The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on March 7, 1977 · Page 9
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 9

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 7, 1977
Page 9
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TV PROGRAMS 7:00 O(3D CBS HEWS^Wrtw CronUU Andy jails an inliuential man's son ««v Bill Bixby. Oillbeck: Joo Lor- ef. Aunl Bee: Fiances Bavie , . O ei Q) ON THE JOB CD Exrros UUSK;ALES Bobby's QUKI is Aflne Murray, who appears in a skilcti as a performer who Has been booked lo sirxj ?t a hot dog slant). Also: Anne sings "Sunday Sunrise" and joins Bobby lor "Unii«d We Stand," Bobby's numbers are "Runaway" and "Please Love Me Foiever." Qlly Van. Jack Dutty Q HOUVWOOO SOUARC^-0«fTM a.OOQQDRHOOA Rhoda's tafent as a window dresser isn't Lhe onry reason busirvets is booming he/ partner Myrna has her own artlu! method ol wlnnir>g new accounts flhoda Vatetie Harper. Myrna Barba/a Sharma. Joe David Gioh, Ralph: Wicriael Lerrer. H; E nda Julie Kavnei. Al. Git Boccaccio, (Repeall O a RfCH UTTl£-V*ri»ty aious* th« (lightest lympatrry. Lao (Richa/t) Schaal) decides to lAe drastic action to 9flt adwilion. PhytUs. Ck>- ris Leachman. Julie: U/ Torres, Jonathan: Henry Jones, Audrey: Jana Bos«. Molhei Oeiter: Judith Lowry. Donru Plunketl Katalkt Sctafer. [Repeat) OMEflVGftlFRH O ffi YANKEE DOODLE CRICKET — Cartoon Spedaf: A cartoon wilh a Bicentennial iheme for program delaits, see tr>e Close-upopposite (Repeal) (Pre-empl s tegular programmi ng ] Q STEVE ALLEK S LAUGH-BACK ftOO O Q) ALL I N THE FAUH.Y WrS«A Mika and Gloria go oul on the town, nervous Grandpa Archie, c*r- lain that no batty sitter is good enough lor his grandson, decides 10 care tor the infant himseH. Archie Carroll O'Connor. Mike: Rob Reinec. Gloria. Salty Stntthtts. Snaryrv Leslie Ackerman. Kelsey: Boo Hwdngs, T»oy Jack Sotnack. Sidiey Schwartz Joe Q HEW YORK MPOflT~UH*r ' SnMh O) BUKLAA-PflOOn HG^-ft^ofl Whal to kxA (or In thett Insurance Ls explaTned. {flepeaf} W BKJ. UOYEAS' JOURNAL ttrftt-tiir* Pulitzer P;i;e winrKK At- cfiibaW MdcUJsh talks aboy) his lite and career. (Repeal ; €0 roln.) CDtLCHOfEH WM Q J) UCWC AL CENTER The wealthy son of an A/ab potentate lakes a paternal intereil in a lather fess Jewish boy who lequires an expensive kidney operation, and a romantic In- t&tast in the young patieni's mother. Ganrwn; CKa<i Everett. Lochner: James DaJy. Kurse Wikrox: Audrey Totter. (Repeal; 60 mi n-J Q '25 JIGSAW JOHN-Crim* Or»m« Jigsaw's doutls about the guilt d a man convicted ot hts wi'e's murdei n years eatli« ace revived afle/ lr>e woman's skeleton is urwaflrwd miles horn the supposed seen* of Ihe crime. Arferve Dah1 plays the convict's (oimer, crandestine gift friend, Jigsaw: Jack Warden. Sam: Alan Feinstein. Maggie Pippa Scott. (Repeat; 60 mirt ) 10:30 Q IKET THE KAYOftS Mayor Cugeoe Connelty, Keansburg. NJ.. is interviewed. 31 NEWS €D EVENING EDITION WITH MARTIN AGROHSKY CD NOTKlAS-AodiVi*2/Pfr>e<U ©MEWS Q) U.SX: PEOPLE AND POUT rCS O 3 JO€ FO&Rf STER-Crim* Dtitfl* § VI HERMAN* GtTUfTU £g SING AMERICAS!NG 3D MASTERPIECE THEATRE ®)MARIA PAPAOATOS 9:30 OO)MAUDE AC oul lo take her ciliwntfiip tesl. Mrs Haugalucti (Hcrmio'ie Badde'&yJ learns thai she has a ieiirxis illness characteiizcd by ore tnajci sytrplom: loss ol mamoiy. Maude Beatrice Af- Ihur. Vivian. Rue WcC'ajiahan. Arlhui. Conrad Bain, Walter. 6iH Macy. JutJge Flelcnef Gene Blakely. (Repeal) *&*&*&*&K&*&*0*4^**0*&*0*&^^ C3) NEWS— Pit S O NCWV-CHuck Scvrtxirouflh O MARY HAATUAN, MARY KAflT- HAN— $*ri* Ed ( Larry Kaddoo) walks out on Kow- aid. and Catty gives Clele the bfush- oM. David Susshind makes a cameo appearance. Cathy: Oebralee Scolt. Mary. Louise Lasser, ,Cl*!e' Mtchsei lembeck. Howard Beeson Carroll. O HEWS-€tt«/Borvd« fSDNEWS O LUCY SHOW Dean (Aarttn appears as himscll and his double, who asks Lucy 1or a dale lo a celebrity ball. Lucy LuciUe Sail. Moonev: Gale Gordon. 11:30 OHOYIE-Onma Katharine Hepburn offers one ot her best performances in "Summertime" [English; 195S). aboul a spinster lour- ist who Finds bittersweet romance in Venice, Directed on location by Djvid Lean ("Ryan's Daughter"). Renato: Rossano Brazil. Eddie CXmen WtGa- v\n. (? hrs.) Q]IRONSID€— Crime Drama Afler Ifw student o) 3 controveviiaf college prolessor commas suicide. someone tries to kill the prolessor. Ironside: Raymond Bun. JAxDane. Michael Parks. [60 min.) O 25 JOHNNY CARSON Scheduled fiuest host John Davidson. Carol Cfianning. Sandy Dunearv Ed McMahon.t90mJn.} How That You're! Thinking of Spring Cleaning llVwf llic lici fc CUT V'"(H<.' Ill ,i!l flu; >mfl 729-2753 i' mi FOR ANOTHER Congralulalions' Birthday? Anniversary? CALL 729-2228 CLASSIFIED DEADLINES 1 P.M. DAY BEFORE PUBLICATION Soft Shape IVmIril NAUGATUCK . CONTiCCTICUT 06710 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING No Ad Taken For Less Than I lines MINIMUM CHARGE 4.12 . ' -TRANSIENT BUTE — PER LINE «K OAY 1-3 DAYS 28' 4-6 DAYS 23* 7 DAYS 20' N,*b(. >l Im. 4 5 b 7 8 9 10 11 I! NimWt 01 DCTI 1 1 1: l« 1 W ).» !!l 2.S! 1M 1V( 3K 721 2.M 1.1C IK 1.4K S»l 1M (It ir. 1M l.» S.OI 5M t.n ;H «.» >2I 1D.« ]U 1.SO ss: (.11 1.3< *.a >,» It.U u»i I.U t.» >.a it.u 11. U IM3 11 W (90 N.2X 5U l.»l Ml l.M S.IH IH SM (.00 I.M »B ll» 1!« 11 « IS II It.M mm PiT.ASK READ VOLU Al) - Oassified or 'Want Ad>" are tAkm o\tr Ihe phone as a convenience. The advertiser steuJd read his ad the FIRST DAV IT APP EARS and REPORT ERRORS in time for Ihe te*\ inMilion, The NEWS is responsible lor only ONE incorrect insertion for any advertisement end then only latheexlerlof a "makejood" insertion. Enocswhich do rwl lessen Ihe value ot Ihe advertisement will n&l bf oarrected by "mafce-gooi" inserti«is. __ \ SIZES \ 34-48 » TRUDY "Guoss what! Your surprise birthday party is only g(»ng lo cost you fifty-three dollars'" J You ar« about lo Invest ey for a C'lassififd Ad, nd you are entitled to gel le best possible results. To ccomplishlhis, you should KLL ALL aboul the elails of your of/er. Ke lire YOU don't make any of lefullouing niislaVies lhal net lo cul dout] on results Be sure to include the address lany oul-of-limn readers ill write to you bul i'silulc Id pay fur a long islani-F call. " 2. Be sure to include the phone number Many readers will call yoi but [{ounl find it convenlrn to lotnc lo your home. 3. Avoid blind box numbers Dnn'l usp them if al possible. Many peopl inighl pass ovrr your offer I'OUXC mother will care for children (any age) in her home. Day-care experience. Call 723-2458 anytime. LICENSED day^are available in my home. Reasonable rales. Call 723-1294. 3 Brokers — Estate Real LAWRENCE M. SWEENE1 AGENCY WILLIAM YANAREL1.A 529-8888 729-2)23 IIENHVEXG1.E Heal Eslale Broker 329-2581 Tryrk "PERSONAL" Column of Qassfid, NAUGATUCKNEWS (Conn.) Mondiy, JuneM, IM»- P«g«» «*a*4***&**0***f rlrr .. 38 Professional RUM THE CLASSIFIEDS services 9A Apartments (or Rent APARTMENTS for fieril — 1 four room with garage i 1 five foom, It) Carroll Courl, 72M824. VAUGATUCK - Attractive 3 rm apt. stove i refrig. Reasonable, 753-0444. RM. APT. 1st n. h 4 h w furnished, ret. i sec. Call after 5 p.m. 729-1690. ll-B Miscellaneous Rental E-Z RENTALS, 457 No. Main St., Union City, 723-2009. Open 7 da^s a week. Tillers, chainsaws, floor Sanders, cement-mixers and finishers. Floor polishers, rug shampooers, tow bars, generators, pumps automotive needs, party goods and lawn-mowers Repairs on all makes ol mowers and small gas engines, sharpening. Dail; 7:30 a.m. - 6 p.m. Sun. a.m. -1 pro. 12A Personals 3D Houses for Sale DaSilva Realty Showcase of Homes Display atl 68 HrospectSl., Naug. Ja-141S-758-5S6; WEST SIDE NAUG. 1 fam. Cpe, 6 rms. 1st floor, 4 rms i bath; 2nd, 2 Brs. I car garage. City water 4 sewers, asking $32,000. I FAM. 2 story, 1st floor, 3 rms. modern bath; 2nd, 3 rms., modern bath. Asking $35,000. Showri by appoinlment. Chjtlenden Agency 729-SL'OS ANDHE's (statewide MASSAGE. We come to you? days a week, 24 hours a day or come to us. ll appointment only. New Haven 100 Pond Lilly Ave. Ex it 59, Wilbur Cross Pkway 1-393 2441 8A Automotive tepair ELECTRICAL Repairs, any ype. Fully eq. shop. Work uaranteed. Call 729-915$. OI1N RIMKL'S Used Cars Auto Body and Painting, automotive glass. Cherry St. Ext. Call 72M282. AUTO-PAINTING Complete Auto FRANK'S AUTO BODY I'rospfctStreet 7294711 7 Motors licycles and 970 YAMAHA '350' Excellent condition - 7297765. ^*r*r*r*t~»*+~t+4 Boats and suppliel 4 FOOT Homemade boat and trailer, 5 hp, Evinrude • must see - 5300 firm. 7231598. ***«*^ > ^ K * lt *"* H * l> *jCARPENTRy — interior & 28 Articles For Sale exterior remodeling reasonable prices. No J oo small, free estimates — ONE TIME Bath Shop 7230662. Out of Business Opportunity to Buy Bath Accessories at 50 pet. saving. For more itiforma. tion, call 723-1119. WORMS — large, red wigglers for fishermen I garaeners; $3 per hundred discount on large orders 729-1320, B. Beauregard 18,000 BTU Air Conditioner, month old, $200.00. Fireplace sel complete, soli' brass, $25.00, 729*56. 14 Autos for Sale Ask about our Slale-uidelisling Service HUPWAM ASSOCIATES Iteal Estate and Insurance IIS4Ne»!!avrnHd. \augaluck •J.I-JISX lillir.son \augaluck B rm. house, B.B. h.w. oil heat, w-w carpet, alum, siding; fenced in yard priced for quick sale. Cll 729-7185. FHANKBUICK.INC. AulJiorized Sales & Sen-ice Buick— Opel— CMC Trucks 5"3 No. Main St.. Naug. 729-8201 SI1EAMOT01I 1 , 700 Riihher Ayp., Naug, 1 — Help Wanted HELP WANTED — Class A mold maker. Class B tool maker, excellent working condition, benefits, pay. k'nison Research, 118 Burr Court, Bridgeport, Ct. 3664501. 4 Land for Sale .MltJDl.EBURY - 3 Mile Hill, cleared, level lot on sewer line, 515,000. Wm. J.DermodyJr. Real Estate Broker 758-9908 Hfal Kslalp f: duinn SI. Naugalncti -Appriiisa s -mil ;i'!i-iiTr:i 2.COO VT acres. Excellent timber, ample fronlage, S150 per acre. Begin and Chaloux Realty. 149 R.R. St.. St. Johnsbury, Vt. 802- 748-81W. PHYLLIS FLEMING Heal Kslale Broker 129-5333 JOHN L. WOERMER Heal Kstalr flroker ^•i-ir.ifi 72a-so»; EXPERIENCED Painter looking ror houses to paint. References. For info, call Brian Craplicki at 7294274. JOHN F. DF.EGAN Ileallor-Appraiser 729-3073 729-5911—S88-03Z7 .MATt'BE woman to work [or elderly man doing housework 1 day a week. Call 723-2027. WORK AT HOME on our new telephone program. Earn S25 - S100 weekly, depending on time available. 729-8-250. Graceful stioit or Icn^l Piinlfd Falton 4591: Women's Siies are 34 (3Sitich tost vtilh4l)iticlihipi: 36(40 busl. 42 hip) 38 (42 tuil. 44 hip': 40 (44 busl. 46 ilip': 42 M6 busl. 48 hip): 44 HS busl. 50 hip). 46 (50 bnsl. 5? hip'.- 4S (52 busl. 54 hip). Graceful short or long! Printed Pattern -1594: Women's Sizes are 34 (38- inch bust with 40-inch hip)36 (40 busl, 42 hip): 38 (42 busl, 44, hip); 40 (44 bust, 46 hip); n (46busl, Whip); 44 (48busl,50hip); 46 (50bust, 52 hip); 48 (52 bust, 54 hip). $1.00 for each pattern. Add 35 cents for each pattern for firstclass airmail and handling. Send to Anne Adams, Pattern Depl., Naugatuck Daily News, 243 West 17 St., New YorX, N.Y. 10011. Print Name, Address, Zip, Size and Style Number. GETAJLOOpaltemfree- choose it from NEW SPRING-SUMMER CATALOG! Packed wilh hundreds ot great sun,sport city, travel styles. Send 75 coils (or Catalog Now! Sew-t-Knit Book 51,23 instant Money Crafts $1.00 Instant Sewing BooX U.OO Instant Fashion Book $1.00 200.W WEEKLY possible stuffing envelopes. Send self-addressed, stamped envelope. Edray Mails, Box 188 DM, Albany, MO $4402. VANTKI) - Ml time or part-lime power-press operator. Apply at 33 Elm 2 — Work Wanted .M.V(KKHKKSI>\ KK.ll.Tdll-AI'I'H.MSKH M1.S .• F.E. (Red) Smith Ken 1 Estate Broker 7M-6D72 — 723-5130 MAXUKI-X. VIF.IHA 303 Church SI. RralKstalc Insurance TheJ'monlo Pers on Agency 719-2271 a !(tr 5— 729-8670 CCLMO-LARKIN Chrysler-Plymouth Thoniaston 2SWS16 9.4 Aparlmenls for Rent THOVYimiUGE HOUSE APARTA1EXIS 33 Highland Aye. Naugatuck Ccn rally located, close o everything, quality 1 bedroom apts. available including heat, hot water, and electricity, with every modern appliance. An all adult building for senior citizens, single adulls or ncwlv-weds. No pets. Available August 1st. Call Mrs. McKenna, 7296396 or 272-7211. Whpn YOU Want To (tent — Buy Sell - CALL Sw« F1UNC1S T. 7.UTOXE CO. Real/or — Appraiser — MLS 707 Rubber Ave. 723-1424 Br. Mf;r. Joseph R. Rimany NAUOATL'CK Walerburyi.inr Mallatuck Manor Apts. Xo. Spring St. Quality 2 bdrm. apis, heal, hoi water, cooking gas, range refrigerator, garbage disposal, TV antennae parking, swimming pool. washer and dryer facilities. No pels. Adults only. Call Mrs. Johnson renlal agenl — 7S-2463 fo appl. 272-7211. CAPABLE and willing student available to do odd jobs such as typing, babysitting, housecleanmg and yard work. Call 729-7247. EXPERIENCED housekeeper available, one or two mornings a week. Re(- erences available. Call 7296082 in Ihe morning. EMMETT O'BRIEN Tech Carpentry student wants worx as carpenter or painter's helper, 729-7697. i. "DOC" AQUflVIA ItralKsUteBrokcr 724. IS IB NAVG.VTUCK Vill,I,EVAGE\CV llenr) Kogut Broker "Listing Hith us brings resulis" 72S-2iii aflerS — 1JM422 DOMIMCKSCAVONF. Rfal EsUte Broker Appraiser !2S-S93( 72S-5W5 HIGH SCHOOL Student will wash and wax your car. $10. Al your home or his. Will pickup or deliver.Call anytime, T296701. JOHNHF.ALY Real Estate 729-7398 A.HEXBYRADW1CK Real Estate Broker IN May Street 72W7IJ HESCAD11.I.AC- OI.USMOB1I.R •\YhereKverybodySavfS" 520-3fl\Valerto»n Aye. '•' 75 « 135 FOR FORD SALES & SERVICE 757-2711 Sayelle Ford 625WolcotlRd. Water bury. Conn. 1972 VW blue Beetle automatic. Top shape, SI320, 729-2514. IIEMH1CK CHEVROLET INC. l25So.Main Street Xaugaluck, Conn. 06770 RoscononcK i99NewiiavenHo3rt Naugatuck7'.'9-45SI 5 — Auto Rental i Truck RYDER RENTS TRUCKS All sizes, low, low, rates. Bos co Dodge Rent a Car ;S9,Vew Haven Hd. all Dick Ashe at 723-1479 o 7^564. 16 Autos Wanted JIGIIKST price paid fo junk and wrecked cars picked up. Fusco's Aulo Salvage 271-6338 274-020 CARS AND THL'CKS. Up $75 some models. ED'S AUTO PARTS \YTHY. 75C-95.I5 SWIMMING POOLS ranleed luxury above ground pools. Must SACR1- •'1CE! W x 31' O.D., complete wilh filler, liner, adder, pump,' sundeck, encing and stairs. Com iletely installed for only ^47. Financing available Tall toll free Mass res. 1800-332-9670, oul of slate 1800-628-9607, 9 a.m. -9 p.m. 7 days a week. 9A Wanted to Buy ANTED — Coins, U.S. an Canada. Paying hi prices for silver coins 1 or' ! before.' Also- buyin staling silver. Call 75J 5177. 32A Instructions POOR GRADF.S in English Certified high scho English teacher will tut dunng summer month Call 254-7953. 34 Dogs, Cats, & Pe PnNDIIlI.l.l'KTSALOX Ptimtlf Clipping Custom DogC.rooming Call 729-^215 ILD1NG lots cleared, free in many cases, (wood only) Call aft«r 5 p.m. 723-2497, 729-7279. J A ASSOCIATES Kir company specializes, in nterior and exterior painting. Sheet rock work, carpentry of all types. Alcoa siding and gutters, uncling refinishing of all ypes; 729-8355 anytime. BOSCO&BRAUN POWER EQUIPMENT ew and used lawnmowers, tractors and chain saws. HoursBa.m. -6p.m. Mon. • Sat. 9a.m. - 1 p.m. Sunday. 72S4CM malt wilding and braising, KENNETH GROHS Plumbing&Pipwe 723-2084 Experienced and Dependable Master Charge BankAmericard •ARPENTRY, masonry, painting, land-scaping, trees cut, gen. repairs, any areas cleaned. 729-1336. GORDON Plumb. 4 Healing 24 Hour Service Reliable, Reasonable Rates. 723-1770 ARPENTRY & PAINTING of all types. Ceramic tile. Roofing. Wallpapering. References on request. Fully ins. Free Est. Jack Slanczyk 723-1118. R^TA BROS. Concrete wbrk and stone walls. Call after 3 p.m. 729-2037, 7293311. MOWERS, Tractors, Chain Saws, small welding & brazing. Bosco&Braun Power Equipment SCurtissSl. Naug. 1234654 COUCH PAINTING CO. Free estimates - fully insured contractor. Call 729-9419. INTERIOR and Exterior Painting and wall-papering. Free Est. Call Tom Pohorilak, 729-1849. 38A T.V. Repair A.I,. PURCARO Electronic Repair Service 98 Bridge St. 729-1331 "29-4259 Manuel i\. Vieira Agency proudly announces the association of Elaine-Slason. Elaine is a graduate of Wat eft own High and attended Post Jr. College. She is the wife of Howard Slason, Jr. and resides at 102 May Ave., Naug. with two children Jennifer & Eric Call Elaine about any of the Hitings below 729-1549 729-2271 729-6670 EYLET TOOLMAKER Top wages-Salaried. All day work. No Sat. All fringe benefits. Small Co. atmosphere. Apply in person or call Carby Mfg. Co. 48 Jarrett Ave. off E. Aurora St., Wtby. 756-7975 Whether Buying Or Selling Put Your Property In The Hands Of The Professionals j Associates 163 Qjinn St., Haugaluck 723-1414 Jwnitals 729-0773 NAUGATVCK-New llsl- Ing. 2 story Colonlil homeslead. On appro*. \i acre of land. Zoned commercial on New Haven Rd. This is in ideal location for a young couple for a starler home. Trial lias commercial potential as well. Price »37,900. TWO STORV-Color.lll. Located on West skte. This large Colonltl features auimn. ski Format living and dining room. Large eat-in kitchen, and 4 Mrms. 2 hallis And lots of closet space. Reduced to IJ3.500. TWO FAVILY-Wnl sldt 4-1. This lovely! r«mily Is a great way lo start ror i young couplf. Ul " tenant pay your mor tgage. Priced for quick sale. EXECUTIVE COLO NIAL—For use _ a private residence an professional otlice. Thl meticulously bulH horn features hljhnl quilit construction and miltritls. Silualrd on a levely wmded lot. With a Irocl slrtim in Ihe backyard. Priced at U9.500. EAST SIDE-Oiersized Ranch. Featuring 3 bedrooms, liv,, din., room and kitchen. 2 flrtplic«s. And huge fmay mm on lot 100 x ttt. nlf home features Ike extra tmcnlllts «e«lrt* by Ihe mosl discrlminiting buyer. Priced at »57,5«0. EAST S1DE-7 room Ranch. This 1 home Is located near schools and his a btaulitul 24 x 28 carpeted family room Witt wet bar. Air con .iUMbit In lh< masltr Mnn. Hrttlly welcome > jttrt oM. This home It Weal for Ihe grtmini family. Priced al 145,900 l.oi-sonKas(Side CilyWaler4S«»tr 100' s 100' AsUngllOOO IANUEL N.VfElM AGENC 305 Church St, Naug. tlolne Sloton 72<-U49

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