Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 1, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 1, 1954
Page 2
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS cil AiHke's Hides Sy NORMAN WALKER It feEACJf, Fla. ;8 top ....'Mfcrs asSetttbied today for p$rfrortt Jtow»wov/ OH policies " "JSUtetnt-Wfr ttdminlstratioti plans (0 curb union rivalry. rtlArt Art, Executive Coitn- k guides policies of the member: Inbor organizn expected to open its ses "With .6 study of the nation's situation ahc the growing of Unemployed. ^ a said that they are wor- Jro Ihfet increasing job layoffs in factories may spread to construe other industries in which hcs its heaviest member „ President George Meany Ms bepjj sharply critical for weeks p"L i mnny adminislrallon policies khfl a<l-'AFL spokesman snid Gec- '(Hftry of. Labor James P. Mitch|l|'ha«' arranged to come he'-e " bttt Mteshitigt'»n >Pr.idoy for a con •iWs with .the AEL chiefs, visit apparently is into try 'to uepair strained .illations \v-th the adminla- the basest problem due r contidBcation At the council's 'gflay JSepgjpn is tth« ipeaoe plan rkeU join* ,to provide machinery QC settling'-disputes with CIO un- ij$*#ii»"j<b«twften tthe AFL's own iCI,O have nego- r\o .Eflldlne" -pact prc- ;,P. union .from either cr pp #rpm trying/to take overj fea'dy, lor'gimlzed firnynb ors of a '' ,iil > Jhe ,i£thtir 'organization. MARKETS St. LOUIS NAT.ONAL .STOCKYARDS, 111. ft — Hogs 0,000; fairly active; weight* 180 Ibs up !5 lo 24 higher than Friday's average; lighter j v/eignts and sows steady lo 25 high er; bulk choice 180-230 lb 26.25 65; few loads mosll.v choice N.J. 1 and 2, 200220 lb 2fi.75; 240270 3b moStlv 25.00-1.100, few to 256.25: few270?OC ' lb 24.002S.OO; 1517 lb 25.51*28.50; sows 400 lb down 23.0024.00; heavier sows 22.0075; fow 23.00; bears mostly 18.50 20.00. Cattle 7,500; calves 1,100; trad ing very slow a few good and choice steers on :-liipper and local accounts barely steady at 20-75 23.00; generally bidding unevenly lower; limited number heifers and mixed yearlings weak: cows very Slow; limited nur.iber initial sales mostly on cannc-rs and cutlers ncotil iteady al 8:0011.00 few lo Utility cows to 11.SO; bulls ste2tyml ste2ty and commercial J2.50~14.50; cutter bulls 10.5012.00; vealers Steady;' good and choice 25.0030.00; Jew prime to 32.00; commercial and good ;18.0024.00 fair ly -libevol .supoly slaughter calves finding lilllc demand early. ,NEW YORK -COTfON YORK </P) — Cotton fu- Howovur, it will become effective for unions specifically, signing it. The CIO has announced that .virtually all its unions are'ready to sign. Meany »vas reported determined io force a shoWdown to find out how many AFL unions are willing to go along. Some ave seemtngjy lelucl&iit.. : HOPE tures were irregular today. Hedging and profit taking were active in early trading along \vith liquidation in nearby March contracts. LLosses extended lo 80 cents a bale before the pressure lifted as price improved somewhal on Irade covering and commission house demand. Lalearteernoon prices were 85 cents a bale higher to 30 cents lower lhan the previous close. March 34.10, May 34.22 and July 34.10. NEW ORK8TOCKS ' NEW \UHJV W —The stockmar- ket bl'pped alitUc lowerloday afl er slartingoul with a mild attempt al a .-ally, Neither the origins! risenor Ihe subsequent declinewaa very pro nounceJ. Steels were consistently higher along %vithmany railroads. Mcrtors were lower, andthey were joined by a number ofcoppers andchem- icals. Otherise the markel was steady lo mixed. POULTRY AND PRODUCE • CHICAGO Iff!—Live poullry barely steady; receipts 1,407 coops; or to two cents lower ;heavyhens I'.o.b. pnying prices one cent high er to two cent lower; heavy hefi 2832; light hens 17-10; fryers and broilers.2225; old rcosvers 1710 duckl none. Butler sleady receipls .1,504,121; wholesale buying prices unchanged; 93 score AA and 02 A 65; 90 B 03,25: C£ C 62.5; cars: 90 B 04; 89 C b2.75. Egg-j weak receipls 17,200; wholesale buying prices 1 lo l'/i OUR FJNAL fff\f-^ %&?*<* ^\ ^ , J^IV^-,; ' ' ', §?,:'-* i , t F<a|l and Winter Ready to Wear... f^ Wenf «• }h&. -'—iHi. 1. > '%^ <J> 1T*«' **' "^"., tJB»y» rA •- ,4i u'^f ^ ' '**(* J '-S* * t » &:-; Were 10.98 14.98 50 5 50 proportionately Priced. Save Now. fORMALS . . Now fr\ ', ' IRayoii Gabardine SUITS Werel2;98 -NOW.;: -Hurry! .Good for Spring wear TOPPERS 29,98 17.00 AH Wool $35 - $40 Tha U. S. Staje Department and Far Past Command had no comment. Save to 20.00 Would Bar Continued from Page One Minister George Bidault decided to ask for secret sessions on the Gorman pcoblem. 5140-15 at National Brand Clearance 2nd ond v MainSt, COME how the people Ing for trouble JN^i Iff m t9 teXf 10-20 Yisi9^ lower; U. S. large 45.5;'tl. S. fclude Red China. mediun:r 44.5; U. S. standards 44; j 2. T'.iey aro supporting Despite head on collisions with'week fiom the American sector-s rival'the Russians on major issues the current receipts 42.c checks an>i.plans for uniting Germany so!Western diplomats talked optimis- dirties 41. • I radically in conllict that another j tically aboul Ihs conference. To dcadl'jc': appears inevitable. jthem the most pleasing thing was 3. XT. S. Secretary of Stale John ! tne change of stmosphere. They have laken up more sub- jecls fasler lhan al any previous GRAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO UPt Grains went intojFoste.- Dulles and "Soviel Foreign a slow slide al ihe slarl on the j Minister V. M. Molotov have had Board of Trade lods-.v and never their first brief feel-oul On .Presi- Alliecl Conlrol Aulhorily Building to a shiny new five-million-dollar Russian Embassy on the Unter Den Linden, a slone's throw from the ruins of the prewar American Embassy. The foreign ministers are meeti Monday, February 1, 1954 ... . _ __._—— * But r.s the conference went irif its second week, no evidence - ths the Soviet; were changing thef basic aims was manifested. meeting One Weslern diplomat j ng j n the large, well-heated Hall were &ble lo reverse their trend, dent Eisenhower'*• proposal to es- described it as the fast maneuver-' o f Mirrors. Five hugi- mirrors re- Final prices w.re around Ihe day'sjtablteh a v/orld Jilomic pool forjing J>t &ea warfate as distinguish- n ec t its splendor — pink marble lows. i peace, but so far the talk has been ed from the stubborn trench war Main feature wns fi general lack, confined to the procedure for get fare of previous conferences. of demand. Soyoeans firmed I ting nesolialions utarlcd. The Russians and- Fast Germans at the start,. 4. Clashing plan diarmna- have done much to reduce the column.-;, rich walnut and birch trim, f.nd heavy ornate chandeliers with masses of lights. Restrictions on movement be ....... _ ...... ^ _ ........ _...^,, v being the only giain lo show any, ment — one inside the Uniled Na- 1 shock of Ihe change in conference tween Ihe East"rnd" Wes't "sectors -------- „ .. ... .,_ „, .. . ....... ' strength at any lime. They soon lions i-nd one o. ulside of il —-have been lurned over lo secret session gave -.if) Ihcir gains. Cash wheal: None. Corn: No. 1 ! of Ihe foreign ministers yellow 1.57; No. 2 1.55'-57; No. 3 (they can argue freely. 1.51-94; No. 4 .1.48WP); No. 5 .52A53; samble grade 1.57-51. gats No. 3 while mixed 80. where site iVom demoerolic and more have bfcen redxicpdi E nslern slore prosperous West Btrlin lo totali; wlndovV9 have been packed with tarian, poorer f.sl Berlin. The conference moved for this ; fi cr jj n .-hops. goods seen bc .r O!e onl in We£t mm? AT UST< For Your COUGH Creomulsion relieves promptly because ; it goes into the bronchial system to; help loosen and expel germ laden' phlegm and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial • membranes. Guaranteed to please you j or money refunded. Creomulsion has i stood the test of millions of users. relieves Coughs, Chest Colds, AcuU Bronchitis; Labor Unions Continued from Page One posed contract 3 provision for a closed shojj — trial is, one thrl would permit & union member (o refuse fo work with a non-nion employe. The employers also asked for a clase re-affirming Arkansas Con- slilulional Amendment No. 34 — Ihe so-called "Freedom lo Work" amendmenl — v.hich prohibits a closed shop. The union contended it had with drawn its demand for the closed shop provision but both Ihe chancellor &nd the Supreme Court said tha* t!'is contention had not been proven. The Supreme Court also com- men*"od that, even if the employers did dem-iv.d reference io Ammendment 34 thus would not be unlawful because the amendment would be an unwritten part of any labor contract in any case. While the case was pending on appeal. The motor companies suggested dismissal because the strike itself had been called off, but the union objected because it wanted the issues in the case settled. In th Pulaski County case the sheetmelal workers contended that their contract with F. W. Daniel Plumbing and Heatering Co. Inc., and other Greater Lillle Rock members of the Shnotmetal Construction Association of Arkansas had expired. They struck and started picket ing on the basis of "no contract:':no work;" < ••'' The Chancery Court and the,Supreme Court however found that the contraclhad nol expired, ^ bt, instead, had beon extended auto matically for another year. j The . contract was executed ; :cn March 15, 1952 .retroactive to March 1, 1952. and with March J, 1953, indicated as the cutoff djate. It contained a povision that I unless one side or the other seived notice of pending ,re-negotia'lion nol less lhan 90 days before expiration dale, Ihe conlract would be extended foranolher year. The union served'such notice.on Dec." 5. 1952, but the courts held that this was ivol within the 90 day .limit. A union contention 1, 1953 was re- piration date was March 15, 1953, insteaJ of March 1,. 1953, was le jecled. • •.; • . The Washinglon County deci sion, written by Associate Justice Sam Robinson, w ns unanimous. Associate Justice-Ed McF.adden dissented in part lo the Pla'ski decision, which was written by A sociata Justice Paul ward. The Supremo Cort today also: Upheld the claim of J. Walter Williams and Carrie Lara Williams to a smalilract ;in Clark County agains t the conflicting claim of Mrs. C. E. Wade and others. The decision affirmed Ciark Chancery Court. Upheld Hemostead Circiut Judge Lyle Brown in setting asnde a de- falt judgemenl in favor of John L. Barlletl aginst the Standard Life and Accident Insrance Co. Brown said the judgment, for $508.30 was entered without no lice lo the company through error. BE SURE TOyiSIT PENNEY'S ON \ Russian Agents Continued -trom Page One ese reporters ntid issued a prepared statement accusing "the Ameripsn -espionage organ in Japan" of seizing and holding By PRISON (3ROVER BERLIN • W) -T. The .Big Four for eign minisjei's moved their conference over to the Russian sector of 3ermaiiy today without budging an inch o'i any world problem. 1. They ,«re desdlocked on Jiold- ing a Big Five confcrenc lp in- BIG SELECTION OF GIRLS COTTON DRESSES Color Crested Embossed Cottons Call for this beauty at Penney's now! It's of crisp Everglaze Cotton, richly embossed and colorfully printed, freshened with white. Lots of colors. Misses and half sizes. VELVERAY TRIM PRINTS Sanforized Striped Ch'ambray Quality fabric plus outstanding style — featured at Penney's now! Some skirts have as much as a three yard sweep! And you'll take to this Penney pin-money charmer! Jet black velverqy trim provides a dramatic touch, wins compliments-for you at home, at the market. 80 square wavy plaid in lots of colors, Misses and Half-si/es, G.HOOSEfRQM THISE AN0 MANY MANY MORE STYLES AND FABRICS

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