The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 3, 1892 · Page 1
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 1

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 3, 1892
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2. HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, FRIDAY, JUNE 3, 1892. SEVEN LIVING EX-SPEAKERS. W'm> HON. It. C. WINTHROI'. Tho Oldest of tile Number In Itobcrt 0. •Wliilliri.ii. Hon. Robert C. Winthrop, of Boston, recently celebrated the eighty-third anniversary of his birth. Thern is perhaps no man in the United Slutes today in the storehouse of whoso mind arc treasured more recollections of colel>rate4 Ameri- ciins mill nolnble events. Mr. Winthrop enjoys tho distinction of having been ucqtiniuteil with every president of the United States except Washington and Jefferson. Ho visited Charles Carroll, tho bust surviving signer of tho declaration of independence, in and tour years later ho was tho Kuest of Hon. Paine Wingnle, then tho only living ox-mem tier of tho tirst senate of the United States. Tlioro are now alivu seven ex- speakers of tho national houso of representatives. They are Robert 0. Winthrop, of Massachusetts; Galushu A. Grow, of Pennsylvania; James G. Blaine, of Maine; J. "Warren Keifer, of Ohio; John (.}. Car lisle, of Kentucky; Thomns B. Heed, Maine, and Nathaniel P. Banks, ( Massachusetts. Of these Mr. Winthroi is the oldest. By a remarkable coincidence six of this distinguished septet mot in Washington on a recent occasion. Hon. Robert C. Winthrop early in life agreeably surprised his friends aud acquaintances. His youthful training was such as would have fitted him for a career of luxury and social succosses, hot this was not to his liking and ho devoted himself to alFairs of state. He became a member of tho Whig party when it was still in its infancy. His ability gained almost immediate recognition, and at the ago of twenty-four he was elected to the Massachusetts legislature. He served three terms on the floor of the house and three terms as speaker. Soon after the election of General William Henry Harrison to tho presidency Hon. Abbott Lawrence resigned his seat in congress from the Boston district and Mr. Winthrop became his successor. When ho took his seat in 1810 be was but thirty-one years of age. Ho was afterward elected speaker, and it is said that ho made as good a presiding officer (Henry Clay not excepted) as tho national house of representatives has ever had. In J 850 Daniel Webster resigned his Kent in tho United States senate to become secretary of state in Mr. Fillmore's cabinet, and Governor Briggs appointed Mr. Winthrop to the vacancy thus ere nted. He seivod with distinction in the senate, sinco his retirement from which ho has taken lit ito part in activo politics. Mr. Winthrop is ono of the oldest living graduates of Harvard. His nuiuo is intimately associated with many events of national importance. Ho delivered tho oration at the laying of tho cornerstone of the Washington monument, July -1 18-lt), and was also to havo been tho ora tor when it was unveiled, Feb. 22, 1H8S, but illness kept him away, so that his address had to bo read by some one else. Ho retains his health and strength to a remarkable degree Europo for sale, principally yellow diamonds and unset rubies. His agent has recently arrived in Paris from Vienna, where lie is reported to have experienced some unpleasant adventures, as the police suspected him of having stolen the jewels and would not suffer him to proceed on his journey until they had communicated with tho Siamese minister at Berlin. The king of Hinm possesses ono of tho largest and most valuable collections of precious stones in tho world. A Celebrated Cnfe. Most American tourists who have visited Paris havo partaken of tho hospitality of the Cafe Proeope. This historic restaurant will soon bo destroyed, much to tho regret of literary men whose researches occasionally call them t» Paris. For over 200 years, or sinco the tiiuo of Louis XIV, tho Cafo Proeope has been the favorite resort of authors, actors, scholars, poete and wits. Voltaire and Rousseau were as familiar with its cliairs and its viands a century ago as Gambetta and ltochefort havo been in recent times, and its successive keepers have always been ready to point out tho tables occupied at various periods by the celebrities of Paris. The Cafo Proeope is to ho demolished in order to give placo to a more stylish oditice. Worth five ilol- lur* a bottle, but sold for only ono dollar, and t/vnr- mifml In lir-nellt or cure, or monoy rof umind—thu arnnitw Iioetor Pierce's (JnMen Medical Discovery. Fraudulent imitations of this mwllcino aro soniolimes offered and fold at 60 and To cents. To protect tho public from such imposition, the genuine is now sold only through druggists, regularly authorized'as agents, and at the uniform and long-established prieo of $1.00 pur bottle, or six bottles for $5.10. But each bottle of tho genuine Qoldea Medical Discovery carries with it something that mokes it. the blood-purifier and Iiver-invlgorator that you c?an buj'. It's tho printed f/t'cmnWee of 'its makers that, if it fails to benefit or euro you, they'll return tho money. Ymi pcty onhi for the' ttootl uon with tills and with all of Dr. Pierce' J medicines. You ]wvy the ouo fixed price—but if there's no help, there's no pay. It's " value received, or your money back." Redeemed tu Silver Coin. Information from Bogota, Colombia, is to the effect that the first remittance of tho now silver coin mado for Colombia at Birmingham, England, for the purpose of redeeming tho notes of the National bank of that republic had been received at Barranquilla aud forwarded from there to tho capital. This first installment, which amounts to $2-10,000, is to bo followed by others every fifteen days until tho redemption of the outstanding notes is entirely effected. A Verdict Against the Lottery. Murphy J. Foster has recently been elected governor of Louisiana by a plurality of 32,000 votes, (hero having been four candidates in the field. Each party was split into a lottery and antilottery faction, but as tho Republicans, strictly Bpeaking, were "not in it," the contest '"''•Lute to bed and to rise will shorten the road to your homo in the skies." But early to bed and a ''Little Early Riser," the pill that makes life longer and better and wiser. Beam's Midland Pharmacy; It is a fixed and immutable law that to have good, sound health, one must have pure, rich and abundant blood. There is no shorter nor surer route than by a course of De Witt's Sarsaparilla. Beam's Midland Pharmaev. CATARRH CURED, health and sweet, breath secured by Shilolrs Catarrh Remedy. Price 50 cents. Nasal Injector free. For sale by A. &A. Drug Co. Fine Playing Cards. Send (10) cents In stamps to John Sebastain, general ticket and passenger agent, Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific railway, Chicago, 111., for a pack of the latest, smoothest, slickest playing cards you ever saw. Just the, thing for High Five parties. Fora'SOe express money order or postal note will send you five packs. PICTURESQUE B. & O. THREE CENT COLUMN. TO SUCCEED WHITELAW REID. Sketch of tlio New Veiled Slides Min­ uter In Vninco. Mr. T. Jefferson Coolidgo, Hon. Whitelaw Ueid's successor as minister to Franco, has never been identified with politics as an office holder, and his nomination to so important ft post was a great sui priso to everybody, and to no .ono more than to Mr. Coolidgo himself. Tho now minister has hitherto shono as a HON. MUKTHY J. FOSTER, was really between Judge McEnery, the candidate in favor of rechartering the lottery, and Mr. Foster. Tho latter has long been active among the conservative politicians of Louljiana, representing St. Mary's parish in tho statu senate. His election puts an end to tho famous lot tery at no distant date. The Llmne of Henry Clny. At Ashland, the famous home of Henry Clay, the great granddaughter of that noted Kentucky statesman recently becume tho wife of a Louisville lawyer. The house, a spacious red brick pile, covered in many places with English ivy planted by Mr. Clay himself, is upon a gentle eminence. From the front door a fine view is had of Lexington, a mile distant, tho oldest city in the state, and beyomj, across the hazy domes and roofs and spires of tho intermediate town, in the Lexington cemetery, the monument to Clay erected by the state looms loftier than any other object in Ituckleii'n Arnica Salvo* The best salve in the world for Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and positively cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price, 2.1 cents per box. For sale by C. E. Sidlinger, Is your hair falling out or turning gray, Try J .eggs' Hair Renewer. It acts lige magic. Sold and warranted by A. .1. liuumhardt. A Sound Liver Makes H Well Man. Are you billions, constipated or troubled with jaundice, sick headache bad taste in mouth, foul breath, coated tongue, dyspepsia, indigestion, hot dry skin, pain in back and between the shoulders, chills and fever, etc.? If you have any of these symptoms your liver is out of order and your o blood is heiug slowly poisoned because your liver (foes not act properly. Herbine will cure any disorder of the liver, stomach or bowels. It has no equal as a liver medicine. Price 75 cents. Sold by all druggists. A Sure Cure I'or I'lles. Itching piles are known by moisture like perspiration, causing intense itching when warm. This form as well as blind, bleeding or protruding, yield at once to Dr. lioSanko 's Pile Remedy, which acts directly on the pitrts affected, absorbs tumors, allays itching and effects a permanent cure. 50 cents. Druggists or mail. Circulars free. Dr. Bosanko, 321) Arch street Philadelphia Pa. Sold by C. B. Winslow, druggist 3-11-02 , .p.-rjj mil (nropist. ivjlll'lj of his benefac- ' / tions aro important. Ho erected T. J. COOI.IIWK. the Jefferson Physical laboratory at Harvard, at a cost of $115,000, and a short time ago presented the town of Manchester with u chock for $10,000 a.s a contribution toward a public library. He is a very modest giver, and there aro hundreds of smaller donations which would foot up ;i very respect ublo fortune, of which none but his most intimate friends know. Tho public services of Mr. Coolidgo are confined to representing Massachusetts at the Pan-American congress. On this occasion ho submitted a minority report against tho free coinage of silver, which was accepted after full discussion. Ho has been connected in an executive capacity with many of tho most important manufacturing and railroad interests of tho country, and his record furnishes a series of brilliant financiering successes. Born in Boston, Aug. 20, 1H1I1, ho entered Harvard while still u hid, and after graduation went to Europe, where tho finishing touches were given to his education.. He then returned to Boston and began his business career, which has been so successful Hint he is now a wealthy man. Mr. Coolidgo comes of a distinguished family, and is the great-grandson of Thomas Jefferson. His son and namesake is an ardent Democrat. Tho now minister is of course u Republican, although BOIIIO time ago Uo affiliated with tho Democrats. liulldlug a- Yacht mid Selling Uimiii, Tho king of Siaui has ordered a yacht of 2,1100 tons displacement to bo built for liim at l-ioith. Tho vessel is to bo constructed of the beHt steel and will be lighted by electricity. Tho cabin ar- rungemente are to bo on the most extensive and luxurious scale, but tho yacht will bo prooticuUy ix vory spoedy armed cruiser, as she is to carry fourteen heavy trims. Tho king of Siatn, by tho way, has Bent a quantity of ajplendid jewels to ASHLAND. the landscape. At the back of the house, circumscribing a tenuis court, is a picturesque walk, hidden from view by n rich tanglo of oldtimo gurdou shrubs and flowers. This path was the favorite walk of Mr. Clay. Ashland is named for Henry Clay's first home in Hanover county, Va. His granddaughter, Miss Annie Clay, mar tied Major Henry Clay McDowell, o ie of the most prominent of Kentuckia u= aud owner of many of tho finest horses in the country. It is the oldeBt daughter of this couple, Miss Nannetto McDowell, who has jiiBt been married to Dr. F. S. Bullock, of Louisville. The bride, who is a dainty, diminutive little "blonde cendrco," a simple hearted, big brained womanly woman, was a flower in her sumptuous robes of rich cream silk heavily brocaded in arabesques of satin. Duchesse lace caught hero and there with orange blossoms decked profusely her skirt and corsage. With her roses she carried the same point lace handkerchief her mother hud borne to the altar. Bishop T. U. Dudley performed tho ceremony, assisted by Rev. E. 11. Ward. Duor Uumu High. Every stag that falls in a Bcottisn forest, it has been calculated, costs the lessee from thirty-fivo to fifty pounds, but, as jwhat is termed "butcher" meat," thcKo animals, if placed on t market, fwonld not yield to those w killed tlom more than sixponoe per pound, et Acton j5 -'eie so much admired by the late Dr. , rell Mackenzie that lit never charged/ vui for medical advice. ARE YOU HUN It Y FOR A HOME"/ If so write to Geo. T. Nicholson, O. P. & T. & S. F. It. R. Topeka, Kansas, for a copy of the new edition of Oklahoma folder, containing full account of Cherokee Strip and Chickasaw Nation. DO YOU WANT SOME YELLOW HOLD? It can be easily obtained in the new mining camp of Cripple Creek, Colorado, near Pike's Peak, directly reached via Santa Fe Route. The sensation of. 1802. ARE YOU TIllNKINC, OF OOINO EAST'/ The Democratic Convention at Chicago. June 21st, and the Na tional Educational Association meeting at Saratogo, July 12tl affords good chances to buy reduced rate tickets via Santa Fe Route. A COOL RECEPTION IN HOT WEATHER, Can be hud by buying' tourist tickets to Colorado, on sale, beginning June 1st. It will pay yon to investigate what the Santa Fe Route lias to offer, before making final arrangements J. W, TKOPOIU ). Agent. Ulxhop T*erry'H Impressions of HU Trip to New Vork via Washington. A lengthy article from the pen of Rev. William Stevens Perry, bishop of Iowa, was recently published in the Iowa Churchman descriptive of his journey from Chicago to New York via Washington. Among other things he says: "One traveling eastward from Chicago, via the picturesque Baltimore and Ohio railroad, liuds rest and comfort in the vestibuled Pullman limited trains on which travel is no longer irksome, out luxurious. There are two of these trains daily from Chicago, one leaving at 10:10 a. in. and the other at 2:55 p. m. It was on the morning train that we began our pleasant journey across the plains and over tin; Alleghanies. We had the enjoyable anticipation of going via Washington, for the Baltimore and Ohioalono, of all the many routes between the seaboard and :the lakes, passes directly to and through the Capitol city. "It was night when we crossed the Ohio river and began the ascent of the Alleghanies, on the summit of which are the twin resorts. Deer I'ark and Oakland. The last named is a pretty village, shut in by towering mountains. A pretty church shows that the visitors at Deer Park take their religion with them into tho country. The handsome cottages grouped about the hotel, the fine walks and drives iu every direction, tho salubrity of the air. and the coolness which is obtained when all the world below this elevation is feeling the oppressiveness of the heated term make this an ideal spot for summering. At the base of the mountains we entered the Potomac valley, which was debatable ground during the civil war. The streams and fields we s eross, the ravines we thread, as we speed on to Washington, have their historic associations with that internecine strife that pitted the Blue against the Gray. Across the mountains and down the Potomac we were greeted by a constant succession of most magnificent views which have gained for the Baltimore and Ohio the sobriquet of 'Picturesque li. and O.' "Our route from Washington to New York was via the Royal Blue Line of the Baltimore and Ohio which is composed of the staunehest and finest coaches, parlor and sleeping curs ever built by the Pullman company, vesti­ buled from end to end. and protected Xty Pullman's improved anti-teleseoping device. All the ears are heated by steam and lighted by Pinlsch gas. They are the fastest trains in the world, placing New p * York and Washington within five hours' reach. Democrats, Take Notice. The committee on transportation of the delegation from Kansas to the national Democratic convention to be held at Chicago June 21, !H02, have selected the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe, us the route by which the Kansas delegation will make the journey, and have authorized me to publish this announcement. W. C. PKKIIV, Chairman of Committee. In connection with the above, we beg to state that the rate will be one lowest fare for the round trip. Tickets will be sold June II) to 20 inclusive: good to return including July 0. We will arrange a special train, handsomely decorated, on a schedule which will enable parties from all points in the state to join at convenient Kansas junction points, or at Kansas City. The exact date and time of the train will be announced later. Additional nformation can be obtained from the earest Santa Fe agent. The celebrated Bandana club of Leavenworth, the Democratic Flambeau club of Topeka and other prominent Democratic organizations will accompany this train. Ono. T. NICHOLSON, O. P. andT. A., Topeka, Kan. W. J. BLACK , A. O. P. and T. A. Advertisements Inserted In ttiiH depart meat will be e.iarped for at the rate or one- half cent per word; they must be inserted for a dcllnlte number of times and nam for when insertion commences. This rule will be strictly observed in all cases. WANTKI). •yy -ANTKO-A porter at the Midland lintel' w ANTED—Onml, clean rags at the press room. W ANTED—Agents cleaning clothes. to Hell the fluid for Apply 337 First Ave at W ANTED—Good clean, cotton rags at the ofllce press room. \\111 pay good price. if W ANTED , housework, at :i2-t A competent girl for general Fifth avenue east. II. Miner: tf W ANTED—To sell one ot the best sections of land In Reno county. A bargain Inquire at this ulnce. tf w clilnc in use, ANTED — Purchasers for the SiniUi- Premler tvpc wrUer. The bent ina- S. Y, Hutton, agent. tf W ANTBD-Tly a lady who needs and wants work, plain sewing, aunhonnctB aispccialty. At Fifth avenue east. tf W ANTIOD--T\vo or three good men to .sell nursery stock. Can make easily $100 " " ' tCollegu building. " oom 17. S cr month. Applv 'orth Main street, room tf C OUNTY oQlcers should call or addresK us when in want of printing of anv description, blank books or binding. We give satisfaction. NEWS CO., Hutchinson, Ivan. ^JUT HATES—T» 1'ueblo.Colorado Springs _ Denver. Kansas City, St. Louis, UtilcaRO and Cincinnati. Railroad tickets bought, sold and eveh.mged by 0. C. Ernest, the ticket broker, opposite Midland hotel. -Hit jH r ERY one in need of information on the obtain a copy of "Book Advertisers, E Jj subject of advertising will do well to M0S pages, price, one dollar. Mailed postage paid, on receipt of price. Contains a careful compilation from the American Newspaper Directory of all the best papers and class journals; gives the circulation rating of everv one, aud a good deal of information about rates and other matters pertaining tp the business of advertising. Address Howell's Advertising Bureau, 10 Spruce St. New York, tf RAILROAD TIME TABLES. ltoek Islund. JSASTWAIin. No. Wail and Express No. 04, Night Express •No. 0-1, Freight Accommodation "wKSTWAubr No. ":i, Mail and Express No. 21. Night Express •No. (i:i. Freight Accommodation. No. 21 runs to Pratt only. No. 2.'! runs through to Dodge Cltv an Liberal. •No. 04 dally except Sunday. •No. o :i daily except Sunday. iMixKourl I'tiellle. ISAHTWA1U). Local Freight (dally) leaves St. Louis Mall (dailyI leaves w. &C. Acc. (dally) mixed leaves. ' WKSTWAllD. Local Freight (dally) leaves W.& 0. Acc. (dally)mtxed arrives. Denver Express (dally) leaves... 0:00 a. ml a. in •1:10 p. m. 1 fl:-ir, a. ml H:4. r , a mj 7:3'Jp. mi Louis without Cars run through to St. change Chair Cars to Denver free of charge. This Is the short line to all points west. ^. H. C. TOWNSEND, Gen. Pas. Agent. " Hutchinson & Southern. •No. 2, Mai] and Express... tNo. 0, Freight and Acc'n.. AunrvKs. 0:00 p. m ll:tlua. m •No. 1, Mail and Express... tNo. fl, Freight and Acc'n.. IIKPAHTS 8:00a. m. 2:15 p. m. •Dally. tDaily except Sunday. Close connections made at Hutchinson and Kingman with diverging lines. Atehlsoii, Topekd Si Kantii Fe. In effect on and after May 22. .1802. WKSTHOUNO. Trains. Denver & Utah V.Ex: California &Mex. ltni.i Colorado 1 night Ex.. Freights... Freight. ... Leave Kansas City. t.0:4 "i a.m, 10:50 a.m. I):20 p.m. .1:110 p.m. Arrive Hutchinson. 0:40p.ui.i l):l(lp.m. 7:45a.m. .'i:4:ip.m. (1:40p.m. I - OST— At Riverside Park, Sunday, a pair _J of spectacles. Finder leave at this of- L OST POCKET HOOK—At Martin's store. Contained small sum of money and key. Leave at tills olllce. It T " OST—A black Gordon- setter dog, s J months old; has slit In right ear. A liberal reward for its return to the Missouri Pacltlc depot. tf F OUND—A „___.. .. have same by calling grav lap robe. Owner can ". ' at this olllce and paying for advertisement. FOR SALE. F OH SALE—About 50 tons or ire. 117 N. Main street. ,1. Pickett. Enquire (It KASTUOUNl). New York! Limited Ex. Chicago Vestibule Ex'ssl Cannon ball Missouri riv-] or night Ex Freights Freight.. .. Arrive Hutchinson. 0 8!8:15 p m 30 4:00 p m 4-1 8::15 a in Leave Hutchinson. I0:01pmi i :2(l p m s>::m a m Arrive Kansas City. ;4:40ip m 0:40 p m 7:00 a m Chicago, Kansas & Western ltallrond. Hutchinson Extension. Trains. San I'ranc'co & Teaas Ex Accom'd tlou 1 7tt)U SALE-Old papers in packages of 100 J for sale at the NEWS oulce. F OR SALE—Large steam Singer Sewing machine. Enquire at this ofllce. tf New York Limited Ex. Accom'd'tion Leave Hutchinson. 2;,p ni 20 a ni Leave Kinsley 1:00 a m I42i2:25 p m Arrive Hutchson. 7:50 a m 8:\o p m| Arrive Kinsley 4:40 ; F OR SALli— At a bargain. Stetnway piano. Enquire at No. i:i, Fifth avenue west. 1 710R TRADE—Lady's watch for good, gen- J tie horse, suitable for lady to drive Watch new avenue. cost S-10. :I15 East Fourth 1 7IOR SALI5—Two Job printing presses at a- J tlgure that is away down below actual value. Inquire at once at the NKWS olllce, or write for description. tf I TIOU SALE—At W. li. Underwood's hog ' ranch, two miles east of the packing house, thorough-bred Poland China pigs, illy Bt-wly It C. J. O'BKIKN, Manager. F OI . . erty in or near Hutchinson, small, nice Iv improved farm in Woodson county. Title clear. Address. Farm. 114 Kast Sherman street. Hutchinson, Kan. (it IOU SAL.K—1.000 bottles of the tamous Blush of Roses for the complexion. it sells like hot cakes |with maple ayrupl in the winter and like soda water in the summer. ,1. M. Beam, proprietor Midland Pharmacy. No. carries through Pullman and tour sleeping cars to San Diego. Los Angele.s. Sa Francisco and City of Mexico. No. fi carries through Pullman sltepertM- aud chair cars to Pueblo. Coloradao SprlugjrV and Deliver, making connections at Pueblo and Colorado Springs with through sleepers' for San Francisco and Portland, via. Salt- Lake. No. 7 carries through Pullman sleeper to Dodge City and through coaches to Pueblo and Denver. No. 4 carries through Pullman and tourist sleeperfl, also chair cars to Kansaa Citv and Chicago, also Pullman sleeper to St. Louis. No. 0 carries through Pullman sleepers and chair cars to Kansas City and Ohica No. H carries Pullman aleeperBand c L cars to Kansas Cltv and St. Joseph, Mo 4 • GEO. T. NICHOLSON, > G. T. & P. A., Topeka, Kan. J. \Y. TEOFOHD Agent Santa Fe Route. Hutchinson, Different The difference between Joy'a und till other :; ; ir;- Q . parlllas ia this: Kvcry other Saronparllla wo know of coidahiy p'ltush. It la well-known UIM potr ush taken interan"!y eau- Eos eruptions irpuri tJ fueoandneck. You htr doubtless taken a i }iv.i purilla for that Bkin. UnlosB you louk Joy'B you wero surjiri.ved to find thut it ueiually ereuted more eriiptiuua That was Hlmply the nctlon of tho potash. Now Joy's heiug tho ltileat avoids potash. Thus when taken to relievo pimples it «L'tuall>* disunites them. It is the only SurHapiiriUn that eleimaea the blood without causing tho ugly potouh orup- tlonH. A cose: "Being troubled with carbuncles on my face nnd neck, u well-known Surbaptmllu actually raudo mutters worso. Upon changing to Joy's thoy be;;an to dry up, and in two weeks iny face was as well and Bmooth aa ever," KOUEUT STEWAUT, PetMuuw, Cal. Vegetable Sarsaparilla Don't accept a potusu Sursapurllla but Infiint on Joy'i. Most modorn, game price. For wilt! by A. J. Huumhardt, Brat door uorth of Santa. Ve hotel. The 1'opulntioli of HutchliiHon Is about 10.000, nnd we would say at least one-liulf is troubled with some affection of thetliroutandluugs, as these complaints are, according to statistics, more numerous than others. We would advise all our readers not to neglect the opportunity to call on their drujf- (fist and (ret a bottle of Kemp's J lal.suin for the Throat and Lungs. Trial size free. Large bottles 50c aud $1. Sold by all druggists. Clmmlierlnlli's Kye und Skin Ointment. A certain cure for Chronic Sore Eyes, Tetter, Suit Rhem, Scald Head, Old Chronic Sores, Fever Sores, Eczema, Itch, Prairie Scratches, Sore Nipples, and Piles. It is cooling and soothing. Hundreds of cases have been cured by it after all other treatment had failed. It is put up in and r >0 cent boxes. For sale by C. IS. Winslow. MiieH' Nerve and Ijlver I'iilrt. Act on a new principle— regulating the liver, stomach and bowels through the nerves. A new discovery. Dr. Miles' Pills speedily cure billiousness, bad taste, torpid liver, piles, constipation. Unequalled for men, women, children. Smallest, mildest, surest. 50 doses 35 cents. Samples free at A. & A. Drag Co. FOR KENT. ijTOK RENT—Furnished and unfurnished rooms in the Woodard block. 7WK RENT-Seetion J wc Jewell JB* well watered and fenced. See "A. M. grass, J' tt F OR R] housekeeping to gentleman and wile or two ladles, itmqulre at ;t0O Fifth west. Two rooms suitable for light *' * " or JJt PROFESSIONAL CARDS. PHYSICIANS. g H.JSIDUNGEII, Physician and Surgeon. Ofllce over Sidllnger's drug store, telephone, 10; residence, 00, BOARDERS WANTED At the old reliable barn of J. II. M'CLURG, Corner of Second and Walnut, adjoining Brunswick hotel. This burn is neat and clean, having all been overhauled and white washed, and is well ventilated, conveniently located and the safest barn from fire in the city. The proof of this is that insurance companies give the lowest rate of insurance on it than any livery barn in the city. It is also furnished with electric light, telephone and water. Horses delivered and sent for. Satisfaction is guaranteed to all our patrons. We also keep a few first-class rigs, safe, single and double drivers. Rigs and harness new. J. 11. M'CLURO, I'mp^ D DIt. J. E. STF.WAUT. Practice limited to Surgery and Diseases of Women. J. Treats Eye, Ear, NOKO nnd Throut DiHeUMes Carefully. Office, No. 110 North Main. Residence, 008 North Mala. BEAUTIFY AND DEVELOP THE FORM, Our Complexion Blcueh Pcrformn Miracle. Wrinkles can linulMoIulolyrcmovcnj also super* fluoiiB bttlr, freckles, ucno. oMomi..|ihu]>los, lurao Sores, moles, motli uatcucs anil black heads.Wo ai« tto only s|iociall»t (hat Buccessfa tt«w. T »P>•»"} beautllies tlio puny limbs and bust IntowoU-rouoaod and healthy ones upon sclontillc prluclulus. PKICIS L1BT. , V „, MM Complexion illoach | Pama, to removo superfluous hair CUlQ Lin Itomio Crown Exnuislto Fuco l»owder Kemofe'futt ^ C^'s°«ieurofyiSk'od'a'ndtreM on rocolpt ol romlttanco. or If doBlrod, can forward Q ,O .D. MML ADA P. [VANS. Complexion Bpoolallst, line, ataU stroet. CmoAQO, in. US. STEWART, .•127 North Main. DU. It. A. STEWART, Eye, Ear, Throat and Nose, masses properly adjusted. W MAOUIRE, M. I)., J G. MALCOLM, l'hysieliin and Surgeon (Homeopathic) Ofllce 113 1st avenue cast. Attention, Ladies. If yon want neat Morning Wrappers Stylish Tailor Made Downs or Street Dress, Handsome Tea Gowns. Elegant Evening Costumes, call on Miss E . A. CHURCH, 334North Main, College Building Room No. !>. French, English and American^ ion plates to choose from. All\ warranted to give entire satisfact both as to fit ahd finish. 1 most speetfully solicit the patronage of who need my services. 1^ T. WETHEliBY, riiyslcinu and Hnrgoon. Diseases of women a specialty. Oltlce in Montan block. First Ave. entrance. J. Dentist. Parlors corner of Main and First avenue, over Reddersen's store. ATTOUNKl'S. JNO. W. ItoiTSKTsT Attorney at Uw. Rooms 2, :i and 4, Mo. .1 South Main. L ESLIE &. CRAWFORD. Attorneys at Law. Successors to Swlgart & Crawford. Penney Huilding. oppoditcCourt House. JfJDWARD A. HARRIMAN, Attorney at law. Olllce in Hutchinson National Bank building I or man Ti -fand' BEFORE ^y -M. WHITELAW, Attorney lit taw, Ofllce over First National Hank. Entrance on Sherman street. -yy "HITESlDE & GLEASON Attorneys at Law, Ofllce, 1, 2, 3, 4, over No. S4 South Main St. rj"AYLOR & TAYLOR, Attorneys at I<aw. Office, up-stalrs, Masonic Temple. Me ueworaiea nm 'APHROBIOTr Is BOLD OH A POSITIVE GUARANTEE to ouroany form of nervouH disease or any disorder of the generative organs of. olther sex/u whether nrislns'i . from tho execs- AFTER slveuscof Stimulants, Tohaceo or Opium, through youthful Indiscretion, over lud gencc, &o„ nuea as Less of Brain Pow Wakefulness, Bearing down Pains In tho b Seminal Weakness, Hysteria. Nervous P tration.Nocturnul Einlsslons,ljeucorrho?A ,rJ xiness. Weak Memory. Loss of Power and I potonoy, whloh It neglccteu olten lend to ? mature old age and lusaulty. Prloe $1.00 a 6 boxes for $5.00. Sent by mall on recelp price. _ A WRITTEN GUARANTEE IS given every $5.00 order rccolvod, to refund tbomoitj If a rorma-iieitt eureiH not effected. We mvl thousands of testimonials from old and young of both sexes, who havo been permanently oured by tho use of Aphrodltino. Oiiculai* doe. Mention paper. Address THE APHRO MEDICINE CO 67 Washington St, CHICAGO, Uit Vor sale by A. & A. Drug Co. ^k. CO -SEND FOR CATALOGUE ' 1 .CUMU1SAT10S wrm-its, vut> KJI.U,-H„, ft uwiau«d^U(a#Mjtwp^. ™ &tiwh,Ro'.''*^rU , |l t r'JL| 1 ^ 34-lo*h.a>.»'*atrl-' »n04M!- 'iu-incb.uu *.'k(iiii.' viixvjry ra-hwh, / a>n \ T6 w.^ Si ftMoob, KttwluvJmW.. & ^ _ JKMncti. OKU' » DO 00.. 1 ao-lnA Stulop PMtun.tU«, S -lult IVM.—...^ 1G0 Ol ~ 9 E.C.MEACHAM ARMS CO.. ST. LOUIS,

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