 Ib down 23.0024.00 heavier §ows ^2.00-7o; boars 16.0020.00. 0 Cattt-3 4,500, calves 1,300; opening .f'.ow; few early sales sters and butcher yearlings, steady; cows moderately £ctivc and steady' utility and commercial 11.00-12.00; cannei 5 and ctr.tersH. 50-1 1.00; bulls Steady; utility ortd commercial }2i50-14.50: cutter bulls 10.50-12.00; vealers 1.00 lower; goud and choice 24,6,0-^0.00 odd head prime 30,0031.00: commcrcinl and good 16.0023.0. Sheo.3 1,5; lambs dull; opening sales steady wiili yesterday; top 25 higher at 22.1, paid for two lots mostly prime 84 and 96 Ib lambs; next price 22, for 86 head ihpic-2 and prime 98 Ib; no early rales io packers; slaughter ewes Steady at 3.0-5.00; aged bucks 4.00. AND PROVISIONS POULTRY AND PRODUCE 'CHICAGO 'UP) — L'.ve poultry: Market steady. 23 trucks. Chicago noultry boai : d prices changes since yesterday: Hens — colored over 5 Ibs anrl colored B. Ibs and under 20-30 oenls a, pound. Butter steady; receipts 967,110: wholesale buying prices unchanged; 93, scoi J AA nncl 02 A 61; 90 B 63,25. 89 C O2."i; oars:' 90 B 62; SBC 02. 75. •'.•".. Eg^s steady receipts 11,753: wholesale buyinfi prices un- ghnnged; U.S. lprge;4i>.5; U.S. m^- d/ums 44.5; IJ^S. standards 44; cu rent rcceiptys 42,5 checks and dirtlss 41. LITTLE ROCK WI-— Poultry maikoi: Batesyi'.le-I''!oral area — Market unsettled Undertone about steady, Offerings and 'supplies c,on tinuo in excestt of present demand but an improvement in Ad- Tinand was notod at today's prices. trading active;'; Prices at the fai;m. broileis or 'fryers, all weights, 2V S to Ob pounds, 20, to 21 '/ 2 centfl. Bulk of trading cemered on ^(i cents. '••;: '-' •.-' •'-;.; '•' , • De(ED,C), becfjuse y tot i;eajTning ay t t, irl ariose I NiW YORK COttON NEW YORK VTi — Cotton futures 'were lower today a? the market j continued to meet profit taking following recent advances. Hedge selling wa!= moderate. Ther-i was some large scale orders in nearby March as traders anticipated first notice day for that -lolivery. One spot firm bought 10,000 bales of nearby March and was also a seller of old crop May Hgalnst purchases of the distant May dclivoiy. Offerings were ab- sorbad through mill buyihg and some export covering. Some rot- placement comm;..-sion house demand was also in evidence', based on heavy loan eni'-ie'- and the im- prpvlrt« export fiiitlook,. Lato afternoon ;jr)cf s 'were 15 to 60 cents a bale lower than the previous clpse. March 3408, May 34.18 and July 34.01. alliance with the: , 3. Russia wants a reunified Germany, vittually def«nseless and zjpe for Spvict 'domination, with Comrnynisls in. key government ^osts. '''' ' : GRAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO Wl ~ Grains recov- er.qd from a drop at the start on the Board of Trade today, going abpve previous closing levels as dealings expanded Into in the session. Exoort houses ga"e • wheat, corn and siybcans support during the, morning as commission 'houses threw quite a number of., small selling orders on l!ic/market. Buyint; in who,H toward the finish, followed a weekly \veather bureau crop summnry v;hich again emphasized the lack of moisture in thi< main winter wheat belt. Corn shpwed only a minor dip on the news the goyernmtnt.. would sell it 3 1948 a.ifi 1940 corn. Whsat closed -I'/z higher., March 2,11-2.1(1. corn' %- '% higher,. March 1.51'/ 2 V oils '/ 4 -!/ 2 higher March 78%-%, rye unchanged to Vz higher, March 1.22 and soybeans J/2-l" 'higher'." March 3.1iy 4 -3.10. Caah wheat: White: None.'Corn: No. 2 yellow 1.55^-56 No. 3 1.5,05; N:J. 4 1.46; No. ' 1.1-J'/^; s.a'ni pie grade 1.431. Cats: No. 1 heavy mixed 83; No. 1 heavy white Reds Stepping Continued from Page On* Labs, s-.verran French-garrisoned itfuOnj; Khoua after a 30-mile ad- i'vanc2 and headed o;i toward Luang Prabang, 85 miles to the south. 2. 7,i central Loos, a war theater for six weeks, other rebel troops battled French forces in the Mekong River area north and east of;Thakhek, a town the Vietminh won during ChriEtmf.s week and then cave tip without a fight. 3. Three Vietminh divisions in- cludin.i No. 316, y heavy weapons maintained pressure on Dien Bien Phu, the heavily fortified (plain I v/hers the French keep a toehold, in the Thai mountains country at Laos' back d.jorstep. 4. Two hundred miles to the east, troops of Vietminh division No. S20 infiltrated the Red Rivor delta, the key defense bulwark of Frencn Union force;: against the sweep of communism into southeast Af-ia, and opened attacks on guard posts in the Ninh Binh and Nam Dinh sectors. 5. In the southeast Viet Nam, rebel resistance stifiened against a French drive to. out the Veit- mlnh ii-om the rich coastal strip of 220 miles between Camp Varol- la and. Faifo. But the Vietrr.inh soldiers, with al 1 their strength in the Red River delta and with the aid of perhaps 00,000 irregulars and guerrillas who hive infiltarted the delta, appeared to have no chance of smashing the-tens of thousands of Frencn Union defenders or seizing any significant number of the 1,200 fortifications they -man. The Vietminh seemed to be seeking instead to put as much territory as possible under their Red flag before the spring ratal' to convince the war-weary French a negotiated peace is the best way to end the seven-year-old conflict. NEW YORK STOCKS NEW YOR KUP — Trading was relatively /quiet today as the stock market declined moderately. Most major divisions of the market were affected, by the' slip • in prices, but there was no selling pressure- at any sta^e of the fall. • ; At the : most in a few instances, prices were o'f between 1 and 2 pointa, but both gains and .losses were usually in the small fractions. Arkansan Second at Stock Show FOHT WORTH UB — An Aberdeen-Argus from Kansas was named grand champion steer of the Southwestern 'Exposition and Fat Stock Show yesterday. It is BPR Bijly B, a 1,01.0 pound- er shown by the Black Ranch of Ola the, Kan., and exhibited by George Crenshaw. Northwestern State Teachers College, Alva, Okla., won first place in ganer.al livestock judging for .junior A&M and Teachers colleges Gordon Ford of the University of (Arkansas was second high individual winner in senior judging with '655 points. Red Reed of the University of-Arkansas fourth with |649. ?, A Guide to the Point of Sale T' r«w'r P: I & are the display rooms and ware- Ip/ the world's finest products. Efficient insurance, real estate and other business are aGo available to the people in our re,adei'9 of this newspaper find cojiumns a dependable guide to poin£ of sale— a q^ful source for up-to-date iflfwrnatipn about th,ese goods and ./ t»JOFdec that advertising expenditures may be on fche basi^ of known values, a§ ajiy aound business investment, this newspaper is a member of the Audit Bureau for paid circul.ation, rules and methods for auditing and reporting the circulations of newspapers and periodicals. ,1' .'.'!•' At regula.1' intervals one of the Bureau's large staff of experienced circulation auditors visits us to rnake a thorough, audit o| our circulation records. The FACTS established by his audit are published.by the Bureau in A.B;C. reports which are available to you, our advertisers. These reports tell you how much circulation we have, where it goes, how it is sold anA other FACTb essential to the profitable uge v of newspaper advertising, Ask us for a copy of our A,p.C. report. Every advertiser should know about A. B.C Bureau. i§ a cppperative, non-profit asso 3,4^0 publishers, advertisers and 'ad Working together, these establish A > ,A i A 816 M i A ft U Ri PR A tt V RR TI $ i H i Diplomat Is Given Data on Red Spies By RUHERFOMD' POATS TOKYO (U D — A Soviet career diflomat is giving American intelligence asents detailed information on a big Russian spy ring operating in the Far East, an authoritative soiuce said today. Yuri Rastovorov, who had been secoml secretary of the unrecognized Soviet mission in Japan until he asked the United States for asylum Jan. 24, was said to he making his disclosures voluntarily. The highly qualified unformant refused to discuss the full circumstances of Rastovorov's fantastic flight from communism until an officiil announcement is made. But he did reveal that Rastovo- rov wu'i motivated by fear in deciding to forsakn hi.-: wife and family in the Soviet Union, to which he had been scheduled to return on Jan. 2,'j, a clay after his surrondor. Diplomatic sources in Washington also refused to felve details of the Hastovorov incident other than to confirm unofficially that, the Russian "is in OLT hahds." : ; • • •• The sources in Tokyo said' that to tho best of his knowledge Ras- tovorov was in safekeeping • iri the Far East. It was believed i he hac} been taken to the U. S.V island stronghold of Ok.inay/a. It was learned that,: only highest diplomatic and , military officials hfid been informed of Rasto- vorov s flight shortly . after he .'.''delivered ' himself to American au- thoritiuf. ! •.• Mrs. Mary Fontaine of Clow died Friday, January 29, Funeral arrangements are incomplete. Funeral service for Mrs. Clara Merritt were held Tuesday, February 2, at BeeBee Memorial CME Church. With Burial in Cave Hill Cemetery. Funeral service for Lester Muldrow of St . Louis, Mo., and Willie Muldrow of Arkadelphia were held Sunday, January 31, at Mt. Zion CME Church.- With burial in Mt. Zion CME Cemetery. The were brothers. Arkansas' Hay Bottleneck Said Broken •LITTLE ROCK (IP) — The bottle neck in shipments of emergency lelief hr.y from western states to Arkansas drought stricken farm ers is believed to be broken. .. Stat.a Sen. Marvin., Melton.. 'cf Joncsijoro, who recently returned from a two weeks tour of the hay supplying i>res, said;...he;' believod a combination of several factors was responsible for' the .delay. •fi Three' of the dalaying factors he said, .were: '-:.™." .'•'•'.•'' ' . 1. Distance. •''..', ; ' 2. Lack of buying representativss oin the way they producing areas to sure that orders ; were handled promptly. .. ;,'.'" 3. Overloadinp single supply points with t\vo many .orders. i: Melton said he found one man with 58 unfilled orders, some of 'mem'a month 'old v ' ,. ! ! .•:'' ''He said'"he took'up the .orders and redistributed them among a num'be'i- of dealers, not giving any one dealer more orders than he was able to fill immediately. . Melton said some'Of .the .chief- competition for the hay cpme from The Negro Community By Helen Turner fhohs 7-6830 Of brlna Item* to Mis* Tufrwr at Hlckt Funeral Horns George G. Matlock of Murfreesboro died Sunday. January 31. Funeral service will be held Tuesday, February 2, at Valley Grove Methodist Church. Keystone Lodge No. 43 will meet Tuesday night Feb. 2, 1954,- at the regular meeting place. Nelson Hill Post No. 427 made a cash donation to the March of Dimes. State Park for Negroes Needed •LITTLE ROCK <ff) — Gov. Farncis ChiM'ry said today there is a great need for a state park for Negrot-i in Arkansas. . "It just isn't right that our Negro cifizens shouldn't have a park" the governor said at his news conference. He said he didn't, believe one park for Negroes would take"- care of- all the needs bui added: "Wo have to make a start somewhere." The. State. Forestry an Parks Commission last week took under advisement a proposal which included a new park fpr whites on Lake Cuachita near • Hot HSprings arid conversion of the present Lake Catherine Park to a recreational area for Negroes. neighboring Missouri. "In Missou ri.' "In Missouri" he said, "the farmer nnd cattle raiser is relieved op all; freight costs." Under, the standard drought belief program tho federal govern :ment-'8nd the railroads bear three fourths of the usual freight charge for shipments into officiallydeclar ed : drought areas which include 70 of- Arkansas 75 counties, The ttate senator said he had spike'd- rumors that Arkansas was rejecting 'considerable quantities of hay.' "I just told them we wanted a dollars worth of hay for our dollar." : He raid about 1,450 carloads of hay have been ordeied for Arkan s.as•• and estimated that between 1,000 and 1,100 cars have .been re ceived or are on their way. Legal Notice IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS „ AmTnrP STATE OF ARKANSAS PLAINTIFF vs. No. 7580 (1949 Forfeiture) DELINQUENT LANDS IN-HEMPSTEAD COUNTY FORFEITED FOR NON-PAYMENT OF TAXES AND ^ r ,™ Mr . Al . Trr< 3 SOLD TO THE STATE OF ARKANSAS DEFENDANTS Notice is hereby given that pursuant to Act 119, Ark. Acts of 1935, and amendments thereto, there has been filed in the office of tnc L-ierK of Hempstead County Chancery Court the Complaint of the State of Arkansas to quiet and confirm in said State and/or redeemers, purchasers, donees and assigns, the title to certain lands mentioned in said complaint and lying in the county of Hempstead State of Arkansas. All persons 'who can set up any right to the lands so forfeited and sold are hereby warned to appear in the Heinpslead County Chancery Court at the September 1954 Term, after the publication of this notice, to-wit, on the 8th day of September, 1954, and show cause, if any mere be, why the title to said forfeited lands should not be confirmed, quieted and vested in the State of Arkansas and/or redeemers, purchasers, donees and assigns in fee simple forever. The description of said lands and the names of the persons, firms or corporation last paying taxes thereon are as follows: LIST OF STATE LANDS IN HEMPSTEAD COUNTY FORFEITED FOR 1949 TAXES ff Person, Firm or Corp. Last Paying Taxes Thereon ' GJ in Township 9 South, Range 25 West R. E. Moses ............................................................. SW NE 36 Township 12 South, Range 27 West N. W. White ........................................................... NW NE 7 Township 14 South, Range 24 West Bud Carter ............................................................ E NW SE 3 40.00 40.09 20.00 ............................................................ OIL, GAS AND MINERAL RIGHTS FORFEITED FOR NON-PAYMENT OF 1949 TAXES Homer F. Greer .................................................... SE NW 33 40.00) £ ° •a S§ H $ 0.82 5,76 3.95 Who Wonts to See the Top of a Desk Any^q^Maybe the City Fire 'Ld^;Sb^ld' Be Changed BY AHL B.OLYE •:'.,'. :'- ','''. NEW YORK (K( .—; A wi M- no ? l }ch agony or an u.ntifiy 'ma.n:.forced, to clean off; his ' offi.ce' ^esk. : . ;,..•.,:, 'To hjin, thrqwing.away 'thie'paper mountain'h'e has oohve^o Icjve, layer by. layer, is, pure torture;, It, is like peeling away: his;heart, I am in the brocess of-gleaning off my desk right npw.. And it' deanlmesp is. next topdliness , I'll soon be a neighbor; in; Heaven. • Already I can see patches, of the top of my dosK-r-a. ^orrjble dull green—after tossing away 75 pounds of unanswerable letters, un read books and pamphlets,' 1 soiled, socks, used coffee cartons, small pieces ofstring and lumps of sugar. But who wants to see, the top, of his desk anyway You can't play briliards on it. If you, lie..'down on it to take a nap, you. ejthpr get a stiff neck or the boss jumbs to the conclusion you are Joking on the job. All you can do with a cleapdesk top is put a smell sign saying "Thini" on it . , an^lpq K at it and brood. «• the desk is littered, you oan paw into ojiu of the paptjr gullies and fir:d, plenty tp thlpk about. But a bare desk offers no help to a bare brain. Awife who shines up her house i R at least roarded by the comment '/ guests, "My,how lobely everything looks." But nobody walks into a buineiP office and says, "I just adpre the way you keep the top of. your desk shjned with such a mellow old gangrene patina. Wh£.t kind of polish do you use on it" There is a legend that a clean desk reflects a cjt-a.r mind. This is merely a fobla to console the un imaginative. It is like saying u gentlemen with ntatly creased trousers c»n' putpMHQh a guy in baggy pants. It wjjuid De mp.re nearly tru.th ful to ^ay the man with a J>jltere4 desk recognizes w.d enjpy^ the normal confusion P< 4e»Jy living, whereas the man who. can't work exgest a.t a clean fle^ (?. more U kely to be w Yio.yro «f §tfait jacket thinking %»$}•'trias to put fife'^ chaotic problcsr-s into holes. But pig;eofth9)9& are for people no tbeij- pr they'll fp* - pi'ie^ns. MQH with littered desks are loleront o| m$n wiU»."(?j9en and merely iepl. soj-rv jpr th*l,r inelfeciently. Your clean desk m«n. is always looking fpv an important paper lost in the files or. carelessly tossed away in last, month's wastepaper basket; • But, you littered desk man mere ly closes his eyes,- inserts a and Within the debris before him— and pulls out exactly what, he wants. He never is at a loss because he saves everthing operating on the sound belief that you never know what is really important in this life until you need it that is why he never throws anything away. '. "But psychiatrists say this' show3 n terrible sense of insecurity," a friend of mine objected. "Well, if your clean desk is sign you feel secure.." I told him, "perhaps you ought to see a psy chiatrisl. Don't you really think anybody Who feels secret in a min world ought to have his head examined now and then" Perhaps you are wondering why, since I love to keep my desk like a magpie's nest, I am bothering to clean it up at all. Frankly, I was forced into it— by a threat of legal action. On the wall two feet above my desk I keep '•* S 'S;"» that says, "Order Is Heaven's First Law." Generally, when my desk rubble gers level with the sign I weed it down » bit. This is to keep the telephone from rising out of my reach. I hadn't done much weeding lately, and the other day the whole mass toppled over and caught our drama ' critic liko a sitting duck. He war. pulled out safely, shaken but unhurt excebt for a slight. brise where he had been hit by a book called, 'Will Collidge Run Again" I've been intending to read that book for some time. The drama critic look the acci dent in good prace. But all the clean-dfesk 'frijcnds in th* office seized it as a golden opportunity. "If you don't clean off that deak," they said grimly, "we'll haul you into court for maintaining a fire hazard and a menace to public fafety." They weren't kidding. So what can you do But if I had my way, I'd lej that clutter pn my desk grow y higher and higher, and be bried 5} it pfter my death under a headstone "Pntomba d beneath His own de , her*' lies a happy knave, 'Who enjoyed a heap h$ mede his desk a gray,?,'' Homer P; Greer SW NE B. E. Stearson NE SE Township 9 South. Ran0e 24 West F. S. Slatton .' SW NE Jack Slatton NW SE Township 12 South, Range 26 West Imperial Oil Company E NW Imperial Oil Company NW SW NE Imperial Oil Company W NW NE Township 12 South, Range 27 West Kenneth Landes WM- Kenneth Landes W SE Kenneth Landes ' WV4 Township 13 South, Range 23 West Lion Oil Company SE NW Township 13 South, Range 24 West J. K; Wadley, Trustee SE SW J. K. Wadley, Trustee SW SW J.' K. Wadley, Trustee SE SW O] G'. Murphy ZZ'Z'.'r.V.V"Z'ZZ'^'ZZ'Frl NE SE Township 13 South, Range 26 West Placid Oil Company NE SE Placid Oil Company E SW Placid Oil Company S& NE Placid Oil Company NW SE Placid Oil Company N SW Placid Oil Company SW SE Placid Oil Company W SW Placid Oil Company E SW Placid Oil Company NW Placid Oil Company SW SW Placid Oil Company '. SE SE Placid Oil Company .• NE SE Placid Oil Company SE NE Saltmount Oil Company N 1 ^ Saltmount Oil Company NWV4 Saltmount Oil Company W NE Saltmount Oil Company Saltmount Oil Company Saltmount Oil Company Lion Oil Company ;.. Placid Oil Company Placid Oil Company ....:.. Placid Oil Company Placid Oil Company Placid Oil Company Placid Oil Company NE NE .. S SE SE SW SWSE N SE & N SW W W E Frl. NE NE S SW 33 30 25 25 13 13 13 6 (i 7 1G 14 14 14 22 22 27 35 27 27 35 20 35 27 27 26 26 34 35 33 34 34 34 27 27 17 33 34 32 34 3.') 40.00) 40.00 40.00 40.00 80.00) 10.00) 20.00 337.34 80.00 327.00 40.00 40.00 40.00 40.00 .72 .89 .89 .89 1.24 .83 .89 .89 .89 .78 1.00 1.00 1.00 109.00) 1.00 40.00 80.00 80.00 40.00 80.00) 40.00 78.00 80.00 160.00 40.00 40.00 40.00 40.00 720.00) 40.00 560.00 480.00 233.80) .89 1.24 1.24 1.57 1.24 1.24 1.93.89 .89 .89 .89 2.27 1.00 5.38 4.80, 2.90 ., Frl. NW of Sec. 4 - HS - 20W Township 13 South, Range 26 West Placid Oil Company NE NW 26 Placid Oil Company S NW & SW NE 26 Placid Oil Company i N SE 26 Placid Oil Company E NE SW 2fi Placid Oil Company NW NW & NW SW .26 Placid Oil Company W NE SW 26 Placid Oil Company NW SE 2G Placid Oil Company SE NE 26 Placid Oil Company NE NE 26 Imperial Oil Company NV4 2 Imperial Oil Company SE 2 Imperial Oil Company N SW Imperial Oil Company NE NE Placid Oil Company S NW Township 14 South, Range 23 West O. N. Ban- :.....' E SW 20 O. N. Ban- Pt. NW SW 20 Alvin Golden E SW 20 Alvin Golden NW SW Township 14 South, Range 24 West J. K. Wadley, Trustee NE NW Magnolia Petroleum Company E SW & SE Magnolia Petroleum Company NE NE Magnolia Petroleum Company NW NW Magnolia Petroleum Company E NE Lion Oil Company : NE NW Lion Oil Company N NE SW 40.00) 1.93 2 35 20 Lion Oil Company ..., Lion Oil Company Lion Oil Company Lion Oil Company Sun Oil Company,. Sun Oil Company.. T. S. Cornelius^ .... SW NE W SW SE W SE SE E SW SE Lion" Oil Company S 50 A SWWt Lion Oil Company NE NE Sun Oil Company ^ r ^ wr -•- - NW SW WSW SE Township 14 Sputh, Range 25 West K. Wadley, Agt '. E SE K. Wadley, Trustee .'. NW NW K. WADLEY. Trustee .- SE NW K. Wadley, Trustee NE SW „. K: Wadley, Trustee NE NW Magnolia Petroleum Co , SW NE Magnolia Petroleum Co.- Pt W SE Saltmount Oil Company N 16 A NW SW Saltmount Oil Company SW WV. Saltmount Oil Company W SE NE Saltmount Oil Company W NE SE H. W Hunt '....'....: W SW H. W. Hunt SE SW H. W. Hunt ,. r H W. Hunt W SW Township 14 South. Range 26 _West 33 28 9 15 15 24 24. 23 23 23 23 13 17 28 28 35 34 19 21 21 21 21 34 34 36 36 35 35 24 24 28 28 28 28 440.00 40.00 223.00) 160.00) 80.00) 40.00) 80.00 80.00) 2.00) 40.00) 2.00 40.00 240.00 40.00) 40,00) 80.00 40.00) v 20.UO) 40.00) 20.00) 20.00) 20.00)• 50.0!) 40.00 40.00) 40.00) 80.00 160.00 80.00 40.00 40.00 40.00 40.00 40.00) 2.00) 9G.OO) 80,00) 40,00)' 80.00) 40.00) 160.0.0) 80.00) 4.33 .89. .89 1.24 .89 .8/91.00 3.27,: 1.43, , 1.4$. 1.23 1.23 1.00 1.23. 1.00 1.00, 1.00 •89 1.93 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.CIO 1.00 1.24 2.27 Placid Oil Company • N SE Placid Oil Company • => W£ t. Placid Oil Company SW SE 3 Placid Oil Company ; E NW 2 Placid Oil Company W NE 2 Placid Oil Company W NW 2 Placid Oil Company NE NE 4 Placid Oil Company W NW 3 H. L. Hunt •_,- NE 2 Placid Oil Company -^ INW 6 >F STATE LANDS IN HEMPSTEAD COUNTY FORFEITED FOR 1949 TAXES 80.00) 80.00 40.00 80.00 80.00. 80.00 40.00 80.00 160.00 80.00 Person, Firm or Corp, Last Paying Taxes Thereon o K-l TOWN OF BLEVINS Cy Honea ........................................................................................ 8 TOWN OF FULTON Smith Addition Ida Richards .................................................. .' ......................... NVSs 8 Frank Turner ...................... . ................................................. 5 & fa HOPE Allen's Addition Dora and Timothy Simpson .................................................. 1 Frisco Addition W. T, Heard ................................................................................ 1 McNAB Maxwell Addition Sallie Mitchell .......................................................... , ................. 1 TOWN OF OZAN A. C. Smead .... ........................................................................ N% TOWN OF PATM08 Preston Grace .......................................................... 40'xl20' 2 TOWN OF SHOVER SPRINGS R. G. Rogers 1 ................................... '.....' ......... ' ......................... '.. 0 R. G, Rogers ........... ; ................... : ....................................... ....... 12 • ................................... l HPPE Harlem . 7 11 12 8 8 17 9 3 3 * 8.02 .84 .96 2,86 20.91. •80 i.ia l.Ofl . . ............. Witness *ny ,ha»d and seal this the 16th day of jDec., 1953. GARRET. T Wll^Ij{S CHANCERY CLERK (SEAL) DateS: Bee. 18. 1953 rney Genera} ?, 9 .8! 1.39,

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