Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 1, 1954 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 1, 1954
Page 6
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i* $« HOPI STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Monday, February 1, 1954 [oosevelt Is ikelytoDrop lilt of Race ANdELES W — James Ss,cVell promises a statement about Ins wife's suit for Maintenance, in which fUeewsed hl^r> of infidelity with ' attorney Samuel B. Picone, a "lahgthy sU'tement" Is dg prepared for the press cov- Aft frmny phases of the sensa- ftfl tese. said Roosevelt will be eht when the statement is is- but "there will be no quos- »nd rnswtls." frttier the statement will an- tHe tfo. 1 question — why ttaftlevclt signed a letter to his """" r- ift 1045 admitting adultery *'hfne women — was not dis- Mrs. Romelle Schncidur fcgveH's comriiaint included a «' the leti«.i', and charged hj\V»lh adultery with three other Irrtfen in the '.ast two years. fcUoriieys will have a minor In e6ur> toduy concerning i¥tion of the trial of the Roose- •jitigation. Roosevelt sued his i ; ,for separate maintenance aj'15 In Santa Monica. She filed •suit last Thursday in Pasa- ?iconesaid, ''It makes little dif. m , f '^haa to us wrerc cither or both "pn!{{;S hr'c hoard; we just want |ulck hearings " JocWevelt alS'j pondered opinion ft 1 ' lt#L "i *!• '- •w,* "JIM BO" v>' !,.«! . mott sensational Invention in the !i'.;Jtljtp;y if funms— Ihe artificial minnow lhal Jitwfm*. Mo mots lin bait to buy. This if (ho lure pf sensation of the 20lh conlury, rlnas, uses no fuel; it swims £ w, long as you leave it in the water. Swims by ljnfque process of balance and gravity Fish any dBsirtd depth—In lake, stream, fiilf bay Any fllh that will ttnke a minnow will strike JIM BO. "ilt, is no gadget, Looks and swims like a live linnow. ,hi< it the luro of all lures— beautiful silver loaf ilastic. Buy one for your frionds also. Satisfaction jranteea. Send Jl 00 only, for each lure, Send Kk or cash, We pay postage. JIB. TACKLE CO. P.O.Box 741, Ur B o, Fui. PRESCOTT NEWS Monday February 1 - The evening circle of the women of the Presbyterian Church will meet on Monday evening at 7 o'clock in the home of Miss Julia Logan. Wednesday, February 3 Mrs. H. H. McKcnzic will entertain members of the Wednesday Bridge Club at her home on Wednesday afternoon at 2:30. he February meeting of the Pres- coll Musical Coterie will meet on Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock in the home of Mrs. L. J. Bryson The choir of the Presbyterian Church will practice on Wednesday evening at 7 o'clock. Mrs. J. T. Worthington Hostess To •47 Club Potted plants and arrangements of greenery decorated the home of Mrs. J. T. Worthinyton on Wednesday afternoon when she was hostess to members of the '47 Bridge Club and guests. There were four tables of players with Mrs. Bob Reynolds winning the high score club prize, Mrs. Saxon Regan the high score guest prize, Mrs. Jim Nelson tho cut prize and Mrs. D, H. Moselcy the low prize. Mrs. C. P. Arnold Jr. Mrs. Dal- lls Atkins, Mrs. Harold Lewis, Mrs. Allen Gee Sr. Mrs. B. A. Warren, Mrs. J. R. Bainis Mrs. Regan and Mrs, Moselcy \vere guests for the afternoon. Members present included Mrs. O, W. Watkins, Mrs. Charlie Dews, Mrs. Charlie Sevt, Mrs. E. R. Ward, Mrs. B. A. DC Lamar, Mrs. J. V. McMahen, Mrs. Reynolds and Mrs. NcJson. A dainty salad course was served at the conclusion of the names. P H. S. Band Invited To Southwest Clinic The P. H. S. bund has boon invited to the Southwest Arkansas Region Band Clinic in Hot Springs oh February 5th and Gth'. Any band student may participate in this clinic. Each participant of the clinic will have to play a selection he has never seen or played before. After these tryouts, two bands of, approximately equal size, ability, and instrumentation will be formed. Jack Gordon, June Gary, Joe Andrews, Bill Clark, Simone Golden, Claudctle Smith, Mary Buchanan, Freddie Mobcrg and Mary Nell Bolls are planning to go in representation of the P. H. S. band Mrs. W. F. Denman Entertains Canasta Club Members of tho 19!50 Canasta Club were entertained on Thursday afternoon by Mrs. W. F. Denman Sr. at her home. The dining table was overlaid with a lace cloth and held a display of antique china and cut glass. High score honors were won by Mrs.Imon Gee. At the conclusion of the games a delectable dessert course was served to guests, Mrs. L. L. Mitchell, Mrs. Burke Shellon, and Mrs C. H. Moore, a tea guest, Mrs. W. F. Denman Jr. and members Mrs. A. S. Buchanan, Mrs. J. V. Fore, Mrs. L. D. Kinncy, Mrs. Fred Powell, Mrs. C. H. Gordon, Mrs. J. A Yanccy, Mrs. E. M. Sharp, Mrs. J. B. Westerly Mrs. Homer Ward, and Mrs. Gee. Gable to Leave MGM After 23 Years By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD Iff. — The king is btck at MGM but not for long. Clark Gable an.iounced today he will end his 23-yotir contract with the studio March 3. His was probably the longest star contract in Hollywood history. There has been talk that ho might i,\s>n on for another term r.r MGM lias bi'on ni-fiing him to do. He put an end to such sps- 'fiilnlli/ii "As o. f M.irch '.'. I'm a free man." hi? told me. "TiVtnlj 1 -three years at onu studio is loiif, enough for eny man." Gable, who is .~3 louuy. wa,« back Ed Hubbard returned to A&M Col lege", Monliccllo on Wednesday after spending thu mid-semester holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs John Hubbard. Rev. W. G. Bcnsberg attended tho Presbyterian, Synod's children's Work Council meeting at Hot Springs last week. A. B. Stevenson of Nashville, Tenn. has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. McRae. Mrs. Earl EppJcr, Mrs. J. B. Franks and Mrs. C. R. Gray motored to Texarkana Wednesday for thu day. Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Blakcly Jr. , wore Wednesday visitors in Texar- of prominent Democrats that bo kan'a. should • withdraw froir. the race for Congress in the 2Gth California District. Jim Sloan, who was,, enroute from Texarkana to his home in IT'S RED HOT VALUE DAY AT TUESDAY DON'T MISS IT, THE, BUYS OF A LIFETIME. Our big sale is rolling, gathering momentum, crowds are coming, business is booming, it's like Christmas in Feb riiary. Prices slashed from front to back. Save up to |j, 60% on item's in every department,. . It's storewjde. LADIES DRESSES Everyone on sale. Values up to $24.95 . ' $3.00 to $8.00 Higher AST COLOR PRINTS Regular 39c print in ' solid and fancies MX- JUNK TABLE One big table of values to 1.95, Buy these items. 17c to $1.99 V1: MEN'S OVERALLS t ' Tuf-Nutoveralls, Arkansas made for Arkansas trade. -* Take no substitute. WORK SHIRTS Men's blue chambray work shirts. Regular $1.59 values. Extra special 99c i J ; _:___J^__-1^. LADIES DRESSES One big rack of these dresses now only $1.00 TABLE SHOES These shoes include values up to $5.95. Now only $2.00 GALOSHES Childrens galoshes that are regular $2.49 values. Special $1.00 Come where the bargains are the biggest. The quality the best- Old fashion Sale prices that are rocking the ,t©wn, GET U. S. QREEN STAMPS TOO" ') E P A P T M E N T STORE Little Rock, visited Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Teeter Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Claud Cox accompanied the High School Dixieland Archcstra composed of John Robert Cox, Bill Clark, Jack Gordon, Sammy Vandivcr. Herbert Bennett and David Hanning, to Texarkana Wednesday for an audition to appear on television over KCMC. Mr. and Mrs. Imon Gee have had as their guests Mrs. Ruth Adams and Mr. Tom Ayers of Fay- etlcville. A-2C Hcrshcl Ward, who has been visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ward, for the past 2!3 days, left Thursday for assignment in Korea. at the Culver Ci'y lot for the first, time in 2'/a years. It has been so Icng that he even forgot which was his last picture here. It was "Across the Wide Missouri." Since then he has made "Never Let Ma Go" in England, "Mogam- bn" in Africa and "Betrayed" .in Holland. He returned to the studio for more scenes in "Beti'aycd" with l.pna Turner and Vic Mature. Looking trim in an English officer's uniform, he appeared to have changed little. A trifle grayer at the temples, perhaps but as crisp and dynamic as ever. He spent a large part of his first morning at work renewing acquaintances; he I'tkecl for his same veteran crew on the. picture, but he made it clear that sentiment wasn't going lo keep him at thu studio. His plans for the future "I have no plans,'' he replied. "I suppose there have been pictures offered to me, but I will not discuss them as long as I am under contract to the studio." There has been talk that he might do "Guys and Dolls," but he saici that was news to him. "Besides, that's a. musical, isn't it" lie commented, indicating he wouldn't favor that. Gable said he found picture making abroad very interesting an'! he may do more of the same. "But have no plant," he added. He said he liked to travel at this point 3n his life ana had just flown in from Arizona the night before reportu-g to tho studio. Rumors he was shopping for a rancli in Arizona wort unfounded, he said. "It has always been a favorite vacation place for me between pictures," he explained, "and I've always kept my ej-e cut for a good place to buy. Bt't I have no plans." After he returned from his wartime service in the Air Force, he was dissatisfied with the way his career was handled. Most of his films failed to have the impact of| hir prewar hits. His straight salary was lieavi'y taxed, and MGM deals. It is probable that his fu- tuic picture contracts will include a share of the profits. Four of Jupiter's 12 moons revolve about the planet in a direction oposite to the others and opposite to that in which the planets doesn't approve of percentage'revolve around the Sun. About 5,800.000 square miles, or about 10.2 per cent of the earth's land area are covered with glacial ice. In normal times, Indonesia exports more rubber than is consum-^.J ed in the United States, Indonesian w,j government officials say. SPEAK EFFECTIVELY. OVERCOME FEAR DEVELOP POISE • CONFIDENCE "PREPARE FOR LEADERSHIP" YOU ARE INVITED To Attend a Free Demonstration Meeting of the DALE CARNEGIE COURSE in Effective Speaking and Human Relations AT BARLOW HOTEL Tuesday, Feb. 2, 6:30 P. M. • YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR OBJECTIVE « You will sec a class in action and learn what the Dale Carnegie training can do for you. IF YOU DESIRE TO BE A BETTER SALESMAN TO BE A LEADER IN ANY GROUP TO CONDUCT CLUB OR CONFERENCE MEETINGS TO MAKE STEADY CUSTOMERS FOR YOUR BUSINESS TO MEET PEOPLE AND REMEMBER NAMES TO BE ABLE TO SPEAK TO GROUPS WITHOUT FEAR TO TAKE AN ACTIVE EFFECTIVE PART IN CHURCH WORK THEN YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF TO ATTEND THIS MEETING For Information about the training call either of these graduates Mrs. Cllne Franks — 7-2437 Mrs. Bert Rettlg — 7-3866 DALE CARNEGIE Author of "How To Win Friends and Influence People" and "How To Stop Worrying and Start Living." THIS IS THE FIRST SESSION FOR HOPE CLASS NO. 1 PLAN NOW TO ATTEND (You do not obligate yourself by your attendance) No Reservations Necessary n Fine-car Styling An outstanding'.example of fine-car beauty in the low-price field ... the new Crestline Fordor is the fashion car for the American Road. New Astra-Dial Instrument Panel is a safety .dividend with speedometer placed high on the panel for easier reading. Warning lights tell when generator is discharging or oil pressure falls too low. Style-Setting Interiors in Ford give you beauty from the inside out! Colorful new upholstery fabrics and smart trim are another '54 Ford dividend ... help make Ford the style leader of the industry. ' The '54 Ford gives you extra'Dividends in style, in performance, in ride, with fine-car features you would normally expect to find only in highest-priced cars. The new Y-block V-8 with the new extra-deep crunkcasc, has 130-h.p. for a dividend of ;g% more power. And you can enjoy V-8 advantages on less fas! Free-turning overhead valves and shorter piston stroke help give longer engine life! t ^ r ,,„, M*^,. M . .» The new I-block Six has 115-h.p. for a dividend of 14% more power. Like tho V-8, it has Ford's High- Turbulence. Combustion Chamber for more complete and economical combustion of fuel. It's tho latest word on high- compression, low-friction Six design. jU Ball-Joint Front Suspension It allows greater up and down wheel travel for a smoother ride .. . helps keep wheels in true alignment lor consistently easy handling. Wheels move ou ball joints, whether up or down . . ; right or left. Plys 5* optional power assists' ; T that make driving easier, more pleasant! You can have Power-Lifl Windows . . . 1~Way Power Front Scat . . . Swift Sure Power Brakes . . . Master-Guide power slecriiig , , , and Fordornatic Drive. They're all available in Ford! Come in for a Test Drive Ford fPPP ^Hi!f ^HBH^^ ^^B ^HHl^MP *^~ B^W ^^JH^r - ^ ^^V ^^fl^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^ Phone 7*2341 YOUR FORD DEALER FOR OVER 30 YEARS HOPI, ARK. 220 W. Second If You're Interested in an 4*1 Used Car — i$ iwre to See Your Ford Dealer

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