Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on February 26, 1976 · Page 10
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 10

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 26, 1976
Page 10
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Highway Patrol Wants to Spend $80,000 on CB Radios for Troopers Iowa Dally Press Ass'n. DES MOINES - The Iowa Highway Patrol wants to spend approximately $80,000 to purchase citizen band radios for each of its 430 patrol cars, a Patrol officer said Thursday. Capt. Ted Godfrey confirmed the Highway Patrol is seeking federal funds to finance the purchase. Capt. Godfrey said four sophisticated CB radios are expected to be delivered to the Patrol within two weeks for testing by troopers. When the Patrol has decided what kind of CB radio would be best for its troopers, and if the $80,000 can be obtained, bids will be taken for the purchase. A first step toward the purchase was taken when the Patrol received a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) license for 600 units. The Patrol's current policy on CB radios is that individual troopers may purchase receivers and install them in their state squad cars. They may not transmit. Godfrey said his opinion of CB radio use by troopers is, "If it's good, the state ought to buy it. Or, get out of it." Godfrey is the Patrol's planning and research officer. He said he flew to Missouri to study that state's use of CB radios in troopers' cars. Georgia has also installed the radios in its troopers' cars, he said. Minnesota, he added, is, like Iowa, "testing the water to see if it's warm." Godfrey said the Patrol faces several problems in deciding what kind of radio should be purchased, and what polices should be set regarding their use by troopers. • But, he said an estimated one of every five vehicles in Iowa now has a CB radio, including about 50 state troopers' cars. He said they have been extremely useful to troopers. Monitoring of the CB Patrol is the type of an- channels, especially Channel Times Herald, Corroll, la. | *> tenna that would be required. 19 the one most used, has Thursday, February 26,1976 I */ Godfrey said the Patrol's resulted in faster response radio engineer has said a to highway emergencies, he So, he continued, troopers CB radio antenna located said. would also need to monitor less than three feet from the According to Godfrey, Channel 19. antenna of the squad car's To accomplish both goals, Channel 9 has been set aside by the FCC for emergency messages. For that reason, troopers would need to monitor that channel frequently if radios are installed in their state cars. . However, Channel 19 is the most popular channel, Godfrey said, and many CB users do not change to Channel 9 when they report an emergency. he said the Patrol will experiment with a CB radio which scans a number of channels, stopping on one when a message is being sent. Every few seconds, it would automatically return to Channel 9 to determine if an emergency message was being broadcast. Godfrey called the devise a "mandated scanner." Another concern of the police radio will interfere with police radio traffic. To avoid the interference, the CB antennas may be mounted on the trunk of the patrol car, or could be hooked into the police radio antenna. In addition, Godfrey said the Patrol has checked with a CB manufacturer "about what he sees for the future.'' Godfrey said the Patrol learned the present 23-channel CB radios may soon be out of date. The FCC, he said, is currently considering approving manufacture of 50-channel CB radios. The new radios would become available as soon as the FCC gave its approval, he said. Because the patrol does not want to invest in radios that may soon be outmoded, he said, he has "no idea" when the proposal to install radios in each patrol car could become a reality. Also, Godfrey said, "There's no way, in our budget, we have room for it." He said the $80,000 purchase would depend upon locating federal funds or ob- taining a special appropriation from the legislature. If the radios are eventually installed, the Patrol will have to establish rules for their use by troopers, Godfrey said. "Definitely. I feel we are going to transmit on Channel 9," he said, because a trooper would have to obtain information from a motorist trying to report an emergency. Whether troopers would also be allowed to transmit messages on other channels, or in other than emergency situations, has not been decided. No Claims Paid Out From Lawyers Client Security Trust Fund (Iowa Dally Press Association) DES MOINES - The client's security trust fund created by the Iowa supreme court to protect the public from dishonest lawyers has a balance of over $500,000. The size of the trust fund is indicative as to how well the system is working. John Neiman, a Des Moines lawyer who serves as chairman of the client security and attorney disciplinary commission, reports no claims were paid out of the fund in 1975. The supreme court created the trust fund in late 1973 after a rash of complaints. Iowa lawyers are required to support the fund to reimburse lawyers' clients whose funds were embezzled, misappropriated, or otherwise intentionally misused. Since creation of the fund, complaints received have been practically nil. While there were a few requests for reimbursements from the fund last year, no requests for reimbursement were approved by the commission. None of the requests involved misappropriation of monies by a lawyer, according to Neiman. All but one of the complaints were misinterpretations of the client security fund and involved complaints against lawyers concerning items other than money. Where the complaint appeared to have some merit, it was referred to the professional ethics and conduct committee, Neiman said. One complaint involved a fee paid in Advance to a • lawyer and the claim that the lawyer had not performed any services. The majority of the commission feels that the portion of attorney fees paid in advance which are unearned constitute a trust fund. The lawyer agreed to reimburse CARROLL GIBSON'S PIDCHIVI IMPERIAL blDoUlM GLASS 2+2 PLY POLYESTER CORD 2*2 FIBERGLASS BELTED WHITEWALLS E78-14 FREE MOUNTING!. I • ' PLUS $2.32 F.E.T. 7 Rib high traction tread, 78 series contour, 2 fiberglass belts. 2 polyester cord plies. Super mileage poly-diene. SIZE E78-14 F78-14 G78-14 H78-14 J 78-14 G78-15 H78-1S J78-15 L78-15 PRICE 28.00 30.00 32.00 34.00 36.00 32.00 34.00 36.00 38.00 FET 2.32 2.47 2.62 ( 2.84 3.62 2.69 2.92 3.09 3.21 30,000 MILES OR 30.MONTHS SEE US FOR MORE DETAILS. - TIGER MUFFLER Featuring a four-inch diameter for straight through power, the new tiger tells the world that your car has what it takes. It's the fastest thing in performance mufflers and it has the gut-stretch ing roar of a big cat stalking game. • Prices Effective Fri., Sat., Son., Feb. 27, 28,29 the client in the amount the commission determined proper. If he fails to do so, there will be a claim for $150. There is one other application for relief presently filed with the commission which has not been considered as yet involving $215. • Forty-seven states now have some type of client security fund, although they vary widely in their funding provisions and effectiveness, Neiman observed-. The idea of a clients' security trust fund has been accepted by the lawyers, Neiman said in a report filed with the supreme court. "Objections to the fact that each lawyer must pay into the fund in order to renew his or her license to practice law in Iowa, have to a great extend disappeared," he stated. Some 6,408 individuals are currently licensed to practice law in Iowa. Of that number, 1,603 lawyers have received certificates of exemption since they are either retired or practice law in some state other than Iowa. Additionally, 881 lawyers were exempt frorh payments into the fund, being either admitted to the bar within the past two years or being in military service. That left 3,924 lawyers subject to paying into the fund. Some 136 judges and magistrates, 321 government employes and 320 corporate employes were required to pay $25 each. In addition, 566 lawyers paid 1 per cent of their income, being other than full time lawyers. The commission reports that 2,581 full time practicing lawyers paid either $100 each, or, if they were admitted to practice less than six years, $50 each. The supreme court suspended the licenses of three lawyers for failure to comply with the rule. Receipts last year totaled $303,311 including $274,991 from attorney assessments and $38,320 on interest earned. In 1974, receipts totaled $306, 196, but that included a gift of $20,000 from the Iowa % State Bar Foundation to get the program started. At the end of 1975 the fund had a balance of $509,110. Assessments for 1976 are being reduced to $15 for lawyers who have paid a total of $200 into the fund. Neiman acknowledges that receipts for 1976 will be less, "but hopefully," he said, "will still be sufficient to get the fund up over $600,000." The court has approved an operating budget of $49,690 for 1976. Last year the trust accounts of 542 law offices were audited by the commission. The law offices varied in size from a one person firm to a firm with 20 people. Bowling Results HITS AND MISSES MIXED LEAGUE Team Standings Points Joe's Paint Center >— 66'/j Grouse Cartage Co 64 Pin Oaks 61 Flower Loft 5»'/z Wenck Feeds' 57 Walter's Appl itVi Old Home 53 Tigges'Trucking 47'/j Pudenz Truck Line 47 Ml. Carmel Inn 43V2 Carroll Co. Pork Prod 42Vj Heuton Trucking 42 Macke Motors 39 T& E 21 High Ind. Single GameWomen: K;aye Riddle 190 Joan Schleisman 181 Lucille Fischer 179 Lil Schleisman 179 Men: DonNieland 221 Don Nieland 209 Paul Oswald 205 High Ind. Three GamesWomen: Lucille Fischer 503 Joan Huegerich 474 Lll Schleisman 470 Men: DonNieland 561 Leonard Fischer 542 Paul Oswald 541 High Team Single Game— Tlgges Trucking 763 Pin Oaks 738 Walter's Appl. : 727 High Team Three Games- Pin Oaks 2126 Old Home 2082 Tigges Trucking 2068 ODD COUPLES LEAGUE Team Standings Points Hustlers ~51 CB'ers 46 Hammers 45 Magnum IV 39'/j B& B 37 Hawks 36 49'ers :. 36 Interstate Electric 30 Raiders 30 Born Losers 29'/2 Swinging Singles 26 Quandt Auto Salvage 26 High Ind. Single GameWomen: Wava Hilsabeck 163 Laura Ertz 143 Laura Erta 143 Men: Doc McCoy 192 Doc McCoy 190 JohnWIttry 182 High Ind. Three Games— Women: Laura Ertz 427 MarySiegner 392 Peggy Leiting 389 Men: Doc McCoy 547 Jorin Wittry 498 Don Wessllng 493 High Team Single Game- Hustlers 588 Magnum IV 587 Magnum IV 575 High Team Three Games- Hustlers 1703 Magnum IV 1655 Hammers 1565 Manning Club Has Potluck MANNING - The Elm Crest Community Club met Feb. 5 for a noon potluck dinner with the husbands as guests. Twelve women and two men were present. The afternoon was spent visiting and singing. Royal Neighbors met on Feb. 5th at the home of Goldie Meeves. The regular routine of business was conducted by Oracle Goldie Meeves. Auditor's report was read by Nettie Hansen. The card prizes were awarded to Alice Schrum, Nettie Hansen and Dorthy Sharp. Recent guests in the home of Mrs. Verna Wegner in honor of her birthday included Jim Wegner, Grand Island, Neb. JACK* JILL LEAGUE Team Standings Points Millers High Life 82 Na-Churs 64'/i Wilson's Real Estate 62 Pabst Blue Ribbon 59'/j Chicken Inn 54 Snappy Popcorn 49'/j Carnarvon Oil Co 48Vj Budweiser 48 Hamm's 46 Hawkeye Natl. Life 46 Denny's Lounge. Westslde .... 42 Carroll Bowl 41 Schettler Seed 29 Ron's Saddle Shop 24 High Ind. Single GameWomen: Elva Bernholtz 186 Isabelle Reislng ............... 183 Elva Bernholtz 183 Lorna Tlefenthaler 180 Men: Vern Tlefenthaler 240 Art Tlefenthaler 205 Myron Dettbarn 204 High Ind. Three GamesWomen: Elva Bernholtz 531 Dorothy Dettbarn 468 Isabelle Reislng 450 Men: Vern Tlefenthaler 587 Virgil Christensen 569 Myron Dettbarn 568 High Team Single Game— Pabst Blue Ribbon 743 Denny's Lounge, Westslde — 736 Chicken Inn 736 Pabst Blue Ribbon 728 Millers High Life 728 High Team Three Games— Pabst Blue Ribbon 2188 Chicken Inn 2140 Miller's High Life 2090 MR. FARMER! Now is the time to have a CB radio system installed on your farm. CB provides instant communication from your pickup or tractor to your home . . . Use it for emergencies, for breakdowns or just for the fun of it. Stop at Coast- to-Coast today and have a CB system 1 in your farm operating before the spring fieldwork begins. Pace Johnson Contact Courier Cobra Royce Complete Line of CB Radios, Base Stations, Antennas & Accessories HAVE YOURS INSTALLED TODAY Teaberry Midland SBE Hy-Gain Kraco Kriss Craig Robyn Fierce-Simpson Astro Priced From $9977 Over 35 Different Units in Stock COAST TO COAST Westgate Mall Carroll Save (jour badqet...plant a qardett! SEED STARTING SUPPUES I • JIFFY 7 The total growing unit. Just add water and seeds. POTTING SOIL Sterile, growing medium perfect for starting seeds indoors. Use in Peat Pots or any growing container. 69c and up PEAT POTS Eliminates the shock of transplanting ... just plant pot and all. 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