The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on February 24, 1977 · Page 5
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 5

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 24, 1977
Page 5
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N'AUGAITCKNKWS (Conn.) .Monday, June 21.1976 -Pages FREE STUDENT ADS...CALL NOW TV PROGRAMS 7*0 CD CBS NEWS-W«l«rCtonlU« O NBC NEWS— CUnolkt/BdnWtr O ANDV GRIJTlTH-ComMy @ Barney gives torty a crash course rn eliQuette Barney Don Krwtts. Aunt Beei Frances Bavier. OABC KEWS-Hury RMIantr CB CONC EHTRATION— Gam* QlRONS1DE-C<!rrn Dtimi IronsiJe tries 10 put the bite on doqn^peis who snatch f«ls of wealthy owners. I 7:50 BBOeBYVINTON-yuMly George Gobel appears in a comedy sketch about u>e "kissing bandit" and does a stand-up routine. Bobby sing* "Oh. Babe. What Would You Say?" ' Paloma Blanca" and "I Love You So." Freeman King. Jack Dutty. Billy Van; Jimmy Dale orcheslia (Tl PRICE IS RIGHT -Gin* O HOLLYWOOD SQUARES— GI.TH B.OO OGDRHODA Vivran Vance appears as the Gerards" witty neighbor, whose bfossoming friendship with Rhoda is beginning to make Ida jealous flhoda: Valerie Harper. Joe: David Groh. Ida: Nancy Walker. Martin: Harold Gould. BrenrJa: Julie Kavner. (Repeal] *JOG CD MAUDE Maude is delivered an unusual package; the *shn of her former husband Albert, along with a itqutti that she scatter them over the lake where they honeymooned, Maude: Beatrice Arthur. Waiter: Bill Macy Mfs. Nauga(uck: Hftrmiorw Bad&ley. (Repeal) O NEW YOflK REPOflT-Uller QBUftOLAfl-PfiOOFIHG -R«?orl POLITICS 6B COLLEGE fOHC»NINE5 SB TR I BAl. EYE-Oocumentlry Phyllis is fatting in love, bol unlortu- nately the objeci ot her affeclion is a married man. Phyllis Cloris Leaclv man. Julie: \ji Tories Ren: Clu Gi>lager tana Marj Dutay Audrey: Jane Rote Leo: Richard Sctoaal 6w Liu Gerntsen. {Repeall fjMERV GRIFFIN GG9BASEBAU Al press lime. Ihe net.vork planned lo otfe/ regional coverage o! the following games Dodgers-Reds and R«J Sox-Oriole* [twe] 9.00 O QJ ALL IN TH E FAN ILY About 10 serve as nation &! honor and best man at their (fiends' t&w Year's Eve wedding, Gloria and Mike become embroiled in an argument aboul the nature ol 1heii cr*n marriage- Gioiia: Sally Slrutners. Mike Rob Reiner. Al- Billy Crystal Trudy: Erair* Princi. Mis. henshaw: Gibi Os- O 20 JOE FORRESTER—Crime DnmB Joe concerns himsell witn the mama* problems ol a police ollicer who acts more married to his joti than to his viile Joe Lfoyd Biid<j«s Georgia Pa! Crowley {Repeal; 60 min.) After a young doctor Ls Winded in a Shooting accident. Gannon (Chad Everell| fries to deal with the man's crippling lack of serhrfance by helping him reetiabltsn hb ca/Hr. Lochner James Dily. (Repeat. 60 mfn ) GuttlCatt Nick Ballero ............ DiddBimoy Marge .............. Susan SUasberg Mac Atwood ..t ......... Vic Tsyback O SB JIGSAW JOMH— Crlma Oiama § NEWS-MI JcraWM" JERSEY SIDE— DUcunion tojo Outer THE UAVOOS Supervisor Robert H. Muller. Blooming Grove. NY., is interviewed. flJNEWS €D EVENIHO EDITION WITH MARTIN AGRONSKV § NOTICIAS-)trxlri|ru«/Pir«<fa NEWS U.SJL: KOfUE AND POLITICS HEWS-S«Wi/M«ra<li NEWS— Pal ShMhan KEWS— Chuck Sc irborough HOT (SHEWS O LUCY SHOW EDULJAS, YOGA AND WJ QJ HUGO LIONEL VACARO <j) ABC NEWS-Hany P.aaion« Caotioned lor 1 he hearing impaired. (JB«AU. STREET PERSPECTIVE — Gertt Infiei 11:30 G*K>VIE-Ofitn« Patricia Near. Jack Albertson and Mar : tin Sheen portray a troubled Jamify in "The Subject Was Roses" (1966). Frank D, Gilroy's Pulitzer Prize-winning play about the homecoming of a World War II veteran. [2 hrs.. 5 min.} -Crtme Drama 2IJOHNNYCARSON Freddie Prinze is the scheduled guest host. EdMcMahrxi.(90min.) OUOVlE-Orami 'Dr. Cyclops" (19*0) Fantastic thriller about a mad scientist (Albert Dekker) in the Peruvian iungles who reduces humans to miniature sue. Mary: Janice Logan. Bill: Thomas Coley. Buffinch: Charles Halloo. [I Ttr. SSmin.J GB O Tunic Is Tops! M , ,Six Smart Styles! I'riiilcil I'attcA'i &L UV'T A rrrral Itinic for now. Sniare neck Hare sleeves. STItIPE UP a lively lunic lo layer owr lurtlenccks and shirts. Knil of synthetic worsted in 3 shades of a color. All slockinellc. Pal- tern 715: Siire H-16 included. si m lor carlt pattern Add :r,c far-It patlorn (or first- tlnvs airnwil ;in.l handling Send In- 1-iilr.i WTiccler. 38 Professional Services IIICIIEST price paid lor junk and wrecked cars flicked up i Eusi-iVs.\iilr>S:ilvai!e NACflATUCK Allractive 3 rm. apt. Stove 4 refrig. included; 753-0444 POWER EOUP.MENT New and used lawnmowi'rs. Iractors and chain says. Hours8a.m.-6 p.m. Mon. Sal.9 a.m.-1p.m. Sunday. 723-0651 Small welding anil braising. KM. AI'T. isl (1. h 4 h w furnished, ret. & sec. Call aflrr 5 p.m. 729-1690. MIS AM) Tlll'CKS. Up lo 7S some models. •n'SAl'Till'AKTS IVTBY.73M5I5 KENNETH OHOIIS Plumbing & Piping 7 23-2 CIS I Experienced and Ueuendaljie Master Charge BankAmi'rk-anl ' Jusl bring my dinner in here." E-Z RENTALS. 457 No. St., Union City, 7M-2009. Open 7 days a week. Tillers, chamsaws, door sanders, cemenl-mixers and finishers. Floor polishers, rug shainpooers, tow bars, generators, pumps, automotive needs, parly goods and lawn-mowers. Repairs on all makes of mowers and small gas engines, sharpening. Daily 7:30 a.m. • 6 p.m. Sun. 8 a.m. -1 p.m. automotive glass. L.nerr> St. Kxt. Call 729-4282. ComplPte Auto HUNK'S ALTO BODY YAMAHA exc. cond. 729-7765. YXOHK's (slalcwioc) MASSAGE. We come lo I'.T you7days a '.seek. 2-! hours ' a day o'r rome lo us. By appointment only. New Haven IMPrindlJllyAvP. Exit.SfJ. WillturCross l'Uavt-:l9:WIII READ m CLASSIFIEDS Boats a nd supplies READ THE CLASSIFIEDS JOHNIIKAI.Y Krai Kstatc 729-7398 KDdT Homemade boat - must see - S300 firm. 723 HEXHYEXG1.K Heal Estate llrokrr 28 Articles For Sale NOKGEGas Stove, avocado. Like new. Call 729-1510. SHEA MUTOHS IHl lluhhor Avf.. Naujr. WS!I 7M-215KI1 Xatittaliirk Daily News. Box ini iilfl lliolsra Sla . New York X V ^ 1(t '^ Print Niimrv Arldress. 7ip. Pallcrn \I-',W 2no (Icsifitis lo knil. iTorrifl. <|iiill- s " v - p'" s 3 KHEE inside NEW 197B XEEDI.KCHAKT (••\T\I.Of! Send 750 Crochet uilhSmwrfs SI 00 ("rocriff -i M'.irnrnhr SI 00 XillvKiflyOuills SI Oft Itipplo Crochet SI to Sew ^ Knil Rook SI 2-"> i''!o\verCrocltel SI. 0(1 IbirpinCrochetRook SI.OO InslanK'roclielRook SI 00 Insl.inl Money Hook Sl.OQ InslsnlMacrame Bonk SI.W n ,- Comnlcto Afghans No^ 14 V 1'ri'c AfRhans No. 12 SOc H,,ok of 1C. Quills N'o._^ Muslim (Itiill IliwV Nn. 2 IS (Jnilts for Today No ; 3 .liffltii SOc 46638-20 Six.yes.sixsportiye styles are included in this great Everywhere Wardrobe. Solve your what-to-wear problems with this super rnltern. All easy! Printed Pattern 4663: Misses' Sizes 8,10.12.14,16, 18,20. Size 12 (bust 34) takes l ! i yards Winch fabric. , SI.OO for cacti patlern. Add 35 cenls for each patlern for firstclass airmail and handling. Send lo Anne Adams, Patlern Depl., Naugaluck Daily News, 243 West 17 St., New York, N.Y. 10011. Print Name. Address, Zip, Size and Slyle Number. GETASIOOpsllernfrec- choose il from NEW SPRING-SUMMER CATALOG! Packed with hundreds of grcal sun, sport, city, travel styles. Send 75 cenls for Catalog Now! Sow-I-Knil Book 51. Jo Instant MoncyCrafls $1.00 Instant Sewing Book $1-00 Instant Fashion Book SI.OO < \RPENTKY. masDiiry. painting, land-scaping, trees cut, Ren repairs, any areas cleaned .M-IM"> lillHIIDNI'lumb. illraii!!'! 2411ourServicc Heliahle. He:isonalilelt:ik-s 721-17711 .V p \iyriy; of all types. Ceramic tile. Hoofing. ffallp.'i|«'rinS- Kelerences on rci|iii'sl. Fully ins. Free K-\ -lack Slan'czyk 7ii-HI» IAVO.X CAN HELP YOU STAHT SAVING AGAIN Sell quality products in nearby Naugatuck. Excellent earnings. Call rjuickly: Mrs. Gray, 729-9351, iPEXIXfiS AVAILABLE lor hostesses and masseuses. Earn over $150 per wk., days or eves. Travel allowance. Apply 156 Arch St.. New Brilain. Conn . or call 1-223-9709. and trailer, ohp, Evinrude, ,,| iETA BUOS concrete - work and stone ua , !s ( . aU after 3 p.m. 729-2U:)7. 7293511. DaSilva Realty Showcase of Efonies Display allGS Prospect St.,.Vaug. 721MU5 — 75S-SSG7 Tsumlii\ " OFFSET Preparatory Supervisor, 3rd shill. Progressive Conn, based corn- panv. Excellent wage and fringe benelils. Itcplies tield in slriclesl confidence. Equal Opporlumly M-F. Wrile Box 87M, Naugatuck Daily News, Water SI.. Naugatuck. Conn. 06770. Beacon Falls A cute rancher offering huge living-room, kitchen with plenty of cabinets, I 1 : tile naths, 3 bdrms. h.w. oil heat, 220 electric, air conditioners, washer-dryer hook-ups'. 80x220 lot, carport, plus 24 ft. above ground pool Mid 30's. 756-3800 FIMXK flUICK. INC. Antbiiriud Sales iService l\uii-k-Opfl-<;MC Trucks 57:1X0. Main Si.. Naug. I UKSCAIHl.l.AC- lltK Al HOME nil our 'fw telephone program. Krtrjl S2"> SltHf ucekly. ii'[Sfmliny nn lime ivailalilc 72'-l-fi^."ili '^' Ask about our Stale-wide listing Service BLTWANI ASSOCIATES BralEslatrand Insurance MM \r* HavrnHrJ. Nau^aluck IJ.I-7IW 21 hr.scrvice A11T TIME position open [or a valley area resident lo do Fire Insurance Inspections. No experience necessary. Person must i — have own oar. An ability to ; Ivpe is helpful. This is nota t n;:i sales position. Ideal for a fireman, or retired person. Contact manager — Hooper-Holmes Bureau Inc. 4695156 (New Haven). gSettani gsaoeiatea M1DD1.E-AC.EI) woman would like housekeeper 1 day a week; 723-2027 anvtime. Iti'alKslatc llninii Si. Naiigaluck Appraisals -':>-! tl I 72II-M77:: IF YOU are looking for a bigger home, you must see this lOrm. house. Centrally located, nicely landscaped. All utilities, asking S53.000. SucttenskiRealF.slale )5 Spring SI. ' UnionCity . \ 29-6135 ' 729-3169 ' _ ^?X < ?X^K < ^^x^»^^X<^^( Land for Sale I , «Hf \'T acrt*. timtter. ample fronlap, Sisn per acre, llegin ar Chaloux Ueally. »9 It.H SI.. St. Jolrnshurv. VI Wl- x \n;.\n'CK VAI.l.KYAC.F.XCY Henry Kognl Broker "Listing uilri us hrinS5rrsiills"7-;'K!.Ml tTi 1 K\fr>liody SLUTS' Ji- in VYatrr town Ave. FIIIIKDIUI SALES i-SEHYICE 757-2711 Savelle Ford 1111 \VnlcoIl Hit. SH'IM.MIXC POOLS Guaranteed luxury above ground pools. Mus'l SACRIFICE! 19' x 31' O.D., complete wilh filter, liner, ladder, pump, sundeck, fencing and stairs. Completely installed for only S647. 'Financing available. Call toll free -Mass res. 1- KrO-332-%70. out of stale 1- eOO628-9607.9a,m.-9p.m.. 7 days a week. itOWERS. Tractors, ('tain Sav,s. small uoliiir.i! A brazing. Boscoi Braun Power Kiiuipnii'iit RCurlissSl. FREE WORK flonc vl>rv reasonable, fully insured Free estimates Call collect i-73S-<BB S2A Instructions SUMMER GUITAR Course offered - 7294(53 after 4:10 p.m. •iiri II PAINTIM: t'ree estimates insured contracior IXTERK1H and EM«rinr Paintina'.and wall-na^r ina. Fr"ee Calf Turn Pohorilak. 729-1849 . Repair Buildings for Sale &^&*0*&-&*4r*&,&*^ HESIDE.XTIAL i Induslrial corner properly, 10 rooms, lot 155 x 370, all utilities. Choice land, centrally localed.suilable for stores, bank or gas station. Asking 570,000. Suchenski Real Estate 45SpringSl. Union Cily 729-W35 729-3169 IIEXKICK CIlEVKOI.ETI.Xr. 12-iSn.-Mai" Stri'iH Xausiiliirt. Coiin.lHi77ll 1963 COMET — Best offer. Call 729-2386, 3 • 5 p.m. .Ask for Mark. AKC SIHII TZU Pups, 3 males, linebred, shots & wormed. Exc. temperament with adults i children. Also Shin Tzu male for slud; 729-1289 after 4 p.m. A.I.. PUHCAItll Elei-lnnur Kr]wh Listings needed Xaugatuok. Buyers Waiting. NORMAN L&O REAL ESTATE 756-8915 PIlMUHU. PET SALON Clipping I'listtnti BliMIHllHI'tK 7'l'.l \r« Havrn Roatl Xaiigalnik 72»-lsr.l EASY DOES IT! IIDMINK'KSCAVONK HcalEslalP Broker AXTWi — full lime or part-time power-press operator. Apply al "& Elm Buildings for Rent 2 _ \vork Wanlcd FOB I1ENT1600 square feet industrial space in modern building. Easy access to Kle. 8 and 1-84. Call 7586344. JOHN L. WOERMER Heal Estate llrokrr I RM. APT unfurnished, ocr mo. with garage. Ref. i sec. dep,, 729-9018. I-TIIMSllEn APT.. 38 Cherrv St. Full bath, h hw included. Call 723-0916 EMMETT O'BHIEN TECH aulo student look ing for Mon. - Fri. work at garage or gas station. Call Tony. 729-996S. COI.l.ECE Sludenl will leach spelling, reading and math Please call 729-1471. CERTIFIED leacher lulor in French or Spanish. Call 729-7978 alter 3 p.m. .I01IX F. I.EEC.AX Itrallor-Appraiser M.L.S. 729-M7:! J21-S9M—SSS-ll'.n7 2C Babysillcrs | •*0^*a*j?^&*jy*-tf*&*j7-*A WILL BABYSIT in mv • home, Hop Brook Golf Course area. Naugnluck. Call 72.12617. AI.YI EKHHKSDV IIEVI.TIIH-API'UMSEH MI.-; .'I'-Hl Illllltu-l \\f. F.E. (Red) Smith lira) Eslalf Broker 3A Business porlunitics OVER5W.rMO.(X» sold last year Don'l answer this ad unless S iu mean business. The test snack item is now available for vending. Parl or full-time. We provide locations. Financing to starl.wilh good assets and excellent credit. Down pajmenl required: Plan Ml,600 Plan 4 S2.300 Plan5-H,600 To get information and lo be considered call (703) 6592147 or write including phone No. lo C.M.I., P.O. Box 317. Village Plaza, Stafford, Va. 22554. MAXl'EI.X.YIEIHA 30: Church .SI. jltralEslalo Insurance Tht- Person (o Pfrson Agencv :2f)-2271 aflrr 5 —"72S-M70 Vhtn Y«r Want 'o licnt — Hu> wll - f.M.l. ' -'HAXCIS T. ZAPPOXE CO. fcallor — Appraiser — MI.S 707 UtioVr Ave 723142-1 lir. Mp.r. Joseph K. liimany ). "DOC' 1 ' AQUAVJA Ural Eslalo Broker LAHHEXCE .M. .SIVKE.VKl AC, EXC V WILLIAM YAXARF.l.l.A 729-SSSS 729-2425 TKOWBKIIK.EHOISE APARTMENTS JS Highland Ave. Xaugatuck CCTtlrally localod. close lo, evcryihing. qualily I bedroom apts. available. including heat, hot water. and electricity, with every modern appliance. An all adult building for senior citizens, single adults or newly-weds. \o pels. Available August 1st. Call Mrs. McKenna. 729- M% or 27'2-72l) X.\V(;.\TC(K ^Valrrburv Line .M.lllalurk .M.inor Apis. No. Spring St. Quality hdrm. apts. heal, "ho water. cooKins Ras, range refrigeralor. garbage disposal. TV antennae, parking, swimming pool, washer and dryer facilities. No pels. Adults only. Call Mrs. Johnson, rental agent — 729-24(3 for appl. 272-7211. FIND IT IN THE WANT ADS!

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