Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 15, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 15, 1912
Page 2
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, FRIDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 15,1912. SPECIAL NOTICE! l>copl(> llifiii; ut » (IFsliiiK'o will fhid ii to (lii 'tr luhiiiiliiirc to iilt:-ii(l this ssilr. The >:n!iitts itn- so n-iil. so uiipanMit to i'»rry <.uc that !kuvns lhi> n-al lalup of this lucr- rhaiidisc, that iicoplc shuuiil ronii- for luilvs to aftpiul (his cn-at sa?;-. Kailruail farp iiai<l at th(> rate of onr mill' |)cr dollar fur fit) or more |iiirrbas«-. t WANTED! Six experienced Cloak and Suit Salesladies. Apply Friday evening or Saturday morning to sales manager. Good jniy. FRISHMANS Beginmng Saturday Morning, November 16th Our mammoth stock of Dry Good.s, Ladies'. Mi.-;se.s' riiid Children's Rcady-to-Wcar Garments. Notions, Furnishings, etc., to be sold at once. NECESSITY KNOWS NO L.\ W. For the first time in the height of what is termed a spleitdid season this store is inaugurating a sale that sweeps forccably all considerations aside. This is a revolt—a revolution. Its effects will be felt not merely in this city but throughout Eastern Kansas for miles around. The pcopic well know of our reliability, having been continually established here for years, and now forced by unavoidable circumstances —————— • —. 1^ : , — . ———^ . _ ______ this up-to-date stock, including thousands of dollars v orth of new Fall and Winter Merchandise—now for the first time just opened up—is all to be sacrificed regardless of its market value or cost. A sale of untold values, a supreme and most gigantic carnival of value giving, unparalleled in the history of retail merchandising in lola I It is impossible in this limited space to quote you prices, biit we guarantee that the prices arc lower and values such as you can only picture in your most exalted moments of imagination. We make no reservations—no limit—but include and place at your disposal every article^ everv garment, included in this stock. To fully realize and properly appreciate the marvelous values found here you must visit this store in person. Only a personal visit will verify our claims. We Are Expecting You. Will You Be Here? We Pay Mileage RISHMAN'S tola. Kai^as \\-v il:uis:!i- MiilliiT O- Mill.'. If 1 \\tr<> li:inf;t'(l on ilio liiil. "MoUicr o" nil IK'. 1 know v.iiosf 1()\<' woulil fdlUiw ni<' still. .MdtluT d" iiiinf. If I >v<rr dro"tn<! in llii- i |i 'fi«'St srit. .MolliiT o' iiiilif. 1 know Willi.':,' lo\c Wdlllll COTIM' liown In iin'. MollWT <i' mini-. If I \v( TP ririiiin<'il 'if l.oily ;MII1 .-dnl, Motli'T ()• mill*'. I l :n(,\v \v|io><- iHMvi-rs would ni:ik''' nu- wlioI<-. Motli'.T o' mine. —Kiplln;;. t ^pondinf: tli" wint«^r with wr Mrs. S .\I .N •> + - r.ii li;ind>dni.- ll:;s ali> at L'"> !•••:• < i -i:: * • •> T !u- m.'iMini;.-; tli; Siii .iii;' >• ii 'Iisiitiit- w!:icli woi-<- !i lil >••.- •!i:iv afurno-.'ii iiid pvciii;:.: at i! •. i i -Iiurch i>" \or\ pliasivit -'..j pn- litablc Id \hc .-^uuiluy .'idiooi <• oiki-r who wcro in :'.ticnTinn('.'. : .-. '.'v'.i- of Ott.nwa Inlvorsity siivp a splrnditi out costinnt^. at I'roshytorian oliurcli. adilrosis on tho (Mluculiunal sid<* of \OM '1 H!KT IStli. Sunda.v ^^choot work. This inurnius .j. ihoro wa.s a eonr««reno> of workors S|..<lal !.<i- Saiiifday and Sunday; and tiiis afternoon .Mrs. M. <'.. Kras«M- lio\ oi .\>sont'd I'lHu-oInles ai -I'ok)' on mission work. Tlw insiltuti- th.-ir rtsular value—2i>c per box.-" will ( 'nsi- this fVoninR with u stow- Palace of Sweets. ;;rds>'.^ sissiun when M. G. Fras-r. paste- of the Ottawa Baiillsi rhureli Will the principal addres.<. • •:- •:- A' .\ewens present.-; hi- e'lar- .if real men and women, wiih- Mr.-^. I'hilHp lli'i^ilc uivcn :. I'irthijay siirpri.-i. la.'-t iiijihi liy nu'iii- h 'Ts of the \V. U. <• and other frii 'Hd .s. Those who went in a ho'dy to The hoiis"' were; M"^ilaiins Harder. Scrv ••y. \Vo <jd fanf;hron, CofTi.'ld. I'- fii;. .\< wniaii. Coble. <'hirk, Urown .Kr <"U- uer and Malont y Mr. .1. 1.. Urown. .Mr. Meitel- and .Mis.^ .MarKai'l H.i.!;- • •If and fidiii Cas CilN. Mrn FosJi-r, Mis. Kiiiniaii. Mi.-. l,iv:ims!<;ii and Mrs. Vjiu}:hiJ •:• V •-Cut Kii'w-:-. < h: vsaiitli'Muiiiii'. >elldw, whiti- aivl ia\•ii'ler. at $1 .'n md $L'.<'i> i;-: •• a I'hone ;t;i.'.-."..- I'eikler'.> (jreenlii-ilse. <• V •:• Mrs. J \V. H.'v,-oeU. of Hlurli,-ld. W. Va , who has be.ji IIIH cuest of her sister .Mrs. ,1 (',. Mitllehach for (he past wrek will ieav.' for her lionu' 'oinorrow .'^he will b<' iU'eoiiipanied I'V Mrs. Mitil.liai li as f:ir as Kansas! <"lly where they will visit lo ^ji -ther uu til the besiiiniiig of n"'.\t wvuk. * •:• * lli:r >iMHitil t ^ali- of V;ieK^uU Mil- I llnery. ICverv Hat ln<iiu!.-I in tl-i.-; bi.^ special sale Uicliurtis-n's. A A ineetinc of the Sorosis club was held yesterday afii'inoon at the hoT'ie of Mrs. Frank Riddle. Roll call was resjiondcd to with the iia:nes of favorite beverapes. Mrs. Henderson read a paper on the '•Cbemist/y of Cookinp" and Mrs. Morrow read one on "Cookinj; as a Fine Art " An animated discussion on ready made foods was very int.'restinp.. • •> •> —Experienced salesladies wanted with good recommend—Richardson"5. <w ^ A Mrs. Angle Peng. Mrs. .T. C. CoBield and Mrs. Phillip Heliele Inve returned from Colony where Mrs Heigele inspected ihe W. R. I", o:' ihat city. Mrs. C. K. Davis, 'enroute from Toi >Pka to M'icliiln. stopiied here yesterday for a few hours visit with her Ulster, Mrs. Hannab Naylor, who is •:• + Tomorrow afternoon at the Y. M C. .\. the (.'urreni Kvents club will Rivi' a tea. the proceeds of whic-h are to no for the benefit of the association. The members of the club have made i all preparations for a very pleasant .ifienioon, with ninsii: anil readlnps ^.by laleiii from bda, (!as Cily and l.a- I Mariie, and ili'-y are hoping to add! a Kood sum In ilie V. M. (,'. A. freas-' ury. Kvcryone is invited, especially he other <-lubs of the city and the members of the association. The hours will be from three until si.\. F INGER RINGS were the first ornaments evei- worn by civilized man. Gold is the king of all mcial.^: diamonds of all .i;em.s, and it is not surprising then that these beautiful, genuine, perfectly cut while diamonds, set in solid gold, appeal to every one who sees them. While diamonds are increasing in value 15 to 20 per cent every yeai*. tlic fact that we bought a large number of stones befoi-e the last advance, enables us to offer you sevei-al exceptional opportuni- lie.< in li-e purchase of diamond rings. Send for ooV catalogue. - -The stronjie.-: |>oint in Xewcn's work is the iiie;-.-aj;'- that he brings to , hi.- audien.-e .\t Presbyterian church. '. .Voveniher ISth. * * A pretty birthday party was jAiveii 1 yesierd:iy for Ma.^ter hyh- Wollems in ' honor of his sixth birthday. tJanics wen- played, refreshments were served and of course everybody had a Kood time. The centerpiece for the table was a lieauliful white birthday cake topped with six burning candles. | .Mrs. Wollema was assisted in serving by .Mrs. .1. \V. Brown. The guest:,, were: Sidney, Margaret and .Toseph Brown, Beatrice and Richard .Mc.Mur ray. Uiuise .McOonald, Donald Rems. berg,^ Fred Law. Kvelyn Moomaw and : MiIdi"eU Pepper, all of whom left a lireity present for the young host. •!• • - Hlir UoUuctian on all Millinery i i^odds; !'.'•'>' discount on all Trinune I j Hats at Mrs Peflyf. It'll E. ItaJison. ' tola, KniiH. About thirty couples attended the dance an<l ball which the ineiubera of the Klk8 club gave last night at their club rooms In the .N'orthrup block. The hours were spent with diUK-ing, cards and billiards. Mr. J. v. Roberts furnished music for the occasion which added mu<'h to the plea .Muv of the evening! • ^ * + - Hii: shipuieiits of New Coats and Sui's tmuglit at a big reduction in. ii:i-e. will f:o ;o ynu in the same way. [ —Richardson's •:• •:- -:• The B O M club varied the meeting this week by having a marsbnial- :ow roast. The club guests were .Misses Blanche and Fay Snodgrats. •> •> « - Big Spe.ial Table l.lnen S;ile for ^fonday. Tiie-^ilay and Wedae^day.— RirhardsoBs -:• * * St. Margiirns Ouilit of the Kpls- copal church met last night at the home of Mrs E. C. Reynolds. Plans for the V inter worK were discussed. * + On the? (wenty-flfth of this month, will be held the inspection of the lor cal W. n. C. wheu the department president, Mra. Killmer, of AfKentiut) will be la attendance. -Tbla U a great event In Relief Corps circles Oinner and supper will bo served and th members an' planning to make tin- entire day a pleasatit one. Other :;«esls may att^•nd. •> • • LOST--Saturday aftc>nioon .sterling .-iiiver necklace |>cndant comi>o.-ied of three amethysts. Please return to .Mr.-^ K t'. .Mclirison, :n§ Kast ,Iack^on and j-eoive reward. ^ ^, .Mrs. B. M. Powell, who has been in P;iola this w<-c>k attending the Woman's ForeiT;n Missionary society conve-mion which is in session there-, is expected home this evening. Mrs. I'(3well talked on the "Miracles of .Missions." • "> Ve-sie-rday afternoon at the parsonage of the- First .M. K. church Miss .[olinson and Mr. Busby, of Bronson. were united in marriage by Kev. B. M. Powell. Mr. and .Mrs. K. It Bixb-r. of Matt..-••on. t'(>lo., eaiiii; in fiday for a visit with .Mr. Bixler's parents. Mr. and .Mrs. 1). M. Bixler and other relatives. •:• •> -:• The re -c-eption wliii-h the Deacons of the Pre-sbyierian church gave last night for the members of the congregation was- well attended and thoroughly enjoyed. The jirogram consisted of a ciuarfette number !by .Miss McKnIght, .Miss Ruble. Miss .Mc- (liire ami Mrs. l-iOrange and a solo hy Mrs. Olson whicli was greatly enjoyed and to which she re-sponded with an eiuore. .Mr Scott and Dr. i Hilscher each pave a short addrt-ss and Shiel .rs ore hes'r.i pl.iyeel se -v<-ral number.-!. S<-veral young ladies of the church as.^l.acd the hosts in se -rv-j <• •> <• t T!\e ".\ri of Observation." is an in- j tereslinc article ri an Issu.- of the Anil rici'u Magazine. "How many IM-ople whom you me-et in every day life observe as much as they ought?" is the question that it asks, (.'an you | tell without looking which vxay the, head on a j-enny or a five cent piece' faces, what is the color of each of SPECIAL SATURDAY IDlbs. ...$1.00 251b. Bag $1.32 100 lbs. ..$5 2© BEST Granulated Sugar In addition to the usual profit-sharing checks, with Spices. Baking Powder. Teas. CofTees. Extracts and Starches. U/>e Union Pacific Tea Co. I» B. «L.\I»FELTER, .Mjjr. Phone 336 No. 7 North Jefferson Wa. Kas. For Your Cold A box of Rexall Cold Tablet.s—25c. .. Cherry Bark Cough Syrup^-2DC. Guaranteed by us to cure vour cold. the houses'on your block, and in what iwsitions are tho telephone posts near .vour pU'Ce of business? These are .i fe -w of t !ie- le-st i|uesliMis that are suggested 'and to test friends with them is very amusing. * * <• Diniier was served in four to the members and friends of tliel l.oyal Daughters class of tlje Chris- . tian Sunday school Inst night at thej homo x >t the teacher, Mr. James Rich-! ardson. About sixty-two gm-tts were t present. Just before the social hour; :i short business meeting was held.- but only routine busliiess was attend-. eel to. The house wns beautifully!' deiotatc'd with chrysanleniums andf roses and with the assistance of Mrs.; Roscce Richardson, .Mrs. Bush and;, ' Miss Ressler.. the social time was . very pleasant.*^ < Most of the guests left at an early ' hour to attend the meeting which was • held at the church. ' <- •> * I Choir practice will b.^ Iield at St. . Timothy's church tonight at half past | seven. •> • Mrs. l.ibby Ingalls came from her j home in Savonburg today to be the: guest of Miss Craigie McDowell. | AdfiaaMJewens MONOLOGIST Second Number of Lecture Course, at Presbyterian Church Monday Night November 18. Admission. .35c and 25c I> WITH THE RO.ID T.IX. To the .\. O. r. W> DRUG -,r™r ^^T- - 5TOKE Tko EAMU StMe Oreeting: You are respectfullj^ notified that Grand .Master Workman J. W. Grabill, will be with lola lx>dge Xo. 98, on Monday eve. November 18th. Me want.s to meet all of the memt >er5 at the ball and get acquainted. The lodge also extends a cordial invitation to the wives of our brothers to come to the lodge room at 9:30. to ac- rjompany ytfiir Tiusl>and» .safely Lome after the chefd «>f the lodge tiave served refreshments. COMJUTTEE. . I">sue of Warrants Briuics Result-^ Early in the Day. There; was a steady line of caller.- at The office of the city clerk^yestenlay [ afternoon. They ..were men who had failed to ray their [ road tax a;; r<^- qiiired by otdinance nuinbcr S2i> of the city of lola and for whom warrants had i>een issued from the city court. It was decided that, if any jierson for whom a warrant, had been issued, succeeded in getting to the office of the city clerk and securing a receipt for The road tax before warrants could be formally served, there would n'^ pro'=ecution. .4.'; a result .some twenty men paid the ciiy clerk the tax yestenlay afternoon and avoided pros^ution

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