Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on September 17, 1944 · Page 5
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 5

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 17, 1944
Page 5
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SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 1911 FITO First Biography of America's Great General Ann • ( Gen. Douglas MacArthur fighting .and now threaten to invade both to hold off the Japs swarming into _ .. . . the Philippines and thp islands of COMMANDING GENERAL: EUROPEAN THEATER XIII Whether the event makes the 1 the Pncific, the question arose, Who man, or the man makes the event,'will lead the forces against the Axis Is tP.'c conjecture of historians. With | hordes who have conquered Europe North and South America? Division, and General Elsenhower was now at the head of what the War Department described as controlling nerve center of Army." * the Marshall and said simply, "Oenenil Marshall, I haven't tried to thank you yet." the! "Don't try to thank me," Gen- jeral Marshall replied. "You go over fight wltli them to the ends of the the morale of earth if necc.siary. The question.! through the however, time?" This question, loo. was In tlie^ was. "k this the right) ualnini: with nnatlnii. his boys. They wont Kiueling wcck.v ot i "{'o ur die" deUTtn- The British officers found In Ccr- era! El&enhoiver a man they cuuld work with. Brilliant military men, (Continued^on Page S, Col. l) The War Department, the Gen- ! to thank you." eral Staff, and the White House were in conference day and night. Finally the momentous decision was reached — this was the man. He measured up to all the qualifications of modern warfare, had a genius In organization, was an expert with tanks, a firm believer in jand c!3 tiie job and we'll have cause [minds of the Americans. The" trc- 1 nicndous iiuccises of the Axis oni e his "Chin-up"/ Send a new, smiling "Pin-up JJ of yourself. Have that picture taken now in our studio ... 3 for $ 5.95 October 15 t ^ 1 the last day to mail Christmas gifts Overseas No appointment is needed. Proofs shown Photograph Studio 4th Floor ROSENBAUM'S There were many able generals [air power, and the co-ordination of tn Washington, many of them hav-llaml, sea and air lorcf.s. He was a ing won renown in World War 1.1 natural-born leader of men. The nation faced the emergency of [ General Marshall called Major- building a great army in the quick-[General Eisenhower to his office est possible time. How the miracle [and said, "You're going over to was performed under Gen. George i command the European divisions. C. Marshall, Chief of Staff, the farm boy from Unlontown, Penn- When can 'you start?" Eisenhower, taken by surprise, sylvania. who had come out of the j swallowed quickly and replied, "To- Virginia Military Institute, Is a book (morrow morning I" for i"u til re historians. j It Is said that he received this The Army's revitalization program] appointment because of two rea- 1 needed n man. Five days after] sons: First, his amazing record in I Pearl Harbor, General Marshall, a getting things done; second, hisi XIV General Elsenhower had three major problems facing him in establishing the European Theater of Operations. The first was vhe train- Ing of United States troops; second, the establishment of close co-operation between the personnel of British and American armed and civilian services; third, preparation for future actions. He discovered that hit- first Job in England was to defeat defeatism. The Britons were thrilled by the arrival of the Americans and would had created the myth of the Invincibility of HiMcr. General Eisenhower, addressing his own soldiers, declared, "Pessimism tind defeatism will not or tolerated. Any officer or soldiei who cannot ilsc above the recognized obstacles and bitter pros- pc,cts that lie in store for us hat no recourse but to ass for instant release from this theater. And If lit shows such an attitude and doesn't ask for release he will go home anyway." His western fighting spirit aroused keen analyzer of potentialities in soldiers, sent for Eisenhower, ris strong advocacy of a Second Front, i Convinced of this necessity, he had! was informed that he was to take; worked out "practical plans" which over the War Plans Division, as its i were so plausible and brilliant that, chief, and was* to formulate the'they commanded the attention of} grand strategy for all theaters of i the War Department. Ike "talked! operation. j it out" with Mamie, his wife, at His only comment as he left General Marshall's office was, "Yes, they've given me a new job. I guess somebody must have : told General Marshall I was a hot shot." With a shrug ot his shoulders he went away—to go to work. Sitting st his new post In Washington, the world became a huge chessboard before him. Watching every move, their home in Washington. The responsibilities of the new job were discussed.. He was willing to under- j take anything in the service of hlsi country. His wife had full con-' fidence In his utility to carry out! his plans; she had lived with him! twenty-six years; she knew the| Eisenhower character and detcrmin- \ ntion. . i General Staff officers In Wash-i he sent strategic orders to- American commanders In both hernl-,, spheres. His penetrating vision 1'"^on Save this word picture of gained immediate respect,' They j^^^meeting^w^tojhem. Snap, . P lly ln >'»iB his plans before them. ne sald: " Tll ls is what it is Roosevelt, recognizing I} 1 ! 3 ^ wlluat w ' re golng to do - knew a master hand wa.s plaving the °ame " President Eisenhower's skill, nominated him for the raiik of major-general. The f° unmg ° n , u Tlus( . ls what w e need. ° unmg ° n ou to Senate immediately confirmed War Plans it.i Care ol Details Makes For IN MEMORIAL SERVICES <>/ noic- worthy excellence many /idle details re ceivc careful, experienced attcniion Because J/iis it Jrtif every junerat ivv diracl. l\ouim-er modest its cost, is one of memorable bcautv and distinction. OUR BADGE OF HONOR Our prescription service is lip to th« highest stando r ds of the medical and phormacat professions . . . a service that never foils in its infinite care and attention to the dispensing of each prescription. It is our BADGE OF HONOR and your shield of surely. Although we carry the merchandise you expect a modern drug store to have for your convenience and comfort, our prescription service is the v<?rv heart of our business. Fine Conveniently Located Stores To Serve You Quickly Ford s Drug Stores 54 N. Centre St. G9 ISalUinore St. 236 Baltimore AIT. H4 S. t.« St. fl East Main St., Frostliurg. Md. Attenrion, DebuteensI Every girl can be a pin-up girl here! E as y-l o-c o m b, natural-looking permanents styled lor you, your hardworking allowance too! Virginia Larry Beauty Salon U5 S. Libtrry Phone 2615 great military leaders on the British staff. His mission ostensibly wasi to help prepare a merger of United I States and British Air Forces to! i carry out bombing raids on the j European continent. He was re- porlcd in London v--lth Gen. Mark W. Clark, on May 25. but was back in the United States on June 3 at a discussion of military and supply problems which was also attended by Lord Louis Mountbntten. Out of these and succeeding conferences came the first news that: our nation was soon to throw its! power against Hitler's mighty forces; for the I iteration of the conquered' countries of Europe—the armies oil I freedom were soon to meet in de-; i ci.sive combats the armies of despotism. The official proclamation on j June 25, 1942, read: i "The War Department today an- |nounccd the formal establishment i of a European Theater of Opera. tions for United States forces. iMaj.-Gen. Dwight David Eisen-| ! hower. formerly assistant chief of| staff of the Operations Division of the General Staff, has been designated Commanding General, European Theater of Operations, with i headquarters in London, England."' : As Ike was leaving to return to! •England on the most challenging I mission ever intrusted to an American soldier, he turned to General Buy U. S. War Bonds and Stamps at McCRORY'S BOND BOOTH How Your Dollars Today Buy MORE Bofors Guns...*, For the gun decks of our Navy and Merchant Marine . .,. for our Armies in the field, Bofors 40-mm. Ami-Aircraft Guns are being built in quantities and at lower cost made possible only through "Engineered Production." Before the war, rapid-firing guns of this type were hind-built . . . each part laboriously fitted to others. When the need arose, Chrysler Corporation was given the task of producing them by thousands. First American manufacturers to build Bnfors gims, we changed the design on some parts, changed material on others and finished all with such accuracy that assembly time was reduced from -]'50 hours of hand fitting to 10 hours of volume production assembly. Today, these are better weapons (ban were originally built . . . better because "EnjimecfcJ Production" has accomplished complete intcrchnngc.ibility of parts. Thii permits quick replacement when necessary ripht in the field. T> It HE MERITS of "Engineered Production," as pioneered and practiced by Chrysler Corporation in its peacetime manufacture of fine cars and trucks, were never more clcurly proved than through the delivery of many thousands of Bofors Anti-Aircraft Guns ... at substantial tr.rncy savings to taxpayers, and at great savings in time lo our Armed Forces. CHRYSLER CORPORATION PLYMOUTH • DODGE • DE SOTO • CHRYSLER ""/;,/•'""•»», h "f<, re ""<••>« /"«« Tun» TA Ma|or lo»«i one* Vii Airot«i»i TKunrfnvi. 7 f. W., E.W.T.. CBS Hjfwi JOIN THE ATTACK — BUY MORE WAd BONDS BRING SUMMER INTO YOUR HOME THIS WINTER WITH BEAUTIFUL PLANTS from McCrory s You'll Enjoy Their Cheerful Company and They Will Add Charm to Your Home Sansevieria I5c to 29c Novelty Rubber Plants 25c POTTED Philadendron <9c and 25c Chinese Evergreens 25c Combination Plants 25c Large Selection of Various CACTI 15 C PLANTS 25Mo59c EXTRA SPECIAL! Basque Weave Drapery Material Beautiful floral patterns in blue, green, rose and beige background. 36 inches wide. Regularly $1.59 yd. 79 Reduced To C yd. Prepare Early For Winter - See McCrory's For BLANKET VALUES DELICATESSEN Week-end Specials Garlic Bologna .. Ib. 40c Liverwurst .... Ib. 39c Veal Loaves .... Ib, 31 c Spiced Ham .... Ib, 48c •S!:irik-ss Wieners {?>, 39c Cream Cheese . 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