Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 14, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 14, 1912
Page 2
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTEll, THURSDAY EVENING, KOyEMBER 14, 1912. A Flirtation. Top«'!ln'r Wf sat. in a ti-t«-;i-t<t.'. Tlif pr<'iti«'st pirl and 1. The li!;lit \v:is out and llu lionr Into. For lime, .vou know, will !1> : i!y jdvo; Mow r.ipidly time will lly. Top'tli 'T wo sat in tli<' w<-l< oni- gloom, • .\loni>. unheard. Unsfi 'ii. Tlioiipli /lK 'r mother wa.s in tin- oilii r room. ' With a thill portiero heiweeii I knew !li;\! tile niolluT in ain'.nish lay— A.« mothers do. it soeins — To carry thi- pn-tliest uirl away. .Vway to the land of dn-ains. Ity jo\. ' To tho woiidcrlitl land of dr.viiiis. Ilil! the cherry-like lijis of the iireit> miss. .Mas were a lemptins sii;!:!. And 1 venmreii to hci; tor a tiiiv kiss. Just I 'ne. I M fore •"(.Uiod-ni^h; ' Hut the luelliesf i ;irl resented lli.i! In a way I'd iie^er dreamed. Kor she aii'ly <iir.iim from where she .And, what do \<>!l t !iii;k"' .-^h sere;iived! .love! Sill- eeriaiiily did she sercame.K I lainthi lh<- coiiiieiie til im .irriis Ahuk. For sndi is tl><- Wi .y of tii. n! .\nd iirnlTly u<inaiid >Ml of her a stn. ek. .'Viid IIK'II and ilieii and then lli-r mother eaoie enielly in with ;i light .Viid v\ ill) .\<Mi think she .--aid' •nil come little h.i'.y. kiss d.iddy .;:iiii>; nishi." .Villi larricd lur olf to hed. Uy .love! And carried Ilie haby to licii: — Hohcmian .Ma };a7 .ini'. In- (>li\er ([romv.eii There arc also the toitihs •I'f ntait>- eeltlirities to he sfi 11. Sir Isaac Waltor ~ Ann Austin and many 'others, especially bishops 0 ftlie c-hnr <'li. who li^fore tli'jir d 'Mliii< hiiili ?<»v»n chant* rics or chapels ir which ihcir bcdifs weri- fo-lx' laid when llK'ir^ work was finished. In connection with ilie calhedral. Mr. .Van spokf> of an old livspital or alms house wher.' old men arc cared for It was desieiif'd by the architect who designt-d the cathedral and •'Von the citstorns arc the .tame today :iK tlu'y wer<> ;it the time of the biiiUlinK- .\'e \i week .Mr. .Van will talk on St \llians which he visited during his reei-iii vacation in KiislaiKl. -:• •:• •:• — .\tt' nl the hip Coat Sale now po- ir'-' nil at 'J.e .\ew York Store. •!• •'• Tiimorrow .iffertioon at the lion'" of Mrs. C. F. Scdtt the Missionary soi 'ie- f. of the Preslivierian chnr«'h will uive a party for th-' moihers of the children beloiisiini; to the Cr.idle Rcdl T. IIS. all tots under sl\ years of ace. 'I 'll.' I hihlreli thelTlsi-lvcs will cive ihe unejiaiii for n -.e afternoon which wil! 1 made upj of recitations and songs. •> I".:; Sre .-ial Tai 'ie Sa!e fur v:e :,.;:iv. T^;e -,:av and Welncdax- i::.-i:an !-eti--^ • •:• •:• C.ipl.iin and Mr .i 11 A Fwinj; ga\ • an inlorin.'l dinn.r last n'uht for M' Hid Mrs S: «" I '.rewst -r who are \is- itilis; ;;i the eiiv foxevs were laiu !.>; NIr a;id Mrs Mrewsier. Miss llar- •i. • Itr. ur. Mr ;ind -Mrs t" 1" .-^lOtt .111 I Mr ar .,1 Mrs K"in••• •^ (*:•"•; Will k tiiMv .<!; ne-.Mr:;iient Ni-w Y.-ik Nicer Tbao Ever 1 • • '• >_ Christmas Cards, Calendars and Novelties Just Put on Display You said you wci'e going to buy them early this year at BllRRELL'S>??^gE Tbf ftnuli Storr BIG SOCJIAU UPHEAVAE DUE IN OAPITAD-. WSm DEMOCRATS TAKE CONTROL MARCH 4 \.n-;i.'n '-';,'ie Ti»iiiovi".'\\ •:• • .11 ler'ionil Mr. and Mrs. V. K. Dine arrivd lionie yestcrd.ay from a four miiaths visit in Michigan, by the lakes f)n their reinrn trip 'hey visited, in Chicago. .IJecatur and Hloumingtun. HI *\ — .\ew ideas in Punch Kmbroidery .•\rt lieiiartmcnt .\"ew York Store. .v 4. Last night at ilie Kpis<-opal chunli Rev. Jlr .rar! \V. .\au pave an interesting lecture on Winchester cathi d.- lal. v.lvch lias withstood th" storms and wars of eight hundred years. The building was commenced in the year li>"n .ind was four centuries in the building and is now the second lai:i :fst cathedral in- Kurope. Mr Xau also told in an interesting con- versiitional way of the many beautiful and curious decorations of the inter- it>r. one being a window made without jKittern from biis of glass from many windows which wore d<:stroved at :'. Ill link i a:Ml h'atiuday ali'riiooii at 1 4'> Mrs \l.iiy Simtt'.ons of the .\::ricult'ir.'l loMege of .Manhatliin will l.ilk e'l "r^iuue Siibjiils in I'lunesiie Scl-nee." a CI which will no doubi pnne , interesti:ig lo everv housekeeper and homeinaker. wh<'tlt<'r she is .1 f; ruler's wifi- or not. (llhi r pavis of th • prograni v,l;ieli shoulil be off >t!ei-i;.I ' inteies; 111 wciiueii will be a talk on —The ll.iliits of Children." by Mrs. K. ; W. .Myl -r ami "Fooil for the .'^iek." by ; 'Mrs. SiniiiKitis. whiili will be -ziven hi liweeii 'lalf iias! one am! Ihrre to-' morrow .ifiernoon. \'< :'.'ir.:: ;":i!;es nirte as ple'^in.; • •-•! for I'll"' a r'l.itogiai :•. cf vc;;r.-ef llr'.ve tin ni taki n now be:'.::e ;e rr.-'i begin?—Iluffm.ins ; .Studio V <• rndi-r i!'" d're.-tion of Mi^s Until Price the ii;>.Mtigs of ihe Cb- Omega society of III" high school .a."- becoming so interestinu thai "very men; her is an euilmsiast. Yesterday ;if- lernonn a Ladies Home .loiirnal program was t:iven. Iiis' of sitting ir. state with his book and pencil tin secrettiry comfortably read a copy of the ni.-igazine while difTerenl menibcr.s of the society cave in a humorous Avay saniiil"s of what he was supposed Handsome New Bracelets An extensive variety of the newest and most beautiful designs in Ladies' Bracelets recently arrived at this store. The patterns surpass anything we have formerly shown. The values we offei- are unusual for such high class Bracelets. Below we name a few i)rices for your cimsideration. Beautiful gold filled engraved Bracelet for child, S to 12 vears, guaranteed, for * $1.50 Beautiful gold filled engraved Bracelet for misses, price $2.00 Beautiful gold filled Bracelet... .$3.00 Ladies' gold filled Bracelet .^4.50 Ladies' gold filled Bracelet $5.00 IF YOU SELECT YOUR BRACELET BEFORE DEC. 1st WE ALLOW 10', DISCOUNT. to be reading, rtiitorlals. fashion note discussions, etc. For several years these literar.v societies have not t>rovcn as prolUable as tlcy slioah: • 'KH<- d lit" but they are now b "coining one of the most po|iular oi tlie re- ipiired branches. • • • l.l).<T Sal'.trl;iy atteiimon .s :et !in;, <i'.xer neeklaic iieniiam eoniiuMi! iC t '.iree ami;ii\ sts T 'l -af reMirn in : I* (" .\ii ;ii Isnn. K.i.-i .la k- n .le ! ••' iii\ e '. ert .ird %• Mr r- • : .1 l; Ferrii-i .v.- i surprise biiihdav party last night m !eii,i >r of t'-eir son. Francis ^'"'^ .^nd g.ini"s «Me the dixerslons ot il>' I 'M'tiii!; Til. miesls «1 re \lisse-. Kwi ll.ill. Kdna Smiih. tiibss,! \i.•sun. .Mill,I T;n lor. Ma;'el West. Crai Chlbn. Ile 'ia Maloney, Maude \V Mari .i Sarles. Maty lladilely. Id.i ,leck, Wava Hultou. Messrs CI.ire Hook. Howard Uriltoii. Uvi .^mitlv' l .i -slii Taylor. Hamilton lUill. Clar-! dice Cliilcot. Herberl I'ife. F.lieci Kiitlcd;'! . Fr<nk Waite. and l.oriii- Hlack; .Mr. •and .Mrs. Oiio Cartv .-ini' .Mr. and Mrs. .loliii Siiiiili. Fruit aii'l. cake were served. V I Itiir l.'i'iliii-non on a!I M;r.iner> ; leiods: 2r.',' di.-count on till Triniii;e;, Hats at Mrs. I'efly's. lon K. M.iHi-oi:.' lola, Kans. • • •> The W. H. C. will bobl their tegul-r meleing and ritual service iomorrov afternoon in the O. A. It. ball, i •> •> • 'ill Mandsonie Hats all go in ai j big w >• at 2 -'i per cent discount i RicV.r.n;.«on 's. c> •:. j —Kxperienced .i -alesladies wtiiite 1 ; I with good reconitnend.—Richardson'- •!• -T- Mrs. T. M. Slack, who has b 11> (iult<> ill for some time is iiiniro-. 'ni-. although she s'ill feels the cjTrcl:; o! the poison. •!• <• —Mrs. Gertrude Cli.ipin. Sjilrella • Corscticre.'tna s. Svcamore. f'hone si:; *•{••>. Mrs. J. H Campbell was iiostess loi the Young Matrons Sewing Club yes- j lerday afternoon. , fr * * f.ig special sale of Kleganf Mil- ; linery. Kvery Hat includeil in this i>!:: -|ievi:'I sale — Ri<;Iiardsfn's. * 41 * The (irst dance .which the Monti- the Raplis; chureb will b.- u; mi.;-, .,1 zuiua club lias given this season o«- 10 Sunday scliuo! workers all DM r ihi. DRAWING NEAR Be Lter ma'k c that appoint- in <• H t today, Cliri.stnias draw.s nearer every hour. Gibson's Studio l |i» \. Washington .V>o. I if. -At U M Mt, Mrs. Nicholas Longwortli (top) and Mrs. Philander C Knox; rlflhtt MiM Alys Meyer and Mrs. Huntington Wilson. Some of the soi iai leaders who will pa:-.'- ii .;t of Wasiiingtmi's sm ia! with the coming of llie Deiiiocratic ai !ii.ini<!rnni):i ii'ioii and made plans for Ji food sale 10 be given at ihe Campbell art room ne.\t Satiirda.v aliernoon. Plans wcii- also maile for a sale of work and home cooked foods on Decombor 7. •i- •> ••• .liisi a reii.iniler that Christmas is fast appioachinL'. Remember your fiii mis ti.v a ji! iitiigraph of .Mnirsclf — lliifiiaan'..: .Sniiiii. -•• The prosram f<ir ill. Siillday siliool institute wliieli is now in s< ssimi at Household Economy now «o llnvo the Itrrt rna;;U S.vriip and !*nve JC, by >lnklnc It nt Ilotar. ( iia.iii li:. - hiv^r ;ii:i;\ .-i t:,':.,- ..|':. t-v.t III ; •_• piMi <il warm v.. • - ,1 na.-. I'inlaiii a .->iu ;i. Il iiiid ; a 1 i .~!ir al«>ut li ^>rup ao cured last night at the Clinker Club rooms. The music was furnished bv Shield's orchestra. Those in at tend­ ance were. Mr. and .Mrs. I.eslfe Catni>- beli. .Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Wheaton. city. 'I"hj< aliiTiuiijii .1! _• ::i) held the "Seliiim I'p Si .-siiiii" Prayer and Messago from God's word. rrisent.itioii of >\!iat Misses Hertha Swigart. Mae Rrigha">. lualthy. eiih i.m ehurcli. oiisiitim .-. "J IliliHiri-. 11;:>e aD nieni'.v iiiiilii Ituy. It .\ ;i Mi;! Ill':; I'-:. 2^: n!in .M>« of riui -v ( .'H' 1- atM i;;., la .i ( ii,'. iHiltle, :aii! II!! it i:p wii!,- ;!•,• -u.Mr nip. ym willliave .1.- n.'ich -'rap -.i- you could h'ty h-i'l.v :::.Me f'lr .*J.oi>. ' It keejH JIIT:" Cora Klein. R<>ss Cook. Kunice .lack- son, Cienevieve Taylor, .\gnes .McKeon. Marion I.oIs Talbert, Ruth Sum mers. Imz Potts. I.ettle Woodin. K.-ite Oeyer. Messrs Wni. Milne. Herschel Cox. Lewis Drake, Krnest Searinu. | G'tirge Ilclgarno. Leslie Stotts. Harry .\eal. Joe Murnhy. Win. Achter. C. M Russ. Klvic (lilliait. Weekly. H C. Dellaven and McDonald. • •:• <• —Cut Flowers, clirysanthetniini-. veMo'v. white anil lavender, at $1 .".M j word. Confeieiii-e of huw II) tstalili .ii sia ' a cburcb Kfeiiln:;- T::tl): Kducaiiimal. I 'r;'.\.r ..lel n • lioiu Cc 1': word. • l*res<-nta'ieii cl Chiistiin Kiluca lion- l)r. S K Price Confer, nee 0:1 Clirisliaii ••ila. ai;!.: Friday M.iriiiiii; .Si><.|.in. liijii. I'ic.'.!'. I * lie*' of vvorkiTS. .\ilerii<ii>!i .MNsionitrt. And ^"11 v.- syniji -.1.11 e -.i r ii-i.. > .-.llv -te['> llli- Ili..~i : \ . }'.< :iT.-. Il i-, !a\..'i\ •_'-'ii t'UK- ••!'•.l. an.l t.;-'..; i- p lake a fi a ~;ivi'i ;ilul cVirv one, thr.-el .-ii:>.: l«-t "iM 'igli 1 i :i iv!, ...•••ag ki- h.i! i -l:su- • i-iiiL'a in 11 ••I! 'i.uii. !i;!.- a I: Ili.i. I- I'll. t..: ... I :i -allt. or ••>. for . a-tk- SPECIAL SATURDAY RF^X 19 lbs. . $1.00 ^ 1 ^ i- c 251b. Bag $1 .32 Granulated Sugar looibs. .$52© In addition to the usual profit-.sharing checks, with Spices. Baking Powder. Teas. Coffees. Extracts and Starches. U/>e Union P;acific Tea Co. KB. «I. AWtELTER, .Hgr. Phone 336 No. 7 North Jefferson lola, Kas. Piayi r ai, I ni.ssa ;jp Horn ' t;...! s t J'" K*. Pac SMU* .Fa SL K. ft T. ir«tak luiMMUn. "m! $'2 <Mt n.-r dozen Phone '.i!!.*.-.".- Pock'.er's Greenhouse. «!- .Mis- Prisen'aii..i: .c' in sioii work Mis. H. G. Fr .i .-^.r. I Coiilerenc.. on .Mis.-iirmary Kflii i.-ii- The Ladies' Guild of the Kniscopal i ly. chuicli beld a meeting nt the home of j Kwiiinir 7:."!l»: Stenardsliip. Mrs. Henrv Ralliott yesterday afK-r- i Pra.\.r aial m..- .ii;.- frotii Gud'.-, word. .1 ^I'L-r..!!.! r- ••..eiv. f .- .a -jlu I r ''III. ]--.u-.a. !..i!ri -t.. .... i; V ritr:«- •il'-l ••!' '• •••. • -.v !,•••• i.ii X: ill all th.- l ..-a!i-|. t-.'.--. X.. ..t;..r prcfara.- ai t'i;> ! riiiiii;.. r I! ikiii;: .• 'iigli remedr PARISIAN SAGE FOR WOMEN Presentari,.!! ,,! Uili I ardshi'if— I Conf.Telle. i -P'- .Mi,.,:: ' Milts lieui;:.!. |.r:ii-. \M !1 - iJi.-ii:ii<!-i.r;- •!r i)f sii H. t; Fras..-. 1 ,11 Sle^a.-iisai;.' .Miidain: Do joii nant iin iibundnncr •if lu>>lrou> liiiir with no dundniff or ireriiis? Hefore you finish one bottle of de- . -•. lightful PARISIA.V Sage hair tcnic | People .is r.;;- falling hair will cease; scalp itch will { tl'.' "a.v of a;. ::, . be but a memory and all dandruff. gi^ ii:g i<.:y •.'.ill vanisii. I likes to di.orai.- Resides this your liair vvill be fr.'e j for the <:<i-; viua !•::: i. lii -.'A. uvj I 1- . timi ^-^II wm Tlii- rei -ifi.- with Pit .'x a:-. I Stirir ^vrup i-s iiuw j gsid aiai rr: 11! in iii..i:-;'n.].' ..f li-.-nes i in tlie I'i'.'i-.l Stiiti ^i an! (\in ;»il:i. Tha pl :ii; !ia* <.iteii !». u in.'ti'.r.i b\:t never SII .I-i--fiiliv. A i^'ar-inlv f.f a'.-r .bit.^ Mt i -fai-'"in. ir tnnriey p '.-iini .il-. r.-fiin.!••.!. wit'itl.i-i ri .ii»-. V'.ii- i!rii -i .n -t. i.ns f'ini 'X. .T will ce' -it fur ^.iii. 1: tiot. >cnj li> Tha Piiici Co., II. \\'ayne, Ind. t:i'. '1 •IV ! an.: .r'i._ll in iii :i- :\ u\ ••hiim in TIl .Mlu ! -kiepir from dandruff germs, and'PARISIA.V! gestions taken ir .im Sasc will so iKiurlsh the hair roots i World .\ I.M Tab. r that the liair itself will beconi'e full I Pumiikin or s ,i: isj TI;.:V \ of life and nature 's own radiant color i resemble a l..:..ik. ; ...el i.; PARLSIA.V Sage is not a dve— it i fruit. i ;oes not contain dangerous l«>ad IT | Autumn U-.i:,^ ai ? any other iioisonons Ingredient. For ' berries are v. ..-y appi-opriai. voiir own protiK -tion ask for P.\RIS -i_ Ktirs' of .orn :r :y h.. ..r; I.\.\ Sage am! renqesl your dealer not a pyran .ii! as .-i la:.!. to give you any preparation containing I Corn liiirks n\n\ L. I.ead or .\itnite o fSllver. I.arge hot- Mindlesil.ks . tie of P.\RISI.\N' Sage costB but ,-.0 Kiirs of corn may 1 ceniR at dealers .\nieric3 over. C. I«. tie paper .skirls and Si.eiicer & Co., £uar&nt«eii IL ^ j cards.' .-!• tai.:. jusi a bi! A larg. cabbaec ;-—.iii may be scoop. ou' and fill* d v:;;i fruit and nuts. Tins niak-r a '.irii'iu- L > nier- plece. 1 \\'ii':(t may be bo 'jiul into a sheaf j and tied wii!- rilibcn 'iMs srnafi surrounded wi-h aunirtin ba -.-s. nuts; and fruil iiiak-s a \'r.. a!:racnve ta-. TurkeysWanted Rrinir in your choice heavy birds, but i^eep all light weight and inferior ones f(»r Christmas. A larirc per cent of the Turkeys that are only Numlier Tv.-os now will niai<e good Tui'keys and grade Number One a month later. \ Watch market report in this paper for prices on Tiirkev.-. 1/ Coghill Commission Co. Wiimaa'.-- <l:il.» a Fire Hero ~ '• - - " ^ " • I..' Ill' to —hut tile cr..-v.-,i nheere'l. as. witiil The l.awrence papers state that 3; Attention, Triple Tie. . ! ttlMi burii-d namls. '-.e lieM up a' small : s^.ore or more of the old K. V. foot- —To the members 1 bail stars are to return and help 4[Hig.' ot the Triple Tife There will bi^ a special meet- ruiinu lxi\-. "Fellow.-:" he >!ioiited. i ' has;ve:v,'';::;^^^n^^ t"- V"'-^'*^'7 '""T ^ lu^Jhursda,- nlgUt « the A. O. IT. W. I ;ii also for lK »il.-. iil..r>. pi::ip!e.::. it into shape for the game ban «. B. Griffith, supreme presi- r I 'll- V ee.'.n;a. .'.is sprriir.s. bruises .<;!rest around Jh.- pile ciii.- 1; -uiil.i.'s C B. .>f Ft. following [-(ast .-ipivine with -Nebraska next Saturday and the dent. >f Ft. Scoit: A. L. Woodford. : game with Mis.«ouri I .

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