Covina Argus from Covina, California on January 3, 1909 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 3, 1909
Page 8
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###*#####*##*## Social * * ##########**#•# # # # # Mios Minnie Ilntnlilson entertained nt flintier Hntunlny evening in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Koy Ilnt;:liison. Tho invited «neslfl wore; Mr. rinrl Mrft. ncorgo Hutchison, Miss Cora Mo- Kirnhnn, Mr. Clnyton Hhipway, Mr. Clinton Hutchison. Mr. ond Mrs. W, Q. Ouster tuinefl on Christmas fin y with n nifiely nplioinffitl turkey dinner. Among the gnesta were Rev. ami Mm. fJngf) nnrl ROD, Mr. ami Mrn. II. K. Hent tuifl family, Mr. nml Mrs. 0. H. Casey mul family anr] J'rof, Franklin of Lorflsburg. The J.O.C. filfiw of thfs Chrifltinn Church Hpent a pIcnHiint, afternoon on TliurHflay as tin? j/uecls of their f.enc.her, MrH. E. O. ThornaHon, fourteen K\T\H hniri^ present,. Mis« Evn Utter of (lleri'lale WIIH prr-senl, aw the giu'st, of honor. fJamoH nnrl music; were enjoyed and dainty refreshments were Herved hy tiie hoHte«m. Phyllis Hrmijes numbers among her (Jhristmas proHontH a hand- Home set of dishes from Orandrna iJriin.jeK. To ohrinl.ori them she tf'ive H "ooiifiin party 1 ' on Friday afternoon. Tlio g»CHt,H were Muriel arid <!wenriie Hherwood, Margery Clarke, Margaret,, Dorothy and Nellie Mat- thcvvH, (•ert.rudonnd Meta Hoogendyk. Mr. and Mrs. H. .1. Walton KMVO a most onjoyahle reception on Wednesday evening for the Hundny-sohool cbiHH of the former at tbe Presbyter- inn Church. Tho chief feature of the evening was a delicious fonr- fioni'HO dinner over whioh the «uests lingerer' long. The rest, of tho evening passed quickly with games and rnusio. A Jolly and unlf|iio party wns tho "slumber party" given on TuoBduy evening by the Misses Ethel arid Ma bnl Ilouser in honor of their cousins, tho Misees Beatrice and Winifred Wilkins and thoi:r friend, Miss Mayno Heoloy of Highlands. Other «ueHts were tho Misses Vic and Anna .Reynolds, (lus Ha riders, Mildred Ilouser, Ethel Keefer and laio Van Aukon. SongH, gymnastics, arid a midnight fount wore among tho nrrmaornonts nnd tho sandman came Along about four a.m. Flashlight pictures were taken. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Miller entertained with n nood, . old-faHhioned dinner on Now Year's day. Among tbe many viands with which tho table groaned was a buxom and toothsome turkey sent from Kelseyvllle by Mr. and Mrs, Mndinon Uaahor, parents of tbe hostess. Amoutr tho guests wore Mr. and Mrs. C. f. Smith arid sou and M!HH Kitty Dash or of Prod- poet Park, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Bns- hor and children of Diuirto, and Miss Ilolon Flory, a cousin, from Los An- tjelos. • A number of little girls worn tho happy guests hint Saturday afternoon of Prof, and Mmo. Van VI let, being invited to celebrate tho 15th birthday of their daughter, llannlo. (James iind refreshments of lemonade, oake mid apples wore enjoyed alternately, ji ml then they all troupod down to tho Palace of Swecta and wero treated to icto cream and sodas. Ou return - ing to the houso thoy found a delicious birthday cake waiting for them. Those present wore tho Misses Muriel nml Loriim Hwnin, Maliel and Helen Hovde, Phyllis iJrunjeH and .June Sidei, The nicijst of Christinns preHents was u dour little pink and white baby thill the stork brought to tho liuiue of Mr. and Mrs. (i. N. Atwood on ChriatiniiH day, 18!) 1. Ho \vns given the name of (iuorge and hit) nunio is still (ieorge, although he has "hanged somewhnl hirnsiilf. I mxl Christmas duy a number of his ohiHB- tnutOH of tho high school surprised him at his homo and enjoyed the gracious hospitality of hit* mother. All kinds iif games were played and about an hour was spent round the refreshment table. Those present \vero the Misses Potter, ('apron, A 1 1 bill', (iraharn, CliU'onl. Hmmlwtill ; AliiHti'i-H (ilen Leisure, WaterhoiiHe, Fabrifk, Stiiuton, Hubert Noil, Koy and Kay Kistler. The eh«ir >it lht« M(>tliiniist Clmivh VMS li"s| ilalily entei tuintul oil 'I'liurn <l.iy rvening i;t the home of Mr. and ,Mrh. Win. WaiTi'ii. The llrat purl ul' tht< rvi'iiiuK was (ievutt'il to prat' ticing tor the coining Sunday, utter' \\liicli music ami musical ^itaies \\rrc enjoyed, Dainty iviY. -Dhnicnls were served. The at-:. . vmiili'd oompuny \vatehed thf ul«l .year out nml the new year in. Those preseni were Ui' 1 Kov. ami ftlrs. Hairy \\'hile, l>r. The Misses Vic nnd Anna Hey- nolds entertained the "Needle Club" on ThiirRflny nfternoon at tlieir homo on Vincent street. Those present were the Misses f'Jthel and Mabel, Keefer, Mnirs, Handern and Hastings. RefrflHhrncnla were served. Miss TJuSB Hepner mitertnined at dinner on last Hundny the MIHSRH Anna McVoy, Lottie Neher, Florence fOngfand and Messrs. Ifimn Fnridertmngh, Daniel McVey nnd Krnest Hoffman, nil of Lordsburg. Mr. and Mrs. K. P. Warner gave n dinner party on OhriHtrnaH d«y, the guests being Mr. and Mrs. A, Warner, Mrs. Hannah Worloy, Mr. and Mr«. McNeil of Long linnch, Mr. and Mrs, Knltx. of Hurllngton, Iowa, and Mr. arid Mrs. H. Haldridge, Hr., of Los Angnlntf, parents of the hoHtfss. A lovely (/'hristrrins tree was enjoyed in the morning. A pretty home wedding on Tuesday united in holy matrimony Minns Blanche Hoots nnd Mr. Charles A. Price, of Stockton. The hoiiBO was nrllstirmily decorated by frlendu, the parlor being in a sch«rno of green and white, and the diuing room in red nnd green. Jn the corner of the parlor palm leaven and white roses formed a pretty triumphal nrch, under which tho ceremony was preformed by the .Rev. (i. Chemberlen. A dainty luncheon was then enjoyed by the assembled guests, covers being laid for twenty. The bride was fair and sweet in n pure white dresa trimmed with lace and applique, arid carried a bouquet of white cnrnntions, Tho young couple loCt on tho 8 p.m. car for the groom's homo in Stockton. The bri.lo is a charming young lady much loved by her many friends here. Fortunate Water Strike. Tho Columbia f^anrt and Water Company has struck water succeaafully In thr ; Iaif>st project of putting down an augmentation to the- present «y«- trvm In ;ho S?m Dlmas wash. Tho company startof' the new well two hundred font north of tho rloep woll now In operation, and at the depth of forty-Hlx feof. encountered abundant, j water. Tho contract, which l« lot, out) to S. R Oatey of Lou Angeles, callH for the well to proceed to the depth of five hundred feet If It Is nereHsary, hut the present Indications point to the finding of a satisfactory amount ofj water In permanent quantifies at two hundred feet. Mr. Gates'fs recognized aw one of the best well-borers !n the Han Gabriel valley.- This latest addition 10 »he supply of the Co'nimbla Land and Wafer company placf-H it In a position to deliver plenty of water to moft. the demand of the large nuni- IKT of nr-w grrwea being planted In the Charter Oak district. Senior Class Play. Tho senior play of IflOS, "Tho County Chairman," given by the senior class of Covlna High School, was presented at tho Club House, Friday evening, Deo. 18, before an audience which completely filled tho building. Tlio "County Chairman" was conceded by all present tho best play given in tho history of tho nohool. It is n piny by George Ado, illustrating the nholosorrio wit, and simple lifo of H Middle Western town in tbe early eighties. The play hinges upon the election of a dietriofc attorney of "Jefferson county," hi which county the town of the play In fiituatcd. Judge 1011 us Rigby and Tiiford Wheeler are opposing candidates for tint) office. Jim H adder, tho county chairman, is Wheeler's partner aud a bitter enemy of Rigby . Wheeler lovea Lnoy IJigny. Naturally complications ensue, but after u bard struggle, love and straight polities win out, Wheeler is elected nnd wins Lucy Kigby, »nd the curtain goes down leaving everybody bnppy. The play is replete wltii comedy, pathos, aud Intensely dramatic situations which grip the attention of tbo audience from start to finish. The following composed tbo oust of characters: Wai toy Aaohonbrennor, Sherman (Juil r Wesley Nlgg, Clarence Hodges, Inven Reynolds, WnJtor Hopner, Vlyull Utter, Fred Chemborlou, John Hl*by, Oliver Boll, Marion Adsit, Kd\vnrd Walters, Tom K«ed, Hoy Kiwtlei-, 7ao Asebonbrennor, Clifford Neil, (lertrudo Elliott, Alice Atwood, fjola KeoCer, (leraldiiio Aschenkii'on- ner, Marian (Jiven, Myru IJuipotJ. The play went through with n snap and go which made every minute interesting. The comedy parts w«co handled especially well by VtagH Utter, Fred Chi'inborlini and Tom Hoed. The best acting in the play oo- curred In tho third act, in tho scano where Hackler, heciuuse of the pleading of Ulgby's wife, Haoklor's fortuei Bwootbeart, destroyed u paper, which, it made public as Hackler had intended, would buvn ruined Uigby's reputation. This scono \vas anted to porfection by Alice, Atwood, Walter Aschenbrenner and Wesley Nigg, Otliers who gave excellent interpretations of tin* purls assigned them were Hhermau (Jail, M.iritm (liven and (iertrude l^lliotl. Join lUxby as the old setllei wns tine, never lonin^ tniok of the idea t hroughmit the pla.v. Hetwcen Die ac'ls tli(> \nn\i st-liitol tiiThi'stra remleied several .^eleetimis. The "rube" bund in the HiH'nail act iiuule a hit with their lium kiers. WATER FLOW3 STEADILY. Since the Installation of the big deep wel! pump on the ranch of William Griffiths, just south of Covlna, the water has never varied In volume. Mr. Griffiths placed Inl.o action a deep-well pump of the make turned out. by the Pomona Manufacturing company, and installed a Western Ran engine. He Is now watering his eighty acres of walnuts, with its intermediate crop of alfalfa, and sayK that, he ha.H plenty of water to spare. POMONA CROP LARGE. P. J. Dreher of the Han Antonio fruit exchange gives It. as hla opinion that the orange crop In thla valley this sea- Hon will be ten per cent, larger than it was last, year, when the shipments of citrus fruits amounted to 2100 cars. Of this amount the San Antonio exchange, which is composed of the exchanges at, Pomona, North Pomona, Claremont and San Dlmas, handled 1715 carloads, 1021 being sent from this city and North Pomona.' ft is predicted that the lemon crop will also be considerably larger than last season, when 575 carloads were shipped, the exchange sending 470 carloads of this number. The orange crop here Is in excellent condition and good prices are expected. Notice of Stockhofders' Meeting. The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Covina Valley Savings Bank will be held on Tuesday, January 12, 190 C J, at the office of the corpor- at/ot7, at 10 o'clock a.m., for the purpose of electing a board of directors for the ensuing' year, and for the transaction of atich other business as may properly conic before the meeting. W. M. GRISWOLl), Assistant Caahser. Covina,. Cal., Dec. 19, 190& Summons. In the Justice's Court of Rowland township, County of Los» Ang'eles, State of California. State of California plaintiff, vav J. F. Jackson, and R. P. Davidson, defendants. The people oi the State ot California »encl jfreeting 1 * to: 3. F. Jaickson and R. P. Davidsor* defendants. Yon are here directed to appear in an action brought against you by tbe above named pkaitiitiffi, in the-Justice's Court of Rowland Township, L,os Angeles County, State of California,, and to answer befoit the justice at hia office in Covina,. In said Township, the complaint filed' therein, within five days (exclusive o* the day of service)) after the service.on yow of tbii/ summons, if served within the Township, in which this action is brought, or, if served out of sald-Townuhip but within said County, within ten days; or within twenty days nf seiwd elsewhere. And you are hereby notified that u-tales* you so appear aixi answer said complaint, as above vaq.uired, said ploiimtii! will cause your default to be entered take judffmeNf for any money or ' t!ms cornplabnt ;>* upon contract, or will apply ti> tho Court for the relief demanded in the complaint, toother with tlu; cunt of suit. Given under my h;bitd this second dav of January, W(l<». W. P. Marsha U, Justice of the ofc RowlandTow»- .sbip, County of Il,os A.a.yeles, Stute of California. .Mis. (i. .W'hi'iibi mm T en, I Jel aldim* aini Kiv<l, M i i. (iiiinui, Mr. ami M I, Ml-,. .1. l>. Kei-,1 lih. ar.-, M i -i Helilll aiiil hi r > Mi •,. Cain II I'iti-, r. \Vm. I.e.-. mnl Improvements hy Covtnu Irrigating Company. The Cuvinii liTitfal ii!K' (\iinpuny has laid aiiuthei hull milt 1 of thiily t,i\ inch eemeiii \'i\n>, tlnih i-umpK'l • iii^ the pipe line troui I Miulsiciie avr uui' mi Urn north U> tin -ullall iutc. Ihu Walnut \\ash mi tbe t-i-uih, in |iliici< ut tlu' "Id o'lnt'iit man' diirh. Thi* uill iiiMin' a .->ii| ply i I |.iui- \\alt r li:i lilliu^ rj'-l t'l ii->. \\\\\ .-li p ! lie lii^r ill a ijiiaiil il \ if ;\ a'i-r I > . MI j.i ; al u ii aini \\il I ."-ax e ill I « > | n.-,,i,l ii'iaiiii.i; ami t'; 11. >• ii:tcii. * * I I * I* 1 * ' * * * * * * * * .* * Say! * IRancber KILL tHi OOUOH MB CURB tHi LUNO8 WITH Dr. King's New Discovery NRC88ISJ 18 AND ALL THROAT AND LUNOTBOUBLE8. GUABANTLED B ATI8FACTOKT OR MONEY REFUNDED. Johnson &, BLACKSMITHS Blacksmithing af all Kinds Our Specialty Shop on Citrus Ave IF YOU WANT ANY PAINTING KALSOMINING OR PAPER HANGING ' done, see me before you let your job. All work guaranteed and prices reasonable. Phone 51. C. II. Kistler Howell & Howell BREAD Light, Sweet and Wholesome FRESH EVERY DAY AT *• Cake and ; g Confectionery . * Wagow through vallej daily. ! You are conducting a hitf Inisinesji- inuro money in- veatt-'d than many Imsim'^s IHHI.SOS do a tfood deal of correspondence, don't you.' Do you always have suitable paper handy when you wish to writ«.•'.' Do you know that we can furnish yon with the very tiest of writing paper and envelopes, neatly printed with your name or the name of your ranch, place of resilience ami date line, cheaper than you can secure tablets am! envelopes in siir.iil'.jtiaii- titie,.' T!n> \vill in,ike your conv.-«pi;ndeiu - e t'ii-,ine.>siike .1! ul IMOIv *;» »n v r i-i; \: u t, * i'i)Vl.N.\ AKilTS, I'KINTKKS *• % J^i Jf\ J^i "J|i Jfi J * * * * * * * * * * * * * # * * * * * * * * * * * « * # 4 * * * -* * * San Jaaquin Valley New Daylight Train Parlor Car Between Let. Angeles and Fresno; From Los Angeles, daily at 7:35 a. m., arriving Fresno 7:17 p. m. From Fresno 8:50. a. m. r arriving Los Angeles S:45 p. m. Southern Pacific I). C. Scheuck, Agent, Coviua Phone 144 Plumbing Plumbing Materials WATER DiDp SEWER rlrfc ALL PLUMBING REPAIRS We contract to furnish all the materials and do the work or furnish the materials only. GET OUR PRICES JAMES W. HELLMAN Hardware, Stoves Etc. 157-161 North Spring St. LOS ANGELES THE DEPOT GROCERY AND MARKET carries everything that a good grocery ought to sell. Besides the best teas, coffees, spices, pickles, olives and canned goods, we carry a fine supply of fresh fruits and vegetables: Also the best creamery butter and fresh ranch butter Meat Harket We carry a. good assortment of government inspected* meats, hams, bacon, etc. Try some of our fresh oysters in bulk. Fresh from East each week. 20c per dozen.' ROBERT CRENSHAW Phone 22 • V Are You Going to Build? If so, it will pay you to let me figure with you. First class work", prices right, satisfaction guaranteed. M. B. FolSOm, Contractor and Builder Phone 214 COVINA, CAL. WELL Now that he has been elected, let's all get in and make things hum. Business has been good for'us. It is going to be better for all of us. Call and see our large stock of builders' hardware, tools, oils, glass, stoves, heaters and ranges, gas and gasoline stoves, cutlery, gloves and house furnishing goods. Scissors and pocket knives. Hurley's Hardware COVINA, CAL, BOINHAM ...& RITCHA Cement Contractors LKT US FIGURE ON ANYTHING IN TIlE CEMENT LINE , SIDEWALKS AND CURBS OUR SPECIALTY , -- ' ' We are experienced cement men and employ only skilled help. Home phone 1067 - j v START THE NEW YEAR RIGHT WITH New Tools Twomcy & Dillcr Cool man Block, Opp. S. P. Depot, Phone 29 Orchard and Farm Tools OF ALL KINDS WAGONS AND BUGGIES New Dairy, New Stock, New Buildings We are prepared to furnish you with the finest Jersey milk and cream, delivered at your door. Place your orders by telephone. MILK COWS BOUGHT AND SOLD SHAW & HELWICK Home Phone 2038 Ibotel IDenfcome Home for ^Tourists 3. f itjSeralO, prop. Soe P. K. DOUGHTY for Maxwell Automobiles COY IN A, CAL. Territory I'uvitM. A::u>;i, .\hiiiri.-via, (/Icrulora, Charter Oak. l)i>>!> uoslal ior

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