The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on March 8, 1977 · Page 1
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 1

Atchison, Kansas
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Tuesday, March 8, 1977
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Naujatuck 91sl Year Number 153 Naugatuck, Conn. Established 1885 Baily Tuesday, June 29, 1976 10 Pages 15c Per Copy Me Weekly Carrier Zoning Board Overrules Plan Commission, Votes Church Plan Approval The Xoninfi Commission last nighl overruled a Planning Commission recommendation anil voted lo grant a zone change Irom 11-15 lo B-3 to permit St: Vincent Ferrer's Mission Church 10 construct a church building on land located on New Haven ltd. and Ostwrn ltd. The parish plans to leave Ihe Hontempo home in place and use 11 as a rectory, building Ihe church and hall on Ihe Osborn lid. jiorlion of the properly. The Planning Commission disapproved Ihe proposed Ally. Robert Siuzdak told the Guilt Complex change, slaling a definite Zoning Commission, during ils The attorney charged the description of the area to be public hearing last night, lhat Ihe Planning Commission is suf- rezoned was not included in the basis lor the change is the '"'"8 fr °"» a 6™! complex application It also fell Ihe Catholic Church wishes to erecl a because ot past decisions lhal proposed change did not conform church in the southeastern have lamed out badly, referring wilh the borough's plan of section of the borough. lo Naugatuck Heights. As for spot development. The planners He explained the parish is only aming, Siuzdak said, a prime slated Ihe change consisted able to purchase Ihe land at this example of spol zoning is Ihe gas spot zoning and Ihe wishes of Ihe lime and is not ready lo build, station across the street from the applicant did not lake into con- Therefore it does not want to go to property, that now is a bank sidcration other people. Il Ihe expense of architect plans at He slated this church will add suggested the church should this lime as required it il should ^auly an* "her lo the corn- apply for permission Ihrough a Iry for approval under the nwfily. The attorney asked the planned district development. planned district development. commission to pay no heed to the r Planning Commission. The change he said will place no burden on Ihe police or schools. Ralph Wilkins, sitting as a member of the Zoning Commission, slated he thought Siuzdak was being unfair to the Planning Commission. He noted he was al ils last meeting and il would have been in favor of the change, but there was some sort Usery Steps Into Talks Between UR W, Firestone 1 aborSccv William Usery has decided lo enter the talks alter he welcomed Ihe entry by Usery into of hang'"? °" lnc change i[ the entered the"'talks between the niel wilh James Scearcc, Ihe Ihe negotiations, staling he hopes church does not go Ihrough with i and director ol the federal Mediation Ihesecretary'sinvolvcmenl "will its P'ans lo build Ihe church and settle the dispule, and all were Sarasin said he had spoken is not in Ihe real estate business, unsuccessful. Usery has been wilh Secy. Usery's office Iwo Wilkins asked whether if Ihe THREE PROSPECT PUMPERS were pul Into service yesterday to pump waler from a nearby pond to fill the Prospect Country Club pool, in preparation for swimming classes sponsored by the .„.», Recreation Dept. One of the volunleer firemen operating the equipment (led) is Irving his luck with rodand reel to while away the lime during (lie sultry afternoon. (\E\VSphotobyDonCousey) strike against Ihe rubber in- settle the dispule, and all were duslry. Usery's participation 1; tserv s [lanicimiiimi m the under pressure from the White weeks ago about the advisability clrarctl was not buiu wilnin * talks was expected lo Ire limited House and from AFL-CIO lo join of direct action in the impasse. certa1 . n P 0 ™ 1 Ihe properly would this week because of scheduled in the talks. He has delayed and said that he would inlerprel reniam commercial, meeliigs in Washington today taking part partially because he the secretary's decision to enler NoTimeLimit and Thursday, but government allegedly believed Ihe chances the talks now as "a hopeful sign." Itev. Albert Karalis responded sources have predicted that by for a.setllemenl were poor, and Sarasin said "11 is imperative he wanted no time limit in early next week he may be partly because Stxarce was his to the affected workers and to the building, for he did not want to be engaged in "maralhon hand-picked successor at Ihe economy of our area thai a /air pressured into building negotiations" for a settlement, mediation table. settlement be reached and this something cheap lo stay within Usery. regarded as a highly Connecticut's fifth District costly strike ended. I will con- the time limit, talented mediator, reportedly Cong. Ronald A. Sarasin today Please turn lo I'age News In Brief High May Cost State $3 Million Bv United Press International State Not Stalling: Tepper Mayor William C. Hado sent a note over lo Ihe attorney telling him lhal within the past month Ihe Borough Board had overruled the Planning Commission. Mrs. Alice Slade, one of Ihe lly JUAN TAS1AYO aggressiveness had scared state a June 8 meeting (hat property owners, informed the HARTFORD, Conn. (UPI) - officials. Connecticut did not want lo board all the property from Stale Finance Commissioner "They're afraid ol our setting "move quickly" in ils contract Warren Ave. lo South Main St. Jay 0. Tepper has denied Ihe pace." Ferrucci said after talks with AFSCME. alon g New Haven Rd. is zoned charges Ihe slate is stalling its meeting wilh Tepper and "He also menlioned selling a commercial. '" ' ' " I rend, so when you pul Ihe Iwo Leonard Perugini, chairman of logelher it's easy to under- the Church Parish Council, spoke siand," Ferrucci said. in favor of I he application, saving Collective bargaining for at Ihe present lime His prepared Red Cross Opens Special Appeal first-ever labor contract for fear il will scl too high a pay trend. The al legal ion was made Monday by Michael Fcrrucci, reporters after the meeting executive director of Council 16, American Federation of Slate, County and Municipal Em- Personnel Commissioner Sandra Billoon. "We don't care who we negotiate wilh," Tepper told slale workers was enacted in to purchase Ihe land and in a few Ferrucci said a state consult- 1975, but to dale only six units years can build a church, ant on labor contracts, Attorn- have selected unions lo reprc- " Mrs. Slade told the board lhal cy Allan Drachman of Massachu- sent'them. AFSCME got lo Ihe K CW Haven lid. is no longer ployes. who said his union's sells, told deparlmenl heads al Colonial Service Set On The Green Saturday A typical Colonial Church between 1730 and 1730 in New service of the 1700s will be England. Profssors; non-teaching recreated on The Green Saturday It will include samplings from professionals al the slate al 8 pm as part ot Ihe Bicen- Ihe preaching ot Jonathan Ed- colleges chose AFSCME; and lennial activities sponsored by wards, George Whitefield and teachers at slale technical the Pinebrook Assembly of God. Thcodorus Frelingbuysen, "lieges chose the American Wearing Ihe circuit-riding famous preachers of the actual Federation ot Teachers, preachers' clothing of Ihe day, Great Awakening lhal took place Tolks ° n those five contracts the Rev. Colcman Barlow, in this area 200 years ago. ""A™ 1 *™ M - C!>LA and rosier, will deliver a message The choir, dressed in period AFSCME, Ihe two largest stale entitled "The Great costumes, will render special ™ploye un.ons, are vying for Awakening," based on excerpts music and will join wilh the ° v " a11 ™ ntr °) ° r lnc TO BoHat- from actual sermons delivered Please lurn to Pag« 2 Please turn to Page 2 HARTFORD, Conn. (UPI) - male employes against whom it A U.S. Supreme Court decision discriminated may cost Ihe vi-w vnire riipn K-irl Monday ordering Connecticut to state up lo S3 million. TrtmlmhisbaZ"s"pirito! increase pension benefits for The high court ruled that "76," is "belter than a third of the way there," according lo a spokesman for the flight. He is closing in on the halfway point lo Europe, from Lakehurst, N.J., Naval Air Station, and could be in Europe by Wednesday night, instead o! Thursday, as planned, accord- The current fiscal year is ing lo the spokesman. shaping up as Ihe most expensive Bui the flight was having ils jnitshisloryof providing rtliciiu problems. The 27-year-old Gcr- disaster victims, the American man-born balloonist's main R^ Cross announced loday. radio Iransmitler apparenlly R e d Cross national had broken down and he was headquarters reported lhal using a backup system lo relay Typhoon Pamela, which messages with the help of <]evastaled Guam in May. floods passing airliners back to his ;„ Tulsa, okla., and Ihe Telon base. Dam catastrophe have escalated ils disaster relief cosls for the PASADENA, Calif. (UPI) - year ending June 30 to an un- Viking Project Manager Jim pre cedenled S33 million in M1DDLETOWN, Conn. (UPI) Martin said he had "no commitments or expenditures. — Eugene Cuddy. 33, of Bristol apologies" for canceling Ihe "This disaster relief eslimale will be charged wilh Ihe July •) descent of the Viking ; s (j, e highest amount ever, ex- murder of a young woman lander as Ihe hunt for a cee ding similar expenditures in whose body was found in a The N'augaluck Chapter has been assigned a quota ol 51.788. according to Mrs. Anna Lee Van I'Icaso Inrn lo Pago '.' Bristol For Murder bargaining table first, repre- residential and lo lum down Ihe senting community college lea- church will be an injustice. chers. Frank San Angelo staled he is suitable landing spot continued. 1372-73, which included wooded area of Wcstbrook. State police and vocational- in favor of the zone change, but M ar tm placed the safely of Ihe Hurricane Agnes, and in 1955-50, according lo officials. lander above the schedule. which include the Eastern and Prosecutor Robert Kurncy The site that had been chosen Western Slate's Floods," a wire said Monday Cuddy would be originally turned out (o have lo R^J Cross division and area charged wilh Ihe murder once . rough features increasing the managers stated. an autospy on Marie Dube. 20. s 'Bnmcant as Ihreat to Ihe lander, which could be ruined. Three other sites are under consideration and scienlisls say they will decide Thursday where and Please turn to Page 2 technical school teachers select- with the stipulation lhat if Ihe ed Ihe Connecticut State Em- church is not built the land will ployes Association; UConn and state college leachers chose Ihe American Association of Uni- Please turn to Page 2 Tanner Upsets Fn vured Connors WIMBLEDON (DPI! — Roscoe Tanner upset favored Jimmy Connors 6-4, 6-2, w, today lo Teach Ihe men's singles semilinals al Ihe Wimbledon tennis championships. IDEATHS 1 CRVCHEAU GEORGE W. of 1347 New Haven Rd.. died Monday, June 28.1976. Funeral Wednesday, June 30 al 8:30 a m from the Buckmiller Funeral Home, 82 Fairview Are., (oSI. Francis Church for a Mass of Chrislian Burial al 9 with the Rev. Raymond Pilruzzelloofficiating. Burial in St. James Cemetery with Fr. Pitruzzcllo conducting the graveside services. Visitation hours will be held al the funeral home IKs evening from 7 lo 9. MITCHELL. MISS AGNES of 41 Millville Ave., died Saturday, June 26, 1976. Funeral Wednesday, June 30, al 10 a.m. al SI. Francis Church. Burial in SI. Benedict's Cemetery, Bloomfield. There are no calling hours. The Green and Packer Funeral. 66 Terrace Ave. is in charge of arrangements. Red Cross aid lo the Pacific of Bristol, is completed island victims following Pamela Her body was found by an now is estimated at S10 million, unidentified molorist at 2:45 the Tulsa flood at $575,000 and the p.m. Sunday. She was a Teton Dam disaster al $2,625.000. machine operator for Pratt and The organization has launched Whilney Aircracl Group in a special S10 million nationwide Soulhinglon. fund appeal lo help mccl the Cuddv appeared in Commoni skyrocketing relief costs. Please turn to Page 2 states are bound by civil rights laws ordering relroaclive pay- menls lo persons discriminated against, and it rejected Connec- licul's claim of immunily againsl such claims. A suit filed by several retired male employes contended Con- neclicut's pension system discriminated against men by allowing women to retire five years earlier and giving them greater benefits. The stale did not appeal a lower-court ruling that the system was discriminatory, but it argued the 11th Amendment, which bars citizen suits against states, was a harrier lo retroactive payments. Spokesmen for the Connec- licul State Employes Association, which backed the suit, said Ihe payments would tolal up to 53 million and would affccl about 3,500 male retirees. Henry J. Rigney, chief of the state's Retirement Division, said he had no estimate of how much the settlements would cost the state. CSEA Attorney Paul Orlh of Hartford said the unanimous ruling was "nol only comletely favorable but also as broad and could have hoped for." The Supreme Court ruling, written by Justice William H. Hehnquist, also allowed judges to award attorneys 1 fees to persons suing for retroactive benefits. Orlh said il will now be up lo I'k-asp lurn to Payp '2 lODAy NEWTORT.YJ.: *W HCMR to* itacM h brapmf I ta»il0t,M«ettail«,mK«»tel»«|«»«rt4tatthW.t«ric|>«rt lights on the hige n*ut rfegtn flhntate Nntftrt Htrtar ku I ANN LANDERS CLASSIFIED COMICS CROSSWORD HOROSCOPE OBITUARIES SOCIAL SPORTS TV PROGRAMS Bicentennial News Weather Wednesday, June 30 — Fire Hydrant and Mailbox Painting Contest - Call ?29-2426. Wednesday. June 30 — Picture Coloring Contest-Obtain book al Children's Library, Thursday, July 1 — 8 p.m. to 12 p.m. Block Dance. Colonial and Naugatuck Savings lanVs" parking lots. Music by "Kartune." Friday. July 2 —12 Noon toSalurday, July 3rd,6 p.m. Rocking Chair Marathon tarting on Naugatuck Green, moving to pienic at Linden Park on Saturday. Saturday. July 3 — Noon to dusk • Turn of the Century Picnic. Linden Park, Nort lainSt Sky-divers, games, contests, music, food and drink, bonfire Sunday, July 4 —Dedication of Charter Oak Tree on Naugatuck Green -1:30 p.m —Bells ringing in Naugatuck and the Nation - 2 p.m. —Independence Day Parade of Floats - 6 p.m. Church Si. to Brec ^idd. Pageant and Entertainment 8 p.m. Breen Field Nort Fireworks 10 p.m. — Do you know Naugatuck's Bicentennial Committee's Motto "LOOK TO OUR PAST. . . SEE OVH PRESENT. . , BE OL FUTURE" 1'arlly cloudy tonight. Chance of shosvers or Ihunder- shouers. Lous tonight in the middle 60s. Considerable cloudiness with chance ot showers and Ihundcrshowrrs U'fdncsdaj. Higfis tn (he W)s. Probability oE precipitation 10 per crnl tonight anct 30 per cent Wednesday. Southerly Hinds around 10 miles per hour lom&ht. becoming \ariable Wednesday. ( I'«y hiislolHecordcri Temperature Midnight 66; 3 a.m. fcfii 6 a.m. 6!k 9 a.m. 66: Noon iS. Rarometric Pressure Midnight 29.7; 3 a.m. 29.7:6 a.m. 29.7; 9 a.m. 29,7: Noon LAFP - A - DAY I Hunk iho computer g HsiM> in\ t'vmolher in

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