Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 15, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 15, 1912
Page 3
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, FRIDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 15,1912. 4* K - • ^^^©iTtlimg m the store sharply; reduced. TTO|thou£and.dollars worth of New Cc&tsand Suits be ught at a big reduction in "price and will go to you m the same manner- Big shipmeiiits of the New Mi^Seasdn'Styles direct Irom the designers hands. We advise vou to visit this Handsome Coat and buit section before you buy and see; the splendid new Styles and the big reduction in prices- No old, out of date stBtf to show you. Coats SS.oO Kersev Coats, 3 stvles in black .• $4.95 $15.00 Caracul Coats, satin Vcnitian lined $9.75 ?20.<i0 No\-eIty Coats, snap- l)y styles in 15 different patterns $15.00 $:i7.50 Coats, handsome garments, ait satin lined, on sale at $20.00 So-YdO Asirican Coats, with Skinner satin lininir, now on sale .$25.00 S-L'.."'(> Sail Seal Plush Coal,s i.n sale $15.00 Kl Suits liig price reductions on the entire line—a suit to suit eveiy fancy—Suits particular wo­ men will want to wear now. The best effo!-ts of skilled, competent tailors, who are c-.'nsianily trying: to pi'oduce the i)esi in Taiioiv 1 S\iii.> U>Y our store. Every irarment c;in i'iirhlfully be termed hand made and all iro in iliis l>i.e sa.le at these h\\r price reductions: $15,110 all wool Serye Suits, salin lined. .. SIO.OO $2(K00 Suit.^. the best values ever shown. .$15.00 ^25.00 Suits, hi.di .irrade Whip Cords,. . $17.50 $:^5.00 Suits, imported materials $25.00 300 Handsome New Skirts (;o in This Special Sale. - dil '$1500 WORTH OF NEW FURS INCLUDED IN THIS BIC. SPECIAL SALE. Come expecting the greatest values you've evei- seen in Furs—and we will guarantee you a saving of 25 per cent on this new up-to-date line of Furs. 11 $10 and $12.r>0 fine im- poried Whip Cord Skirts in the new shades $fi.00 And on »lown to $l.-")0 in )i;ice. If you want to see the lest line in the city look at this splendid stock of new styles. 11 are includedV in this big sale. MILLINERY! MILLINERY! MILLINERY! Never before have we had the pleasure of showing you so many exquisite styles. Every Hat included in this big special sale—at a big reduction of 25', discount. ?1.00 Hats ..... 75c $2.00 Hats ... ....$1.50 .$:{.( H) Hats :.. ... $2.25 $1.00 Hats ..: ....$;].oo $.").tH» Hats . .. .. .$.J.75 $15.01 > Hats ... . . $4.50 -$8.00 Hats ... ... ..Sti.OO $10.(K> Hats .. ... ..$7/)0 Children's and Misses' Hats all included. Special Thanksgiving Sale of Table Linens • CnmmejH-ing Monday and lasting for Three Days—every piece of Linen. Xai>kins and Towels included in this bi.g sale. Remember—Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday. 25c Linens, on sale 19c 8.5c Linens, on sale 65c ;>5c Linens, <in sale 27c .$1.00 Linen.-?, for 8:k 5pc Linens, on sale 42c $1.25 Linens, for 97c •tioe Linens, on sale 4.5c $l.-50 Linens, for $1.2:5 T5c Linens, on sale G.'k- $2.00 Linens, for...... .$1.45 20', discount on all Napkins and Towels in this great Thanksgiving Sale! lOZBB A SPLENDID LINE OF UNDERWEAR The Style That Fits So Well! Ladies' Ve.^ts and Pants, silk embroidery finish, sjilendid values, on sale 2.5c Ladies' Vests and Pants—the best values we ean buy.. .50c Ladies' 6-5c Union Suits, silk embroidery fini.>h, special. .50c The best grade of fine Union Suits we can l<uy. special. .$1.00 Every si;ie in Children's Underwear you v.iil find liere at prices that will plea.«;e you. STAPLE DEPARTMENT llK) pieces (»rnew Standard ] 18c Imperial Chambray.l-5e Print .-i. 7e quality ..5c lOc Mu.slin • • "tYzC 7c Apron Ch'k Ginghams.5c 12'Bleached Muslin.. .9c 10c Ginghams .7'2C 12iZc fine Cambric .9c 15c Ginghams 10c j l.'-c'Cheviots. be.<i, .... .10c Everything in the store at sharply reduced prices in order to effect a complete clearance of this bfg stock of fall merchandise. This Big Sale Opens Friday Morning, November 13tli. Extra Sales People to Wait on You. We Pay Car Fare RICH ARDSON^lS 113 Eastj Madison —— - • - \—, .\i ;".i;n:: luakp:: nii '.to plrnsin?: a I .M .V. IVckoy of Oiniwa. who lias •: >v Chri.^tiuas a> .i •,'!u>'.>i;i:»'p;i <.;" !)•li-r.- lookinp afn-r liis iiroport.v V '>,!M::' ^ Hi '.M- iakin now ho-! r<'ti:nifii houu- this afiornooii. I'.-- lif^in< —lluirman's . ' • II. (.•rumistvr of Savaniiah. Mo . wliii [ h.i.-; li.< II iitT.' visiting C H. Knulisii. r.;ur!'.-tl lioui>- tl;i.< altrrniuni. tHHSONAl MENTION.) . I. .]> f.liisul'. ^^•l 'I ••t 1'. all" inDin I'll l'Usi!i^•^^. I pirm.r. >|:s W" S .Maiiilnr^t of Tiii'-ka. ' •. .rii-il li .Hii.' afliTiKioii. ! Mr.< Cr.iiii Sliork .'V w .iit m Carlyl.', — . ii.i> .lit. III..Oil lor a \isiT with U^,-' ; i: \i .\'«>tis :!•..! r « lu> t.< I -ai -liilii; .school at . :> ; i:ii.-al'.':i SUM;; V\>'\V< -A that flac. ha/ hcC-ii on l>n ^iIl• !.;..rn.;l .-ii-L : " .\; I'l. .slu!.';ian (•i;iir.- SL-E WAY TO CARRY SKUNKS John Burroughs Is Authority for This. If Any One Cares to Try Somewhat Rash Experiment. nH>TKI> IMKH.KAI'HS. K;. -.J tl..' ('hn-a;;o N. .v.*. • •;: I'.i! iraif i< :if laiiiir of it!.'!:i- I !• I • > I utii i.- >'iajii;. r itial. ti' Miji ami • •;';,illy ilaii;;. rou'- RIIHJE CAFE REOPENS i|ilf af. .i!«.ivs lii'ir.j • aif.u- ^Pr. 0. 1.. Cos. Ornllst V> II rimiali. oi i'.a;tli-.sA: ;. / XH-^-U liii-.> on 111 >• tl!j> a;ti riioon. Hull Hull. O-I.opathv. .Trl«t»Ii«nr> l .'d. fifil. J. Aim (• V.\ i.-: .u;. .1' i > ' 1\ • v.. . :i,)'.r • 1 > • ,• M;.- S \V Aiii!< 1 .-nil. Ill (i) r:. • 1 a.v lt»'II ]\'-V'- iiTi li'.i.'-U'.' I*' th:.- alli'i :ii«Mi -. liiM-., .-u Ci- ( • \V. . • -I'll ;• ;;. ^ ;III' has h'-rn h'-v^ \*.-;Ui!;^ fri'ii.'.b nnna- .vi Ui-ut' ;;i;s :>;•• :" J.. S!i'.;.'>.<r Kt i"!;iy •".•n;'-!-. w!:.> ., l>.. •! ii.'!.' t)ii liusiiN'.<< i'>--iii li >•.«. ••! .itt'lll'll'Il. Ai!>:i I 'MiiuJl 'ioti w.'nt til I'arlyl.' ihi^ .-iiirniidii mi husin .'.-i.-j. .1 i' KliKik .iii>l iI.iiiKhti r Mi.<s M.irv •O' K -XW W.-I,' til ;;i.- city this' .if - r'lnmi. M;>- .VI.I I'.iiwtiiaii w.-iit to Carii'l' • "nuiii:-, :ii vi.-v; tiT'inb. j .' .1 i 'k~.iii <);taw.' v..,< a ;)il:>:-, !> >.^;*or lii'V This afNinomi 1 The Ridjfe Cafe Opens Saturday with a iiijj Dinner—You .\re Invited. MKXi; K(»K SIXD.VV l)al\e(i Ciiicki'ii wilh Dre.-^ luJMsl Tork wilh Cra'iberrv Siiuce Kt.^nVc i'!. iKur.;-' •hi- ..i < \'.,;TI; :'I :.;'|':-> l>.ai'- Till'..- ....•i:. Hi !'ii^-a '?s K .M •••lu- rrciik Ma;titi of Milii;-ti. iviiD : — li'. II ii» visitii-.f: ti;-mi.- v..>;\: ?(• V . ;• .ii i.-T ot »li. liisl; r< I'.xi; ( ,,r.;... tl :i,- .iH-'.llootl. .( irs! >.>!• niay iiiornint: .iml ; . — j 1. ..i;iiu ('nr-r (!,.> iia|i.T.<. sh,- l.o<-ain<-' ,, , i-r,,^, „ .,f N..O,,I„I Kall;^. who | .i;<-.;u.-;. .1. :!.a' Hiday ^^ttId••n;^ ,,....„ i^..^,, on l.iifin.^s i. t>irii.ili ;iiok t!,.' saiii. !• s! apalti i1. .iit'Tiioon ("..iir.-. fan • '.r.'-' •.:'ST S.i-ar.-ay af -.TB. >.•!•. ^r< rim;; : ,• \v KowS.-r. ..! Lawnm-. .-..a:.; r:.;.-.- r,-iiirn to M I- . T ,n:: ,1 iimi:.. Ii:is aft-ri:..oti i ' N; . :-"!;, Ka.-t .lark>on and . • ;. • ;. Aa:«l \-». :; :r 1'' • -t.>!.-. „u.-:ai... \.;r;--^:'Ti A a:«l ^ rs. ol Tiil :-a. Ok. ar • ; ;v li ' • : aft 'Tjiooii lor a v;>/. — M-.- \\ . \ii:'lii<oII. I I roft -yvilj.. ;.i.i.<1, V.r< \V :!i Kiriyv o! M. Al.^;-r. ' ik . j,.,^ 1,..,.,, i,. p. visi;iiis Iri.iul;^. — vim. i .as r |..-!i h.'iv visitiii- r liir-1 ;...ur,^,.,j I,,,,,,,. afn-rnoon. fii»^-.. Mr ;ir .-i M's H J n\^i:::. - ; — turni-J ;i'ri;<^ this :•.!!< mooi: \; , \, \v -:::,,tiH'i:>. of Lawr .-ii. .•. ; — ! (1 ;:as ti.. ii )•.•;• \i<itiiia friiiid:?. " W" ti (•,."k ,\'f t;r... M-: i-:, - ••\ • ii- to I'i-.aini!-- afttTuoon. -nl;o ! I"' II l.-r-^ or. w-j:' — to Hr:i;!'<'l'i' r:iO'!;! i! <"i:---.:ii.i ami .son Itoli- rt. o: — (••.u:i!:-. wi .o l .av, a.-, n !,<r.. visititii; ^ •• y::i<.. r*- r.rh '.v. Ti \a-. .^..y- r .'iirr .vj lio;t;i afti-r- "Thorp is a sa: UIK anions country , t, . . .i ... . , , , , wiiulil .(ituiiiiiii .:; oM ..-is lolk .that a .^^katik ran ho safoly car ^, , ,.. .„,.. ,. ncj l.y thi' tail, a sayini,- ti-at fonii- .. ,|„, !„r lir.<; ,.la.-.. I atura!ist«i deny." t;ays .Iiilinti Hur- .\ i..,r,ii,.r tjiay ir c.»'il oi liifi.-i.'tl toitsli-i. in tfllinft of liis boyliood <lay> . :iii,r talki;ii: iiiin a (i !ioti<ii;r .i|'li wilt; fafl'.'-r, .I.'hu Ilurroviglis. ii> A'd a trifhj nun. lik- a wi.rti out 'he frafti^mnti. "l'"alhcr dot.riiiinr;! ''I.-"i >.iii!.~ i> li.ini i.> il 'il \wili .-1 trv th'' (lu.-stion for liin-.^r''. his .• ii '.ii'« r !...u >..'iii.; ynu ar.- >ou ro-it.--" lirlrc cii;::'. to tho . i •• • "Id . i u!: m kii .iw li. I ':\.Ty timo tl;.T. 1 caauht a vkuuk ' ,, i . i , , . u ' !• II .1 ai.i :i !• lis M"i I I M' 111.' abo::v iio-;.-. 1 l.-t • iM- r hav.^ a ; , ,^ ^ , ,^ l,u i ..,:„I „ .|„.^. try at h-..-i. I-.:-'. .a.-fi-.y sha! , . , ,. ,.,,,ri;v iai,.lv that h;^ l,..n.1 i. tip Mio (Ir?. ir.uvii '.> t:i • lattcrV »:!.<• ^„rd. EUS': t ;;ca ?•'» .<••.;.:•!> was K>nt!\ w ,, ., \v,,!t;:i., ^!,rui:> 'i.r shuild •;ftfd fi a p.ili' .-iiiii <iri>i'i"'d irt .i ;;;; .| . „• j'l. i;. aiioti .>: ati 'Mlor \.«>- vrt -;.tv h.irr-'. 'lap l.i la? t>iirnHii a ;.;t s pain- it .s a ^iJ;n she laii i<-ll .iv-r;- . M I ':i ..ra ;i' i'.i::.. Jn a .-i-:..-tliiiif; ••<-.v n Jr .iitfs. a.- set ii a'= rhv» fkunk — - !ild '..'•conii- u.- 1 to ti..- Ii.irrrl. father i'. I' <: I. ' ii''. -t:'-• lai;- 1 t.c-' v.-ul-l na-h in. ria.'-p h;!i! ti'inly by ii:-'! i' -.i.- f, A 1! !.:.ll. w'ainh wa; '•is i:--;.\-- ia:i a::d :i.':• r:-,.^c hitr; 'i"i --'t .d ^^•Ml |.;-ik ul,ii,. .-rv- •lof;. aiway: I .-PC carvfi.i r-ot to l^t i-':^"'-"!-^ - :--i !o..:u;: l-in ^r,.:.. :•>• ,.ia::,I i:-r his frrt.t f- t on any ^^.tls n ;.l,.-s;r:, ,n.! n -.T v.i.i-.,.-it ii -.y arri-i.-nt. prov- , „. , : r ::i :'''r,:a^: c ;;nt'^i;; r ;;T -r-'M:!"^r""M ,„,,.n ^.f Wa,:. No.a Mr. .-..h,. S,ni,h. ....l. Mc•J,- • ,. Wx'H,. \V,i:s .-i-ni-^oii Mrs .M. .MitchPli. Miss lai-; Kin'i"v. I.m.;- < i IM'. .\riliur Joiin.sou. • " .• (•„-,.r; -'.r- t.:i"d :.• Mi .,f: lor Mr i I. ..ta..ks..i,. Mr?. Ma;:i:i.- Mitci:' ii ! Al W.-lls. fiaiid- W.ills and Master : no -Mrs. Jt.s.s Wall?, y.v am! .Mrs. M;<s l.ul:! Hai^.>, W. D. Harrold. Kli-' IVrl Walls. Snouflake Potaloes .Sliced Tomatoes IIaili.~-ins 'J'ea Toffev ('aiiliflower Salad Milk Mr- .lo.- Q'lint-y of Wicliita. who j : ;^^ 11 ii'-r.- \;s;tinu fri-ads wen' to O. riKi; this aftfrnomi. C. y lijniiy. of ('ii.-r;-y. a-. wim lias- i'. -,: n- oii ijusinis.s Wfiil to To-| ; .ku Mils aff rnoon. • i .Mrv M.-;ry Iiii-k»-y wiar to fl.irn.-n alt.inoon to \isi! n-iat:»vs. -V> -{.ai-y r ad a .iai:;: r.-us a-tack o'. noon. aft. i noon to j^isi! r.-lat:us. I'K^^^^^^ ^'••••'' >---'i^'- A->..;i..ij Mrs C I'l'dii-s and'dausht.-r of Jt i -av* romp H-nd V'^.i '.n:' •::roii2^ ^ 'l i::;-t-!-''i:;-. ' • i'-'r ;i- l\ila.-,. ..f i lOloi y w.-r- visitors hor. alti-r- AV.^ w'.-alii r..>: !'0 wititout in oa: l:.';isf." .Darro'.iV Oru^ S'orc mam •"':'»'••'''•'"'' ' '' |"i>'l^ iTi iC:ant. s !..:.• n t -iv !i \\':;;:n4 ••:•> !n r.rd In. r; Wi/.. uII. u -;in;; ;>;i 1.:^-. ^ t':;n-.< l:ai..::.,: ..a.; K.;'/; .<r:f'^•••y '..:''< -I in Ktfv!ii'|...s S< •> T:I<-:I : i:: \>.iii.!<i.v . \hi^i". .\i" '.in.' iti.Tia! i>a.'..-, in i-;?.. :; !-HW t: j^vans Bros. > UOOKSTORE. -ts and Mrs C W K<"i oi I'ali- ;.r:;!i Mo. »I'o h-j\>' I M^I n l:<r. \isil- Iri.nds Went ;o Huiaboliit lhi^ af .rnrHin. •'• .' i: Ai:..:>''n ;ind liis faniiiy ••• t. n I :i!!. troni Moult.-n, |o•. .' ;.—iv.-i :i! l..'.:' *:;o oth-r da>- and w • f- 'ii'v an . iii'ily-aoro fartn w''1ih t' •> ;• ;i:':i fjotu Hartnon HoliHrt. Tl:<' "a; ;' s a r;:!;.' iiiriji and a nill'^ vast •, .Tjt.r iif lo;.s. (.n 111.' wi *st side , o; !;> k ('ick T':.' Ki-:.ard>..n Kiy r„-.>ds .-^tor.' lion :i.> ii'—- a tiii; ("'••arani.' Salo in t!ii^ 'li :":'r:';i- \'y sy\ Ins '^lil ^'r- .\ i-.r'aiii < i>^.;vi'i;in wt n; to Hiini- li .'d> this al!.rii ';:in to iiiinf. told ;i ri'portt r tiiai liic mm was tiHT.dv a • v hoi.' tour tiirn*^ out lo '»-tnpss !h»*' sigi; of s:)ort af hp had not shot : aatm- and ihf "huep'crowd is said to a s«i> yars | h:.\.- rattiod t!i.. Ida lioys Thf Iq-• ral boys wvrp in poor form and hope t otiirn th' tabloE when the Savon-; burg boys play the return game. i lUM 'Ii Mrs- 11 -1. St ."ilfhSon of F '.irt >.i >t' «i;r. iias l>.->'n ht-rc visitina r«l- i!:i.s. u.r.t to Topika tliis ali.-rnoiin !• ''-s rk. of th«- SaU.^ion ;irin\ n iir '11 (litawu tills :ilti'rnoon K.ii' .l.jlitison. <if Carlvli' huM 'i.-s visitor i '.'T.^ this: alt.'inooii Jadii.'' (' K (^ory, r.'titi"' ui liank- riiiii. .» wa> in 'lie city luday Inron-'on with the U;»>. K '-nd'-rd -'ck aiiil ('oiciit-nsky rases. Th.- li.ia .\!i-Star. bai-kt' hall leant v.-;- •,> Savoiibiirs 'vesf.-rday after- iMK>;- uliU tile inii-nlion ol takinsr all honors from Savoiiburf! but they «ir.- s:''!ly disapi>.>in'e<i Th.> local 1„>>.. v -T'-- d.f.-at-d »o 21 The The Sample Shoe Store Ca'i irive you Uetter Shoes for Less Money than any other Shoe Store in the country. Sample Shoes are wortli from 25 lo 10 per cent more than regular stock —liioy are carried by tjie drumme-'s to show to ihv shoe merchant who buys from them. They are then mated up and s*»!d to us. .-\nd we sell them to you for from '27i lo 1(1 pel- cent less than you can bifV tiiem elsewhere. Special T\v«» Day Sale—Saturday and .Monday. K O T_icey. of Moran wa.s a business visitor here tbis afternoon. Ladi.'-' •'. I .itii.f. r..'i t- i.i t."i .•; J". •a' . ..• V . S-J.'-ts I.,' ;. •;:tli':: r. Ill . ... .1 :tl ..i ;;'-•; ii -'al ft vali:-?;.^ ^l<...•- 1! ,,ai'r.'> .n .•...i,-'. M.-I ki-! i. ittiH; and I:.'f. J." ill.'.W .III. k. > (;.i..i> HI -all. (!,. ill'. I • — l:.-. -i.'.-s Ill J.; >ih;..> itl.!««> . - r, '!'•.. iii.r i-i... i?I .T."i - -. V .-.r li!, .. ?l.o» :. -'.-i...-. ti. ". "I :i :t->r < I k'l.ric. .1- I,iii:.-- i :;:ti '.-:s :;«r T'.'l-I:.-:; : Shot-s. liiit,iii and l:n,v $1 valin-s. o.r |i:.. . .Vic iiiiii (iltr Mis^.'s S.. . .- i:i I'ln.n .iid l.u.-. $1 .•" »:ilii"'>. iiirr • ..i• 9Sr i-. l'i> uai.i liii.'.l si ;.<;lt..ii and l^i >•. .iai va.'in-s. I'jir .I'ic _ $I..Vi i a..!|.'.- r .'It Hull-.- ^:iill|.•l^. Id ick and j;ie>. ; rii'iiiipd. I' "." \ al i- H "M- Ij.ii.-- Ci ,> K. :t !•:: riiuiiMil H ..i- Sllii- l>-'- J:; ..:!ues ..-n orsc- . In tall. )';it..nTs. snii m.'a'. Uuiion o;- la(.-. $4 value?, iiir l>rlce .Men's Slii>e> in i;iiii m.-tal and |>al >:it, tnitton or Ia< '. J;; *." \al'i>s. I'ur piu. tUVr* .M .-n II.-my Work .-^ I HM-S tht- kind jou \my $:< for. i.i :r iiri.- -^IJW llni--' .•-!:ii.-.- 'tl |.ai''iii- .sun iii.lal. liiillon and h •. :.-..::;:ir $:'. \alii-s. urr pviie .;SI.!>S Piiy.-. C .ii .i.l S.jiiil Sttind S'...>«•>;. iVBiiiar calf . -kill "-i. \ H I II-S. i .'ir I'li.e ii .ys' 1' nil I 'M' la>'- iJiiot--, idai k and tan. J .l.r.t) \a 'a>s. ii:.: i.ric • . I.i 't!.- C.-n-s- HJt'li Ti.|. Ho.ts, .-izos tip to the r-iitl.-':- v"iiiij4;^. i>ri< c (tJtS We^C^r^ vSAMPLE \$HOE STORE Hp East Madison

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