Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 13, 1912 · Page 12
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 12

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 13, 1912
Page 12
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WSWWE ISSHHSnED ^irilATi MB. ^OUSE REGARDS AS ^^i:H£ #»ST STRIKHtG RESULT; r OBIT Four tlT^e Ken Conspicnon.o in It -SnrrlM Ike Election and ThelrlbA Are Few. ;.5. Topeka, Nov. 12 .^^1rte most strik- jnK feature of the eara <Ui in Kan- aaa was the utter anniMajtion of the BtubbB machine. Other jbslpal machines have, from time tomjie^ been broken upon the wrath of ttt.-wvoters. .• But In every previous insUnqj^here •was some salvage from the ^wok- Jktter every other cataclysm in'lu^-. sa> politics a few cogs remained: The Stu'bbs machine ^as wiped ovC ^Practically all its component parts ' are In the scrap heap. With Stubbs went Jackson, the spokesman of the organization. William Allen White was wiped off the map in his own county. Brady, Rees and Young, un- ImiMirtant props, but props still, fell with their leader. Joe Mercer lost his .hold on Chase county and it slipped . from his gcasp. JOe Dolley was again «overturned In Waubaunsee and if • Hodges was elected governor, us seems likely at the time this letter •was written,. Dolley will go out of ef- lect in March. He may go even sooner. Hodges has said that his first of- flclal act would be to ask for Dolley's resignation. Joe Longshore, who us - state oil inspector was the Governor's field agent, will go along with Dolley The various members of the Stato boards. Stubbs appointees all, wilt b< 3 rown out by the Democrats. Thi turns from the legislative districts still are far from complete, but su far as reported, but one ardent Qtubbs follower was elected to the Senate. In Douglas county, H. R ' Don Carlos, one of the Stubbs floor leaders in the House, two years ago. was. defeated. A few others of his followers have survived, but in a political sense, the Stubbs - ambition seems to, have blighted nearly every man it touched. fited by his row. with Governor Stubbs and -the itfdlcations 4ire that he ^11 lead the ticket Cmitrary to the gen*- ^ral impression, equal suffrage Is not yet out.of the weeds. While majorities of from 30.000 to 60,000 si-werC claimed for it, there is nothing;tii the scattering returns so far compiled to justify the claims. It wll] depend upon the rural communities. IfKthey were against it, or gave it only'nomi­ nal majorities, the swing will b^ against it and its success exceedingly doubtful. In Saline county they :Centered the fight on J. R. Burton and ftnallyr beat him :n Itis attempt to "conse back" by way'of the legisla-. tnre. A legislative old timer who fell was Porter of CrawJTord. who was beaten by a Socialisli. Porter had been 12. years in ihi State Senate, having been first elected in 1900. An old timer who comes back is King of Cowley, who.served several terms in the State Senato, during the glacial j)^rIod. first aa a I'oilulist and .ifter- brards as u Democrat. JAY E. HOrSK. 'SjjJTKKS F .VVOR H .VXJIXfl.H. PrartlilaBT Decided That Fire Orefrnn ^V: Tfn Most Die. Saleni. ^Otf.j^ \0v. 12—llecausc the Pfople of iprfgon voted Tuesday SRainst the a)>Olition of capital punishment in this .state, five men" will be hanged wltll|i~'a few minutes cf each other Fridaj^Deceniber VS. After having |>ost)>ou *CUic execution of the sentences for se^vj^ weeks in order 10 allow the )>ea||« . to''express Mieir will rcKarding cjj ^^l ^punis'i- roent. Governor West albpunced today that he would delay no further. IJefore election Gm-ernor Wett had nnnounred that had the voters adopted the capital punishment bill he would eoninnite the Kentence.'; of the five men to life imprisonment. A national protest against the hangings I? now e.\- pected. Thursday, F^day and Saturday of this week, at prices never before equalled at this season of the year. A^aving of from one- rth to one-third of the regular price. You certainly can't afford to miss this great money-saving sale. REMEMBER — Not fourth just a few Coats and Suits, but every Cloth Coat and Suit in the house goes in this big sale. .Included are the celebrated "STYLE CRAFr'and "VERA TA" Garments. THE LADIF..S .\RE OR.tTEFI'L. Of the so-called Progressive crowd only four of the major satellites seenr to have survived. . Bristow holds on for two years more. He will hav< Curtis to beet in 1914, a task which probably will keep him busy. Murdock was re-elected - and-.s^ems se-. dorely entrenched in his^^.district Bart Akers, shoved into the raditi for State Treasurer to beat Walter Payne, seems to have withstood the trimming administered by the Taf£ Repub licans to the Bull Moosers and Sheffield Ingalls, the fourth member of • the quartette, will go in by a smai: •Biajortty. It was nothing short of : iaeaiiup. When Stubbs came into power in the Republican party ii ' 1904 It was a going concern and hadn't passed a dividend since 1896. H. left it bankrupt. ' Nearly every voter has his owi. theory as to the future of the Republican party. But a glance at the sit nation as it exists in Kansas toda> shows that the fog is rising. Oni* thing that appears to be absolutel> certain is that any candidate who expects to successfully oppose a Dem ocratie. nominee in 1914 must first make terms with the Republican Parti league.^ The league proved itself tc '.be the most effective club ever swung In a Kansas campaign. It polled for ty or fifty thousand votes and showe<" both strength and cohesiveness. It can not only be held intact, but it probably can be greatly strengthened in the next two years. The candidate who gets its vote must meet its test 'of Republicanism. And that is why. In the Jud^ent of the writer, the Pro gressive party can make, no headway In Kansas during the pext two years. It has nothing to offer either by way of legislation or political reward now. It has no chance, even if it holds every voter who was for Roosevelt, of success in the election of 1914. The only chance to beat the Democrat3 In 1914 is a compromise of the warring factions of the party which will put bcth under Ine Republican tent. Both factions will have to conced<! something and one thing the Bull i: Moosers will have to concede is the label. ^nffrnpe Leaicup Indirntes a Purpose to Vse Bnllot. The Register has received the following note which explains itself: "The ladies of the Allen County Equal Suffrage League desire to express their gratitude and api)recla- tlon td~the citizens of Allen County who voted to give the women of Kansas the ballot. "As there Is no law coinpelling men to vote, so women may do as they please, but the law of dirty to our country, ourselves and our fellow-men 1 calls the Kansas women to fall in line i ^sith.Xhe sisters of other enfranchised ; states, "Kna • asks that they prepare' themselves for fibnest. intelligent and , uu'seirish citlzen^Ip, and also tacv- erclse their privileges." ACTRESS AVOIDS TRAIX.S. :5 At the time this letter was written (Monday night) the gubernatorial con teat still hung in ^iic balance, although Hodges seemed to" have a , slight advantage," "It will be deier- , mined BO far at^the oflicial returns are concerned T»efore ithis lett«'r . reaches Its readers But whlchev.r way It goes there probably will bt- n r contest. Mr. Capper has not said definitely that he will contest, but ' has^Ieft the impression tnat he will do M- The Democrats are certain to . cont<)st in case Hodges it nosed out. They claim' irregularities in many preelneu,^ as does Mr. Capiter. John pawson npix-ara to have pro- Miss Annrlln ^rotors Xnoss CoaDtryj to Fill £nt»((ement.<i. Miss Margaret Anglin docs not care to stand the hardships of traveling on railroads, waiting for late trains and slow trains and missing connections, and so uses her own private automobile touring car as she makes her trip around the country, appearing at the leading theatres in the "Green Stockings" as leading lady. With hec own chauffeur, her maid, her private secretary and her husband, for Miss Anglin Is really Mrs. Howard Hull, the lady who takes the part Celia Farady in "Green Stockings," arrived in Joplin from Kansas City and registered at the Connor hotel ycisterday.—Joplin News Herald. T. R. BUT 68 YOTES AHEAD. in Sixteen Precincts Still to Refiort Caliromia. San Francisco, Nov. 12.—Returns available at 3 o'clock from corrected returns as shown by partially' complete official canvass reduced Roosevelt's plurality in California over Wilson to 68 voces. 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Note the i)ig reductions: $30.00 Coats for. $22,;'>0 $27.50 Coats for $20.75 $25.00 Coats for $19-'>0 $22.50 Coats fur. .$17..50 $20.00 Coats for .$15.00 $17.50 Coats f(ir $13.25 $15.00 Ctjats for $11.25 $12.50 Coats for ?d-50 $10.00 toats for $7.50 $7.50 Coats for • • • -$5-75 Come With the Crowds Thursday, Friday and Saturday Our Attraction Is High Quality and Low Prices. WE PAY YOUR MILEAGE! 101 East M'adison RELIEVE INDIGESTION ALMOST INSTANTLY A Httle tablet called "Dlgestlt" ha^ brought Instant relief to thousands— their own statements are proof. Tw > or three tablets after meals or when suffering stop.s fermentation, i)revent.-i distress, reiiev^e^ Indigestion and almost Instantly cures dyspepsia. Brown's DIgestit is sold with the distinct understanding that your money will be refunded if you want it—.lO.-. Burrells Drug Store. THE FREAK ELECTION WAGERS Rolling a Peanut With Crowbar a -Man's Ji )l»—Younp Woman Rolls One With Her .>ose. WORLD'S GREATEST CATARRH REMEDY .lust breatiie booth's liVOMEl for five minutes and "the p^netraiin}; anti! septic air from the iCucalyptus forests i of .Australia will soothe the sore Cast. Ix)tii.s, Nov. 12.—Charles Dun- tarrhal membrane and give wonder] ham, a butcher, garbed as a woman. I f«l relief. rolled a neanut witli a crowl&r a dis- ! lance of three blocks yesterday morn- Being .such an efficient remedy; ab. solutely free from harmful drug.s C. 15. , Ing. It was an election bet Dunham Spencer is willing at the makers' re- tfiT''*'?^ l^azettp: Mr George | was accompanied by a band. i quest to guarantee HVO.AIEI for Ca- T .r .I^ , Vi' Ten minutes after the feat was! «arrh, croup, catarrhal deafness.! Weith. of LaHarpe Kansas, spent ye^ started, traffic was blocked by the i coughs, colds, sore throat and bron-' terday with their brother, Mr. Archie ! crowd. The ixjllce were called and ' «hitis or money back. The little book Weitb. a BAD BLOOD DOES A cold •will usually aggravate thesjmptoms of Catarrh, Just as Itmay Increase the pains of Rheumatism. But the cold has no more to do with the real cause of the one than vrith the other. Bad blood is the underlying cause for Catarrh; the circulation is infected with impurities which are deposited into the mucous membi^^it-.nammation and irritation, followed by excessive svcretion of llie nose ar.d throat, ro-iring sounds iu the ears, neuralgia, inflamed eyes, etc. Bcinjj a decp-seatcd blood trouble. Catarrh must be treated constitutionally, fur it is beyond the reach of local treatment. The blood must be purified—the cause rc ^ORTli^ made a lane for cars and wagons ami in each, package tells how simple It is \ let Dunham alone. He was on the jo!> *"> K^t rid of all thcso distressing dis- \ three hours, starting at 10 and finish-i eases. Complete HYOMEI outfit Suing .'•t 1 o'clock. The crowbar was one of the heaviest made and the peanut wias the Finallest that could lie found. eluding pocket inhaler. $1.00; extra, bottles, .".0 cents at dealers everywhere, i Hot Blast Coal Stoves, Burn Less Fuel, Make More Heat. Easier to Keep Going. Cincinnati, .Nov. 11—Miss Myrtle Hays, a popular society girl and suffragette of Addyston, a sulmrb. Intensely interested In the re-election of President Taft .jiaid an election wager by rolling a peanut througit the city's leading thoroughfare with her nose, whilj) a brass band paraded ahead, playing "Wlien Teddy ('aiii«* .Marching Hime." It took her a trifle less than three moved before a <5u:tican becITecled. S. S. S. cures Ca-, hours to roll the peanut three stiuares. tarrh by cleansing Uie blood of all impure cat.nrrhal mat-' The plucky young suffragette ter and at tlie same lime building up the system by it:i. heartily applauded. Gamett Review: Miss Ethel Gilfil- I Ian. niece of .Mrs. A. P. Farris, stopppii here Friday evening, for .a short visit. I going home to Gas CIi.v, Saturday evening. She had i»een attending thi? teachers' meeting at Topeka. wa .4 fine tonic effects. In other words S. ~S. S. cures the trouble bjrsupplying the mucotis membranes wiUi healthy, PIJOOP l)fe-gtving blood instead of saturating them with catarrhal bnpurittes. Special book on Catarrh and any medical advice free to all who write and request same. S. S. 8. is for sole at drug stores, JHE SWIFT SFEOHC OK ATLAKTJL CA, 1 - f Frishman s Dry Goods Store will vopen Saturday with the Greatest Sale ever inaugurated in the City of lola. Wait for further announcement of This Great Sale. Clay McFarland, a Roosevelt enthusiast, waa to perft>rm the ssame <tunt If the rough rider ran third. DA .v .\(iK sriT Doweur. FRISHMAN'S Rrali(*man Who W«a $11000 for Jnriew Hots XarriiHL Jay U. Lupher and Miss .Blanche A- VanValey. both of this city, were granted a license to wed yesterday, according to this morning's Kansas City papers. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. VanValey of 41!> Korth LaF^u^tte avenue. Mr. Lupher Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Uupher. His Judgment of 113.000 against the Santa Fe railroad for personal damagM received while working as a brakanian was Anally sustained by the state supreme court last Saturday.—Chanute Tribune. Gamett Review: Mrs. J. 6. Osborne and Miss Hattie Osborne came up from lola Saturday to^attend tlie church dedication. They are visiting I at Conway Marshall's. Arcoant of the latamatloaal Lire Hlofk ExposHIoB, CblniKO, yoTrm- ber 30 to Dreeaibcr 7, mi The Sai^ta Fe sells excursion tickets November 30, December T and 2, to Chicago.and return for 122.80, limited' for return until December 10,1912. W. E. RALSTON. Agent BUCK'S Hot Blast Heaters will save, you money, as they consume less coal and give you more heat. We have on our floor a complete line of Buck's Hot Blast Heaters and Buck's Round Oak Heaters Buy a Buck's—then you are sure to have the best. L Sleeper & Son : Famitare and UaiertaUag Have you something to sell? Do you want to buy.7: Have you a house for rent? Have you something you want to trade? Tell your wants through the Reglattr. ——•'Iff" J. D. .\K>ETT, Presldeot JUK McKINLEY. C««lller J. V. MUn, Vire.PrrsMeBt F.. f. .Mcfl, VIX, A.nst. Vaidk - rOLO>'EL I..I>-YO>', ini Vire-l'n-i^ldent. State Sayings BanK CAPITAL $SS,000 SCRPLCS 12^00 lOLA. KANSAS We Pay Interest on Time Deposits and Savings .Recounts. Safety Deposit Boxes Free to our Customers. TH08. K. B0WLU8, PraaMeat J. F. SCOTT, Allen County State Bank lOLA, KANSAS X8T1BLI8HED A QUABTEB OF 1 CEHTUKT. Capitat $30,000.00 Snrphu ....[$40,000.00 Deporits..... $550,000.00 OrmiST PAD OH TIME DEPOSnS 1 8AFETr DEPOSIT BOXES FOB UR

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