The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on March 1, 1977 · Page 3
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 3

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 1, 1977
Page 3
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1'agct- NAL'GATVTKNKIYS (Conn.) Thursday, June 21. U76 **m t'AH WASH — The \augatuck Jajcees held a car wash recently at (loiivcia's (iarage. Cherry St. Shown hard at work in the above photo arc diaries Lewis. Don Staler, Tony Pesanelli and John i'ixlcy. (NKWSphoto by Edward Newman) Contract * Bridge F airfield Man Ready For Custody Battle Sex Rears Its Head At Southbury The subject of sex is hardly uiiioiniliar to those who read magazines, newspapers and books Ihese da ys — or who watch television or go to Ihe movies. And we don't necessarily mean "X" rated movies, either. Sex seems to have a way of creeping into almost all movie fare these days - in varying degrees, of course. And perhaps that's why this week the Southbury Players are a . offering some rather raunchy *• fare in a piece entitled "Father's Day." Basically the comedy-drama (and it is just (hat, both comedy and drama wrapped up in a couple of somclimes-slartiing acts) is well done by the Southbury cast. It moves rapidly, it engrosses the audience, it provides no little food for thought about human beings and their foibles — plus a good many rather uproarious lines. It also includes a heallhy sprinkling of what may be generally classified as "four- letter words," some of which visibly jolted (he opening night audience. The play evolves around three roid-lhirlies divorcees who are living in the same apartment complex somewhere in Manhattan, having been thrown IMF GUMPTION BOOK, featuring over 300 recipes in addition to household hints and selections from the 1903 edition by the same name, is now available, published by the United Melhodisl Women. Special "Olde English" printing on the covers was made possible through the cooperation of The NEWS Mrs. Sue Doyle, a member of the Cook Book Committee, Is shown presenting copies of the book (o'iNEWS Publisher Fred Heiinick (lefl) and NEWS employee Paul Sheeby who did the work on the covers. Copies of the book areava liable from any UMW member. (NEWSphoto by Don Cousey) And By The Way... The Turn of the Screw South dealer. North-Smith vulnerable. seems because, after West cashes a .spade anil shifts to the SOUTH 1 V K II) 8 5 2 « A 8 ~i 1 * A K ii •WF.ST L'AST *A K () J 1083 *95 1 V (I V T '{ « f, 5 2 » .1 in 5 :i *H12 *()JH4 SOllll 4 i 2 ¥ A Q .1 'J t 4 K Q + 9 Til 5 'Hie bidding: .South West Nnrlli Fast 1 ¥ •) * 4 XT t'nss 5 « Pass C » Opening lead • kins of spades. ten of clubs, you have all the rust <jf the tricks but one which in turn moans there's a (hance for a siiuee/e. Fur a s(|iu-e;e lo succeed, yon must finil l-"ust with most of the missing di;tummls ;mi! clubs. In line with this thought. uiu win the club ten inlhlht'kinK. play a trump to the ace. ruff a spaile. antl play three more roumls of trumps, producing tills nosi- tii >n: Norlli » A 8 7 1 *A3 West K:isl Immaterial » .1 10 '.I :i *Q.I ShMlll A i,- n By IHCIIAItn McFAUI.AM) MINNEAPOLIS (UP1) Father Frank I'crkovich calls himself Ihe "polka priest" and together after'losing"their"ma"tes' says he's having a great year vi! the court route celebrating "polka masses As played by Patricia DiMurio. across the country Su Hintz and Joan Luciam (hey ' fl > e Evelelh, Minn., priest is are contrasting lypes, indeed - converUng tor hall mus.c mto , , - oVinr/ih hi'innii — unn nurKinP bul they have one hangup in common, i.e-, a continuing concern abmU sex as il has affected, is affecting and probably P»|'»r o, Roman . ii,.!. K,,K Catholic Church in bvcleth. Let's say you're South ami get to six hearts. It looks like •<< sad contract, since there seems to be no way to avoid losing a spade and',1 club. It's also hard to fault partner for getting you to the slain, as you'd probably be able to make twelve tricks quite easily if you had anything but a luitiiiiimii opening bid. However, there's no use crying over spilt milk, so you start concentrating on trying to make the slam. Actually the outlook is not as bleak as it *97li Vim lead your last trump, disi'anling a club from dummy. and even-thing works out beautifully uhen Kast gets .s'quee/ed on this ti ick. If he discards LI diamond, you score (lie last five tricks by dishing the K-Q of diamonds and leading ;i club to the ace. If he discards.! club, you score the last live tricks by playing a club li> Ihe ace anil returning to ymir hand with a ilia mi i ml In cash the !t-7 of clubs FAIHFIEl.D, Conn. (UP!) - lions circulated primarily in Ilichard Lucas, 33, a bachelor California" where the woman fighting for custody of two and her husband now live, children given up by their Lucas said the woman asked Vietnamese mother, wants to him (o lake the children, know "how many times can a lathered by an American, out mother change her mind?" of Vietnam in April 1975, when "I've made ray commilmenl the fall of Saigon became lo the children. I love the kids apparent, very much and they love me." "She signed a voluntary Lucas saiu Tuesday at a news relinuuishmenl irrevocably giv- conference in a large home tie ing me all rights then to the purchased before receiving (he children," said Lucas, two boys from Ihe Friends for When she finally came lo the All Children of Boulder. Colo. U. S. last February. Lucas said Lucas said he "made a he met her again in the commitment" lo keep the two presence of social workers in toys who became the miter of California "and she reaffirmed a custody battle June 2 when the relinquishment, lhat's why their molher and her American I'm so surprised ot Ihe latest husband picked them up at a developments." Fairfield school bus slop and "I'm angry naturally, bul took Ihem to California. other than thai, no feelings. William t'opp, ol Newbury This is a lest case for all Park, Calif., ami his Viet- adopted children. How many | a diesC>) namese wife of two months, the times can a molher change her Mdle >° '"° s<! °' lhe lamesl • '• former Thai llao Vo, 24. have mind?" he asked. "I was been charged by Kairfield absolutely shocked when I heard my two foster children were kidnapped." Lucas said Ihe boys were dragged to Ihe car by the Popps and "one of them was will affect their lives. Of the feminine trio, Miss DiMuzio walks off with the honors, albeit she also has the juiciest role to work wilh. She also has most of the four-letter words. Miss Hintz and Miss Luciam has become an offertory hymn, "We Break liread and Wine." "!!lue Eyes Cryin' in the liain" now is "At This Sacrifice." "Under the Skies of Blue" is a communion song. "These songs, these polkas and waltzes, are beautiful," church hymns — and packing Perkovich said. "They've been 'em in by the thousands. cherished by generations of Pcrkovich's main job is Slovenian and Croatian people. II reaches our hearts." "What is sacred music?" he Bul about II) weekends a year said. "It's anything that raises he takes accordionist Joe Cvek your mind to Cod. ll's anything and "The Polka Mass-lers" 'that unites a congregation, the band and several singers he people and Ihe priest, in calls the "Perkatones" on polka praising God. mass trips. "When we first talked about Perkovich sings the regular doing this, my mother begged Roman Catholic mass, but me not (o do it. She said,'Good songs like "Urd of Mercy" and Ixjrd, Frank, what will people "Holy, Holy, Holy" and "The say?" Lamb o! God" are sung lo a iiul the people evidently characteation Lmehow ver much are |X>lice with abducting the boys, Mark. 9. and Paul. 6.. i The youtlis have Jived with Lucas since December. Lucas returned from California with the toys this week punched in Ihe face when he after an agreement to slay tried to break away." and his criminal charges against Popp and his wife and continue Ihe custody case through procedures. Lucas, an Exxon auditor who worked in Saigon from 1973 to 1975, said he wanted to "clear up misconcep- Lucas and his attorney, Douglas Daniels of Bridgeport, civil complained ol the alleged failure of the KB! to act inlcrnal following a federal indictment charging Popp with kidnapping and his wife with custodial interference. Attorneys Argue About Motivation The set is only slightly more than stark in its simplicity, but it conveys the proper atmosphere unmistakably. Put them all togelher and it surely doesn't spell "Molher." Bul it does provide an out-of- Ilie-ordinary evening's en- lerlainmenl, and surely something vastly different from routine summer theatre fare. Different il is. Startling it is. From a purely theatrical point of view, the Southbury version is well done — attractive women, handsome men, good timing, etc. We would sim ply suggest that it is not quite the play we would choose if we were entertaining our grandchildren and planning an evening at the theater. Or our Cvek and others second- have ttTille n new lyrics for some of the polka and waltz hymns. "The Barking Doi " convcmim cerller at UlK ° In ' N ' cb ' Hc n ^ (s * aasm<b al an open air polka mass in sheboJ . ga , K wis Aug n "ll's just a most beautiful Polka" thing." he s Vernon Man, Firm Named In SI Million Suit VERNOX, Conn. (UP1) Arno Groot, 3D, of Vernon and (he firm he flies planes tar have been sued for SI million by the executor of his falher-in- law's estate for negligence in a Cape Cod plane crash last Aug. 8. The executor of Ihe estate of David E. I.uginbuhl, 53 at the time of his dealh, liled suit Tuesday against Grool and Apolto Plastic and Machine Co., which the two owned. Groot was a pilot for Apollo. Groot was approaching Pros'- incetown Airport in a small private plane with Luginbuhl as Ihe passenger, during foggy weather. He crashed into the sea and was rescued. Luginbuhl's body was found in the plane. The pilot "knew or should have known that Ihe weather conditions then existing made said landing attempt dangerous and hazardous," according to Ihe suit. fftountview Home Center 729-1226 729-2311 grandparents, cither, matter! for that Men! Save More than 50% on These Brand Name Fashion Shirts! FAMOUS MAKER Polyester Shirts Pre-TicketedatS16! Famous Labels on Every Shid! [,isino'V f i no styling in easy-care polyester pnnis.inil '^irc suits ali at Uememlous savings 1 Sizes S-M-L-XL Mountview Shopping Plaza Rubber Avenue Naugaluck, Conn..' THETHflHKYOUSTORE NEW LONTJON, Conn. (UP!) — Defense and prosecution attorneys have begun to argue the motivation of Joanne DeFreilas tor testifying against her former common law- husband and another man accused of a double murder. Richard DeKreilas, 36, of Ledyard and Donald Brant, 43, of Providence, R.I., are on trial for killing Guslavous L. Carmichael, 38, of Boston and an unidentified woman on about Dec. 31. 1970. Stale police say Mrs. De- Freilas led them lo the double grave in Ledyard during May, 1974. Defense attorneys said T\ies- day her motive for testifying was to gain immunity from prosecution in the double- murder case and reduction ol a Rhode Island robbery sentence from five years to probation. The proseclion said she was afraid of Ihe pair. Judge William L. Hadden had previously disallowed that line of testimony, bul ruled Tuesday it could be continued as long as r» specifics were mentioned. When Mrs. DeFreitas said she reported the killings to protect her family from danger, Hadden excused Ihe jury, then ruled she could testify to "no specific details," and could not name any specific defendant. She said the motive for Ihe murder was fear the victims, allegedly on the ran with $30.000 from a New Jersey robbery, would give. Brant and DeFreilas away lo police. Mrs. DeFreitas said she was not there when Ihe murders occur- Welfare Cutoffs Challenged OPEN SUN. 9-1 DAILY 3 to 9 SAT. 9-5 FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE IN THE SAME STORE MOUNTVIEW KITCHEN CENTER Moimtview Plaza, Rubber Ave., Naugotuck THURS. FRI. SAT. 6/24/76 6/26/761 OPEN 10 A.M. TO 10 P.M. DAILY J HARTFORD, Conn. (UPI) A three-judge federal court in Hartford has heard argument on three lawsuils challenging the constilulionalily of stale welfare cutoffs. The disputed state procedure allows benefits to be blocked to those who have transferred properly without receiving "fair" compensation. U.S. District Court Judges T. Emmet Ctarie and M. Joseph Blumenfdd and U.S. Circuit Court Judge J. Joseph Smith reserved decision on the case. Legal aid lawyers told the judges Ihe policy presumes unfairly lhat welfare recipients who have violated Ihe law have alternative means of support. Howard Schiller of Tolland- Windham Lfgal Assistance suggested if Ihe slale suspects fraud, il should prosecute the specific case under criminal statues. Assistant State Attorney General Edmund Walsh said allowing people on welfare to give away their properly amounted to use of public funds to subsidize Ihe gift All three cases involved transfer of all or part of the ownership of homes to relatives and former relatives without what the slate considered reasonable compensation. Walsh said compensation was the central issue. He said the state must allow people who declare themselves ————^——— indigent — even if Ihey spenl PHILADELPHIA, June tt- $50^ m „,,.,„ cruises and Congress resolved thai New gambling-lo receive welfare if Jersey Gov. Richard Franklra they got "fair value" for their be laken under guard to money. Connecticut and decided that if he refused to give his parole, Ihe son of Benjamin FrVnWin ^ Al « e '«. ** M < <*M™ should be treated as a prisoner *S* n{ S1 - 5 milllon on can * lasl by authorities there. >Tar WALLPAPER^" *o"o EA , * THERMOS JUGS 40% OFF SWIMMING POOL I* CHLORINE 40°/c OOFF * 9xl2RUGS $ 69 9 * Values To PAINTS Interior-Exterior GALS.- $ 6°° QTS.— $ 50 1 Values To S 13 9i Values To T |* BARROW O 1 BARGAINS Values To '1.99 ODDS 'N' END, GADGETS, ETC. I* STAINLESS STEEL $ 25°° KITCHEN SINKS WHILE THEY LftST Reg. M7 95 I* BATH ROOM F R OM *22 VANITY BASES 00 so coo QUANTITIES LIMITED TO STOCK ON HAND

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