Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 14, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 14, 1912
Page 6
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CHAPTER Vll. Plant for Escape. De*p«rmt« »> be certainly Telt tbelr •ltt0(tion to be, for a moment or two Raiei'Un was unable to cast aside tba infl^oce of the girl, or concentrate ; blai^oUjBbta on some plan for escape. It Ay have been the gentle pressure vof ^Br hand upon his sleeve, but her V to I^ continued to ring in his ears. He > had|;nev^ b<>en a woman's man. nor .was, he specially interested in this .•i woman.beside him. He bad seen her •ftOrtjr, with- W* first appreciative " SUltce, x|^hcn -be bad climbed into the " -^-^ on the preceding day. He had id there fully the charm of her the dark roguish eyea, the clear tbefwealtb of dark hair. TM all'this was Impersonal; however 'prclty ahe' might be, the fact was ^notUng to him and never oould be. KnSwlng who she wma, he compre- .|)eoi «4 Instantly the social gnlf •tnlchlns'imbrldged between them. Aa^ucated man himself, with family eomvetlons 1i« had long ago ceased 'to '<SIMtt«^ 'he' realised hte present Jtoatttai'mora keenly than be other- might Ha bad enlisted In the «rmy with no mlsunderataadlng as to 7v)iiit,.«:Vrtvat«*n tudtom meant H« had AeM^ heratotora suppoaed be re- { yation-^at ataep Upm fit aartli against whldi the atagataaid'brashod in M mad dasbMoc>ilts precipitant front had compelled the savages to attack from one direction only, a slight overhang, not iinltke a roof, maUng it Impossible even to shoot down from above. But this same abarp Incline was not likowlse a' preventive of escape. Hamlin shook bis bead as lie recalled to mind Its steep ascent. i\'ithout root or ahrub to cling to. No. It would never do to attempt thkt; not with her. Perhaps alone he migbt Fcramble up romehow« but with h«-r the feat would be ImpoBsible. He dismissed this as hopeless, his memory of tholr BumiundingB drifting from pblnt to point aimlessly. He saw the whole barron vista as It last stood revealed under (he glow of the sun—llxt desolate plateau above, stretching away Into the dim north, the brown level of the plains, broken only |iy shurp flSBur^s In the surface, treelesM. extending for unnumbered leagues. 'Yo east and west, the valley, now scarcely more green than those nj-per plains. C -.3 bounded by Its verdurelesa bluttB. ran crookedly, following the river course. Its only sign of white dominion the rutted trail. Keyond the stream there extended miles of white sand-dunes, fantastically shapen by the wind, gradually changing Into barren plains i«<ttad%ny>I(t*a to'thlB^iaai^'h^^^ •'•ff'l;. B«>^een crouched the vlg- «atut«^pparantly aatltfled with the" "~* ' 'Ol4(3MY 'r ''l»at'st)nc tlii If voa sr- T'^T^ ~'; '., looliiiiK fi;r'i;i c!,ays of pigh'Jivlnj^ibsl—Calumet inr.ures :i 'votnlcr- ful saving in your'baking. Jiut it <! cs more. ItiotnresWholesome lood,tasty food—ttul.-r...:- ; ,ed i »x;. Calumet la -made right—to sell tight—to halo.' riiinl. Aiik one of ibe millioos of women who use it—or nsl: yuur grocer. RfCOVED HIGHEST AWAKTS WorM** Pare Fooa Exporfrioa. OUovn. 117. Pari* EupMttiM. FrHM. Uanit. 1912 '(FSrst Published 6cTol )ir 31,1912) NOTICE TO C0>iTBACT0K8. S^led bids nrill be received by the Board of County (Commissioners of Al- 4en County. Kansas, at the office of County .Clerk In City «f Tola. Kansas, until J2, .m. Thursday. November 21, 19l2. for the furnishing of all material and- tlM* erection of one bridge crossing Sweet Branch between SecUons 9 and 18. Townships 2.'> and 21, for a stone or concrete span of 30 feet, or two double arches of 18 feet each. Plans and specifications of which will be on tile after November 12. 1912. Also one bridge acros.s Big Creek on the 'Alien. and- Neosho county line south of Section 3^-2r>-19. Not less than 120 feet clear span of which bridge bidders may submit their own plans and specifications: all plans to shmi- coDorete floor. Each bid will be sealed and accomi >aniPfl by ccrtifle<l check according^ to law. The Board reserves the rig it to rejert any am! all bliLs. R E. CILBERTSO.V, County Glerl:. O. ,M. RKY.NOI.US. Chairman. I will Mil afPoMtc Anrtinn on llie fnrni known a* I be Old rramlev place. 623 South Kentarky .«<tri-cf, loin, on- ^' . . Satufday.Noveinber 16, 1912 Beginning at 19 o'cleyk, a. m.,-tliQ following described proi)er^ -;ir dxdtamant ot active frontlor service, jra^^ha-'vaguely knew there bad been time* ^en ha longed for oompanlon- ^ahlp with women of the eiaaa to 'w^Ueh ha had once beloiiged. Fbr- tttBiLtely hia border stations offered IJtUe temptation In this respect, and he '^ad grown to believe that be bad ac&ally forgotten. That afternoon even—awfetly fair as Miss McDonald tmdoubtedly appeared—be had looked hpqa herwltbout the throb of a pulse, a^ he nSght upon a picture. 8he was noF for him even to admire—she was l^or McDonald's dangbtpr, whom be hsid been sent to guard. That was all thOT. ; Tet he Icnew that somehow it was different now—the personal' element -had entered unweloomed, into the ^iqattlon. Sitting there in the dark. Qoaaales* body crumpled on the floor afrl^ feet, and Moylan l.ving sUff and cold along the hadk seat, with this 'girl grasplog hia sleeve In tnist. she reouOned no - longer merely the Ma- JprV^dainghterr-ahe had become hei^ sreiC' And she did not seem to cai*e if^d did not s^em to rttisUse that there t ^«ro hkrriets r rarV. n^lch under ' otbe;^ circtims'^cos uus'. so utterly ^|)arat& them, site liked him. and l^«alcly told him so. not aa she'would dUnnlBS an Inferior with kindness, Knt aa though l )e was an equal, aa tiumgh her was a gentleman. Some- Sbw^.tha very tone of her voice, the ^lai|ii&c touch of her hand, aent the puibping through his Teina. <fioiaething bosidea duty tosplred lilm; ha was no longer merely a aol- di«r, hnt bad stiddenly become trans. 'fbranad-tntD a n ^an. Yeara ot repression, of iron dlbdpllne. were blotted oit, and he became even as his birth tbade him. "Molly McDonald." ifoll^ UcDonald." he whispered the ^ftsaa i ^icoaactously to himself. Then hls'-^Hei ttaiigbt the dUtant flicker ot ladlaai'lBrei .and hla teeth locked aav- %,a«a^^' .rVUiere waa aomethtng else to 'do be- aklea. dreaas. Becatisa the girl bad apokaai'lAauabtly was so reason wby ha "idMndd ^aet tha foot Angry at him- It; «94^4ia ><if|iped his 'taculUes, and |f ^\.:^ceil-the altnation, aroused. Intent. ~ aJk^ Bat e:,lMiwf What plan promised any pos- albtlity of auccess? .He had tbehr aui^ H^-' jramidinga In a map before his eyes. ifTHfl tralnlns had taught him to note axnlTemember.what others would aa nei ^ect. Ho waa a aoldler a plainsman by long and even in the fierceness ot Indians' atUck on the stage his ' j^ance,had completely yisnal- BorroondlngB. He had sot 'th|a at the time, but now tc^gxapby of the immediate re- s tinrolled before him in de- tf by yard it reappeared aa photographed. He saw the ^Id^ tutted trail, rounding the bluff *t ;&e. right ahundred yards away, "• sharply down the slope and appearing over the low hUI to :-ii'«nigbt -stream trickling bask' Below, the short- but- susburiied and brittle, ran ij «iga of the river, which afli^tly in a broad, shallow-, 'fiodd '^eath the atar gleam. G ^'proteetion of that bank, but to the -left, where a handful CQttonwood trees bad found i 'jMthotd is the *8and. aoUtary Indian fire, emberit, no doubt, squatted -older warriors, feast- U^^.^ council.' whUe the hwka'lay. rifles in kand. the ;aigfat '«nshrouded alope. ientel,- Teogefbl eyea seeking to -thia''OUtIloea ot the ooa^ rijlack cmrt^ ot tLe Mufl. llant Indlsm sentinels, alert and revengeful. Certain fhcts were clear—to remain meant dtath, torture for him If they were taken alive, and; worse than death for her. Perspiration' burst out upon his face at the ^boughc No! Great God! not that: he would kill her himself firsL Yet this was the truth, the truth to be faced. The nearest available troops" were at Dodge, a company of mfanffy. If they started at once they could never arrive In time to prevent an attack at daybreak. The Indians undoubtedly kut>w thiK. reallz>?d the utter helplefes nesB of th ^ir victims, aitd were actluc accordingly. Otherwise they would never have lighted that Are nor r»v mained on isnard. Moreover If the two of them should succeed In stealing forth from the shelter of the coach, should skulk unseen amid the dense blackness :pf the overhanging bluff, eluding the watchers, what would it proBt in the endT Tbelr trail would bo clear: with the first gray of dawn those savage trackers would be at work, and they would be trapped'In the open, on foot, utterly helpless even to flRbt. The man's hands clenched and unclenched about his rifle-barrel lu an agony bt Indecision, hls .jiyes perceiving the sllhoutte of the! girl against the lighter arc of shy. No. not that— not that! They must hide their trail, leave behind no faintest trace of passage for these hounds to follow. Yx! bow could the miracle be accom pllshed? Out from the mists of tortured memor>' came, as a faint hope, a dim recollection of that narrow gully cutting straight down acroea tbr trail. o\-er w*hlch the runaway bad crashed In fnll gallop. That surely could not be far back, and waa of auf- (Iclent depth to hide them in the darkness. He was uncertain how far it | extended, but at come time It bad; been a water-course and must bavcl iWcbed the Elver. And the river | would'bide their trail! Anew bop<-' sprang into his eyes. He felt the sudden straightening up of his body. creep as close in as they dare undt-r covrr'of darkness. Ill bet tht-re ;ire •wenty rt-d anukes now -.viihin a hundred fret of Ui--- oh, dont shiver and lose your nerve! They'll not try to cloho that gap yet; Ifs too diinRprou"* with lis on Ruard and only cin' sld»> of the coach exposed. That follow wa* trying us out a while ago. and they've kept quiet 'ever since I lot drive at him. They know the limits of the Mfety lo.iio. and will keep th« r«- until just beforo daylight. That '.* when they'll try lo creep!up u'pon us llavo you got the time?" She opened her >vatch, feeling for the bauds wliu her fingers, woadoring BOWELS m, LIVER TORPID. CDSCJIRETS If r (ins (i |iiii <>d. liliionv. lieudiirli.v, Stitmiich Soiir. I.'ii a l» lent B«\ of rusmrels. Tiike Oiie Tvuiiiht. Vou men juiil v.<>n:en w'lo rnn't Ket feeliiy: rishj— wli- lirve neadaehe, eiiuttHl ton $:ae, foul tasi<> iiud toul Itreath. dixxine . ran't .'^leeii. are liil- loiis, nervuus ;in <l »i »si>;. boiliereil wlUi a sii-k, sii >'-y. i;!.-i>ri !ere<l siinnucli. or have li:u-ku<'tie aud feel worn out. .•\re you keepiii): your liowels cleiui vaguely at Wr own euliunes*. Thi I ^- or '"^'-U f ^.V '^K " oool re^our^fulness of Hamlin l^^^^^^^^^^J^i^l; like a tome. imi)- -tan* "It-lt i« a little after one o'clock." j c^s^arets u..rk while v.,u ^leei.: she said slowly, "aUhoush I am not !,.ioan#e an .Ir.jiniate iIi.- i -iojnavli. re- sure my watch is exactly right." move ;lie s.«>r. undiirested and fer- "Near enough: there an; signs of ; nieotin pioud and foul Kase.»: take tlie daylight at four—three hours loft: ; excess hilo from tl-.e liver and carry that ought to be sufficient, but with no j out of tlie cy .^tem all th" CDnslipased darkness to spare. 'Will .rou go with i •"^ste mntter anO i<ilson in the inte­ rne? Will you do exactly as I say?" !«ne3 and bowels. . o_.i« kJ...,«k uJiiAi^^ A Capcarot tonicht will straighttn She drew a swift breath, holding ,„„rni„K_a lo.,-,nt l...x her hand to her side. . fr-n any druu > tore will ke.,. y.>,.r Oh, yes. her voice catching, "what ^.t<j,„ar!i sweet; liv.-r and tM )we!s ros- —what else can I do? 1 cannot suy ,(Iar and h.;..l .l -ar r-.r iiiontli.-? Don't here with those dead men!" lorget the • liMren T'l-y iirve Cas"But I want you to go because—, oarers hecau-e >.Uiy tn.ste )» ik ><1— do well, because you trust me," be urged, j >:'"'d never r-ri|ie ur .-•< ken trace of tenderoe^s in bis low-! .. ered voice. "Because you know I ] '«"K HKMIMKVTH I>KIJ Uh. would give my life to defend you." l He was not sure, but he thought •"here .tn- Already Sien* in hashing- her face was suddenly uplifted, hrr " eyes socking to see liln in the dart- Wasliiajiton. Nov l ^.—K forerun! ner of the nH 'O '-huiiliiiK delune that "I do." she answered gravely, 'Vy«>u must believe I do: but I havo nevtr been In such peril before. In such a situation of horror, and 1 am all unnerved. There doesn't scon! lo be anything left me bnt—lo tnist you." "That is good: all I can ask. I know you are all right, but 1 want you to keep your nerve. Wo are going to take a big chauce; we've got to do it—a i is ex|«'oled later as a eon^'eiiir'nee of ' lli«> chani!.' of the i>oUtiea' rtmiplexion of thi .5 administration is Ijeing ex- [x-rlonced alr< ady liy H<'mocratir Senators and niember5 of the House. Applieants hiivi- not heunn to arrive in person bu< leiiers and << loBriiins nre nrrlvins 'ly 'he hundreds. "l was fearful that we miulii no* llnd (H'niocrats t« till llie ofllees. but I iim belUK rapidly disillusioned." re- "Wbat—what is it?" she questioned. Startled. "Do you see anything? An they coming?" , ^^^^.j. "No. no." almost ImpatlenUy. "It ir-, pouch." still as death out there, but I almost' "Haversack. 1 have it. That will believe 1 have discovered a means oi. j,e enough to carry, with the canteen, escape. Do you remember a gnlly w»', j^^^ there is only one thing more be- rah over while 1 was on top ot the' .^.^ leave. "Wo must impress stage?" . i those fellows with the notion that we "I am not sure; -waa It when that '• wide-awake, and on guard yet. Sec awful jolt came?" • I any movement out there?" "Yes, It flung me to the foot-board not sure." she answered . , , , - „ "V.r "I inarkeil S<nator (lore of tlklulioiua to- single mlsplay, a slip of the foot. on,,,. ^ incautious breath may cost our lives." "Are you going to try to get uwny? To eludo the Indians?" "Yea, and therv la but one posslbi!- Ity of success—to creep the length of the gully there, and so reach the river. Here is aonzales' belt. Don't be (ifrald of U: It Is not dead^men who are going to hurt us. Sw]ng the strap over your shoulder tbio wa.v. and slip the revolver Into the holster.' That's right; we'll carry as little as we can. and leave our hands free." He hesitated, staring about In the darkness. 8a -irily deciding what to take, "tio .vou happen to know If either of the passengers carried any grub?" -Grubrv "Plains' term for food," Impatiently, "rations; sometbing for lunch en route." "Oh. yes. Mr. .Mpylan did; said he never took chances on baring to go hungry. It was in a flat leather ! doubtfully. "There Is a black smudge Just when L bad untangled the lines I uuuuiiuiiy. "xnei We could not have traveled a .Ifloten j beyond that dead pony; lean forward yards farther before wo struck thl*. and you can see what I mean- bluff—could wet" on the ground. I—I imagined it moved "I hardly think so," yet cvldenUy j^j^ then." She pointed Into the dtirk- bewlldercd by his rapid questionlnr;., nesg, -it is the merest shadow, but "Only 1 was so confused and fright-; seemed to wiggle along, and then cned I can scarcely remember. Why: g^^p: it's still now." ' day M« he laid down letter telecranis front two of his best friends niakini! aiiplicailon for the same plare. l"p-i(>-d«ti apidlniiliiiiii- i :ri' for T<'d• ral olficea wlililn the varUuis; »tate». but some Iniiinnllons of a wish to serve the country nbrouil or !u Wai*h- ington have ooine to bund. There are lierween S.O<"i and i».0(»0 presidential poatofftoes to say nothing of the executive, diploinatie: and other federnl otllces tlirnuKhotii the federal servlciV Soni«' intimation is jiiven of a desire to revise the elvil serviee law ii^ order to give the rank .-ind lit.' of th" lK »rty freer to i!.- i ...ii 'l<- • plo.vii:»nt, but the am* r:'' if !t'>'.•••eu ai>i>cnrs to be lo t\n iioi;ii:ir. in thr.; line, at leasi until the more important places are taken care of. Repreiionlative Johnson of South Carolina, author ot the bill introduceu last Fossioii to fix the given tenure of ofllce for civil service eniplo.ves, is among those who would not have the .fXisting law changed. (Firs^t Ptiliii.shed NovfrUiber 7. 13121 SHKHIKF'S S.\1.KJ> P .\RT1TI0\. State of Kansas; County of Allen, ss. I Edward G. Pettegrow and Fannie j PeltoKrew his wife: Florence A. Wllis<in and William Wll«w her husband 1 Plainiirr.': v.s. Ilannon S. Pettegrew and Ijiura f f ttegrew his wife; SwUh- en r. Pette.crew and Bessie Pettegrew his wife: .Myrtle P. Stevens; Maria .1 Albrerht: .Minnie Mallett and Harry .Mallett her husband: Frank Barknian: Fred N. Pettesirew and Fannie Pctte- Kr«-w his wife: and .laniea Mills, Pe. fondants. By virtue of an cxeeution In partition to inoMllrtvied and dellviM -ed. i«- siied out of the STth .ludioiul Dls 'trirt (•ourt of the State nf Knn.s«s, sittin? in and for Allen County, Kansas, in said State: I will at 10 o'clock a. m on the ;tth day of He .ooniher A. D. I:>t2. at the Kouth door of the vr>\\rl house in the City of loin, in thi> County and sstnto afon\>uild. offer at publle sale and sell to the highest bidder for cash in Uand. nil tlie right, title and Intere-t of the above namotl idalntlffs and defendant in and to the following described property In .\llcn Connt.v. K.xn- sas. to-wit: The Southeast Quarter of Settion Kieht »H», Township Twenty-four (24>. Range Twenty 1201: 180 acr^ more or less, appraised at $.">200. The Wen Half of the NorthoaFt Qtiarter of Section Seventeen fl71. Township Twenty-four |24>. Range Twenty i20); so arres more or lesr. appraised at $3000. Said tract of land will be gold separately, but neither of them for les? than two-thirds of the appniised value :is above Riven: an'd said land wiil l;e sold without the rijffat of redemption. Said proiMTty Is to be sold as the pror- erty of the alKive named plaintiffs and dofeartant .i other than their husband.' anil wiveti abd other than the defendants S. Pettogrew and Minnie -Mallott and other than .James Mills, ill an aetion for partition. Sheriff's Dffloe. lola, Kansas. Nt;- veniber 7. ial2. . HOOVER KEKK. S'.eriff of Allen County. |Kansa.'-. Maxtor H. MWlain and .Morse & Pees. .\ttornoy.< for Parties. ailE .VlJ OF HORSES. ; I'-sallon jars, l' '::.-.E :allun .stoile jars. 1 1 dapple gray stallion, 5 years old. !s-galloii s=ti)iie jar, 1 butter bow^, la.- wt. 140O; 1 black Arabian, U' die and .-^IviiiM.-vci-. l waiti-tooler stand, years old. wt. 1300. 1 cnjiLoard, 2 chairs 2 rocker?, 1 f •€ • 1 u stanil table. I iiialtre.~s, 1 spring and i HE AO Or C.VTTLh. 1 combination dresser and w-ash 1 Red Poll milk cow. will be fresh stand. I larBO heater. 1 gas hot plate", soon; 1 blaek Jersey Ilolstein, will be i (;.f„ot dining table .linoleum, 3 plo^-. In January. ^ tnres. 1' S-gallon nrilk pails. 1 2rliorse n III- in 1UM-< " wide tire low wluel wason, 1 two- 0 . . ol V 1 1 ir;', 1 ... »'-nted carriage. 1 J-hor.'^e delivery wa- 8 head Shoats. weiRhlt^K a'- g„„..i mowerl 7-ln.h plow. 1 Z-shov- Ibs.: 1 .sow v.,11 welKh about lbs ^^j^j^^i^^ ,„„,^. ^ ^in 8 dueks; KO chickens. barrels: '2 slop bowls; I sheet Iron I.HrLE.MF>TS. KTC shed. 12x14: some rhiek'^n .wire fence, 1 briieh wringor, 1 im-'ibator. 1 Inrpe 1 eross « iit saw. 1 i-!-.irkrii coop Ox"; "lotlvs basket. ? wash tiil.s. 1 Uil< lien;^i;!0 hales hay; sliocks (orn fodder; rabinet. 1 lot cooking >iteiis.ils. 1 ic.- and otli^r articles too. umnerous to ..ox. 1 iee clie.-t, 1 lot fniit jars, three mention. (First Published .November 7. 1912 > >«TirK OF FIN.VL SETTI,KMK>T. The Stale of Kansas. .Allen County, s.-j In the Probate Court in and for said County. In the matter of the estate of r M. l-Iaton. Deceased. Creditor;' and all other persons In- tefe .<ted in the aforo.said estate are hereby n>itine<l that I shall apply to the Probate ('<mrt. In and for said t'ount.v. sitting at the (^mrt House in Iota, County of Allen, State of Kansa.s. on the eth day of December. A. D..1912. for a full and final settlement of said eslnte, and for «n order finding and adjudt^ing who are the heirs of C. .M. Eatvn, deceased. JENNIE EATO.N. Administrator of the Estate of C. -M. l-iiton. Deceased. November 7, A. D. 1!»12. tll)-7-14-21-2S TEK.H.S <»F S.U.K—.Ml suins of $lo.>iii mui umlei. caKii in hand. All sums over JlO.iM) a eredit of lu iiiont;,s will b.. ^hiri. ))iiroKasor giving note witli .npproveU security, bei.'^iti;; c. iiii..;-.»st from dai- if paid when due. If not paid when due to draw l'>'. froisi dm.- ot .sal.-, r,: di .sLOiirit lor cusli uu credit sales. No property to lie vi-. <..ed iiii;! .«lil(d for (01* C. .S. III.SHOP, Anc«l<.nwr. ¥ \TL7 Vt^4.^^ «. R. iiOWLI'S, ricrk. J[. W JLJettS I,D»T w«i7 Thu:. i- \: 'rf ** •• >• .p. I'rL Sun. — Mon. True Winter Route "the man .:i-f rimisti ' ' ' s car. hate Court in tlie f'ourt Hotie ^e -at l<>i;i. in .-aid County of Allen, at I o"<-!<!.-k ti\ or i'j soon thereafter as tli- "oiirl ran hear the same. \\'itiie.-s the hand of ^aid .\ihi .ini-- j ratri< this, tiie I'.'.th day of No^em-; ;er. l:iI2 C\K«>l.i.'S'K I.IIWK. .Adiiiinistrairiv of the E-iaie o:' .1 W ; Lowe. I>e.ea;-ed. Ewins. Card « tlard. .\ttiiriity.> f, r .\dniinistratrix. 111-14-21-28. : I Firs? Publisht^l .Ntnejnber 14. i ;iI2i \OTH-K TO rREIlirOR.<<. In the lU.-irlct Court, of the Cnittd State.-* for t'.tp DIstrloi of Kanans Third Division. CotuiuoVce Trust C<viiiiiany. Ctiiu- plainant. vs. Creut Western P-iitlaml Cement Compan.v. Defendant. All persons .-'aiming i«» be credi- V .iv^.'f .>f lainiarit. and in ' default of .'. aiiil.- i .ev may be barred are you so anxious to taowr' ••Because." he returned eamesfiy i bending toward her. "I bellere that r gash in the earth is going to get \is: out ot here. Anyhow it is the only) chance I cau figure. If we can creei.. through to the river, undiscovered, I'll i agree to leave Mister Indian gaessing: aa to where we've gone." Hamlin focnssed his keen eyes on coining Inotherhood. should neglect to prepare her system for the phyai- cal'ordeal she is to undergo. The health ol both herself and the coming child depends largely upon the care she bestows upon herself daring the waitint months. Mother's Friend prepariifi 'Uie expectant mother's sys- I tem tor the co =ii:2g event; and Its ns3 (Fiist Published .November H. 1912. NOTII K OP PI .X .IL SETTI.E.1IEXT. TIio State of Kansas. Allen County, s? In the Probate Court in and for said County, m the matter of the estate of Albert 1... Daniel.s, Deceased. Creditors and all other persons in terested in the aforesiild Estate are hereby notified that I shall apply to the Probste Court, in and for said Ctounty. sitting at the Court House in lola. County of .\llcn. Stale of Kansas on the imh day of .lanuary. A. D. 191S for a full and final settlement of said Estate. CLARA H. DA.NIEL.S, Administrator of the Estate of Albert ly. Daniels. Deceased. -Vovcmber 13. A. D. 1912. (]l)-l4-21-2S-(J2»-.-| one ^nd. "Slide back further on tbe seat," he whispered softly, "and let me in next the window." There was a moment's silence, the only sound the wind. The girl gripped rn,^ ««to nr^^u —Mr... I- tsr! ^*»* ncrvously with The new note of animation In the) ^^^^ mans voice arouaed her. but ah€ | ^^^^ the outline of his face sil- ^r _Jut .T ^'!^V won't they S^'"'^^'^ "^'^ ""^ B hidin.? th'e«. fnn"^ ' iioniess the spot Indicated, shading them with • =»»he« lier. comfortable during all tba be hiding tliere Ipo? .-Jt'a a chance, that's all—but bette: than -waiting here for a certainty I Sec here. Miss McDonald." and he' caught her hand ta his own. forgetful of all suve'his own purpose and tht ucceasiiy of 'strengthening her to pla.\ out the game, "nhe trend ot that gull la to the west; accept «p hera-clos« to the bloS It runs too far away tor » gnard Uae. Tbe^indlans will be lyinc into the night without. Suddenly, not making a sound, he lifted the rifle to his shouldee. term. It works with and for niture, and by grateally expanding all tissues, lanscles and tendons, involved, and keeping the breasts In good: condition, brings the woman to the crisis is splendid physical condition. The baby, too. is more apt tc be perfect and stTtmS' irfaere the mother has thus jirepared herself tor nature's snpreme fonetion. -No better advice eoiUa bj given a yomg expectant mother than 5SCVCO Oihi frr tbelr aal- "."e. nfi^manm wui h.j '•»^,*»^ J pnthere on tte j^-gralrtU; tneywii; (Te Be GenUaned.) Caase ef lasoBaia. The most commen cause of insomnia is disoi^ers of the stomach and constipation. Chamberlain's Tablets correct these disorders and enable ]|oa to sleep! For sale by all dealers. I • . i that she OSS Mother's Friend; It is a InetBcine that has prorea its Talue is thotisands of cases. Mother's Friend Is sold at drug srtorea. Write for tree book tor expect- kBf mothers which cootalsa inncb ralaahte information, and many sug- gestldBS rf ft helpful nature. ?IU)IIE1S BKOUTOt CO-* M hu . Cs. (First Published .November 14, X912> NOTICE OF THE HEARIX.' OK Application to Sell Real Estate tor tbe of Paying DeMs. in fhe Probate Court of Allen Coun•y. Kansa.s. In the matter of the Estate of J. W. Lowe, deceased, late cff Allen County. Kansas. To William A. Lowe, Vesta Da^is ant Effie Voschell, and to all others whom It may concern: Notice is hereby given that the undersigned. Caroline. Lowe. Administra­ trix of the estate of J. W. Lowe, de- reasea. late of Allen County, IKansa.^. did, on the 13th day of .November, 1912. file her-iiotition with the Probste Ccurt of .Mien County, Kansas, for an order to sell lands belonging to said estate for tbe purpose of paying debts due and owing by said estate and for the purpose of paying tbe expenses of administration of said estate, there being not sufficient personal property out of which to realize the moaey for such purposes. The lands belonging to said estate described in said petition and which may be affected thereby are described as follows, to-wIt: The We.'t Half of tbe South-east Quarter of Section Ten (101. Township Twenty-five ^2Z), Range Nineteen fl9l. in Allen County. Kahsaa. being eighty acres more or lesa. Said application to sell real estate will be heard on the IQth &y of December, liti, at the office of the Pro- ceixer appointed In the al»ove na:iird suit, are hereby notified to file the underslKnrd Siieiial Mxster pointed in the above naniefl office 1000 Grand Avenue .^".i"- jnervoiisne ..i.s. a.-aV ba'k anil apre kid Building. No. SO.". Grand Avenue. Kan- npy, i^w the need of a pood reliable sas City. Missouri, on or before the jjiiin.y niedir-ne Foley Kidney Pills 4th day of December. 11U2, at ten , .oj-e t'>nic-, .•••tri^nErtJieninR and restora- o'cluvk % m. a starenient of their de- (ti-.e They build up i:-,e kidneys and mand in the fi>rm of an itemized slate- j reRulate their action. They will give i —T'.viii-_-..s of rhei:m.-!tism. bickache, .r \ i shootiav pains all show suit a, Hs ^"'"yy^ "re not workint right. ^Tem .!"•"""'• "•••'•^"'^'•ities. loss ff sleep, . "•.'V'" nervoiisne..:.s. u.-aj.- ba'k anil sore kid- raent of aecount, or in the form of a you (juick relirf and contain no habit ^Oor Personal Guarantee to aU SIdn Sntterers'' ' S. R. Burrell, Druggist. We have l>een In business In this town for some liiiMf. and we are looking to l>iiild MP trade )>\ alKitys advising oi:r PiiU-on.<i rifflit. Bo when w<» tell you that- we hav,. found the eczema remedy and that we stand back of it witii tta« manufacturer':! Iron clad gnarantee. backed by ourselves you can depend upon It that we clve our advJco not In order to sell a few Ixtttles of ir.wliclne to skin -sntteren", Tiiit Ve- ee»is» wc know how It will help obr Lusiness If we help our patrons. We k«cp In stock and seU. all the well known skin remedies. Bnt we will sajthia: If you ;.re se.frerlng from any kind of s'Ktn trouble: «>cr.ema, psoriasis, rash or tetter, we Want you to try a full size l>ottl'! of li. 1). O. Pr««:riptii.n. And, Jf it docs not do the work, this l>ottle win cost yoti nothing. Ton alone lo j ->i <Ige. Again and a^aio we have seen tiow • few drops uf this simple waah applied to the skin, takes away the Itcb. instantly. And tbe cores all seem to be l«erman'^nt. U. D. D. Pre.scription made by th« D. D. D. I .alK>ratorie5 of Chicago. Is compos^'l of thymol, glycerine, oil of winterarepn .-jnd other healing, soothimr. <-<K»Iin--- inere<i:'-nt.«. .\nd if you axe just crazy with it'.-h. yoa will feet >r.rith>Hl and coeled, t .'ie itch absolutely wa,«iied a-^ny the moment you applied • this I>. D. D. «• VTi- have xaade fast friaada at BMie tliaa one fomUy by recommending thia . remedy to a .<kin sufferer here and there and w.. want you to try it now I oa our posiUve no-pay cuaraatee. THE NORTHRlir NATIONAL BAHI' l«LA, KA5SAS ' • OTEn. FORTY TEARS OF COXSERTATITE BAXKRG IIT lOLA Depository (or tbe United SUtes. State of Kxnsv, and Alka C«w«ty OFFICERS: E. J. MILLER, President ^ ^ L. I- .\ORTHRin». VIce-Pre«t MELVJN FRONK. Cashier F. A. NORTIfRUP. Vice-PresL E. J. COFFEY Aaat Cashier D. P. NORTHROP. Vice-Pre«t CAPITAL$50,000.00 SURPLUS $20,000.00 TOUB BUSIXESS SOUCITED latemt Paid •• Ttee Oeywlts Satetj Deposit pntB tor

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