Covina Argus from Covina, California on January 9, 1909 · Page 1
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 1

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 9, 1909
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*** H. F, H, FABRICK- HARDWARE F. H. FABRICK PLUMBING LEADING NEWSKiPiS VOL COVINA, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY, JAN. 9, 1909. PROFESSIONAL CARDS pR. WILBUR H. CLARK {Successor to Dr. J. C. Goodell) OSTEOPATH Phones: Office 175. Hours 9-4 Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays First Nat. Bank Bldg. Covina, Cal. QRS. STEVENS AND BARRON OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIANS Phone 298—Argus Block Dr. Olincla K. Stevens Tuesdays and Fridays Dr. Emma Barron Mondays and Thursdays & JENNINGS, PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS j. ». *EED c. D. JBNNINGS 8-10 a m 10-12 tu 2-4 p m, 7-8 p m 4-6 p m Offices in Reed blk., Phone 40. Residence of Dr. Reed E. Badillo st. Phone 48; Residence of Dr. Jennings on ^Reynolds addition, E- Badillo St. JPhoue 299. COVINA, CAL. Amphion Club Meets. Tbo Ampbion Club met on Saturday evening last at tbo home ol ! Mr. aud Mrs. R. M, Douglass on Rowland avenue. A delightful program was given uuder the direction of Mrs. 0. D, Jennings, which was considered out of the ordinary run of programs and was much enjoyed by the large number present. "Romances of tbo Great Composers" was the subject and vtas divided into three divisions, dealing with tho lives of Beethoven, Schumann and W'igrier. Mrs, Jennings, who is a charming extempore speaker, opened each division with tho story of tho composer's life, particularly from a rotnnutio point of view, aud musical illustrations wore rendered as follows: Beethoven—Song, "Remembrance," Mrs. P. G. Stevens; violin solo, "Adagio from Moonlight Sonnta," Robert Philleo; song, "Adelaide," Mr. H. N. Wells. Schumann—Song, "Devotion" Mrs. Stevens; violin aolo, "Traumerie," Mr. Philleo; song, "Lotus Blnme," Mr. Wells. Wagner—Song, 'A Mother's Love £)R. J. C. BARNEY, DENTIST Over Argus Office Coviua, Cal Phone 284 . J. CLINE, , .'-._. ..':'•;. —DENTIST— Office houra: 8;30,to 12, 1 to - £; H. WEDGWOOD ARCHITECT AND BUILDING CONTRACTOR Residence, Cieuega, near Grand K.F.D. box 204 Phone 3065 M. PENCE ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Notary Public Phone 1039 'Reed Block Covina, Cal. QEO. L. SANDERS, ATTORNEY AT LAW Offices 325-333-335 Wilcox Building, Telephone, Home 425 LOS ANGELES, CAL. •Saturday's hi Covina. Office Argus Block. *• * * #• * * * Ux * We Can Sell Your* %. Orange Grove J * * 4f Our branch office in Los Ange- T les, 525 So. Spring street, enables us to get in touch with buyers. * * List your property with us. Covina Realty Co. Song," Mrs. Stevens; violin solo, selection from "Die Mistersinger," Mr. Philleo; song, "Oh Thou Sublime Sweet Evening Star" from "Tanhauser, " Mr. Wells. Mrs. Stevens was accompanied by Mr. Anderson, Mr. Wells by Miss Cora McKirahan and Mr, Philleo by his sister, Miss Katberine. A pleasing feature of the evening wna an improvisation by Mr.. Anderson from the greaf; composers. -' i*v*f4Jrt» -t *-f • 1 . SfefenaVand li ^ere;' ; 'se¥v&el'' 'v» '?<$?',*> Real Estate Sales. R. A. Welch has bought from E. N. Wheatland his one-half interest in the Christie place, ten acres on Rowland avenue, jointly owned by thrm. K. A. Welch pays 812,000 for the one-half share. This is one of the best groves in the Cnvina district, tbo fruit being sold for 87800 in 1008 and for SGOOO in 1907. C. E. Bern is has sold the south ten acres of 'his twenty acre orange grove, between Badillo and Puerile streets, to Mr. Dwight H. Hammond of Vermont for tho sum of 814,000 net. Mr. Hammond, who with his family, has recently arrived, will build a residence upon tho property. Ilnzzard & Welch report the sale of five acres of oranges with buildings, part of the C. B. Casey grove, on Cypress avenue. Price 7000. Clearing; Site for New High School. The announcement that the trustees of the Covina Union High School would sell by public auction the building's, orange i', -op and trees now on the new lligh School site, brought together a large number of ntir eiti/eiis on Monday evening in the 'social hall of the present High School building. Dr. G. I'. Jennings, secretary of the Board o lioneer. stated vi/.: 'That Hie Bo:ird reserved the right to accept or reject any bidding, also that all buildings sold must be removed within twenty d;iys from the time of rustees who acted as auc- ? conditions of Lot T, an eight-room, two-story reM- dence, was the first offered. The bidding was started by J. L. Matthews at $400, and after a spirited contest between him and G. N. Atwood, was knocked down to the former for the sum of $590x0. Lots 2, 3 and 4, being respectively A five -room cottage, a large barn and a pump house, were withdrawn, there being no satisfactory bid for them. Lot 5, a gasoline engine and brought $27.50. The oranges on trees provoked a lively contest between the various buyers present, and were eventually sold to G. N. Atwood for $1.10 per hundred pounds. Dr. Jennings stated that any reasonable offer for the unsold buildings made by private tender during the next few days would be accepted by the Board, as fhevclcaring of 'the -site fof the erec-v tion of the new building must , be com- menced at once. ;'• '•'.. ./ ', •'.':•:'•..•':.'''•• Contracts Let. The trustees of llie Covina l.'nion ligh .School met on .Monday evening ai the High School, Covina, to con-iilcr the tenders received for the linings and furnishings of the new high sclnol building. All the trustee-, wer. ,,;-.;-..-ni. After a careful review oi' each subject, the following tender-, were pa-M-<I upon nd accepted, vix. : J. R. Matthews & C.i., f.,r plrmbinu. .2X4° 1 H. Neu'ganl & Co.. clock -,v>teni, 050; Machinery & Electrical Co. ln-ai ing, $4208; C. K. Cook LL-.'iric Co.. telephone exchange. $_>oj.50 I he time for receiving l>i'i- on the ilackboards and lavalop. fnrnilnri- wa- •xtcndvil until the lir-.| rruiil:;- ne-eiing u 1'Vbruarv. The chief sooJel event of the week woa the retieption given by the Monday Afternoon Club to the members of the Glendora Club, tho youngest member of_tho federation, on Monday afternoon. Tho house was gay with ferns lent by Mr. Pooioy of tho floral nursery and a bowl of lovely rustw stood on the piano. A hospitable warmth from tbo fireplace and furnace pervaded tho air arid gay coa- tiumes lout a note of color to tho scheme. There were no papers road but tho readings contributed by Mrs. (jilmore and piano noloe by tho Misfloa Horron and Koynr/lds wore much enjoyed. The president gave an address of welcome to tho visitors. Delicious refreshments wore served, the hostesses being Mrs. Chas. OrillUbs and the Misses Horron, Cook, Hastings, Douglass and Sanders. The no.xt meeting of tho club will be next Saturday afternoon at a :,'i(i, when Mrs. llnzxurd of the Htate Normal School, Los AngelOB, will give] a lecture and demonstration on f "Flours and llroarl Making." High School Notes. Hack to the grind! School January 4, after a vacation of two weeks. Lei me see. Where did I leave off? Oh, yes, I wrole up the school affairs till about December iS. On that date the "A" division of the Literary Society gave a very eujoyabl, 1 program as follows: Piano solo, I la/el Clifford; reading, Karl PbilKo; original story, May Hull, read by Muriel Sherwood; two selections, Lyric Orchestra ; cornel solo. Glen Leisure; farce, "In Want of a Servant," in two scenes, Sarah Crook, Albino, Power, Irma Kickewortli, Gladys Scat, Claire Dldier, Win. Sprotle ; pi<\ii(j solo, Mantm Johnson, Christmas Day the Iliyb School met the. Grammar School "infants" on the gridiron. As I formerly predicted, the High School won by a score of o to 5. Although the. Grammar School | UI ,| three of our best players, they lost. A touchdown by Kistler and a goal kick by AsclienbfeiHicf won the victory for the High. Tom Reed went into the fray wearing corduroys instead of his regular football "armor." Me fore the game was over "Tommy" needed a new pair. A liberal use of shingle nails was required to pin Tommy together siil'li- ciently for him to get home. Roy Goodell has gone to Ksenndido. "Goody" will be missed at Covina, as he was one of our best football'and baseball players. He was tht best punter on the eleven this year, 1 ? P.a{ji : ;Guster; .'68,:, who'; is, ; visiting.- his '{ind;'.fricndBv'h^r,c, will: return, to, !„» •:_•«.•. T> !„!•!_ I-.->_.•.-.'- . . ' ; f ,|.., -, ^^M^^^T^^lt'^t^^'^^t l^^^^^^^^^tf^^fF^^ **""• ' /fr&Biiay ffiTternoon'CltuJi •' '", ..'• ' at,the Prcnclr'SlrriiVer A'di'd'emy, Moitiit' Carroll, III,, has entered Covina High as a Junior. Frank Rutledge, formerly of Poly High, Los Attgelos, has enrolled as a Freshman in Covina High. The German Club, organi/ed (,-uily in the school by .Miss llawe 1 -, has been very successful. At the meetings, which are held every two weeks, programs are rendered, talks on Germany are given, German songs are sung and a general good time is enjoyed. All llie bii.-,iiiess meetings are cMii.lucl.ed in German, 'flu- last meeting was held at (be home of Walter Ascbenbremier, on Monday evening, January 4. About lliirty members were present. A very enjoyable lime was reported by all. Our next at 'TSfaughty^Nioe" HAS JUST ARKTYKD, h nff and bag-^ag-e, and lie promises to stay with us for a year. Me says we can always be wliat we might have been; forgot the past and live for the future, and drink "Premier Blend Coffee." Nineteen Hundred and Nine Reasons WHY PREMIER ntENH COFFEE is best: 1st.—It is rosier), packed and scaled under our personal supervision. 2nd.—If Premier Blend Coffee is inferior, then our reputation must suffer. The other nineteen hundred and seven reasons will be found by trying- Premier Blend Coffee. "If you can't come, phone," -* *• * Covina Postoffice Gratifying Results. The annual repot t 'if thr Coviua p'^t ofnce'shows that the i)o-,tal Ini^iiu-:-, ln-ri- is still steadily progressing, the iiicrea-.c in the husiiiv-.s of the year |(>)H ovt-r I'.X>7 being $775.05; the total amount f>;r KtoH being ^14077; th:.t for K><7 Li-ing 'I he increa-e. in the Cbri-.unai bii-i - a yuin • ,\ §\ 51 i,-!, ,,r jo.o.! : Annual fleeting; and Supper. Baseball at Covina. Manager fJeorgo Covert, of tbo Covina ball learn bcliovch that, C'oviim people will nupl""'t. a good bull team. He IIHH had iho grounrlH put in flrnt- clnHH ahape, the grunddtninl repaired ! i., mid ha.s gniri"H .scheduled for a month iihend. T'liiinrriiw our hoyK will lin« up agaiiitil un ull-Nlnr figgrr'gatioii from Fomona and n good game in exuected. On Monday. Jmiuiiry 17, North Pasadena "will phiy horo. Tho Hubert (limits, a colored team of Lou AngelcH, who hnvo only been beiiten j by tbo LOH -\ngele« GiantH, will Ln [ seen on the local gronmiH on Jiiuunr.y •Jl, and <>n January '.\ 1 tbo C'olton To rlefray ex uri ad series, held with Pasadena, at the Woman's Club House, Covina, l-'riday even ing, January jj. Tin ipie^iion lo be <|e baled i^; "Kesolved, 'I bat it would be a bellirr policy for Ibe Cniled Stales Govrmueui. to give inm-e exlendci) aid lo ai.'ricnltiiral and industrial school'., than lo the building of -o many wai \c,..el-. Waller A •( heiibreniiiT and Albiii' 1 Power will uphold the negative i'"i' Cr.vina. The High School orrhr-ji;, will play aud iln-re v.ill be ,. hool ..ongs .'iinl yi Hi in plenty. Come and hear the (Ii-b.-ii,-. You will enjoy it. v l .'( Ill'/elillg of |||r ,li|'|i-nt body he|i| iary I,, Covina I lit;b d-i-idi-d to ac- tbe ch.'lllc-nge of (•'.) Mollte High i><h'.il lo a joinl debate lo be held some 1 lii"'- m the near fuiun-, Tbe detail, : ba •.'• not yet bei-n a n angrd. I'Hrlbri- • nii'.i in;.lion com , rniug lin , debate will i appra i -.1,011. AIM III'K lilXP.V, DIRECTORS f!. R. Andci'Bim Mureo II. Ilollmim W. II. MOM,IDAY, I'rosldmil; ('. P. Clupji II. M. Iloiixor MAHCO JI. IIIOLI.MAM, Vico I'ren. J. It. KllliiLt .1. O. HOIINKI- ,f, l{. KMJOT'J', Vlra I'H.H. W. II. llollld/iy c. Mi-nf'fwi W, M. (ilttSWOI.I), Ciitililei' A. I'. Ki-rcliliDlf ^ J. (!. IltlTCIIINHON, Aiml. (Jiiiilil.-!' • ' « . • Capital and Surplus $90',000.oo Covina \Dallcy Savings ffianh Covina, Cal. WK7CCTOKS OKKICRKS ('„•«. K. An/lormiii W. II. Iliilllduy A. I'. KKUCKHOKI'', j'-n-Hiilcril. •'• "• KIH'iU II. M. MOIM.T II. M. IIOI/SKU. Vice, I'rnnldi-nt Marco II. Iliilliiiini A. I'. Kcri-kliuir .1, C. IIIJTCIIINHON, CIIH)I|IT W. M. (JlaSWOU), Aim!.. Ciwhlor Capital and Surplus $42,000.oo g* ^^ All Millinery Reduced. The Christian Church will bold its t(;1 "" Wl " '/' Hy I"!"'' annual meeting next Thursday even- VM "* "* »"' ^H.t. ing. The past year has been marked i "'"" 1 ""' ot '^ C °" th vvllt ' J(J by progress in all lines of work, and \ interesting reports will be ruado by'' , . the departments of th. ; church. A , s P eclal Music at Presbyterian Cliurch. pleasant hour will be enjoyed [in tin; social room after the n-porls huvn btcn made. It is expecter] that, thu offjasiijn will be one of fcpHc,inl inte; est to all members and friends ot the : t : I i •re vul! '; ! I I'l III i'i.'lt l.-ttl in'.:-, ( bur b .S'lixl v, ill r.-inii-r t .: '•i } church. Look in at Hull' r i ftecouil Ijaini store. Tbe dirt is out. ChailfcdH. MOITJ-, f,,r fti^.leuiei.!,. Tel. Axusii i. if Card of I hanks. KeJaiive., <,f (;. L. Ma\f!«-hJ e>.[.res-i tbf.-ir -iiicei'.- t li icnd.-, f ( r -.\ ii.|.dt 1.3 -,}n I I. i ea '• ':.'!.• I.!. v. i.rb to to ail i ibeil hntn and n lot of ready to v.ear hats for 'Jij per oent |em Ibiui rifgnfiir j/rite. Oil rich ufid fancy tiuilbers nl. h[K-.« ial /.! ieck). .Stiff hair ribbon for t'.t cenlw |,<T yd. Veiling for tiO to Iir/c, per .yd. iiig ;«rti(iiftnt f.f braids for the j f the I5ri:thn:u Church. alh(, i for c;ipi. Mihs K. Heekonl. City Taxes. L Mehne/t, tin. city . K:|,iiil, l)ii : t.,t!jl in ' it,<- city «.l (,'ovn p t Ibe <ie.| j;j/jiji-i,t l.<-t [ (;Cl; i |,t -. t , <'.!i)H, We'll Tickle Your Palate and your economical bump at the same time with our goods and prices. It's not necessary to try us more than once. By closely watching the market and discriminating in our purchases, our stock is made up of just such goods as please the most particular. Home's Grocery I !i)l!)<' J>llOllf ) ! , •*»*«»•••»•**•••••**•••••••«••••••••*««••••tw«»»*«»»«

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