Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 14, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 14, 1912
Page 5
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THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER, THURSDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 14, 1912. ffiflh Grade Suits and Overci)afs At Popular Prices ' We never were in ibet- ter 'shape to show ybu fine Suits and Overcoats at prices you will appreciate. Men's, Youni?,Men's, * Boys' and Children's Overcoats in the new . styles. Men's, Younp M^n's, Boys' and Children's Suits, all styles and all grades. Men's Good Overcoats, $7.50 to $20 Barcl&y-Sbields CIo. Co. " "The House of Quality" THE PJW TOLLS FRED F <mKinX SHIPPIXG TO PAT ABOCt SAME RATE AS AT SUEZ. >« Rptrrcnce to Grrnl Britain** Ob- Jlertion io Csmaptlnff American Coa.1t wise Sbli >!i. J«<*cmWklo CaJ BUCK'S Hot Blast Heaters will save you money, as they consume less coal and give you more heat. We have on our floor a complete line of Buck^s Hot Blast Heaters and Buck's Round Oak jHcatcrs Buy a Buck\s—then you are sure to hav<j the best. THIS IS <;ERTAIX. LSleeper&Son Fnrnitnre and Undertaking Suits Made to Your Measure. Suits Cleaned and Pressed. We have moved from 113 West Madison to 109 West Street. GUS KRANNICH 109 West St. Tailor The Proof That Reeord-RFyrlNter Read ers t'annol. Deny. What could furnish stronpcr avi denpo of the efficiency of any remedy than the test of time. Thousands of people testify that Doan's Kidney Pills have brought lasting results. Grateful endorsentents should provi uridouhtedly the merits of this remedy Years ago people right i' this locality testified to the relief tij • had derlv from the use of Doan's Kidney Pills They now confirm their testimonials They say that time has completed the test. • Mrs. F. M. Scott. 709 Lincoln St.. Chanute. Kas. says: "1 gladly confirm the testimonial gave for publication about tivo years ago recommending Doan's Kidney Pills. One of the members of our family was troubled for a long time by kidney complaint. He tried differ cnt remedies but was not benefited un til he used Doan's Kidney Pills. They gave him immediate relief and there has been no return of hi.s trouble." For sale by all dealers. Price TiOc FoBter-Mllburn Co.. Buffalo. N. Y. sole agents for the United States., Remember the nanje—Doan's—and take no other. XtlT HIS.nAYK!> KY DEFEAT. Just ColfUNetBltitNMltrls • fiiirti^tttd |0 bt a Monty Savtr U la cu^ranteed to aav* » thlid In fuel overj any lower draft atov* of tba Mma '•!»). and wo have a latter from tha Cole J*anuf«PturJn» Ca to thia arcect Basldea thta, Cola'a Hot niaat burna any kind of foal, toti. coal. lUntte, hard coal, cruahad opka, wood or coba. Don't wait until tha axaaon la w«>ll on attd tha cold waathar la here before ln\-«atlgaunir tha marlta of thla ramarkabla heater. W'a have tham on hand and will be clad to ahow them to you. Tha prlca runa from tl2.00 up. (R-14> a Kam |i1e of the l.rttpm t'omlnft Into Thh Oflire. There are n lot of nilchty Rood men iroiind Ihe Second DlHlrlet who can't cot over the good habit of writing jeflers to the editor ot thi.'i paper whenever something political hap- l >enB or falls to happen. Since the late lamented election the usual messages have come, and not one of ihein Indicates that the writer 's |)olitical faith has 'jeen in the least shnkeTT or his polit'.eal courage weakened. Here is a brief note from an old solrfier over in Bourbon county ihat is a fairt£am- ple of the rest: "This is the rfirst time in my life that I was happk- ov.-r IVfrat. Carried •Pathfinder' b.irtnor in iS.Sfi: 'Wideawake' banner (in IStiO. and had the 'Blue' on in lS6i in Virginia. I did not bclievo that T. H. would get an electoral vote, but I Kansas did nobly Stubbs and Capper down and out i? good: Brady also Taft over Roosevelt in our county is some consolation. The Xew York World s &ys Wilson & Co.. must make pood or thev CO down !ind out in 4 years. Will they make good? .No. Because our party is right." "Tells the Whole .Slorj." i —To say that Foley's Honey &• Tar Compound is bes^t for children and grown persons and contains no opiates tells only part of the tale. The whole story is that it is the best medicine for coughs, colds, croup, 'bronchitis and other affections of the throat, and lungs. Stops la grippe, coughs and has a healing and soothing effect. Remember the name, Foley's Honey Tar Cotupound, and accept no sub.stitute. BurrcU's Drug Store. XE.MA. (Opal Toy.T.=Ie.v). .Nov. 13.—Roy Townsley and wife •were shopping in Bronson Tuesday. Ray Abbey and wife and little son •were in Xenia, Sunday afternoon. Oliver Teel has been hauling hay for Dell Morris this week. Earl Mitford hauled a load ot wood to Bronson Saturday. .Mrs. Charlie Hibbs.and little daugh ter, Ada, are visiting relatives at XenJa. Ray Abbe}- made a business trip to Bronson Wednesday. . Mr. and Mrs. Gay Webster of Bronson are visiting relatives in Xenia this week. Mrs. Boy Townsley called on Mrs. i Hsttle Long Friday evening. Lawrence' Long made K business trip to BroQson. riday. Mrs. Tbeo HaJDnmond is on tbe sick list • ^ tlHItPS VOTE IS FOR I.NCO.HE TAX Hut >"t Enniiirh .Stated Have RatlHed t'nuMUIutlonal Amrndment. • Wnfhinwon. .>!ov. 13.—President Taft ionight issued ^a uroclataaUQn fixing the rate foreign shipping shall pay tor ]iassagc through the Panama Canal. The Proclamation made, under the authority of the Canal ^ct, luiesed by Congress in August, eittab- lishes a merchant vessel rate ot |l!^0 per ten net of actual carrying capacity, with a reduction of 40 per cent nil ships in balla«>. The provisions of tho proclamation are as follows: I. On merchant vesselii warrying fcsx-iigerB or cargo. $1.20 per net vos sel Ion—each one hundro<l cubl«;'feot —ot tetUHl earning capacity. On vessels In bnllast without (inascngers or cargo, 40 per cent less than tho rate of tolls for vessels with passi'ngers or cargo. .1. I'pon nnvel vessels, other than irnnsiiDrts, colliers, hospital ships and Hupil.* sh^ps, flfty cents i»er displacement ton.: 4 ,I'pon army and navy transports, colliers, hospital ships and supply sihips $1.20 per'net ton, the vessels to be measured by the same rules as are emplo.ved In determining the net tonnage of merchant vessels. The secretary of war will prepare and prescribe such rules for the meas iirement of vessels and such regulations ag may be necessary and proper to carry this proclamation inf6 full force and eflfecl. American coastwise shipping was exempted from toll payment by Con- eress. It was to this provision of the act that Great Britain diplomatically protested, but no reference to tho protest was made In the President's proclamation. American naval vessels are exempted without speciflc mention in the Act of Congress of the proc lamation because the authorities believed it unnecessary to explain the usciessness of payment from its Navy Department to the Treasury Department. The President ba ^cd his declaration of rates ujwn the reports of Prof. E. R. Johnson of the rnlversity of Penn sylvania, an expert designated by executive order for the task. According to Professor Johnson's report to the President the Panama Canal should be ui>on a self-sustaining basis in twenty .venrs, . It should be able to compete with Suei for the traffic of Europe with South American west coast points and with Xew Zealand, but cannot be expected to compete successfully with Europe's trade with the far East. Taking the estimates of the Canal Commission for expenses of operation and maintenance and improvements. Prof. Johnson flgurea that the rato per net ton can 1 M ? reduced at the end of ten yet^rs to $1. Even with this rato. which he says probably will correS |K )nd closely with the rate that may he enforced through the Sue* Canal, the lfnite<l Statics will obtain ejtough revenue from foreign vessels to pay all Hxed charges, provide a sinking fund of 1 per cent to retire the Panama Canal bonds and still And a yearly balance. The Johnson rciwrt shows that a foreign traffic of about 9 million tons may be expected through the canal during the first two years of opera- ion; a traffic of more than 1.1 million ons in 1920 and 14 million tons iii 1925. Although declaring that his cs- timate Is not final. Professor Johnson sa.vs that an increase of BO per cent decade in tonnage could be looked for. and that this would m :ike the canal self-sustaining in Iw -nty jears. DO>iT KNOW THEY HAVE APPEMUriTIS Many lola people have chronic ap- endicitis (which is not very painful) and think it i.s just liowel or stotuach trouble. Some have doctored for ears for gas on the stomach, sour stomach or constipation and Morris & Howard druggists, state if they will try simple huckthorn bark, glycerine, etc.. as comiiounded in .\dlcr-l-ka. the German appendicitis remedy, they will be surprised at the QUICK benefit. A Sl.VGLE DOSE stops these troubles INSTANTLY. WATEIIS OX VII.SOVS CAIllNKTr WaHhlngton, Nov. 12.—Just a year late, the Sinio Depiirtment today-received the recinired legal notice of the approval of the State of Ohio of the proposed ronstltutlonnl Income tax iimendnient Two nfflrmatlvn votes arc yet required to afford a three-fourths vote, prescribed by the constitution, to <ieeure Ihe adoption of tho amendment, with ten states yet to bo heard from. Report Thai a KHD.<>UH DMIII Will He Sprrrtarjr of AKriruUure. Mexico, Mo., Nov, ]:<.—Friends In the lounty <)f Dean H. J. Waters of the Kansas College of Agriculture predlce he will be the next Sccrotnry of Agriculture. They base thnlr belief on the fact that (lovornor WIlKon. when he toured KnntiHH during the eiuutitQltn', wired nhciid to .Manhattan for a conference with the KiinBUH man. Tho conference was private, hut the Incident Is regarded with considerabla significance here. Waters was reared at Vandalia in this county. He form-, eriy was dean of tho .MiBsourl College of Agriculture. —S. R. Mass, Bcnchle.v, Texas, says: ".My baby had a dangerous attack of croup, and we thought we would lose him. But one bottle of Foley's Honpy & Tar Compound pulled him through. We would not be without it In our house." BurrcII's Drug Stone. IT IS TIME. Editor Register: For the first time since the dawn of history, the Democrats have carried Carlyle township in a presidential year; although they have not one vote more-now than they bad 25 years ago. and the Republicans still outnumber them almost two to one In this township. God moves in mysterions ways his wonders to perform. Behold, mine eyes hate seen the salvation of the Ix>rd, so let me die in peace. P. S. And likewise I have gone out of the prophet business. • .Yours truly A. E. BRIGHTLEY. Retired Prophet - Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Brewster left today noon for Emporia where they will visit the remainder of the week with Mrs. Brewster's ixtople and next Monday, ac(:ording to present plana, they wUI proceed to California and resume the simple life. Terrible Suffering Eczema All Ov«r Baby's Body. *Whcn my baby- was four months old bis face broke out with eczema, and at sixteen months of age. hli face- bands and arms were In a dreadful atate. The eczema spread all over his body. Vie bad to put a mask or cloth <)ver bis face and tie up fcts hands. Finally we save blm Hood's Carsapa- rllla and In a few months he was entirely cured. Today be'is a Uiealthy, boy." Mra. Ines l^wia. Baring. Maine. Hood's SarsaparilU. cures blood diseases and build? up the system. Get it today In usual liquid form or cbocolated UUeta caUed tarsatabs. 5c-5c-5c-5c-5c-5c WHAT 5c WILL BUY AT SPENCER'S A Dandy Chamois Mce Toilet Soups Package J^BTeliHivs Wrltlnlc TnhlctB C M Combs Wii'TWtli Bnisiiea. llr^&iBilliiii B0]ilu r«(ikafre Suipkttr f/hflfnnny other things too niim- ernus to mention. Sec our window. 5C CbaSeBaSpencerfiCo. 5c - 5c - 5c 5c - 5c - 5c. EVERYBODY IS DOING m Trying to cut down the high cost of living— so why not begin right and buy your Groceries at HUCK'S arid save money. ,,,, .". lbs. Iiest Dry Sail Meat .;."»e Ke.v Best Bacon, Ib...^ 23r .-. II/::. Uest Bacon, ...•I.IO 10 Ib.'i. Coui|>ound I $I.tMI 10 lbs. Pure i.ard HJin 6 lbs. Flake Hominy ...Sic Z do/.. Sour I'ickles-. 25e 4 di>7.. Sweel Pickles .. , .S-V Pure Cider Vinegar.-gallou-.SrtC a lbs. Soda Crackers..- t'fC Fancy Dry Peaches. lb KIc 2 cans Blackberries SOc 2 cans Gooseberries 25c 2-cans l.;jrge Tomatoes 25c 2 cans Best Peas 25c 3 cans Rose Pens..-, Sic 3 cans Pumpkin 85c 3 cans Kidney Beans 25c 3 cans IJiua Beans .25c '.; vans Green String Benns- 25c 3 cans Hominy - 85c 3 cans Oysters 4- S3c Tall cans Pink Salmon lOc r. lbs. Bulk S«ar<-ti. a-.2 «»c 3 boxes Toy Uuin^. . . ;..25c 2 boxes ShreddeH Wheat S5c Best Parlor Brqyln Mc Good Brooms ....... 25r Corn St.<irch pkg- 3 boxes Macaroni 25o 3 boxes Spaghetti . 25c 3 boxes Egg Soup Kings 25c .-.« lbs. Salt ._ 55c 8 boxes Matches -.25c 3 G;is .Mantles ^.-25c 1(1 lb. pail White Syrup --10 Il>. pail Red Syrup Fancy l-irgc Prunes, ll»._. Gallon Peachnj; .... Gallon size Apricots . . Gallon size Apples — Bulk Coffee, lb. ArbHckles" Coffee, lb. Best Coffee. Steel ("ut 4 lbs. Japan Rice 3 glasf-es Pure Jelly 85c 3 iiairs Gloves 85c 18 oz. plug Battle Ax Tob.—40r 1 lb. Horseshoe Tobacco •15c 1 lb. Star Tobacco.-.'- 45c Best Gunpowder. Imperial or Japan Tea. per lb .....Wtr Piccalilli, per jar i-IOc 2 cans Van Camp Bcels--.,.85c Green Gage Plums, can ..15c Lemon Cling Peaches, can.. -15c 2 cans Spanish Pimento Peppers for : - -2 S5c 4 Ihs.^new Navy Beans 85c 7 Imrs Lenox Soap .-8.V fi bars t^rystal White Soap..S."ic t» bars Sunny Monday Soap..25c G bars Hob While Soap S-Vi ti bars Flake White 8oap.,--25f 3 boxes best Ralslnti S5c i bars Toilet goup .-25c '4% Ibs .lJma Beans (now)..lt5c « lbs. New KrauMbi'lng pall) 85c t3 barn HpneyHurkln Hoap.-.85c 3 lbs. Yellow Pop Corn Wc Polar Hear Flour .1145 U. 8. Flour X IIJ5 Moonlight Flour . . tlM n lbs. best Cane Sugar 11.00 5»c 15c lOc - UK. . . 15c 25c -..85c 2.'ic »0c ---25c Special! Special! 21 lbs. of Sugar or sack of Polar Bear Flour for |1 with a grocery order of jr>. We deliver your order free of charge. Huek's Grocery S09 S. >TBSbln^0B Phane 58 J. v. Roberts drove to Humboldt this .morning in tis auto for a brief i busioess visit. If ybu are, you will be delighted to know that the New York Store is going to devote the reniaiiider-of THIS OTEK to STOUT WOMEN, at prices that will induce you to buy: - ;. i. Suit Specials Two SjlTts, fancy Grey Mixtures, satin lined, sizes 46, 50, Special .$18.50 FaurSiUtSi Black French Serge, satin lined, 46, 48, 59, 54, special $18^0 Two'Suits, Dark Grev Diagonal Serge,' Skinner Satin lined, 47, 51. at.. .$25.00 Three,Suits, Black Chiffon Broadcloths, Skinner Satin lined,.sizcs 31), 45, 48; specially priced at .. i.. $25.00 One Suit, Brown Diagonal Serge, trimmed, Skinner Satin lined, 45.$.30.00 Three Suits, Grey and Black, fancy mixtures, Skinner Satin lined, sizes 42, 45, 50; specially priced at .$25.00 00 ,00 Coat Specials 15 Black Coats, .strictly tailoVed, sizes 39 to 40, special $6. 18 Black Coats, velvefcollar, strictly tailored, sizes 38 to .50, spoeinr.. .$iOj 25 Black Caracul Coats, large collars, sizes 42 to 50, special .$7.98 15 Sealette Plush Coats large collars, giiarantcetl satin linings, sizes 42 to 52, specially priced at $18.00 11 Genuine Sealette Coats, large collars, deep cuffs, guaranteed linings, sizes 46 to .56, specially priced at ......*.. ...... .$25.00 MEW YORK STORE • • • • • •> <• • • •> <k • <• <• • •;• • •:• • • • K('0.>0.>IV AMt VfXSTK IS COOKING. <Tlie following paper was read before the Sorosis Chib at its last meeting by Mra. Chas. F. Scott, and i.s pffintcd by request.* Kconouiical cooking jiresupjiosfs three fiuaiiflcations in a cook, and the ab.ipncc of one or more of these is an a.ssurance that the result will b»^ more or less wasteful. Th«» successful co<jk Is the one who ran prepare the most appetizing anil nutritious food at a minimuiu cost. The foundation of economical cooking is a knowledge of food values, and the consequent ability to prepare n well balanced meal, containing a due proiKjrtion each of iirotcids, starches-, fats and mineral salt.s. t matters not whether this knowledge IK acquired in a school of domestic science or through experience and «n inalc guuil Judgment. tliat teaches many wiunen the inadvlsnbil- ity of feeding the fniully too exclusively upcui meat or combining souie dl.ih heavy with protetds with a full meat dinner, or s.crviug two starchy vegetables at the same meal, or of oJTerlng !i heavy, rich des.sert at tlii> close of an unusually hfartr and abundant repast.'' Such injudicious combinations !«= those one class of wasteful cooking that the domestic science Acorn a^|| Hoosler Smoke Burning Steel Ranges, Cooks and Heating Stoves. No others like them. Let us show you. sary foimdatinn for econoinical cooking. After a woman learns what to plan for her menu and how to liuy what she watils. she utiist then understand how l<i prepare it In such a way that its lull food value i-« pre.serveil. Its flavor Is satisfactory nnil its ap|iearan<-e Is attractive. If any one of these i)olnts i.- neglected, w.-istn results. If meat is cooked to a crisp essential elements are destroyed an<l los^ to the consumer. If (lofaloes are overboiled the How's This? ,„ . , water in which thev were cooked is, courses m our public s<r^h_<K.I_8 win heJp ^.n^ched at the exfense of the eater. I . .^^^^ seasoning and an unattractive' to abolish. And I should like to di^ gress here sufficiently to say that the cooking course most certainly should begin In tlie grade srhools. since not 'ten I'cr eent of American *rlrl.s ever enter the high school at all. It is niui-h luore vitally necessary to a happy home that our girls should learn to be good cooks whih; in scliool. than that iliey should progress quite as far as tlM" cotiimon .seh (w>I niurse carries them in ariHiiiiniie or grauiinar or history. The ill-balanced meal is wasteful because if either burdens the body with too heavy fomf thereby causing illness, or deprives the .sy .steni of some necessary element., leading to an un- 1Xr nff**r O B * lliHi'lrrtl ]>AlJj»n nrwafil fnr unr riMT n( iiUrrli Uut rj*nni>l be currtl Hdim CaUrrh Cwr. V. J. f IMNKV * m . Tmrtlo. O, Uf, fhr unrlrr ^lenfNj. hj.ri> kntittn K. J »"h.*iiry (nr the Injit r'wr*. luid b«^le\i* him prrtrcily htif nn»M<' In All hiiMnf^ ininvirtli>nii iintl nnAnrtally ablf III ntrry otit nny tihlli»ttuti4 twntie t>y hl^ Arm. .V ATIONAI. H ASH or ct»«\i».H' ». Tolnln. Uhla ll,»Hi< (^tirrh <iir<- I. Mkrn lnlrm.illy. nrlln* dlrmlv Hpnn xur blixtal nnfl miirn'lli »iirrar.-i nt ttm nvftfrn. ' jtrn- Irw, ITIt* 7> nnvt pee bntur. hv nil OniseM-k. 'l>lu^Ual^* Kuslly I-Hlninr roattlrwtlon. The All-star ba-Jket ball team went to SavTiTibiirK lhi.>i afternoon, where they will play the Savonhurg high .'chool tonight. ai)pearancp drive aw,^y ajipetitc and • ulZ n!'or "'^„r^^'';.'t 'isfl".'' ^r,^'^^ .N-umerous Inlans were alarmed .this thing more, often satisfied at the ex- .»,„__„„„ ,„ . ,., i„.„„ . r . „„., pense of both health and PO<ketlK«>k. I-^.V^;"""" v T ^H i? ^r„,M There is little „.^, for the aver-: 5/'^'' •'^"J'^. o(1b,.llrov.n,o)ri- age woman to be a careless "-arketer! .think.n:, ,t to I .c and a poor cwik. We have a thousand '' suggestions constantly being offere.l; .j.^^ ^' to IIS •- •— , The hit'h .<-'chool in our newspaiM -rs and niapa- ^^^^ .^^ y zines and any woman of average abil- , .pd^ lesson ity can conquer the |>ri >bleiu of i niiii,^ ting a Kitlsfarfory meal before her i faiiiity if she really devotes horsclf to the question. / The ignorah' woman, who can scarcely read American born or foreign, it matters not. the woman who IJif.le ria.'.s A thi.'; afternoon. »ndn'-teil by tlnint healthv craving, satisfied frequently . . . . by men with liqtior or tobacco, am."« '""OP;''' "1' »> ^ .H.or tenement or by children with an undue quantity f'*"" helps provide the living for her of sweets, whether pure or-not being fa""'>' '••'«« « fearful -struggic^ before largely a matter of ch.ince. '"^r ""Y of the essentials of When the cook knows WHAT she i ••^o"'""''''! ••o"''>nK-for her. to whom H. H. Mallory, of Humboldt, wa.? a business visitor here this morning. flarneit Iteview: Mrs. Mattie Speneer. of lola. who lias been visiting at (Ireeloy. stopped here yestcrdav. anti visitefl .Mr.s. Thomas Tippin until today, when siie went on hoTire. it 1.'? a probteui. of the most importance, our economic system offers but little help. . It seems to me that the fault lies wants to procure for her table, she should then learn IIOW to secure the l>est quality at the least price. "Going to market" has become a lost aril, , . ,,. , . with thousands of American hmiso-j'"•'r'''''"""^ ''"^'''^ school system keepers in these days of tlie tele- »nd tUo remedy may easily be found phone, and that fact comes «o heav- Mlirougn it. Much has already been lly against economical cooking that t" hf'l' «l>e girls of poor fani- the tlioiightiess can scarcely realize » knowledge of the neces.sary the result. We are nil guilty. "We .'re of housekeeping, and the aiieiiipis want to save time'; "It is so much have been acceptn.l with the grenlesi easier," etc. So we lake what the enthutlasm and there it no valid rea market man sends us. and it Is a cur- «''>' """•h •""•'e should, not he a.-- iouB but true and Important foct that """l>"'<''eil and through our public Mrs. Wni. Stoneberg, (tf Cherryvale, who ha.s been here visiting friends, re- lurnefl to her home in Nevada, Mo. thi.-i morning. IIK never gets the worst of the Iwr- galn. The meat weighs a little more than we anticipated, the hones and triiumingK do not come home ftir the stftck pot. the vegetables arc not as fresh as we hoped and have lost a perceptible part of their food value, the rrult is on the verge of over- ripeness and wo' lose some of It before It is all e0^8ume<l->-and above all wc do not give ourselves the chance to see the bargailis that occur ev^n In the food market. -A cheaper cut of meat looks partictilarly attractive and suggests a toothsome dish that has not been on the table for a long time; overstocking here or there will off'-r a chance at lower than usual price on this or that coinmodlty. All these arc little thing.s but at the end of the month they make up "that awful grocery bill"—and "1 am sure I don't see how we ate all that"—or they help to show that most satisfactory of all conditions to the average housekeeper, a balance of a few dollars on the right side of the ledger. Only by jiersonal buying, can a woman learn-to recog-. nlzc meat of good quality, which is so much richer in food value as well as flavor than poor meat. Only by personal Insiwctlon can she be sure that her fruit and vegetables are as sound and fresh as can be obtained. Only by following this course can she secure the proper materials in good conditions, at the lowest price current, and thus {ay tbe absolutely neces- <elioolH. which tiffer the poor clilld almost its.only chance for kn<nvle <lg'- of *ny sort. I cannot see why a tloiuosllc sci enee course, combined with ii rcn»iui- iihle Instruction in the fundamental.^ of |earoii)g,.t»ight not he' arranged for our schools, side by side wlib a more academic course, and beginning in the very lowest grade. With such a svs- *e(ii In vogue, the girl With no otlier ntl vantages,' who could- «pend only a few years In school would acquire a practical knowledge of. housekeeping in all its branches, that would be a Wonderful blessing to the home over which she will ultimately preside. The dissatisfaction with our public .school s.vstem that one constantly hears voiced, and the tentative efforts liiiit are being made to render it better adapted to the needs of the majority of the pupjls. indicate that a revolution is in progressVand I firrmly believe that the time Is not far dis- taot when the number of that clas.s of undesirable citizens kn<nvn as "bad and wasteful cooks" will he almost a negligible quantity^ through the effi-! cient course which will be ujien to all | in the public school. ; Ira T>. Kelley returned yesterday from Citj- where he attended fi!" Second Annual Convention of the Mo-Kan-Okla. Hotel Men's Association which met there Monday and Tuesday of this week. THE WEAK BUILD UP QUICKLY On Crape-Nuts This food not only ta.stes jfood biit contains true nonrishment. ' It furnishes: all the rich nutrjtion of whole wheat and-malted barley—the brain and muscle building "felements that make sound minds and sound bodies. "There's a-Reason" , for Grape-Nuts Ask the Grocer. 1.3c the Package Postum Cereal; Company, Limited Battle Creek, Mich.

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