Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on September 17, 1944 · Page 1
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 1

Cumberland, Maryland
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Sunday, September 17, 1944
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The Weather Today sunny and moderately warm. ^UY WAR BOND? WAR STAMPS VOL. LXXVIII.—NO. 257 CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND, SUNDAY, SEFFEMBER 17, 1944 Direct Associated Press Servict PRICE TEN CENTS DOUGHBOYS NEAR COLOGNE End Of Asia War Mapped; Huns Falling Leaders of Allied Nations Slill Confronted ^villi Prolilems No Less Grave Than Winning of Con- 1 ~fficfs.-— i H By KIRKE T.. SIMPSON I Associated press w»r Analyst Tf HT TT H *. X H K /\ r\ * n „ r* n ...... Reds Roll Through Sofia Six U.S. Annies Push Forward Against Boche For West Are Aim of Dewey Terms Sen. Pepper Charge Worst Misrepresentation Ever to Come From Administration t Spokane, Wash., Sept. IB (.TO — . Thomas E. Dewey declared; No Eisenhower Mu f covites Are T~k • r • n iDriving Near PaClIlC FOSt|YugQsl_ayLiiie Roosevelt Says Yanks On Their Way To Aachen Quebec — This mid - September Tcck-end goes into history ];;tered with significance. II ihc end of the war in Europe ap- the west and it can be accomplished He Declares, Was! proaching swiftly and hsre at Quebec the end of the war in Asia completely mapped. •" .'here tonight that the "future de-; [Yever, sa velopment of this country" lies in i „. ,-. . „. . r, The Question Of A su- only by the election of a Republican ; administration in November. 1 The Republican presidential nom- • inee. who arrived here from Coucr- iD'AJeiie at 4:20 p. m. Pacific war - itime, told a press conference that ; i recent statements by Sen. Claude ; 'Pepper (D-Pla) that, the Republi- ; cans planned to turn over Pacific preme Command for Theatre Considered From here on the labors of the men who lead the United Nations fellowship will be nn loss arduous, the problems that confront Ihcm no less grave. Bu-f they have reached a turn- | t ; , t th ,. bl monopo . QucbtM- Conference Ph Ing point in the struggle so far j]ies ,. of <£ c easl werc ^ he mHQst V ";.. W:.,!:. . IT.! r.,..V.! •astounding misrepresentations that ' ' " *" : ever came from the administration.' • Advised by reporters that Pepper ihad charged the Republican party with an intent to transfer war plant ownership to eastern holders, the nominee said: ': "That is the most astounding ; misrepresentation that ever came from an administration that now .charges to us all of the failures That was the evident preoccupa- accumulated to it over a period of tion of President Roosevelt andl yearE - advanced on the road to military victory over Germany and Japan alike (hat flic rest can be left confidently to the fighting men while n 'omit leaders turn to planning ""the ways and means, political, economic and social, to secure and consolidate the final assured triumph —and out of it to fashion enduring peace for the world. \IT A1_,I_. WAR ANGLES MADE MIS I for Winding Up Europe Conflict and Then Crushing Japs By W. L. BBALE, JR. Quebec, Sept. 16 W}—President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill, completing- their second Quebec war conference, reported today they had reached decisions on all points of winding up the war in , . r n IVT T-, i -A I Europe and "the destruction of the Prime Minister Churchill as they! -me leader-of the New Deal said !barbarians o{ tne Paciflc ... closed out their personal share m! as earl i ^ 1932 tnnt our industrial- the military deliberations trmt.-P lant ls butlt Bnd ollv P r °t>lem is to trought them again to Quebec..distribute the products from it. Japs Prepare For Invasion Philippines New York, Sept. 1G tA'i —The port of Davao, on the Philippine island of Mindanao, has been completely evacuated in preparation for "the enemy's invasion of the Philippines," the Tokyo radio said today. The broadcast, reported by the Federal Communications Commission, said the evacuation of the port, often bombed by American planes, was completed Sept. 9 despite a "terrific bombing," and that all residents now were in the outskirts of town or in nearby hius. Soviets Within 60 Airline Miles From German Escape Route From Greece BURNING WARSAW i BEING SHELLED Russians Laying Pontoon Assault Bridges Across Vistula Toward Polish Capital ., -Discovery by Xev.- Deal Fantastic to Ti'.ey had stamped their necessary (••iproval upon the broad strategic, . F ° r '"e New Deal suddenly focion fnr virtm-v nvov 1'jnnn -il - i QlSCOVCr tllC WCst after 1" years JS „ M«.,n for vcton ovei .Mpan -U i fantast , c _ Tne future of o^ colm .|attack on Japan once Europe Is.out most within hours of their arrival here less than a week ago. They had also exchanged ideas inform- F.lly on the next necessary steps to try lies in the west but only with; the election of a Republican nd-: ministration which is committed to; I:i a statement and at a joint; news conference, they emphasized i that their biggest problem how to employ ..the mighty forces! which will be free for a devastating f\f from under "lire-corroding heel of' Naziisjn." As the communique phrased it. on cne next necessary seeps to — —"•• ••-•—•• ~ •—.......v..^ -" : t , riiffiniiti' TV-IS --tn finH rn/mi anrf . , . _^ . . ! |-Vip *»vnnncir»Ti r\f r>i** n'r^cf rnt\ MTP'inc Q1111L1111A \\iio IO 1111U 1 tnJlll Hliu « taken in Europe—and particu-1 tne expansion 01 trie west, can tne, . mitv fnr mirttiniiirm noninst li'-lv in Germa-nv—-when R-issian S reat development of this countl - y -opportun ty for maiihallmg ngamst u.i> m ijermarij—v»nen n^ssian,- ,, v -, ., -Japan the massive forces which s:id Allied" armies have trampled:0e «cconipiisnea. pooh and- all of thr nations con- cut between them the last Testigate Dewey commented that he h«ai«mcd are arflcnt to ««"« I been-much interested for years in|" rnca ale " rnenl to engage •the construction and operation of e 'Bonnevillc dam and Grand Coulee. Barkley Backs World Freedom BY W. W. HERCHER London. Sunday, Sept. 17 i.S'i — Red army troops yesterday rolled' through the capitulated Bulgarian cnpit."! of Sofia in their drive to- ware Yugoslavia, only 30 m;,es be-i 1 yond, while other Soviet forces i ;shelled burning Warsaw and began! ; laying pontoon assault bridges i across the Vistula river from the | captured suburgan area of Praga. ' Berlin broadcasts reported without iSovlet confirmation that three Rc-di armies, using upwards of 400,000; First Figlils Into Open on German Super-Hijilnvay Aflrr Drive Through Siegfried PATTON IMPERILS RICH SAAR BASIN ! Patrols Beyond Lust Defenses Before. Rhine; Aarhen Toppliiip; Hun* Surrender Brest (Army Racliotelephoto from NEA Telepholol Marching in single Hie these soldiers of General Hodges" First Army ( men in a big new offensive in the follow a German road that leads to Aachen, where a full-scale assault By HOWARD COWAN Supreme Headquarters Allied Ex- pedUicnv.ivy Force. Sept. 15 \3>~ The. U. S. First Army, driving thc> famed Slocfricci Line in J4 hour.^. fouuht out into the open today on one of Hi(ler's super-highways within 2fi miles of Cologne a.s six Allied armie.' pounded iorwnrd on a 500-milf from. The hard-hittiiij; U. S. Third Army freed the western half ol the town ol Thlonvilie. only 15 miles ,/roin Ihi' rirh Germnn industrial jSaar basin, and in a lighiutni: move 'sent tanks ruitliiR in behind Mt v U. the most important French lovuess. city Miii in enemy hands. The approach to Cologne was reported in a front dispatch wlm-h said Lt. Gen. Courtney H. Hcxii;c,s' infantry hurt moved on 12 milrs cast of the .surrounded German frontier lortres.s of Aachen and asserted the westwall breach .south ot the city wns so wide the whole German defense system was in peril. Patrols at a number of points a of?he U^a'pit "he NEA-Acme photographer for the War Picture Pool. ! Baltic sea. ! .Placing Bridges Under Fire cf Nazi armed resistance. Decisions Reached-Simply To Aid For Passag ate Resolution Favoring U. S. Leadership in Peace Program |He said these developments pro- But they said all questions were! j northwest in the future. ! Hasn't Ha-J Hoover's Advice Dewey countered frequent opposition charges that he Is a protege jtime" and the British Prime Min! ister remarked that it was easy for him to reach an understanding with Mr. Roosevelt. He pointed to their of former-President Herbert Hoover| lon g associations and personal con i _ ;^i.L :ii_- j_i -»_ i _ . __ L • _ .1 * ...^'rn/^e n nrf nKcPi-vn/-! * and The war maps about them at the conference headquarters in , _.. , , the grim old citadel or the vast jjected enormous benefits for thc:f?ttled. "hi a very short space^ of Chateau Frontenac showed! al- ... _j *. „„.. ,. ,-.... most from hour to hour startling changes all pointing to ..ejirly victory in Europe, and to crumbling" "Japanese- sea defenses. During the week Eisenhower's Allied armies had ripped wide gaps in the outer defenses of the Rhine itself from Ihe Maastricht gateway in the north to the Belfort gap in the | south. . ! In the east, Warsaw, core of thei already badly dented Nazi huldin<*> replied the Republican ;ront in Poland, was ripe for Rco'j nominee. "And you know where I've Army occupation. Tlie Danzig corri-;been." cor that leads to the Baltic and! The news conierence ...... ^.....^.. to Berlin was gaping open under led at one point when Ross Cunning-! V le Alllcs wl11 do the fastest possible Russian pressure. -ham of Seattle Times, addressed : -J° b ° n -^P- 1 "" . ,, _ In Italy, in the Balkans and|him as "Mr. President." and then, rhc British empire. Mr. Roose- r.Umg the Carpathian ramparts i quickly corrected himself. ..Y elt asserted. *•. 9 C course. looking that block the way into the Hun-! "Thank you for the error." Dewey• forward to participation Parian plains, the storv was the smiled. ; And Churchill, himself, formally fame. Hitler's last European sntel-l Renewing his attack on what he!P IC ?8ed that the armies, air forces, lite was in sore distress. Buadepst!calls the New Deal's failure to solve; alld navn! P°*'er of his tremend- -. ,, _ - .-.. ,. j «• i i ti,« j « - T~. ji j i ""c omrvn-p u'fMilrl So thrnu-n tnfri :-sclf Russia threatened from llie! lh c depression, Dewey declared he By ERNEST B. VACCARO Washington, Sept. 18— W>— Ma- tonight with the declaration that "I l «»; «'™ ^Tumlted We talk over P*« of an over-alf peace program. I Yugoslavia, which already has been haven t had the benefit of Mr. "^ aie not Urn ted. We tfl ^ OTe r," b Marsnal ^^ Panisaris . "D^t hat'niean that you h.veuV^ ™ I et llong so wen and! knew of "° °^«™ to p«-rece*; S ona fc on!y 104 north of the ^^^^Z^^l^^^^^^^o^rso well, that | actton^and ^«\ r ^ *^ « U gport «IGreek port of Salonika. Hoover since you were nominated?"! lt '» akes ll eajiier »" d dusker to motion^bj Chairman Connally (Di asked a reported i reach an understanding." "I don't know where he has been.': Mr - Roosevelt asserted that he the Republican presidential north, had begun a drive on Riga , against the enemy is now in progress. One of the photos taken of U rre beyond the last fortifications ™* '^L"™ S ™1: rh 5!l?.. in ^ a ",,^" r; Americans on German soil, this picture was made by Andrew Lo]>ez. before thr Hhlnr. Ail( , li( , n j^ncvcrf Toppling; Dou^hbcvs fouylit into Aachen, Kiuirdini! the shortlist road to Berlin. iuid"it appeared to be (opplinc. i The Paris radio, adding to Ihc picture of sprr-ading Germnn dis- . asters, declarer! the great Breton port of hud fallen to Amrri- icnn forces who took 12.000 prisoner.'-, ibut this report was without official : conflrmntlon.i j The Saar basin, with it.t wenlih iof roal. iron and industry, wa.s im- i|>rrilo.d by Lt. Gen. Georg.e S. Pat; ton's Third Army richtliiR inside 'Thionvillc. only 15 milrs awny. Hrri- the Tliird seized a .section of the Mauuiol Line, which had • been remodeled to form outworks •for the SieiMnpd Lino, and turned its Gorman-Installed 105-mm FURS on the enemy holding th<? Unit ol Thionvillc nn thr onst bank of the j A late dispatch s.iid the Russians 'had begun stringing pontoons on jthc Vistula opposite Warsaw des- Oi hell- pite the raking fire of German batteries on the western banks. Offi- ciglly.-.Moscow-inerely reported rtiat the Red Army had extended its artillery are with the seizure of additional localities along the east bank of the river northwest of the Praga bridgehead. A Moscow communique announced the entry into Sofia by units of, Marshal Feodor I. Tolbukhin's Third I jority Leader Barkley threw his support tonight behind a move to seek Senate adoption next week of i Ukraine army, putting the Russians i a resolution favoring United Statesjwithin 00. airline miicd of. the Sko- , leadership in fostering world-wide [plje-Nis-Belgrade railway, German | i interchange of independent news as|escape route from Greece and lower ' Marines Seize Jap Airport On Palau Island N azi and the Prime Minister were not yet ready to put a specific date on the downfall of the enemy in but when it comes, he said, Since their crossing into Bulgaria TV/I" _ Tex) of the foreign relations com-i Sept. 8 the Russians had traveled iTjLO mittee to call the resolution up on I an airline distance of 225 miles to Suppli ics vin« Up To the floor as soon as the committeeiSofia in their swift drive to annihi- iTT' «. c tir\»"»il^^irl has agreed upon final language. ilate all the Axis troops in Yuposla-.JL 1 J Oil LS AJllIIlJJt-^1.1 Heroi-s of Guarhtcannl Kill iMorr Tliaii } AM) Nipponese n on Stiff liaUlc It appears likely the Senate will|via. Greece, and Albania. Elements; recess this week—possibly Wedncs-iof Marshal Rodion Y. Malinovsgy's 1 -ous empire would be thrown into day or Thursday—until after theiSecond Ukraine army already had November election. Action Delayed Until Monday |slnv Partisans al Negotin. south ofi Oil The committee was called for ajthe Danube river 100 miles north- 5 i> meeting trKloy. but action was pn.5t-|west of Sofia. j ' poned until Monday to allow consid- Bulgars Aid In Cleanup I eration by a larger attendance than With Bulgaria seeking an nrmis- was available. itice with the Allies and declaring Delayed by a meeting o[ the Re--war on Germany. Bulgur troops Fift v-Four Loeomolh c^. Tank Cars. 100 ilvity Car? Mil hy Allied Airmen outh, the cast and the southeast, "never could understand how any- Collapse of Hungary, even of AUE- | body could do such a bad job, even wnen tvia, was not far o'ff. Even little ] if he tried." : OV f/: an offensive against the Pacific foe when the fighting in Germany is Finland was at war again despite; her surrender to Russia. She was; Anting against attacking Germans! "ow. not with them. In the Pacific, MacArthur's forces liad leaped lo within a single 300 mile stride of Mindanao on his long picdpcrf return to (he Philippines. In characteristic lanpuasc, MacArthur said "defeat now stares Japan in the face." WLB Names Panel In Mine Disputes! He smilingly remarked that there ;was a bit of friction at this year's | conference—but lie said it resulted i only from British fears that the .United States might try to take on i | too much of the Pacific battling by i "strong for a free ; it.seir. "You BY ERNEST AGNEVv" London. Sunday. Sept IT "T Allied fighters and fighter bombers.' fanning out for hundreds of miie.s i in the area immediately behind the i Hired five more localities n\x>ve the j Siegfried Line, struck German lo- and nnci; relations committee, said he was!formed by the Vistula. Bug and Na-|supplies to the enemy defenses Sat-. pre« proposal." rew rivers, the communique said. iurday. i publican Sonnte conference. Sena- [ were aiding in the Balkan cleanup, tors VandcnbeiR of Michigan, White; In the wheeling attack outflank- of Maine and Capper of Kansas nr-;ing Warsaw on the north the Rus- rivr- 1 too late to participate in thejslaivs and poles during the day cap- sch. jled discussion. However, Capper, second rankinc I captured suburb of Praga—steadily jcomptives, tank cars, trucks Republican member of the foreign [driving the enemy into a pocket jbarpr.s nifhinf; reinforrcment-<; can't have all the good Singing Screen Actress Marilyn Maxwell To \$ ill Conduct Hearings ill; things to yourselves." the Prime Ca«es Affeclill"" UiMW'V Minister declared. "You must share '"."_, _° ' - them. ill Four Stales • -We will be in on the death with Jbrces proportionate to the national Washington, Sept. 16—(/Pi—Thei;strength." He added: "I'd like to see it passed promptly. It ought not require a lot of debate of Praga and opposite Zollborz. or on the floor. A r»?a!ly free press'the old city district of Warsaw, and 'Kobialka. six miles north of Praga These included Pelcowiznn.. on thc| Simultaneously 1")0 medium bomb-. Vistula river two miles northwest i Or5 O f tne T.I. S. Ninth Air Force-' hejiind 14 miles southeast, of Nowy- dumped 300 tons of bomlxs c;i the isthmus and dike connecting Wnl-; chercn island in Antwerp harbor | with tlie mainland to prevent the German garrison from making a V. S. racifir. Hoi'l IIc;i(iqu;ir- ters. 1'earl Harbor. Srpl. Ifi. i.-Pj—Killinp innrr than l.KHl .hilKUKsc, .Marines r:iplurpri l*c- loliu iiirpnrl on Palau. Illicit in HIP western C'arollnrs, and a<l- vnncrd steadily against strong onpniy counttr-attaoks. hi-arl- (luarlrrs announced tonight. By nightfall lYiriav. m:irkinR (he mil of tlio .srronrl clay nf Uie Uivusinn of thr otxtry «ay t» the Philiiipinr.s, Marines "f the lirit division won thr ilou- hle-rumvay air>trip .it J'elflin' 1 - .soiitliorn cud. Tonight's rommunitjiu- made no mention i>f Amcrirnn rasu:il- tirs. It said srvi'ral ciirmy tanks «-rrc destroyed and ariclrd that ficvore fighting continiipd. Carrisr-liasnl plane*, conlin- urtl close supporl nf grntind forces throughout I-'ritlay. also bombed and -.trafrd l!;>hcl- thuap, nortlicrnniost and l;irc- rsl of thr ruin 11 islands, starting several firrs. Hollywood, Sept. 16 «P)— Singing Screen. Actress Marilyn Maxwell will he married in New York at 5 p. m. tomorrow to radio and film player •John Conte, she informed her studio hy telephone today. The ceremony be performed at the Church Around the Corner. Little Board today appointed i Epp Hatched Year Ago Now On Foot senator O'Mahoney ibllc members toj Colorfully, illustrating Britain's served: cases i determination in the Far East, West: Churchill reminded his hearers that War Labor a panel of three publli conduct^ hearings in dispute between* coal companies in Virginia, Pennsylvania. Alabama i "the egg hatched here last year is and Kentucky, and the Supervisory;now on foot." Employes Union. District 50. TJni-' And, he added, the sprout of last ted Mine Workers of America. For-;year has grown into ajrec. ty-one mines are involved. The panel members are W. Latimer, chairman; Gregory and Lloyd G. Reynolds. The! could be a powerful weapon." Senator Aiken -(R-Vt) said thought the resolution would win;Dwor. where the waters of the Bug "virtually unanimous support," and land Narew empty into the Vistula. | fortrps.-; of that position. There wns (D-Wyo) ob-; In northern Transylvania thejucnvy anti-aircraft fire from ships; U. S. Pacific Flee: (Russians aided by Romanian troops|j n (he estuary, and two bombers'.Pearl Hnrtwr. Si*pt. 1R (/!'.--Anvr- "I certainly think there is no dif-icaptured more than 50 localities, the; fnilcd to return. 'it-nr. forcrs of liberation, pavins the fercnce of opinion about the desirability of such an action." (Continued on Page 2, Col. i) The conference, the Prime Mln- Williami L' 5ter said, was held "in » blnze of wimami " ll - j ...*.«, • Crinrles! friendship." Roosevelt said the outstand- . Nflss Maxwell, formerly of Clarin-l first, hearing will be held Sept 25; in 6 fret of the conference was that Iowa and Fort Wayne, Ind.. met Conte, native of Palmer. Mass., while both were working on a picture six months ago. and and had had Lane Takes France To Task For "Vague Promise" to Vets with the panel instructed to mnkci u llnd taken less time, a factual report on issues exclusive j produced less argument, of bargaining rights and charges of;Bought complete unanimity faster disrriminnHnn than any which he r>.r.d the Prime Minister ever had conducted. He emphasized that the major actions determined upon to beat the In the Pacific, communique said, including Hodac.j Tnc pj[ ots w ] 10 ^trafoti German way for the invnsinn of the Philip- no .„!!„ .,.,....,„„,.. „, .i,. ^«,.,, n ,, i • .......... ----22 miles northeast of the German (Continued on Page 3. Col. 6) Ford Awaits Government's Permission to Raise Wages trntifpoi-t reported they hit 54 ioco- pines, wore locked in combat today motives 30 oil t-,'.v.!: CM-E. iCW nill--**''" 1 some R.OOO hnid fichiinc .lap- way cars,"three' b'nrpes anci three .niK'sc soldiers on Prlfliu island on grounded German planes. :'hc .southern nank of Nippnn'.-. Xo Enemy Plane In Air .stronecst southwrst P.icifir drfcnsr Neither the medium bombers norifo 1 "'!'^-'the fighters sighted any enemy! Bnltlo-wi?e American Marl!H-.« The fhimini; German frontier vil- lacr of Wnllrndorf. fi3 mllos .souih- pasi of Aachen, markt-d tho point o( ihc fourth American entry intn Germany and broupht wi\r priinly home to the Gernmn clii/c". Tho village wns put to the torch by DouRhboys to Kinckc out snipers. I'irrrcd at I'rnm nml Trier This (jt'iiptratloii Wii.s alxiut iiail- wny botworn !wo others nt Prum nr.d Tner. whrro the clcuithlv\. 1 - aftr-r tirivinp ciiiht to tru miles in- siiir Germnnv struck harr! coros of iTMstcncr Ir. thr mnin belt of ft>r- tltirntions— .-nir.r with wnilr. MX fro' thick i Oi\ the HOVI'.\PIP. rctu-hc.s of HIP 'triiii 1 .. ti-.e Gfrmnn:i threw iii nunnr- 'ous i-(iuntri;i!"nrk.s in iin attempt Un choc-k an American i«ush from Ulir i-itplured Dutch C'Hv of M;ins- 'trirlu on.stwnrrt townni the tlv.n- Inrr line of .Siocfplci <!rlcnsrs .--trrich- inc north from Anclien. I Thp Seventh Army on i!io rs- '.tri'inr .southrrn portion of HIP front itc-llriitipri its junction with 'be •Third, pu.sher! up to H ixilin :i3 inil'-s du<- we.«-t of the Bo!for: pup , tsolf. i Til? GPVIHSII.S rtlsn launched toun- td-nt.trtcks I lie BrilHi north : nf tho Albert niliftl near iho Durcli •lx>rricr. but to ihc wr.'.t thry wrrr I hr Pnlor of HIP fatintllan Fiv.M. Army were "': iniir. 1 * Into Holland Thr mnin InKroM In (hr- ri^l 1 ,;- it'.u i-ontrrori. howrvcr. on tin 1 srniu- CIP nrcumd Aachrn iiiifl U vis. nn thi." sei't«ir thni Miprfme hrari-juni- t<'r^. f.iut HIP Sl^cfrlod Mnr )-.:ul b«'n "roiiipirfly penetrated " Shaot rmpha.sV/r.d tlin'. thl.« clu'. iplnncs in the air ns the weather; vrtcrnns of blood v Gua<irtlranal, not imply establishment of wage through negotiation. The huge Ford automobile fac- reau that "I have been thinking andjtorle.s tire currently engaged almost Detroit, Sept. 16 W) — Henry Ford said today in a statement made public by the Ford News Bu- talking about raislr.K wages for some time and I am going to do it as soon as the government will per- excKisively in war production. Ford's statement in full follows: Baltimore, Sept. 16 (/P)—The first Interest of the service man x x x verbal conflict In many years be- by attempting to Intrigua him and 'ween Maryland national commlt-ihis family into vague promises as '1 tccmen from opposing political par-1 to what the Republican party and " ties developed today when W. Pres-1 business man would do about the Japanese menace were complicated. I The problem of logistics, as well las .strategy plans, he s-Ud, has hnd i to hp o.onslderptl. T^nr IIP cnlH p trliile plenty of men and materials a r ej nbm)t 160000 pcrs ons in the United!try". Ford was quoted as say to the iccnes of States, came shortly after Chairman, "As King as I live I want ! turned bad ar.d reduced operations WVIP undrr sporadic .Vipaiwr r>r- jafter n proinLsing mornlnR. itillery and monnr fin- nr- tliry Late Saturday night '.he Berlin 'closed in on nn airdrome on Pt-Iniui scnlesj radio warned that "pnemy bomber: (Continued on Pnpe 3, Cc,!. r) formations are again over north-: • ~~~— • west Gormnny." in an apparent continuation nf the offensive by more than 800 RAF and Canadian pianos that set huge fire.-; nt the bis Kiel n brf-nktliro-.ich. M- :rst!n."; stronply (lint on" sin<-(- n bfrnfcthrouch i.= ri only when » b-pni-h (Continued on PaRf 3, Col. 7) thoufih .•J wa- 1 - likely, Yankees Burn Village When "I would like to raise the pay of naval base Frklny ntphi. them together up to the scenes of action. We are going to maV.c certain, the Chief Kxpcullvc asserted, of ending mit me -" ail Fortl workcr - q despite the fact I Kiel, still smouldering from an The statement by the noted in-lff,,it. thpir wngos niroRdy 2 re !i!Khor; 1<U ack earlier In ti-.c -'tcl: by Ar.-,vri- i^wtriRUst, whose factories employ | than those of the rest of the Indus- lean hciivics. wns dPltiRcd with in- raying. icpndlaries which crews snid yet P.rpf to pay; they could fee more than 120 miles JllllII , I <L"?T5 —J ton Lane, Democrat, asserted thaticlviiian job that each veteran looks!barbarism in the Pacific. William H. Davis of the War Labor j the hiKhcst wages in the automobile-on the way home. Board .said in Washington that ajbusiness. If the man in oiir plants| Tlio base is of prcnt importance •Jacob France, Republican;, wns 'crnpting to intrigue" the service man with "vague promises." Lane, former Maryland attorney Rencral and resident of Hngers- town, referred to France's statement list week that business men and Industrialists were anxious to place orwao pect," rigl,ttoe SupwrnccommanNwr Pmnned-cd. i Never, he said. WHS the question | recommendations "Can it be that Mr. Prance Is so of a supreme command for the naive as to have forgotten the record of his party from 1920 to 1932?" 11 national wage policy is "in- 1 will give a full day's work for rt full! to the Germans nt prr.sent as they." 1 "'/ evltablc." The WLB, it was indlcat-(day's pay, there is no reason why I struggle Jlo brln.K home by sea troops i } )c '''•'• would send direct or implied two can't always do it. Every man marooned in Finland. to the White I should make enough money to House that labor's wages be adjust-1 ft home, a piece of Innri and n car. Pacific considered. He Jibed good- naturedly those elerner.ts of the service men in secure Jobs when they are demobilized. France declared that this could j "This time this worldwide stmg- Lnnn nskcd, adding that the press thnt had speculated about one World War was won under a Demo-' lie recalled previous references era tic adminLstration "and the sub- he had made to the tremendous dls- sequent peace wns lost under the leadership of the Republican parly. be expected from the New Dealigie is again being K .^epnralinff arenas of action In combat against the Nipponese. And he asserted, there are neces- he said, had 10,000,000 unemployed in the country nt the time gloriously and sadly three commands—that under finally won when the Democratic i Lord Louis Mountbattcn !n south- Pni ty is again in power »nd because i past Asia, the one under General Pearl Harbor despite eight years-! of the political mistake that WP. I Douplas MncArthur in the south- ed to meet increased living costs. "1 have l>ccn thinking and Twice before Ford has publicly talking about raising wages -for announced a decision to increase |sometime and T am going to clo it as (cdrrn! .spending. stated that Ihfl . jnaclc the lust lime, we will not rlskiprn Pndflr, and the command afloat GOP com-j losing the peace that is •nitteeman "was seeking to enlist the!Lane asserted. lo come,"hinder Admiral Chester W. Nlniltr.. i (Continued on PARC i. Col. wages In his factories. In IBM he .set. n $5.00-n-day minimum wnge. well above prevailing rates, and In 1920 he raked the minimum In Ford plants to J7.00 dully. A Ford spokesman said the present average hourly rate was approximately $1.25. Ford has n contract with the United AuLoinobPc t! Workers <CIO> which sets clar-slfl-1 rations, seniority rights and Rrirv soon as the government \\lll permit me." Shown Ford's statement, Chairman WlltUm H Davis of the War Labor Board said that "Mr. Kwrd will not. be any happier than the WLB when the time cnmcs that wftfics can b^ Increased without inflation." A.i to when that time might other board sources i-nid that B.\ JAMF23 M. LONG ! rmd rctrriH. but In this case bmlci- Supn'iiiP Headquarters Allied Ex-, Ins. 1 - from wlurli nu pnnnv—whrthr-r podltionnry Force. Srpt. 1(5 — -Jv~In civilian nr mili'Jirv —wns nrlnu upon tin 1 flonM-f of the bumrd out Gcr-. Anionran troops wrrr drfensp po<l- villf.ce n! Wnllcnoorf—a snl-j lions whlrli had to \>f knocks! rnit—tJip American ArrnVjO! thv »-ny fnr the advance. K::n,- barcri today a hard-a.-.;ctl jwllcy ofling tin? building wa.s the surest, way Brrlin nnd I.iiliork Boml.prt |brookln B no interference on Iw rood j to stop the Milplnir. Other overnight rnlrfs were mnde.W victory. I H would i.«-rv c another on Berlin and Lubock, and another: Liberation hns biiPii left behind: tnnt of mnn ppople fume linn purpose of home truths the force of pianos conducted whiU was in France and Bnnium nnd now.Goi described nfflcinlly fl.s nn' "oxten.vive' Amcrlciin t.rooixs arc wat'lnK war Jn.tbf minelnyins oporallon" lu muii.sclas- hastilo rouiilry and ore clcfi mlnoci: m<-n who aro on Gormnn soil n.< In- (Contintifd on Paf-r i, Col. j) Thp Ronrl lo Rrrlin By The Associated Trrsi 1. Wef-lern front: 315 mile. 1 - <from Stolbf-rRi. to sto;-, fuiever tlip ottempts of the German nrmy at world' conquest. Associated Press Corrr--ipondent ICnward D. Ball reixirtoil from Tiilrri U. S. Army Hendqttnrlors that. Wnl leudprf in'the First Army fpclor had i^ The burning of Wnllciulorf met Otilck approval i:i London, whpifl ncwspaiKr rondo].- had puz/letl ovor (rnnt line plrtiirrs the pnst few dnyi DoiiKlOioy.'i troatliiB Miillin« 2. Russian front: ho.joutside Pultur-ki. dc-1 3. Itnlinn liont: nnce procedure ami provliit.-s for thr prntl.s on economic conditions. (below Tllmhil). set nftrp and rvcry liiilltllne' Ocrmnri (nmitles i.o nrmy ration.'.. 312 mile.-, ' from 'burned boniu.'-o of porMSU-i-.t i.i'.i|imj: Tlu-ic Is no thought IIPIT Hint th* j Thr Americans wore In no .SPIII-P Gcnnnn.s should be trrn.tod "I'h .R3 mllr.-- tliominrioivtlnn thr nr,h\rs.s mrUuvis 1 cinrltT. liui. »•> a i;oo<t m»n\ p ("in- jwhl'.'h mnrkcr! thr German inv.i.-iou (Continued on Pi>Rt 3, Co!. :)

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