Covina Argus from Covina, California on January 3, 1909 · Page 1
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 1

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 3, 1909
Page 1
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P>W\" I ~f ™ » >TKJ ^ w .•£• .V /'-.* ' ?IU fyteiS* T^^f^:; dMsJFT ^^'^ : ' r; " •i'-^P^'-t - VJ-tfeff-''',•-;.-,-'•'• /.-*' ." ' -."' « ''r' 'f,. iPMbnes^Mp; ty. . '',; ' • "'•*"' / '~ i;- 1 ? 01 "'?*?-*.' 'v- ! * v>'• * *-%* , !•.*.**_ i ,1K?,' « *-»« ^ ^ . > 'y«lt^s~._ " rfil.i Writes ^Obituary, Theft Bullet Into Brain* '*«,;,*•.! <• , - ' - • • . iOlln^Ki Sterns,.'-. " tfridajra .^ . and Thyi;s.days , A 'Versua'j. W. Jtliggins, I a .favor of -'j. W. Rlgglns, lv r - ' . It will bp tem^iabered tbat,36ni^ fapnths b' Mr. • agreed ' SURGEJQN ? ,*B^0, -. > d?DJI»' J " m « ' ". 10-12 m _ p m-,-7-8 p m ' - ( ' • '4-6ip m Offices la Reei bik., Pbone 40. ' Residence of rftr.4*eedH. BadUh? st.'Phone 48; Residence of Dr. Jennings on Reynolds addition, K. Badillo St. Phone " .7. C.BARNEY, D^NTIsV Over Argus Office - . Covina", Cxi. i -i - '^ Phone 284- v « , -', _.„.- „_, ,„ ARCHITECT AND BUILDING CONTRACTOR Residence, CLenega, near Grand R.F.D. box 204 Phone 3065 M. PENC03 ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Notary Public Phone 1039 Reed Block Covina, Cal. QEO. L. SANDERS, ATTORNEY AT LAW Offices 325-333-335 Wilcox Building', Telephone, Home. 425 LOS ANGELES, CAL. Saturday's in Covina. Office Argus Block. F, E WOLFARTH ., Jeweler ,, Large and complete stock of everything- in the line. Repairing of all kinds. Fine watch work a snecialty. Citrus Avenue Covina, Cal. ***#***#*****#**#* * * * We Can Sell Your * * * * * * # * * * * * •* •* * * Orange Grove Our branch office in I.os Angeles, 525 So. Spring street, enables us to get in touch with buyers. Li»t your property with us. Covina Realty Co. udge iplditogp appraised'at, f2p6i'00(f and .etobracing. nearly 3000 acifea.^ot laud, build ings,, etc. ; / . .-^ .,, '' *fief ore" tbe exchange f ^qjj' tiooi Mr, Riggins clrfimed to ha^^'aiacov- ered that.the land ill TexaB 5 was 'iio^, as represented and refused to proceed \vi_th tbe trtide. • ,,1. T. Sweatt' maintained that tbe trafle had , be0n completed and endeavoped tbr.'ongh tlie. to eject Rlg«ina f tipt|i-jtbe i(i C y o"- vjna raoob. ' Rigginsvibrough^,, all at^m, »dAony&g^^M^m^M ^l^m^s^^Mmm proposition, being the matter to a' any snob determined to finish. Judge Monroe in banding down bis decision in favor of Mr. Riggina ou both counts, roundly scored both J. T. Sweatt of Texas aud the Los Angeles real estate firm. Packing Season Opens. The packing nf the Washington novel orange crop for tho custom market from the Co viua district commenced the beginning of this v>cek, when the Coviua Citrus A8.suoiitt.ion, tho Coviua Orange GrowerH Associn- tion, the Culifornia Citrua Union, and the Independent Fruit Duyors opened their packing houses to receive ornuges for shipment. Tho general outlook for tho HOUHOII is good, the trees in most groves being well laden, and Urn fruit in good in ((utility, being siv.euble, firm, smooth Hud well and oveuly euloro.d. The eastern market; is ateiidy. IJtiyorH ar(3 offering one and oiie-citiartnr cents per pound for fruit on trees, orchard run, but growers are slow to sell, believing the market, warrants slightly higher prices. All the groves have come uninjured through the late long spell nf rathc.r cold nights, thua again proving the Covina district is an ideal plnc.o for the successful development of tin- orange growing Industry. tyr's. JWtaad StfciJMy has a ^svy^ejt'Vo* 1 ' irisnp, vo^e, -\vell trained'' a"d ^ ftVWtnt$t$/«ti4 *«krJS?i»7l^' do^iek, vr^" 4 t % ,V v .; '' r " 1 by Stcai't?; Waa a tfjtb maslo, betf4^, 'VA fte^ty story of a- ,fibV»i» and ISdrs. /OHipore kept her breathless £bfpu«h>th6 1eng.jtb/~of it Sbe' is' a dramatic artist ,,6f plensing personal itj v .atod flnlahcd elocution ' apd t her con'trb^ ^)f both ^ncettnd. voice wpre Wopde'r'"' as she ohndged rapid- ly ir.cita the -widow to the tn«n nod then Bentinjentel htjrd- For ^ 138081366.1)18 life WHS" far 1 8f/lnt and •'' body raokedS-ith' pain, Or>il' L, *'"" Old rqBid«Mt livlug he- shot y Sat urdoy 'moin ing; dy- JdbtB'Afi^;;. !i?hfl; aukid^ evoti,-ornlool{ «t-.tlte hotoe M tU6 'tb3, f , ' . The bul- and ihe the' ,r«tna|ii»> ti\ th tWttrftttd^i «n4 of d^atb-dile .to ewlof^o planned fhe tkoj, He left' an obltum'T, carefully written, which reads as follows: * . " field. JHe was bow in Gtb, 'J832, foi'rjla'iV) 1869 r niid was oldest loconaptivft'', engineers Btato, • £(« begftu 'fata' ttrst r~' In this etate ort the old Me Toad, San Francisco. A.) San Lulfl and tibllisteV P«i copy, also Barjlnp , **l l f (his dwn arrangeuQont). Maryland Special Visits Covlna, The white nleotrio palace car bo- longing to the Hotel Maryland of Pasadena, with forty eastern' ftucHt.s abonrrl, paid Covinn n visit on Snn- dny. The viaitorH were taken around the district in autos and wore grunlly itnprefi.ssd with the vast extent of acreage covered with hearing orange trees and the comfortable homoH. On Monday tho Argus mailed to Manager D. M. Liunnrd of the Mary- laud a copy of thf? specinl ntinibtir. .of tho Covinu Argun f(jr ea<ih of the tourists and received a reply from thai gentleman HlaUng that "sill of tho party speak in highest praise of the flii(! time they had touring among tho orange groves and wore delighted with what they saw nt; and of Co- viua, " Wo expect, many visits from UK' Maryland white ear during the season. Births. Sir. au.-i Mrs. A. <',. i«^fj;,y ? iJt;,.. ,j|J, ii H' .Mr. and Mi-,. V,'. ('. av. [), i-. 27, a 'JiiU'_; Mi ami Ah.-. ( ,..t-\ '.k, l.:i ( hi irrllJ, J-, .]: Will Sell at Public Auction. The trustees of the Covina Union High Kciiool have decided to well ul public auction on Monday ovcninij all the houses, barns, trues and orange crop on the new hi^h Hchool site, a lull nuUe<; of which appcarH in tlxi legal colunnia of Ibis issue. Spirited bidding i» c.xp<-c,ti:d on thii IJOUHCS as at the prescut. tinn- n-ntal property in Conna i» being held at a premium. The sab- will take place at the pre^biit high bchool building at 8 p. iu. Notice to Argus Patrons. Within a few ihtys all puttif-w in debted to tho CJcuina Argn» l-'uhli.sli- ing Cornpany will n-ceive a state ment of their ai-counth. A prompt set! lenient of the sanitj i.s reipiested t'i ei.ablt: HT iu iiifi-i i.ur ov.n >Ai Baseball Tomorrow. Tomnrrow afternoon Cnvina and Kl Monte OI-OHH bat.n at, tho C'ovina hall Ki'otindn, foot of CitriiH avenue. The management wiwti«H to announce that tlio grand Htand will !JH repaired in tiiiK^ for the .Sunday game and thnre will tio comforlabb- nea(H for ladies. A unnveyiince will be at the corner of Oil run and Hudillo to take iiiiyotK! to tliu (,'arne thut. doe.H not, care to walk. Also antomohilen will he on hand to take tho Indies and bring them back absolutely free of charge, (iamu called at '2 :'M) p. m On Sunday, Jan. JO, Ancnt Athletic C'lub of LOH Angides play here and on Jan. 17, Covina playn I'ana dena. All of these vsill be on the home grounds. [ : or Sale Hay, Cows, Mules, J'igs. We have Koine line barley hay. home excellent butler .Jersey I-OKS. honie Uerksbirn pigs, 80 trhee. (-.cinion four m'jle.n, young, cb-;m ami all of lite in ffont. (if them. i'i ices from ^10(J to 1^00 each. We are prepaicd to i|o t«;iun work; Ciin furnish from ei^ht to ten tea ma 01 will take, hauling con lr ic.u. I'houe 1 1!). Itigglfi.s i-ai'id and JiHncn, Jftltt «fr«. iJ^vid^j'u^uold, liitf uiuc^f* lor the past five yonrd. The" doctor attended bin 1 ) Friday, as be bad been complaining somewhat of pain, nnd on Friday night, an old frlond, JQ. E. Williams stayed with him until the morning.' It wna after his friend had loft: that Muxflold repaired lo tho chair ou tho buck porch, and vvroto tho obituary, which appearn In a fiteadVi old-fafihloiied baud. Tho faniiiv, when tho report, wna hoard thought that a gnphor gun, which had tuton act in the garden, had exploded. Maxfleld loft HOIIHI property, which IH to bo divided among four rolalivon. Two »\HlniH Htirvivo him, J'linily UiH- bop livrs in MCIIINOII, Oiilitornia, and M!-H. Kiln J. Wood at Arroyji (irandii. Two brothciH, llamptrxi and Marry, live in Fairfax, Vermont. In aecor danoo with a reqitoHl. '.vudd long bnforn death by Maxlleld, the body will be crnmnted at Hom-dalo comijiiiry, LOM Angeleu, Jlo wan 77 yearn old. A Farewell The; hospitable rcsirieticn oj' jVIr. and Mrs. .J. K. lliiith on Knst ('ontor sl.rnel/ WHS th'- n<wint of a large gather ing of friitnd'i of l)r, and Mi's. .). (/'. CJoorldl on Mondny night lawt., Tho oocasion was n faicwoll in the nature of n surprise tondxnid thnrn on Iho evo of their dc[i!irlure to l.fieir now homo in Ivscondidi/, MUH,O and games weic the principal features of the evening. After refrcNhrnonlH wero served tlie many friends of this c-Btl- mablo ooiiplo barlo them f'arewidl.'sor ry tii IIHVH thorn KO fi<»m our midst, hut wishiiiK t.lii-iii Huc,i',(ihs mill bapjd iii-HH in their IH-W hniiio, whero the (loolor w ill firactino his prnfossioii, i having associatitd himnclf with lit-. 1'!. | A i'lant.u former cl.'iHHinali) at Kiikn vlllo, M'I. , wburn both tho doctors took thoii- <'«x"- ( 'H. wf »,, A * * <« Vegetarianism , 'Is „practised to some extent by everyone. The human body derruiida it. Every ttleal should Ifave somtf representative of • the vegetable family-*—either fresh or froirf • i , ''. ott(? of the many .^varieties of standard ' • canned goods. ' - ' AH, our lines of canned goods,are standard, . in fruits, meats or vegetables, Therefore, T . ' .' When you order tomatoes, peas, corn, string-beans, , succotash, or green chiles for any meal, formal or informal, you know that nothing but the best will be sent you, • "If; you cari't comet phone." ^ n i i -. r Deception. 'I'hd rnci'ting of tin- Monday AfdT no'iii ('[uli in-st \M-i-k 'Aiil bii a ii-ei-p lii.n iii III-DOI of thi! (ib-ndora club, the b«t;.y <:lub of tdri fcrlrrat i'.i,. Mm. W. M. f ii'i".v;old is cli.-iii i/mii, Then: will l,r a t'lNHir-iiif: cor<li>itilig of dutnbc.ih by Mr. I'hillno, M HH Char lotte Hi'// 1 "-!), MinH Anna Keynold^, and &<itl}l: olhci'i. }{f:tl CHllln':Jlt-! bl! hffl Vl-'l, t.'.'Jc'lS(-ll bl'.l/lg lliU Mi HclJlil), I .'I .', Ill ').", Milhli/l/':, ;-:!ili'll ami MM. ri.a-v (.1 illilb.i. 'I l.i , i , I ),(• l:i -,l i:.i i.t ii,;.' urti-i t.'.l M;i> -,, ,u.) ;•. 11 .n.IT;,1.1 : •-, --;•• •. .• -I • 'i 11, i.• ! ; i • i i,• i t •. .',i'li- ;i,• DIRECTORS OFFICERS O. E. Andormn Marco H. Jlnllmun W. It. HOrjIJDAV. I'l-fmlilem. C. P. Clnpp If. M. McniHor MAKCO 1C. HKl.LMAM, Vl»o I'roH. J. rt. KIHolt J. 0. UouHcr .). H. MLWOTI', Vlcu I'ron, \V. H. Hollldiiy C. M'!ii«fi)o W. M, CUUHWOU), CuHlilur A. I'. Koi-ckhcirt J. <!. IIUTOHINHON. Aunt. C.iMlilor Capital and Surplus $90,000.oo Covina Dallcy Savings Covina, Cal, DIKKCTnKS OKFJC.KKS (it-it. !•',. Aniliii-Hini W. II. IlKllliltiy A. I'. K KKCK !!OFF, l'n. I( i,| ( .|il. .1. i(. lOlllul.l II. M. Mi'iMiti II. M. IIOIIHI'IK, Vlrn I'rcMlilrnl Miirtio II. llc'lliiiiin A. I 1 . Kurrl-.lioir .). C. IIUTCIIINI-ON. 'Ji»lii<T W. M. (iltlhWOI.I). Aunt. Cunlili-r Capital and Surplus $^2,000.oo ••••••••*•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• We'll Tickle Your Palate and your economical bump at the same time with our goods and prices. It's not necessary to try us more than once. liy closely watching the rr^arket and dis- crirninatintf, in our purchases, our stock is made up of just such t<oods as please the most particular. Home's Grocery *0* ••••••*«• •*»•«*»*•« ••••••••••0»**<f •««*«* §«•«»***«»•*»

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