Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 12, 1974 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 12, 1974
Page 3
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Thursday* September 12* !S?4 HOPE (ARK.) STAR Couple wed 65 years Mr. and Mrs. B.W. Springs, of Bfentwood, Calif.* will celebrate their 65th weddiiig anniversary on Thursday, September 12. Mr. and Mrs. Springs, for* mefly of Patmos, had lived in and around Hempstead County most of their lives, until a few years ago, when they decided to move to Brentwood, Calif, where several of their' children lived. The couple had eleven children, of the eleven, ten are still living. Included in that ten are, Mrs. H.R. Hunt of Patmos and Mrs. Clarence Hunt of Hope. The Springs have 25 grandchildren and 38 great- grandchildren, and several great-great grandchildren. Mr. Springs, a farmer before retiring, was 84 years old on January 20. Mrs. Springs will be 84 on October 11. MR. AND MRS. B.W. SPRINGS 3QDDOBOOBI K3DDOX news Hn.ni.und 4 •• *». Calendar of event* H.S. Elam is observing his 94th birthday on September 14. Eugene Rooker is 81 on Sep- tember 13. Both are residents of Heritage Manor Nursing Home. Wife wears rich sister's hand-me-downs r f- a By by Chlcajo Trlbun»-N. Y. Ntws Synd., Inc. DEAR ABBY: My wife (I'll call her Ruth) has a sister I'll call Peggy. Peggy's husband is loaded with money, and Peggy spends a fortune on clothes. Ruth and Peggy wear the same size, so Peggy sends Ruth boxes of dresses, coats and shoes that she's tired of. All the stuff is just like new, and Ruth looks like a million dollars in them. . , Maybe I shouldn't feel this way, Abby, but it bothers me when I see my wife all dressed up in her sister's clothes. Although I can't afford to buy my wife the kind of clothes Peggy sends her, she wouldn't exactly go around in rags if she dressed in clothes that were within our income. I've come awfully close to asking Ruth not to accept any more clothes from her sister, but I'm not sure it's the thing to do. I suppose it's selfish of me, Abby, but a guy can t help how he feels. What do you think? P POOR WORKING STIFF DEAR STIFF: I think you should tell your wife what you've told me. Talk it over, and maybe you can reach an agreeable compromise. You're right, a guy can't help how he feels, and I, for one, can understand your feelings. DEAR ABBY: My grandmother was one-sixteenth black. She married a white man. Neither she nor any of her children had Negroid features, and they all married whites. The problem is my wife. I told her of my ancestry before we were married, and it didn't seem to make any difference. But now she refuses to have any children for fear one might be coal-black. What are the chances of this occurring?^ DEAR NEEDS: Zero. A child will be no darker than his darkest parent. DEAR ABBY: I am blind at age 14, and take my Seeing Eye dog Juniper with me everywhere I go. Kids will often try to pet Juniper. I like kids, but Juniper is trained not to be frie&fly with strangers. If he growls, the mother grabs their children and scream, "what a vicious dog! " Abby please print this so parents will tell their kids to stay away from Seeing Eye d ^ ENNIE AND JUNIPER DEAR JENNIE: Thank you for your informative letter. This might be a good time to warn people against trying to be friendly with ALL strange dogs. Many dogs are used for protection these days and are trained to attack strangers who come too close. CONFIDENTIAL TO MY READERS. Are you properly registered in order to cast your vote next November? If you don't know where to register, phone ANY political party's headquarters (they're in your phone book) and inquire. May I remind you (with a quote from Edmund Burke) that "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Everyone has a problem. What's yours? For a personal reply, write to ABBY: Box No. 69700, L.A.. Calif. 90069. Enclose stamped, self-addressed envelope, please. For Abby's new booklet, "What Teen-agers Want to Know," send $1 to Abigail Van Buren, 132 Lasky Dr., Beverly Hills, Calif. 90212. Plant Beauty Keep indoor plants beautiful, too, by knowing exactly when to water. A new product shaped like a small flower inserts into the soil and tells you exactly when your plants need watering. Smart Topper Best head gear find this season — a wide-brimmed straw hat that has a page-boy ring of hair attached to the inner brim. It is the fastest way to achieve a new hairdo. Hospital Notes MEMORIAL HOSPITAL ADMITTED: Mrs. Anna Aylett, Roscoe Bowden, James A. Kennedy, Mrs. Kenneth Stocks, Mrs. Ina Taylor, all of Hope; Mrs. Roy A. Brents, Ross ton. DISMISSED: George Bor- senberger, McCaskill; Mrs. Darlene Plumley, Lewisville; Mrs. Tom Gathright, Saratoga; Mrs. Jim McKamie, Fulton; Elmer Randolph, Bellville, 111.; Mr. Johnny Wake and baby, Emmet; Mr. and Mrs. Owen Jones, and Larry Williams, Hope. NEW ARRIVALS Mr. and Mrs. Richard Leonard, Hope, girl born September 11. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Stocks, Hope, girl born September 11. BRANCH GENERAL HOSPITAL NO ADMISSIONS. DISMISSED: Arthur Brown, Texarkana. . ., . . Well Framed " Refinished wooden newspaper type trays make excellent display shelves for sea shells and miniature bottle collections. Friday, September 13 Country Club Card night (buffet, bridge, pitch) will be held Friday, September 13, at the Club. Buffet will be served at 7:30 p.m. For reservations call by 7 p.m. Thursday, 3378, 2637, or 9944. Saturday, September 14 The Elks will have a special early Fall dance, Saturday, September 14. Music will be by "The Butch Holder Band". For reservations call, 772-9122. Guests are welcome. Sunday, September 15 A mixed scramble golf tournament will be held Sunday, September 15, at the Hope Country Club starting promptly at 3 p.m. All players must register by 2 p.m. The Century Bible Class, First United Methodist Church, will sponsor a breakfast for members and their families at 8:00 a.m. Sunday, September 15. Bacon, eggs, rolls and pancakes will be served. Rufus Crawford, a missionary to Portugal, will be with the Mt. Nebo Missinoary Baptist Church, Sunday night, September 15. He will speak to the young people's BTS class at 6:30 p.m., then bring the evening message at 7:30. Everyone is invited to attend either, or both, of these services. Brother Crawford was the pastor of the Meadowcliff Baptist Church in Little Rock before going to Portugal, about two years ago. He has also served as a missionary in Brazil for about eight years. Mt. Nebo is located about three miles south of Patmos. The pastor is "Bud" Blankenship. Tuesday, September 17 The American Legion Auxiliary Leslie Huddleston Unit 12 Will meet Tuesday,' September 17 in the home of Mrs. J. W. Branch at 2:30 in the afternoon. (Please note change of time.) The September program will be on mem-, bership and music. Cub Scout Pack 62 will have a pack meeting at 7 p.m. at Garland School Cafeteria, Tuesday; September 17. If you 'are 8-10 years old and would like to join see Cubmaster, Jim Gary or Den Leader Coach, Penny Gary. The Third District Arts & Crafts Association will hold its monthly meeting in the Art Barn, September 17 at 7 p.m. A work detail is being planned in order to put the Barn in readiness for the upcoming Arts & Crafts show. Come dressed in work clothes and bring tools. Also bring items to this meeting for the show. A chuck-wagon lunch will be served by Club member, Doris Anderson. This is a most important meeting—each member should make an effort to attend. Thursday, Spetember 19 Mrs. Ivan Bright will host the Rocky Mound Extension Homemakers Club at its regular meeting, Thursday, September 19, at 2 p.m. All members are urged to be present. The First Christian Church youth will sponsor a Chicken- Spaghetti Supper Thursday, September 19, the night of the Centennial Grand Premiere. Serving will begin at 5 p.m. in the fellowship hall of the church and will close at 7:30 p.m. Mrs. Ruth Retlig will be in charge of the food. Tickets are now on sale, adults, $1.50 and children under 12, $1. Tickets may be bought from any youth of the church, or Rephans or The Shields Co. or by calling 3575. Sales will close the 17th. Friday, September 20 The Hope Junior Auxiliary . will sponsor its annual Spaghetti supper Friday, September 20, from 5 to 7 p.m. at the High School cafeteria. Proceeds will go to the scholarship fund. Cherish Those Green Tomatoes GREEN TOMATO MINCEMEAT—Use it to bake wonderful oldtime pies. By CECILY BROWNSTONE Associated Press Food Editor Even in New York City this year, tomatoes are on the vine — in backyards of brownstones, in community gardens on terraces and in large pots or window boxes on sunny windows or fire escapes. From what visitors from other states tell us and from what we've seen on our travels, not since World War II has so much tomato growing been going on all over the country. Because tomatoes, red or green, have to be gathered before frost ruins them, you may want to consider making oldtime Green Tomato Mincemeat. This recipe is easy to follow and the result is delicious, ready to be used in pies, tarts and cookies or any other way you can dream up. A friend of ours who tried this recipe served the mincemeat over vanilla ice cream. Her husband's response: "If anyone had ever told me I'd put green tomatoes over ice cream and love it, I'd have told them they were crazy!" As a matter of fact, mji- cemeat has been served over vanilla ice cream for years, and the combination is great. If you're interested to try this, heat the mincemeat and, if it doesn't already have a goodly portion of rum, brandy or some other spirit added, give it this beneficial blessing. Just one warning: don't use mincemeat this way if it has suet in it — this green tomato version doesn't. Eating suet-style mincemeat over ice cream is more than anyone should be expected to stomach. GREEN TOMATO MINCEMEAT 3 pounds green tomatoes, thinly sliced (about 2 quarts sliced) v 4 cup salt 2 large apples, cored and chopped but unpeeled 1 large orange, seeded and chopped but unpeeled 15-ounce package seedless raisins, about 2Vi cups 1 cup sugar 1 pint dark corn syrup 2 tablespoons pumpkin-pie spies Sprinkle tomatoes with salt as you layer them in a bowl; cover and let stand at room temperature overnight. Rinse with cold water and drain well. Chop fine. Into a 4-quart saucepot turn the tomatoes, apple, orange, raisins, sugar, corn syrup and spice Cover and simmer 45 PTA holds open home at school Mrs. Charles Sharpe Jr. photo with Star camera AT BERYL HENRY Open House Tuesday night, assisting in serving refreshments were Mrs. Jack Caldwell, Mrs. Vonnie Edwards and Mrs. Jim Tate. A short business meeting was held Tuesday night at Beryl Henry PTA, prior to Open House at the school. Mrs. Russell Lendermon, president was in charge. Other officers are vice-president, Mrs. Vonnie Edwards; secretary, Mrs. Keith Schultz; treasurer, Mrs. Curtis Anderson; parliamentarian, Mrs. Jimmy Branch and historian, Mrs. John Dickson. Cookies and punch were served to 4tn). The next PTA meeting will be a study group on October 15. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Byrd of Stuttgart announce the arrival of a baby girl on September 9. She has been named Bethany Bren and weighed 6 pounds 4 ounces. Paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Byrd of Hope. Mrs. Jones is honored Last Thursday the staff and residents of Heritage Manor Nursing Home honored Mrs. Martha Jones with a surprise party. They named her, "Queen For A Day." A gift was presented to her and everyone expresed their appreciation to her for going "above and beyond" her duty as activities director of Heritage Manor. Mrs. Jones has two daughters, Mrs. Danny (Nadine) Putman and Miss Darlene Jones. Lambert-Shaner vows solemnized Howard Shaner and Mrs. Carole Lambert, both of Monticello, Ark. were united in marriage, Saturday, September 7. ..... „ The simple ring ceremony was performed by the Key. James Baker in the Pentecostal Church of Monticello in the presence of immediate family and friends. Mrs. Lambert was given in marriage by her uncle, Leo Link Joe Knowles served as his brother's attendant. Mrs Shaner is the daughter of Mrs. Agnes Davis of Monticello and Mr. Shaner is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Knowles of Hope. The Shaners will reside in Monticello. Tips Cornstarch should always be dissolved in cold, not hot, water and the mixture should be stirred vigorously until it is smooth. Slivers of syrup-preserved or candied ginger may be added to buttered carrots. Saenger THEATRE Tonite7:00 Friday-Saturday OUTSIDE Chicken bouillon made from cubes is less expensive than canned chicken broth; use the bouillon in a sauce or a soup when the chicken flavor is not of paramount importance. United Artists Antique Collectors Club meets Some of the members of the Hempstead County Antique Collectors Club met at a coffee Tuesday, September 10. Reports on sales of bronze coins and commerative plates were given. It was felt that it will only take time to complete the sale of the coins and plates, so it is time to get back to the normal line of business. It was voted to have a mulligan stew supper at the October meeting at the Douglas building. "Pat" Patton will make the stew from meat provided by a few of the "hunting" members. The ladies are asked to bring salad or dessert. It is hoped that members will bring friends, to enjoy the good meal and fellowship, who would like to join the Club. Discussion of club caravan picnic trips to places of interest were carried en with much enthusiasm. The next meeting (for dinner) will be 7:30 p.m. October 8 at the Douglas building. Those who are interested in joining are invited to attend. Membership is $2.50 per person annually. —Be a courteous driver. And WAYNE ON WHEELS! -Mcor LOSE WEIGHT STARTING TODAY minutes. Uncover and boil gently, stirring occasionally, for IVi hours. Store, tightly covered, in the refrigerator; or store in appropriate containers in the freezer. Makes 2% pints — enough for two 9-inch pies. To make pies: Stir V<j cup light or golden rum into 2Vfe cups Green Tomato Mincemeat; cover and let stand at room temperature overnight. Turn into an unbaked 9-inch pastry shell; cover with vented top crust. Bake in a preheated 425-degree oven 45 to 50 minutes. Note: If pumpkin-pie spice is not at hand, use a blend of cinnamon, ginger, allspice and nutmeg (all ground); this is what the best pumpkin-pie spice on the market contains. Other pumpkin-pie spice may contain flour, sugar, artificial coloring and flavoring and an anticaking agent. QDRINEX contains the most (ffective reducing aid available Kithout prescription! One tiny PORINEX tablet before meals and lou want to eat less • down go your jalories • down goes your weight ! Thousands of women from coast bcoast report ODRINEX has helped hem lose 5,10. 20 pounds in a short jme • so can you. Get rid of ugly fat »nd live longer I ODRINEX must satisfy or youi noney will be refunded. No questions isked. Sold with this guarantee by •JOHN P. COX DRUG — Hope Mail Orders Filled Four hundred recipes are given in the illustrated "Cecily Brownstone's Associated Press Cookbook" available by sending $4.95 (check or money order made payable to "The Associated Press") to this newspaper in care of AP COOKBOOK, Box G4, Teaneck, N.J. 07666. FALL CURTAIN GOING UP ON ACT 111 LADIES SPECIALTY SHOP lot* hours- S*t. /1/euJ c/as±e-s - /o/e> /V- o A /, ) (q,l up fron I I I ran > ,-»•*•* house* Juried te* oil l*r*f> holders a era me fn« -/*'''«

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