The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 1, 1892 · Page 1
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 1

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 1, 1892
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PAST AND PRESENT By Mra L B. V. A, ZOOK. tOopyrlgnt, 18IK, by American Priiss ASMH-I.I tlnii.] "I do not know who can Ml mc hcttrr than you what I iiiant to know." Noar tho roudsido, but almost hidden from Bight and darkened by dense shade trees, Btood a square stone house, old, and wearing a deserted air, Tho neigh- bore wero gone who had gathered to see tho lato owner, tho last of his namo, carriod to tho little family gravoyard, which, with its broken stono wall and neglected graves, lay in a distant corner of tho property. A strange light which betokened a coining storm shone for a few minutes through tho narrow windows of a long, low room, and showed tho features of the two mon, who Bat silent before the fire of logs that burned in the great fireplace. Tho elder, a small, gray haired man, with clear cut features and dark piercing eyes, was the family lawyer. Opposito to hiin and gazing gloomily into the firo was tho only representative of tho family, a dark roan of muscular build and strongly marked features. "Ho looks like all tho men of his race, with a difference. Bettor blood has come in somewhorei ho has a good face—more than could bo said for tho others. .Hard men they wero to deal with." The younger uiau looking np caught tho old lawyer's eyes fixed on him. "You will stay hero tonight, will yon not, Mr. Nelson? There is every sign of a coming storm, and tho drive to tho oars would not be pleasant in it. 1 need not tell yon that I shall bo grateful for your company in this dismal old house. I used to hear whispers of it8 being haunted, when I was a boy, and tonight I would not bo hard to convince," and ho looked around tho darkening room, in •whoso cornerB tho shadows lay deep with a smile that was far from cheerful "There comes tho rain," as a few drops splashed against tho windows. "Thank you, 1 will stay if it is convenient," said tho older man. "Then it is Bottled, and perhaps yon can give some information that I want. But I will go first and see old Hannah and ask hor to bring us lights." In a few minutes ho returned and throw himself into a deop old chair. "Perhaps wheu I hear what you can probably toll mo, and what I ought to know about my mother's family, I Bhall find it is a case for 'darkness rather than light,' " ho said. "As my uncle's will leaves everything to mo, oxcopt legacies to his old servants, 1 ought to know if there was any truth in queer stories and hints I used to hear from old people who lived around hero when I was a boy and visited my uncle, Was there any flaw in our title to tho property!"' > "What do you romembor of their stories?' naked tho old lawyer, looking keenly at tho F .poakor. "There was a name tlioy used to refer to mysteriously—an old couple named Douglas. 1 remember an old colored woman who lived in a little cabin on the place. It used to stand out there, pointing through tho window, where, by the dim light, might still be Been, through a gap in the dark evergreens a heap of atones and rubbish in a field adjoining the lawn. "Once she grow angry with me for some slight cause, and she said to rao— 1 can see her yet pointing her shriveled finger at mo— 'Go way, boy, yore heart's bad, jos' like all yore peoplo's. When yoro old gran'- father died I saw a snake come out from that swamp where ole Douglas' pore little house stans, and follow after the hearse— BUW that with these ole eyes, A hard death he died, too, ole Carney •aid, Bwearin and screamin. I guess he remembered ole Douglas' curse then- ,bnt there honey,' as 1 shuddered, 'never min ole Ann's talk, yo' couldn 't help it, and yore father hasn't their blood nor name, so the curse won 't come on you, pore chile,' and she petted me and talked of other things; but I uevor forgot her •tory. Then when I come hero, whon my uncle lost his wife and baby at once .—they were, thrown, from a carriage yon know, and both lrillod—there wore •whispors about the family curse falling on my uncle. Yon have known the family for years, can you tell me if there is any wrong that 1 can right con seated with tho property?" The lawyer turned toward him, "You have often heard, no doubt, of letting veil enough alone." he said. "But is it well enough? That is what 1 want to know. My father always taught me that 'do justly' was a rule to be followed literally—riot a figure of speech. 1 do not know who can toll we better than you what 1 want to know." "I am not sure that you cuu do any thing, if 1 do tell you wliat 1 know of your family's history, and if you are the man 1 take you for tho knowledge will not make yon liappior." "I must risk that," answered John Somora, meeting steadily tho lawyer's eyes. The latter settled himsolf in his chair. "Your ancestors on your mother's side, wiu jxnuwuu. Tie sui 'iT - i 'owneu uiuuu lond adjoining this property, which in your grandfather's time belonged to the Douglas family, of whom you have heard. But, like many rich men, your grandfather, whilo owning much coveted more, and his neighbor's acres wore fertile. "Stephen Douglas and his wifo wore a kindly, honest couple, thinking no evil and trusting their more pretentious friend, for your grandfather acted in a very friendly manner toward them. He took a warm interest in their business; made bargains with them which, however, always fell out. mysteriously in his favor; and once, when an unfavorable sea- Bon spoiled their crops, advanced them money with great alacrity, the interest, which was high, should run on— he did not need it. At last in various ways he got them in his power, and as they were growing old, and their only child, a son, had left homo to follow the sea—and in those days letters passed but rarely and nows traveled slowly—there was no one to look after their interests and warn tho old couple of their dangerous friend.. Matters went from bad to worso and at last tho end came. "One day Mr. Boulton foreclosed the mortgage and tho Douglases had not money outside their property to meot its At first they wero too nearly dazed to realize that the man whom they had trusted fully had been working their ruin for years. They looked first at each other (it was in this room they say that tho Pcene took place), then as the truth came homo to them Stephen Douglass turned and faced your grandfather. 'Yon have ruined Margery and me,' he said slowly, 'but your ill gotten gains will not prosper. You have worked your own undoing, for you will never enjoy what you have sinned against your own soul to gain. A curse will follow you and your name. Yon will bo punished in your sons, for your wicked blood flowR in their veins, and when your time coinns to die your sin will lie heavy on your soul, and you would give all you own to undo this day's work.' "The covetous man quailed before the just wrath of tho simple minded man whom he had despoiled, and from the day when tho poor old couple, driven from their home, where they had spent all their married life, took refuge in the little spring houso in tho swampy meadow, in sight of their own old home, misfortune followed him. He kept his wealth to be sure, but his sons quarreled among themsolves, and as they grew older their ovil lives were notorious, even iu those days when vice was hidden less than now. They were lnrge, strong men, bnt a violent fever attacked them, and their ovil courses did not fit them to resist it. Two of them died. It was said that ono of them called his brother in to play tho violin for him to keep up hia spirits as he lay on his deathbed nnd raved and swore dreadful oaths with his last breath. All your uncles, as you know, died unmarried, except yonr Uncle Martin, and as he left no children of conrso this property naturally falls to yon, as your mother was tho only daughter of the family." ' 'What became of the Douglas family?" asked John Soiners. "Who are left of it?" "Stephen and his wife died in the little IIOUBO down in the meadow. It was very pathetic, tho neighbors said, to hear the old man when he grew childish fret- 1 ting for his lost land. He was a Tory, and he used to wish that tho British would come and then he would get his farm back, ho said, but hia dim old eyes looked in vain for tho friendly British. 1 heard that years after the old couple wero both dead a man came here and inquired about them and went to see their graves. He said he was their son who went to sea years ago, and I have never been able to find out anything definite About him. When he heard of his parents' injuries he would not see any of your family, though he and your uncle Martin had played together as boys. He was a handsome man, people said, and looked prosperous, but I have never heard of him since then, though 1 have made some inquiry." "What was his name?" "William—Will Douglas, as he was called when he was a boy here." "Then," said John Homers, looking from under his dark brows at the little lawyer, "1 can Bee nothing better than to advertise for him or his heirs and restore the property to them. If any of them are alive 1 will not keep what was gained by unfair moons from thorn. Can yon suggest anything?" "Is your mind made up?" asked the lawyer. "The property comes to you by will, and there has been no effort made in all these years by any member of the Douglas family to regain it. If any of them survive, the story may be unknown to thorn. Do you think it worth while to revive it?" "1 do," answered John Somera decidedly. "The responsibility until my uncle died did not rest with me, but now, as 1 am the only living descendant, I am determined not to shore the wrongdoing of my people by enjoying the fruite of it while there is a possibility of restoring this place to those from whom it was unjustly taken. My mind is fully niado up, but I shall be grateful if you can help mo to carry out what I want to do." "As you have decided, 1 will do what 1 can to help you," said the lawyer, regarding his companion with a rather wondering air, as beholding a rara avis, "Not every man would give up an estate worth thousands to repair an injury done by his grandfather. However, perhaps he cannot find any one to give it to, ho reflected. "Thank you for your information though it was not pleasant hearing about one 's own flosb and blood, but that was not your fault," said John Soiners. "Hark! what a downpour and what a strong wind is blowing. 1 wonder why the old woman does not bring as a light." "Yes, it iB a violent Btorm; but yon know it alwayB storms, they say, on the day of a funeral in your family, even the children's. Today was BO fine 1 thought wo should have missed tho storm, bnt hero it is." • '•Late to bed and to rlBe will shorten the road to your home in the sides." Hut early to bed and a "Little Early Riser," the pill that makes life longer and better and wiser. 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Hutchinson Boarders Wanted At the old reliable barn of J. H. M'CLXJRG, Corner of Second and Walnut, adjoining Brunswick hotel. This barn is neat and clean, having all been overhauled and white washed, and is well ventilated, conveniently located and the safest barn from fire in the city. The proof of this is that insurance companies give the lowest rate of insurance on it than any livery barn in the city. It is also furnished with electric light, telephone and water. Horses delivered and sent for. Satisfaction is guaranteed to all our patrons. We also keep a few first-class rigs, safe single and double drivers. Rigs and harness new. 3. 11. M'CLUBQ, Prop. -^yf M. WHITELAW, Attorney at Law, Office over First National Bank. Entrance on Sherman street. "y ^-HITESlDE £ OLEASON Attorneys at Law, , Office, 1, 3, 3, 4, over No. 24 South Main St. IJJAYLOR & TAYLOR, Attorneys at Law, Office, up-stalrs, Masonic Temple. j ^ODERN WOODMEN OF AMERICA Meet in the hall of McClurg's store, at No. 30 South Main street, every Monday evening. Visiting neighbors always welcome. W. R. MARSHALL , Clerk. A. M. HUTCHIKSOK , V. C S.M.LITTLE&CO. , 183 S. WATER ST. OBIOAGO, XXiXa., COMMISSION MERCHANTS IN BROOM CORN. . \ Syr*!* 1 ) W. A. i Popi h Lewi*, Grain "l>rH»N Winter*To.• Umm, . A. itlfaAt-i.., Wool, »rrhftiu«X*ll'>a«l Bn«fc< arSEND FOR CATALOGUE. 'COMULVATION BAF*TIE», »tih tUbbwTtnj. i Wu4 Qum)*, llttU kai Tool lhc ^ ... "nwntw .Miriioi, »iMh,iioji > *uffii , ii»ifl .li (T^ 'J4•^B0b,lloJ ^•*«lirU , 3b 00. 71 SW-ltwb.UoM'ftGirU' 40 Or., il V*UKU. ( B«U 16H).. So jjo IMBtb, Ufeula«>Jl10ori. 54 40 BMo<fa QenW •• Bit 00.. 45 ufl 1 Freeman & Haines, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTERS. APER HANGING AND DECORATING A SPECIALTY. Also'dealers in Paints, Oils, Glass and Painters' Supplies. 16 Second Avenue East. No. MUSIC LESSON. I will receive pupils in music at my residence, 405 east Sherman. Vocal music taught in classes or private lessons. Mrs. A. W. Innes. The Celebrated French Gore. AFMP !TIME"SKS2 Warranted li< to oura r Is SoiifoN V POSITIVE GUARANTEE to cure any form ef nervous disease or any disorder of the gen- of either B cx,4 whether artelng! Irom the execs- AFTER five use of Stimulants, TobsoooorfJDlum or W S\ , "•• 9 S.™ 08 Lsss of Brain Power potency,whioh It nogJooteS 01 tenTleudtonS" E. C. MEACHAM ARMS DO.. ST, LOUISH toe. Mention paper. SddVeS ^vlsA _ JHE APHRO MEDICINE CO 67 Washington St,, CHICAGO IM,. For sale by A. & A. Drug Co

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