Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 14, 1912 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 14, 1912
Page 7
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THE lOLA PAILY REGISTER. THUJRSDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 14,1912. "They Ought to Make Those Marathon Runners Cany a Sign,** Says Felix to Fink. Xou BtG BOOB I'H Norr A SOMNWnBUUST »'M ^ M^RATHON RUNNER! f THE NECT TIME v XOUP0U.AKYTHli*6> GO-roTHEOUG R)R ur€. Professional Directory. • PK. C. y. BUSS • UenUst • Extraction without pain by tha * use of Nitrous Oxide Gas O Itoom Ko. 1 Xortbrni* Sidg. I'hones—OfBce 533; Aea. 852 ^ * : : < WANTS—ALL KINDS WAXTlCn—GIRL FOR GEXERAI. house work. .Mrs. J. D. Mundis, 422 S. Washington. WAXTEir—NURSING AND HOUSE keeping: .".12 N. Buckeye. , returnemamandy sUrd cnif shr cmfw WANTEtJ—GIRT. FOR GENERAI.. house work; no washing; 31i) N"; Cottonwood. WANTED—D I S H once. Krause Ca ,re. WASHER AT WANTS—ALL KINDS FOR SALE—FOR SALE FOR SALE—FOR SALE WANTED—WOMEN AND GIRLS at \VliecJer & Motter Shirt and Overall Factor^.-. Steady work. WANTED—A GOOD VMn\ HAND to work at the Sanltorlum. Inquire of Dr. Sutoliffe, Kress Building, from 10 to 11 a. m. or 2 to 'i p. m. WANTED-DINING ROOM GIRL af Ridge cafe. Call Friday afternoon. H. RIdgc, manager. FOR SALE—DRIVING MARE AND buggy; city broke. Phone 2."m. FOR ALE—TWO Phone fiO.'i. FRESH COWS. 1 FOR S-^L^>—WALNUTS AND PE: cans. A. L. Townsend. Phone 9'.»2-42. ' FOR SALE—GOOD JIIU'Il COW. 120.-, S. Third St. * WANTED AT ONCE—TWO Experienced cariH 'ntcrs; 20c per hour and board. W. R. McHill (contractor) Phone 106. Moran. Kans. WAXTED—PARTLY FURNMSHED rooms for light hiii-^ekcoping by couple. H. Bagby.phono 70S. WANTED—AT OXCE. EXPERIEN- ccd men in every department of brick manufacture, such a;? shale pit men. dry pan feeders, tosvsers, setters, and burned brick wheelers. Good wage.-;, steady employment the year round, and ciiejip house rent Address, Continental Brick Company, Aledo, 111." WAXTED—MAN TO SAW FIFTEEN ranks of wood; 419 N. Tennessee. WAXTED—TWO NEAT APPEAR- ing young fellows. If you are not making $2t- a week ronie over and see the bunch. From 12 to 1 or fi to S, either at Y. M. C. A. or Krause Cafe, Ask for McKitrick. FOR SAI.E-flO HEAD HIGH GRADE Shropshire breeding ewes; 40 lambs; 1 purebred Shropshire buck. Farm 1 mile oast and \i mile south of Car- Ijle, Kas. Phono 984-4. W. F. Weber. ! FOR SALE—GOOD, MODERN houM-, well located. Cheap if taken at •once See .1. E .Powell, or call on J F. Halderman at SIS S. Cottonwood. j FOR SALE—PAIR OF MAKES I with foal by thoroughbred sire and good driving horse. Alsn two goo<l sets of work harne.-s. tiKiuire .1. H. Riley. Hardware vtore. No. 1 .\. .lef- ferson. FOR EXCHANGE TO EXCHANGE—A NICE i.ITTLE home for good team, wngou and harness. A. W. Beck. 15 E. JIadison Ave. FOR SALE—FOR SALE FOR SALE—AT A BARGAIN, OUR modern residence. Call at 608 E. Madison. W. T. Watson. FOR SAI..E—YOUNG CALF. IN- qulre 136 N. Kentucky. WANTED—TINNER "XD PLU^rB- er. Must know son. thing about hardware. A. H. Hines. LaHarpe, Kas. FOR SALE—A FINE BLACK MARE 6 years old; will weigh about 1600 work any where: Just north Concrete junction. G. T. Prather. rOR RENT-FURXISHED ROOMS: 6i '4 N. .Icfferson. FOR S-\LE—SIX GOOD HEIFERS and six shoats; 419 N. Tennessee. GOOD GIRL FOR GEN'ERAIi house work. Telephone 032. 219 N. Colbam. . - ... I FOR SALE—12 VEARLIXG STEERS and 4 yearling heifers. S. E. McGinnts, I^allarpe, Kaas. "TOR SALE—40, SO, 160 OR 200 acres nice meadow land; 5 miles from lola; J35 per acre. Want no trade. See owner. S. W. Lust. LaHarpe, Kas. FOR SALE—APPLES, 1."., 2r. AXD .%0c per bushel. S. H. Wcith, Unllarpe, Kansas. FOR SALE—OXE WOVEX RUG Sxlt*, " rockers, 3 chairs, 1 inm bed, matire.^s and springsf 40.S S. Walnut. Phono Gt9. FOR S.M.E—1,000 BUSHEL GOOD apples, 10 to 50c i)er bushel, at Nevitt farm. mile east and 1 mile south of Ba.vard. LOST AND FOUND. FOR RENT—FOR RENT 1 i FOR KE.NT—THREE ROO.M FUP.X- I i,^!i<'(I l«nu>". I'Lone '.•.->->. FOR KKXT- -.MOPKKX KIUXI.'^UKI' rooms for liulit lii-s*" k.i'pin^; 2'- W .hiikson Ave Pi n.- I'.M. .Mrs. W. R. • Graeme. ' FOi: RKNT TWI) ROOMS It^K I lluht hoti -olicci ir ;u; .iIsk oih- n!<»' I sli-cping ri".".; .I 'll' W. Mnc'i .-on LOST—SATITRDAY AFTERXOOX, sterling silver necklace pendant composed of three !imet!iysts. Please return to .Mrs F. C. Xicholson, 316 East .larkson and rccMvc reward. LOST -GOLD WATCH OX WEST river mad. Phone 1222. FOR SALE—DUROC .lERSEY MALE pigs of March and .April farrow; good, st'ong individuals: will weip'.i from 200 to 2.=>0 pounds. Farm 1»^ miles east and south of Carlyle. Phone 9S4-4. W. F. Weber. FOR TRADE—GOOD 5 ROOM COT- take and barn for farm stock and tools. Addre.-s "T." care Register IX)ST -LADY'S GOLD WATCH and frb. Edna Cline engraved in case. Letter E on front of case. Finder return to 31.5 X. Washington or •phi-r.o 6i>2. Reward. LOST—OX XORTH^ .lEFFERSOX Street gentleman's brown leather pocketbook containing two V- bills. Return to 6:10 X. .leffereon. Reward. A Mght of Terror. Few nights .-ire more n-rribU' t!)an that of a mother looking on luT chilt; choking and gasping for breath during an attack of croup aud nothing In till! house will r«-li'-vc it. .Many moth ers have pafes<d nifih's of tvrror in this situation. A litt!.> for-'ihoucl.t will enable vom ki avo: I all this Clianib<'rliiin's Roni is a ccr tain cure for croup ;iud :'.;ts never been known to fail. Ko-p il at hand. For sale by all df .Tlers. POTATOES! Two cars of fancy Northern Potatoes just in today. 65c Per Bushel in five bushel lots delivered to any part of the city. Bigus Fruit Store ^a^ Side Square PHONE 293 > « :• MOSEY TO lO-VXI « •>. Will lend on bousebold gooda. « pianos, organs, sewing m*; • •> chines, diamonds and Jewelry. • •> J. Vi. tOFFEY * •> Office, .No. no North Street «^ •> «. •:• •> •> «.•> •> <• PHILLIP HEIOELE « • • •> HIBXESS AJiD SASDLEBT * •> Genera] Bepalring - 9 • • {•> 110^ South Street—Tola, Ku « • ! - • •:• F. I,. B. LEAYELL, M. D. • <' Specialties: ' • •:• Diseases of the Cbest * •> Disease." of Children ,* •> X-RAY • • •> Phones— Office lt7: Res. I*: •:• •> Ida State Bank Bldg ' T. O. CANATSE^ Kxpert Piano Tanin and Ropairifie WItfc K.nw -rtP Uualc Ct' LOST—BLACK MALE HOG. WEIGH nlK >ut 2r.o. F. C. Heaty. Phone 996-42 j CHIGHESTEE S PILLS —A Lost Ad Id tbe Reirlstcr findd II.; tA«lt^! A*M.i :.i: DmrTUi for ^ sot.n"^v^c':^;^Lvri:v;i^i£»» NEWS FDR TODAY MRS. HARTZOfi, AFTER A YER\ BRIEF ILL>ESS, PASSES .VWAT. % Mexican Rel>els Wreck Mine from ITliIcIi Was Shipped Zinc Ore to Allen County. ' at Id FOr >TAlX PEXS >'o more inky flnwrs when yon nse a good fonntain pen. We carry the best WATERS & OAXFORTII Drugs and Jewelry I^\H4RPE, NOV. 14—Mrs. F. X. Hartzog, age 60 years, S mdnths and !.'> days, died Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock at her bome, 712 S. Washington sjtreei .after an illness of only one day. Mrs. Hartzog suffered a stroke of peralj-sis Monday morning and her condition gradually grew worse until death came the next day. Mrs. Hartzog was Ijorn in Moniteau county, Missouri, and after her marriage to Mr. Hartzog she moved to I^aCIede cou">y, where they lived until six years ago w s $ « « s 5 5 s c- « s 3- where the ore is prepared for the mule teams to be conveyed to Maratlian. nine milbs distance, where it is then loaded (or smelter toiras In this p .srt of the country. Mr. Hondy has just returned from Kansas City where he has been in conference with .1. A. Schloss, general manau^-r of the company, and his presumption i.-; tliat it will be some time iHJfore it is safe to venture back and resume operation of when the family came to Kansas. The j .ihe mines. the city w .Tier to the city park. .1. W. Hamm, J. B. Flint, Robert Works and Mr. He>-no!ds, of Iluni- boldi, came to I.aHarpe in an auto yes terday on a short business triit. —Bring your poultry to J. A. Brown and get the highest cash price. .Mrs. C. T. Harris visited Mrs. Frank Xogle of Gas Tuesday. • W. A. Hicks pleasantly entertained ills Sund.Tv school class of the Methodist church Tup.sday eveninr MILS. C. E. IIEALEYContributed: Gtaduall.v, but surely :Iay after day the hralth of Mrs. C. E. Healey dt-clined for the pa .«t ton years, ; and on Thursday evening, Xoveratier 1 7th, 1912, at the home of her brother, j Carl Barjiholt. where during these ten i years she had dwell securely in his , sheltering love and was surrounded \ with every care that lenderest love for i his invalid siiter could prompt, she finished ber mission on eprth and h»»r • spirit returned to tlie l ^jrd. w.^io will • reward h'-r ft" all lier love and ser- . vice here on earth: and her memory will remain fragrant many years in the circles of life which she loucheil.' .Mrs. Healey's heart was won by the Divine Message and she obeyed her Saviour at an early age and walke«l with Him In loving loyalty the re?t of her days. To her Jesus was Wnd and THE DAY'S DOINGS AT 6JIS CITY 1 5 -5 -5 •£ S 3r w 5 5 S- •£ •? Cr 3- 3r 3: 3- i 4: HI ORES mLI, BE TRANSERRED # FROM THE KATY STATION. ^ Rovhal Scrrlfes at the Clirlstlan' ^ . Church J.'rowlnir In Interest and ^ Enthnsiasm. : X TRY OXE OF THOSE COFFEE BARGAIXS at .f'ARL & HCXTERS TWO roi'xos 4 .-.C. GA.S CITY. XOV. 14.—A. E. Hughes 3- ^ ^ ^ ^ f lio has h*v-n agent at the Katy sta- ,3- w v w v r.- t.- -jr %• %r re nr w ^ w « sr who tion h"re for over two years will be j checked out tomorrow and will probably be irnnsforred to some Missouri: —.t'>s<-,,h Mc'affr'>y. \ proi. for station. Mr. Hu^hes and family wlil, "'T • ;i-.n':!. leave the latter part of the week to'--' 1 < ..• ri ,!;:y ;i'coni:;!or.<i Vt- eniov a vacation with Mr. Hughrs' : • Honey f, 'lav (V.n! o r.: a family Jived four years at Moran. one j —Cabbage $l.l."> per hundred pounojs year at Humboldt and one year here; at .1 A. Brown's. during which time the family has j ^\ t-iass social and birthday party made many dwtr friends who extenc for Miss Edith Melton «a.< given at their "sincere sympat^iy to the be- tlie home rf .Mr. and Mrs. .McClure^ _ reaved relatives. Mrs. Hartzog Is the | j^si Tutxsday evening. The g\(est list', .Master, whom she served In perfe<'t mother of six children—Richard Httrt-; jm-imjej^ jjr. and Mrs. Fntnk Haush-; irust. never wavering, never wander- rop, H«ml>oldt; Mrs. K T. Gllmore, | ort.v. Misses .Xellle Hennlnger, Cora |nc awnv. rendft-lng all service In Joy i Moran; Mr*. W. H. Cook. Oreensburg: I and Jes«l>« Fitrpatrlck. Ethel Maxey, Trials, irt'oilailons and sornw were Mrs J. W Simpson. Pufblo; ' Xor.n, Mluhell. Siimli McGown. j-or )»orTl.>n but thoy were fri^m tlie Hartrog. Greensburp. and .N'etta Har-; Messrs Kay Uartlett. Delbort .Mttc'iell .Master .-xntl she met them bravely ami »pg o nhls city All aiTlviHl List nlgti I I'nui ;ini| Will lt ^1er ^^ler. HowanI ., h.vrftilly; thus making her n bles.<-. for the funeral Servl.vs wcr»< c« n-, t;i-<nv. R^lpli Edwards, Kxcrctt Mo.I'.ln ; snc to her brother, her relatives, her • ' and MIU«..i Mnxcy. enjoj tnoth'^r at .Strawn. Kansas, bi-f .ire ac-, ceptinc hi.< new .station. I i' Cleveland Bockovcr is up from Col- linsvillf visiting old friends. J. W. Wood, who has been visiting his brother in Oklahoma returned home yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Isaac ("arli and -L W Carl will r.iurn from Brbnson i'\ii< afternoon. ir I- ;;:!s nr.-] <•:,!«. I o:':('rs w!io :•.-.<• i'in-'" r: •: ii i:r..;;'.-i- I'lw'er in Hur- ctiri rir;. >I i• 111" .'f dise.ise f>f the tluoat and lur.s: rell's Drug Store. Xov PRAIRIE ROSE. (\iira E Rogers" i;:.—Miss U;:'acl>.- Ft.n! is ducte*! from the home thi.* uibrnln: ; friends i»nd the chuixh. at 10. Interment was In the Moran _ Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hodges wlli' on Siturd:>y. Norrmber 9r!:. TM2. fn at t!re Presbyterian chun-h number of frientis as^emblcl he'r last tribute of love and The Odd Fellows of which nholt Is an honored member. cemetery. - lle.-ive W<«djiesday for Abilene, Texas, i it p. E. .1. Ilondy, western agi^nt for the | for a visit and 1 fthey are favombly ' a inrce Mexican On> Company of Monterey. {impressed with the coimtry will make ;n pay Mexico, stati^ yesterday that his com- j that their home. respect pany suffered a heavy loss at their; a merchant. wl:o has been in busi- i Mr noi) mines last week as a result of tie; ness here six years, stated yesterday work of the Mexican rebels. The mines ate located at Boqnillas and are equipped with $120,000 worth of machinen'- The rebels, completely wrecked the mine and damaged the machinery to an extent of $10,000. Another great loss was the total demolition of a seven mile cable an dtramway rnnning from Boquillas to the Texan border. 3j5-S-3-3-3;***3-3!3?3-3-3- 3- « 3- 3r 3- 3; 33? 3- 3? 3i AX IXYITATIOX. Come and bring your friends to a demonstration of -Hie goodness of the In-er-Seal Trade Mark Package Coodfi of the National Blsmft Company, to be held in our store Saturday, that he had enjoyed a better business during the past two weeks than ever jner Rev before. —Watch for bargains every day at A. Brown's. Clarence Gates and his employer, Mr. Cunningham, of Kansas City, are expected down next week for a tisit with E. E. Gates and family. They will «ijoy a big hunt while here. Mr. and .Mrs. M. F. Sickly went to Deering today to visit Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Danforth. Mrs. E. E. Maxey plea.sanily entertained the Dorcas club last evening. Archie .1. Morton delivered a lecture Tuesday evening at the Methodist church at Neosho Falls. P. W. Jury Is an applicant for the f-aHarpe postofflce. The sad news was received here precedejl the casket as it was borne to the chu XOT. letb. There will be an opportnrilty for sfimpling many 3?! yesterday of the death of Mrs. Grace j new varieties and also interest- ^: Llndqulst, formerly a teacher here, but ing suggestions for serving at- S now of Elsmore. She was a daughter tractively. 3- : of Joe Wood. PARKHrRST. *' Mrs. J. P. Rogers visited her father. *J J. F. Burrls, yesterday.. •T' * 3^ * 3* 3t 3* 3' 3 t 3* 3* * $ 3i 3? -T' 3* ' Workmen began .Vestenlay piping •v-h and In an Impressive tnan- . r W. Srdman read that beau fiful P.-jalm. "The Ix)rd is My SHiep- herd I |;hall not want," as the casket was borne dcwn the aisle. The choir sang beautiful messages of God's Ibve and Rex-.' Sydnian spoke of tie jlife work of .Mrs. Healey of her Christian example and of the beautiful hope ot eternal life. The profusion and dpli- cate beauty of flowers ,offerings from lb\ing friends, and her lifeless forni were gently laid to rest amid their sweet fragrance in the LaHarpe cem- eter.v, so will the spirit bloom again In the Garden of Her Lord. May the good and lovlngf Father give comfort to the. dear ones that are.left behind and especially may bis comfort be sweet to the brother out of whose home has gone a dear sister. Tonlghl Tonight, if you feel dull and stupid or bilious and constipated, take a dose of Chamberlain's Tablets and you win feer all. right .tomorrow. For Bale by all dealers. 1 To- t<>!u-li<:r,< nn'«-nni:. Mrs. WiKid .iiid .\b.ier:i '.H'k '|:iin'r Thursilay .Mr.s Klor;« l»rs'.-r and in the ,.ft >Tno <->n w.>ur to Elsmor«> to sn* .Mrs (Sr.fc.^ i.iiid<)uisi »!io is "liilTi- seriously HI! Walhu-."' Sloan returti-d Friiiny morni!>.g from a Inisintss \isii n> ^e";;^i..s of th. congregation uu^i>^->\^^^-^'^'^' = ' (heir din... rs to the ^oncreto ..,.urcl, » ^ .htblr. u s.ent yesterday and bed f" «! the treat, r ...rt of U:M v.-.U ,„ oI.m, Kncn^ll; rlilmJIi'LS.!' V.' 'i: ^^""^^"""'^ Go.>drlch. Those who atI.Mtde<» wer '^tl^^;,,,,,„„„..., Mesdatnes E W I'l ams. M Po.>l. 1 ho e ;<8 Prather. P<n Uos.s. A. K HunM>iini.' Jack Hutu.'s. .1. W. Hampton. V. I G.Midricb. H Clinton ami Jra L:!udts E X, Hunter r.x'elved w<»rd yesier- d.iy that his sister. Miss Nina-Hunti-r, of Garn.'it. was quite iU. sun .Miu»: with diphtheria. Mr. and Mrs. lt«'n Boss will Icav. the -'."itli of ih- month for Ind^^tiend-J lowa. enee to make their hn-ne Mr. Boss i h. V .\cl:ims is improving r:i..; p\i,r, has a position as electrician at the by the erection of a b.iru. smok- cement plant. ! bouse and coal lioiise. The r" nt the Cbrisii!.n church i WiH Wood is plowini; on :lie Knox Is srowii-g in interest. Brotiier Gootl '• place when- Harry Fronk lives .Mr. rich preached last night or 'he sub-; Fronk expeits to move to a place of ject. "From Slaven,- to Freedom." ; {lis own west of Elsinore in Hn- Mr.«. M. M. Roberts is somewhat, spring and Will Wood will n -ovo on imporv-d today. the Knox place. Ell Ell.sworth the mall carrier Is j Mrs. Anna l.«aacs wa.s on the sick off duty this week making Improve- list the first of the w.»ek; meiits on his property. Mrs. Ells-1 The carpentf rs expect to finish th" worth Is carrying the mail. , work on Mr. .Nolan's barn today Mr. and Mr.t. C. A. Bowen are raov-j Mildred. Alice and Arthur Robt> ing to lola from W*»st I-iGrange. | ^rere Bronson visitors, rlday The town bjys .lefeated the bieh i Miss MablclSmiiti spent riiur .sdMV school foot ball team yesterday 6'^-' J with relatives in this vicinity a score of 1."; to 7. Another game will : L be played next week. i. —Chas. S. Hedge. 146 E 2nd St.. Claud Hughes, who recently lefr. I Hastings, Nebr., writes : "I have been here is now employed In the freight troubled wltii severe pains !n my denartment of the M. K & T. at Kan- back and kldneyg. and pain.^ were sas City. ; especially severe niomlrirs I ^ave The W. C. T. I', will meet with .Mrr. i used three boxe£ of your Foley Kidney Dean tomorrow. | Pills and the pains-bave ent:r<-ly left STOXY POIXT» (S. D. Brandenburg). i Xov. IL'.—There has been a nice cen ' tie z- phyr blowing from tho s9uth I since Saturda.v" morning at the ratf' of about 40 miles an hour and is |still going full force Tuesday morning. j It was impossible for Mrs. Bertie Hall to getan.vone to gather her corn and kaffir. So the Odd Fellows and I neighbors came in this morning with (cams and the women with well filled baskets of good things to eat. The force is large enough to get tiie crop gathered today. Miss Leia .Mcarland who has been v.--ry poorly with rheumatism for the past two weeks is improving. •Mrs. Guy Harlan and children left for their home in Pratt county, Kansas last Tuesday after a three weeks' visit with iier parents Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Brandenburg and other relatives. Raymond Harlan came in from Pratt Friday evening and accompanied, his wife and children home. W. T. Hall s.oent the week "nd wi;h • he Pancoast family at lola. John Burrows aiidv ^family visired in Bronson Sunday. It Is impossible to give all the news when we cannot get It. Everybody r:ill up Bronson l-S-l-C and tell us ';hf ni"ws and w»> will report it. S. jD. Brandenburg sold his three suckling mules to Em. ry Broughton for $::20. AUCTIOXEER! A. D. Collins General Farm Sales; Livestock a specialty. Satisfaction guaranteed. Address, C^lyle, Kas 3 IRA B. FRANTZ Vconnt of the International Life Slock ExnosifJon, Chlraso, Xorem- ber .10 to iVecember 7,1912 TLW Santa Fe sells excursion tickets Vriveriiber ;!'\ Dccen'.bcr 7 and 2. to • •;ii(:i>_v« and rfn;rn for $22.80. limited rc'urn until Ueccmber 10, 1912. W. E. RAI.STOX, Agent. OMCTRI8T Cxduslv* Qiaa* rittlng SpMUUM At Hanna's Jewelry Btor* Declare War on Colds. A crusade of education which alms "that common colds may become uncommon within the next generation" lins been beeun by prominent New York physicians. Here is a list Of the don'ts which the doctors say -will prevent the annual .visitation of the cold: ' "Don't sit In a draughty car." "Don't sleep in hot rooms." "Don't avoid the fresh air." •' "Don't stuff yourself at mealtime. Overeating reduces your resistaiice." To which we would add—when yon take a cold get rid of it as quickly as possible. To accomplish that you will find Chamberlain's Cough Remedy most excellent. Sold by all dealers. IF THE P.vPEK BOY FAILS TO deliver yotir paper, call IS and we will .«end you a paper Iiy a speqial carrier the' same ercning. , '57" tola iiaily Regis-ier, .\'.'vonil»*>r 14. J. R. West went to Bronson yesterday for a short visit. Cary Rhnffer in l.aHarpe. yesterday. me. I now feel well a?, ever ' rell's Drug Store. Bur- A Begtater Vul Ad. WDI Ort It. • Cbtc»utll»c»l)oTec9npM ».waltfiTa «tt«fiotcoo»ecuti »n «lat ««.»nJpr«««aI - liMm «fnc *w>£iat?.eex9«me'bos«i«i3 «af3Cker «ijiset€iFPosi3aai3y«tyl» ' ef Oictionarr Klectetl <wluch csrcn tba item of tbe cost of packiBc. czpren bvn t&a factorr. cl»du>:. dcric blra and otlier Dcccnciy EXPENSE ilesa). ! and reccfrv roar ciiotc* ef thete Iltra boolcsr Ttoe §4.( J 0 (L'VeillTtstrati'.-s in tlieannoancementsfromdoy today.) < . New Tli:5 dicti'^n -irv i? i:< T publisht'J Dy t 'le original pubn- * WUHsiiXVat Ushers <f \Vc'.>^f .-'i <::cli -;nary or l/y their Mccessors. J •| Q-| a It is t'ne OSLV entirrly Kir .v cmpilation by tKe world's « M .*rM.m prcatcst antlioritics fr ::i I'-fJir.:; t nivcrsi'ie5; is bound in ' INCnCNVARYtuU Limp ijrathcr. i ;-.;:b?;', sf-nip.d in gold on back and J Oliistraled sides, printed oi Dib!-.- pap'-r, with red tdgos and comers,, rotinded; bc3ut !ful, strong. i:::r.ill-. I; .••ic? the general contents, there;* are maps sr.d over 6oo sub' v—s tr-,-~llii.]'y illustnitcd by three- l- color r*2t^3, n-jmTous snbx '-r:^ by i-i-notones. l6 pa^rs cr >|]|^JJ^« th ^S c'nce SIX Consecctiro D'.z\nay Coaw>cs and the ' vOC •at , New Is ia pJain cloth binS- Ht. stamped > in (old 93 same #1 Is Mifily the saniflilC $2.60 is ir^ j;.*^ bootr. cx- 1 New —i,, ^ :r:t in the style ci i WEBSTEEIAX t -5ack:' lias same ti-JL-^- which ii ia .fOyZ illnstra- »i ;h e:i-iers. SIX ' « l ^.H charts tre oraitwd^SlXS » ,\ST Book hr Uul. ZZc E£.>r> for Praia:*

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