Covina Argus from Covina, California on January 3, 1909 · Page 2
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 2

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 3, 1909
Page 2
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STUBB'S ADDRESS. t Mr. J. C. at nl.ha. Traffic Director 01 the Honthorn I'.irlfir; fjomjiany, actlris fta stitistituto for Mr. K. II. Harrttnan. Who hail promisor! to a-Mre-sH UK- Trans-Mississippi f'<mimr-rr:l;i! 'Jon- gross, (IrOlvnrr-'l r> rr-rmirkfibly lntrrr<-:U- InB R|>OM!I hf.foro thiil 1/orly in l-'.tii. FrnnclHco at Its ri'ifnt. nic'-tltm. Tin-re Is so much fond for tlion«hi In m;my of Mr. Htublin' IdmiH and d<;dil':tlr;nn. thai. Homo nxr-orpts from the Kp'-r-cii arc printed hero for Hie r.rinnlrlnnit I"" of our r<!0.rl(>rs: "There han bc.on <:ommlttf!d to the management of Mr. Hurrlrrian, UK you all know, certain railroad H.v«ternd which serve, In Irtrfje rne.'tmire, t'nlH Trans-Mlfislfi.slppl region. fn'-l'irl"d In those l« the orl«ln:il tninH-p.ontln'.'ritnl linn—that mudr- l>y thr- Union I'.'i<:l!l<' and Central Pacific.'railroads. It should have been dublicd flin "TrsiriH-MlHflH- filppl I.Inn." ProlKiMy tiinsK! r:i.llr'i;i'l HysterriK r».f>rvnfi\i i)i» ]!i.r«(-;ft Investment, of money of any productive enterprise In all the territory within the United HtiUeH lyln« wr-uf of tlie M|H,H|H- Klppl Illver. They are n\»n thr- |ri.rK (1 Ht Indlvldu.'il f rnplriyr-rH of lahnr. I)lri-i-tly anrl thrmiKh lhet»e ernployer-K thf-y ;i re the r?reate«t consnmer-H of f.he produeip of .ii'tn, forewt. find fuctory. * * * ,Thr; IrariH-conllri^ntal rallronrl HII<-M, or rathr-r thr- one dcxcrlh'id MM having Vieen (lr."t completprj, ;IH you all knov/. historically at leant, wan built by Hull Id of the f.eni-nil f]ov«rtiirient. The flnllerl HtateM advanced IfirKe KinriH rif money t.o the c.riinpanlr-H whlrrh [iro- moted and hiillt. thetie roadM. hut do you know, what IH true, Unit the lattl dollar of thone a.dvanee^ h^M hcon rr;- turried to the Orivf!rnrri"fit vv'tli Inter ewt? Yriii know that the (.'ori(.;r-i-K?;. In alrl of the |iro|er-t, K'lve evry odd nr-r: firm of dovernment lurid within twr-ni;, nilleH of the completed road. The r Ir, ver n nir-n t'M price for fhe l;ind \v:i.. u 5l.*i- r ' prM' fir^re, hut do you know w'l.'it Is iilno (rue, thiit tht> prh-r- r,:' I !,r- fi.i|- JolrilriK r-ven Ker-lloiiM, rr-l.'i Inr-il hy th'- flOverrirnr-ril, V IIH IllitlM-rllll li-I.V dolltil'-rl'' I 10 yrill knriv/ th.'l.l II:': r',i)V<-|-|Ul|eii| re- i',iT\'i'i\ the rl(-rhl to II •: the riitr-H to hr f:hnr'({''d for I ra nsiporl :i t |rjn urTvlr-r- pi-r- forinr-d for It hy tlir-ne hi.i;,i tfranl roarlH, iihrl IIIIH excrclHi'd thai rlwht hy paying only half of thr 1 Krilii!-; ratr-H? That IM M.k r-',v I i-i- a. Ca.r!!. I )n you :I|MO know what IK dr-iuonril raldr-, ||,at the navlnr. to the 'iovcrninenl In (lie eo::|. of IraiiM portal Ion and In Ihe i-oul of r-arlni.: T'<r and r-on I rol lln;.'; !!n- Indian trlhr-n. hy Ihr- con.-:l rii'-i Ion and op»raihin of Ilir- i llneH, \\-ill a K'" : ! 'r''V-''I r- inm-h fool e (hat t h e Kiint.M advaorerl to (lu-se (roni|i;> nh-n ulth InlercMl r-oinpouridr-d annually? Thr-nr- 'j'leMtlonM are aMl'.r-d and ftn.'iwered to Hi luiulat e pride In the administration of our Covcriiiiienl an n rna rvHniittly Miiccr.HHfiil tru.der; to ex- prc.KH my j; ral I Men I Ion In payment of Ihe rlr-hl. wlilch I bHIi-ve will h" r.-f|iia.lly ^rallfyltiK to you, and tr, rerord my wondr'rliiK ,'iilrrilra I Ion of Ihe pre- Mr:lerir-r; of niir PoreCa.l hei'H, Koln^ hack to I lie- Mcnalorlal da,y)i of Thoman If I'.enl.on. • * • I wr-lconie I|I|M ripporviiult y to Hay that my penplrt rlo not ohjeel to tin- lin iiroveiuenl of the rlvcrn. Ihe harliorf: and thr- wil I eru'a ,VM of thill coiinlr.v Thai work be|oni-','H lo !lu- (Ji-neral (Invi-rnnienl and Hhould In- done al wlmi'-vcr <-u;ii. u 1 1M-revi-r Ihi-rc IM a f-nh HliiiiMiil I d. '\Vc tl.lnk 'll.i-v '.'.'ill |iriM.'f to JK; \'iih;ahle J'r-ei}i'!-M lo Ihe rauroarln. * » v I |II>K your fiii'llntr lriduli;iMir'e to make LhlM Mlalemenl. ».l:<o, Unit, no fur an I know - anil I oiiKliI to l<nnw ncllhe;- Mr. I la rrlmari nor lil:-i a.-'.'iocia I en have a nl:iKonl/ed the building of the Panama c.'innl. Personally, I wl.fli II had \va!li-d on lln- relni hlllta I Ion of our morlhuiid merehanl nnirlni-. which I he- Ili'Vr oui.;hl lo In 1 Ihe next xri-al endeavor of our people; hill the I'.-iuanill ('a mi I wan Inevitable for many reason H . * * * The f-oHl rif mul u t enn nee IIIIH naturally Ini-reiiMi-d. but the COM! of opi-ra- lion IIII.H not hi-en reduced In proportion In Ihe i-xpr-ndlt ureM made fur Ihe pur- pone of reduein^ It. Mure t hu n one of Ihe corpora t IOII.H nwnlntr a l"aun •i-iiii- llni-nlal Ihu- hax \|n-r|ci I hank ru|i|c\' and liet-n reor.^a n I'/.ed Home of Micnt nnu'e than ourc. All lia ve ill linns f; d 1,'reiil Iliiam-lal d Islri-n -i MvidendM eiiual lo the f.'dniv I'alc >-l Inii'i-cMi rc.r lum.r loans mi r.lll -.-d.'-,-,-d KI-I-III-II n->, have hern a. ri'ci-ul i-v pi-rh-nci- In Ilii-lii. • * * I '.III a v \-IITI .-I II h IMMV. U 1 ll I h- I in- |i"idi li-ln nf I hi- pi' •:! h-l % <• In-,HI in-;- 'III 1 h- f< .|\ . d. v.'i ll re l'.:i-lmv a in- >1 n'l-- I I 'I I l( !-i- I a :- in.'dM i-lll III Mil- III I nd-i ul I'll 1 1.1 i ,i- I i i-d null a .-i u :i:-; I ' i- h .| I Id I 'i ii,l I I:-- lii .-,1 i ra n: nil lu-n la I 11 IM I I I- fur ni"l i- .1 nil ln-1 I .-r I M I Irna d t'.icll I I '• >• In II l.-. \\' •• I i-'-ii i-.iuiit • y. Tl-i- a p m ,-l |i, i hi.: di-u.a nd wa il s ..n I In- lice.- i: ,i ''V ti.nn- \. \.hii-li in yiduaii- v\-111 run MiM' I'M- hi-ndn-d:. .if mlllinici uf d-dl-ir-- I 'i ir re i > i > 11 •- \v h I e 11 y i ni nil u n d<- r . ri i id III, II Y <d \ oil he! I I 1 !' I lill II I ill 1 '-.I |ill I I has hi-i-i»nu-'V ul' I'alll'iiad ln\>--l inenl, I'l-i'iaps (In- '^ayii'ii nnr j t '-t I'ecllvc In i r:i Inl UK l In- ln\ i--:| Hi- !•• tin- l'i--ii- id' in i i hi, Hnillaihiii hv li-n iinhlic n[i.iit (hi 1 ri-lurns I'l'inu Ihr i n \-i .-it n it- n I. 'The hlMlory of our rn II ro.-id.-i H|IH\V- Mial the H I nrk h ol dt-rs iiMuall\- have hi-'-n d Is-'i ppot n I I'd hv the I'l-turn.s Mies 1 liax'e rr-ct-lvr-d Statistics of tin- I )e|iaftineiii of A ^ r leu 11 u re, uf the Itureau of Hie IVn.siiM anil of (he Inler.slali- ('iiminercc r\iuimlKHlon HhoNv that In IMinl tin 1 farmi-rN of ihl.i cuuulrv r Ived a return «! '.< IMT CPU) upon thr val'ic id Mii-li farinH In Mini vi-ur, thai inauii facturei's enjo\'.--d In tln« .-in on- \i-ar a net return of I'M per cent, whlh- tin- aveniKe ni-l ivlurn.s u|iou ra.liiia'l> V\-;IM onl>- 4 per i'i-iil. * * * InveMurN III rail roadH « i-sl uf (hi- Ml.ssl.HMlppI UMii.'illv have not ilmie MU well. 't'he uvriMKc dividend of tin- At i'hlnun, Tui'L 1 !'!! ^- Su n I a l-'u in the si-a'> from IS^J to IfilMt vvu«i 2.1 pt-i v-i ni Tlie a\'riaKe dividend of MU- NUI M i in Pacitlc In Mm years from |S,v:l tu ruin WILH 'J..'l pi-r i-i-iit. Tln> avcraifo divldi-nd of MM- S.mill.-in I'liclllc In Hi.' vi-ars from'i In I'lar, was 1 per d-nl. '!'•;>• li '. el ,-IKI- divldllid iif the t'lllull P.-icilU- In the \ its ISM in I HIM; wits I .'. per cenl. '['he a M-I a^.e di\ idi-nd .'f M.e (ireni Nurll ei'ii In tin: \ .-:i i M limn I vie lu 1 -in i" u a s ii i-er cent • * • 'I'l.e lie.-d.-i'. llluO.'.V i\ 111 he ul.laln.l 1-1.• \vl . li i-iinlideiii . In It--, pruduct l\ .-m-"-. I'-f ln\ e-t Iliei;'s I.- resl.-le.l. VI I.eii <•-. i. pi r-i t "-n .1 I.,' f: .,i,l \\ Hi t." l..:. 11 11 . • I Hi 1 i.. • i . •' i I i..: -J i. ( l I . • | |, 1 e u nd M.I; ea r i ii i u t ei, It '. , p; •. n e 11 • '.I I' V U > I !.' I M ; \ i a i r i I ,.'<•! i U 1 I . • I: It fi |" i s i ,-..-• t .'.f pu ni Ii- mi i:.I i li, find -' % |- lull liii-i.-u.;!. !,,.!-; i ! ,\ e t, .idle;; • • • \V.!,.-n M..-;- t . <-i-nilltiui,s I.MVUI! the lie. Mid ii.,.ni ;." ',-, 111 he f,.iM ,.••,tiling tl.o work will he prr,:,(,(.-uttd and the whei-la \t Industry bftjlu to turn evsry vyl.are." ARCTIC TEMPERATURES.' Zero Weather Is Regarded as Mild Agreeable. Accord I nf to cmlni'iit nrctlc or.'t, pl)vy,lc;il Kf'HXfitiririH arc relative nnd tlifl rniMr cnnifici'iiliriii nf so mMiy decrees <if lionl or cold jjlvr-f no idea of Iliolr effect upon tin; system. One explorer HtatoH that lie siiou'd have fro/fn (it homo In I'JiiKlnnd In a lemrieratiire thnt ho found very comfortable Indeed In l.aplnnd, with hi* Rollrl diet of nipfil nnrl butl'-.r mid his gnrrnc'iifH of reindeer, The following In n correct scale of the phynlcfll effects of cold, c.'ik'tilatfd for the latitude of 05 to 70 degrees north: Fifteen degrees fibovo zero mipIo«H- antly warm. Xero triild arid nyreenble. Ten dr-grees below zero plen«anfly frewli ami bracing. Twenty degrees below zero Sih.'U'p, bill severely cold. Olio must ko"p ono's fingers and toes In motion nut nil) one's nose occanlr>nally. Thirty degrees below zero-- very cold, rartlonlar care must be taken of the IKIHO and extremities. Plenty of the fnttost food innat be oaten. Forty degrees liolow zero - Intensely cold. One must keep nwiike fit all hazards, trmillo up to the eyes nnd tost the circulation frequently, that It may not Ktop somewhere before one knows It. Fifty degrees below zero -a Htrugfflo for life.—Chicago Kocord-Jfonild. PETTING A HORSE. If Yor, Want to Please Him Rub Him Between the Ears. "Not many people know how to pet a horse, from the IIOI-HO'H standpoint, nl. any rale." said n trainer. "ICvery nice looking horno comes in for a good deal of potting. Hitch a line horso close to the curb and you'll find that half tho men, women and children who go by will slop for a minute, Hay 'Nice horsy* and give him an affectionate [Kit or two. "The trouble IH they don't pat him In the right place. If you want: to make a horso think ho Is going Hlnilght to heaven hitched to n Now York cab or delivery wagon, rub his eyelids. Next to that form of endearment a borne likes to be rubbed right up between the oars. In petting horses most people slight those nerve centers. They stroke the horse's nose. While a well helm vert horse will accept f.he nasal caress complacently, h« would much prefer '.hat nice, soothing touch applied to Mie eyelids. Once In awhile a po' '•,! comes along who really does know how to pet a horse. Nine times out of ten that man was brought; up In ,tho country urnorir? horses and learned when ft boy their peculiar ways."--ys'ow York Globe. /t j. *•" ', f ' Queer Old Book Titles. These are some of the odd titles of old English books published In the time of Cromwell: "A Most Delectable Sweet Perfumed Nosegay For Clod's Saints to Smell At." "BiHcull: Baked In the Oven of Charity, can-fully conserved for the Chickens of the Church, tho Sparrows of tho. Spirit and the Sweet Swallows of Salvation." "A Sigh of Sorrow For the Sinners of /Ion breathed out of a Hole In the Wall of an Karthly Vessel known Among Men by the name of Samuel Fish." "ICggs of Charity La.ved Fur the Chickens of the Covenant and Boiled with the Water of Divine Love. Take ve out and Kill." "The Spiritual .Mustard Put to make the Soul S'lee/o \vllh Devotion." Tho Sailor's Prnyor Book. "Thin Is what you call the sailor's prayer book," a seaman mild bitterly as lie kicked a holystnne out nf tho way. "Why N II called thai? Well. In the llrst place, II Is called that because In nslnit It, la holystoning the deck, the sailor has to kneel down, and, In Hie second place, because all holystoning Is done on Sunday. Don't you Know (he chantey "Hl.\ clay-, shall iliini work niul do all that tli.iu nrl alili 1 Atul on Iliu seventh liolyHtoni) tho docks anil licTiipn I he i-ahh\ "The Htoue Is called holystone been use tho lirsi holystones were bits of tombs stolen from cemeteries. It's got u (ilmiti, religious sound holy niu] prayer hook and Sunday and all that— but It Is when he Is using this Htonp that the seaman Is most profane."— New Orleans Times-Democrat. It Happened Before. A self made, self satisfied and self assertive Itljieruut preacher \\IIH ex- patlallng to a college graduate on his own eloquence. I "Colleges," he declared, "ain't luvt-ij- , nary whon a preacher's go( a giMiuluo call to the ministry. I'm thankful to 'say the Lord opened my mouth without education." I "Tltat's Interesting." returned his i hearer, "('.urn 1 ID ildnk of It, HOUW' thing like that happened several thousand years ai;o m coaiieei i.m with Balaam, wasn't It'.-" >'iivle Maga/lne. In a Nutshell. "Bk 1*11. er." d.-.-hired the Indian who had been li-.ier.iuj: to a local candidate. "1 leap >• " "Alid U h:il If he i . u,,| rlei-tt d i" "Scrap heap" K.-HI-,,IS I'ilx .Ji'iinUll- All In Hii Htad. I n-t ni.-lor Mr. M ii'h l-iii.ll> 1 !';!;u'. - llic li.mcs .u the -l.ii.; Sin.lent Smith Weli. sir, I've p>t them aJ in hi) head, but 1 iv.u'l ihiuU of their JtiM now. Boliemlan. ORDINANCE NO.. 54 AN OKWNANOF, DF/JLAHINO THE INTENTION OF THE HOARD OK THUHTEHS OF THE CITY OF COVINA TO OI.OHri ftl', VACATE AND AHANDON FOR HTKEKT PUHPOSKH, THAT PORTION OF AN ALLEY ,LY- INO 17f, FEET HOOTU OF DEXTEK HTUEET AND HUN- NINO PAKALLKL WITH HMD HTRIOET KHOM OITIUJH AVENUE ON THE EAHT TO f J?ft J K D HTHKKT ON THE WEHT, DE- HOKJHINO HA ID WORK OR IMPROVEMENTS AND SPKC'I- FYINO THE EXTERIOR I1OUN- DRIEH OF THE IMHT.KIC'f A FI-'EOTED TH EREBY. Tho hoard of trnatncH uf tfie C'ity of Covinn rlo rx'dain fin follows: Hon. 1. That it in Urn Intention of tho board of trustees of the City of Covina, to close up, vacate arid abandon for Hl.rcftt and road purposes, all that, portion of an alley, being n puhlio alloy of tho City of (Jovina, of uniform width of 18 font, running cast and west, arid the north lino of tho fmmo being 175 feet south of the south lino of and parallel with Doxtor street, from tbo west line of Citrus nvenuo on the cast, to tho east lino of Third street on tlie west, in Block 1!) of tho City of Co'vina, in tho County of Los Angeles, State of California, as per map recorded in hook 0, pfigfiH .'! and 4, MiHcellan- OOUH Records of wiid county. Sec. 2. That tho exterior boun- drlos of tho district of land to bo affected by said vacation, work, or improvements are specified and declared as follows, towit: Tho south lino of Dexter .street on tho north; tho west lino of Citrus avenue on tho oast; the north line of Piiente avenue on tho Mouth; tho cast lino of Third st.reet on tho west. Hoo. 'I. That tho Stront Hiiperin- tondeiif; shall post notices of this vacation, work, or improvement as required by law, and shall cause this to bo published orioo per week for two Huccessivo weeks in tho Co- vinn Argus, n weekly newspaper published and circulated in said City of Covina, and hereby designated for that purpoHO. Soa 4. Tho City Clerk shall certify to tho adoption of this ordinance and nhnll cauao tho .some to bo published once per wonk in tho Covinti Argus, said paper ia hereby designated for that, purpose, and shall post tho some ounHpitiiioiwly for .two dp'js OH or near tho ohartfbor door 'of ijlie plaoo of meeting of tho board of trustees of said city, and thereupon and thereafter it shall tnko efleot and bo in full force. The foregoing ordinance was adopted at a regular meeting ot the board of trustees of the City of Covino, held on tho 24lli day of December, I'.IOH, by attlrniutivo vote of at least throo trustees, towit: Ayon—Lalioe, Potter and Warner. Moos -None. Absent Moxloy and Ratokin. Kignod and approved this) 24th day of November, 1008. E. II. LAIIEK, President of the Board of Trustees of tho City of Covina. Attest: A. M. PENCE, City Clerk. Oysters all the time at Crenshnw's Grocery. Fresh and fine, 20o a dozen, tf What, are you doing for thp "gum disease" in your orange gf-ve? Ever try n grooving knife? 2fjc sit Kellflr- Thomason Mfg. Co. If LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE OF HEARING PETITION FOR THR VACATION AND AUANDOMENT OF PORTIONS OF ROWLAND AND WORK-: MAN AVENUES IN COVINA 1 ROAD DISTRICT, COUNTY pF EOS ANGELES, STATE OF CAIJKORNIA. Notice is hereby given that a petition signed by United Investment Co. and 14 others, anking for the vacation and abandonment of that portion of Rowland Avenue from Azttsa Street to the westerly line of the 1'hillips Tract, and that portion of Workman avenue from s*aid Azusa Street to the westerly line of the sa^d Phillips Tract, as per map recorded in Hook l ), page 4, Miscellaneous Records of said County, said avenues being |8ituated in the Coviiia Road District, County of Los Angeles,State of- California, has been filed with the Boardof Supervisors of the County 6f Los Angeles, and that said petition will be heard by said Board, at its office in the County Courthouse, City of Los Angeles, California, on Mondaj, December28, 1908, at 10 o'clock a. m. of said day, By order of the Board of Supervisors of Los Angeles County, California, made December 7, 1008. C. G. KEYES, County Clerk and ex-Otficio Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of said Los Angeles County. 1).y A. M. McPherroti, Deputy Clerk. 1909 Model Kissel Thirty 4 /l4 'x4, l h. p. Motor- Wheel Base -107 in. I'M. niting Kciir Axle. 1 Uoain Front Axle. Selective Transmission. Kear Springs y\ Eliptic. Weight— 2000 Ibs. Timken Roller Bearings. Weeds— -32x3,'^. Speed-—- 15 miles per hour. Kissel Thirty Roadster $1500 Kissel Thirty Surrey $1550 Annual Stockholders Hooting. Office of the Covina Irrigating Company. To the stockholders of the Covina Irrigating Company: Please take notice that the annual meeting of the stockholders of the Covina Irrigating Company will be held at the office of the corporation in the City of Covina, County of Los Ang-eles, State of California, on Tuesday, the 12th day of January, A. D., 1909, at 10 o'clock a. m., for the purpose of electing directors and for the transaction of such other business as may properly come before the meeting. B. P. I3DWARDS, Secretary. Dated Dec. 23, 1908. Assessment Notice. Covina Irrigating Company, principal place of business, Covina, Rowland Township, County of L<os Angeles, State of California. Notice is hereby fjiven that at a meeting of the directors, held ( 0n the second day of December, 1908, an a.s- sessinent, (No 47) of 75 cents per share was levied upon the capital stock (as increased October 22nd, 1886) of the above named corporation, payable immediately to the secretary at the office of the company at Covina, County of Los Angeles), State of California. Any stock upon which this assesr-i- ment shall remain unpaid on the 5th day of January, 1909, will be delinquent and advertised for sale at public auction, and unless payment is made before, will be sold on the 26th day of January ,1'XW, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, at the office of the company in Covina, County of Los Angeles, State of California, to pay the delinquent assessment, together with cost of advertising and expense of sale.- B. I<\ 1C I) WARDS, Secretary. Covina, Cal., December 2, 1908. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. i Is hereby given that in pursuance of an order of tho Superior Court of tho Stale of California, in and for the County of l.os Angeles made on I he illh day of May, 11)07, in the matter of the estate and guardianship of l.iieinda Uoekwoll, a mentally Incompetent person, in tho matter ot Iho above entitled estate, the undersigned administrator of tho saidestale, will sell at private sale to the hiali;-s: bidder for cash, in gold coin of the United Slates, and on such terms HH may bo satisfactory to said administrator and lawful, and subject to con Urination by tho said Superior Court on and after the 1st day of February I HOD, at the oflice of Win. A. dallies attorney for said administrator am' estate, room 401, Chamber of Commerce, lliO South Broadway, City am: County of l.os Angeles, State of Call fornla, all the right, title, interest am' estate of the said estate of Luclnd'.i Rockwell, mentally incompetent, in and to all those certain lots, pieces or parcels of land, lying and being ir the County of l.os Angeles, Slate 01 California, and described as follows to wit: Lot 17, In block H, of the Townslte of Covina, as per map in Rook 9, pages I!-1. Miscellaneous Records of Ixis Angeles County, State of California, and all the personal property itemized and described in said pel It ion. Said real propeny so described is recorded In the otllce of the County Recorder of U>s Angeles County, Slate of California! Dated thh; 7th day of December, IflnS. W.M. A. C A INKS, Attorney for the F.s- tate. Inl Chamber of Commerce Hldg. FOR 5ALE Five room house and bara, lo*t 5Cxl75, fencfitl, close to Citrus avenue and electric road. S1800. * Lot 50x175 adjoining above, full bearing Washington navels. $350. Four room modern house, two porches? bath, cellar, electric lights, large lot 60x175. E. College St. S2500. Five room house and large lot 60x175, in center of town. S3500. Large lots, 60x175, full bearing navels. $625. ' Large corner lot 95x175, solid to full bearing navels, close to Electric road. S1500. " Business lot on Citrus avenue, 55x155 with enclosed yards and sheds, 55x80, hauling way on either side. The finest site in town for any wholesale business. Close to electric road. Price $6000. Good terms can be had on all the properties. J. H. MATTHEWS REAL ESTATE Sole District Agent Citrus Avenue Co^ina, Cal. YOSEMITE VALLEY Open All Year Why Not Sec Yoscmitc This Winter? It is a magnificent sight. It is a quick, comfortable trip. Daily train service, and good hotel accommodations. For through tickets and further information, see SOUTHERN PACIFIC OR SANTA FE or address 0. V. Lehmer, Traffic Manager YOSEMITE VALLEY RAILROAD Merced, Cal. ri New Pomona Double Plunger Deep Well Pump Head <! BUILT IN THREE SIZES, From Ten to Forty Horse Power It is the smoothest running deep well pump because there are no dead centers, no jerk or jar, and no danger of breaking the pump rods. Be sure and write for our big catalogue. Watch this space for further information. Pomona Manufacturing: Co. Pomona, California ii Notice uf Stockholders' Meeting- Tlii 1 annual nu'i'thitf of the Mut'k- liuhkT.-, i.f UK- First X.iti.iiial .if I'.ivi n.i \\ ill in 1 held uii Tinvxlii v , .!.( 1111- ai'N 12, I'Mi-i, ,u tlu->;iu-L ..f tlu- c. r;>.-:- .iti.-n .it lu ii'. -'(..(.-K a.m., for ll'.i 1 tun • ir>o i, | i. iocti ii_; a "i ilin-Lt •: ~ OVINA j ul _, \\\ M. i.K'SWol.l), r.^-hu-i i «. 'uviii.i, Cal., Hcc. I 1 '. !"'»•-. Covina Orange Groves We have a^e v'liiutage h.iviiio- good orange groves. If you waiu a ijuuk --aK-, h>i sour grove witii u-<. "IT l'AY> 'I'd SI 1-. l>" EDWARDS & WILDEY CO. 2.^2 I..,u-hiin n.d-.. i.o-, An-.-K-^ 1). W. M, 1 lotU'.'ti. i -Vina reure>eiii;ttivo Home phone ' 2V5, Covina

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