Covina Argus from Covina, California on January 9, 1909 · Page 2
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 2

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 9, 1909
Page 2
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PEGLEG MINE REDISCOVERED Prospectors Tell of Find and Rush Back After Riches, j San Bernardim, Jan. 5. — For eighty years a myth of tbft ..ffttant | desert, o golden m.irngo that, haa, jtif- i ed hundred*) to lonely death amld'tfte ' waterless wastes, the "Pegleg.'* ijjfcfhc, more famed In tbe folklor6 erf the! frontier than the treasures of'CJftptffln ; Kbld or the sunken galleons rtf the j .Spanish main, has been disfiov^Mul, j That is the story that VHIH told in ; a few hurried scrilenc<!S today by Samuel l''crguson find John Hlodgelt, proHpect.oro, who, only pausing long enough to purchase provisions, plunged buck Into tho trooklnss dunes on the return trip, to the mysterions three black" bull en from whose precipitous Hides "Pegleg" HrniUi, scout, guide and Indian fighter, flicked tho Ill-fit handful of golden nuggels in 18HO, Ferguson and Hlodgett exhibited samples of the typical "Pegleg (iimt." This in black and shot-shaped gold and there In not an old timer on tho frontier but could tell it at a glance. The prospectors declare they have' rriiulo the find and that they can return'to it, Tt IH In the very heart of tLo desert, they declare, about eighty-five, miles oast of Warner's ranch. They* have marked their l-outo, they nay, and can find their way back without difficulty. Much excitement bus followed the announcement. ' ' 1 But others have found the "P^-g- leg." Time and again its shot-like gold IMIH been brought to the bars and hotels of the old frontier by haggard but joyful dciert men wboHo months of search among tho burning sands and alkaline shiku had been rewarded. Hid. not one of these has ^ver been able to return. Ho well fcstfiblishod is this fuel, that among tho fast disappearing race of border men the "Pegleg" has taken on a aspect. Seie.nfistH have said thttt tlio configuration of tho landscape is changing constantly owing to winds and the Hhiftlng of the sand and that to this in due the failure of the successful ones to retrace their way to itsjf^bulonsj-iche!: 1 . ftut the d»lH<sh{i^ciu-' ! of iili : who 1 lifiv.ul dipped t'hcir fingers Into ; the "Peg-, leg's" wealth hilly exactly with that us given by Ferguson and IJIodgett. Will these men be able, to return and profit by their 1 discovery? is bpirig asked, and tho old timers are shaking their heads in silent dissent. No other tiling In tho great Southwest !H so mysteriously roinnnUc as the "Pegleg" mini). Crossing the desert from Vuina to Han Bernardino in 18JIO, "Pegleg" Smith, who was one of the first guides and (nippers to locate the great Santa F« trail, found hlmsojf lost in the trackless wild. Thi'eo black bul.tes rose on the buri/on and to these he directed tho sir I is of liin tlntd horse. Uniting at ilH huso, he dismounted and olimbed the slope o! one, seeking to gain a view of the country. Toiling tip the slope, Smith was attracted by the peculiar appearance of tho shutlikc rock which Covered the nur face of the hill iind gathered up a haiidiiil of the stones They were heavier than lead.' Laying one agaiiist !iis wooden I' 1 ;.', he hacked t ho pellet in hull with bis knife mid it was gold. Smith win far too experienced n frontiersman to give way to rxcite- ijient. lie went on to Iho top, ascertained I lie lay ol' tlio bind and return uil to his hornes. He (Hied his snd- (Jlo bags with the black,iuoruMleiLgiild and went on, finally arriving at San Scrminlino. He exhibited the gold tin told his Hlory. Hundreds rushed into the desert to locale claimn. ticorcs died and all tailed. For years it wan believed that Smith could ha\i'successfully have led the various parties (hat be took out, liail Ije so wished. Then the fouling grew rlllil be bad lieil. Hut oni- day a soldier who 1m;! deserted from Furl Vuina ami bad been lost in tho desert, reached Siiu Uernardino. He \\iis eia/y t'lom exposure and the tin-lures of liral and but his pockets bulge.I ttilh "Peyb-g" gold. Ill lucid moments |p tobt of tluj tbite lilai'k biittes, but he diil u,.I know Iho \\ay biiok. 'I'bero \sas another rush into thr des Ort and anotlu'r bar\.-st i I death aiid tailuir. Pb(,.|il\ and d.-scribrd tlir thri'e hulli-s ai;d hi-r a^l'ul mlleiirg \\hib- !<..-! ill tbe niient dl lilllb. ' .\ cculn.v ulio bad tulbuM'.l rail le ibat .-irn.Xi.l tioJii tbi: lan^i eame bark al'ooi, alter he had teen j.;t\':l! up I'.r dead. He had " I'I'k'b'x'' nugjj.i-te in bin baiidkorchiof, but he iii not know the \suy. And thus It has gone on. Just ns the "Peglef/" ween-ed nbfiiit to fade and be forgotten (Kfie always hns nonic Hiithentlo i-evivdl in the form nf shotgun nufgefH, and someone who has seen the three black buttrs but- M!IO is fated never to vjsi 1 , them • gain. And so v.hcn Kflrgfinnn and }3lod«el.t plunged hack ni»n)ii into the desert, after onpWffjg '" their "dunt" and replenishing their "outfit, " the old- tltnerfl who bftve witnpsfie'l tho dnwn- higfl and wanings of ,-rinny "Pfgleg"' d)(3Crrv>r!cn shook their heads sadly and merelf/ commented, "Wait find see." An Orkney Prayer. The tirefTft-.v of tli ( - Orkney Hiiio;ner ()redndim; tlj« rafeiug of hardly any- thiny except <wf» (";iil.4"i and barley, the eldr-n; had ri"|ti<'^tf-rl lh" n.lnl-itet to pr.'iy for good harv.'nt v.cailicr. He e-Oinplled as follows: "Lord, gie IIH bra w weather and a wo lilt, sangh of a brecxo that will dr'-e th*.- F.lraw and will nae liafm the heads, but If ye Maw IIH sir a blftlierln', rlvlif, learln' bliinf. as we hsis licen ha'ln' ye'll play ,thc vera uilKchlef wl' the ait;', and fairly upon a'l." San Joaquin Valley New Daylight Train Parlor Car Between Los Ang-clcjs and Fresno. From Los Angeles d;iily ut 7:35 a. in., arriving Fresno 7:17 p. m. From Fresno K:50 a. m., arriving Los Angeles, 8:45 p. m. Southern Pacific I). C. Schenck, Agent, Covina Phone 144 1909 Model Tl • 1 Thirty Motor—4^x4^—30 h. p. Wheel Base- -107 in. Floating- Rear Axle. I Beam Front Axle. Selective Transmission. Rear Spring's J-.f Kliptic. Weig-ht—2000 Ibs. Tim ken Roller Bearings. Wceels --32x3^. Speed—15 miles per hour. Kissel Thirty Roadster $1500 Kissel Thirty Surrey $1550 RED Garap-e COVINA Plumbing Plumbing Materials WATER ninr SEWER rlr C ALL PLUMBING REPAIRS We contract to furnish all the materials and do the work or furnish the materials only. GET OUR PRICES JAMES W.HELLMAN hardware, Stoves. Etc. 157-161 North Spring St. LOS ANORLHS 1-0 II COVINA INDUSTRIAL DIRECTORY. ARCHITECTS. C. H. Wedgv/ooci, W. E. Allen, Chaa. E. Pnige. ATTORNEYS AT-LAW. Andrew M. Pence. Gcocye t_. Sanders. AUTOMOBILES. Covina Oarage &. Machine SJ.op Association. Reo Garage. BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS. Clarence Allison, M. B. Folsom, J. L. Moxloy, G. W, Coolman, U. G. Kring, H. Van B'mtlensen. BANKS. First National Bank, W. M. Griswold, cashier; Covina Valley Savings Bank; Covina National Bank, V. O. English, cashier; United States Savings Bank. BAKERIES. Home Bakery, Stevens & Matney, proprietors; Warner, Whitsel Company. B:, .CHER SHOPS. Covina Valley Market, Frank Kendall; North Side Market, Robert Crenshaw. BARBER SHOPS. The Owl, Marshall & Cheney; The Richelieu, Hesseltine & Lewis; The Stag, J. O. Talbot. BOOT A SHOE REPAIRING. Covina Shoe Repairing Co.; Lindop Repair Shop. BICYCLES. Covina Cyclery, Franz Rlchter; Pioneer Bicycle Shop; The Bicycle Repair Shop, G. D. Davis. BLACKSMITHS. Johnson & Nigg; A. J. Rooks; J. N. Wilson. CONFECTIONERY. O. B. Evans (Palace of Sweets); H. D. Madison. CEMENT PIPES AND BLOCKS. Ben F. Thorpe; Patrick H. Tally; Bonham & Ritchie. DENTISTS. Dr. F. J. Cline; Dr. J. C, Barney. DRUGGISTS. C. F. Clapp; W. W. Nash. ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES. Pacific Light & "Power Co.; Roy Winder. ORCHARD FUMIGATION. Stowell Fumigating Co.; Houser- Ohaver Co. FURNITURE. Covina Furniture House, W. Q. Custer, prop.; Brow & Son, New and Second-Hand Furniture; Hull, Second- Hand Store. DRY GOODS, BOOTS AND SHOES, GENTS' FURNISHINGS. The Broadwell Department Store; The People's Store. HARDWARE. F. H. Fabriek; W. L. Hurley. HOTELS. The Hotel Vendome. HARNESS. The Covin'a Harness & Saddlery Company. IMPLEMENTS. Twomoy & Diller. IRRIGATION. Covina Irrigating Co.; Columbia Land & Water Co. JEWELLERS. F. E. Wolfarth. LAUNDRY. Covina French Hand Laundry; Pomona Steam Laundry. Pomona Sanitary Laundry. LUMBER. Kerckoff-Cuzner Co. LIVERY STABLES. Avenue Stables, J. W. Keefer; City Livery Stables, Charles Smith. MILLINERY. Miss Sara Reckard. MILLING FEED. San Gabriel Valley Milling Co.; J. H. Matthews Co. MACHINE SHOP. Kellar & Thomason Co., Inc., Manufacturers and Inventors of California Farming Supplies. MONEY TO LOAN. Oscar Miller. TRANSFER. Covina Transfer Co., Hutchison Bros., Props. NURSERIES. Covina Nursery, J, W. Armstrong, prop.; A. W. Pooley; Arthur Yarnell. OSTEOPATHY. Drs. Stevens & Barron. PHOTOGRAPHERS. C. W. Tucker. PHYSICIANS. Reed & Jennings; Roxie E. Bates, Dr. Lewis Thorpe. PAINTING. C. H. Klstler; S, E. Coons; A. H. Crawford. PLUMBING. W. -g Sides; F. H. Fabriek; E. L. Jackson. GROCERIES. Warner-Whitsel Co.; J. F. Home; Robert Crenshaw. REAL ESTATE. Hazzard & Welch; J. M. Stanton; Pollard & Hutchinson; A. J. Reetz; A. Warner & Co.; Sanders Realty Co.; Jerome Reynolds; Covina Land & Loan Co., William Clark, J. H. Matthews; Covina Realty Co., Douglas & Miller; Edwards & Wildey Co.; I. C. Fairly; George Covert Co. ROOMING HOUSES. William McLcod; J. H. Mann; J. H. Whittaker. SIDEWALK CONTRACTING. Bonham & Ritchs. TREE PRUNING. William Summers. Ed. Goodnight. TAILORS. D. M. Sutherland; Charles Harris. cleaning and pressing. TEACHING. Mad.ime Van Vliet. voice culture; Robert Philleo, violin; Prof. Groom, school irusic and vocal and instrumental instruction; Mrs Harry Damerel, piano; Mrs. John brunjes, piano; Mrs. Ben F. Thorpe, voice culture; Miss MeU Brunjes, piano; Bess Welch, voice culture. s nil the timfi at Crenshaw's Fresh and fitif), 20c: a (1 H7.CH, if What, nro yon fining for tho "#tim ficaw" in your orange prove? Ever try a grooving knife? 2f)C al Kfcllar- Tliornasoii Mfg. Co. tf LEGAL NOTICES NOTrCIi OF HEARING PETITION FOR THE VACATION AND ABANDOMENT OF PORTIONS OF ROWLAND AND WORKMAN AVENUES IN COVINA ROAD DISTRICT, COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES, STATE OF CALIFORNIA. Notice is hereby i(iven thnt a petition signed by United Itivcnttnnnt Co. and 14 others, asking for the vacation and abandonment of that purlion of Howland A venue from Azusa Street to the westerly line of the Phillips Tract, am! that portion of Workman avenue from Haiti Azusa Street to the westerly line of the said Phillips Tract, as per map recorded in Hook 9, page 4, Miscellaneous Records of said County, said avenues being situated in the Covina Road District, County of Los Angeles,State of California, has been filed with the Board of Supervisors of the County of Los Angeles, and that said petition will be heard by said Board, at its ofhv,r: in the County Courthouse, City of Los Angeles, California, on Monday, 'December28, 1908, at 10 o'clock a. in. of said day. By order of the Board of Supervisors of Los Angeles County, California, made December 7, 1908. C. G. KEYES, County Clerk and ex-Officio Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of said Los Angeles County. by A. M. McPherron, Deputy Clerk. Annual Stockholders fleeting. Office of the Covina Irrigating Company. To the stockholders of the Covina Irrigating Company: Please take, notice that the annual meeting of the stockholders of the Covina Irrigating Company will be held at the office of the corporation in the City of Covina, County of Los Angeles, State of California, on Tuesday, the 12th day of January, A. D., 1909, at 10 o'clock a. m., for the purpose of electing directors and for the transaction of such other business as may properly come before the meeting. B. F. EDWARDS, Secretary. Dated Dec. 23, 1908. Assessment Notice. Covina Irrigating Company, principal place of business, Covina, Rowland Township, County of Los Angeles, State of California. Notice is hereby given that at a meeting of the directors, held on the second day of December, 1908, an assessment, (No 47) of 75 cents per share was levied upon the capital stock (as increased October 22nd, 1886) of the above named corporation, payable immediately to the secretary at the office of the company at Covina, County of Los Angeles, State of California. Any stock upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on the 5th day of January, 1909, will be delinquent and advertised for sale at public auction, and unless payment is made before, will bu sold on the 26th day of January,1909, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, at the office of the company in Covina, County of Los Angeles, State of California, to pay the delinquent assessment, together with cost of advertising and expense of sale. B. F. EDWARDS, Secretary. Covina, Cal., December 2, 1908. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. Not loo !K hereby given (hut In pur- KiiaiuH! of an order of the Superior Court, of the Stale of California, in and for lie County of Los Angeles, made on the (IIh day of May, 1!)07, in (he matter of the estate and guardianship of l.uciuda Rockwell, a mentally incompetent, person, In the matter of the above, entitled estate,, the undersigned administrator of tho said estate, will .sell at private sale to the highest bidder for eash, In gold coin of the United States, and on such terms as may be satisfactory to said adminis trator and lawful, and subject to confirmation by the said Superior Court, on and after the 1st day of February, IHOii, at the ofllee of Win. A. (ialnes, attorney for said administrator and estate, room 401, Chamber of Corn nierce, 130 South Broadway, City and County of Los Angeles, State of California, all the right, title, interest and (•state of the said estate of Liicinda Hoekwell, mentally Incompetent, in and to all those certain lots, pieces or parcels of land, lying and being in I lie County of Los Angeles, State of California, and described as follows to wit: Lot IT, in block f>, of the Townsite of Covina. as per map in Book !>, pages :i-t, Miscellaneous Records of !»« Angeles County. Slate of California, and all the personal properly itemized and described in said petition. Said real propi nv so described is recorded in the ofllee of the County Re- curd.T of Los Angeles County, State of California. Dated this Till c!:iv of December. IfiOS. NVM. A. CiAINKS, Attorney for the Ks- tate. li 1 Chamber of Commerce Bhlsi. FOR SALE Five room house and barn, lot 5Cxl75, fenced, close to Citrus avenue and electric road. $1800. Lot 50x175 adjoining above, full bearing Washington navels. $850. Four room modern house, two porches, bath, cellar, electric lights, large lot 60x175. E. College St. S2500. Five room house and large lot 60x175, in center of town. S3500. • Large lots, 60x175, full bearing navels. $625. Large corner lot ( J5xl75, solid to full bearing navels, close to Electric road. $1500. Business lot on Citrus avenue, 55x155 with enclosed yards and sheds, 55x80, hauling way on either side. The finest site in town for any wholesale business. Close to electric road. Price $6000. Good terms can be had un all the properties. J. H. MATTHEWS REAL ESTATE Sole District Agent Citrus Avenue Covina, Cal. YOSEMITE VALLEY Open All Year Why Not See Yosemite This Winter? It is a magnificent sight. It is a quick, comfortable trip. Daily train service, and good hotel accommodations. For through tickets and further information, see SOUTHERN PACIFIC OR SANTA FE or address 0. V. Lehmer, Traffic Manager YOSEMITE VALLEY RAILROAD Merced, Cal. •'1 i v 4 New Pomona Double Plunger jj Deep Well Pump Mead BUILT IN THREE SIZES, From Ten to Forty Horse Power It is the smoothest running- deep well pump because thore are no dead centers, no jerk or jar, and no danger^of breaking the puinp rods. Be sure and write for our big- cata- ' logue. Watch this space for further information. Pomona Manufacturing Co. Pomona, California Nutlet- of Stockholders' Meeting. The annual iiiivfiiitj of tho stoi-k- li..lder> of the First National Hank of 'I'lvii;.; will tic lu'lil oil Tiu'.-ila s . J.uiii - ,ii ; ,,n ,.t Id oVloi'k a.m.. for the j>ur- ; [.,,,i- ,,f i-U-v tiiiLT a li.' . I ilirei-t. r = t, i tiir rii.-uinL 1 , yi'.ir. for thu j t r.ui-..u tinii >-f -iivh . 'tlu-r iiii-iiK'Si a •. • 1:1.i\ i,r. JH-!:V i'.'ii:e l.-f l'i- tlu-Illei't- iii.i^. ' \V. M. tih'lSU ; il.l- 1 , Cashier. Co\ r.ia, ''a!., Dec. 1", !"(.>. Covina Orange Groves We lutvc a large clientage having good orange groves. If you \v.uu a ijLiuk na!e, ii-t ymir grove \\itii us. ";T i-.\v.- T'> >KH r.V EDWARDS & WILDEY CO. 2.^2 l.aiigliiin Bldg.. I«o-> Angclo 1). W. NL Donald, Covina rcproctitativc Home phuiie 12'J5, Covina

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