The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 2, 1892 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1892
Page 4
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8. HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, THURSDAY, JUNE 2,185*2. DOES HU SEE THE DONKEY?- -Grover Will Kill the Fly, but the Donkey Will Not SurviYe the Shock. THE MARKETS. IHONKV AM) STOCKS. NKW YOHK . .luni: 3.—[Stock letter fumishufl l)y the Kansas (irnin and Live Stock company.]—The bears on the stock market were very noisy and gleeful at the Windsor last eveninp. talking very bearish on grangers and predicting a famine in corn this year. A story was circulated last evening that I/udenlmrg was sure to ship two and one -half millions of gold on Saturday and a (ierman trader made a wager with A. Warserman that four millions would be shipped this week. A specialist in Northwestern says no long stock comes out, and the annual report, soon coming out, will show II) per cent, earned on both common and preferred stock. Coomb says Omaha will show 7 and II per cent. The New York Central's net for the year ending June 30th, is estimated at six millions. The Wall Street News thinks It is the wrong time to sell Louisville and Nashville short now with any idea of profit, even if dividends are reduced, and it quotes an official of this road as stating that this company has not a single dollar •of floating debt, and is lending money in Wall street to-day. Atchison,.'14 M, Missouri Pilrfflr. SO*. Knck Inland, 78JJ. St Paul, lliil. Union l'acfncilli. Western Union 84?,. OATS-Steail>;cash W2!<c: July lilac; tembvr 20C.- PORK—Dull: JoVblng SVl.iiO. -X3S&0.30. Sep- LAUD—Quiet; ! KiinmtK City.. . KANSAS CITY, June !i. Nosales were reported to-tlay In wheat and (tats. COltN—No. 3 white •Tunc 4nc. BUTTEK—Unchanged. EOfJS—Unchanged. LIVK STOCK. AT GETTYSBURG. POWDER Absolutely Pure. A cream of tartar baking powder highest of all in leavening strength.— Latest U. S. Government Food Report ROY At, BAKING I'UWDJCH Co., , . 10(1 "Watt street, N. Y. ChicuK". CHICAGO. June 2. The Evening Journal reports: CATTLE—Receipts lf ,,000; slow, hut In a general wav Hteady on. light and useful Ktcers. hut heavy cattle arc unsalable; Texans lower; butchers' stock steady. HOGS—liecelpts :III.(I00; hulkof safes good 10c lower but closed steadj*; rough and common 34.0 0@-l .no; mixed and packers S4.55® 4.HO; prinie heavy and butchers weights S4.82ViSM.U0; light S4.S51«>4.00. SHEEP—Receipts 8,000: spring lambs i:< ([nhOc higher; sheep steady. St. Mints. ST. Louts. June 'J. OATTliB—Receipts r -J.OOO, steady. HOOS— Receipts 1.000: market lower: fair to choice heavy S4.70(?h4.K."j; mixed $4.:W4.80: Yorkers S4.7 (xa4 .80. SHEEP—Receipts :iOU(): mostly Texans; lower. ntODUCK. Kttntme City. KANSAS CITY, June £. CATTLE—Receipts 1,900;shipments l.:i00: light steers were steady; heavies dull to weak; alt grades 8^.50^.4.20; cows, steady at S2.!>Ji<8:ul7K; stockers and feeders. S3.40 <aa.R0. HOGS-Recelpts 111,000; shipments 1.800; loair .c higher; all grades jJ4.00fS4. sr.: bulk J4.U(Ka4.7£ SHEEP—Receipts' A00: shipments none: market was steady. HUTCHINSON MAKKET. , - lllijli Water Murk Monument Dedicated by tlio Union Veteruus. GKTTYSHUKO . Pa., June 3.—The High Water Mark Monument was dedicated this afternoon in the presence of an immense throng largely composed of union veterans, and in which the First, Second, Third, Fifth, Sixth, Eleventh and Twelfth army corps, as well as the artillery and cavalry were well represented, together with the representatives of the Army of the Potomac, the executives of this and adjacent states, and others. Theoration was delivered by Congressman II. Bingham of Philadelphia, who was wounded in the famous battle of which this momtment is a memorial. Gen. Bingham was captain and judge advocate on the stuff of Maj Gen. Hancock, and was in the thick of the fray during Longstreet's assault. When Urig. Gen. Armistead, with one hundred of his men led the advance of Longstreet's column in the most daring manner over the stone wall behind which the Philadelphia brigade lay, and when Armistead fell mortally wounded within the union lines it was (.'apt. Ilingham who received his messages and keep-sakes to be sent through Gen. Hancock to his family. At the battle of Gettysburg he was wounded in the head near the copse of woods where the monument is erected. High' I'rlee for Salt and Water. The Boston Saturday Evoning Gazette tells a story showing that an ignoranoe of Latin is sometimes a disadvantage, A young business man of Boston had a slight sore throat early in the winter, and meeting his cousin, a physician (and also something of a wag), he asked him what to do for it. "Oh, I'll write a pre- Bcriplion for you," was the answer. He wrote it, and tho gentleman glanced at it before taking 1t into the druggist. It read something like this; "Aqtta pura, — ounces; chloride sodium,:— grs. Shake before using and gargle with it every half hour.' - "How much is it?" queried the patient, as the druggist handed him tho Dottle. "Two dollars," was the reply. Recently another sore throat asserted itself, and remembering tho efficacy of his first treatment he took in the bottle to be filled again. Another clerk waited on him, and when he inquired the price he was astonished by the cheerful answer, "Oh, we don't charge anything for salt and waterl" He had paid two dollars before for a bottle of waterwitb two tablespoonfuls of salt dissolved in it, A New Prnfnlifflonial Man. We take pleasure in directing attention to tho professional card in to-day's paper of Dr. I!. J. Wetherby, M. 1). The doctor has but recently located in our city, but is by no means a stranger to Hutchinson people, having been located the past five years at Arlington, where he built up a very extensive practice. He is a graduate of Rush Medical college, Chicago, and has been practicing for about eight years with extraordinary success. Since graduating he has taken two post-graduate courses to especially prepare himself for tho scientific and successful treat ment of diseases peculiar to women, and as a specialist in this branch of the practice he has but few superiors. The doctor is noted for his fine social qualities, and his estimable wife is a highly accomplished lady. Thci.', residence is 213 First avenue cast. The doctor starts in with fine prospejjsta of success. . ... 1 . •'. 3 Good News, : • It will be remembered that "an uc count of a very diffioultoperation'upon Mrs. Moody of this city appeared in a recent issue of the NRWS , and it will also bo remembered that it seemed ira- possible that the patienteould recover. We were informed last nightthat Mrs. Moody seems to bo improving, and that her friends have hopes of her recovery Produce. s . Chleago. ... CHIUAOO , June 1.—[Special adviceB received by the Kansas Grain and Live Stock company,]— WUKAT —Some short sales were mode early on the improved weather outlook. Spiritless cables and predictions of heavy receipts next week in the. northwest depressed the market •A half coDt, but apparently little long stuff came out on the decline, and the sellers were obliged to bid the market up to get J ,heir wheat back. The trades wore narrow and very largely professional, and it will, perhaps, require some influential men to get it out of the rut. The advent of bright, warm weathtjr was told doubtless to increase offerings, but the tradcrB generally will need to be assured of this before they will sell short to any extent. News from the winter wheat section is not so encouraging to-day, but more favorable from the north' west. COUM AWi) OATH —The wet weather and increasing bad reports of delayed seeding and dubious outlook for what is planted have kept corn strong most of the day, and oats have firmed up in sympathy. Trade is ruther active and a good many country men are on the Uoor who seem interested in the in kets. Provisions were heavy and lower at the outset on large receipts of hogs, but tho deoline brought in fair buying orders and the loss was soon recovered at the close, the market was dull and inactive. The fo'lowing is the range of prices for active futures: WIIHAT. July August December.. CORN. August June July September OATS. June ....— July September, 1'OHK. July September I.AIIU. July September UtUH. July . September. Open'il Illgh't. Low'st Clos'g. Has »2« H4«i N:I« H:I xf>X H;I «t!>4 84?{ H:I 83 « 47!,4 r>o 4«5i 47K 4K 60 % 4«?i 47 H 47« 00 47S 47 H 48 r>0H 48H 47 % :ii« •M% :ilX as :n 31K ail* aoK .'US •ill! ai 10 58 W 10 72)i 10 USM 10 «:»)', 10 45 10 (ISM 10 <>::H 10 82H II 4A II110 (1 45 ouo 1140 o fi5 114214 0 57S4 (1 97 a (!4?> II 42Vi » 47K o as 0 4214 (1 421i (1 47H -Highest patent, 82.40; second .20; extra line. $2.00. FLOUR- patent, 82 BUTTER—In demand: creamery. SSc; tlncst dairy. 20c; line dairy. 15c: common, 10c. EOCiS—In demand. 12c. POTATOES-Choice. 110080c. APPLES— 81 .50462.00 per bushel. ONIONS—in fair demand: red, 75c per bushel; home grown Spanish, Sl.Sn per bushel. • CABBAGE—Fair, 5c per pound. MEETS—Steady. 50c per bushel. HAY—Baled. $5.00@5..i0; loose S :i.OO@5.'iO per ton.. Grain. WHEAT—No. 2 sofl 72c; softilBc; bard 00c. CORN—34<&:l7c. RYE—No. ii 55c. OATS—20c. hard 63c; No. a Live Stook. CATTLE-Steady; stockers, 82.25iaa.75; feederB. 82.25<§1H.25: fat cows and heifers in demand at $1 .&0@2.40; fat steers, 13.00® 4.00; veal calves, He HOGS—Steady; wagon, tops. 84.00; car S4.1<X»4.25. SHEEP-ln demand; $4.00, Poultry. steady; cash 811?,; December 85Vic. July WHKAT—No. !i MX! August H;IHC CORN-Hlgher; No. 2 cash filJK@.'>0»{c; June oOKctti.liiKc: July *HV,mSK: August 4Bc: September 47«c. OATS-fttvong Nu. 2 c.a»h:u?»c; Au ^UBt.aityc: .September aojjc SSS l PORK - Cash JlO .Oim; September JIO.HI LAHlS— Cash Sii.a2',-i; July lulyniXfi £I6;U2K; July . . V *aA->ti\ September 10.87W. SHORTlUflS-Cash *0.4!iHi July 80.48H: September 8O.B0. KYB^-No. S quiet: 7»c. BARLEY"— No. 2 nominal, U2c. FLAXBBEr>—No. J «rm; 81.U3V. " Inal; 81.34. TlMOTBiy'SBBp-Noinl] BUTTJ51*-rAoU*e. saos -Klrni, WHEAT- II&14CI Jn'T 8 St. Louis. ST. Louis. June cash 87©87M ; August 81«, June Higher aSM ^iSifri SSE&Sifav™**** matle oa luformik ' •I15«c; Heptembor 4B«c, v CHICKENS—ChicUeris, 83.00 per dozen': chickens. 5tfc per pound: liens. 0c per pound: rooBters, 4c per pound: turkeys. 7Hc per pound. GOSSIP. Receipts at Chicago: Wheat, 48 cars; corn, 210; oats, 1114. Grain receipts in the northwest: Minneapolis, 313 ears; Duluth, 4ti cars Chicago reports grain out of store: Wheat, 110,000 bushels; corn, 211 ,000. Inspections at Chicago: Winter wheat 4 out of 25, 84 short; spring wheat, 1 out of I). Corn, 37 out of 2(14, 24 over. Oats 83 out of 211, 47 over. The weather is clear and warm in Kansas; cloudy and cold in Missouri; clear and warm in Nebraska; clear and fine in New York; clear and fine in the northwest; cloudy and cool at Chicago. A Serious JSuuk Failure at Pueblo IMJKIII.O , Col., June 3.—The failure of the Rank of Pueblo turns out to be worse than was at first supposed. The individual deposits amount to $82,500, while tho total cash in the treasuary is only $1,400. The supposed assets are 55108,900, but much of this collateral is not to be found, and is thought to have been rehypothecated. State and coun ty treasurers lose 810,000 each and the loss >f banks throughout the state thought to be considerable, but exact ly how much cannot be told. Tint Doili'KHl Mllltlu. Omii .lN, June 2.—The Fifth batullion (Donegal militia), Btationed in Tift'ord County Donegal, mutinied last night, The men were ordered to puss the night in tents, but refused upon the ground that the ground was wet and that the tents were uninhabitabl The officers could not enforce obedi enco and were finally obliged to billet the men in houses in Tifford. The matter will be taken before the rail itary authorities. Charged Wlth,Klurdcr, llUTTKUNUT, Wis., .Wtno 2.—Warrants have been issued/for tho arrest of Julius Llpko and Uis bride. They are ! charged with t)*e poisoning of the ' woman's first h could bo inarrii A Fashionable Wedding. NEW YORK , June 2. —One of the'most brilliant of the many .recentn-fashion-; able weddings was that of Miss Mary Talmadge Trevor, daughter ±ot the late John M. Trevor, and Grifn'villo Wmthrop, son of Robert "Winthrop.of the extensive banking firm of this city. The bride is one of the wealthiest young women in the United States. The ceremony solemnized at high noon in St. John's church at Yonkers-on- Hudson, and was witnessed by a lurge company* 400 New Yorkers having arrived on a special train from that city. Subsequently there was a reception at Glcnview, the country home of the bride's parents. A CollUton Uetwoen Lake Vessels. DBTIIOIT , Mich., June 2. —The steamers Britain and Progress, both of Cleveland, collided at the nrouth of the Detroit river, between Grassy and Fighting Islands, at 12:25 o'clock this morning. The Progress sunk immediately, but the Britain, which was comparatively uninjured, returned to this city, All the crew of the sunken steamer were taken off in safety, but there were many narrow escapes. The Taney County Lynchers. CIIAIJWICK , Mo., June 2. —No test! mony was taken yesterday in the trials of the Taney county lynchers ut Forsythe. The state, announced itself ready, but the defense secured a delay until to-day, because of the afosencc of witnesses. A change of venue will probably be asked for. Public opinion anticipates the conviction of six of the nine prisoners. Polities In Oourt. .SALT LAKK CITY , June 2. —In the territorial court here u decision was rendered that legally settles it that the Gentile wing of the Democratic party is the only organization of the purtv in Utah. Secretary Blaine. WASHINGTON , June 2. — Secretary lilainc spent some time at the state department to-day and received several callers, including the Russian. Danish, Swiss and German ministers. Goes to All the Weddings. Mrs. Mary Brown, colored, is a mat rimonial mascot, who never fails to be on hand at wedding events. She is aged about fifty, married, and has lived in Jeffersonville, Ind., since the war. It is said that she has attended every wedding solemnized in public places within that time—how many she cannot recall, but they number in the five figures. In some instances she has been tendered invitations, but in the majority of cases she goes whether wanted or not. No matter how fashionable the affair, nor how crowded the edifice, she takes her Btand noar the aisle and awtits tho coming of tho bride and groom elect. She is tho first to leave the church, and she will descant for weeks on the loveliness of the bride and the - manliness of the groom. Many times Bho is not wanted but that is a small matter. She has an irresistible desire to be present, and she cares little whaobjects. She is a hard working woman, supporting a husband by the sweat of her brow. Iisband, so that they d. The arrest was ion furnished by the sell goods now at less prices: ItWrtt.' and they have always sohfe than any other houso In the era can afford to sell cheaper now ,|j make a great saving in rent • late rribvc, . Adjourned Until Hoptnmher. The Hutchinson Monographic;! ation of Hutchinson adjownedj close of their meeting last >n (j meet agaiu on the first Wed night In Septeinbor. This association has been of value to themombors belonging t<Jj composing it, and the practice wJL, theyihave had 'has highly repaid tijj$ for the trouble of meeting. Thoy hi twenty-five members and when .BjL meet again their members will bc:*tq§ creased largely. • New Officer*. The newly elected officer Lodge No. mi, l.O. O. F., are lows: Noble Grand—R. F. Lacy. Vice Grand—Dr. G. II. Miner. Recording Secretary—E. Edwards;! Permanent .Secretary—D. M. Trucks Delegate to f-irand Lodge—W. Bennett. Alternate.—DrgK. U. Wilson, District Deputy Grand Master- If. B. Wilson. ' SHI LOU'S VITALIZER Js what you need for Constipation, Loss of Appetite Dizziness, and all symptoms of Dyspepsia. Price 50 and 75 cents a bottle, For sale by A. & A. Drug Co. If you want to buy or soil an article: If you have lost or found anything, let it be known through the NEWS want column. Home drown. ,). M. Drehm has home grown straw berries for sale. Fresh every day. V. C. T. Hall. The United Commercial Traveler^ Hutchinson Council No. 34, will their first annual ball at the Autm| um, June 24th. Music by Shaw's" chestra. t-th-s* New Onarters. The New York Kecket is comfortable located in their new quarters hi the College block, north of the Suntii Fe track. The Racket store is going to Notice. The business college to bo opened In this city by Mr. J.L.Williams, will be opened next Monday. Watch the columns of the NEWS for particulars. Vine Playing Cards. Send (10)'cents In stamps to John Sebastain, general ticket and passenger agent, Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific railway, Chicago, 111., for a puck of the latest, smoothest, slickest playing cards you ever saw. Just the thing for High Five parties. For a 5uc express money order or postal note will send you live packs. 0 p m Denmark's Liberal Queen. The Diinish civil list only amounts to $100,000 per year. Nevertheless the royal couple are most liberal. .The queen takes a personal interest in all charitable institutions. Being a great friend of children she pays special attention to the asylums and hospitals for them. She is always ready with generous and judicious help nnd never forgets an armful of toys when visiting the little sufferers. The highest clouds, the cirrus and cirrostratus, sometimes rise to an altitude of 80,000 feet, or six miles above the earth's surface. • .... All the mechanics in the world cannot make two town clocks that will keep time for one day. one hour, one minute exactly alike. TJIOR SALE—At W. H. Underwood's hog _fj ranch, two miles east of the .packlug house, thorough-bred Poland China pigs, dly (it-wly It C. J. O'BIIIKK, Manager. T OST—At Riverside Park. Sunday, a pair _1_J of (spectacles. Finder leave at this office. " If BAD SKIN ERUPTION Many Years. All Manner of Medicines and Doctors Fail. Cured In One Month by Cutlcura. AiiHOli May <io to New York. CHICAGO , June 2. —It is reported that Cttpt. Anson's services will be secured by the New York club. He will act as manager, captain and player of the club in that city. Drowned. CUKBTON , la., June 2. —Clarence Wilson, of Burlington, superintendent of the Iowa lines of the Chicago, Burlington and Quinoy, was drowned lust night ut Dudley, near Ottumwa. HIttea by a Mud i)nfr. CHICAGO , June 2. —Kitty porsons are said to have been bitten by a mad dog last night. Willie Kirsehoff, a boy, and Fred Ristau will probably die from injuries received. Oil'for Mlnnoupolls. ST . Louis, June 2.— Hon. Chauncey f. Fllley, and a few friends will lenve'for Minneapolis to-day. The general exodus, however, will not commence until Saturday. " Shot tils Brother; LANCASTKii. Ky., Juno 3.— In a family quarrel .las. J, Moore. yesterday shot and fatally wounded his brother Daniel. In 16SSI hod an eruption come out on my skin, and while at lint it did not amount to much, it grew to be very aggravating and at timea unbenr- lib],:. The akin would get Hard, Inflamed, and peel off, leaving on entire new akin, aotlng eamo way (or weeks at a t)u)e, always worse at nights. Have tried alt manner of medicines and had doctors prescribe to no effect. I bought a box of CUTICUKA HBMEDIEB and used CUTICUKA RESOLVENT for my blood. I am fully cured, and lu less than a month. It was a most aggravating skin disease, and now I atn enjoying ease and comfort. 1 have hud untold benerlta. Anyone trying CUTICDHA REMEDIES cannot help but derive benefit. Anyoue writing me will receive aD auawer and my advice to give your REMEDIES a trial. A. B. PATTON, Manager Postal Telegraph.Cable Co., Garden City, Kauaus. .•»! • ti/c liii;.;:::!,; tie sr( c't iur- gpry iz i bless- n:g io l/w worid t ut t':a practice of medicine is a curse to the community. If every drug store iVos closed no one would be sick except through accidents. Take medicine and die Wear our Magneto- Conservative Garments and live. T'K/lFf.HT .!.>/> STttEXtn II. PROF., WILSON'S M Aii N li'l'O-CONSERV ATI vTTGARAlENTS, *»'UT Vuvt>eu.-('<i.t*LTVui ( ve Nell* ami Appilmues will P^SITIVE.^Y CUttlS all forms ot 'i-ciK'^ hi h •di Hes-M without tliu use or ilru-.'r 1 - Hundreds,oT thousanda testify to that VKU i-iu inn wear intr i>«it Or apulntncarf without btliii; benefited. If yon follow oar IT ?Mii w 1 1 i»K 1'u'u fruii tili*t:me. BKWAKK of ttiu so-cdUm*' oloctrlo or magnetic beJts. *»-r rimy u.ily feud md(i*H|i|idfinraeni. We aru tile *olo proprietors and, .manofactarera of ''IOI. rt H-UH"* worli rcmiWML 'd Ma^iit'lo-Blcctticlty Con»erviuy liuita aud Appliances, which, ivlmii t* diri-cied. nlwnyi* effect a cure. , ' J • rfi^ K duty, \Aver nnd all forois of UISC&JO cured. C^AAio any pltystctan or Electric Belt maker to show aucti marvelous cftres by medicine or electricity as Can be shown by the me of Professor Wilson's Magneto Conservative Garments, tt^nn to any Oculist who cau show such ijj'juu cures by tbdlr treatment as are be- ini,' effected by the ,l Actina," removlngCat- aract*, graimiatod lids or any abnormal condition of.the, fye. Under the Oculists' treatment CO per cent are rained for life. With "Actlna' perfect safety is assared. Private Parlor* fur I.atll*vi. Office H»ur*—S a. m, to IO p. m. Sunday*—V a. ft*, to * p. m. AtMrea* ull private matter to PROF. WlhBOX. | .9* SEND FOR TREATISE ON THE HUMAN SYSTEV fREE. A VALUABLE BOOK FREE Ou application. Contains treatise on tho human , system", its,disease arid cure, and thousands of references and testimonials. New York and Won Electric A sm, Manufacturers. DR. F; B. ROBINSON, Manager. BRUNSWICK HOTEL, HUTCHINSON Doctor Uses Cuticura AVo have opened a drag store at this place and are having a splendid sate on CUTIOUBA REMEDIES, which we keep a full stock of. I would not be without your Cirri cum IIESOLVBNT, CUTICUIU, and CUTICUHA SOAP for 9600, just for the benefit It did my little boy. When be wus six months old, his face was covered with eczema, and CUTICUIU KEUEDIES cured it. lie is now three years old. We still use the CUTICURA SOAP, and wa»b him occasionally with It, to prevent W» skin from getting rough. \Ve have handled your medicines for live ycfirs, and never heard a complaint against tbem, but aliimdant praise. Wo sold our drugstore in Kansas, nnd will continue in the drug business hero. C. TEA GAR, M D., Ualler City, Snphoudat Co., Washington. Cuticura, Remedies Mr gold everywhere. Price, CUTICUKA, the great Hklu Cure, 60c.; Gimcuiu 8uAF,anexquLUo£Uiu runlleriiDdBoautlller,2&o.: OirriDUHAUBsoLVKNT, the new Blood PurlAer, #1, Prepared by tho POTTEK lUlUO AND CniMICAl CORPORATION, BottOl). #Sr Scud for " How to Cure Sklc DUeanoa," 64 puifo., 60 UluAtretloDi, and 100 tetUmoolule. PIUl 'LKS, billhead., rtd,rough, chapped, and I I 111 oily iklu cured by CDTICUBA BOAP. HOW MY SIDE ACHES! Aching Bidet and Back, Hip, Kidney, and Uterine Peine, and Rbenmetiun re> . llcreti In one nitnut* by the Cutiour* i AnU-Pmln ViMtw. Pifee.Mcta. •Tla-e Universal XlemeAy THE AILMENTS OF IT CURES IN MAN: RHEUMATISM SCIATICA BITE8 CUTS LUMBAGO NEURALGIA STINGS BRUISES MAN m BEAST HAS STOOD THE TEST OF for IT CURES IN BEAST; FOOT ROT _ J ' SCREW WORM SCRATCHES HOLLOW HORN SHOULDER ROT WIND GALLS 8WINNEV Mustang Liniment penetrates the muscles, membranes and tissues, thereby reaching the seat of disease, which is a property not found in any other liniment Tfl Housewife, Fanner, Stock Raiser or Mechanic cantji afford to be without it It should be kept in evei, household for emergencies.* It will save many doctors' bills/ - For sale everywhere at 25c, 50c, and $1,00 a bottle^

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