The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 21, 1998 · Page 11
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 11

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 21, 1998
Page 11
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THE SALINA JOURNAL Almanac THURSDAY, MAY 21, 1998 B3 JOYCE JILLSON Creators Syndicate Inc. HOROSCOPES • ARIES (March 21-April 19). It is difficult to lose self-consciousness, but once you do, you are completely effective. A change of scenery doesn't necessarily require a change of partners. A small concession on your part could make an Aries happy. • TAURUS (April 20-May 20). An informal exchange of information brings your work level up from good to excellent. Include points of human interest in a synopsis outline. Contact with people who have expertise increases your self-confidence. •GEMINI (May 21-June21). Don't jump to conclusions. Someone you admire returns your admiration. Enjoy the satisfaction of work well done, but don't lose valuable time before continuing with the next phase. • CANCER (June 22-July 22). You easily bond with people you perceive as important. You are called upon ^ to evaluate the progress of others. Have confidence in your ability to master a challenging job. An important piece of information comes easily. • LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). Elusive individuals may have something to hide. You are in charge. Personal considerations cannot be ignored. You could receive an employment offer from someone with strong religious affiliations. • TODAY'S BIRTHDAY (May 21). Marriage is a source of focus for you this year, along with children and family matters. Money will come more regularly to support many of these preoccupations. Remain solidly focused on what you truly want. Your best signs for love are Taurus and Gemini. You could marry in July or September. Your lucky numbers are 29, 34, 39, 45 and 49. • VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). You have the ability to handle a variety of responsibilities. An older relative is overly inquisitive. You receive an apology or a plea for one more try. Evening plans change for the better. • LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). You are a well of information for an artistic friend. Consider collaborating. You are invited to join an impromptu social gathering - change other plans because this is worth it. • SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). Calm and relaxed is your most powerful mode. Don't get angry about what does not matter at all. Anxiety dissipates when you are more confident in a love relationship. • SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). You are in for a pleasant surprise. It is still fine to change your mind about a recent decision. Your style is copied by others, much to your amusement. Money arrives just in time for something you want to do. • CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). Singles need to be more aggressive in their pursuit of love. Consider a friend's ex out of bounds. There are more roads available now to save money and make wise investments. • AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). Don't make an offer unless you're sure. Take your time making a choice, as this could involve much time and energy once it's decided. Someone you know well is involved in suspicious happenings. • PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). Luck comes because you are willing to wait. A message has more than one meaning. You meet someone very attractive while shopping or taking a walk. Friends might argue, but you are the peacemaker. MOVIES * Bad ** Fair *** Good **** Excellent Dickinson Theaters Children $3.75 Seniors $4.00 •Primellme Adults $3.75 OlherTimes $5.75 Sunset 2, Sunset Plaza - All Seats $1.50 Matinees $1.75 Evenings Salina Art Center Regular Admission $5.50, ($4.50 SAC Members); •Prlmetlme $4.00, ($3.50 SAC Members) The Horse Whisperer PG13"rating *** 7:00 Central • 2 hours 40 min. Black Dog PG13-rating ** ('5:20)-7:30 Central • 1 hour 29 min. Godzilla PG13 • rating *% (•5:00-*5:45)-7:50-8:35 Central • 2 hours 12 min. Deep Impact PG13-rating **'/2 ('5:10)-7:40 Central • 1 hour 55 min. Primary Colors R • rating **** (*5:00)-7:50 Central • 2 hours 23 min. City of Angels PG13 • rating *** ('5:10)-7:40 Central • 2 hours Titanic PG13' rating**** 7:00 Central • 3 hours 17 min. Quest for Camelot G • rating ** (*5:05)-7:15 Mid-State • 1 hour 26 min. Object of My Affection R • rating ** ('5:00)-7:20 Mid-State • 1 hour 52 min. U.S. Marshals PG13 • rating **'/2 7:00 Sunset • 2 hours 5 min. The Borrowers PG • rating *** 7:15 Sunset • 1 hour 29 min. Ma Vie En Rose R • rating *** 5:00-7:00 Art Center • 1 hour 28 min. WEATHER Kansas today PEOPLE 89 HIGH 63 LOW Today, mostly sunny. High of 89. Southeast wind10to15mph. Tonight, partly cloudy with a 20 percent chance of thunderstorms. Low of 63. 8:41 p.m. Today's Sunset 6:13 a.m. Tomorrow's Sunrise Extended forecast • FRIDAY: Partly • MONDAY: Partly cloudy. High 85 to cloudy with a chance 90. A chance of of thunderstorms, thunderstorms in the Low near 60 and high evening. Low 60 to in the mid 80s. 65. • SATURDAY: Partly cloudy with a chance of thunderstorms. High in the mid 80s. • SUNDAY: Partly cloudy with a chance of thunderstorms. Low 60 to 65 and high in the mid 80s. Salina yesterday • Source: Salina Journal Weather Station TEMPERATURES Yesterday Normal Record /Year High 87 78 98/1956 Low 63 55 34/1931 • High and low to 9 p.m. PRECIPITATION Wednesday (to 9p.m.) 0.00 Tuesday (24 hours) 0.01 May to date 1.39 Average May 4.25 Year to date 8.48 Average year through May 10.78 Average year 29.68 KANSAS ROAD CONDITIONS HOTLINE 1-8OO-585-7623 Provided by the Kansas Highway Patrol T ADVICE \\\v Showers T-storms Rain Flurries Snow Ice Sunny Pt. Cloudy Cloud CHANNING U.S. 50s 80s © 1998 AccuWealher, Inc. COLD WARM STATIONARY \At Pressure *A» ^*-r~\ ^~f^~\ HL EE3 E3 EH EZ3E3E3& * < * * HIGH LOW SHOWERS PAIN T-STORMS FLURRIES SNOW ICE SUNNY PT. CLOUDY CLOUDY Kansas yesterday U.S. today Beloit Chanute Concordia Dodqe City Emporia Garden City Qoodland Hill City Huteninson Lawrence Manhattan Pittsbura Russell Topeka Wichita . HI 86 86 85 84 85 83 82 81 86 •90 91 88 84 89 88 LO 58 63 58 61 66 59 51 55 66 70 65 72 58 69 66 PREC .04 t Anchorage Atlanta Boston Chicago Dallas-Ft Worth Denver Kansas City Las Vegas Los Angeles New York City Oklahoma City Omaha Orlando Phoenix San Francisco HI 50 90 80 71 94 80 85 82 70 84 92 82 94 87 62 LO 40 69 60 52 70 48 65 62 55 64 86 59 66 70 51 OTLK Cldy Clr Bain Clr Cldy Udy Cldy Cldy Cldy Cldy Clr Cldy Clr Clr Clr Channing seeks her freedofii i NEW YORK — If diamonds are a gM's best friend, Carol Channing might consider her husband a cubic zirconium. The 77-year-old actress has filed for divorce from Charles Lowe, claiming that he had sex with her only twice during their 41- year marriage. Her petition was filed Tuesday in Los Angeles. "It doesn't matter to me that I didn't have relations. That's incidental. The important thing is my freedom," Channing said. ^ Channing said that shortly after ;s.he, and Lowe, now 86, wed in 1956, he. In-; formed her that he was impotent. She alsSb; said Lowe regularly humiliated herein public, assaulted her and funneled off ne^ earnings. A recent three-year tour of "Hello Dolly" netted the actress $5 million, she said, but her accountants told her she had only $2 million in her account. Hometown honors Kissinger FUERTH, Germany — Henry Kissinger received honorary citizenship Wednesday from the town he and his family fled during the Nazi regime. Fuerth Mayor Wilhelm Wenning said the former secretary of state brought a new level of quality to diplomacy during the postwar period. Foreign Minister Klaus Kinkel said Kissinger, who helped shape U.S. foreign policy as national security adviser and secretary of state from 1969 to 1977, also aided European security during the Cold War. "Whenever there was anything to do with Germany's security and Europe's, we could count on Henry Kissinger," Kinkel said. Course site is no trump card WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Maybe even Donald Trump needs to be reminded of the three rules of real estate: Location. Location. Location. The billionaire says his planned $40 million resort in suburban West Palm Beach will feature "one of the greatest golf courses in the world." But the location may not attract the clientele Trump might have in mind for the $100,000-a-year-golf club. The club will be nestled between Palm Beach County's 12-story jail, a strip joint and Condoms Galore, a store that opened Wednesday. It features such things as condom key chains, condom lollipops and glow-in-the-dark condoms. From Wire Service Reports guii Dear Ann Landers: You probably received angry letters from teenagers complaining about shopkeepers who follow them around in the stores because they suspect them of being shoplifters. I, for one, was very glad to see that letter. I worked briefly as a loss-prevention agent for a major retail chain. While the official corporate policy was to watch everyone, the unofficial guidelines were to watch for the following: 1. People dressed in baggy clothes — shirts and pants. 2. Anyone wearing a coat or sweatshirt out of season. 3. Anyone who looks weird - nose rings, strange hair, etc. 4. Those wearing vulgar T-shirts. ANN LANDERS Creators Syndicate Inc. 5. People carrying oversized handbags, shopping bags or backpacks. 6. Anyone between the ages of 12 and 21, and over 65. 7. Young women with babies. 8. Those in groups of three or more. Of course, no retailer will admit this, but it's the absolute truth. — An Ex Private Eye in Missouri Dear Ex Pvt. Eye: I don't know how many teenage shoplifters read my column. I would guess not many.I thank you for an interesting letter and hope that it will make teenagers see that they are not the only ones singled out to be watched. The experts say that eventually, the vast majority of teenage shoplifters get caught. Their small successes embolden them, and then, their luck runs out. Those who shoplift for kicks should be aware that if they are caught and written up, there's a blot on their record that could follow them through life. TV TONIGHT Dear Ann Landers: A while back, someone wrote to complain about those "boring" how-we-met letters. You printed the complaint and were deluged with letters from readers who said they loved the how-we-met letters and hoped you would continue to print more. Well, here's mine: I was 14 and had the honor of reading Scripture lesson during Easter services. I noticed a new family in the congregation. The oldest son was 16. His black curly hair and dimples almost made me lose my place. That night in youth group, I was the only one who spelled his last name right. Little did I know how many times I would spell that name. Jim was very smart and graduated from high school before his 16th birthday. When our ships were bombed at Pearl Harbor, he joined the Navy a few days after his 17th birthday. I saw him off at the railroad station. He said he hadn't slept much that night, but he prayed for two things — that he would come back in one piece and that the little blonde would be waiting for him. Shortly before the war ended, Jim came home on a 10-day leave. We decided on the spur of the moment to get married. The florist decorated the altar beautifully for $10. That was 53 years ago, and we have had, and still are having, a fuller life than I ever could have imagined. I'll sign this — C.A. in Dallas, Texas Dear Dallas: What a beautiful love story. Long may you love. Dear Ann Landers: Tell your readers when they plan a trip to a big city if the word "cuisine" is in the ad, the restaurant will be expensive. If the ad uses the word "food," it will be so-so price-wise. If there's a sign in the window that says "eats," it will be cheap, but the medical bill may be high. — Been There And Done That : Dear Been There: Thanks for the laugh. 3 ABC, Kansas City 3 ABC, Wichita 5/21/98 | PBS, Bunker Hill-Hays | NBC, Wichita FOX, Wichlta-Sallna Essence Awards (CC) 70334 | CBS, Topeka | Access 6, Salina Festival 4537 | FOX, Kansas City 3 PBS, Wichita-Hutchlnson C-16 25773 Movie *** "Thelma & Louise" (1991) Susan Sarandon. 110599 | CBS, Wichita | NBC, Kansas City Diagnosis Murder 70792 Encore JBWTBS Qcinemax RDstarz! I HBO 7:00 ousel 131 riends3315 7:30 Sunflower JustShoot605 8:00^ 8:30 f 9:00 Mystery! 89792 Seinfeld 2063 Veronica's Cl. ER4995 News 31808 iagnosis Murder 89228 Salina 3529 Greyhound Adoption 9420976 ssence Awards (CC) 50547 9:30 Encorel 71060 Prime 69112 News 6965063 Real TV 90112 toseanne 48 Hours 98781 News 8415063 ChildCare Prov. 65672518 Spring Poetry Series 84088 News 30709 Sunflower Sunflower Mystery! 43976 Murder 65773 Where It's At: The Rolling Stone State of the Union (CC) 45537 48 Hours 50889 Friends Just Shoot Me Seinfeld [Veronica's Cl. ER 381266 Movie ** "Independence Day" (1983) (CC) 4992889 Thunder (CC) 5917421 Thunder (CC)7086131 Movie **, "Vegas Vacation" (1997) (CC) 950570 Real Sports (R) (CC) 729402 Masquerade 10:00 MotorWeek 10:30 BMTV Tonight Show Qlhe Nashville Network Roseanne Late 34143889 8 Odyssey JO ESPN News 12860 Real TV 38808 KeepUp 50353 Business Rpt. News 9935624 ftoseanne News 8007421 News 8009889 News 816537 Movie "Over the Edge" (1979) (CC) 9149112 [0ESPN2 HThe Family Channel Nightllne 3Jj Cartoon Network Late 77082773 Tonight Show 35928808 Movie **« "The Perfect Weapon" (1991) 5516131 Movie * * *« "Lethal Weapon 2" (1989) (CC) 360808 Movie "The Crow: City of Angels" 7972044 iMovie "Rumble in the Bronx" (CC) 8852112 "12 Monkeys" (CC) 22981131 Movie "Phoenix" (1998) Ray Liotta, Anjelica Huston. 749266 Lock-Up: Rlker 7298889 Comedy Central ITNT Movie "The Dirty Dozen" Convicts undertake a deadly mission in Nazi Germany. 949247 JSCIFI 1 Animal Planet J0 Lifetime 3DCNBC Ell Encore Plus EBlhe Learning Channel ;0Fox Sports Network 7:00 rtistCut 7:30 Say What? o Be Announced 704711 8:00 8:30 Total Request 343131 Prime Time Country 780131 9:00 Celebrity 9:30 Cartoon Sushi Championship Rodeo 700995 Dallas 703082 lovie * * * "Something Wild" (1986) Jeff Daniels, Ray Liotta. 8388650 1 Night Stand ur House 4664537 News 2605353 Bible 2684860 Field Afar Everyday Splr. tanley Cup Playoffs: Western Semi. Gm. 7 - Blues at Red Wings 154060 tanley Cup Playoffs: Canadiens at Sabres 7809529 Dally Show Stein's Money Baseball Sportscenter(CC) 726315 . NHL 5331266 Strongest Man lescue 911 336841 |Movle ** "A Child's Cry for Help" (1994) 356605 'uckle Duck II Fllntstones Bugs & Daffy 2227155 lightings 8481179 Forever Knight 8467599 Animal Doctor Vets 94841 Wild Rescues Unsolved Mysteries 349315 Hardball 3479228 Movie "Inst.-Revenge" Cont'd Medical Detect Medical Detect Urban Infernos (R) 782599 Tom and Jerry E.S.P.U. 75228 Scooby Doo Robocop: The Series 8470063 Footsteps of a Bear (R) 74063 Movie "In the Best Interest of the Children" (1992) 369179 Rivera Live 3488976 Brian Williams 3468112 Movie "A Casualty of War" (1990) 2129228 10:00 10:30 ovellne 366082 rapper John, M.D. 4663808 RPM 8116605 700 Club 335112 Movie "Gettysburg" 670605 Yuckie Duck III Batman Seaquest 2032 3565624 Animal Doctor Vets 18082 New Attitudes Golden Girls Charles Grodln 3478599 Movie "Weekend War" (1988) 22430537 Survivor Science 795063 Medical Detect Medical Detec Major League Baseball Baltimore Orioles at New York Yankees. (Live) 579402 Sports 674131 Coin' Deep (R) 226518 ^ Discovery Wild Discovery 369044 Animal X Movie 497266 S)CNN World Today 914518 Larry King Live 923266 Wings 365228 Justice Files 368315 E0 Arts & Entertainment ography, World Today 903402 Sports 447421 Moneyline 3J Black Entertainment TV Planet Groove 855044 xpl Hit List 856773 Comlcvlew 876537 BET Tonight 879624 X-Files 5501570 X-Files 5527518 X-Rles 5530082 X-Files 5500841 SpUnlvislon . Movie Classics "The Land That Time Forgot" (1975) 8184179 [Movie * * *K "Hombre" (1967) Paul Newman. 57774044 1019976 Rpl Disney S3USA Walker, Texas Ranger 909686 I Movie * * * * "The Empire Strikes Back" (1980) Mark Hamill. 115247 SilkStalklngs El Entertainment I Nickelodeon Secret-ofAlex Bewitched Wonder Years IWonder Years I Happy Days I Lucy 536889 M.T. Moore Taxi 807889 HD Showtime Apt CHANNELS NOT LISTED: EQ Court TV, SD MSNBC, I BPrevue, 13Weather Channel, B3Education Access, W Government Access, fflHeadUne News ffiCSPAN,® Home Shopping Ne^orkfflQVCBJ( "Home & Garden, B)KnowledgeTV. BJTCI FYI, BIFox News. BBThe Food Network. ^America's Jewelry Store. JD-jBReguest.MP!ayboy/Actjon_ EQl I,EB<

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