Covina Argus from Covina, California on December 26, 1908 · Page 25
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 25

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 26, 1908
Page 25
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FORTY ACRE RANCH AND HOME OF A. P. KERCKHOFF Wide Driveway Through Bordered Fan Palms. RANCH O' THE RIDGE John Oilman's Vine-Embowered Home HOME OF J. O. HOUSER Towering Eucalyptus Trees Cloister the Lawns. PUREST DOMESTIC WATER FROM SAN GABRIEL RIVER tovina's Drinking Supply Comes From Out Melting Snow-Banks of Sierra Madre Mountains.-Reservoir Service, In the Now York Ghetto a drink of e water in the summer is a price- ess thing. Recently n man groat in nance in Now York City was Indicted, rled and found guilty of n heinous (Tonse. The Indictment upon which o was convicted was the embezzlement of company and banking funds, ut there are thousands of mothers ,'ho remember the horrible year when Ills man was president of the Ice rust of that portion of America, and hrough bis prohibitory prices caused he death of hundreds of innocent hildren, In the months when the sun tared directly down upon that burn- ng, congested hive of humanity. (Oven when they had ice ami water it was ontamlnated with the germs of many oath dealing diseases, and today it s no uncommon thing for an epidemic o sweep through that ward and take he Infants and the puny children of hese, our adopted people, from the rms of helpless mothers. It is a question of water. Pure water s the foundation of health. The muter In the mountains, the camper, he builder of an humble home, the onnders of a town, the fathers of a •ity, all take Into firs! consideration he source from which the water must '.ome. A e.Hy» founded over a falni- onsly rich gold mine, is never to lie- come a metropolis without a water •supply. Somewhere near the foot of Ml. San \ntonio, in the jumbled range of the Sierra Madre mountains, a stream begins to trickle. It gathers force from lie gorges and canyons that, converge Ike the lingers of an open hand Into he one si ream, and downward in MB levlous course toward the valley, gathers and continues to gather the ,va(er from the great sheds of those seamed and scarred mountain sides. When It reaches (hat point in the canyon where civilization has crept ip to meet II, it. Is known as (he San Gabriel River, its two grout converging parts being designated as l.he north fork and the west fork, and iere the river is large and turbulent, especially in the rainy season, when it goes brawling over the rocks, powerful and arrogant with the great weigtit of waters constantly supplied from Old Baldy's snow-clad slopes. The river (lows through gravel and shale. In the still pools, where the trout, fisher is to be found In the open season, one may look through limpid water for many feel to the bed of (he river where the magnified bits of gran Ite and broken rock are as clear as cameo. The San Gabriel River Is fed by snow banks, by winter glaciers that stand out. white and gleaming in the California sunshine- of the vulloyi below. The San Gabriel River In the winter is a snow water river; in the summer it is a river supplied with its waters from those mysterious tarns and lakes of MM; interior ranges when few men have, or possibly no mat has ever trodden. In I he hottest months of I lie year the river wulei Is ley cold when wading about, in I The camper along Its banks nollci the gates of the domestic reservoirs are closed, and the pure water remains Inside, and the turgid water goes rushing by to supply the ranches for Irrigation purposes. If the storm continues for many days, and the water of the reservoirs becomes low, then It is that the Covlna City Water Company resorts to its auxiliary pumps. The piping system from these big pumps Is a separate thing from the great ditches, so that If the river should remain fouled for weeks at a time, the domestic water would still remain limpid and pure. This was not a fact when the company was formed, but is one of (be great enterprises costing thousands of dollars, which has grown Into the company with the growth of the company. Water Is Healthful. In all the history of Covlna City there cannot be t\ dozen cases of illness that in any way can be directly traceable t.o Impure drinking water, and these cases have boon found to emanate from the carelessness of the consumer and ndf that of the company. Water Company Is practically a thing of the past. It still maintains and controls a great deal of properly In this vicinity, but the domestic company is an outgrowth and the vital organization supplying the valley with The reservoir above the town, one and one-half miles in the northeasterly direction, is an Immense affair of brick and cement, completely enclosed. It has a capacity of two million gallons and occupies over an acre of ground. It is a system within a system; one reservoir running Into another in order that the water may be completely fill rated. The pumped water which comes from Lordsburg and San Dimas, Is only an auxiliary, and while being water of the purest, It Is not the exceptionally high grade of the San Gabriel water, and therefore Is only used when the San Gabriel has been on a rampage and has fouled itself. ONE MAN'S WORK. The Covlna City Water Company from the time of its Inception, or rather of the time of the Inception of the old Covlna hand ft Water Company, has been the greater part of the life work of John II. Coolnian, who bus prided himself In this work as he lias never in any other line of his many duties, lie has been the man at tho helm throughout Its constant struggle for the betterment, of the system, and while the company has always paid him a fair salary, not half of his work has ever appeared on the surface where It could be understood and recognized. Through the efforts of this man alone, It may be said that tho company has a reputation for pro- COMFORT AND LUXURY COMBINED Supt. Coolman's Residence. Covlna Is one of the healthiest, cllles In California. Its domestic; waler has been proven by high tests in both (he northern and the soul horn universities of California to be ec|ual, If not superior, l.o other wafer supplies. The Han Gabriel River Is pure because mi- t.ure has taken every precaution In purify II,. II Is not a fact, as so often is I lie deplorable case, that Ibis company In diverting tho waler, lias caused It to become Impure, for In Ibis case tho covered ditches and I ho extreme cuullon of maintaining Hie waler In the reservoir under the mom sanitary conditions makes II possible lo keep the supply In Its nullvo purity. "We have good water In Covlna" Is an expression that you will hear on the lips of the pessimist, Ihe chronic beauty as the structure of lesser expenditure. A summary of the Question of homebuilding in such a town as Covina might well be given in the closing remarks of an address to Covina people by a well-known architect. "Build with the idea that you are building in California, in Southern California," he said. ".Make your home a perfect blending of the surroundings. Plant your trees and shrubbery with the idea of keeping inviolate the long perspective, and shut the short views out by blotting them with a beautiful tree or shrub. If you have a house opposite you, blot it with a tree, and leave the view of the mountain open. Live as much in a park as is possible. Cloister your home surroundings in beautiful things. Avoid direct paths, and retain as much green lawn as you can. It is not necessary to have your lawn and verandas always at the front of the house. You see the bare street all day in business. Make your back yard beautiful and exclusive. Nowhere may we have such beautiful homes as in Southern California. Let UH take- advantage of the opportunities nature- is extending us will) so free a hand." H. I.. M. CONTRACTOR C. ALLISON Since the earliest days of Covina's history, Clarence Allison, the contractor and builder, has been identified with th<- growth of the c-ommunty. Covina is a city of horm-s in every sense of the word, and a goodly share of ihesc attractive dwellings were built, by Mr. Allison, who understands the lieculiai architecture best titled ior 'his count r\. Mr. Allison furnishes plans and Lioes ahead with the work <>i building tli'- home without the unnecessary expense of procuring the r-ervices of outside architects. The needs of ihe builder of a modest bunga.- iow or I. costly re.-.idencc are known to thi.i rout (actor better than tli'-y are known tj> men in thi.-> profession Who llUVe HOI been ''.'filled Oil tlilS toast so niat.y yeais. Mr. Allison Is also the contractor ind builder of many of the public and Diislness buildings of this section. The Reed block, the A. O. U. W. hall, the First National Bank building, and the new R. F. Buller block, now in prog- ress of construction are evidences of his work. Mr. Allison has always shown himself lo be a public-spirited man, and his fellow citizens for this reason have placed their confidence in him. COMPANY'S COVERED RESERVOIR a peculiar color. It Is I lie color which has given so many rivers the name of Green River, because their supply is from snow water, and snow water Is u pale emerald. For Ibirly miles through the densest wilderness, this waler rolls and reels around boulders, jagged buttes In the canyon, and Jin- ally pours out on Hie door of the valley over an Immense si retell of Hand which IK a lloor the river Itself brought down through ages and ages of endeavor. IJere Is beautiful, limpid waler which supplies lb<- upper Han Gabriel valley. No chemist ran pmll'v its It IIHH purified Itself. It Is what IH known as "live water." It IH aerated water. The People's Supply. 'Die Covimi City Water Company lias built up a i-.y.-.tem of domestic water supply for the city and KIII P rounding country on ibis great life giving stream The waters diverted by tli'- Cov'.na Irriga? ing Companv are Kiought down I hrough covered ditches, or more properly speaking, through an Immense pipe hVKlem, and again diverted into the tightly covered i<<-. ejvolis of the domestic water 1 corn puny Kvei'. p,>,-.:-,it,|e eaie to maintain the virgin puiii'. ot the Han (la t,v i hi... com ie pM-valcni In the .. I Ihe c,i:,e I (i I O'lgh i i'. e i., become t ur gid iilt wood and hilt lie ..on,el jrne., happen* the Co Water Company has made Proof Against Contamination kicker and the cheerful promolci alike.. No one questions Ibis, but. m one also slops to think (bat Ibis Is due lo two reasons—I he purlly of I hi Han Gabriel River In UH virgin nl.aln and the extreme cant of the domes!l< waler company In diverting and bring Ing II lo liie homes of the. COIIHUIIK in In (lie valley. It was In IK»fi that the Covlna I .am Hi. Water Company was organized am Ibis is the parent, system out of wltlcl the. prc.Hcn! domestic, company lias grown, In fuel the name Covlnu City Water Company, has but recenlly beet adopted. This company Is Incorpoi aleil for $:'0n,(>f)f/, and Die Covlna .•rosslvonoHH, and lie has succeeded In tin ambition lo keep this company ihend of the clly and not to grow with ho city. Mr. Coolman's splendid valor system Is In it position to stip- ily a clly one-half again as large an he one now being supplied, and for his reason Ihe clly never lacks for ,vliter. The company never Is attacked ty Kc.rlouH complaints. In the words if Hiipcrlnlendent Cool man In spctik- ng of I be company: "The clly does tot know thai the company Is here; he people only Know Dial they gel. waler, good water, and they do not uive lo He awake nights thinking and ilannlng and scheming for good water, This company now hits one of I ho iblesl boards directing It of any or- nanl'/allon In California, Irrespective if Its nl/.e. In confirmation of (hlH statement we prln! the names; Mr. Coolnian IH president, and the remainder of the directors are such numoH us these; Howard 10. llunllnglon, Ictiry 10. UntilIngloii, ,1. 10. Itrown and G. ('. Ward. The entire country known thai Die lliinllngloiiH have been first and foremost in promoting DID oiinlry through which their Interests are spread. Tine I liml Inglons main- lain Ihc greatest, most odlclonl. elec- trlc railway syslem In I ho world. Tho fuel that (heir mimes appear on Dio board of directors of lint Covlna City Waler Company, betrays Iholr InlorcHl. In the town and shows that they believe In tho future of Ihis community. These men leave the work of superintending and Improving In tho clfl- clettl ItundH of Mr. Coolimui, and support him In every new departure. This is the secret of Covina's splendid water supply. Mr. Coolman'n fourteen yearn of constant service places him high In Ihc estimation of thinking people of his own community. Ho many and diversified have been Iho Improvements In this company, I bat It has never, at any lime, paid over three per cent on Investments, bill U. IH UK- future Dial Die llunllnglons are looking Into am) they ask nothing now except Dial their Interests shall lie kept In advance of tho growth of tlio city. 'i'lils Is a rumiiiift of Ihe work of DID Covlna Clly Waler Company. II IH but oim orgatil/.ul.lon In the valley, but It hi,.., done more to build up I his splendid community In Die bear I of Die upper Han Gabriel than any promo- lion enterprlHi! or cooperation, or company of men ulnce the lands were gra/.liig lamb), and Die Inhabitants Indians. | bii'-l water-.-, i I/any. Stoi m:-, mountain.- and ',l|t I III 'A 1 01 Id and fouled t,v eai|;-;e thi vina cjt> Some of these reproductions on this page arc examples of this man s handiworK. complete pi <> .i.,ion:. for' keeping Ihe water juii'i at all time;-,, and when the at the canyon gate telephones; tli'.- imminence of a brooding norm. EMERGENCY RESERVOIR (8upt. Coolman in Foreground)

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