Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on September 17, 1944 · Page 2
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 2

Cumberland, Maryland
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Sunday, September 17, 1944
Page 2
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TWO .SUWJUAt TliHfcS, CU.MBtiKL.ArSU, Mt»., SUIMJAT, 5-Ef JLJ&UUJEK 17, 1944 MacArthur IS Seen Girding ~ For Big Thrust Official Campaign Photos jHersCY VlOVS m ^^^^^^^ m ^ =i ^^^^ m ^^^^^^^^^^^ MMM>MHaH g H j Stir Soldiers In War Theatre Size of Force Taken Onto' Morotai Indicates Dress Rehearsal For Invasion of Philippine* BY MURL1N SPENCER Allied Headquarters, New Guinea. Sept. 16. f.4V—The force which Gen. Douyla.s MacArthur landed on un- <inr»-nded Morotal island Indicates i hi:, was a drtws rehearsal for a bigger task ahend—the long awaited Invasion ol the Philippines, 300 miles to the north. i 1 From eye witness, -accounts by Associated PTCM var correspondents on the scene it appears that General MacArtlnir, who w;is aware; tt •..".:.—the iittlc tefanri was -virtually • undefended, threw in a much 1 greater force than he knew would be required for the job. Believe He Conld Be Voted Auto Workers Not Six Reporters To Add Official r\ TVT r? . On War fronts Liquor Shortage Seen For Xmas tejecl Proposal to Add A o 1 _ Third International Vice Al*C OllSlJeilUe TJ • J ' •*• Presidency Grand Rapld.s, Sept. 16 (IP) — Dele- Mnn With Whom They :?^ tc ? to ll } c United Automobile Should Like Most to Share a Slit Trench j Workers (CIO) convention here today voted down a proposal to add a third international vice-presidency to the nation's officers. Richard T. Leonard, national Made Uncensored Broadcasts From Paris August 25; Punishment. TJp Sept. 25 . , Washington. Sept. 16— <<P>— Rep.lUAW-CIO Ford director, announc- Supreme Headquarters Allied Ex- Jennings (R-Tenn) today made pub-'ed his Intention of running ton petitionary Force, Sept. 16 lie a letter which he said h« hadjthe position of vice-president on;Supreme headquarters announced received from 11 soldiers overseas, the first ballot against Walter p.[today that six war correspondents asserting that "right now we think [Reuther and Richard Fraukensteen I wn ° made uncen.sored broadcasts that Gen. Hershev (the National'after the convention had approved I"™" Paris Aug. 25 had been sus- _„„, ,.. „„. v .,^ lto Blc „„„ ix-lective Service director) could be<a constitution committee recom-:P e »de<i for 30 days effective from | new stock received from the whole- voted the man with whom he should imendation that called for no change: the date of thc occurrence. sarcr," Scniamin Niport, Assocla-! valley to roll up the enemy's Gv>'• !ll-<> niflSt Ir, ctloro o *n, rr«,,«l, !„ !,. -x.- ..._ _ ., ;_. i T\, nr c. ™fTo^*n^ „-*. T3-..I »» ; -~lrir,n nl-ncirionl = f,tr? lljnf. fl'nm hpllfnrl Pim-h Wiii Be Felt Unless More Allowed to he Manufactured Baltimore, Sept. 18 (J>j—An acute liquor shortage by Christmas was foreseen today by the Mutual Retail Package Liquor Association. Officials of the Association said yesterday that liquor production permitted in August did not increase the retailer's supply of national brands arid unless another manufacturing period were allowed, the shortage would result. "Whiskies offered for sale recently in Baltimore stores are not Great B a 111 e i of Tanks Rages In Italy Area British Fighting Stuhh (lru | Engagement For Hj. mini; Fifth Gains Limited BY GEORGE BRIA Rome, Sept. 16. (.T) —British &<•/ German tanks were locked tociny ^ a great battle within three nV'\! of the Adriatic stronghold of ain- ini, whose fall would let the Em ' Army into the plains of th.' in Europe, Aug. 23, 1944," said in jpart: New York. Sept. 16. (/T>—Official'was taken Aug. 21. 1944, by Leon; Cheer Latest Morale Builder " "— *••*—*••»- i l*lt-ilV4W L1LSL1 111U L ^*11ICU 4 VI t l(J CilUllt^C-* """ *• w "' *-»»»- w»-N,^»t*k,«4i.i.. irt IV- £it il I tlllljll *X ] like most to share a slit trench in ( iu the present structure of inter- 1 Those affected are Paul Manning,!tion president said the front lines." j national offices. ; Mutual Broadcasting Company; "This is reserve st Names of the writers were with'- Both Frnnkensteen and Secre- Seaghan John Maynes, Reuters; held. Tlie letter, dated "somewhere tary-Treasurer George F. Aridcs had> James M. McGlincy, United Press; campaign photographs of President A - Perskie of Baltimore, Md.;: "Everywhere in the blood stained la narrow margin in the vice-presi- Tcxt of Official Statement 'whose father, the late J. H. Pcrskie, hedgerows of France, the fox holesidency contest. . An official statement said: • Line from behind. .ock which the] Tanks and self-propelled .. retailer brought out when the WPB widened the crossing of thc M..: announced that alcohol would be river southwest of Rimini in opposed the addition. Leonard rani Larry Lcsueur, Columbia Broad-;released for the manufacture of'niiles while Greek troops on against both men in last year'si casting Company; Robin Duff, BBC,(from 40000000 to 50000000 gallons js*sl moved up to the edge o' election, losing to Frankensteen bv ' ancl Howard Marshall, BBC. '-'— ----- ----- T>ttn* -_,,-,•(,(,, n-,,^rr,,n ti. i.',,«^i nnn«iwlt o.iH >a<ir, Mem. c: TV,, » inuiiT, me mie J. n. rersKie. ••-"s 1 -' 1 -'"- 1 "» *-»nm.c, LIU, *.v.\ uuic^; r" ^ t^in" P ;v«r d hv n^ * Rooitul1 a » d Sen- Harr> S. Tru-. { AUanli( . CH N j look plctUTCS| of Italy, the damp darkness of the! astlkHne17ntheXrUJh1bi Z0 u"s man °' Mlssourl ' J*™^"' *'« of Mr. Roosevelt for'the 1932 and! Jungle and in ihe shrapnel torn;jV O f^"f±"J n J?,^°*"™ Pl " bi ?^.P'.? sWl? nt»! candidate, were cli.s-.1936 campaigns. i skies of the world, tired grim Amer-' 1 ™ p i . j (-In 1 I |V« H* «. «»*MI. *s»j«; 1-U.liUtYiMi.i-, n E7I t, Ul*1- , 1L7,>U t. ill I1 JJO. I g I IS. ' -'"•••--' •"" <.t.i\. r n HH thPir rrliii ^tributeii tonight by the Democratic! Trunian's picture, was taken byi lca » soldiers stood up to cheer the n-sB trkmv* positions oi|N at j O nal Committee. (the Statler Portrait Studios 1 latent morale booster of our beloved Harbor Fmed With Shipping L .T^-J^ 0 !™?^ Associated Press War Correspond-i er.t Spencer Davis said that .ships filled the anchorage oft tai until "it looked like- » busy day : In San Francisco bay." This great force encountered practically no opposition. There were a few snipers on the northern-1TD „ r»i-(*-i ft 1VT /-k. mast beachhead but they wereiJT-dLll 1L/ IT J. U quickly overwhelmed. Another Associated Press corre-! "Six accredited war correspond- of bonded whisky. | airport less than three miles "Expecting the holiday for pro-j the city, duction to result in increased sup-1 Fifth Advances Limited plies, we dipped into our reserves i The Fifth Army, assaulting •cnts who made a voice broadcast land now we find that our allol- :lrom Paris, Aug. 25, 1944, without; ments—except for a slight increase ' inri AT tllKm Icci/in i\i TVini»« ctr»rioi* +n.:.. A. _. .. _. • i.. p.spond-; I l &£":-Japs Set Stage: jsv dav. •«• " ' For Sour-Grape -.' V Work for Evacuation of Dutch East Indies Report Dec-hires spondent. Richard C. Bergholz, saldjp „„„ • „ Pniitiral Crnnnd that, the force he had accompanied j ™y>armg_ 1 OlUlCd! Utouiul ashore to the south encountered no : Japanese and no shots were fired. i General Walks Ashore 11 was fortunate that General MacArthur selected an undefended! __ point because offshore the waters' . , „ were like those off Aarawa. scene! Washington, Sept. 16 (,F, - The of a costly Marine landing in thei Ja P anese nre Preparing the political Pacific last fall. Landing craft at groundwork for an eventual sour- Peleiu ran aground on coral reefs '8 r( »pe.s evacuation of the captive. more than 50 yards onshore and not; Dutcl1 Ea5C Indies, .semi-official only the troops but Genera! Mac- Netherlands sources here predicted Artluir himself had to wade waist toda - v deep to reach the shore. A fre ° n s P urt of ballyhoo about . Warships pounded the beach for'^ rantin K Independence to the Indies an hour before the landing to In- haa bcc " noticed from Tokyo, insure the troops time to set ashore,; cludln S a clear-cut promise by Pre- befbre the Japanese could get set.'" ier Kolso that it will be granted As It happened, there were few : - sometime ln tile future. Japanese to get set. j Interpreted Distinct Switch '• There were other reasons, how- Thls Ls interpreted by the Nether- ever, for sending In the large force lands Information bureau here as than Riving them experience ln| a distinct switch in the Japanese amphibious warfare. Headquarters 'Political strategy, the object being; back here, several hundred milesi 10 deP'ct their departure us volun- fromMorotai, announced today that; tar >' wne ^ military necessity forces, Berlin Braces For Shock Of Allied Thrusts London. Sept. 16 (/P) — The Nazis begaij preparing their public today lor the shock of the Allied penetration of the Siegfried Line by stating that 1939-40 systems of fortifications were outmoded and have "last their meaning." and that the Invaders must cut through a whole series of new fortified zones in western Germany, A military commentator on the German radio said, "in view of the increased effectiveness of various weapons and the modern employment of air power all walls built before this war — as for example the Maginot line — have lost their meaning." Home front propagandists sought to console beaten German troops by assuring them that, regardless of the outcome of the present battles in the •p'Coi, they had saved much of Europe from Soviet domination. (Continued from Page i) jPnor submission of their stories to. in August—are unchanged" Human beings, the President said,.censorship will have their privileges. — friend Maj. Gen. LewU B. Hershev.i.simply cannot transfer themselves;restored 30 days after their breach I quote from the Stars and Straws' mentally over tl .of August 23, 1944: the extreme distances of regulation. ' jVT j " 'We can keep people in the Army about as cheaply us we could create an agency for them when they arc out." I i "Right, now we think tiiat Gen. , Hershey could be voted the man with whom we should like most to ; share a slit trench in the front, lines, j for we believe him to be a man of .vision; a man of understanding-— I especially of the wants, hopes, and : dreams of the common soldier. It of the Pacific. • "Tlie correspondents were sus-:* Churchill's words constituted ajpended from service on the conti-j formal British promise that al! thejneni and were returned to the| material resources and manpower|United Kingdom, where they have] of his country would be pooled with! been permitted to.....con_timie_their p . i . rllrtct* r»f Avi-i^^i/,^ o.^H 4*io Tr^crlicl^ I XVnrk- '* It-SnitTIIl -,, 111 those of America and the English!work. Dominions in the war to smash the! Extcnuatinj; Circumstances Japanese arm of the Axis. "Certain extenuating circumstan- He said that he was not in an^ces v.-cre taken into account, humble mood here at this second- "The abnormal situation in which conference high on the cliff above; correspondents found them-i Baltimore, Sept. 16 OP}— Approxi- the green, sail-dotted St. Lawrence.;selves, including street fightinfe;niately^50 members^ of the Chesa- Rather, he exulted in the tremend-jwhich prevented immediate move- '"" " '~"~ ' "" ' •-'--• i-s this keen understanding, and thpl° f the Japanese homeland. ' ' "~ " ous pace of Allied arms across Eur-iment to the hotel scribe, where they ope and against the outer defenses j knew press headquarters, including (General's well known ability of ex- i pre.ssion and timing that will swing i President Roosevelt back into the j White House with the certain vote Japs To Ke Made Suffer j censorship, were in process of es- I tablishment; the ready proffer of Gothic Line north of Flo:e:: = scored limited gains against sa-.j;: resistance. Gen. Sir Harold A'.-:v ander's headquarterss said c\f:- j approach to the defense zone v.;,' ; \f\ 'bitterly contested and hc-:r, A J i mined. i (The German high comi!.,;.;; 'communique said the Fifth A::.-.-.;had rammed breaches in the r,. •\T T i ifwxse positions but these had .-MeL^an-lOp^gi^- Address Members al The German defenders ol Kin-.::; had little choice but to star.n - : die, because along the Adr:h:i: front they were mostly wit".!',-.; transport. Along thc Marano river anri b--. fore Rimini the Germans broi;::.: up Tiger and Panther tanks Dinner Friday Night peake Association of the Associated Press will attend the annual fall „_ . ^ ,, , - ,-_.. ,..-,,^..., u artillery to bo!.y.<- 23 to hear an address by President| their tnSn linc of in r an try. Robert McLean of the A.ssociatedi Ti le y were fi"hting to o txj^.-* ii« iJt MI«**IC o u 11 (-1 i ukuiioinnvn v, tiic ii:i\uv jjiuiicl "^l — -- —- »-..-^ -—^j^,^,*-*^*^, He declared that as soon as pos-| broadcasting facilities by the radio ! Fress - and to niake a tour o[ Bnltl- sible Britain and the United States I station involved; and tlie fact thnt| more war industries, were going more forcibly to "bend;the material broadcast contained! William L. Geppert of Cumber- ( of everv mother father sweetheirti the evil un<1 barbarous; no breach of security. ' I land. Md., chairman of the Chesa- 'and wife who has a man servin" niuion to the wil1 ° r those the - v i " A § nl "st the foregoing has been|P« ake AP. said that McLean would ••oversea.? That is whv I uree vou' hnve outra g ecl a "d ac feet [weighed the fact that the corre-1 aildress the annual members' dinner '•to support Mr Roo'evelt-he hasi th >' soun ^ il1 *» cuffering." spondents violated an agreement tol prida V "ieW, Sept 22. AP publish, auuuu ^r. ««o.eveu ne nsu.. m J ^ nQ ^^ Q( {he fu . which each hBd ^i, bscribnd . thereby ers fl ' om Maryland, the District of ill stated. The same:placing ir. an e'j^anaosi'-" noaiiion p clumbia, and parts of Pennsyl-•-••• -; a n otllcr correspondents present .vania. and Delaware will attend. • who obeyed military orders" T 116 Dinner, to be given by the . isuch men around him to guide and' " e . nee f.,, : counsel him in his moments of de- ture ' Cnut ; cnl11 . j ci.sion. Can Hardly Control Enthusiasm I "As you can see I can hardly con: trol my enthusiasm, for we love it ; here and will love it even m(,.e so i after the wur is won. We love the ! simple life of ease and quiet dig| nity, far from the clamor and tur- |moil of America and home. Our ;only wish Is that we can have an end to this dreadful talk of de- processes that have led Britain and American from the dark days of, Dunkerque and Pearl Harbor, he said, will be npplitV, r.gainst Japan. Then, he said, there will be h resurgence of hope within the world which will repay all the toils and sacrifices o£ war. This he described as the prime purpose of the second Quebec war council: "The focusing with utmost rapid- - Muscovites Are fromMorotai, announced today that| tar >' when military' necessity forces, mobilization, this awful spectre of|, tv of al! t - le resom . ces of Britain of Czf - ch( repair of the airstrip started 24 ltllem out of the Indies, and at the ft miailf I Wa of lll° f j returning home over the storm-i and the united States on Japan ' from HlJ hour* after the landing, which I same tim e lead the Indonesians to; fc r> i to^ed waters of the gray Atlantic. j th(U ,. uiltv and dv €r W h icj j) vania. in v»« r.nv.^ »v> n » u.— r^__ * . i i ' innlr r»T\ tVi» T^J- n-rnirx t* A Tlin t o t- TTT 1 1 H TTf T \V*> M.*n rt h trv ctn t 1 Viom frtcm-et- on/^; .. ". ._" . . \ f~*r* *-nn t V* 11 means that before long bombers :look on t>ne returning Allies as nnd fighters from Morotai will be; a K8 r essors. poundlntc Philippine bases in the 1 Hitherto, the Japanese have given! (Continued from Page ij Hungarian stronghold ol Targu- Mures on the southeast. In northeastern Romania the Russians also captured Vatra-Dor- nei, 55 miles southeast of the tip of Czechoslovakia and only 10 miles Hungarian-annexed Transyl- whichj vanla ' in 'heir advance through the T JllflprlarPf] Wai'i) Ve Want t0 Stay hcre forever nnd I must °be stripped of power to molest Carpathian mountains on the ap- vj JJVit-t.. lai. c».t TT cii iforever among our pleasant Euro-j<h» ,t-nrM •• preaches to Barenu Pass. j pean friends. (Yeah, friends.) i . , « t • -, lowed by a business .session at the; Lord Baiting Hotel, and new of- ficei-s will be ejected. keep :;-.. Kghtn off the broad highway !:-:.- : Rimini northeastward to Boiosri and Mllnn behind the Gothic Lir.: Canadians First Across Marano Canadians were the first to c:-..-..; the Marano river and were enc-.i;?' by Pan?.cr grenadiers. British t?.:.-• and infantry came up, crosseri -.:-.? stream nnd captured the vii:. of Ospedaletta and Patrignano. :: ; miles south of Rimini. Greek troops fighting tip the Baltimore and Ohio railroad i Rimini, then forced >n two the to airfield. ot Aviation Corp. Six U. S. Annies (Continued from Page i) Referring vasion. i'n civil affairs to the Indonesians; Thousands of Japr Bypassed ,^ ui through representatives who; At the same time the landlngi" 10 ^' were appointed by the Jap-j bypassed thousands of Japanese en-j a »ese themselves. Thc Dutch in- trenched on Hnlmahera with Amer- jterpreted this as a move to build | lean forces on two sides. ] tne Indies up Into a superficially Islands Against German Invmlcrs L ; would ever consider returning home Edei1i the pl .j me minister said: to America and taking work away- -The business of government in from the poor fellows who have sojthese times Ls all one. When I have nobly stood up under the strains of' - . . . . . i By The Aisncistrit Prcll'l gasoline rationing, cuffless trousers and union scales." Americans, who have spent mU chi 1 " cie P« ndelU memt> er of the greater! London, Sept. 16—Finnish troops- R ep . woodruff (R-Mich) had the time down under, are taking deep! East ' Asia bloc tonight were waging an undeclared i letter entered in the Congressional satisfaction in the fact, that thcyi Although the Japanese have con- war against their former German' Record with the names of the sign- are now fighting north of the equa-|Q"«ed much propaganda ballyhoo : . llie . ->.—-. <- =....:-, ...... tor. about the blessings of freedom they a stream of vehicles be- ers reduced to initials and home the rare and fortunate chance of meeting President. Roosevelt-, we are not limited. We talk over every aspect of the situation. In fact, we get along so well and understand each other so well, that it makes it easier and quicker to reach an un- r. {about the blessings of freedom they ' . i states—two from Tenne.ssee, and one derstanding" Associated Press Correspondent! are bestowing, their actual behavior [ san P° urlll S across the northern: caeh from M | C hjgan .Kentucky .Call- He emphasized the value of per- Asahel Bush, aboard a flagshlp,i in the Indies reveals a far different Borders as war-weary Finns tried; forma, Illinois, Virginia. Oklahoma,I snnal contacts ns against written quntcd Navy Lt. Kenneth Rawls of jpiciure. the Dutch say. | to escape to Sweden in view of an New York and Maryland. Columbia, S. C,, as saying: i New provincial governors appoint-1 impending open declaration this, "It pleases me to look up Inloisd are exclusively Japanese, and i week-end. messages. He pointed, too. to the long associations he and Mr. Roosevelt had had. 4L ^in.-no*ro me: lu IUUK up mwj'*-" " iv - <• A^iu.-,m.ij uoi^^uuac. n uu i weeK.-<;na. •'T> I * T~** 1 vl =i^ Jiaa naa. the night sky and see the northj only two Indonesian governors re-: Finland Ls fnce d with defending! D3J 1111101*6311 JbllKlSi Held Under Happiest Auspices of San Marino. Prisoners captured since the *':~l of the Adriatic offensive rose b.GCG. heRdcjuarters announced. Headquarters also disclosed •: the British -SGth division, whicii - -.-, . t . ., „ , , , .„, , , , .....rring to the presence here of Battle Near Hungarian Frontier b exploited to the extent»>« B«^h «tli divisioru wluc:, .:i -softening up prelude to that ln-' wnat IRCV c»U an "advisory" voice ri -.1 n^fi>nrlimr Tulfi ' We are certain tllat »°" e of "s Britain's forel^i minister -Vnthonv Meanwhile a Hungarian com-'troops can pour through freely. a P art °' l »e f? rm ., 7 a -^- 1 • „.<„„ B ;in ofvil nrfa^ ,„ th. T^^^I^.-.*»( CM «1 Ul IJpleiKl 111? t,nll, „„,,,,, pver rmeMar rotttrnina v>^» I -, 1 ,?„ ,J!'S" ™,"dnr'«iri- mur<iciuc broadcast bv Budaoest dis- Expect Suma Fixed Barriers f ow captured the city of Salerr.! raque broadcast by Budapest disclosed that either Russian or Rom- Expect The drive put Lt. Gen. Hodges' last September, scored the pro:;:: anian troops, or both, were fighting First. Army infantry on Hitler's j inar - v break which opened the •.< close to the prewar Hungarian j autobahnen—a super highway oni to Rimini. st&r where 'eel closer to It belongs. It makes you|main Labor battalions have been; ncr j,; lam{s in the Gu i f of Finland' Lo home." formed replacing the former no-' nga i nst German invaders, helping! lion of labor for remuneration by iRussla drlve Nazi troops across thc a new notion of labor for co-pros-, Finnish borders according to their perity,' to quote Tokyo radio. Thisi |terms ot at . mis tlce. and discussing'Nipponese 8PPC r7i 'r, L°r" ln , 8h ^ S'T lab ° r ' tcrms of P eace *'ith R««l«- I F ntlorin.. Cite HOCK! Control Project ! _, ,, , , _...__„„ ! Lotteries; Marines Seize (Continued from Page i) in the Palau Islands just 515 miles frooi DBVHO in the southern Philip-' pines. -Smash Jap Counier-Chargrcs ! Lcathernt'cks of the first, divis-} Ion smashed Japanese tank-led counter-charges a.s they took firm hold on ft two mile beachhead af- Japanese Bondsj He said this conference had me {under happier auspices than any ! other he and the President had >.e!d. The two of them, he said.i positions. frontier. Budapcs-; announced that Hun- gajian troops, striking from their base at Oradea, had collided with Allied troops.on a. 50-mile front in western, Romania, running between T.ipova, Ineu and Beius. These tiiree locaiiti--; nre 25 to 38 miles from Hungary, ;;r.d Ineu is only 14V miles across tne plains from Budapest. Moscow dispatches said that Russian patrols already had entered Warsaw, crossing the wide Vistula from Praga and gathering valuable information on German troop dis- To Rio Cut for Time the road to Cologne and Berlin. Ill- was considered likely there stlll !P..]-,|p C" were some fixed obstacles between! them and the Rhine. j Aachen itself, once the capital of Charlemagne's empire of the Washington, Sept. 18 M> ( —A us;;, west, appeared to be toppling, with .j y informed diplomatic source .«-.; patrols darting into the city and [here today that cable comiriiin: doughboys surrounding it. (The German agency DNB said the Allies had thrown reinforcements of tanks and infantry into the battle of Aachen "on a large scale.") Uions with Rio De Janeiro, Err,.:: had been interrupted, but the ri-." • culty was subsequently traced ;.•> temporary denial of facilities to on company. The action was taken -• i the Federal Communications CP-.V. Forty miles to the south the ( mission in connection with rale ;••-:• Found on Saipan Island . i:^;u. iiie iwu tji Liiciu, iic oaiu.i *-—«-••«.«j. . Rnnd« in-could not but feel that one largei There still was no indication, part of their task "is steadily and'however, that the Russian and Po- stirely approaching completion." Hej»sh troops under Polish-born Mar- mnHn i* /*ln-.^ ho vnfi*r*-nrl *-rt t H tv ^i o _ .shal TCnfl.s t rt r! !.m K" R nlrnsLsn v^lr v Americans who had reached the edge of Prum, a strongpoint in.the ulations. Normal cable commun: tions with Rio are being maintai:;-•:, Baltimore. Jap- ° f " ls that s tnat nr for cast established a beachhead.j anese war saving bond found by a of s 15 i ' (An unconflrm ed Finnish report] Baltimore Army .sergeant at Saipan, f-nr'ni recorded by the O\VI -said the Ger- 1 showed that the Nipponese bonds made it clear he referred to the defeat of Germany. Just before their talks to reporters, the President and Prime Min- shal Konstantin K. Rokossovsky would attempt a frontal attack on Warsaw, which sits on a 130-foot bluff across the 450-yard Vistula. nr for mnn force nightj were ister received honorary degrees of It was considered more likely that j-_i , i f ^r..^i,i T T_:— i a strong artillery curtain would tw.- laid down on the city while Sovif-.t troops attempted to cross the river doctor of laws from McGill Univer- national lotteries aj At tired in crimson and white sa- ,<<jruA <J! rnrai reel. wavv euns, .,- . _„ . ci T l-.nninp hartTs anrf fntir ir.inp helped break up the Japanese cSun-!^ 0 " [£™ ™M^**™, h ™*™£» were sunk bv nre fTom; ter-attacki. AmericBn losses dur-:^ ^'^ °' AU1 ^^.°^» *" ^. Finnish naval and shore guns, thc|per and inscribed with Japanese, ' . . _ J Ci C ilPU r fnr ,f^f.^ ««irl ^ ' \ati-fir-r, nnr4 «l*,1ij-\»-n t n «-rtT-rt1 1 tr^rr <ntr,i- Siegfried Line, •"••'.me under the fire (operating agencies reported. of guns emplac-'d in fortifications in! the fir forests, I ITT At Trier, 35 i.<.iles farther south, j Ann i.Jvorak and Leslie Americans met some of the fiercest! resistence yet encountered in Germany from enemy troops fighting Feulon Are Separate! Hollywood, Sept. 16 (/P) — A::: from pillboxes with walls six feet thick. . _ . „.,.,, (The Berlin radio said the Amer- Penton British-born actor I Dvorak of the films and «n.-nrmin<r n«imro ar-mtc 7(vi!- v 'ear and a half it took to complete' jr,. ^.» ^ . . --- - - —•— —- varclTSr «»1 KC? Navv e J,^ lthe J° b - e land that 700 prisoners were taken.: year. ! tin robes and pancake velvet hats. a bov e and below the city, as Uiey an importa yartw or coral reel. Navy guns, More Indonesi-ins have. Slx landln * Darl -' cs and r ° ur mmc ^e serlal number of the bond.; they sat linder a not mid-afternoon: did at Kiev on the Dnepr river last northeast . ns nave,...,.., _„ ,..„,, ,,.. „„ , j Panted on American banknote pa- sun for th& . s e ceremonies. 'November. I lr ,. skie Gei , .... __j .- ,^. J ._=.,. , j The Russisns a i r eady hold a brid icans were fighting near Bitburg, Important road center 15 miles of Trier and 12 miles Germany.) separated after 12 years of manage, she has announced. She said no plans have been nn for a divorce. inc Invasion day were light. , . , Meanwhile American Army forcesi d ° alh ffron \ starvation and disease were working on new airfields on! af i^ forced labor on f or'-iflcatlon.s. . Morotal Island, 375 mile, south of U ,^l ^^ ™*^™*r r Jnl\ ^rcled' Two^ German divisions i Purchaser to retain his bond and >•,{£'that Hitler declared were unable toj"°t it before its 20-year ma- 'i leave by yseterday's deadline be-! turity date. report said.) i letters and elaborate scrolling, was Russians are alrendy "fighting; tn & ba sis of the lottery. The game across Finland" and havej wa s held a.s an inducement for the -,i.-,.v. thei"''^ otlt of the country, ... ' expected !exlcn - of tn eu- limited shipping. Halmahrra.i ' p. | • J - tSarklev oacKs J fhem tf> strike fouth of Key To Entire Palau Chnin t Pelellu appeared to be the key] (Continued from Page j) to the entire Palau chain in which •• na.s drafted a resolution! the Japanese have garrisons total-! ?f scrUn 5 congressional belief in; Intr nn estimated 40.000 .soldiers.; UlR rl R"t of the rcspoaslble press! With the strategic southern island I f. nd rndio "> "write, send and pub-i and its nlrdrome In American hands j " sl1 11CWJ! at uniform commtmica- the Ynnks would be in position to Admiral Nomura Given !^ £ ^J« ^ «„ «j TRUSTEE'S SALE High Jap Naval Post: east of Warsaw. ! lIlW^IttJ^MUK. . i Warsaw was blotted from view at! of New York, Sept. 16 (JP) — The i times by pillars of smoke and flamesj^ij^EROUS LOTS IN WALSH'S ADDITION TO SOUTH Tokyo domestic radio said today|causcd by both the heavy;.$ us sf^! CUMBERLAND ^ LOT QN FIFTH STREET, AND ON : cause of distances involved, thei Lawrence Rauner, brother of Sgt. that Admiral Naoktini Nomura, who,[Shelling and the fight within the: '•BBC- said, quoting Helsinki. Warner Rauner who sent the sou-. wa . s reported yesterday to have cliy between Polish patriots and the 1 STREET, CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND. rrnnrinued from Pare " The crlln wa.s . th _ v _, tfp tlon rat « ttnd without interference Improving weather today gave neutralize the rest of thc group and *l ^crnmental or private monop- Promise of large-scale renewal of vcnir home, had the writings de-;been relieved of his duties as corn- ciphered and d-ecoded by a Japan-jmandant of the Yokosuka Naval Nazi defenders. Reds Cross East Bcskids Mountain j A Czechoslovak communique said: SALE BEING MADE TO CLOSE ESTATE Under and by virtue of power given the undersigned by Deed eze through the Berlitz School oflstation, had been named .„... -- , . J ., , . _ „ . Languages In Baltimore. imander-ln-chlef of the "supreme that Russian troops attacking from.Trust dated November 27, 1939, and recorded among the Land Reco.-j The interpretation disclosed that'headquarters of sea escort." [southern Poland already had cros- : of Allegany County, MaryHnd, in Liber No. 185, folio 202, and in pi::the Japanese bonds had already j Tne supreme headquarters of sea been issued in 21 series as far back'escort, a Japanese Domet dispatch - prevent. Japar.ese reinforcements) oly - 'daylight raids on the Germans, and|yen and matured at 15 yen. i the Berlin radio steadilv Interrupted! Persons possessing the lucky P.S 1941 — the date this one was is- [said, was established Nov. 14, 1943 sued. The 1341 issue sold for ten! to "direct matters pertaining to the protection of sea .transportation." , or ;iir ireatv spttinc im an inr^r'iit.s programs to report Allied planes'number in the lottery were to re- ——— lot«,y toT^thr AmcVlc^ Udc>»"^ ^'^^1^°^ the Relch^ ; nf'adS 1 i^ t ^?eT a cc^e n ^^ n e1 RlISS l^ I1 ^T T^'" 8 War.shlps .stood offshore to protect! ^ ^^^ Paging participat- ^ ^ _ T ,-.,T^T~_ T i hinri ! To Finland Repor sed the cast 'Beskids mountaini suance O f an Order of the Circuit Court for Allegany County, ^^ 15,424 Equity, the undersigned Trustee will sell at public sr^ the B. & O. Y. M. C. A. on Virginia Avenue, Curaberlai.l . beachhead and aid Yank, ; lnp countries to give reporters of i Kohol 8 Kill INltlfi Fn In addition to the face value o' the ! Ivmd. The bond Rauner sent home was sssfra,JS£-""-sss- n sr. l -£ =^,r,si ^^ Dun,,F ri *. y ! a as>rssyri'srs Battleship^ Aid In Attack same freedom from censorship" thoy| London. Sept. 16 UPt—A blast of i Lief Erickson. Associated Press glvr - l ' l! -'ir own prcs.s and rnrilo, as j buzz-bombs drove home to nil Brl-j Stockholm, Sunday, Sept. 17 <YT>) — Finnish quarters who in the past have generally proved reliable said j today that Russian peace conditions contacted Slovak Partisans. Czech! German fighters in Slovakian skies,'Maryland, at the bulletin said. j 10 A. M., on Saturday, September 30, 1944 Soviet bombers on Friday night, fl]I tnc fol | owing described pieces or parcels of land situated in Cumb--:carried out a mass raid on tlie rail•' . , , .. junction city of Debrecen, 115 miles. land - Maryland, namely. east of Budapest, Moscow said,; H> Lot thirty-eight feet by one hundred feet on Fifth Strf., bombing concentrations of military! known a.s Lot No. 12 in the Southside Addition to Cumberland. trains and industrial objectives. On the previous two nights the Russians had raided Budapest. Moscow was silent on Germany's (2> Twenty-five foot lot between Nos. 20 and 24 Orchard Street. <31 All the following lots in Walsh's Addition to South Cumberlar-'V ,. ia plat of which Addition is recorded among the Land Records of A!'.'-1 ,, . - , _ ., __ -ian peiict conaiiinius AIOSCOW was silent on (jermanyaj • _ , , , , ,, . _ , t nr> j i i i, ,~u i«t^ - j| aboard the Amerl- wH ns the same rales for communi-i toas today the government warning Fron CrrinnilS III Moscow include restoration of the Ifl40 fron- report of a two-day-old Soviet of-!S an - v Col ""-> r . Maryland, in Map Box No. 98, and which said lots .• I inland and Russia! tensive in the north, but Berlin i more particularly described by courses and distances in the descripii :i I ran flagship off Pelcllu said"naval cation - j that London is still unsafe from thr ifiKis nnd carTlcr-ba.-iefl plano.s blast- i ALso under coii£idcrat,ion by the j last Hings of German vengeance and pri rhe in B ,'trong ridge committee Ls a rimilar resolution by ^chilled the blsckncM of this last position overlooklnit the airdrome j^nator Taft 'R-Ohlo) JSUgKestlng a • night before the lisjhUs go on again Battleships ahd cniisers wmfted ont : declaration favoring opening "Rill over most or England. Japanese fire from the high channels of news throughout thcj The robot attack— apparently world" and .'t that " I'<T<- I"nr>*inr» in Tlrii-li lier between Finland !,,«.. v/iFn.iMp, »it,i».n. nnd re p aratior!3 totalling $300.000,-isald that 40 Red Army divisions, up-|of the loLs in .snid Addition recorded among the aforesaid Land Reco:r.;| JOOO. j wards of 400,000 men, were attack-|j n Liber No. 89, folio 663, et scq., namely: ling on a 150-mile front extending! Lexington Avenue—Lots 31 to 3R, 93 to 100, 131. 164 to 167, 202 '.3J London. Sept. 16 (fPi — The Free German Committee in Moscow night broadcast a call lo German workers for an immediate national . world" and .'uggestln? that "the;lnunchpd from .specially R-mrx-rt Jnme.s. another Aworiat- complex Rbsencc of cen.sor.ship andiHcinkel Hl'.s over the North Sea— |uP rl stnb' agninst Hitler. Press war correspondent a.shorei thc rcn:oval of discrimination in (smashed into southern England and! '.'German workers Miie broadcast Ace Nazi Parachutist : from the Jfelgava area of Latvia to;. _ Valea in Estonia :209 > 255 to 257 ' 274 ' 275 ' 387 to 391 ' and 408 to 411 ' Killcrl 111 Action' One soviet grOiip reached the Orlando Street—Lots 39 to 48. Jelgava-Krustpils railway north of London, Sept. 16 I/PI — Capt..Banska at a point only 20 miles wi-h tir» NfHrines. reported that U . the u? e of facilities of commtinlca-ithe London area at dawn killing said ' " the wtchword now Is 'every Joachim Melssncr. rated ns Ger-if rorn R[ ga> Berlin said. Riga's seiz- S. troops "Ipft; tracked landing crnfl tlfln w111 contribute to the knowl-jat least nine persons and startling man against Hitler 1 taxe up your|many.s ace parachute officer, has- ure again would split Germany's two nn the white j=nnrl along thc ry.ich fcl ^ fi of al1 peoples, nullify the effect; million;; out of premature compla- nrm - s -' j been killed on the Western FrontJBaltic armies. pii'hrti on through "tanRlecl of fitl5C propaganda and removeicency, i The broadcast ndded that the!thc German radio announced today.; "Some idea of the scale of the Junsrfr growth. They reachedI "the cause.s or mLsunder.stnndintt among' About thp time Alllrrl trnnns TCPIV zls P lBnnDti "mns.s murder on anJMelssner wa-s personally decoratcd! nC w offensive can be gained." Ber- mr-nrt on two sides by cnrlv after-. natioav" j oveminninB the robot launching unll(>artl of scrllc " ** " inst <»l^]i|by Hitler in May. 1940, with the|| in saldi "if onc considers that the r.rni! (of Invasion dnyi and thrust Early House Pawagn Sought i.sites along the Calais coast acra<5; measllre - I Knight's Crass. iRiussian commnnd lused 18 Infantry more than hnlf way ncross] ^R^B'oom^D-NY), chairman of|' th(< ' chaimcl u Co ,' si ^ D , lncnn •l-.r- islanrl. The Japanrse'dratj^fl <he Howe forcii-Ti r.JTalrs committee,i ?an dy,s in chance of trie robot de- 1U T 1 * C"x _TJ* I T 77* f«mlr rtrnd with Ihrm a.s (hoy fcH,^• workln B to obtain early action i f cnse Vy rt cm. had announced that fl U1I- 1 OTUirC OltUl 111 LlUOllll hnrk under contlnuinif strafing snd: tnerc "» 'ho bn.sis of a resolution byjblackout law.s In effect for tne p?st _ _ _ arc rrorn th, advancing M«r,n,,"; ^^^^ or ^ ^^ nvc 5 , nrs WOI1W , c rclaxcd tomor . J HC ] U( l e( l ^O7UC/l, h CUlim ' " I divisions as well as several armored ] brigades on a sector only 20 miles i wide." Arlrlrcfscs P- version. Tlic resolution of- j row .. However. Sandys warned Lon- frrcrl in (he advocates that rt0 ncrs that future attack.s, though „.,„. .Conffrr.'.s go on record favoring in-,| r . v . wv . ere than thc robot raids of oyr* tcrnationnl agwment.-; gunrnnke- tnls Dimmer, could be expected, ins worldwide "trip rlKht of all ac- FfeUht.s, \fd.. Sept. Ifi— credited prcs* nnd radio represen- </P~ -Hrpro.^ntatlve J. Glenn Bcall 1 tatlvcs to U> write transmit nnd 'R-Mr!6th> and Secretary Tliomaa: publish thr news without private or P RiLssIrr of the United National i governmental Interference nnd i2) As.-,erlfiUon of Po.?t onic« Cltrts to-! at urilform communication rates." niRtu. urged support for a Srnare' bU! to Increase the salaries of po.s-i tn! r!r>rk.s nnd carriers. | AtWrcs-sini? the oponin? session of! (Continued from Page r) «. two-day convention of thc Mary- 1 ment^d: "Thr German's 1 .itlll not lRi;d branch. Benll promised he I our frienrl." would l>ack the lottlslntlon In the', Tlie bill, to make permanent « temporary wartime bontw «nd tc Ball's cILipntch sakl thc mrrjjed from the hill nnd twitigtr! back tn the ruins of thrlr homes (Imp and a half for overtime.' through American Columns, looking «-ill crmp hpfore n SonRtp rommlt- ncK.hT to thr right nor left. t/v- \Wdne.sriRy. Thflr uniint peasant f.icr.i looked Approximatplv 12.S delfgstM at-:||kp other faors .tr»-n In thc ruins of trnderl the j France's dcvuitatcd \ol Rirt of Ruj.r.-Botnbn Robot.s launched from planes can: London. Scpl. 16 i>Ty—The notor--I5 minutes If the less nnri arms 'jlous Mnjdnntk exlpi-mlnation ... Ju ...., ... i...^.,,.i* .*,j.,, r ,,.,,i.^ '•"<«;_.-„- T||K1I« ViftH a fn»-r,,r n ,t n fr ^'^ "i « JJUrti uy IUICAL., OU,UUU ill be flung RifBla-st England as long; nenr ^ ublln had ft tortllrc staff :two old furnaces and at least 400,000 as thc Nazis have airflelds left with-jthnt Included German women| on bonfires near thc crematorium. In Germany, a government spokes-|whose specialty was torturing wom-i The commission said 820.000 pairs Moilivf And Son Meet Dentil In Same New York. Sept, 16 «1V-A mother nnd n son met death In the same chopped off, 300,000 on bon-; manner within the .span of two fires In a nearby forest, 80,000 ' mnn pointed out. Sir Malcolm Thrustram en prisoners, the Polish Soviet Eve, Extraordinary Commission for In- ot victims' shoes were found, many, of them v belonging to children. chairman of thc war damnee com- vestlgatlon of German Crimes' Passports nnd other document.-. Mrs. Debora. Folbiuim. 95, plummeted to death from the filth floor flre escape of htr apartment yesterday. Two weeks ago her unmarried I Passports and other document.-, Mrl| Snm GO, f e n to hU death from iproveci the victlras Included PoUsh thc samo nre e c ca ne. chnrgod today. A communique of the commis-land Soviet prisoners of war nnd slon. broadcast from Moscow, n.s-inationals of all the subjugated ] Proniifr of Finlnml flertix) the camp had a cnpnclty ofJEuropcan countries, Includtag ItnlyJ „ V w' i U 45,000 prUoners nnd a report cent [the commission stated. lo Berlin on a special occasion "Thc commission hns ascertained j Stricken Will) Piiraiysln mlvlnn and London's rehousing chief, said he wanted to "get cracking" nt his Job because hundreds of thousands of homes need mending nnd "winter will fttr upon tw soon." Tlits will bo tho Inst long, ns well as blnck, night. British double sum- i trier time ends tonight. Tlie change [single tiny. to .itrnlRhl summer tlmi? nlnccsj Tlie comnil.ulon reported n totrtljgovernment anri the SupfrhnnRman'man of thn Finnish pence mission EnRlfinri'.s clocks five hours ahcad[of 1,380,000 Ivirftes were burned nt|Himmler, svnri their offlclnls of the now in Moscow, is IP. <",-ltlcal coiuil- of rnstern war time In the United thn cnmp, 600,000 In special furn-ISS on the territory of l.he Lubllnitlon nftor br-'.ng stricken with par- •Tame.s Street—Lots 49 to 59. Monroe Street—Lots 103 to 108, 283 to 285. Mary Street—Lots 116 to 121, 138 to 143, and 145 to 149. Elizabeth Street—Lots 152 to 162, 180 to 186, and 222 to 225. Elder Street—Lots 195 to 201, 210, 213, 331, 336 to 342, and 427 to 4.!' 1 .] Federal Street—Lots 346, nnd 354 to 358. The foregoing lots have frontages ranging from 31 to 34 feet BV.<!| practically all of them are 120 feet deep. All the foregoing properties were conveyed to the undersigned \Vi>J Urn C. Walsh, Trustee, by the flbove-mcntioncd Deed of Trust, daii l| November 27, 1939, and recorded nmnng the Land Records of Allegn:.-' County in Liber No. 185, folio 202. reference to which said deed a;vi records, and to the other records above-mentioned, U hereby made K* a full and more complete description of all the aforesaid properties. Some of the lots in Walsh's Addition above-mentioned are subject '* paving and/or sewer liens held by the Mayor and City Council r! Cumberland nnd such - lots will be sold subject to salrt liens, anri ' statement of the lots so subject nnri of the amounts of the liens will I'-cj available at the time of sale. TERMS OF SALE: Onc-lhlrd cash on the day of sale, balance :nl cash on ratification of any sale by the Circuit Court for Allegany I County and delivery of a good and sufficient deed, with the right to tl-'j undersigned Trustee to make and agree to other terms at the time f 1 .' any sale. The undersigned Trustee also has the right to offer said propertirtj separately. n_s a w'o.ole, or In such parts of thc whole as he deems nf'-1 _ . vlsable, nnd If said properties are offered us a whole, said Tntsteo shnll J have '.he right to retain the bid for thc whole until utter they havi announced 18.000 executions In a'thnt the chief culprits responsible! London, Sept. 16 ((Pi—Knnttl Hack- (been offered separately or in parts, and to also retain nny separate bl<* 'for these fitrocltles nre the Hitlerite '.zcll. premier of Finland nnd chair- 'mncic, and lo then accept or reject any or all of said bids. WILLIAM C. WALSH Trustee in rvo. 15424 Equity. SUtc.i insleiul nf laces nble to burn four bodies In'region," the statement s.ild. I»lysis last night. Advertisement—8-Sept. 10-17-24. T-Scpt, 29.

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