Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 2, 1954 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, February 2, 1954
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';«* Our Daily Bread Sliced Thin by The Editor Alex. H. Washburn Tough Job Ahead on Both Milwood Dam and Missouri-Ozan Snafu We were discussing yesterday the $11,500 budget set up for Hope Chamber of Commerce in the subscription drive beginning this week comparing it with the $0,404.50 actually raised for the chamber in 1953 — and with the $13,000 that Camden budgeted for iis community work 25 years ago when that city was smaller than Hope is today. And the weakness in the Hope picture, we pointed out, is not the lack of members but their failuic ,to put enough dollars on the line to do the job they expect a chamber ' of commerce to do. | This is a pretty good size city. As | far back as 1948 the U. S. Census' gave Hempstead county total retail] sales of ,«13,780,000, and Hope $11,-' 900,000 — and Editor & Publisher's 1954 Market Guiclj estimates the city's sales for 1U50 at $14,000,000. I But tiic percentage we put on the line to promote our town and | section is ridiculous — $0,404.50! Here's how the money was subscribed last year: .Industries $1,058.00 Retailers 2.318.50 Professional 306.00 Individuals 3uY.»0 Wholesale & Service 1,SS2.50 Real Estate-Insurance 332.00 How do you raise a ^13,000 budget like Camden's 25 years ago? It takes a number of $500 contu bulions, and earnest support all the way down the line. If it doesn't cost you it's not worth much. But without a chamber of commerce you haven't any rallying point in meeting long-range issues like the one that confronts us this year in the Millwood reservoir prp- ject. The Army Engineers say the Millwood dam is a "must" and they estimate, the expenditure at 53 million dollars. But there is some opposition. Nashville, for instance, is worried over the possibility that construction of the reservoir would force Okay to close its big cement plant. But there is nothing in the engineering record, so far as 1 know, to show that any objection, has been raised by the Okay firm— and the Millwood controversy has been running for years. The great opponent of the Millwood project is the Dierks Lumber & Coal Co., which has hired a consulting engineer and kept him busy' stirring up dissension and fear. His maps and his calculations -are now being quoted as authority . for '-the report, that Millwood's construction might close down the Okay plant. It was my impression from studying the government's map and data on Millwood that the Okay plant had been duly protected. But here is a point that our community is going to have to help clear.'up. And that means ths chamber of commerce again. Not to mention a smaller but also Star WEATHER PORfeCAtt ARKANSAS — Faifffeife *•««-.,*, noon, tonight Wednesday. A littte t cooler this afldi-htrOh, tortfgBts v "High this afternoon low to iftM* \ 60s; low tonight ?0 to 40. Experiment Station report fofr ^,i. 24-hour-per!od ending fct 8 a. iru* ^ Tuesday, High 68, Low 38. ' **i 55TH YEAR: VOL. 55 — NO. 91 Star of Hop* 1»9»/N<K« Coniolldoted Jan. H, 1*2* HOPE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 2/1954 M«wb«r: thu Aitotlatcd PrttJ & Audit Bureau of Circulation* AV. N*» Cold Clrel. 6 Mo*. tndlBfl S»pf. 30, 1953 —- 3446 Weekly Livestock Auction Here Pocks in Prospective Buyers — Shipley Studio photo Each .Tuesday is auction day at the Sutton Livestock Commission on Highway 67, west just beyontf Hope City limits. Some 670 head of stock including cattle, hogs, mules and horses went through the ring last week. Last week's sale ra^, over $35,000 which Is about the The above picture shows part of the hundreds of buyers. weekly average By ROBERT ZIMMERMAN NEW YORK (TJP) —.. Sheriff's deputies, laid' seige •.today* 4 before the,locked hotel room door of trou- .bled ! ;roubador Dick Haymes and his red-haired wii'e, Rita Hayworth On the "outside" frantic legal efforts were underway to try to keep Haymes out of jail for alleged default oa a previous marriage settlement. Two dupties sal out the night in the 12th floor corridor of the war- troublesome project — that flood Hotel Madison armed with a control deal for Little Missouri rant citmandins Haymes' arrest fo river and Ozan creek, When J. I. failure tc p«ty some $26,000 still ow- Lieblong and Ray Lawrence and I in « hi = last w . ;i 'c but one, Joanne your editor attended the conference Dru. in Prcseott last Friday we walked The i:iegc wore on through the morning. At 10 i>. m., th" deputies said not the away. Here's into trouble right the story briefly: The proposed government work on Ozan creek may not help north central Hempstead county farmlands because one of the major drainage canals leading to the i creek was blocked by road con-1 struction during the Southwestern Proving .Ground era. Now the farmers need help to get the canal unstopped. 'It's a job too big for any individual shovel. These are the people of our own trade area who look to Hope to furnish the community organization which helps out—which we call the chamber of commerce. a creature was stirring in Hayme.>Haywortb suite so far as they could hear through the key- with Alleen Jester to Head Local Heart Campaign Appointment of Ailcen Jester to head the Heart Fund's annual campaign here during the month of February was announced today by • suite in the sedate Hotel Madison Mr. Earl Oliver, president of tlie in mid town Manhattan. They said they would keep up their seige ns long i\,f necessary to serve Haymes Nash Cuts Prices on Rambler Lines DETROIT, UP — Nash Motors cut car prices $20 to $60 today on Its Rambler and Statesman lines. "he reductions arc being made in anticipation of lower manufacturing costs which should .result from increased volume," said H.C, Doss, vice president in charge of pales. : ::.:. . With the cuts, the lowest priced Nash— a Rambler tw.6-.door club , sells , f oi\ • factory'/ . The letail price or; the Rambler actually was reduced $210, but radios and heaters which previously were standard equipment were tak en out and made optional. The cost of the two units is approximately $150. No reduction WPS made on Nash's top line, the Ambassador. Trices on this line .were eu 1 , $98 to $160 last November. Mr. Groundhog Can't Help Seeing Shadow Riiu's Attorney Bartley Crum, who had to be content with keyhole interview himself last night, said he presumed Haymes would come cut as soon as bail could! be arranged. Crum taid he didn't know much about the hide-out bit I "imagine he didn't want to go to jr.il." The warrant 1'or Haymes arrest was issued by Ne,v York Supreme Court. QUARRYVILLE Pa. There By 'ROBERT ZIMME.RMAN NEW YORK (UP) — Dick and his actress wife ,Rita Haywjrth barricaded themselves in a 12th iloor hottl suite today ayain.st two deputy sheriffs armed warrant foi the singer's The deputies spent the night outside the locked door of the Arkansas Heart Association. Miss Jester has assisted in previous heart campaigns. Extended Forecast For the period Feb. 2-C: ARKANSAS — Temperatures will average 2-6 degrees above normal. | even for Hartley Crum, Rita's at- Norm&i minima 2>37. Normal max- torne/, who went to the hotel lo with the civil warrant stemming from Ins complex alimony trouble. Huymes gave no long ho and Rita planned to hold out. H'i refused to open the door was sad news this Groundhog Day for optimists hoping for an early spring. Five different groundhogs, each proclaimed by the f.'nders the "official" weather forecaster, poked noses into the chill Lancaster County air and promptly scurried back into burrows fo- That, announced another nap. hibernating Gov. Charles Hess of the Slumbering Lodge of Groundhogs, means six niLfc weeks of winter weather. The groundhog sighting and the resultar.t forecast all were part ->f the annual funfert in this southeastern Pennsylvania area, started nearly a helf century go. The, trclition is that who nthe ground- lP anv - Roosevelt Calls Letter Blackmail ' LOS ANGELES IJPI -7- Roos-velt, df-nyin g his charges that he committal* adul tery with 12 women, saysj/he wa being blackmailed when he sign| .a letter admitting nine 'James' ,wife' Experts Vision Good Spring Business By f-ELIX COEN WASHINGTON (INS) — The ground hog may see his shadow today, 1 , but government . experts watching the economic skies see signs of a moder.-.te upturn in business this* spring. From indications that have ap- peareJ thus far, s-orre Washington economists predict at least a mild! — j _ I If you desire to secure every revival of industrial activity and al pount j o ( qua liiy crop possible in 19- reversal of the current "downward 54) ma k e you r plans to attend the adjustmenl" when balmy days reappear. There is a general feeling among the experts that toe future trend of business will depend largely <m it behaves from March to Up Five Attacks in Indochina how May. A number of them have said that if the seasonal Fpring upturn is brisk;'the present slump will probably be over, but that if it is "feeble" the- decline will probably go on a little farther. ;:'..'• Evidence of a partial pickup this spring include a scattered rehiring of laid-off workers by various con-' corns, pnd prospects of a big Easter trade. Retail stores are reported engaged in heavy buying to stock "helves witii spring goods. Usually, there is a rise in business in the spi'ng.. Economis are not venturing an opinion yet on whether the spring advance this year will be up le the seasoal standard. But they are watching it closely. . . '•.-.. The favorable signs are said to be the basis for President Eisenhower's recent prediction that the current downward adjustment. of business, will be over shortly; Developments pointed to by eco npmists include the action of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad in recalling 1,500 maintenance i and repair workers out of 11,000 previously laid off. Soviet Bloc I Real Danger t World Peace Dulles Answe Charges by Soviet Fertilizer to Be Discussed at Feb. T 6 Meeting area fertilizer school at Hope Tuesday, February 16, suggests County Agent Oliver L. Adams. Hempstead County farmers and fertlizer dealers are very fortunate to have this Id-county school at. home farmers and fertilizer dealers < may attend and be away from their business for a shorter period of time. • The school on fertilizer , Irrigation, placement of ferilizer, Soil compaction and other related problems will be considered. UhiVer- sity of Arkansas soils and crop specialists will be in attendance to pro 11 sent the information. Bo present' and secure the best information on the use of fertilizer in economical quality crops brpductiori. By JOHN M. BERUN Secretary A pf.f If Dulles told the Big ministers conference to'day< Soviet bloc and its orie»mai os the real dangcrd to' worlft, not th ^Western ctefense/alll This was the American,^ iyas man's answer to Soviet t ' Molotov's charges thaV tlffc ern ' powers are promoUh"" trying to unify Germany^ family , European'* $at . S In . Stinging language?!; hurled Molotov's oft'iL 'Says* -he be false but he 'signed it to keep his wife from suing for divorce in 1945 and thereby adding to his father's burdens as president. This was the answer given in a prepared /statement yesterday by the eldest son of the late Franklin D. Roosevelt. He said also that he will decide before April 2 whethei he will run for Congress in th e 26th District. Some Democratic party leaders have suggested he withdraw. April 2 is the final date on which to declare car.didacy. Mrs. Romelle Schneider Roosevelt made the adultery charges in filing suit for separate maintenance last Thursday. The letter was filed with nor complaint. A preliminary hearing on her demand for support payments has been set for Friday. "My wife h"s chosen to make the most ugly accusation which it is possible to make against any man," Roosevelt';: statement said. "Each and every allegation of misconduct by tin- 12 persons mentioned with me is completely false and without foundationm" HANOI, Indochina (ffl— Vietrninh JtaUacks in five separate sectors ajijjd up today ar parts of a general 'offensive ap'pare'Stiy" aime'a 1 at' overrunning enough territory to give the Communist-led rebels a powerful talking point for ending the Indochina war by negotiation. •A new invasion of Laos threatened Luang Prabang, the royal Laotian . capital. . Ho Chi Minh threw virtually all hip ' eight regular divisions — trained and equipped by Red China ; — into the winter campaign. The war picture looked like this: 1. Vietminh Division No. 308, detached from the siege of Dien Bein Phru, crossed the border from northwest Viet Nam into northern Youths Admit Taking Tokens LITTLE ROCK (UP) — A teen- pge boy has admitted that he and two accomplices stole more than $1,100 from the Capital Transit Com hog sees his shadow more winter is on the way; no shadow and you can count on an early spring. Hess fixed the official time of the I'irtit sighting at 7:38.20 a. -m. EST noting proudly that five separate squads made similar reports within a space oC 3 1 /- minutes. "Entirely due tc our adoption of radar, radio and other modern searcn and reporting gadgets," ha . .. ,. . said proudly, indication how ima 46-65. No important tempera- see.... him and had to settle for a ture changes. Precipitation occurring about keyhole consultation. The warrant war issued late yesterday by New York Supreme Court Justice Jamei McNally on the complaint of Actress Joanne Dru, the crooner's former wife. [She claims he has failed to pay •her $33,323 under a property settlement reuehfd when they were divorced in 1949. Mius Dru's New York attorney, .Lewis Grcenbaum, said the warrant charges Haymes with concealing assets for the purpose of defrauding a creditor. Greenbaum said this made thf singer liable to arrest under the civil processes act. If iinymes is taken into custody he can obtain his freedom jmme- I diately by posting $2U,000 bond as sccutiU agiinst (he debt he allegedly ov/es Miss Dru, the attorney said. Turkey President on U. S. Tour CLEVELAND, O., (UP) — Sevr enty-yoar-old Coial Bayar, presi- jdent of Turkey, slopped here today on the first leg of his cross- country tour. A full-blown civic welcome was planned with Mayor Anthony J. celebrezze and Ohio Governor Frank J. Lausche to greet the visiting head of state. Th e Turkish oresident and his wife will be given a civic banquet, visit the largest strip mill in the world at Republic Steel Corp. and attend a reception in their honor. They will spend the night ft Toledo. CARACAS (UP; Yenequela produced 644,220,873 barrels of oil last year, down 16.000,000 from the record 1953 figure because of a slowdown ordered "tc balance supply and demand," it was announced today. Eugene Barnes, 17, said his report of being held up by a masked man yesterday was a hoax. Earner, WES employed as cashier at the company and originally told officers he was held up when Continued on Two Humphrey in Defense of Tax Cuts WASHINGON Of) Secretary of the Treasury Humphrey told Congress tcday the basic purpose of 6'/i billion dollars in actual or proposed tax cuts this year is to bring 'more jobs, better jobs, and higher and better standards of living." With this tax program, Humph. rey said, he is confident "this nation can make the transition to a period of less cosily military preparedness without serious interruption in our economic growth." Humphrey's testimony before the Senate-Hoiife Economic Committee amounted to a vigorous defense of the Eisenhower administration'? tax program, under fire from some Democrats on charges VFW Planning Benefit the opened the office to issue tok-lit favors bis bush-ess and corpora- ens to bus drivers. 'tion stockholders,. • AH Around the Town By Tho Star Staff Last night Mayor John L. Wilson presented a plaque to Dr. L. M. Lile as Hope's "Man-of-the-Year" for 1954 . . . Ben Owen, was a close second and Hervey Holt was third with Syvelle Burke fourth in the first election conducted by popular ballot . . . The Mayor saluted Haskell Jones and KXAR for promoting Ihe election. As of Tuesday morning 2,972 state automobile tags have been sold in Hempstead . . . Mrs. Parker of the revenue department at Hempstead Courthouse says this s slightly above the same period ast year which was about 2880 . . . City auto tags are about 50 short of 1953 according to Charles Reynerson who reports the sale of 1249 to date. Hope's David Pearson won half of a scholarship Sunday in the national tryouts for the Qpollo Boys Choir af Palm Springs Florida . . . this •epresents $900 • . . David will ai> ive homo tonight to discuss future plans with his family.. . . he was one of 'three Hope boys to win in the Shreveport tryouts, the others being Bobby Dodson and John Allen Ross . . . and on the subject of contests Rosston's pianist Gil Gentry won KCMC TV's fifth talent competition and will compete with five other contestants in the finals scheduled to be held on February 19 ... Gil received $10 as a division winner's award. Polities is humming « bit with no new announcements but plenty of rumors . . . first, Ray McDowell, just about the hottest non-official candidate will definitely not run for sheriff . . . Ray has been thinking it over for a couple of weeks but personal interests will not permit him to enter as a candidate at this time . . . Dcwey Hendrjx is, being mentioned as a candidate along with Jeff Murphy while latest name to crop up for the office is Clifford Franks . . . whether any of them will actually toss in their hats- remains to be seen, For the past several years, it Mas been the policy of the members of the Hamsey-Cargile V. F. W. Post 4511 of Hope to give all at the proceeds from .one of theirSat- urday night Barn Dances to the March of Dimes fund. • ; Since this has always been one of the larger donations to this worthwhile causes and due to the fact that the V. F. W. no longerhas it's weekly Barn Dance the Post membership, at a recent meeting voted unanimously to put on a benefit game night to raise funds this year. It will be held at the Post home on Highway 67 East starting at 8 p. m. Thursday Feb. 4th and Post Commander Donald H. Dill assures everyone attending of an evening full of entertainment, with lots of prizes anyone will be proud carry home with them. to Commander Dill urges that every body come out and enjoy themselves as well as help the March of Dimes. He also stated that this year more than ever before all possible donations be raised to assure the success of the new trial mass immunization of the gamma blobulin vaccine, which holds forth a great chance to halt the crippling disease before it can harm the youth of our nation. U.S. Patrol Off Korea to Continue TOKYO (UP; Sen. 0. P. Weyland, U. S. Far East Air Commander, :;aid today American pianos would continue, patrols off the North Korean coast despite the Jan. 22 MIG attack on a, jet reconnaissance bomber. Weyiand said in write the Columbia an interview Broadcasting System that reconnaissance plants have operated off the coast of Communist Kore;: since the cease- fire. He said the RB-45 bomber attacked by the Red fighters was "over free international waters. . . where it's perfectly legal to fly." The Air Force reported yesterday thai the Amarican plane had been attacked over the Yellow Sea npj.r the m.;In northwest Korean port of Chinnampo. One of the Russian-built fighters was shot down by a covering flight of F-86 Sabre jets. Weyiand- Air Force pilots "are very carefully briefed to stay well uffehor? and well beyond the territorial legal limits." "This is the /irst time we've had any re&l trouble," he said. "We fly F-ifl's and RB-45's quite fre- cjucntl/ in that area, A few other tjmes we have spotted Comin planei, but ;th,ey did not lire. Seized Here, Two Jailed Arkansas State Police arrested two Negroes and seized 22 .pounds of marijuana from the trunk compartment of the 1954 Buick which they were driving about 9:30 last night on ^Highway 67 at the Fulton Xiver bridge. Arresting .officers were Charles Boyd and Clarence Gibson. o -woman, "whose address was listed as 2490 East 31 Street Cleveland, Ohio and James , Richard Eldridge 35, Negro man of 6827 Berwick Road, Cleveland. Both are being held in Hempstead County jail and will be turned over to federal narcotic officers. Officers had been alerted ir\ this area by U.S. Ctistoms officers al pel Rio, Texas, where the marijuana was obtained. The auto was last seen at Corpus Christ! at 5:3C a. m. Monday. Arkansas State officers from Hope and Texarkana were patroling.the highways in this area searching for the auto. The Negro woman who was driving at the time of the arrest told officers she was "just along for the ride". The man was asleep in the back seat when the arrest was made; He told state officers this wasn't his first trip. Eldridge told officers he paid $40 a pound for the weed a tota: of $880. This could be sold in bulk for $80 to $85 a pound or could be made into cigarettes which sell for $1.00 each at Cleveland, he told police. Assisting in the investigation and arrest were Officers ' Gibson and Boyd, Hope City Police and Stalq Officers Porterfield and Mosier, Band Concert Program Is Listed The program for the high school band concert Thursday night, February 4th, was announced today by Mr. Cannon, band director. The program follows: Prelude No. 20, opus 28 — Chopin. Overture to "The Impresario"-Mozart. March Magnicifient — McConnel. Kirk James, student conductor. Concertino, opus 26 — Weber. Volmer Dean Boyd, saxophone soloist. Traumerei — Schumann. To a Wild Rose — MacDowell. Hallalujah Chorus — Handel. From "The Messiah." Intermission. Prelude, No. 4, opus 28 »- Chopin. Overture "Blossom Time' 1 -T Romberg. Friendship Polka — Harris, Dar. win Smith, trombone soloist. The Green Cathedral — Hate- Kirk James, student conductor, t Johnny Peel ' Old Comrades — Teike, During the intermission, the high school orchestra will entertain with several numbers, Coiptain time in the high school auditorium j s 7:45, Masons fro Meet Tonight at An spoke after the 1938 nist poartltion ' of Polarid at hmi,°At toat time, and Bwlitx in a 'Jiooty nershio, Molotov c'alle'd$t;j? senseless but, criminal*-' Western nations ler. , , , ( . . Molotov, in challenging sjtiif ern world's motives '' abouM now, is just as wrong'to'd ffi was then, Dulles nsserte Tha secretary Jed ,-tfi broadside against " a retort to stressed that . only for a ne able to have any link and, saddlc'd\w'ithVCbni " ' v '«• ence IVlr. *. I Said X)ulle,st ^oi^r^ ""Pp&aps jytr.^oiotcre, #, , CfontihuetJ, on. Fgee onRedstol By * WA R R E N ' ROG B,BS WASHINGTON wi 1 — '.qg|i: ed States ( may call. onuthe munists in § Korea today7 < to s 'll gones be 'bygones and*-""' now for nearly two Top-]ovel State clals were w problem of how to to the Communist Speical Ambassedoiv Dean return to Panmuriiofj j-esums conversations '"M4jr pave the way for a fu|l-q?f= rean peace conference,, ( 'j -;y A department spokesman! newsmen, a r reply will g'o,~ shprtly,', '-"V '-'v walked' out>ofcsthe:; inary, talks <at .iPliT ' ' Red jns fthe Uoited^ States with South Koree to 000 anti-Communist ers after the truce summer, Suspect- Held in Razor Attacks '* MQNREAL today they are, cvuw^s old possible,. suspecf «v> M,.. ilt-am'-nin ra/.or , $ ttaoks} 1 ;: Montreal women. ' < *'• Police dpsfcrib^d mentally he" brp.ak-up Three other ...,.., ng detained, police were pects. Police, cial total of 13, Dozens of other' ported, they said, bqt sidered the result q(> he worl? oday filed for 7th, Judicial ies,

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