Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 14, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 14, 1912
Page 4
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tOLA DAILV REGII^TBR, THURSDAY EVENING, t^OVEMBER 14.1912.. irlSlI Job Dkily Register 9iri^ Oailjr Rword Mfl UM late Otify , F. acOTT; Brefc ttd^BdltOr. I^MMM at tba Solii'Cb^ifhea SMmO- H^tmat BaMi MUtf-Kaowa CQ ApBlit; .... jeoUon. City «r leic, City of BacMtt. of Allan County. m, Innlola, .Oat City, Lanyon* .-i^kaHarpa and Batattt: .V. 10 enta • ••«a•••••••••••••••• CBHtS ....> .'i... ;..ts.oo •<.• ,.«y MAik: -Tear. outSSa county tLOO ' . .TELKPMONE6: V T^ted ISn^teiT peift:"1111111141 thing anA "tbe Rcpublicana?, did an^ other. A^'tot punishment, if Mr. Bira dy .wili;<KiuiiU the elections return^ 'be- wili.Mii^^^i^' |n|Lq|e..t)!»t y ^«o' can play i ^il ^EKJ ^i^t^' «t Ni^en^ waa a pretty blMir;,4e)i{b^ th«'itepabIlcimi^^^^f^ilo.,A^^ propone --to'Tote iorVm «g ^wboM'r>^^ i' caBisia (a.ho^.on i;^tty atralgbt And.inally^ aproiiW^^ot notblnB In partl'cqiaK Mr'Brady aaya: 'Charlie. Scott , caff ncv^r. hope for an yjireatHreWtird at the hands of the Prom!uin« ill thb^-fature. Suppose he <n6utd oe.Bomlnated as a RJiimbli- can-^fbr ^aiw office, how far would he getT.'^ot fdr enough away from home, to make walking back difficult- To.'be reaf;candid "Charlie*8<»tt" doea not hope "for any great reward at the hands of the Progressives in the future/' H« has not been trim- |mihg his 9ails iuvthat direction. He has not cast any anchors to leeward. H# has not built any bridges behind I him. He has simply gone straight ahead on the big broad highway of Ropublican principles because be is as sure they are sound "and.jtrue now as he was .sur<; that they •nfitji sound and true ig-Hie IV-^BB popular to be a- Rep«^(eaiv;< And that is the road be.propoata Ui*>folIow, even though it neirer iets^him—any farther than Br'ef Brady's winding and devious trail carried him. It is at least more comfortable to travel ip. * * * All of which is said with no sort of ill feeling or ill will toward Mr. Brady. The simple truth is. as Mn Brady himself said the other day, that those who have been Republicans here in Kansas, but who for the past two years have been calling themselves "Progressives" on the one hand and "Regulars" on the other, do not belong in the same party and it if ;S9iE gOEER OBS£BTATIO>S. ' ,3l4; a recent editorial In the Lawf^fee^ World. Jtfr. J. L.^ Brady, who wlur defeated for Congrees because he tfkd to be a Bull Moose on the N».' tliahal. ticket and a RepdAican onlhe Statfe,ticket, makes sdriA comments lipoa'the political outloo>: for the'fu- tij^e that" are extremely Interesting.— aW'.wg may add characteristic. For ; ei^ple: ; There can be no reorganization of; the Aepublican party in Kansas un-j I^ the so-called leaders of the reg- •. ular wing-retire. That Is as if Lee and Ixingstreet and Davis and other Southern leaders ha dsald at the close of the war. "There can be no reorganization the Union unless the so-called leaders of the Union wing retire. Having done all we c an to destroy the Union j we know better than anyone else how . » „ it ought to be reconstructed." The ll^"'"''""' ° "regular wing" of the Republican par-! "Harmon ,ing' or anything of that ty IS the Republican party. The "Ir- i ° ^^^^P^'K" ''^o " «gular" wing has flopped itself clean j ""^ ^"""-f, TT,tf oTand into another party. If Mr. i ,^7^^^ ''^^'l»° ^''^ B«dy has any doubt about it, let him f' 'f," consult Bill White. The chances arei^^%,^° ~" '^'""^'Z ' gresslve Republicans" will be sui>- portlng that ticket,—unless in the „ , . _ i meantime the Lord should enlighten Republican party no longer has any- . .u . .vfc fL,-^,^^, win P''*''^ understonding! In that same thmg to give him the Governor will i " • " 1 campaign thwe will be a Republican ticket, and it will be made up of men who were Republicans, not Bui* Moosers, in this present campaign. That will be the lineup, and we might as well understand it. The battle will be fought out. Just as it was when the Liberal Republicans get up housekeeping for themselves In I872. just us when the PopuHsU kissed us goodbye in 1890, just' as' whaq the free coinage men walked out !n 1896. And It will end the same wav. ' _ I I President-elect Wilson doubtlesF i means well when he announces that he would get the same Information fh>m Gov. Stubbs, for now that the probably be willing to be sincere in his party alignment. Mr. Brady will Jlbd that he can no longer be both a Progressive AND a Republican; he must either be a Progressive OR a Repiiblican. For the word "progressive" is no lohger an adjective; it is a noun. It stajnds for a separate and dlltlncL organisation, and Br'er Brady will bate to join it or fight it. He can only-fight it as a Republican or a Democrat. If;he chooses the latter road, why of course that ends the argument But if he chooses the former,—which sincerely we hope he will, —he will discover that the "regular". wing of the Republican party is the ^! keep an "open door" at the whole army "House just as he has been do. . . • • ,^ , ^ . ! •» Trenton. But he will close thr . 1 r '" i -'«^'" '"e time comes. .New Jer- ..nterestlng observatons: sey Is a very small State and the Unit Every-member of the Republican c,„,„„ «_„,._._ League is a marked man. They have !.t " '^"^^ '"^^ shown themselves traitors to their "hose who want to see the Governoi party and willing to hurt the countr> • of New Jersey are about as one tr '"Tfrf ^^V-^'" u ^ thousand of those who want to Will the^ fifty to seventy-flve thous-: ^.^.^^ and members of the Republican,,.,, .i^.,,., ^^^^ ^ League please take notice that ml these halcyon andi to sup^rt the candidate 6f your par- j pr^^^^t to leave the door of his prl ty for President Is treason to the par- ,3^^ - ty_and makes you "a marked man:" I ^^bllc to come in would be trtran Purity in food, lower cost of living— these are the demands of the day. Pure food is health, and health is economy itself. We cannot have health without health fulfood. The most healthft}! foods are the quickly raised flour foods — biscuit, cake, m|ifftns, crusts and other poetry, v/hen perfectly^ qiade from wholesome ingredients. Dr. PRICE'S bakihu powder makes these foods in specially attractive, appetizing and wholesome form, and for both economic and hygienic reasons, such food should be more lar^y sulxjtitutod for meat in tho daily diet. But bear in mind that alum, or unwholesome baking* powder, can never make pure, wholesome food. deserve to be. The third will doubt- | istratlve control, less get what is coming to her. " Col Roosevelt again qualifies for, 3^ gep„re In their hold on the party membership in his justly celebrated! Machinery that they contemptuously club wher * '- ' "- • " Stubbs and his I crowd laughed at the protests and 1 protestors. Stubbs, White and the I rest of the Bull Moose contingent felt he reiterates in his latest statement the stale and transparent falsehood that "the avenues of publicity were largely closed" to the Progressive party In the late campaign. There Isn't an intelligent man in the United States but knows, that isnt true, and it is astonishing that the Colonel keeps on repeating It. denied the rights of the Republicans to their own organization. Later Vhen it became evident that the Re^ publican voters of the state, through their -larty league would be able to oust the Bull .Moose usurpers. Wnite grew alarmed and tardily offered to withdraw the Bull Sloose electors from the Republican tUket. Tha would never have been done had it not been for the rapidly developiiig in- dlgnutlon of the Republicans hfad the Not so very long ago Socialist Way-1 alarming growth of the Republican land, owner of the Appeal to Reason,! Party League which was pledged ,to ...t.« . r.i»-.i _f...... i support Democrats where there were told a friend that he had P>cnty of. ^» Republican candidates. money to last him the rest of his life, j The Mctory of Wilson In Kansas was and he proposed to retire from active roally a Republican victory and business and take things easy. And | demonstrated in a significant way the ^i>__ V- ji-j u.. vi. u„„A !.» cohesive vitality of genuine Republi- jetwhenhedlcdbyhlsoun handhc|^.,„i^^ ,^ courageous ,tW left a note behind hlra saying that | ,vhen principle and honor are In"the struggle under the competitive system Isn't worth while." "It isn't the running for oOicc that hurts," moralized Mr. Brady, "It i.s the walking back.' Which makes it al the more lucky when a man doesn't get very far. volved. j see the President who really had bne! vociferous days., jo transact with him. But for i- It is only those who fight their party's presidential nominee, who glvp air' and comfort, to the man who declarer it to be his purpose utterly to destroy the Republican party, that are loyalists!. How the world has turned toji- sy turvy! But here we are oner again: In the recent election the Progressives were'loyal to the ticket, the Republicans bolted every Progressive Does anyone think that will not be punished T Does anyone think that these regulars arc not marked men? If 80 they bad better get It out of their heads. "The Progressives were loyal to the ticket" To what ticket? Every Progressive on the ticket voted for the Roosevelt electors. Were they loyal to the Republican ticket when they'did that? The Republicans did bolt every Progressive, and they did It sact no business at all. Cherryvale Republican: Some of 'he Republican papers are devotinp considerable space to a detailed account of the reasons for the fall of Stubbs. All of which seems to thr Republican hardly worth while. The writer remembers hearing a dialogue on the iitage which aptly fits Stubbs's case. "\ni who, was next to Ram- cs^ I IT' asked one. "The people, was the answer. "That's why he wasn't elected. And now comes the report that the Italian "prince" who spent three months at Newport last summer was actually proposed to by three different girls, all of them presumably beir esses. After a trip to New ' York. on the ground that they were not} doubtless undertaken to discover Republicans. Mr. Brady himself, per-1 which of them has the most money, it haps unconsciously, draws the same j is said the prince will return to Newport and signify his choice. Two girls are going to be a lot luckler^'than they line when in the above extract he says: "The Progressives" did one GROWS BEAUTIFUL, HEAVY HAIR WE PROVE IT—25 CENT "DANDERINE*' Destroys'Dandruff—Stops Falling Hair—Cleans and Invigorates Your Scalp—DeUghtful Dressing. 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Your hair will be soft, glossy and beautiful la Jnit a few ntOBMnta—a deUi^tfuI aurpHae "A. B. Carney. Democrat.-of Bcloit. wants to run against Bristow." News Item. Wo never heard of Mr., Carney br- fore. but judging the next campaign by this, Anybody can beat Bristow. There wore only two.regular Re- publicani running for Congress In Kansas and they were both elected. Pherc were six Insurgents in the field tnd only one of them was chosen. «> AS OTHERS SEE THIXG'S. -> > < Repablicans eelin* Fine. Kansas City Journal: The Republicans of Kaiisas are feeling fine. And they have every reason for elation. Today the party in that state Is free from the control of the Bull/Moose bosses, most of whom have t>een eliminated at the polls. The future contains no gloom for the loyal Republicans. They will close up their ranks, reorganize their forces and again become the dominant political power of the state. Kansas is normally Republican by a heavy majority. Had it not been for the complications of the recent campaign President Taft would have carried the state overwhelmingly. But . many thousands of Kansas Republicans voted for Wilson In order to make sure that Bull Mooseism would he effectively crushed. And it was. | One of the chief causes of elation, among Kansas Republicans Is the em-l phatic repudiation of Gov. Stubbs and all that he sUnds for. Stubbs is now neither fish nor fowl. Having espoused the cause of Rooseveltlsm he left the Republican party, and with him have gone all his political satel- Ites and: hangers-on. It is a matter of indifference to Repob ^eans what becomes of the StubtM dtous from now on. It may join the Democrats or 'remain ^ a separate body of political malcontents. It Is safe to say that never 'again will the Kansas Re- pnbllcana allow any man bearing the Ball Moose brand to become IdenUfled with their party's management. 'When the lojnU Republicans of Kan aas realised that those ia party authority had nude aa allianoe with enemies sworn to destroy the old party, there was deep IndlgBatlao and resentmeat. Vainly did the aepubli- cans pljBad; tor honesty^ aad fair play, ^dialogrkl lendertrWnaedtfo Usten. StfrtMlMd*"* ({IMKKK MKDIT.ITION.S. l-'roni the Philadelphia Record. Wiion marriage is a failure the ns- vts arc nil. Many a mnn wl)0 is looking for » snap Incks ginger. Many a ra»n will fight for his prin- t;lple8 when he hasn't any. .\n ocean voyage makes a fine out- in«;. especially for the inner roan. It Is iiultc i>os8lb1e to grind a raa-i down without making hlro sharp. Luck won't- carry you very far unless you mix a little brains with it. The tabor agitator as well as the pugilist, should have a striking pe'r- Fonallty. The only time when some people tell the truth is when its too mui-b trouble to think up a\|ie. 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Chrls- tlain and Miss Katherlne of Emporia. taestcr Th<mias who attended scbobl while visiting has returned with his mother to his home in Utah. Cards received from • the Martin family, tell us they have located at Pindall. Kittle Fred ChambcFS lias been Hore- ly afflicted with the rheumatism. A.number of Roy Feelmek's friends gave, him a Eun>rife a .short time ago. . Mrs. Harry Griffin and wife areTift- illng^elatlves In Clayton,' Illinois. Mi!3.' Hope Ross, of Manitou, Colorado, and Mrs. Lydia Davis, of riola. were visiting Ella and Edith Gilkerson last Saturday. the followIuB pupll3 were neither absent nor tardy: Prank and Arthur Chambers, Mary and Albert Dickerson. Edmond and Hcrschel Feeback, Martha GilkerFon. Golda and Emo- sicnc McClIntork. Fred Shultz. Floyd and Fred WJIsOn. Ethel. Gladys and .Mabel WIngles. Honor Roll. Grades T. 8. 9: Golda and Emoitene McCllntock. Mary Dickerson and Frank Chambern. Grade 5: .\lbert Diekerson. Ethel Mingler. Fred and Floyd Wil.son and Edmond Feeback. Grades 1. 2. 3: Mabel and Gladys Wingler. Martha Gllkeson. Arthur Chambers and Herschel Feeback Carlyle School. District No. 2. will give en entertainment and pie supper at the school house Thursday night, November 21. Everybody in\ited. OLIVE S. SAWYER. Teacher PAPE^ BREAKS COLD AT 0.\CE. First Dose of Papers Cold Cempoaad Eads All Orippe Misery. Ii 'ou can surely end Grippe ane lireak up the most severe cold elthei in head, cheat, back stomach or lirobt by taking a dose of Pape's Cold Com pound every two hours until three con secntlve dos^ are taken. 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The Ladles' Aid Society rieared ov -•r $0 at Hopper's sale Monday. Frank Denney. of Colony, made •' «hort visit In Geneva Monday morn tug. Esther Call spent Monday vi.sitln- frlcnda In Neosho Falls. Ml»8 Ruth -Caldwell, of Carlyle, I: here visiting relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kriggs ap> hlldren. of Cherryvale were guest- If Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Flsk Monda: ind Tuesday. They returned homi Wednesday. Ml88 Anna Bigger, of Neosho Fallp 's staying at Mrs. Arnold's. Bobby Mitchell, of .Neosho FallF was a business visitor In Geneva las Tuesday. Mrs. T. K. Bosworth and son Car' •iUd Carl Franz were business visitors •o Neosho Falls Tuesday afternoon. George f;all Is plastering M. Trout wine's house this week. Mr. McGulre. of Oklahoma IR her' visiting his daughter. Mrs. F. II Childs and family. Rev. Irwin, Mrs. Grace Irwin am children, and Mrs. Chance Rees wer* business visitors to Neosho FalU Wednesday. C. H. Rees came home from Dennl son. Texas. Wednesday afternoon. Wm. L. Miller died at his home I* Geneva Wednesday morning after ai illness of several months. Death wa: due to a complication of diseaaea. Mr Miller was a man. well liked and re apeeted by everyone and he will b< sadly missed among hla friends am neli^bors. Funeral services will N held at the home Thursday at 11 a. m Interment will be in Geneva ceaietery Read About Th^ "Hiree Girls. How They Were and How Th^ Health 'it Was Restored by - LydiiBi E. Ptnkham's Vegetable Compound' —Mra. A. Grove, 1143 Dayton Ave. Wichita. Kaa.. sUtea: "1 suffered witi kidaey trouble, with a severe pair acrom my back and felt miacrable^c* all tired out. but after takhig Folet Kidney Pills for a few days, the pair left my back and I felt full of IIf< sad activity. Gladly do I recon^en^ Foley Kidney Pills to all whom have kidney trouble." Burrell's Drug Store , WEST OP THE HlfEB. (Sarah Freston) November IS.—Tt^ past few dayr have been disagreeably windy. C. P. 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Il';i T .-.v.TfTre St, Appleton, Wis. • A Si:il*>Ofi TR.\Cm5ir.S GRATTTUDE: , Geneva, Iowa.—"! hav« lieon t <Mf :hins school for some years aUd'f 1 have '.i-t -'.ed ;r.7 ,e<:ausc I \v;.s too biu»y with my work to' .".ttcnl to my."'f: v—c Ty. I U -T.-ivl srcj.tly every nroHth an^ wA's on the vers? rf .1 is-r-.-;''-!.-.I :doT -ri. "I wrote to you alxnit ^7.7 condition and took Lvdia K PfnUiaiiiX widely SHAVES , It F. D. No. 1, Geneva, Iowa, c/o Sam EricksoiL • A COLOBAPO GIRL'S CASE: ' Montrose, Col.—"I was troubled very much with irregolar periods. Sometimes two months would elapse. I suffered severe he^uiache,' was weak and nervous, could eat scarcely aujfthing. "I took both Lydia E. Rnkbam's Vegetable Oompotipd and Blood; Purifier and the result was wonderfoL I feel like anotiier person. "I think yoor remedies are the best on earth and cannot express my thankfulness to you for \rtiat they have done to me. 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Jesse Beaty, wa.s over on this side Tuesday on business. C. R. Peck is baiUing l»alc<l hay to own. Mr. Hicks also hauled bay vfonday o fthis week. Elmer Peck and wife have been at- ending the meetings at Pleasant 'alley and report Rev. Tallcy a very ntereeting talker. J. P. Jenson and wife visited in lola ast Sunday. Our memory may be a little short, •ut we don't remember Vide Fcthern- Till having been a candidate but twice efore this time and her sister. Annie wo years ago. Mrs. Heldcrbrant. of I(>!a. took diner Sunday at Mrs=. Kldriidjire'^. .losie ones and Sarah Preston called there a the afternoon. Mrs. 29clma Haves' sister. Mr.-;. .\et- Ic Alexander, write.'.- fhey are having t real nice trip overland to Arkansas, ''hey only make about fifteen miles a lay, being about all the team can -Und. One of those foreign peddlers was hrou.i^h this neiphobrhood .Monday. There hare been several gypsy out- its through hero lately. Mrs. Shockey and Sarah Preston -isited at .Mr. Snively's Tuesday. They ound him quite feeble. home folks returning Monday. . Howard Moore went to -Carlyle last Monday. * Theo. Hutton went' to-Chaoflfe liusiness Alonday. Mrs. Xevitfs mother who has b^en. here vi.siUng. went to lola Thursday. .Mr. .lohn I>!wis and family want^to lola Friday where they expect 'to make their future home. Mrs. Keeton was a Kincaid visitor Friday. . IP THE PAPER BOY FAILS TO deliver your paper, call 18 and send you a paper by a specialj the sa/nc erenlnff. "7 wewIU .carrier Gives Instant Relief, Cures and Prevents Catarrh and Cold in the Head. MILDRED. lUellc .McAdaiii) .\'()v. i:!.—CSrant I.icurance bad busi- less in lola Wednesday. Carnicnt Diekerson and l.«na Scheu- Icr went to Topeka Thursday niorn- ng to attend the State Teachers' As- oclation tneeting. Mr. Hicks shipiicd a car of hogs Thursday night. Frank Norton returned to Carlyle Thursday where he has employment. •Mr. Odd. Ollbcrt. of Pittsburg, came ip to visit relatives Friday.- Mr. George Weihe went to Kansas Mty Friday. Mrs. H. I.<ombard sj>ent Fridav with Mr. F. P. Lombard. Mr. C. \V. Hewgood's son-in-law rom Texas came up Friday night to •isit relatives. Mr. Fred Manley, of Wichita, came lown one day last week to vidk bis dster Mrs. B. E. Hicks. Gene Sinclair, who is working at Jarb'le. came home Sunday to visit The quicken, best and safest way to ew« catarrh or a cold in the head ia'by osiag a remedy that irill "touch Uie^poi" and do Its wark qoickly withont leaTiag >«iy bad affeots. Ely's Cream Balm, which it applied to the noettils or mblN |d as tk« thtoat or chest gets right at the root eC tha tronhia and instantly relieTes.'eTea the worstcaae ot catarriior eold. . A .f «wniii> nt«s after applied you can feel a looasaing up in the head, the pain. anS SMeneaa arc gone, the aenaa of taste, smell and hearing coma bade, and yon feel Hke ^a diSerent penon^ ' Ely's Cream Balm cleanses, heals and •tfti ^gthenflthe inflamed membiaaea, takec away that stuifed up feeling and dnil pain in the head, relieves the thnat aoieneat andatopa the nasty disduuga-whieh is th< cause of the disgusting havHong, imttfatg, blowing of tha nose, and foul bi «Hkh .''P^ fever victims who are Bade miaei ^ile^ b3 fita of aneezing. cooglnii^ and wfaeaaag get instant aad pennaaenr relief by tlM use of this simple remectr. • ~ | Dont suffer another ndnste. Ely!sG(eaa Bahn wOI relieve you immediately, radafiC cent bottle *will mora thu lOlely worl a. completa enza. ,AU drpgista sell it Why Women Are Not KICK. ' ^ Alaa ia a aullioaaire aiany times over in the poeMssioa oi Mood eeu*. •«•• i* not quite eo rich, for scieadsts have pravea that the nonnal ana baa tve Mil> Koa—the womdroaly ioor aad a half nillioa to a eabie milUmetia oi blood. A daecease ia aiuBber of red blood cotp«eeiea and a pcreoa " looks pala feet, is aaaoMie. the blood doee not iet the ri^ food aad probaMy the stOMeh Ia Dr. RI V. Pierce Ibuad years ajo that a <lreeric extract of <oldea seal and Ofcfoa (rape roots, queea'* root aad bloodroot with Uaek ebetrybark, woaM Itslp tha aasimilatioa Of the food ia tfa« stoataeh, eorrect liver ills aad ia Natore'a am. war iaerMse the red Wood* oorposclea. Thta medictge ha called Dr. Pieice's Goldea Meifical Discovery. By assimf. latiMl the food eatea the system u aosriahed aad the blood takes oa a rich red colon Nervousaeas b only " thd err of the starved aerves for food," and wbea the aenrea ant led oa rich f«d blood the persoo looses thoee irritaUa icel« iagi.sleepa weU at aight aad ii refreshed in tUe iBora «iu |lr buA tea..l (Mi<«% Butt. ''AUnyMndatboadttl - 1: wa» alihal

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