Covina Argus from Covina, California on January 3, 1909 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 3, 1909
Page 5
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("local Event*. w======fcqh^«**S L - ' --. The big Implement Store. C. H. Morris. Tel. Aznsa 4. tf * Mrs., Milton Armel baa been Buffer- ipg this week with a severe case of la grippe. Mr. end Mri. VV. B, Brondwell left yesterday morning on a business and pleasure trip to Hemet. Chan. Yaw of Los Angeles, brother of Mrs. Ben F. Thorpe, who baa been seriously ill, is somewhat better now. A. Dal in is suffering with rheumatism and is condemned to perambulate on crutches. * B-r-r-rh, ain't it cold I Let's gofnto Madison's Candy afore and get a hot tamale. Yes, let's. Mr. and Mrs. Ben P. Thorpe and Mr. and Mrs. Watts formed an auto party for the Tournament of Roses yeaterday. R. A. Howland and Geo. F. Steele left on Saturday for Bakersfleld, where tbey will spend ten days looking after their oil interests. The Rev. Harry White and family were Christmas guests of Mr. Wihte's father, the Rev. J. A. White of Pasadena. * Mrs. John Wilkins and Miss Muriel Sherwood are guests of Miss Helen Broadwell during the absence of her parents at Hemet. Prof, and Mro. A. H. Collins were guests of friends at Claremont for a reunion dinner of old Indiana friends. One of tbe best tbots to dwell on after the day's work is that Premier blend coffee will always be as good as it is today. W.W. & Co. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Curtis and son, Joseph Curtis, Jr., were dinner guests on Christmas at tbe home of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Lee. ' R. F. Buller, who returned on Christmas eve from Idaho, has been suffering from sickness during the past week. The Misses Muriel and Gwennie Sherwood, .Neva Groover and Margery Clarke were dinner guests of Mrs. D. L. Foster on Tuesday last. .•Mr. 'and Mrs. Phillip Clapn of Ocean Park and Miss .Rozenthal of Los Angeles were week end guests of Dr. and Mrs. Cline. Tbere is a peculiar, inexpressible something about good codec that brands it to the partaker. Inferior coffees never have it. Premier blend has. Try it. W.W. & Co. Dinner guests on Sunday at the home of Mrs. C. F. Smiley were tbe Misses MoLean and Alexander and Mrs. Richardson and Jeon Grant, all of Los Angeles. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Briggsof Reno, Nev., Mrs. Ed. Gillett of Los Angeles and Mr. and Mrs. Ziester and daughter of Milford, 111., were luncheon guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Broadwell last Tuesday. Miss Marian Amidou of Lns Angeles, Mr. Fiank Hyde of Tulare county and Miss Ida Hawes of Pasadena, were out-of-town friends vfho attended Mrs. Gilmore's recital on Wednesday evening. Week end guests at tbe borne of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Griswold were Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Wilson and little son of Long Beach, Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Wilson of San Gabriel, and Mrs. Campbell of Los Angeles. Mrs. C. R. Richards, son and daughter, of Lincoln, Neb., were luncheon guests of Mrs. Merrill at the ranch on Tuesday. Mrs. Richard's husband is profetwor of mechanical engineering at the university at Lincoln, Neb. Mr. and Mrs. William Elliott Smith of St. Louis, frieudn of Mayor Lahee, and who spent part of last winter as his guests here, were at Messina at the time of the catastrophe and are supposed to have lost their lives as nothing has been heard from them. E. S. Robinson Inft on Thursday for Hauford, California, where he has large farming interests. He took his household effeota with him. Mis. Robinson and family will follow him next week. Their departure will be icaretted by a larce circle of friends as we can ill afford to lose such citizens. Col. F. M. Chapman, who has heen seriously ill with pneumonia eiure November, was able to he down in Covinu on Wednesday, when he received tbe hearty congratulali'ii: . i.t his tnuny friends. The ccl ,m;l'>. rugged roustitulion «iod well known temperate life Kivally helped to pull him through a i-iuktir.tio that would have proved fatal to many a younger man. W. W. * Co. 's pastry tastes better than it looks. Mrs, A, Nigg spent several days this week visiting relatives in Santa Ann. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Tripp spent Christmas with their daughter, Mrs. George Howard, Los Angeles. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Warner, Bon- Ita avenue, were Christmas guests Of relatives in Alhambra. M.Mi., and Mrs. R. Baldridfle, Jr., were Christmas .guests of the letter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Vincent Mrs. Ella Hnbbard came from Los Angeles to join a family diuuer on Christmas day at the home of Mr, and Mrs. Frank Fhilleo., The Amphion Club will meet tonight at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Douglass. Mrs. Jennings has charge of the program. Mies Eva Utter of Los Angeles is spending the latter part of her holidays with her friend, Miss Vivian Hodges. Miss A line At wood, who has been for a few days the guest of Mr. and Mrs. John D. Blackwell in LOB Angeles, returned homo on Thursday. Mr. and. Mrs. R. J. Pollard were dinner guests New Years of their daughter and her husband, Mr. nnd Mrs. Obert, of Los Angeles. James Crouch has moved into his rooming house over Clapp's drug store, where he has furnished rooms to rent. It A social dance will be given at the Womans Club House, Saturday evening, Jan. Q. Everyone cordially invited. Dr. Clark (osteopath) successor to Dr. Ooodeil, examines and treats the eyes, fit glasses, and his fees will be found to be one-half tbe prevailing Los Angeles prices. i tf Mr. and Mrs. A. Nigg entertained a number of relatives at dinner Christmas day at their home on Center street. Mrs. J. M. Ferrell and children, who have been spending the holidays at the home of tbe former's mother, Mrs. Imogeue Qilmore, left yesterday for her home iu Los Angeles. A "business men's class" has been organized at the Christian Church Sunday-school vv.ith twenty-five members for a start and the prospect of double very soon. Mr. and Mr?. A. Carnahan entertained rt dinner on Thursday evening, Mr. and Mrs. Gaebke, Mr. and Mrs. Erigle, Mr. add Mrs. Walton, and Mr. Thompson. Mr. Trueblrjnd of ludinnapnlis, fnd., an active business man, "73 years young," is visiting his son and family at the S. J. Trueblood home, corner Citrus and Bouita avenues. Miss Marie Preston has returned from a three months' trip thoughout the Eaflt, having visited the principal cities of the Atlantic coast, and the old Lome iu Wisconsin. A reunion of ten friends from Cedar Falls, Jowa, were entertained on Wednesday evening at the home of Mr. and Airs. E. A. Cooper. Among the amusements was an old fashioned candy pull. Many of tho little annoyances of the day might be overcome without a thot of worry if Premier blond ootfeo is a requisite of your bill of fare. W. W. & Co. Mrs. C. B. Casey returned home before the holidays after a delightful three months' visit with relatives in the north. She is very glad to be back home in matchless Covina. At a family reunion dinner on New Year's day at tho home of Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Coltrin of Irwindale, Mr. and Mrs. Marion Coltrin and Mr. and Mrs. J, W. Heath were among tho guests. Mr, and Mrs. A. E. Harnish arid family, cousins of the Overholtzerw, have moved into the cottage on W. Badillo street, recently vacated by the Misses Breakey. Mr. Harnibh expects to purchase ranolr property. Mr. and Mrs. C. 10. Boyle arid family arrived this week to make their j permanent home in Covina. Mr. Hoyle is a brother-in-law of Mr. C. H. Bailey, of Pasadena, and will look after this gentleman'B extensive business interests iu Covinu. Mr. Paul Meridian and mother, recent arrivals from Chicago, spent j Christmas with the latter'.", cousin, JMrs. K. ,J. Trueblood. Mr. Meriman, i a grandson of P, Hyacinth*-, has decided to remain in California and is opening a studio in Los Angeles. We an- not afraid to place the '. reputation of W.W. .v Co.'s pie v,ith the taste of the American l.oy «.r : girl. W. W. k Co.'s pastry ! never hi:rns. fbll.i, toughen.i, or hurK : the inner workings of ».he human ' being. OUR AGMTS: Warner, WHitsel & (o. tome's Grocery Penmoa Sanitary laundry Miss Frances Hill of Ventura la a gueat of Mrs. Lords Harris. Mr. and Airs. Mo Alien, Mrs. Wallace and guest spent New Year's day at the Tournament of Roses. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Harrla spent Christmas with tbe letter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. Goooh of Rivera. Mrs. J. H. Wagoner nnd daugher of Los Angeles were the guest? on Thursday of Mrs. E. O. Thomason. Lost—Between Covina nnd lower Ruddock ranch, new auto robe. Please leave at Argus office. It For Sale—Oak and sycamore stove wood, $8 and $10 per cord. J. C. Clutterbuck. tf Mr. and Mrs. Sam Gloze, who have bee.u staying a short time in Covina, have left for Reedley again. Mm. G. W. .Hepner dined at the home of her nephew, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Miller, Los Angeles, Christmas. Good pastry tastes good and doesn't bolt you. That's why we are BO particular with W. W. & Co. 's pastry. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Armstrong spent Christmas in Ontario, guests of tbe former's brother, J. H. Armstrong. The Argus editor is indebted to Mr. A. P. Kerckbotf for three brace of ducks, to which we expect to do full justice tomorrow. The Misses Daisy Lamphere and Gertiude Howe of Los Angeles were luncheon guests of Mrs. Harry White on Wednesday last. Mrs. S. L. Spencer was hostess at a New Year's eve dinner, tbe guests being Mr. and Mrs. Joe Heath and Mr. and Mrs. Marion Coltrin. Why worry and fret and run the risk of being disappointed by cooking your own pastry when you can have. W. W. & Co.'» home-made, pastry? Miss Emma Overholtzer And Mr. C, H. Stanton attended the wedding 'of the former's cousin at 321 Ditttnan street, Los Angeles, on Now Years eve. Do not forget that Dr. Clark (osteopath) who has succeeded to Dr. Goodell'fl practice, occupies the same offices in the First National Bank building, tf The best test of character isa trial. There are other good coffees with names and reputations, but are they as good as Premier blend? A test will tell. W.W. & Co. Fill up your cup, make it a bowl; even then you will leave the table with regret if Premier blend coffee is the beverage in question. W. W. & Co. For Salo—Orange trees, Valnnoias and navels, 3-8 and up, 3 feet high, $1.00 apiece. Also all other trees. Address 1271 North Mentor avenue, Pasadena. F H. Orin. 1 tp A family reunion for Christmas at, tho home of Prof, and Mrs. Flatt, of E. Italia street, included the latter'« sisters, Mrs. Hohrodor and two daughtrrs, and Mrs. Lund arid daughter, all of LOB Angeles. Mr. J. Bookford of Los AI\KH\OH is ploughing five hundred acres on the Baldwin tract adjoining tho Hollenbeck ranch and intends to sow it to barley. Mr. Bockford will probably come to reside in Covina in the near future. Guests at the home of Mrs. U. (J. Kring tbis week vero tho former'ii parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kriri«, his aurit and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Rumsey arid Miss Mamie Hudson, all of Lexington, Neb. They have been visiting relatives in LIIIIK Beach and will Innate later in California. Mr. 10. P. Hull has bought the new and Hecoml-hand furniture business lately carried on hy R. ,Mears on Citrus avenue. He has had a long' experience in thie lino of bnsitiosH i in tne Kast. Mr'. Hull has l.eeo a resident of Covina for the past. thr*;<-; | years, and has been employed hy j Warner, Whitsel (V, Company for the! fifteen months, and ib ucll and i favorably known ami merits the; patronage of the Covina puhlic. I Catalina Metropole Will Open. The Santa Caialina ftlHnr] ('••>. notice that, the H<.t«-l Metropolis, completely equipped, ,'.ili or,en for tl.<- feeah'.n on Junuurj .Jth, I'.id'.). JEROME REYNOLDS REAL ESTATE Orange Groves, City Property Walnut and Alfalfa Ranches CAM, AND WST VOtIR PROPRRTY Office with A. M. Pence, Reed Blk. COVINA, CAL. For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous. Comfortably furnished room for rent. Mrs. Martha Hibsoh. Implements at city prices, C. II. Morris. Tel. Azusa 4. tf For Sale—Good driving horse. Phone 157. For Rent—Furnished room, Third and Cottage Drive. 1 IGp Wagons and buggies. C. H. Morris. Tol. Azusa 4. tf Fresh oysters. 20c a dozen at Crensbaw's Grocery, Furnished room to Rent—Enquire at 124 West College street, Covina. Cow Melons For Sale—S2.00 a too. No better feed for your stock. F. M. Chapman, phone 01. tf Pumpkins for Sale—S. S. Asohen- brenner. Call at Hurley's hardware store. Fruits fresh for tho Christmas table at, Madison's. Nuts and candies for tho lover of genuine dainties. For Sale—A team of good all-purpose horses. Mrs. G. J. Reynolds. Phone 4038. For Sale—Pickled olives in bulk. Address C. H. Coffuiqn. Phone 101. 1-1 Op Furnished rooms for rent. Apply to Mrs, Murtha Hibach, Cottage Drive, tf For Rent—3 rooms, singly or OD- snite. .Furnished or unfurnished. Dr. Bates. New sewing machine to trade for driving horse. E. P. Hull, tho fur- uiture man, Citrus avenue, Covina. 2 OYSTERS—From this tirno on wo will curry fresh oyHtors in bulk at 20o a dozen. Cronshaw's Grocery. Rooms to rent for light housekeeping-- Apply to Mrs. Allison, West Dexter St. t f Place your spare cash in tho Covina Valley Savings Bank, u wife investment at 4 per coat. Madison's Confectionery and Dolicn- toHBon Htoro him its Christmas lino in. Don't go by the door. Good B flat cornet for sale. Ad- dross Gus Rcldrniller, A/.UHO, Col. 1 Op STRAYED OR STOLKN Berkshire HOW, Hultablo reward for return or locution. RiggiriH Firrrn and Hanoi), Covina, Cal. For Halo-—Onurgci wood. $11.00 a cord on ground and $12.00 delivered. R. Anderson. A/umi ohono 4237. Tho Southwestern Brokerage Company will buy your oranges for (insh. K. O. Simpson, agent. Office with California Cit.tUH Union. tf Wood For Kale (lood, dry, HCH- Honcd eucalyptus wood, 811 per con!. Wood piled on Lark Kllen ranch, Han Bernardino roitd. Ben F. Thorpo. Telephone 4037. 1 !) For- Kale Two 3(! inch pipes with cement bottoms suitable for- watering troughs. 1'rioo $1.00 each. At Kol lar & Thornason'H shop. Bon i'. Thorpe, telephone 4037. It for HottingH- Thoroughbred Leghorn, White Minorca and Black Minorca. TOc and $5.00 per setting. Mrs. ,J. Whewler, ('yprcsM avenue. Phone 100H, 3 J p Wanted A first C!«HU 20 acre orange grove in hearing. Horun Vaicnchis. Description and lowest cash price to J. JI. MutthiivvB, (,'o- vinii. '' Cln i-; 'riiiii gif, MUHHJJI, Chrin'/niiH gif." tiit. a Huitahlc f.'ljriwf IIIUH gift for ariyniii- .-it MadMori'h candy htore, ril.ruH >i •, •••/me. Nii'i- |in<: rjf boxen,' lii^li gr.-i'l': holiday choc.olaten. Kit/fJi:j-;;!d ,v. Harry of i' I'.an money <-n ranches arid improved real eslari: at lowe.-ii. current raten. j Write i,t telephone It/em at i'asadcna ' or call up ,1. W. PrcntihH, f/'.viua phone 'i I ',) 1, ai'd a>-,k to fujvc ;t repre hentatiie •,{ the flnu call i/n you. tf There are Shoes and Shoes Tint OUR SHOES nrc shoes that wcnr. Our fa nous NAP-ATAN ilioc for working men, black or Ian, plain toes, cap toes, blutchcra or bala, arc guaranteed waterproof. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. 13.00, $8.50 nnd $4.00 per pair. Covina Peoples Store (iNCORI'ORATKn) Fidgety Weather Has a tendency, with its warm days and cool uig-hts, to bring- on that measly little cough—the "little caugh" that so often brings on something serious—the "little caugh" that is so embarrassing in public, for instanc^ in church. Lcl PIINO-/WEINTMOL scare it away. Let U relieve yon of the embarrassment and anxiety. Tastes good, in and drives the tickle and "little cangir away. 25 and 50 cents SEASON FOR DECIDUOUS FREE PLANTING Gel your trees now of Armstrong's (ovina taries j Peach, Apricot, Plum, Apple, Walnut Half a million Eucalyptus Trees ready for planting. All kinds of berry vines. We can supply anything you wish in the ornamental line. CALL US BY J'HONE OK COME IN AND SKK US Home Phone 125 222 East College St. It Makes No Difference What Kind of Work You Are Engaged In, You Should Have a Bank Account. Every man today has a good chance to lay up a compelance in twenty-five years or less if hi: will save. An account at this bank will provide an excellent system of laying aside that portion of your earnings you do not need Tor immediate use. This bank will appn.-c.iate your account, whether large or small. * The Covina National Bank Capital :T>,',0,()00 ( A A ^A A rii(j Sale MiK jr^f-Vv!^ KolinhJe l^tte

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