The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 14, 1942 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 14, 1942
Page 5
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TUESDAY, APRIL 14, 1042 BLYTIIEV1LLE (ARK.), COURIER NEWS PACIFJCOCEAN: THE UNITED NATIONS BEGIN TO HOLD THAT LINE HOUSTON, Tex. (UP)—W. B. Fergu:on, 53, a veteran geologist, has employed his hobby of photography to develop a new method of oil exploration which U within easy reach of the small operator. Oil men say Ferguson's method is revolutionary, showing through action of ultra violet rays upon photographic plates whether any •given material contains hydrocarbons—oil and ga-j. Established methods for similar exploration were expensive and elaborate chemical analysee, which were within the financial means of . major oil companies or large in- j dependents only. * Ferguson said he was "tinkering with photography when the principle occurred "like a flash," so simple that he was surprised that it had -not been discovered already. An Economical Analysis The geologist gives full credit to his wife, Lee, also a photography enthusiast and now his business partner, and to Dr. L. W. Blau, research physicist for Humble Oil and Refning company, for assisting him. Blau made the company's laboratory equipment available to f, him. Humble Oil is using his principle. "I do not claim to find oil; only drilling can do this," Ferguson said, "but my method does go a long way toward an economical analysis of soil and well cuttings,. "By utilizing- ultra-violet rays, my equipment is able to photograph whether any soil sample or cutting- carries hydrocarbons. "It is is especially valuable in analyzing well cuttings. It is possible to show whether or not oil or gas may be expected at lower depths in any drilling well," Ferguson explained. •Here is Ferguson's procedure: An operator, wishing to test the probabilities of the presence of oil in an undriilcd area, selects soil samples well distributed over the sector, properly labelling each sample. Advantage of Secrecy Ferguson washes each sample,, treats it with heat, pulverizes it and puts a small quantity into a small capsule. He then places the numbered samples under a special camera and cvposes thgm for periods ranging up to 72 hours. After exposure, he develops the photographic plate. Samples containing hydrocarbons photograph dark. By plotting the samples on rf map, the operator can determine the probable presence or trend of a field. Ferguson said that his method is' rapid' and-~"osts about, three cents an acre for his .soil analysis and not more than 10 to 15 cents a acre for detailed work. It also has ihe advantage of ever, the enigma; U. S. needs use of bases here to bomb Japan from Alaska lose to Japan, but lacks machines, supplies for attack; new aid road being rushed Aleutians—bases for future attack on Japan; new aid road now underway Pacific Ocean ••EV/F.IM (From this seal citadel, U; S. stabs at Jap island bases NEW HEBRIDES must hold this 20,000,mile line, anchored on six great strongholds; out on the "rim," they have the tougher task of driving all Japan's spokts back to the hub arc the United Nations' two great bases in the Far East; here arc being assembled ships, troops, planes, guns for eventual offensive in the south and west .* Brisbane ^t United Nations Basts Allied Aid PACE FIVE Osceola Seeitty—Psrwnal Attend Legion Meeting; Osccola Legionnaires wlio at- E. W. Packard, treasurer. Mrs. EdringUm, Mrs. Tongatelmd Mrs. Jones were named delegates to the Arkansas Federation of Wo- mens Clubs convention to meet next week at the Marion Hotel at Little tended the monthly district meeting in Lepanto Sunday included Everett Reid, commander of Mack Grlder Post No. 150; J, L. Kent, adjutant; B. W. BragK, Ben Butler, Gilbert Cough, Steve Ralph and Mrs. Ralph. * •!< * Will Attend Convention /V delegation of Parent Toucher officers and members from Osccola and South Mississippi County left Tuesday morning for Hot Springs to Attend the Arkansas In the viislncss of {he Pacific Ocean's 68,000,000 square miles multiple Japanese Ihrusls have forced the United Nations back lo a line nearly as long as the equator. It is here (he allieS are beginning to hold fast while preparing for a counler-oU'ensive to clear these wide waters of the yellow tinge. secrecy. An operator can take to 'Ferguson all necessary samples and data ana obtain an analysis •without Ferguson or anybody else knowing them. where the operator got A hippopotamus does not sweat blood, but it does exude a red, oily liquid from large pores in the skin. HEADACHE ( MORNING AFTER ) • For jittery, nervous headaches, Captidine. Acts fast because it's liquid. Sec how quickly head clears, nerves are relaxed, and you foci steadier. U»e as directed. lOc, 3Qc, 60c sizes. Liquid CAPUDINE Announcements The Courier News has been authorized to announce the following candidacies, subject to the Democratic primary in August. For State Senate L. H. AUTRY For Representative W. J. "BILL" WUNDERLICH ', JAMES G. COSTON County lre*surer • JACK FINLEY ROBINSON (for re-election) County Jndgc ROLAND GREEN (for re-election) County Clerk T. W. POTTER (for re-election) Tax Assessor W. W. "BUDDY" WATSON tfor re-election) Sheriff and Collector HALE JACKSON (for re-election) Circuit Clerk HARVEY MORRIS (for re-election) Transportation Expert Warns Against Needless Motor Vehicle Restrictions LITTLE ROCK—Handicapping highway transportation with unnecessary ruler nnd extreme restrictions would interfere seriously with the nation's war effort, Professor Harry E. Stocker of New York. University, nationally known transportation authority warns in a study just issued on the "Inherent Advantages of Motor Transportation." "England took the false step, when under peace time conditions she relegated highway transporat- Lion to aii inconspicuous position in the economics of the Britisr Isles," Profesror Stocker declared: "After the war began, she recognized her mistake and acted to utilize the inherent advantages of motor transportation to help win the war. • , "When the inherent technical and economic advantages of motor transportation are interfered with BRITISH COMEDIENNE Gives Chaplain Dice Profits -CAMP ROBERTS, Cnl. (UP) — Winning 11.65 in the provcrbla army crap game, a Camp RobcrUs infantry private walked up t Chaplain George E. Simmons h the Southeast Chnpel here anc handed over his winnings "wher it will do the most good." Congress of Parents und Teachers. In the group were Mrs. Spcnce Williams, district president; Mrs. N. L. Glllesplc, president of the Osceola P. T. A.; Mrs. 11. B. Jones, Mrs. E. S. Chiles, Mrs, Joe Watson, Mrs. Leuhmond Williams and Mrs. E. H. Williams, all of Osceola, and Mrs. W. B. Burke tt nnd Mrs. Joe Miller from Bussett. *• Ijl V Mr. und Mies. Wullors Hosts Sixteen members of the OsceOla- Luxorn-BlythcvUlc Bridge Cluben- oyed the dinner bridge party at he home of Mr, und Mrs. L. W. Walters Tuesday night. Club prizes went to Mrs. Russell Bowen and Sfrtn Bowcn of Llix- on\; L. W. Wallers Jr. was high scorer among the guests. Defense stamps were given for all prizes. Guests were Mrs. Sum Coble, Mrs. Mattie Dillard, Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Walters Jr. Leslie Speck Honored Athletic Coach Leslie Speck of the Osccola school WL\S compll- nented with i\ surprise party given jy the Junior Class of 34 members in the home of .Tuim Watson Tuesday night. Coach Speck hits' enlisted in the United States Navy and has been given the place as physical education director in the service and will Icuvc soon. When Mr. speck accompanied by Mrs. Speck arrived the class were singing "For He's a' Jolly Good Fellow" ulitr which he was presented with an extension bracelet for his watch. Card games were plnycd during the evening. Miss Christine Polndcxter, sponsor of the class, nnd Mrs. C. L. Moore were also guests. * 4< « Mrs. S. W. Gladlsh was elected u delegate to the General Fcdera- llon of Womens Club to meet in Fort Worth April 27-May 2; Mrs. Tongate was chosen alternate. The club voted to purchase a $100 Defense Bond. The program included a travel talk by Mrs. W. E. Hunt on h«r recent 8-wcek tour of Florida; a piano solo by Mrs. E. S. Driver, and salute to the flag lea by Mrs. John W. Edrington.- Mrs. William Ellas was received as a new member. Guests were Mrs. Mary, Green of St. Louis, former president of the club: Mrs. T. N. Jordan, Mount Vcrnon, 111.; Mrs., Ark.; Mrs. J. T. Fowler E. S. Driver After May I Only Accredited College Applicants Will Be Eligible ; 3 . NEW ORLEANS—Termination of Class V-7 program on or- about May been announced by > Rear Admiral Randall Jacobs, chief af the Bureau of Navigation, Navy Department, according to information received from the Public Relations Office of the Eighth Naval District. After that date the only method by unfair legislation, there is a by whicn a p p u Mnts will be ' takcn into Class V-7. which is training for general deck and engineering /,; Village Cops Get Police Tups CLEVELAND (UP)—The newcs members of nearby Westlake Vil- agc's police department are three German shepherd puppies, appro- Progressive Club Elects Mrs. R .H. Jones was elected president of the Osceola Progressive Club for the biennial term 1942-44 at the April meeting held in the home of Mrs. John W. Mrs. Mosclcy, Mrs. Spencer Gibson and Mrs. P, J. Semmes. Hostesses assisting Mrs. Edrington were Mrs. E. R. Reid, Mrs. J. C Young. Mrs. B, P. Stan ton, Mrs E. M, Jaffe, Mrs. R. C. Sumnci and Miss Aline Word. Hitvc Baby Girl Mr. and Mrs. Zeke Pollard are parents of a daughter born,nt St Joseph's Hospital In Memphis 01 Monday, April G. The baby weighing seven anc one-half pounds has been named Sandra Marie. Mrs. Pollard is the former Miss Marjorle Williams of Driver. + * * Miss llowcu Hostess Miss Clementine Bowen was hostess to her Wednesday Bridge Glut in her home with Miss Ruby Craii of Wilson as the only guest, High score went to Mrs. Jame. Easley of Tyronza with Mrs. Roy Dox of Osccola winning second high # i& * S Indents At Home Among college nnd university students home for the Spring holidays were Lan Williams II from University of Arkansas; John Boyd Mitchell, u .senior in Louisiana 1 State University, to visit his mother, Mrs. J. B. Mitchell; BUlic Driver from the University of Arkansas; Mitchell Moore from Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tcnn.; Nancy Snow Williams from Suillns College for the holidays with hei mother, Mrs, Nnncy Lou Wilson; and Frank Pcrrln from Stanislaus Academy, Bay St. Louis, Miss., with his mother, Mrs. Claud Pcrrln. G. Heartsill Bank;- is in the Baptist Hospital In >;;jmphls for diagnosis and treatment for a kidney ailment. Mrs. Banks accompanied him to Memphis Friday and brother, J. T. Coston, jvho, has been ill lor tiiree months 1 ,-' ; Clarence Grigsby spent the weekend with his family here. He was accompanied by Robert Baker of Pine Bluff. Mrs. John F. Haskett and children are moving to Paragould Thursday to join Mr. Haskett where they .will make their home. -Mrs. Haskett is the former Mrs. John Andrew Edrington. W. J. Keys of Little Rock has been the guest of his daughter, Miss Corinne Keys, Spanish instructor in Osceola High School, for the past several weeks. Court Decides Hot Do? No Meal In California SACRAMENTO, Cal. (UP)— A^ hot dog is not a meal in California. The Issue came up when The Treasure Island Catering- company protested paying $11,843. In sales taxes on hot dogs and hamburgers sold during the world's .fair on Treasure island in San Francisco. bay. The state supreme court settled the case by ruling that hot dogs and hamburgers were not a meal, hence not subject to the sales tax, which placed two tasty -confections In the same exempt classification as other kinds of food. While the litigation was in progress, the tax payment had accumulated an extra $1,308 in 6 per cent Interest, so the company got a total check of $12,151 from the state controller. . Bartenders Report Loose Talk SAN FRANCISCO (UP)—Twelve hundred local bartenders' have undertaken to do their part for the national defense. They will report promptly to the..proper'author- ities all clients who become so talkative that they might give out Information' to the enemy. Read Courier News want ads. HORIZONTAL 1,7 Pictured ; British- comedienne. 13 Revolved. 15 Dental surgeon. 16 Like. 17 Garden tool. .18 Infatuate. .19 Backless seat. 21 Terbium (abbr.J. 23 Twice five. 24 Gods. 25 Dispatched. |26 Hammer head. 47 Symbol for 28 Grimace. aluminum. 29 Female of the 49 Nest of a bird Answer to Previous Puzzle P T A i /^ H ! AN PT£ B EM AS RO NO T J U M P A U G 5$ E D ft M ft R fc£ m- 3 C R E W ^ cr G O M E ^ P R 1 M T E R 1 S U c. m T R 0 D Sti S ft Y S $£ N S n W 1. E E Jtt 1 11 L R - ^ i T W l &, ft L A ft L E N $ T K BE N 0 SI L 1 E rs D * N O O & D E F E N S E 1 S O 1 R E ^* R 0 L E S W E M U <^ ft L E fe E 5 E 1^. P L U L. A T E H E & B R r r N ft M E E R 0 S • ruff (pi.). 31 Symbol for osmium. 33 Boat paddle. 34 Native of the east. 36 Chum. 38 Symbol for tellurium. 39 Reason. 40 Source of . light. 42 Entice. 44 Upon. 45 Dress edge. of prey. 51 Dove's call. 53 She was born in Rochdale, 55 Truly. 57 Right (abbr.). VERTICAL 1 Turf. 2 Roll. 22 Again (prefix). 24 Mockery. 26 Nuisance. 27 State of being normal. 28 Mother. 30 Virginia' (abbr.). 32 Crystals of ice. 33 Limit (comb, form). 35 Symbol for ethyl. 5 Italics (abbr.) 36Playon words 6 Exclamation 37 Article. of mild fright. 40 More painful. 7 Pedal " 41 Rest house. -• extremities. 8 Inflow. 9 English town. 10 Ignited. 11 Doctor of Science (abbr.). 12 Divest. 14 Abominated. 3 Siamese coin. 15 Daybook 4 Cask for dried (abbr.). fruits. 43 Symbol for radium. 45 She has a prominent place in entertainment for a long time. 46 Fabricate. 48 Ditch around a castle. 49 Era. 50 Editor (abbr.). 52 Over (poet.). loss to the nation not alone in higher costs for transportation, and restriction or destruction of superior service, but also in the lack of facilities for moderniled mechanized warfare. "To throttle highway transportation by unnecessary and extreme rules, regulations, priorities and prohibitions, migrt pove to be one of the greatest dis-scrvices which could be imposed upon the national defense effort. 1 ' Middies Favor Cowboy Lore BOSTON (UP) — The favorite stories of Uncle Sam's saiolrs are tales of the old Wild West. Chaplain Herbert Dumstrey of the Boston Navy Yard, who has been supervising navy libraries at ssa and ashore for 25 years, says the gobs' priately named Victory, Defense Edringlon. Mrs. Jones, who succeeds and Liberty. The puppies are un- ( Mrs. Eddngton, was president for dergomg rigorous training to be . three years several years ago. used by police on guard duty. | other officers elected were Mrs. ~ — I Dwight H. Blackwood, vice-presi- Natives were found > making fish d , ut; Mrs Fran|c o Cwyn( rccord . ing secretary;.Mrs. Talnmdgei.Tonr. gatc corresponding secretary; Mrs. hooks or gold when the Portuguese explorers 'discovered Brazil. also went down, again Sunday. Messages received this week by Osceola relatives told of the illness of Mrs. Earl Abrey in a Maiden, Mass., hospital where she was operated upon Friday, Her condition ia satisfactory. ?..Dr.. RailsiCostbn of 'Birmingham, Ala., Is here for a visit, with his Pull the Trigger on Constipation, with Ease for Stomach, too When constipation brings on discpm- fort after meals, stomach upset, bloating. dizzy spells, gas. coated tongue, and bad breath, your Klomach is probably "crying the blues" bc-ause your bowels don't move. H calls for Laxative-Senna to pull the trigger on those lazy bowels, combined with Syrup Pepsin for perfect case to your stomach in .taking. For: years, many Doctors have given pepsin preparations, in their prescriptions to make medicine more agreeable to a touchy- stomach. So be sure your laxative contains Syrup Pepsin. Insist on Dr. Caldwell's Laxative Senna combined with Syrup Pepsin. Sec how wonderfully the Laxative Senna wakes up lazy nerves and muscles in your intestines to bring welcome relief from constipation. And the Hood old Syrup Pepsin makes this laxative so comfortable and easy oh your stomach. Even finicky chilflrcn Ipve the ,taate of this pleasant family laxative. Take Dr. Calclwcll's Laxative Senna combined with Syrup Pcpbin, as directed on labclor as your doctor advises/ a«[l feel workrsbcUcr.Gettfcnuinenr.Calclwcirs. duty, will be via. the Class V-l Accredited College Program. College graduates meeting certain requirements may at present obtain Class V-7 program training but after May 1 only young men enrolled or accepted for enrollment in accredited colleges between the ages of 17 and 19, who are of good character, who can meet the physical standards for enlisted men and who attend college at their own expense will be accepted as Class V-l leading to Class V-7 training. fovoritc author Grey. is the late Zane In Buenos Aires, Argentina, residents are forbidden to appear on the streets without coats. 20 Single in kind 54 Compass point NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION Letters of administration on the estate of Elijah Monroe Terry, deceased, were granted to the undersigned on. the 8th day of April, 1942, t by the Probate Court of Mississippi County. Any persons having claims against said estate are required to exhibit them, properly authenticated, for allowance, to the undersigned as administrator of said estate, before the end of one year from the date of the granting of letters of administration upon said estate, and if such claims be not so presented, they will be forever barred. JAMES TERRY, Administrator of the estate of E. M. Terry, deceased. Frank C. Douglas. Ally. A8-15-22-29-MG-13 Defense Study Most I'opular LOS ANGELES. Cal. (UP)—Defense training is proving one of the most popular subjects at the University of California. There are now offered 44 courses and 51 classes,. all leading to practical jobs. Expert Tractor Tire Vulcanizing! Don't waith until the last minuic lo have your Tires Repaired—C'omc in NOW - - Materials Limited! Blytheville Tire Co. Highway 61 North — Phone £iOl HIGHER COTTON PRICES Is the prospect for this Fall. For better yields and more dollars per acre— Have your seed GRADED, DELINTED and CERESAN TREATED This complete service for (i()c per hundred —at— RED TOP GIN North 61 H'way —or— Phone 2142 • Maybe you don't care alxuit two movies fof llie price of one. But there's another kind of double feature that every one enjoys. Tin's bargain bill is continuous too —right nround the clock and the calendar—the fact l lint Hie average American household gcfs about TWICE as much electricity for its money as it did fifteen years ago. You probably don't realize that household electricity costs you only half ns much as it used -to, because you've added so many useful new appliances over the years —more and better lamps— radios, refrigerator, clocks — vacuum cleaner and washer, perhaps — all serving you well and saving you work. The same careful business management that O made this possible has also helped provide the power for today's tremendous production of tanks, planes and ships from Democracy's Arsenal. Electric power is military power tool Ark-Mo Power NVEST IN AMERICA! nuv DEFENSE BONDS AND STAMPS

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