The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on October 4, 1961 · Page 4
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 4

Ottawa, Kansas
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Wednesday, October 4, 1961
Page 4
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OTTAWA HERALD Pane Four Wednesday, October 4, 1961 Editorials No Safe Place There is something touching, almost pathetic, about the 11 families from New York and New Jersey who have migrated to Chico, Calif., in an effort to seek safety from nuclear dangers. One might wonder what caused them to take such a drastic step. The news of the day, however, gives some clue. It told of building up the East-West barriers in Berlin, of Cuba and Red China denouncing the U.S., of revolution in Syria, of impending armament debates in the United Nations. This is only a partial list. Africa, Laos . . . other places . . . are on the brink of explosion. Some people build fallout or bomb shelters. Some move to Australia. Others go to remote Chico. Those who flee to remote areas, or those who can take refuge underground are few in number. While they may survive the first blowup when it comes, in this world today is there any safe place? To be prepared for the worst is essential in a world of crisis. But real safety To Your Good Health Television Log Channel 4, NBC Channel 5-13, CBS Channel 9, ABC Wednesday won't come in Chico, some remote island or underground. It will come only when everyone realizes the futility of nuclear war. To The Swift Television not withstanding, the motor car has replaced the horse, and a number of other things. This is the way it appears on Kansas' interstate highway system. The Highway Commission soon will erect signs on roads such as 1-35 near Ottawa banning pedestrians, bicycles, horses and horse-drawn vehicles and motor scooters. The safety of the motoring public and trucks using these super roads makes such regulations necessary. This action is in line with the one taken a while back when a 40-mile minimum speed limit was placed on these roads. So once again we see the saying disproved that the "race is not to the swift." Allergic To Eye Makeup By DR. JOSEPH G. MOLNER "Dear Dr. Molner: Is it harmful to apply cosmetic pencil (or "eye liner") to the lower inner part, above the lower layer of lashes, on the moist memBrane? "When I put it on that area, even though the black liner gets into the eye, I don't feel it. "But I am concerned because I notice that if I cough up phlegm in the morning, or if I have a cold or runny nose, I can see strains of this black liner in the mucous.—Bunny." . Part of the answer lies in what you pointed out yourself: You are getting the color into (he moist membrane of t h e ;1 eyes; the system keeps them v that way. Eyes are constantly lubricated with a film of moisture. (What a chore it would be even to blink them if they were dry!) So where does this moisture go? Any excess (unless you Dr. ftirolner cry) drains gradually into the nose and then to the throat. You don't feel a "foreign body", ip the.eye because the dark color is a dye, not'a'gritty'! sharp particle. I don't know of any reason why the dye would be harmful except to the occasional person who may be allergic to it. But why use so much liner, or dye? I don't mind the various tricks that ladies use to make us look at them. But I'm not impressed with the "beauty" of eyes that look- like the lid of a shoe polish can. "Dear Dr. Molner: I wear a hearing aid. When I yawn, something opens up and I hear all the noises around. Do you think an operation letting sound waves reach the inner ear would help?— G.E.W." The question isn't as easy to answer as you might think. Obviously your trouble is not due completely to any defect in the nerve. (This may or may not be part of the problem.) However, whether one of the various possible ear operations will help depends on where and how the sound waves are being interrupted. Consult an ear surgeon. If you don't know such a specialist, either have your regular doctor refer By jph This And That One thing seems certain in t h is uncertain world. The H-bomb will not determine who is right. Only who is left. A neighboring police chief defends the Kansas practice of having license plates only 'in the rear of automobiles Nine out of ten pinches are made from the rear. It isn't what the modern child knows that bothers parents nowadays. It's h o w they learned it. JPH A friend who got a gas stove to guard against the emergency of electrical storms and power failures still hasn't got it made. His wife has an electric can-opener. That English traveler who claims Kansas City is more depressing than Moscow must have been there on a day the A's met the Yankees and the Starlight Theater was rained out that night. Then there was the English politician who proclaimed with hand on breast, "I was born an Englishman, I have lived an Englishman, and, pray God, I will die an Englishman," A voice from the back of the hall, wth a distinct Scottish brogue, called out: "Och, Mon, ha'e ye nae ambition?" Dispatch tells us female teachers prefer male bosses. We suppose it's the principal they are intereted in. The most frequent typographical error is the transposition of letters. It's a fond hope that when "United Nations" appears as "Untied Nations" it is only such an error. you to one or else phone or write to your county medical society which will direct you where to go. (The usual practice is to give you the names of two or three top-notch men, after which you can select one of them.) "Dear Dr. Molner: My first baby, four months old, was born with a tight muscle on the left side of her neck. She cannot turn her head all the way, and she keeps sleeping with her head on the right side. What causes this, and what can be done?—E.M.L." This sounds like torticollis, which is a technical word meaning "wry neck." It is, as you say, an overly taut muscle on one side, but the cause is not known. Treatment by a specialist in the first year is simple and also is most effective — after that it becomes more difficult and there is less promise of success. You ought to dicuss this wth your regular physician soon, so he can refer you to a specialist — if that is, he confirms your observations. Many times this sort of trouble is not apparent during an ordinary visit to the doctors office, but becomes obvious when you can see the child all day long and note the way the head tends to turn only one way. Dr. Molner welcomes all reader mail, but regrets that due to the tremendous volume received daily, he is unable to answer individual letters. Dr. Molner answers readers' questions in his column whenever possible. Auld Lang Syne 25 YEARS AGO Miss Margaret Lytle of Wellsville was a member of the Baker University band. Elmer "Pint" Manley and Andy Buck packed Andy's car and took off for their annual fall fishing trip at a point west of Emporia. Sheriff Olin Minckley was in bed with a severe cold, following a trip to Denver. 50 YEAKS AGO Mr. and Mrs. Sam Weidner went to Williamsburg in their automobile and had to leave the car there. Rain made the roads so muddy that ihey decided to return to Ottawa on the rain. J. R. Glenn was back from a two-week visit to Illinois. He reported that state had been getting too much rain. Mr. and Mrs. James Sims went to Kansas City for a visit with friends. Prayer For Today That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us. (John 17:21.) PRAYER: Father of all, grant that we may realize that the man who is beside us is truly our brother. Give us all our daily bread. Help us to learn to associate together and with Thee. We pray in the name of Jesus. Amen. 6:00 4—Picture o! the Day 0—xjiiiiy Snow !>~ I'opeye 13—Quick Draw McGraw 6:3« 4—Highway Patrol 5—Early Show 9— Quick Draw McGravt 13—Film 5:45 4—Hank Bauer 13—Sports With Dev Nelson 6:50 I"—Business New« 5:5S 5—Sports, Harold Mack 13—Weather with Gordon Jump «:UU 4—News ft—News with Harold Uack 9—Man From Coch'.se II!—News with Don Harrison 6:10 5—Weather with Johnny Yate» 6:15 5-13— News with Douglai Edward! 6:30 4—Wagon Train 5-13—Alvin 9—Steve Allen 1:00 4—Wagon Train 5—Talent Roundup 9—Steve Allen 13—Donna Reed 1:30 4—Joey Bishop 5-13—Checkmate 9—Top Cat 8:00 4—Porry Como 5-13—Clvck mate 9—Hawaiian Eye 8:1": 4—Perry Como 5—Mrs. G. Goes To College 9—Hawaiian Eye 13—Beachcomber 9:1)0 4—Theater '62 5-13—Steel Hour u—N'akert City '1:30 4—Theai-T 62 5-13— Ste.:l Hour »—N'akeo City 4-0-U-13—News 10:10 4-u—Weather 10:J5 4—Jack Paar 5—Fa.hiT Ki;ows Best 9—Peter Gum 13—Weather—Gordon Jump 13—Sports With Dev Nelson 10:30 4—Jach Paar 5—Father Known Best B—Peter O'jim 13—Tai'.'iet' Corruptors 10:45 5—Five Star Theater, "Night of Nights 1 ' 13—Big Show, "Portrait of Murder" 11 :l!0 4—JacK Paar 5—Five-Star Theatre, 9—Big show 13—Target: Corruptors 11:3* 4—jacR Paar 5—Five-Star Theatr* 9—Big Show 13:00 4—Reporter's Scratchpad U—Dally Word 12:10 5—Life of Riley Thursday I 6:l)D | ^4—Continental Classroom 5—Postmark Mid - America 6:30 4—Continental Classroom 13—College of the Air V:40 4—One Way to Safety 6:55 5—Farm Fact* 7:00 4—Today 5—College of the Air 13—Rush Hour 7:15 5—One Way To Safety 7:30 4—Today 5—Moment of Meditation 13—Rush Hour 7:35 !>—Cartoonland 7:45 9—Good Morning World 8:UO 4—Today 5-13—Captain Kangaroo 9—Heckle & Jeckle 8:30 4—Today 5-13—Captain Kangaroo 9—Whlzzn's Wonderland 9:06 4—Say When 5—Jack La Lunne 9—Romper Room 13—Calendar • :30 4—Play Your Hunch 5-13—1 Love Lucy I—Masterpiece Movie, "I'll Take Romance" 10:00 4—Price IB Right 5-13—Double Exposure 9—Movie 10:30 4—World Series Spotlight 5—Your Surprise Package !>—Movie 13—World Series Speical 10:43 4-13—World Scries 10:55 U—News 11:00 4-13—World Series 55—Love of Liv« 9—Texan 11:30 4-13—World Series 5—Search for Tomorrow S—Love That Bob 11:45 5—Guiding Light 11:55 4—New§ 12:00 Noon 4-13—World Scrle* 5-13—News 9—Camouflage 12:05 55—Newi 12:10 13 -Market* A Weather 12:20 4—News, market! 13:30 4-13—World Sertei 5-13—As The World TurM 9—Make a Face Laff-A-Day Ottawa Roller Rink Public Sessions Wed. and Fri., 7:30 to 10:00 Sat. nights, 8:00 to 11:00 Private Parties Mon., Tues., and Thurs. 2nd and Main CH 2-9704 1:00 , 4-13—World Series 5—Password 9—Day in Com t l:3« 4-13—World 3erle« 6—House Parcy t—Topper 2:00 4—Young Dr. ilalon* 5-13—Millionaire 9—Day In Court 3:30 4—Award Theater 5-13—Verdict Is ?our» II—Seven Ket« 3:00 4—Make room for Daddy 5-13—Brighter Day 9—Queen foi A Day 3:15 5—-Secret Storm 3:30 4—Here's Hollywood 5-13—Edge of Night 9—Who do you Trust? 4:00 4—Kukla and Ollie 5—Early Show, "Harmon of Michigan" 9—American Bandstand 13—News 4:05 4—Mr. Magoo 4:10 13—Weather 4:15 4—Picture of the Day, "Rogues Yarn" 5—Early Show, 13—Cartoons 4:30 4—Picture of the Day 9— Deputy Dawg 13— Cartoons 4:45 9—Rocky and Friends 5:00 4—Picture of the Day 5—Karly Show D--Popuye i 13—Comment j 6:30 ; 4—HiBhv.iiy Patrol j 5—Early Show ! 9—Popeye 13—Film Feature ! 5:40 i 13—Sports witn Dev Nelson 6:50 i;',—Eutness Newi 5:55 5—SporU 13- Weather with Gordon Jump C:00 4—News 5—News with Harold M«ck 9—Yogi Bear 13—News with Don Harmon 6:10 4—News 5—Weather, with Johnny Yates 6:15 4—Huntley-Brlnkley Report 5-13—News with Douglas Edwardi 6:1)0 4—Outlaws 5-13--Frontier Circus 9—Wyatt Earp 7:on 4—Outlaws 5-13—Frontier Circui 9—Donna Reed 7 -.30 4—Dr Kildare 5-13—Bob Cummings H—Repl McCoy* 8.-00 4—Dr Kildare 5-13—Invesiigatori :)—Jim BacKus 8:30 4—Hazel 5-13—Investigators 9—Untouchables 9:00 4—Sing Along With Mitch 5-13—Where We Stand li— UntucnaUles 9:30 4-Sing Along With Mitch 5-13—Where we Stand 9—To Bu Announced i 10:1)0 I 4-5-9-13—New* { 10:10 i •)-.>— Weather i 10:15 I 4—Jack Paar ! 5—Five Star Theater, "The Suspect" 9—Peter Gunn I 13-Wealher 10:20 \ 13—Sports with De? Nelson 10:30 4—Jack Paar 5—Five Star Theater 9—Peter Gunn 13—Kansas Alield 10:15 9—Big Show, "The Square Ring" 11:00 ! 4- -Jack Paar i 5—Five-Star Theatre 9—Big Show 13—Movie, "The Cuckoos" 11:30 4—Jack Paar 5—Five-Star Theatr* 9—Big Show. 13—Movletlme U.S.A. 12:00 4—Reporter's Scratchpad 9—Unity Daily Word 13—Movie 12:10 5—Late Show, "Harmon of Michiga Ottawa Herald 106-10S S. Main Published daily except Sunday and Holidays. Second class postage at Ottawa, Kansas. Robert B Wellington ..Editor Guy Snedake' Publisher Subscription rates to trade area—By mail, one month .65; three months, $2: six months, 13.75; one year, 17. Subscription rates outside trade area —By mail, one month. 11.50; three months $4.25; six month*, 18.00; on* year, S15.00. MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Associated Press If entitled exclusively to the use for publication of all the local news printed in the news, paper u wall u all AP news dispatch. NOW SHOWING Box office opens 7:00 p.m. Due to Length of Feature It Will Be Shown Only Once — at 7:45 IT TOOK YEARS TO MAKE... IT COST $12,000,000... IT WILL BE REMEMBERED FOREVER! NOW PLAYING 2 Fine Films All 'Scope orng HILLS tlirrtng RUSON-LEslK An Ai»e!i!*J hmfcurs. 7:10 YULflRYNNlt _ UMJLOBRIGIM TECNMCOLOr IICMII imfNCE 8:55 HILLCREST stirrjii JOHN WAYNE ci stirriif id tint stir FIANKIE AVALON IICJUII <!: I!i61, Kinj Fciituies Kvnuit.ito, Inc., Voikl riglua NEW MEMBER OF NELSON FAMILY - The Nelson family of TV fame has a new member. She's actress June Blair, shown in a scene for a sequence in the "Ozzic and Harriet*' show, with her husband, actor David Nelson. June and David were married last May 20 and viewers of the television show on ABC wilt see June in the quite logical role as David's wife. Van Dykes Are Likeable People By CYNTHIA LOWRY I AP TV-Radio Writer j NEW YORK (AP)-A troika of! new programs made their first j appearances on network televi- j sion Tuesday night. One was i promising; one, reminiscent, and j the third, an oft-told tale. The promising one was CBS' "The Dick Van Dyke Show." It is a situation comedy of the clas- i sic television mold: the young | couple consisting of the mother-; knows-best wife and the husband ! who is just an overgrown little boy. ! But it was dreamed up by Carl Reiner, a good comedian turned writer, and the boyish husband is played by a talented rubber-faced, rubber-boned comedian named Dick Van Dyke, so it looks as if there's a new TV family around for the audience to clasp warmly to its collective bosom. If you close your eyes during ABC's animated cartoon "Calvin and the Colonel," visions of the old Amos *n Andy show will dance in your head—and with good reason. Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll, who were Amos 'n Andy, play the Colonel, a fox who tries hard to be wily, and Calvin, a bumbling, strong-backed bear. Although this is alleged to be one of the cartoon shows for adults, it would fit better into the late afternoon children's hour of TV. Incidentally, the animation is crude compared with the slick jobs being turned out by Walt Disney and the Hanna-Barbera studios. DIVERSIFIED SERVICES, INC. FOUNDED 1094 •xcfcuiv* national distributor for • IIVI MUTUAL FUNDS • ONE FACE-AMOUNT CERTIFICATE CO. prrft i smvkes For • prospettus-bookitt md information wrif» or caff Hazen L. Richardson Zone Manager 1438 S. Hickory Phone CH 2-2773 also ask about A prcxticol approach to Life Insurance SYNDICATE LIFE MVflSINI* SHVICtS, INC •V V »% A '« ,:A "*<»Tv .:» .: . ABC's "The New Breed" is anther hour-long police action story. Its gimmick is the glorification of career cops with college degrees. In this case the policemen — all attractive young men—are members of the Los Angeles police metropolitan squad which tackles special and difficult problems. Tuesday night's special problem was a mentally deranged war veteran who had lost his daughter tlirough illness. He develops an insane dislike for a doctor he believes responsible for her death, and in revenge, kidnaps the physician's little daughter. He plans to kill her along with himself by exploding a grenade in a children's hospital. There is the usual hunt, the closing in and, of course, the last- minute rescue. I've seen this with slight variations a number of times lately but usually in the 30- minute version. The only way the "New Breed" cops seemed different from the old breed was that they agreed not to give the kidnap story to the newspapers. Tonight's TV Highlights 8:M Cliannel I — "Man From Cochise." Explosions cause th« sheriff a lot of work. 6:30 Channel 9 - "Steve Allen." In this new hour-long show, Steve has Pat Kirby, singer, as a guest, and also reports on a new feature of air travel—movies, or Channel 4 - "Wagon Train." Polly Bergen is featured in thii episode, or Channels 5-13 - "Alvin." Start of a new half-hour cartoon series about the doings of the famed chipmunks, Alvin, Theodore and Simon, along with other characters. 7:00 Channel 5 — "Talent Roundup," in color. 7:30 Channel 4 — "Joey Bishop.' Joey lias Barbara Staiuvyc!.- as guest star, or Channel 9 — "Top Cat." This new cartoon series, with the voice of Arnold Stang in the title spot, is likely to prove quite popular, judging from its start, or Channels 5-13 - "Checkmate-" Ralph Bellamy and Chester Morris appear in this one. 8:00 Channel 4 — "Perry Cumo." The relaxed singer returns to start his seventh season, and has those home-run hitters, Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris as his guests, along with some others, or Channel 9 — "Hawaiian Eye." 8:30 Channel 5 — "Mrs. G. Goes to College." Start of the new comedy series starring Gertrude Berg and Sir Cedric Hardwicke. 9:00 Channel 4 — A special! 'The Spiral Staircase/' on Theater 62. Stars of this one are Gig Young and Elizabeth Montgomery, or Channel 9 — "Naked City." Police series, or Channels 5-13 — "Brandenburg Gate," drama. Late movies include "The Night of Nights," 1940, Pat O'Brien, Channel 5, 10:45. KEEN TV SERVICE 114 S. Main CH 2-3490 •'You look better alreadyl" Public Sale MR. DAIRYMAN DON'T MISS THIS DAIRY DISPERSAL Due to my health I will sell the following at public auction at the farm, located 2 miles South of Olathe, Kas. on Hi-Way 169, then 4 miles East on the Olathe-Kenneth Rd., then % mile South on Eureka Road, or 4 miles West of Stanley, Kansas on the Olathe-Kenneth road, then % mile South on Eureka Road. STARTING AT 1:00 P.M. Tuesday, Oct. 10, 1961 15 YEARS IN THE DAIRY BUSINESS THIS IS MY FIRST SALE 60 HEAD OF HIGH PRODUCING HOLSTEINS 60 Holstein cow, 4 yrs. old, just fresh, giving 10 gals • 11 Holstein heifers, 1st calf, giving 3^-8 gals • 5 Holstein heifers, 2nd calf, giving 4^-7% gals • 6 Holstein cows, 5 yrs. old, just fresh, giving 8-9 gals.; Holstein cow, 8 yrs. old, just fresh, giving 8% gals.; 6 Holstein cows, 4-6 yrs. old, springers 6-8 gal. cows; Brown Swiss cow, 6 yrs. old, fresh by day of sale, a 7 gal. cow; 2 Holstein heifers, 1st calf, springers; Holstein heifer, bred; 14 Holstein heifers, 14-20 months old, open; 4 Holstein heifers, 10-12 months old, open; 4 Holstein heifers, 7 months old; 4 Holstein heifer calves. — Note: This is one of the top young herds to be sold in this section of the country. All cows except four that I bought are from artificial breeding. Heifers are 2nd and 3rd generation artificial breeding. All cattle are OCV They are in good condition, sound udders, and hi°-h producers. Individual health certificates. If you are looking for Top Holsteins, don't miss this sale. COME AND SEE THEM ANYTIME. DAIRY EQUIPMENT — Sunset bulk tank, 400 gals.; DeLaval Magnetic milker, 2 units, complete; Marine hot water heater, electric, 30 gal.; Stainless steel wash vat; Propane gas tank, 250 gals • gas heater, 30,000 BTU; feed cart on rubber; metal feed bin, 45 bu. MACHINERY — IHC tractor, W-30, 1940, with standard PTO; MM tandem disc, 9 ft. HORSES — Stock mare, smooth mouth, gentle for children; stock saddle and bridle. TERMS: CASH. SALE HELD IN TENT Not Responsible in Case of Accidents. ALBERT NEW, Owner Russ Feeback, Auct. Belton, Mo. Ph. Dickens 5-4929 Bing Carter, Auct. Gardner, Kas. Ph. Turner 4-8271

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