Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 13, 1943 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 13, 1943
Page 2
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HOP! STAR, HOPE, Hope Star is" WMIsMrf. *vwy wmk-dqy afternoon or t ^ Star PubJUhino Co. Inc. <,«!. £ Palmer ond Atex. H. Washbum) , « tb«Stor building. 2)2-214 South Wolrd.' street, Hope Ark. , - t «. PALMER, Prcsia««t AttX. H. WASHBORN, Editor and PttblMier ' * Entered as second class matter of the Postoffke dt Hope, Arkansas, under the Act ot March 3^1897. |AP)—Means Associated Press (NEA)-—- Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. SubicfipKen Rote (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier, per week 15c; Hempstcad. Nevada, Howard, Miller ano La layette counties, $3.50 per year; else where (6.50. Member of The Associated Pr«»: The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of all news dis patches credited to ft or not otherwise Credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. National A*hrert!«hig Representative— Arkansas Dallies, Inc.: Memphis, Tenn.. Sterick Building; Chicago, 400 North Michigan Avenue; New York Citv, 292 Madison Ave ; Detroit, Mich., 2842 W. Grand Blvd.; Oklahoma City, 414 Terminal IBdq.; New Orleans. 722 Union.St. SIDE GLANCES Hold Everything com. 1»S n »u M«y«r. me. T. n. me. u t p«r. air "You'll have to forget your telegraph messenger training in the Army. Private Jones!" •RELEASE tfO. 2 Guadalcanal Diary ftat«d on the Book-of-the-Month •Y RICHARO . !uU$SVflON$ 1Y I. ». HAZEITON * "A whole Navy's herel" "We were going in with weight and power behind us." By Galbraith M ONDAY, JULY 27-1 was resting in my stateroom yesterday afternoon when Dr. John Garrison, a Navy medical officer, rushed in puffing with excitement. "A lot of ships just came up," he said. "A whole Navy! Better go look at "cm." So I ambled out on deck to see the horizon spotted with ships, in a huge semi-circle around us. There were transports and freight ships, cruisers, destroyers, and the long, high, bo.x-like shapes of aircraft carriers perched on the rim of the ocean. Identification at that distance was difficult, but thing was certain—we had made a rendezvous with the other and main part of our task forces. We were conscious of the fact that this was one of the largest and strongest groups of war vessels ever gathered. And the thought that we were going into our adventure with weight and power behind us was cheering. This afternoon I was invited to the colonel's cabin for a spot of tea. I surmised that at this impromptu function I would hear the news as to where we might be heading. And I was right. The colonel had been notified that an attacl; was to be launched on the Jap strongholds at "I packed, so as to be ready ..." Guadalcanal and Tulagi, in the Solomon Islands. Rut he explained that his group of troops was not going to take part in the assault. "So, he said to me, "if you want to see action, it might be wise to shift to another ship." After dinner, in the blacked-out cabin, I packed my bags so as to be ready to change ships when the word came. WEDNESDAY, JULY 29-1 moved to another transport today. The ship is one of two carrying the Marines who are to land first and sci/e n Guadalcanal beach-head. It was a shock to come close to my new ship. She was an ancient, angular horror, with a dirty hull and patches of "My new ship was an ancient angular horror." rust on her flnnks-in sharp contrast to the luxury shin 1 had just left. The deck was black with slime and grit -lor, as I was to discover later, the ship had no modern apparatus for pumping water. The Marines cramming the deck were just as dirty. 1 went down to the cabin .of Col. LeRoy P. Hunt, commanding officer of the assault troops. The colonel was quite serious about the job that lay ahead. "It's going to be tough going on the beach," he said quietly. "Somebody's going to get hurt." (Continued tomorrow) Drawings cuDvrleht. 194S hv Ktnr Pmtnrn Svmllral*. Inr. Text rnnvrlirht. 15143 Iw Knnilnm HOIIKP. Inc. Uintrlbuted bjr KinK Fmturm Syndicate In co-operation with the Hook-of-ttie-Mnnlh Club. Inc. OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople i* OUT OUR WAY FUNNY BUSINESS mm By J. R. Williams --,,/ LOOKING V I DON'T KNOW, TO SEE WHAT) BUT DON'T SNEER TIME IT IS ? A-A CLOCK WATCHER. AIN'T HALF AS BAP AS TH'DIME WHO LOOKS ON HIM BUT ASKS WHAT TIME IT WAS/ EGAD, MPvRTKIV-"-BEING OM A BOAT IS SO SIMPL.B X PLEADED YJ\TVAtHt CP»PTrX\M FOR SOM.T- FORM. OP EVieP5-ClS& TO KEEP AWAv<e..' KIND OP LABOR 006VAT TO AGREE: WP-TER. <• '-" S\ I SHOVELED COAL TH(\T SCOVJ tTlLL BACK HOW IN TH 1 WIDE WORLD DID HE KNOW THERE WAS. A CLOCK AWAV UP IM THAT ROONA? TO TOOT TVAB AT PASSING BLOVOlNG MOUR VAORM / COPB. 194] BY NEA SERVICE! INC. T. M. REC. U. S. PAT. OFF, "Tails, you win andAVO both plant gardens—heads, 1 win ,-c raise " HEROES ARE MADE-NOT BORN) "Another near miss 1'or Jones on catching the 8:15!" By Roy Crane By Fred Harmon Good Old Fortress Loyal Heplers W«h Tubbs HIS FAITHFUL HORSE , THUNDER- i CUttBS IrlE STE.EP GRACE E. TOP OF Rlf-XROCK.---AS RED CLUTCHES TH£ SADDLE NOT FAR AVIAT, THE MERCILESS SUN os> RED RYDER. ••- SADIXE ASD WEAKENED FRor\ THE INDIAN TORTURE: SUB PENS OF SUCH U-BOAT RA5E6 ST. COVERED WITH REINFORCED CONCRETE ROOFS 12 FEET THICK. WEARBV ARE COWCEWTRATEP AIRFIELPS, SEARCHLIGHTS, ARTIFICIAL F06 DEVICES, THE LATEST DETECTORS, AND HUNDREDS OF HEAVy ANTI-AIRCRAFT 6UUS A HARD NUT TO CRACK, FLyiW6 FORTRESSES APE SELECTED TO DO Thimble Theater "Close Enough!" Meatless Tuesday! By Walt Disney Donald Duck Ah', MV FF216ND, > OH.'VOU'QARLtMG SOW NO, BUT VOU KIM RAVE THE STOP K1SSINK3 MER//J $ IO.OOO REWARD SHE AIN'T 4OLJR FINDING HER// AIUPIPEDOLUKJ.I Jj 7 The Same Guy Shrapnel on the Home Front! By Chic Young By V. T. Hqmlin SO/ NOW (T / HE WASM'T TRYING TO COMES OUT.' I KILL VOU, ALLEV..ONLY THE OL! DUCK V fciNJOCK YOU OUT SO HE COULD GET VOU BACK INTO THE TIME-MACHINE OUIETLY WELL,DION T MY GOSH.' \ VOU SAV VOU WHAT GAVE / WERE GOING HE IS? HECK,: THOUGHT ) HE WAS TH 1 GUY WHO'S f RESPONSIBLE OKAY, I'LL BE RIGHT TUERE HAUFk I'T \ VES ' BUT HE T A , \MAiI 1 WANTED TO I ALWAYS KEEP VOU GOTIMTO \OUTOF THE H^ANCb| 0 ^™ SMCM|J C D\ SHIPPING WPAfictt I VOU BACV< "^. A Sb EP J TO MOO l|||( THERE'S THE PHOME, DEAI? rrs FOR VOU, BLOMDiE PIP YOU HAVE TO SET YOUR SEWIW6 BASKET IM MY CHAIR? AFTER HITLER'S fOR NOT LETTIN 1 KMOCKED HIM" SELF OUT TR-YlW TO BRAIM ME., EH? O Ooo. WHERE J IDEA I WAS \ SCALP? HE'S CiOINJ' INTO THE ENEMY TH' WAR J LEADER.,VOU KNOW/ RDLKS HAVE NICE,THICK -ySTEAKS/ A Fatal Mistake ^^•^•(•MHBi* L THINK I By Merrill Blosser Freckles and His Friends By Edgar Martin My-y-yy My! Boots gnd Her Buddies I WAS ONLY GOING- BECAUSE YOU DOMT TO LIGHT A MATCH / / LIGHT MATCHES TO DID YOU _ ^/ LOOK FOR GASOLINE ITS VAND WHATEVER IT is, ITS METAL, BIG/ I'VE ONLY UNCOVERED ALL . L_ PART OF IT / BET VOU MAP E HOLE WITH ICK.LARD.' KNOW I I'LL WHATfe IN LIGHT A THAT TANK/] MATCH AND WE CAN MAKE SURE/ _ i

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