Covina Argus from Covina, California on December 26, 1908 · Page 24
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 24

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 26, 1908
Page 24
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THE HOME-BUILDERS They are Happiest Who Dwell Beneath Their Own Roof- Tree. Story of the Bungalow. It is Built in Thousands of Styles and it Never Proves a Source of Disappointment. I have an Idea thai, the cave-rlweiier was happy In hlK way. He possessed a home, which remained his own JUKI. BO long aH ho remained able In defend it from the covctousness of hiH fellows in savagery, which Is prec.lsHy thccoti- illtion of things In this year of our Ixird, HlOS. The yearning to possess a cave, or a seven-roomed house, IK born in a man, even an the humble denizens of the wood fashion harboring places for themselves. The old legend of (ho Wandering Jew, who refused shelter to the one who had nn place to lay his head, arid was cursed therefor to a nevcr-eridlrig pilgrimage without rest or roof-tree, was written possibly to teach IIH that domesticity is a priceless thing, without, which the human family IH in a poor way Indeed. There IH something about a home built, in love and faith, wherein the dwellen; enjoy the harmony of perfect, home-making, that. seems t.o Impart, harmony and peace lo KB surroundings, aw If there were a plethora of happlneHH, radiating from (he content of thf: oeciipantH, spilling over, arid mingling with the atmosphere. The man or woman who ban no home, feels the Hlrain of the years of t'rult.leHH endeavor. Such an these do not come to the toil of the day refreshed arid In(spirited with memory of (pile! hours of relaxation under "mine own toof- tree." The Great I'lan seems to have been to ma!'- all creatureH and make them Hiifllclent unto themselves. Arcadian hamlets are Hoft-Hpoken and hospitable--they have pity, not contempt for the homclcssness of city dwellers. Home-keeping hearts will be happy whatever the country be in which the dwelling nan been fashioned. The old platitude that we were wont lo spell laboriously out from the pages of the copy-book. In which if was set forth that "four walls do riot make a borne," held Its modicum of ambiguous truth HH do most agri-worn adages. Hut where find has deemed It wine lo bless a country with an unending processional of frullH and (lowers, giving each of the seasons a banner of triumph to bear, to be relinquished to a succeeding season of gloria In excelsls, like, unto an Indian durbar or Oriental pageant, It Is in that country that man's feeble endeavors at hornc-bulld- Ing meets with greatest. assistance from Nature. Kdward JCvorctt. Hale recently discovered what the antiquarians of California had long searched for in vain —the origin of California's name. The Island of California, as ll was designated In those humorously- solemn chronicles of the old-world writers, was so named because those who had touched Its shores deemed It to be "very close to a terrestrial paradise," and the composite word applied as a name lo this country has this phrase as Its significance, l/ong before Hale mad'? Ibis discovery, the American people had discovered It. to the breezes coming from the mountains by day, and closed as the chill of evening approaches. Therefore, wo have the broad screened windows thai swing outward on hinges, doors that are divided in the middle in order to allow the top portion to act as a window during the day, broad screened verandas and balconies, kitchens with three sides open to screens Instead of stuffy rooms where the lady who prepares the fare may slowly parboil herself, sleeping rooms with one side ripen to screens—In fact all things pertaining to the building constructed for Southern California, and not following the arrhlt.ect.un; of other lands, save when It can borrow and profit by It. The bungalow is lightly constructed, Who would wear a heavy boot In the hottest, summer months? The bungalow Is constructed to resist, the rain, but the cold weather is not a consideration. The lighting of the gas-heater In the living room for a few moments each evening during what Callfornians call the winter months, is sufficient, to lake away the chill. And the best, thing about a community In which bungalows prevail Is that no two are alike. The preponderance of them are stained Instead of being painted, but each dweller In the semi-tropics has different, plans, or accepts different, plans from his contractor or architect. The houses of this country have as much Individuality as human beings. A California bungalow, built at a cost. E. H. LAHEE'S RESIDENCE. The Mayor Is an Aesthetic Lover of Home Life. Conditions and climates of the globe demand diversity In architecture. The sweep of the northwest wind only brings a feeling of added security to the snugly-housed dweller on the edge of the Canadian fori'sls, and dreams are as sweet on the screeiied-ln porch of (he seiui-l ropic.s. I liuve wandered up along Hie vagaries of the Keimebec river In Maine, through Hummer (lays, where every stranger, whatever be his address, Is lo the natives "from Doston," and the peace of those square, white-paluted, elm-embowered I'm in- houses passed my understanding. The whirr of a mowing-machine far across on tin* opposite bank of the river Is imitated above your head In Die foliage by the summer luctiHl ; the logs float la/.ily down-river, on their way to the sorting dams, lo eventually become pulp and then paper and then the boasts of burden for such thoughts as these. Mill their I'ale Is unknown to them, and they linger a moment beneath the shade of (he canoe-birches thai lean perilously over the stream, or become di eamlessly oblivious of the passage tit' i hut- in some inland lagoon, out o! the ken of the malei iallniic river-drivers. The Inhabitants of these be a fact. Whatever has boon written In the past, and Is now being set down concerning the climate of California, wild as the, sUi(eme,nlH ituiy have, seemed or continue to seem, II is a fact thai no wlehlcr of tho pen and typewriter has (hi; genius to give It Justice, such justice as Oils marvelous country should have as Us due. Lies have been printed broadcast concerning California, but what Is said In praise of Us climate especially of the Houlhern portion of the slate, Is inadequate, falls far short of Nature's u in >sl Dilations gift-giving. The word "bungalow" Is an linporla- lion from India. The Illusi ral ions on pages Include many of what i* known as the California bungalow, but Ilir structures hear little resemblance lo (hi' crude lulls ami gniHH-l hatched roofs of I he country of supers! ii Ion. Thf bungalow of Southern California has broiighi a new architect lire lino I lie fulled Stales, born of no Imitation, but made lo adapt llself to Hie conditions existing in these SDlli-l copies. The days are warm and the nights are cool. NYhal lllell. in needed In the wa> of shelter? A house which is open and airy, ibai can be thrown wide to of one thousand dollars, surrounded by a 'luxurious growth of flowers and green lawn, gives forth the Impression of plenty ami comfort. In these cheaper grades of homes, the colored burlap takes the place of plastering, and it Is astonishing how warm and how attractive the interior may bo made In this manner. Fireplaces llguro In all bungalows. The cheerful wood fire of a winter night Is a decided addition lo comfort after the sun has dropped suddenly behind the mountains. So-.much may be said of the, bungalow, the home of tho small business man and Hit- humble workers. Hut the homes of residents of Southern California run I lie gamut of cost, cover the entire field of architecture, making one of the splendid home-building sections of the world. In Covlna, there are houses that cost tlfiy thousand dollars, tilled with rare Interior finish- ings, am) surrounded by grounds which are triumphs of landscape gardening'. When the sum of ten thousand dollars Is reached the bungalow loses ground, and is discarded for more pretentious architecture, but ot'len- tlmeii ibe result Is not so desirable in BEAUTIFUL AND ARTISTIC HOME OF L. L. RATEKIN "Here Dwells the Miller." JACOB MAURER'S HOME Cottages for Beauty and Comfort. RESIDENCE OF ALBERT SHEARER Front Verandas Are Enjoyable Features. LIKF. A VILLA IN VENICE. Architect & Builder M. B. Folsom Specializes on Bungalows--Covina .DENCE Or H. M. HOUSER A Home of Quality.

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