Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 14, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 14, 1912
Page 3
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THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER. THUUSDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 14, 1912. BIG Everything in the store sharply reduced. Two thousand dollars worth of New Coats and Suits bought at a big reduction in price and will go to ydu in the same manner. Big ship/nents of the New Mid-Season Styles direct from the designers hands. We advise you to visit this Handsome Coat and Suit section before you buy and see the splendid new Styles anjd the big reduction in prices. No old, out of diate stutfto show you. Coats $8.50 Kersey Coats, 8 styles in black .S4.95 ."la .-KdO Caracul Coats, .^atin Venitian liueW .S9.7.') .'i;2(M)il N<.V(?lly Coals, snappy styles in !"> different l)atterns .SI .'K OO $27.')n Coai.>^. liandi^oine gar- nuMils. all satin lined, on sale at .S2().00 $->\00 Asirican Coals, with Sicinrier satin linintif, now 01! sale .: .S2.").()0 $22.."j() Sail Seal Plush Coat.s on sale .$15.00 Suits Bip: priee reductions on the entire line—a suit to suii every fancyr-Suits jnirlicular Wo­ men will want to wear now. The best er .''oi-is of skilled, comnetent lailors. who are e(>a. tantly tryinir to prothice the liest in Taiioi-.' I S.:u; fci oui' store. Every jrarniei'.t ran riiihlf'.iliy termed hand made and all iro in tiii.s bi^- sale n.i these hig prici redueiions: .Slij.oO ali v,-ool Sei-ee Suits, .satin lined .'^lO.OO .S20.00 Suits the best value.- tver shown. ..SI.').00 S2.").00 buit>. high ^-irade Whip Curds >J17.50 $:i.j.00 Suiis, imported .'>2.").00 300 Handsome .JMew Skirts Go in This Si>ecial Sale. I!' i / I I r $10 and U2.o{) fine imported Whip Cord .Skirts in the new shades. .$6.00 And on down to .§1.50 in price. If you vvant to see the best line in the city look at this splendid stock of new .styles. 11 are included in this bij; .<;ale. S1.500 WORTH OF NEW FURS INCLUDED! IN THIS BIG SPECIAL SALE. Come expecting the greatest values you 've ever seen in Fiii's—and we will .a^uarantee you a .savinof of 2-5 per cent on this new u[)-to-date line of Furs. \nLLIXERY! MHJJNERV: MILLINERY'. Never before have we had the pleasure of showing: you so many exquisite styles. Every Hat included in this" h\ii special sale—at a big: • I'eduction <»f 2.")', discount. .?1.(>0 Hals . . ,— •« i.tC- .'?2.()(i Hats ... . . . SL .'J O .$.^0 (1 Hats .. . . ....S2.2 'i $4. (SO Hats ... ... $."j.(){> Hats . .. ... ..s;?.?.') $0.00 Hats ... .. MM $8.00 Hats . . . ...^0.00 •SIO.OO Hats .. ... .il>lM .Chi!dt-en*s und .Mi .-s- es' Hats all included. Big Special Thanksgiving Sale of Table Linens Commencing- Monday and lasting foV Three Days—every piece of Linen, Napkins and Towels included in this big- sale. Remember—ilonday, Tuesday and. Wednesday. 25c Linens, on sale 19o JSoc Linens, on sale (j.^c 35c Linens, on sale. ...-. .27c $1.00 Linens, for S.'ic 50c Linens, on sale 42c S1.2.") Linens, for 97c 6.5c Linens, on sale 45c .$1.50 'Linens, foi* .Si.2.'? 7.5c Linens,on sale (VJC .'>2.00 Linens, for .$LI5 20'( discount on all Napkins and Towels in this great Thanksjziving Salel A SPLENDID LINE OF UNDERWEAR The Style That Fits So Well! Ladies' Vests and Pants, silk embroidery fiaisli, splen(bd values, on sale 2'5c Ladies' Vests r.iid Pants—the best values we can buy... .oOc Ladies* 65c Union Suits, silk embroidery finish, special. .50f The best graile of fine Union Suits we can buy. special ..SLOO Every .size in Children's Underweai- you will find here at prices that will you. STAPLE DEPARTMENT lOti pieces (»f new Standard [ '18c Impenal Chambray. 1.5c I'i-iiiis, 7e quality iSc ; iOc Muslin lYiC ; 7c Ai)ron Ch'k Ging:hams..5c ! 12VL'C Bleached Muslin...9c 10c (iir.ghams 7'2C i 12^^c line Cambric 9c :? 1.5c Ginghams 10c ]-3c Cheviots, best, .....10c Everything in the store at sharply reduced prices in order to effect a complete clearance of this big stock of fall , merchandise. This Big Sale Opens Friday Morning, November 13th. Extra Sales People to Walt on Ypu. We Pay"c^ Fare ARD^QN^vS 113 East Madil^ ( P—WrtlWI liiu II .«> ^opMI—nm^ PERSOWiU, HEWnON. J ^ Mrs f I, Oslniiiic \\ 1 111 ui Hiiii- lioldi tills .iH'i-nimii ' I K' I I li.n- visiliiiK frii-uds, Wfiil iti 1 Iniiilioliii lliis all 'TiMiiiii , in fioiii Cutil- - nr. 0. I,. ('«x, OriilNJ. Mr, iiml Mr- M K II.' i. r- l Yutt'ti CfllWr. vvlui lun. li.rli l\.v< \l^ itlll^ I'rii 'Dd .s \\>iil I.) Inil.iv, —For roni )il )>t*< II IM- <I| iiursrr.v Klork KH' J. .U. Jurk<>uiu riti>it«> llMi. Mr !IIM1 M IS. <• A. UilU.rb.m. ui. —Dr. II. L. Ili'iKlrltks. 'Old rmirt I{«u>r. ViilN uii<.wi>n>il day or niirlit. Mr. iilKl Mrs. M y. Sickly <il l.u- Hnrpp w;<.'m to l >i'< mi;; Mil.-; :ifi'nioDii for H visit *ltti r'-liiiivft;. —Dm. Hull & Hull. OslDopatbR. TrlfptaonP!! 1^. cr .l. Mr. :iiul Mrs V. li. \'<iss. of t'olciii.v. who blivp l )c«.n hiTi' viwiliiii; It j'liii;;, r»'turued boiui- tins ;ift,riii>oii, —Extra low i>rici'.» on nv\\\ and moA Gas and Ct);)l Stove* KM llonDcnjicr. West .Madis^on. Mrs;'J, S. Ami'rndti f>f I'h-.nuVi; who has b<cii In r<- \isiiiim rritiKl.x, i'.-- tnrned honu; iliis H I KTHOOII —I'so oil.' U 'liii'' /'in"' ('oii>;.'i .''^yni .'i, 2.*i and ">" ri'nis K\''iy hottlf j!iiara!i- leed. S))i>nci>rs Dm*,' S;<ii'<'. J. \Y. \\>.'hb<v. of Wirliiia. who has , .!ol;ii I'niilt uiiii lo folliii:;vUli . I 'K'.. . this allrniiioli '.or a \isil wuli r. i .li:...l.|l.<^ Satiir':.i.\ allvrnooi), I 'liii;',' '' . • U!;n r ;n'n'!anl illl |io. i-d o' '. .1 . •• aiii. t ; I'K '.iS"' n till 11 !>• Mi ; I'" (• N. iuiUn;!. K;i-\ .l !.iU>i >n ami 1 .'I I'i\I- 1 1'«aid I r, r talinnli. of I.a« r,'nr.'. who has 1 n li-rr oil busini'ss wi'ir, to Mtim- lioicli ihi?: aflrriiooii Newby's List For Friday and Saturday ('«iii|iiirf tlior |irlr('<> with iUi»v iii jiiiir (iHii tfriirrr. Vn't' drlhi-rj III .ill loirto iif ltii> i-lt>. ..Irs. K .1. Ilrov n. of Ka!is:is t'iiv Mill hav lii'iii lii-;«' \lsltiiin K. 1 .1.'Wii :<i!i! Ml.;. I.. I'ancoast. .ii'iiirn- iil ijoiin' II i^ alii-nioot). |1. . I i« I Ci ;ra.\ lift ihi.-. ; Inr 1 .1 . Ill, a 1 Ish "-.III r.-.a .Ml I!'1,1 Mr.< S .\ I'PIU ifft I .•n.-niiinii liir l .aurinii- ami Toi. III'.' .1 \i...i< V. illi 1 i i k.i >lr.'. i a-. Ill' inn t'lii noon liilin .--1111. nl Tl |M'l<a, '.v'.. 'n hi'ii' anil in l.all.'ii |.i- visii- lids, •.luuii.'d Innii'" Ibis aliiT- Mi » li.i .lohii SI .N U OUSI', nf Oi'i'iinn. ia> Ii.'il; Vlititilis frlt'lltls ill (»as i.niiniil hoiiii' lliis afliTiioon ii \V \Val.'>..ii. of ('..(fryx ilic «!io hiM'n hiTi. on l>n-ln<.s>, to it.'inii'ti this utli'i in'on. ft' Roberts Rules o! ==Order— Is rpcognii'd as THI bi>.-;t« for siiiaU nicctitiKs. Reed's l>>irlianii'nt:ir\ ltnli>s for I'arui' ll .Idit^• CushintrV .Mnuiul las r«!visi'il li\ .1 .1. Injiallsi is Ihi- oliii-si ;iinhi>ri(\ on l>;irHaiiH'i!iary law .KitKitrs .Aiilunioliilc J.un for luotorisls. Klvrll <»n Kridjre Its iiriuciiili's and niU;s of play. . riijle's lilWK \> i.rd> Oili'ii .HI... pronounced —new edition. And dozens of oiii.'r hand books thai will 1M' I |I yon, iUiy tiie^i at th<! boukstiirti. Evans Bros. BOOKSTOBE. - 1 wi'l ir «>\i^ iiiy ••^tork of Ki -n'^r.-il 111! I';"ni :iFi' from iMO !--i'nt lorailon. oil" liloi-k in>rth, to imKUInR' Roncrally kr .ixn ii« Sfitr biilldInK- Tb'' stori' w;il 1 r I'iosod Thursday noon for tin' :i',-l ». till' day.-I,. K. Fosl<;r. Mr and Mrs. .T. AV. UolUstiT. of i;niIin;;lon, wlio have b"<'n h«>n. vision;; Irli inljt Willi lo Clmniili" this alii'inoon Afii -r a l.iii-f visii linn thi 'V will jiroi'i'cd lo California to niiiki' llii'ir lion .i'. Mrs .1. <• I'ox. of yuiiK y, KaH.. who hits b.<n lii'l-f visit ins Mrs. C V. Dal- loii. wiMii lo Clianuli' this afd'rnooii. • V'.ir:n and City I/i.-ins. U .\I (-i'"- nin'.;i'.uni. .loi- llov .'i- (if I'oiTi'vvilli.. who h;is I lii'tii h 'Ti- visiilnM friJ-nds, r«'lurn<'d iionii- this afii-riioon. Sii'idnri Williain.son. of CaiH-y, who has I II hire on Inisini'ss r<-lurin<l , hoini- this afttrnoon. Ci.-irk Ilarri.v. of Uov .iii. III., arriv-' I'd li (-r<> (his atti'rnoon for a visit i wiih bis sister, .Mrs. Sti'iilicn Hryant. i Mrs. Oi'orgp IVabody. of TojiPka. [ who has Ix')'!) bcri' on busim-ss wm' ' to iliiniboldt this aftirnoon. O. ('. t 'r .iil, of Kansas City, who | has b .'in h <ri' on bii>ini-ss wi -nt lo' Tiiis .'i Ibis afii'riioon. • 1 .III t 'l .rii .:.!.:. 1' 11. pklii tans ll .initn.v i-nns I'l 'a" tans lli 'iili: S.M' inns I 'ovk iV 11. aii- lans I 'lai'bi'.- iMiis Saliiioii i:,v 1 alls Sardini's •.• lans Tomatoi's 1 alls Ori'i'ii Oatii- I 'liiia- 'J ral!^ P.'it .'i 11 ly .sail Mi-.ii. 11.. li'ii- i: isl'd. il> I.M- |.KIS !'( si Tiia:.lii-s j'ki; Ki'llofin's ToaslHil Corn Kla:;i'.s l..r < • a( k .'i -i. I'l'V lb. liy bi>\ \\ 1'. haM' Drii'd Cbcrrlfs i; r'riii"J and all kinds Fruit >i • •als aii.l l .nni h (binds. I'r.ish r sli, Ki'ish Oysli'i's. Kri'sh Fruits ai ;d V.'KHtitbK'S. L'l lbs Cam" .-^u ^-.a! '.viil $.-,.11- i:. w ba> l .i'i- fiai'lii'!! Frank i hiislnr>ss .'-•lllford. of ( • ji 'il .\ > ab'. w'.u i: lirrf on I n^ini"«s, wi -ui l. Ibis al 'i 'ini on. AndiTson. of Cailyb'. viMtor biTi- this iiflfi was n noon. ! .Mrs K. .V, llartfi-. of Cailyli' who 'has 1 II hrri' vIstiiiiK frli-nils. ri'inrii-' .'d hoii:i' this afti'inoon. , GROCERY PftlCES 10 11).=!. \ Iiiici<\vh'-':it I-'loiir -lac 1 gal. Sour Pickles. .COc 'A tall cans I'ink Salnu>n ft.r 2.' HI cans Iowa Ci.rn.. .2 TH- 1 pkixs. Rai.sins 2.5c FLOUR!FLOUR! PEHCEPeBSPEGTHOeiS WHEAT IfMIOK run A\ AKMI.VIKK || VS nv.r.y \uii\yut:it n is VRHK. I North Pole . . Turkey Patent Wolf "premium Chancellor ... 01(1 Glory .... Golden West . . Graham F'lour. sk. Corn Meal, sk 20c 100 lb. sack Hran. .$1.0.=> 100 lb. sack Sh/)rts .i ;i.25 FIOYD ELLIOTT .$1.20 ..^1.20 ..SI.20 $1.20 .SI.20> .25c Itut Ihi- Market for (iilllc :iiid Hots <;tii'* I'oiindin:; VIoiiir at .liist Vlmiit the Old l'°l;;nri-v. III. \« i:.l..l IT.-<-> I >•;.';. auo. .Nov 1 I—Tin- wlii^a" mark-' !•; liroiiiictl Unlay as ihi- rf.-.>ilt of r.>- } i.iiis that TiirknN had oblaincd an j aTinistl-1' TtK.' opt'liicj: wu.s 1^1- to 1 Uown l >i'fiMnbrr siarn-d .^T^H, to •, •-: •/ "v dov\n. anil sank ui sT^. riiiriiuo Clo'c. v>ilK\T III-.' M'afc\: .Ma.N .Inly s'.ii.i' ' lOUN—111,' 4s"«i-: .May i>>«}j^.: .lulv V.>c II \TS I'OUK I.Mil) lii'i- .May Inly Ian Ian Han .Siinii,.-. of Hbo iias I n hi'ii' wi'iii lo l.4i\vri'n('i' (•.illlnsvillc. OUIa .1 vislliiii; old frii'iidt-. tiii.s iifti-rnoon. Cioci'iy Order. lull llis best Flour for il'.-.V u lib 110 ord'iir or ovi-r. Newby Grocery Co. nio>E 2 n> |iii: S. \Vu>lihiirtuii lulii. Kaunas .1,, Uamilfon of Oiiawa. who u..;. hi .11 li.'ri' on bnsiiii-s went ic EU .»i- loii ibi.s afliTiioon. .lolin .\ I 'i 'K'rsoii of Oiluwa. who |ba^ bcin I UTI' on ImsliU'ss ri'iiirin'il I lionii' Ihis aft' !liooii. ,Vlr.-^. .Xi'ibiir Cole, of ('hiinnii*. rami' to loin Ibis iiftprnoon lor a visit wilb .Mrs A. J. Willbinison and frb-iids. M. W. Teats rftnrned home from a biisini ss trl |i throiiKb Oklaboinn this afi-rnoon C .\U'<'ariy, who has Wabiioii. .\ik. on business, '.\i>ii:<- this af'irnDon. bi'I'ii in r-iliirned f'oiiiiiy Treawiircr Aiisbcrmaii and bis family look a vncation from U H' officii loday nnd went away to tbi' wiiody hi imni I 'l -rans and walniiis ,ind oihi'i- tliiili'r i.rodm IS Oscai .\|iiili'<ino-'. <'b !i >l i-m;ini"'r 01 till' l.iiiiibernieirs I'ortlatid ('I'lm-nt nlant at (';ii'lyli'. b-ft this niorninc foi bis honio In Swi-don. As is told by tbo nniiic. .Mr. .-Vmdi'iniist is a nativi- of Swi-di-n. huviiiK resided but four years in .America. He inlend.s to sjiend but two !iionil;s at home, as he l^ needed HI Caiiyle; tiiil the "old folks at home" may ai>|ieal to him so .-troncly tlial he will not return in llial tiliir fiioiliall >;ai!ie h.-tween the Ihi-• — r-i-.i Aiadiniy leain and the lola team ; Yhe |{e >:i -:i r .-rni! yisterday i\(n- vbl.'! ih to be iday.d here toiiiori ow , ;„^, .^,aiint: iha'ilie fnneral of t'le .••Itiinoon. will start at .•:;4'. H :;,Te William 1. .Mill*«r of f;,.neva. Iiroiiises 10 be one of the fastest and , -.voiUd l.e held a' Mor.m. It was an- iMost lntere..,tiii>c games of tne s-ason 1 ,,;!„,;• funer?!. which was to be held a" bere " .Moran. and t-!ie reporter ."imply <f>n- — .f;t-eil tile two Tin- funeral of .\|r %\<<\:,; Mm- $is:!n. i $Iii .ri2'...; .May $in;iii-j. j Kan *iiiK City tJraln. ; Kan-a .i City, Nov. U - fasli Wheat,! niavki 'i '•..'>; Ic lower. .\o. U iiard. yji'n \ "I T '-J: .\(». :!. s-znis^i-j: s., 2 red, w'it i I .Vo. :t, ;'4f('.': do-..—Dec M14; t May sTVt' K-- I COlt.V- .Marke: '^jTi U: lower. .\.> 2; 1. o!d .". L' I ^'!(.".:!, new tT'fi4^; No,; •'. o!(i ni-v. IT: No. 2 wiiiie, old .".-I. ^1', ni-v. No :;. oM .".:'.i...-?c,M'.j. n .'»v '•\''t':. Close. Dec 4.'.'>: .M:iy . -I".; .Iiilv t'l'-v'it , (i.\Ts-No 2 w.ifi-ii:;;>; No •.'j niix.d. :;i'-j';(:;i'«4i-. ' . t KVK -i:i;r per bnsliol. f Ki ;'i 'lpts o!' wheat. 84 cars. f H n I'opiiino. of nianute v.-:is a business visiior-bere this inornin^. Mrs (• I. Faskins, of Cherryvale. who has been here on business returned home this afternoon. O. AV. Hall, of Fort Scott, who has lieen h.-re on btsii>ess went lo Chanute this afternoon. .T. W. Vbav-r.; <rf rbaniile. who has bf^en lure visiting friends, returned home this afternoon. Mrs". J. W. HoU of T.aHarp<> leM this afternoon for learned for a visit with relatives. ; - iiie R!-;;a!i'.-<.n l»v;. ^;ov,.is Store j I .^v .Meiit 'e- a bi.i l'!• Sab( in l!ie 1 ii .i <rnii:>; A hi^r nuiney .-.aviiit; oppor- • n:r.!tv i .\ K lever ler'i ibis afTernooii (r. I I..aniar. t'ol'i. lor a two '.vi'eks b.isi- lless visit. ,( M .Ma'/.iir. of Colony was a V !>i- I loi- here ijiis i.fternooii Mi.-s (b-nevbve Taylor went lb Cba- niite this afternoon for a visi* with friends. Mrs. Lyttle Murray «>nt to Ijirned luis afieruoou far u visit with frieude. .Miller wa.s held in O.-neva this iiio:n- InK Ht II oi'loi k. II. v SM Irwin, of- 'ii iaIinK. Itnrial ua.-^ 11.a b- in 1 >•• C'-neva vesm.te: \ Tlie neM pension payment dale i> Filuiiary 4ih and it i.-. leinp kMike.t lorw'ard to with coirs'.li ,abl- interest hy the old feoldiers. lor it will inaiig- J urate the new system of jiaynient m-\ reef from Wa.tbinKton Heretofore! the veterans have had their voiicher.s i Kansas City'<ti>rk. I Kansas City. Nov 14—CATTLK. re- 1 ii'ipls O.i'i'i'. -.Market was stronif to! steady. .NAtive steers $•; 2 -".ft 1" »''•; j H,ws and heifer.-: $r. .'llfi S I 'H: stcrcker.-; t a:id feeders |4,T.''fi 7 2.'.; bulls $4.m)^r ! calves $*."ILLI in nil . I Hnt;.S—Kereipts li >.'"H' Market is < -ironL'. H<.ivy $7 2 -'.'i T."«T'i-; prfck .Ts j and buicbe:s 17 r.'i<? 7.*>.'.: !!.:;lit $6.7-'. rbir.i!;ii l.i\e»l«rk. f'hjcaso, .Nov. 15 -IWTTLK. rerefpr.^ ••.."•"|> .Market steady. Beeves $,''.2"'?; j Iii^": st'icker>= :iiid feeders $4,lii'i) 7.1" i coA.- and iieifers $2 7'Ji7 4'' ' t!il(;s- !!-,-ip;- L '2 .e'"i .Mark-' i-! .•lo.\ l.ieh! i7 :'.>'^;7'.C; mixed $7 4.''ri , I'LL': iii-:n> $7 ::''il S !i ; pii:< $'.i:.';i'; Your Feet Can Be Made a Pleasure to You r p .i .bal.l.v :.r I I-SN cost than ytnt ari- payini; for disi'omfort. If you buy I'lietip Shoes at cheap prli • you iiavi- bad im service --no coiiifor' - no style, and at till' i -nd 01 till' . war your Shoe lilll has III... I >.,.;i more ihan if yon pill ymir inoney In good, reliabb- l 'i -ot'.\erir at reasonable I.ei MS pmve this with a pair of SK'I.UV $;!.r .i| or $4 S.'.oes, .*.ctUR:ed oy tlu' knowledge tha'; •••,au ' p»'nnies always reiurn.'" Imal! i.ank- today sold meir collecijun ol • iiiiiliiated sni.'>ll I 'Otns to a trav.-liiii:' j-M.-lry agent. He pie..,uniably ;iirn»i IT. (l.e gold silver and i 'op|»er to be s::'.eUed and used in the Jewelry bus- i!ie~s t) .e bank accepted fl.T>i> foi ai'oiit $:! III! iface valuei of ..^nch coins The sheiiffs office was as silent as i !iP tomb today. Sheriff Kerr went 'o Kansas City yesterday and Fnder- niade out here and have sent ihem tojby Coahill Commission Company; k:in>a> City rrodure. City. .Nov. 14.—I5ut;'-r epACs unchanged Hay and liroo .Tii -orn iinchant.'d and Lneal Markets. Product quotations furni.shed daily si eriff Dunfee was moving bis hoiisi'-^ Topeka. but the last Con;;ro-i. abol- j hold eood .i into a new resideni e on Soiitb l^liestnnt Street. There was a ; wild but nnconfirnied rumor about the court bouse thai Dunfee was dolus the lieavy work himself. iWben you have anything to sell or tiadc try the Want Ad way. isbed the pen.sion agencies and will pay pensions by check direct from the pension office at Washington. \Vhe» tber the Washington offlce will be able to handle the immense business promptly at its .next payment time constitutes an erer i^resent lutcer- Get Ready for the Quail Season— we're right on the edge of it Look to your Gun; and Aramunitiori Sort up an order today. ni-TTER— 21c v>er |>6und. KOOS—24c i)er dozen. POri.TRY—H.;ns. 'J\i.i-: eot-ks. 4c: sprines. 9>4c: ducks, lOc; geese, turkey.s. Xo. 1. 14c: Xo. 2. lye; old i tarns 13c: guinea.s. 30c eacb. \hSB be^ here egjj8nrtn«to,"T^ttffii«4^ BROOM CORX—160 to JlOfl ner ton > home tfei»aftenMkne t..^.--f T. .-.Vsr BORSE HII>ra-42.00 to 12.73. G. A. Thomas, of KaJia|tsClt7;'Who' here oa^JSa

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